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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  March 16, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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back in court a state departme employee facing charges alrea accused of soliciting a minor. i'm barbara harrison. you're watching "news4 midday." and angie goff at the live desk. facing murder charges expectee a judge in a matter of minutes. > and i'm aaron gilchrist. a basketball coach out of a job. and i'm meteorologist chuck be. filtered sunshe coming through. promised to be the warmest three days of the week are right on top of us. a complete check of your
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right now millionaire real estate heir robert durst is in court after arrest this weekend for murder. the hearing is hatching in new orleans. according to his lawyer he's expectedo waive extradition and get to l.a. to answer the charges.t comes from one of the most successful real estate families new york city and suspected of killing several people. filming an hbo special he was caught on ap open mike saying what the heck did i do? killed them all, of course. quote/unqu i'll break in with an upda. barbara. > finding out why daniel rossen is already accused soliciti sex from an under age teen. he had a series of online exchanges with a detective in their child exploitation unit. police arrested him in february.
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he's been out on bond though rossen security clearance suspend and he's now on administ leave. the u.s. hit the debt ceiling. the temporary suspension passed last year was up at midnight. the nation's borrowing limit is stuck at roughly $18 trillion. the problem is the government is already at that cap. treasury secretary jack lui will take measures to make sure th doesn default on its debt. good morning.a mollet. you might need to move your parked car. check signs to find out when the sweepers are in your neighborho. side street has a different day and sometime. move your defrgsi time or you could be fined. the neighborhood street sweeping program ru and outside right now i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. not a bad morning outside. temper are on their way
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up. tower camera views, plenty of clouds in our sky for now but not the kind that will bring anything in the way of a rain chance. wel stay dry for the remainder of your day. current temperatus have warmed into the mid-40s around town but look at the left side of your screen. petersburg west virginia already 65 degrees. 60 in charlottesville. 61 in stanton and harrisonburg warmer air moving in our direction. e effects coupl of hours, if you're outside, nothing are will be continuio cli into the 60s. see you in a few minutes with another check o forecast. all right. chuck, thank you. > it is madness time. starting to fill out your bracket, everyg you need to know about the teams in our area and a long list of bracket tips if maybe you're an amateur as this. nbcwashingm the place to go for that. so maryland georgetown virginia vcu, rams headed to the big dance. vcu playing first on thursday against ohio state.
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a number seven seed now for the rams. struggled at the end of the season but riding now a hot streak after taking the atlantic ten title this past weekend. georgetown playing on thursday night as well. the hoyas have not made it past round two in about eight years. they'll play eastern washingn university which has the number one scoring player in the country right now. friday virginia cavaliers play. fans watching guard justin anderson who ht scored in two games since he came back from surgery last month. and maryland plays on friday as well. the team lost out on a higher seed many thought it deserved. now the terps could face kentucky who many think will win it all, of course. if they make it through the first two games. a lot riding on this for maryland. mason university didn't make the tournament this year. nine wins. 22 losses this season. we learned this morning paul hewitt head coach is out. he has been fired as the coach there. he ran the team for the last four years apparently not good
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enough. the national zoo asking for
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i'm angie goff at the live desk. break news. u.s. attorney for d.c. stepping down as of april 1st. this wraps up five years of service. the second largest in this office. plans to return to private practice hearing from our tom sherwood saying that the justice department named vincent cohen as the acting u.s. attorney. matsch top assistant. the mayor gray investigation, sherwood weighing in on this in twitter saying that mayor gray investign is incomplete and continui according to matschin.
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stepping down as of april 1st. aaron. >> t you.> some of the stories you need to know online now. all over the country folks are talk asking dolce and gabbana, asking to ar boy caught of them. trending on twitter. lots of team talking about this. the designers criticized same-sex parent of course elton john and his partner are same-sex parents. and so he's asking folks to boycott. hear much more about that coming up here in a little bit in terms of the response and also right nn that you probably have seen on tv quite a bit. talking about grantville georgia. a picture for you bigger. sell of its downtown. two blocks. $680,000 askg or ebay. you would know from several episodes of "the walking dead." trending now also on twitter, that is where part of it is set
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there. nbcwashington.c we went to our social media editor brittany johnson. >> reporte no wonder this is now. the national zoo is asking to you pick names for two indian bear cubs. head to click on this article, and vote at the . all right. thanks to brit inn.
