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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 16, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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tions. l teachers there say they never seen their own data. today is the first day street sweepers in the district will be back on the road. you will need to follow parking restriction signs or face a $45 fine. the signs tell you which day and which time sweepers will come through your street. the snow pushed back the start date at least twice now. the neighborhoo street sweeping program runs you throughh the end of october. and fairfax county department o is considering options they hope will make roads safer in tysons corner. it could include lane changes and they will explore changes for bike lines along spring hill road westwood center drive. if youe affected there a public meeting tonight at 7:00 at west prior elementary.
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ddot officials will announce when construction will start to repair the 16th street bridge over military northwes bridge will be reduced to one lane in each direction. for months. northbound lanes of route 1 are back open. they had been closed to repair underground cables. well, today is going to shape up to be a beautiful day. i've been looking forward to it a little chilly and windy over the weekend. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell in for tom this morning. >> yeah so windy outside yesterday, even aaron's hair was a mess. stuff sledding on a sunday afternoon. go a mild start to the week today. cooler weather is on its way back p so you need to soak s here for today and tomorrow. rain chances sneaking back in later in the week as well. but this morning, temperatures back down in the upper 20s to
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away 30 in the suburbs, but a milder 42 here in washington. time to layer up and head on out for the early morning run. temperatures again mostly in the 30s for the next couple hours, warming quickly. if you can wait until lunchtime, you can probably run in short sleeves by later on today. so your county by county forecasted highs today, a nice one. 65 gaithersburg 68 washington nearly 70 across parts of fairfax county. 65 in so the overall weather impact nice and low. nowhere near as much wind as yesterday and much warmer as well. we'll be 10 to 15 degrees warr this afternoon than yesterday and the only thing that matters on a monday how is the weekend looking. sa a chance for shower, sunday dry, but both days temperatur back in the 50s. looking pretty good right now overall. no major issues. a little construction sprid there. 66 and 95 rolling along quite nicely. 270 at shady grove road
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everything looking quite good. those folks headed southbound. northbound also looking good. 95 in maryland in and out of town no problems. same thing bw parkway. and of course this is about as good can ever look. inner loop at gw parkway, one lane blocked there. and that's something that has been worked on for the past couple weeks. should be wrapped up just after 5:00. i'll be back at 4:41. today you can go town hall in montgomery county about int with police in your community. the police c will be there to answer your quest. at 7:00 tonight at the peoples community baptist ch> a ferguson missouri man is now facing charges accused of shooting two police officers there. police say jeffrey williams was behind the shooting during a protest last week. williams says he did it shoot a
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gun that night, but he was not aimeding for the officers. >> it's possible he was firing at some other people and the officers of course were in the path. however it's still assault in the first degree. >> williams is also facing a weapons ch in the case. the officers are both recovering today. three people under arrest this morni charged in a grisly stabbing death in prince geor county. police charged renaldo pena lopez and jovani rene quez oig and also jeyson. clarke's relatives say he died twepding a friend. they say clarke was a star on l field, a good friend and good brother. >> i just want everybody to know that my little brother was a good person. he was causing trouble for anybody. he's a very loving person. >> clarke's family has set up a
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go fund me page to help with funeral expenses. if you would like to happen go to our facebook page. we've learned why a map collapsed while singing the national anthem at a high school championship game at the xfinity center. the executive director for the athletic association says payton easton suffec reaction to some medicine. easton was expected to be released from the hospital last night. he collapsed saturday night before a game between immediate. came a bill will be considered t would ban most lawn pesticides. o public hearings earlier this year the attracted a lot of attention on both sides of this issue. the ct theity meets at 9:30 this morni in rockville. also today, leaders will remind you don't drink and drive. you can get a free ride home at st. patrics day which is tomorrow. the sober ride program will begin at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow and runnen till 4:00 a.m. wednesday
