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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 16, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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way. d docul s sweeping away all signs of winter. we need to tell you what to do to avoid getting a ticket. it is 5:00 a.m.. >> welcome to "news 4 today" for it monday. it is march 16th 2015. we're dealing with a late winter chill, but it will feel more like spring lather today. chuck bell is here now with a first check of your forecast. >> good morning. after a blustery wind driven day yesterday, today promises to be a whole lot more user friendly to be in the great outdoors. it's 34 in rockville, so a morning chill first thing. 30 at dulles 32 leesburg 28 manassas. 31 at joint base andrews, all the way up to 40 now in downtown washington. so your weather headlines for today, nice mild start to the week. cooler weather is on our way back in for wednesday, thursday fr and a chance for rain showers se half of the week,well. but don't need to worry about
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the umbrellas for today or much of tomorrow. bus stop weather this morning, temperatures around the freezing mark. so seasonably chilly out there. climbing into the mid-30s ben 8:00 and 9:00. then coming home later on this afternoon, isn't that going to feel nice. 52 yesterday with the wind. how about 68 with just a few passing clouds away. you can leave umbrellas at home. but probably have to pack your patience for the monday morning commute. this morning we do have road work still kind of hanging around. not much for a monday morning. southbound garden city drive at 50 we have the right lane and ramp blocked. is this the ongoing work. maryland 95 at chairry hill road everythin looking quite good there. same thing 270 at clarksburg road. they changed the camera a little bit. all these folks head willed southbound. northbound you're fine, as well. 66 at jermantown road looking good. same thing 95 lots of movement,
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no major problems. nothing really in your way. prince g overall looking que good. back a weath and traffic always o. 5:02. today a sign that spring is approaching. crews will begin sweeping neighborho streets in the district. the snow forced d.c. leaders to push back the start date. megan mcgrath is live in the mount plea neighborhood with on the schedule and what is happening today. >> reporter:d mornin yeah, all of the bad winter weather we had kind of purchased back street sweeping season. but it gets underway today which means that you cannot park on your street during the scheduled cleaning time. now, we're here on harvard street and you can see the sign posted here. in this neighborhood, street cleaning will happen on mondays. you cannot park your car from 9:30 u 11:30. so all these cars will have to get out of here by 9:30 in the morning or they could potentially get a ticket. those street sweepers, they need
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everybody out of e way so this that they can get up alongside the curb which is where a lot of the litter accumulates. so you got to get your car out within the next couple of hours here. and all of these signs are very prominently displayed. so if you're not exactly sure what day your day is just look at the telephone pole, your light post, and they are very clearly displayed there. now, what if you don't move your car? well the ticket is $45. the enforce gets y today and it will continue through october 31st. back t> megan mcgrath, thank you. today a 15-year-on court, police say marvin frazier shot at 16-year-old last week. frazier was arrested yesterday his home. the gun was not found. he's charged as an adult with attempted murder and assault. please peoplee people are under arrest charged with the
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stabbing. kevin peene death of rashad clarke happened during a fight. clarke's relatives say he died defending a friend. they say clarke was a star on the baseball field, good friend and good brother. >> i just want everybody to know that my little brother was a person. he wasn't out here causing trouble for anybody. he w a very loving person. >> clarke's family has set up a go fund me page to help with funeral expenses. if you would like to help go to the nbc washington facebook page. > metro transit police are searchina woman who allegedly stabbed a station manager. th is a picture of the woman from survevideo. the assault happened yesterday morning at the stadium-armory station in southeast washington. police say the woman asked the station manager if she could ride for free. when he said no police say the woman spat on him and stabbed him with a kitchen knife. the manager is expected to be okay. if you drive on the 16th
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street bridge, it's changing will announce construction to beg to repair that bridge over military road theft. next week the 16th street bridge wille reduced to one lane in each direction. that will last four months. ddot will announce more closures as t moves forward. what caused this frightening scene. plus a look at how education leaders will in the frommed's push to improve education in stirs across the country. and live look outside on this monday morning. you will need a coat right now but temperatures will rise quickly. ch h.
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look at that. amazing. this is scaffolding in portland, oregon. the wind just some strong wind did that. ripped it right off the side of the building. witnesses say it look like something out of a movie. people were nearby they scattered trying to run from the debris. one was standing actually underneath t scaffolding. there were for injuries. >> strong wind can be very dangerous. a look at this boston breaks its all-time snow record for the season. some snow last night. last night helped the city break the record that was set in the winter of 1995 through 1996.
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this winter more than 108 inches of snow fell and that is the most snow since records have been kept way back in 1872. i'm goin congrats boston. around here no snow to speak of not even cold weather really. 4 #4 degrees in tenleytown. >> and chuck bell has your weather and traffic on the 1s good morning. after yesterday's wind whipped sunday we have a much milder and less wind to deal with today. out the door weather this morning, it's seasonably chilly. some of our neighborhoods lik gaets laits and rockville just below the freezing margk. but washington and winchester temperatur alrea above freezing.r impact on your monday nice and low. less wind and more warmth coming
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our way for this afternoon. gog outside for the jog or dog walk early this morning, temperatur plan on them being mostly in the 30s through 9:00 and then warming quickly. 51 degrees at 11:00, 55 at lunchtime. county by county around the metro area today, high temperatur soaring in to the mid even upper 60s around the area. so it will be a nice day to be outside. get outside and enjoy. plenty of sunshine and mild. high today in washingt good morning. looking good there this morning. taking a look at 66 riding in to town, no problems in the way. did have an earlier disabled vehicle. that's out of the way. now a report of one as you're approaching beltway inbound. but it is off to the shoulder so nothing really to worry about. 270 at montrose road, everything
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flowing nicely here. these folks headed southbound. they changed this camera on me, we can still sort of see the road. 95 in and out of town bw parkway looking good. and top of the beltway nice and clear this early in the morning. we still have this situation southbound garden city drive at 50 with the right lane and ramp blocked. the work that has been going on for about two weeks now. beltway the at independent highway flowing.n arrest over the weekend in the shooting in ferguson. and maryland basketball just one of the local teams in the big dance. not everyone is happy with the seeding, though. we have new reaction .
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this mor d.c. public skooms partnering with the white house to give your children more opportunitie richard jordan live at the white e now with more on new efforts to focus on students in city schools. >> r good morning. today d.c. schools chancellor kaya hendersl be with 11 other school leaders from across the country here at the white house to meet with the president to talk about some initiatives school districts, achieve nationwide. henderson is expected to talk about her plan introduced earlier this year to help children of color specifically boys of color african-americans and hispanics, she's talking about creating an all boys school that will hopefully help to increase the graduation rate among minority males. that is in line with president s initiative called my brother's keeper which also has the same goal. so that is one of the topics that is expected to be discussed
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here at the white house today. the meeting is expected to begin at 11:00 this morning. it will be followed by a short news conference. >> richard jordan live for us outside the whitehouse. thank you. today you can go to a special town hall about how you interact with police in your community. montgomery county police chief will be there to answer your questions. if want to go it's at 7:00 tonight at peoples community baptist church in silver spring. a man is now under arrest and facing charges for a shooting duri a protest in ferguson missouri last week. prosecutors say he shot two police off is liven ferguson now with more on this story. jay, good morning to you. >> reporter:d morning. yeah police say it was a tip from the ultimatelyt here 20-year-old from the area who does admit that he pulled the trigger but says he wasn't firing at police that it was part of a separate altercation and that the police were hit in the crossfir
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investigators say that this suspect was a part of the protest earlier in the evening before the shots were fired, but had left for at least a couple of hours. they're continuing their investigatio saying that they will try to piece together whether he was actually targeting police officers or if this was a separate incident. he's being held and could face life in prison as a result of the charges. >> jay gray live in ferguson for us. thank you.> it is now 5:17. the debt ceiling expires today. the temporary suspension passed last year was up at midnight. treasury secretary jack lew says his department is taking extraordiny measures to make sure the government does not default on its debt. those measures could work through october, but congress must decide whether it will pass another suspension. also today, a case involving teacher privacy in virginia will back in court. the "washington post" reports lo parent sued to force the state to release teacher kree valuation data. a judge agreed and now state
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leaders and education associate challenging the judge's ruling. post reports that loudoun coun schools does not use that data. several teac own data. in fairfax county you want to know the supervisors you can vote for. pat heraty kicked off his campaign. names you won't see sai retiring. march madness is about to begin, but a georgetown icon will not be going to some of those games. georgetown says john thompson jr. a twisted intestine and will not be able to travel with the team. he's a hall of famer, d e hoyas to the national championship 30 years ago. we wish him a speedy recovery. awkward. we're watching reaction online
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from a lot of you you about the tournament especially about maryland's team. the terms are a four seed. terps is one of the top trendingwitter in maryland. here's what coach had to say. >> the number doesn't matter. it's really who you're playing. >> at the end of the day, yeah. maryland makes -- if maryland makes it to the sweet 16 they could face kentucky. a team many of you are picking to win the whole thing. >> coach said you have to focus on the first game which is again valparaiso. anyway go terps. and maryland isn't the only team from our area playing. george oun is also in the tournament. a look. fourth seed as well. hoyas missed out on march madness last year. celebratory here.