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morning. you can call 800-200-8294. 55% of all traffic deaths are caused by drunk drivers on st. patricday. frightening moment after scaffoldin suddenly gives way on a high rise out w > plus maryland is in the big dance. but not everyone is happy about where they were seeded. we'll have new location this morning. >> should i mention vcu is also to the dance. just put it out there. and really nice weather on tap later today. which you can tells a look at
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this is because of the wind in port land, just yanked the scaffold of the building. took off running as it came crashing down. nobody was actually standing right underneath it so there were no injuries there. dangerous situation there. and it's official boston set a new record for the snowiest winter since records were kept. that was back in 1872. snow last night helped the city break the record. in all more than 108 inches of snow fell and that broke the record set in the winter of 1995 through 1996. remember what we were saying, though if bost is going to have that much snow might as
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well break the record. >> and now they're done. so hopefully they're done. >> i'm hoping boston gets a really really nice summer. >> we for sure today -- let me put all these conditions in. >> yes. >> sure today we're done with the snow for today. correct? >> correct. put enough qualifiers on it, it is correct. we hav no chance for snow outside today. and i think that even around here, our snow chances are dwindling away fast. but remember the last inch of snow last year came on march 25th. so really until we get to april, we can't officially say there is no chance, but there is no snow in the "7-day forecast". no ruining your day. and best is nowhere near done. i was born in massachusetts on may 9 and it snowed the day i was born in may. so it does explain something. temperatures now 30s in most of the suburbs. your hour by hour planner today, a chilly start this mornin
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skies will be clearing out by later on this afternoon. nice and mild today. temperature up near 68 degrees here this town. tomorrow the winning streak goes on. temperatures tomorrow pushing 70 degrees. but you know something's coming after that a chance of sprinkles tomorrow afternoon especially west of the blue ridge as a cold front comes on. that means breezy and chilly weather returns second half of tomorrow afternoon. so enjoy it while it's here today. plenty of sunshine and mild. today's high in the mid to upper 60s around the metro. so nothing to comp about in the weather department. we be complaining about the traffic? > perhaps. we can always complain about the traffic here and there. but it's a good car washing day for sure. southbound garden city draf do have some constructio at 50. the rig lane and the ramp blocked. agai this is that road work that has been going on for the past week or so. going to last a couple more weeks. look at things overall no major be problems when you're taking a big look at the beltway
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here. taking a look at prince george's overall again looking good branch avenue pennsylvania avenue indian head highway, everythin this and out of town there is fine. 95 here again at speed, moving along quite nicely. had some road work that has now cleared out of the way there. 66 at fairfax county parkway, quite good. back at 4:51. the white house in a tug of war with congress iran over the cub's nuclear program. a look at what is next for negotiatio as will they come down to the wire. plus washington prepares for the royals. what prince charl and camilla will do
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right now the tiny south pacific nation's leader asking now for international aid after after
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sigh close killed six. that's the latest from the live did desk. angie goff thank you. robert durst will be in cr his arrest are for murder. he's the heir to a family run real estate business in new york city. is suspected of multiple murders including a woman's that happened 15 years ago. police say it took a three year investigation to catch him. durst's brother released a statement saying we hope he will finally be held accountable for all he has done. its down to the wire for nuclear negotiations. john kerry will be holding a meeting as the white house is again telling congress fwesh play out. tracie potts following the
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develops. >> repor first the 47 senators w wrote direct will u to the iranians possibly threatening the negotiations. over the weekend, white house essentially said stay out of it and in a statement responding, the chair of the committee bob corker of tennessee said no, in facto very specifical get into this before a final deal is reached. will we reach a final deal with iran is to curb their nuclear program? that we don't know. secretary of john kerry is in geneva today to talk about it with his iranian counter part. what they're trying to do is curb iran' back united nations sanctions. and tomorrow prince charles and duchess camilla will begin their four day trip to the u.s.. during the trip the prince will visit the national archives to mark the 800th an verse rift