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they haven't made past the secondn eight years. vcu, aaron will be rooting for them of course. they play against ohio state thursday as well. uva and maryland both kick off their bids friday afternod go terps? >> you did. as well you should. going to be huge. let me take a sip of my vcu coffee. >> you can see my maryland mug? all right. to talk weather right now. a live look outside for you this mornin >> i'm almost there. >> chuck is almost here. >> chuck is getting his oklahoma mug. that's why. >> don't talk bad about me before i get into the room. >> we'll wait until ultimate get here for that. >> it will be a nice day outside today. sorry about that i was over on wamu radio giving them the forecast and had to do the 50 yard dash down the hallway. >> if anyone can do that that's you. >> nice morning outside but neff run to an open microphone.
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my advice to you. 40 degrees right now in will washington. e colder in the suburbs now. 32 in frederick, maryland. 30 in manassas 29 in warrington. it will be a big warm-up coming our way for later on today after a cool start with temperatures in the 30s this morning. we'll be near 55 degrees by lunchtime today, and highs this afternoon, how about mid to upper 60s. plenty of sunshine but a little bit less of a breeze to contend with. so it will be a much nicer weather. future weather for today, clouds will be thinning out later this afternoon. so that will be a nice one for sure. and again tempera later today, mid to upper 60s. i don't think t many places will may go 7 70 today, but tomorrow i think half of our neighborho make it up to near 70. clouds coming back if tonight and as a result tomorrow morning will be much milder than this morning. be starting off tomorrow with temperatur in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees. so that is a mild one for sure.
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high temperatures today though how about a 68 in washington, a couple 70s on the map just down to our south and west. and charlottesville, 73. uva fans big ride in to the tournament for you guys. 68 today in laplata. chesapeake bay, a little cooler. temperatures onl in the mid to upper 50s. and i was and as i went over the chesapeake bay, there is still a lot of ice on the bay waters. the temperat was 15 degrees hider on the top of the bridge span than it was down on the shore line. it was 61 over the span, and 46 degrees by the time i got on to the other side of the chesapeake bay. so you have to get away from the co bay water if you want any chance of a warm-up. so your "7-day forecast" now today nothing to worry about. partly cloudy nowhere near as much wind to contend with and highs in the upper 60s to near 70. tomorrow another mild day with most neighborhoods up around the 70 degree mark. but there will be more clouds to
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contend with tomorrow as a cold front comes on through. that may ring out a co sprinkles out to the west of the metro area tomorrow afternoon. but behind the front, march coming back in with a svenven vengeance. wednesday's high temperatures with the win it feel a lot colder on wednesdaafternoo thursday temperas still in the 40s. but with plenty of clouds around. and ri of a couple of showers coming in thursday afternoon and thursday evening. and then as we get into friday first day of spring, chance for rain showers and highs only near 50. so that is a cold and cloudy stretch here for the sd half of the week. and then weekend chance for showers on saturday but clearing onnor su oryour melissa, you can wear your flip-flops. >> i'm more than happy to do that. we're so sick of the cold. i have a new crash here 29 at
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linton hall road. this just popped up. 66 east at the beltway, disabled car sounds like it's off to the shoulder.t a warning there. wider look at things overall, no man and out of town. beltway at t toll road looking good. we do have construction starting on the inner loop from 9:30 to 3:30, so just a warning. doing some lane wide aening. loop near the toll road going to have some road work happening. beltway at kenilworth everythingg tloonk niceg nicely. i'm back at 5:31 with a live picture along 270. in "news 4 your heal w study could help doctors diagnose autism as early as 1. researchers in california surveyed 170 pediatricians for behavior indicators for au and then they found genetic bio makers in the patient's blood
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and accurately predicted which chil would develop autism. they hope to prove that autism begins in prenatal life probably in the second or third trimester. this morning an american enh teacher is celebrating. nancy atwell won the prize at a ceremony in dubai. the ruler and former president clinton were on hand to gie award. she's worked2 years as a pioneer in teaching literature. she plans to donate the prize to the center for teaching and learning in maine. she started that center 25 years ago. >> love that she was recognized for her work. if you're planning a wedding, wedding costs have hit an all-time high. according to the survey average cost will let you back just over $31,000. does not inclu the honeymoon. in the washington area,