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macarta. on wednesday, they will visit mount vernon and the shakespeare theater. on thursday they will meet with president oba i the white house. and on friday, the royals will head to louisville, kentuc for a health symposium. the debt ceiling when expires today. treasury secw say his departmt is taking extraordinary measures to make sure the government does n default on its debt. those measures could work through october, but congress must decide whether it will pass another suspensi the senate could delay a nomination vote for president obama's choice to be the next u.s. attorney general. majority leader mitch mcconnell warns he won't hold a vote for loretta lync uni will it thel the senate completes work on a human traffickinbill. chuck schumer ss republicans are using any excuse to stall the nomination vote. limpg would be the fir black woman to serve as attorney geach at georgetown is recovering from a
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twisted intestine. university says john thompson jr. had surgery earlier this month. thompson's son now coaches the team and george up to says because his dad is recovering he will not be able to travel for march madness games this year. we rish him a speedy him a speeddy recovery 37. >> lot of you working on your brackets now that the tournament scenes are set. you're looking at the reaction from t university of maryland as the decisions were announced. the terps are a four seed this year. fans are disappointed in that number because maryland will have to face one of the tournament toughest teams, in kentucky, if they both ma to the sweet 16. several experts also predicted maryland would be a number three in the dance. here's what one of the players said when we talked to him. >> we're really happy to be in so i don't know if that came off with our facial expression but
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we're really happy to be in. >> didn't he sell it, wasn't that good? >> that's how i feel. i'm really -- because it's been four or five years since we made it to the tournament. so the fact that we're in is a big accomplishment. >> absolutely. and maryland's first game is on friday. >> but we should have gone to the championship for e ten. that's why -- never mind. georgetown is also a four seed in. hoyas haven't made it past the second round in eight years. they w change that trend thursday. 't leavecvu -- >> thank you. >> they will play against ohio state thursday as well. go terps. >> absolutely. t ignore the fact vcu is in. >> and oklahoma is a three seed. >> you know what, can we just show every we're all -- >> we have our respective
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schools. >> and we really know the -- unless you' number one seed it really doesn't matter because yo kentuy or somebody be that along the way. >> i wish we didn't have to play kentucky. but you had to beat them whether the round of 32 or four. if you're going to wyo win you have to beat some big onces. probably didn't notice the strength of the sunshine because of the wind. >> it looked strong. >> yeah it looked strong. i was a good citizen i saw quite a few branches down on the roads yesterday and there i was pick up branches off of q and r streets just because i'm that nice of a guy. >> such a good citizen. >> i thought you were going to say something else. >> i'm a giver and a doer. outside this morning, hey, it's a nice way to get your workweek started. school week as well. temperatures are in the 30s and 40s around the immedia metro area. there are colder spots and some subfreezing neighborhoods out
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there, but most of us are off to a relatively good start. 42 now at reagan national and here is the best news of the day. the wind has g so we won't have that march lion of a breeze on contend with. the went will be back second half of the day tomorrow. for now though it is 35 in thurmont, 32 martinsburg, 34 winchester 41 in front royal 42 here 31 in lorton virginia. some of our usual cold spots, manassas down toward culpeper temperaturn the upper 20s. and even southern maryland temperatur in the upper 30s. so what to wear today. all you're really going to need is a spring jacket for getting out the door this morning to have your sun glasses later on today. but it will be a dry day today. hometown forecast, beautiful luray, virginia, in the be ridge, today mild and 65. back down into the 40s tonight so that's a mild start tomorrow morning. th ahead of a cold front