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price tag sky rockets closer to the $40,000 mark. average cost of a wedding dress clocks in at $1300. save up now. >> i will never understand that. $40,000 for a wedding? for one day? >> that's not including the honeymoon. >> i don't underst you need to act fast if you want to book apaffordable spring break getaway. many are looking for get away from the winter cold of course enjoy fun in the sun. spring break season started the first week of march. now, here are some things to keep in mind. be flexible with your travel dates if you can. you could get a better flight in you travel monday through thursday. also look for online promo codes when booking flights and hotels. the senior editor at orbitz says you may want to consider taking the family to baseball spring training. >> families can see some of their favorite ma league baseball teams as a fraction of the cost of what they will pay for a ticket come regular season. it's a great option if you're get som warm
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and shall something fun to do. >> spring break ends in the middle of next month. are smartphones making us dumb? the university of waterloo in canada says there is a connection between relying on smart phones and not the thinking deeply about how to solve problems. study found that people who look things up on their phones i do this quite a bit, more often are less likely to think in an analytical or logical way. >> i don't think -- you don't give yoursel credit. i think most people try to think through it first and you do that. you try to figure something out or remember something and then we do the smart thing and just go to the phone. >> ask siri? >> right. down to the wire. the white house plays tug of war with congress a iran as time for a nuclear deal is running out. plus the big changes coming to a st. patrick's day tradition in arlington. and live look at national harbor. not a great morning to be near
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the water. but it will warm up today. chuck wi.
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looking at the stories making headlines right now at 5:30 today is the first day street sweepers will be back on the road. you will need to follow parking restrictio signs or face a $45 fine. the signs will tell you which day and what time sweepers will come through. and the president will host d.c. sch chancellor and otr educators around the country. and selection sunday is in the books. maryland georgetown, and vcu all made the big dance. go terps! >> go vcu. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. p. >> this is going to be all march you and me. >> it's going to be annoying. no. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to monday march 16, 2015. >> let's get you started with your forecast. ch is in for tom kierein. >> a good looking morning out soord and we'll be off to a nice mild start this week. temperatures both today and
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tomorrow closing in in many neighborhoods on almost 70 degrees. cooler weath bag later on in the week but radar this morning, nothing on it. so we have a nice dry forecast for the morning. temperatures are mostly in the 30s to around 40 degrees. 40 at national airport. 30 manassas, 33 in the panel handle of west virginia. so this mog plan on temperatur in the 30s through at least 8:00 low to mid-40s by 10:00. and this afternoon, get out and enjoy. temperatures today up near 68. when i see in you ten minutes, wel be talking about bett rain chance coming our way tomorrow. brand new crash 29 in fairfax at university drive. a little slow through this area. this just popped up. going to try to get more informatio that one for you. 270 at germantown road, all these folks headed southbound
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looking quite good. 95 into and out of town bw parkway in and out of town also looking quite good here. taking a look at 66 and 95 66 no issues coming into town. we to have the disabled vehicle, but shouldn't slow you down. in virginia, everything pretty i'll be back with some travel times. right now it is down to the wire for american and iranian negotiate tors. today secretary of state john kerry will hold crucial meetingse n deal. this comes as the white house is again telling congress to let the negotiations play out. tracie potts following the government le from capitol hi>> with secretary kerry and the foreign minister from iran meeting again today, lawmakers ear dohere do
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wa to weigh in. the white house essentially saying bow out. and the committee chair shot right back saying they specifically want to weigh this before it's a done deal. what they're talking about in geneva is rolling back some u.n. sanctions on iran allowing them access to oil shipments and financial markets in exchange for them curbing for some degree their nuclear program. but it's still not quite a done deal. they have until the end of this month to come up with an outline, they have until june 30 to come up with a final deal. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. it is now 5:35. senate confirmation vote for president obama's pick for the next u.s. attorney general could be delayed. majority leader mitch mcconnell warns that he won't hold a vote for nominee loretta lynch until the senate completes its work on a human trafficking bill. the bill is stalled because of a provision funding abortions. de senator chuck schumer
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says republicans are using any excuse to stall the confirmation . lynch would be the first black woman to serve as attorney general. to british royals prince charles and duchess camilla will beg their visit to the u.s.. during the trip the prince will archives marging the anniversary of the magna carta. on wednesday, they wi memorial thursday they will visit with president obama a friday a health symposium. a former councildowncoun member is expected to run for congress. ingrid turner will run for the left vacant by edwards who is running for barbara mikulski's seat since she's retiring.> jocelyn pena melnyk is also running. she announced her bid yesterday. she represents part of prince
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ge ane arundel counties. a bill will be considered to keep chemicals away there your home. it would most lawn pesticides. public hearings earlier this year attracted a lot of attention on both sides of this issue. th committee meets at 9:30 this morning in rockville. also today, leaders will remind you don't drink and drive on st. patrick's day. the national highway traffic safety administration reports that 55% of all traffic deaths on st. patrick's day are caused by drunk drivers. you can get a free ride home the sober ride program will begin at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow and run until 4:00 a.m. wednesday morning. go to nbc washington and search sober ride on your mobile app for the number to call for that free ride. up to a $30 fare will be free. about 2,000 people signed up for a pub crawl in arlington this weekend according to the "washington " which says the number is only half as big as last year. the change comes with new rules
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for pub crawls. the county board put the new permit requirements in pr 25 people were arrested last year. concerns growing over artificial turf fields as a new report says a federal governmt is promoting their use. plus a look at how alex owe helped a family after a house fire. and we'll have a nice day after a cool morning. 42 degrees. chucre ♪ ♪ wow something sounds sweet
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in here!!!! ♪ ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!!
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a new report says two federal agencies are promoting artificial turf as safe even though high lead levels have been found in the surfaces used at thousands of schools an playgrounds across the could you be. "usa today" says consumer product safety commission and environmenificial turf is safe. he concerns include increased of injury, sk en n or cancer. cap star alex ovechkin met with jessica and jeff jones to give them tickets and jersey after their home burned down. jessica jones had sent the caps
5:41 am
video saying they lost a signed ov photo in that fire which you can see gutted their home a few weeks ago. a lot of damage there. the jones says they lost a lot of their most valuable belongings in that fire. so nice to step up and present them. >> he could be doing something else. nice to see when celebrities take time out and say hello to their fans. >> 5:41 is our time. here is a live look over the district for you this morning. looks like pretty clear -- i'm trying to look at the picture. don't look at me like that. clear skies over the city early this morning. >> it's a little monitor. it's far away. >> aaron is a young man, but sometimes -- >> monitor is right in front of him. >> where's my reading glasses! >> temperatures in the 30s to near 40 degrees right now. so a little bit of a chill in the air first thing this mornin but we'll warm up quickly. into the 50s by lunchtime. and nice and mild this this afternoon. tempe its up near 68
5:42 am
degrees. so again highs today in the 70s down to the south and west. when i see you in a few more minutes, well start talking abt chances for tuesday raindrops. d we do have a problem 29 university drive, that is in the gainesville area. have a crash there kind of changed a couple times. but that is where it is now. taking a wide look at things no major issues here at this point this morning. times for you, 270 south, germantown to the beltway 16 minutes. outer loop to the beltway, 95 to 270, no problem there. a little slower 95 in virginia quaupntico to the beltway, five minutes behind. 66 east 12 minutes. i'm back in ten. d.c. road crews will start sweeping up all that salt from the brutal winter we what you need to know to avoid getting a ticket.
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plus the new place you may be able to soon get your .