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which arrives tomorrow afternoon. and locations along and to the west of the blue ridge tomorrow may have a sprinkle or two. although i think we'll probably stay dry in town. look at all the dry weather across the eastern half of the nation right now. that is definitely good news. no travel troubles in and out of the big hub down in atlanta. also good travel weather pretty much all over the eastern seaboard. so get outside and enjoy it while you can. but nothing to worry about as far as rain chances around washington. here is your future weather then. a mix of clouds and sunshine. a bit more cloudiness this morni and a little more sunshine coming ou way by later on this afternoon. but temperatures in the 60s today compared to 52 in the wind yesterday, 5unshine la da will feel nicer. tomorrow mor we'll be in the upper 40s to near 50. that's a mild start for sure. but a cold front comes through tomorrow. thd be a couple sprinkles along and to the west of the blue ridge. i don't think we have much to worry about in the way of rain chances ar here but the wind will pick back up tomorrow
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afternoon, it be brees zi and chaldly late tomorrow on into the day on wednesday. and then that cold pattern is back for the second half of the t check then of your seven day forecast nothing really to worry about the next couple days. 68 today, 69 ahead of the front, then turning breezy tomorrow afternoon into wednesday and highs back into the 40s to near 50 wednesday, thursday, friday. a couple of sprinkles possible thursday best rain chance of the week is friday on into saturday. but even that doesn't look like a complete washout for the coming weekend. that's the "7-day forecast". now a check on traffic. today looks great. i'm loving that for sure. taking a look at some roads, have a disabled vehicle 66 west at the car rest area. sounds like it is now off to the right side of the roadway. wide look at things overall no big problems here in to and out of town as you're looking at the inner loop 270 at germantown road headed south moving quite nicely for us
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this morning. beltway at st. barnabas also looking pretty good here. and 95 in newington, all those folks headed north no issues there. back at 5:01 a live picture in maryland. you may start seeing low flying helicopters in our area. don't be alarmeded. we'll tell you what they're trying to accomplish. plus a st. patrick's day tradition in arlington. the big changes
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montgomery county police are investigating a case of vandalism at a school in silver spring. detectives say someone smashed the windows of several portable classrooms at highland view elementary school. no word yet on how much damage was caused. a maryland state delegate is running for the fourth district's congressional seat. democr jocelyn pena melnyk says she will run for the job donna edwards is vacating. p she represents parts of prince gey and anne arundel county. barbara mikulski is retiring and edwards is running for her seat. in the day ahead, bge will inspect towers, power poles and other. the inspections will happen during the day in an a run kell
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prince georgcounty calvert, carroll and frederick counties. they expect to complete the inspections by the end of the month. bge will identify any damage and schedule repairs. you are going to run into road work this morning along 95 in stafford county. two southbound lanes are closed as vdot repair as bridge deck. the lanes will reopen at 11:00 a.m.. a popular slug line may be g big commuter headaches at one park and ride. vdot officials will now monitor the stafford borough boulevardgarrisonville after backups were seen. the lot had been resigned to ease commuting but these issues may send vdot back to the drawing board. vdot will talk to the people who use those slug lines to hear their thoughts. about 2,000 are signed up for a pub crawl in arlington. and the number is only hatch as big as last year. the change comes with new rules
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for pub crawls after 25 people were arrested last year. some of last year's stories include a man crashing a car while driving naked and a story where someone peed on a police car with officers inside. when you have expressive drinking, a lot of -- >> the number of people i saw stumbling h dupont circle saturdn hair andd -- >> fun but be careful. we are approaching 5:00. stay with us "news 4 today it is a chilly start out there right now. but a warm-up is on the way. d docul s sweeping away all signs of winter. we need to tell you what to do to avoid getting a ticket.
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it is 5:00 a.m.. >> welcome to "news 4 today" for it monday. it is march 16th 2015. we're dealing with a late winter chill, but it will feel more like spring lather today. chuck bell is here now with a first check of your forecast. >> good morning. after a blustery wind driven day yesterday, today promises to be a whole lot more user friendly to be in the great outdoors. it's 34 in rockville, so a morning chill first thing. 30 at dulles 32 leesburg 28 manassas. 31 at joint base andrews, all the way up to 40 now in downtown washington. so your weather headlines for today, nice mild start to the week. cooler weather is on our way back in for wednesday, thursday fr and a chance for rain showers se half of the week,well. but


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