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your time is 5:46. today beware of where you park in the district. crews will now begin sweepin streets. that means new parking restrictions begin today. megan mcgrath is live in the mount plea neighbo with what you need to know to avoid getting a ticket. >> reporter: well, first thing you need to know is what day does your street get swept. we're down here on harvard street and you can see the sign out here attached to the light post hair day is today. no parking on this street from 9:30 until 11:30. so those street sweepers can get through. they need all of the cars out of the way so that they can actually get up alongside the curb here which is where a lot of the track accumulates. we've had all the snow.
5:47 am
the sweeping was delayed because of bad weather, but they now want to get in there and get and trash that has gathered out of the way and they need the cooperation of the people in the neighborhood take note of what day your street is going to be cleaned. the m getting u today and will continue through ocr the 31st. now, if you don't move your car, you could get a $45 parking fee. nobody wants to see that happen. so just head on out to your street corner it a look at that sign and make sure you move your car if that is your day to be cleaned. eun, back to you. > montgomery police investigating a case of vandalism. windows out of several portable classrooms at elementary. > this mornin a man is dead after a tree fell and crushed him.
5:48 am
jason parish was hiking in maryland. investigators say a gust of wind blew the tree over. a park ranger performed cpr, but could not save him. a maryland family is mourning the loss of a child killed as she crossed the street with her grandmother. e family of the 2-year-old dynasty made an emotional visit to the intersection where she was struck. they brought teddy wears, balloons and cards. she was hit by a van at route edold channel road.driver did stop. >> i know hel fwreef later on really hard but right now, i have the joy that she is in the . >> there is a go fund me page to
5:49 am
help with funeral expenses. 1robert about yourselft will be in court. suspected in multiple murders and was recorded saying, quote, what the hell do i do killed all of them of course. while filming an hbo special that just aired this weekend. police say that line led to his arrest. heads up bge will use a helicopter to inspect its towers power poles, wires and other electric transmission equipment.e inspections will happen during the day in anne arundel, princounty calvert, carroll and frederick counties. the utility expects to complete inspections by the end of the month. el identify any damage and schedule repairs. we now though why a man collapsed while singing a national anthem. maryland leaders say he suffered an allergic reaction to medicine. ea is expected to be released fro the hospital last night. he collapsed on saturday night
5:50 am
before a game before mead and bethesda chevy chase. big changes could soon be on the way for you if you bike walk or drive near tysons corner. fairfax coun department of is considering options they ho will make roads safer thp area. and that could include lane changes in greensboro drive, tiker road and west branch drive. they will explore changes to some bike lanes. if ye effected you can weigh in tonight at a public meeting at 7:00 p.m. at westbriar elementary. some parents certainly try their best most of you us don't really know what our children think about how we're doing until now. the "today" show is asking kids to give their parents a report card. a look at what they're saying. >> things that they're doing better, shou probably tell them to improve on it. >> like what? >> parents lose their temper with us for no reason. >> you can see the full report
5:51 am
coming at 7:00 right here on nbc 4. >> yeah, i lose my temper sometimes i'll sa with my kids. >> i would say you probably -- it's probably appropriate. >> and i think my kids have complainedt i'm too strict. >> my mom always accused me of being a button pusher. you're pushing high my buttons! >> thethat though. >> s tough. that's all right, though. yesterday, crazy wind outside. that is now thankfully a thing of the past. we don't need to worry about the winds really being much of a factor again until tomorrow afternoon and on into wednesday. but for now a little break in the action around here. and some mild march weather coming our way, as well. there is the view over down town. ther is the u.s. capitol building. e temperature sits at an even 40 degrees right now. the wind is gone calm so nothing to worry about in the
5:52 am
way of a windchill this morning. temperatures are mostly in the 30s in the suburbs. again, that 40 gown town, 33to 32 leesburg. 36 toward winchester. 39 front royal. luray at 36. hourly temperatures today 30s for out the door weather this morning. mid-40s by 10:00. mid-50s by noon. mid to upper 60s by later on this afternoon. so your hometown forecast, bel luray, virginia nice mild and dry day. temperature up near 65. lows tonight only upper 40s to near 50. and then tomorrow clouds will be on the increas and there may be a couple sprinkles up in the mountains tomorro afternoon. though i think we'll stay dry here in the metro. look at all the dry weather across the easte two thirds of the country. narey a drop to be found. mo rain coming later on in the week. so today, cloudiness around this morning, but they should thin out this afternoon leaving us with a mild day.
5:53 am
clouds will thicken back up overnight tonight that will allow for a mild start tomorrow morning. but organized raindrops still probably thursday, so you can get all the road salt washed off that car and a pretty clean car. then future wea tomorrow, 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, cloudy skies around wind will start to pick up later tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening as a cold front comes on by. and that means temperatures will be on the down swing later in the week. so soak in the warmth while it's here. 68 today, 69 tomorrow. could be a couple sprinkles. mainly in the mountains tomorrow, a rain chance as in the 40s to near 50 for wednesday, thursday and friday. best chance for rain this week comes in on friday as we welcome the official beginning astro 234078 speaking of the great season of spring. just got off the phone with police here. 29 in gainesville at university drive, we now have it completely shut down all lanes blocked.
5:54 am
so chopper 4 on the way to this crash. again, 29 at university drive there in gainesville. totally shut down right now. so we'll get chopper over that, get some eyes on what is happening there. also a new crash in woodbridge at old bridge that just popped up. beltway at kenilworth looking pret good. a bit of volume. wide look at things, again no major issues as you're taking sort of a big look at the beltway. ever moving along quite nicely and we'll just keep our fingers here. taking a look at 95 in maryland this and out of town, no issues. same thing as you're look at bw parkway. and then 29 right here top of the beltway, everything is rolling along of quite noosely. 270 shady grove road, everything r and out of the way. going to be talking a lot about the crash once chopper gets over the nefrksz couple of minutes. we told you joe morrissey
5:55 am
just finished a jail sentence last week. he was serving time for a sex scandal wi a minor who worked for him. and now she's given birth. morrissey told dfispatch she had a baby br when the baby was born. sbloo> there w a lot of hype during the launch of the apple watch and this g we're getting a look at how many of you may landon dowdy has that story. the apple watch hits stores next month, but not everyone has it on their must buy list. reuters poll shows 69% of people aren't interested in the device. more than half say smartwatches are a passg pad, but those who don't own apiphone would consider getting one. p. sign field is a is about to become the master of another domain the internet. so talks to sell reruns to and online video service.
5:56 am
netflix is passing. last fall it bought the rights for friends. a deal could be worth more than $100 million or $500,000 an episode. back to you. >> landon thank you. 5:56 now. popular slug line may be causing big commuter headaches. vdot the officials will now monitor the stafford borough boulevard lot in garrisonville. after backups were seen in the slug pickup area. the lot had been redesigned to ease commuting, but you these issues may send vdot back to the drawing board. vdot will talk to people who use the slug lines to hear their thoughts as they look at this issue and how to solve it. you will run into road work this mor on i-95 in stafford county. o southbound lanes are closed as vdot repair as bridge e fallmouth interchange. and you can celebrate the cherry blossom in style. reebok anded a getti
5:57 am
action. the available rig now they will set you back about $145. adidas partnering for this high top version. it w $115. it's available on friday. festival of course starts first day of spring which is friday. a big day ahead for the chance of d.c. public schools as she gets ready to spend the e r kaya henderson is playing in the president's push and a live look outside for you. we're sitting at 44 degrees here. on our way well into the 60s
5:58 am
5:59 am
putting d.c. schools in the national spotlight. the role chancellor henderson is playing in president obama's push to strengthen education. more signs that spring is here as we say good-bye to the windy conditions we saw over the weekend and hello to more mild temperatures. m team 4 meteorologist chuck bell here with an hour by hour breakdown of the day ahead.
6:00 am
good morning, chuck. >> good morning and welcome to your monday everybody. promises promises of mild weather coming our way for the second half of the day today. it's a little chilly outside first thing this morning, you'll need your extra layer of fleece on this morning, but that's really about it. you can leave the puffy coats at home. 30 in gaets 32 leesburg. fredericksbu at 35. 34 down towards leonard town. bus stop weather, mostly low 30s. what a nice day it will be today. need on your what to wear, your spring jacket for early this morning and sunglasses later on this afternoon. it will be mild too. temperatures bet 3:00 and 4:00 as you're beginning to think about going on home, 65 degrees and our high today right around 68. that will occur right around


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