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d.c. public schools among the guest at the capitol. getting togetr to talk about giving your children more opportunit the focus, public schools in major cities. we'll check in with richard jordan in a little bit and he's going to break it down. barbara? >> thanks angie. lots of you moving from bar to bar in arlington this
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weekend. their st. patrick's pub crawl saturday afternoo "the washin says about 2,000 of you are signed up. however, the paper says that's less than half the number from last year. there were 25 arrests during pub crawls there a year ago prorcht new rules for permits which could be behind the change. reminder not drink and drive especial on st. patrick's day, tomorrow. reporting 55% of all traffic deaths are st. patrick's day are caused by drunk drivers. call for a free safe ride home the sober ride program begins at 4:00 p.m. and runs until 4:00 a.m. sober ride for the number to call. up to $30 fares will be free. a nice day to the outside today. good m again. hopefully a chance to spend a time in the great outdoors like i am on the front lawn of channel 4.
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nice day today. a check of it. not a bad way to get things started. a md start to the day. turning cooler wednesday, thursday friday this weekend, best chang of rain on friday nap is the first day of spring come rain or shine. outside this afterno waiting on the buss to get home or to just get around town. temperatur mid-60s, 3:00 to 4:00 upper 60s between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. and then metro area highs today, right around 65 degrees in gaithersbu 66 in bowie. 67 in camp springs and there's the future weather showing clearing out of the skies during the course of the afternoon. further down into the future. coming up in a few minutes. > chuck, thanks. you may want to set your dvr to record today's ellen degeneres show. the first lady stopping by to celebrate the fifth anniversary of her anti-childhood obesity initiative. a look. >> we're going to take over the easter egg roll this year with a
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gimme fi think you can dance all-stars. right. >> are coming to the easter egg roll to teach the whole south lawn. wow. this dance. [ applause >> some serious dancers. the first lady challenged ellen to do the gimme five dance -- there you go. they both good a pretty good job, i'd say. learn the dangs for yourself at the white house easter egg roll happening 6th. tell us five ways you're staying healthy with the #gimmefive. > a new study tackled that big question are smartphones making us dumb? the university of waterloo found people who look things up on their phones more often were less likely to think in an analytical or logical way. we want to know do you depend on your smartphone too much? you can vote by calling or texasing the number on your screen. you' watching "news4 midday."
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looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family.
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new today, d.c. leaders announced lane and full street closures that could affect your comme in the district. all part of the 16th street bridge project. news 4 megan mcgrath live near 16th and military road in northwest d.c. what are the closures going to entail? which streets are involved? >> repor well, it's too very busy streets. 16th street bridge behind me running underneath it military road. two major commuter routes and you take away any lanes and you're going to see major
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problemsn terms of traffic. now, work to improve military road has been under way since last october, and now in a few weeks work on replacing the 16th street bridge begins and that's when things are really going to get messy. the bridge is going to go down to just one lane in each direction. mili road is going to just have one lane headed east two lanes headed west. there are six bus routes that will have to be diverted and at times military road will have to be shut down completely as bridge segments are put in place above it. doing that work though on the weekends. needless to say, drivers who travel through this area are not >> time sitting in traffic, alread. probably not use this route too much anymore. >> military road bad for years. going over to northeast. awful tough. >> on the up side, d dd was able to shave bridge
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segments off-site. trucked here and put together like a puzzle or lego pieces. even so though the work is going to take four months. those lane closures will start to take effect on march the 27th. you might want to think about a different way to get to and from work. barbara, back to you. an a developing story from dulles airport. right now a driver is being question after his truck struck a delta plane on the tarmac. now, this was at gate b-79 for those who fly in and out of this airport. told now the truck was used to clean up de-ice perp the plane was at the gate at the time. no passengers or crew hurt. the jet does have damage as a result that flight was cancelled, and passengers were rebooked and aaron, you might remember a few hours ago i broke in way similar incident that happened this morning at boston's logan airport where a southwest plane was hit by another truck and they actually had to send the plane from d.c.
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there to get passengers to atlanta. yes. you're right. absolutely. a big deal for folks trying to fly around. hey, mystery solved maybe a little kind of? russian president vladimir putin disappear add good week and change and finally stepped back in front of cameras after being out sight. that long absence led to feverish speculation on everythi from t state of his health to a possible coup to whether he might have snuck away to switzerland for the birth of a secret love child. everything on the table. the cromolyn denied all claims. the plot thickened over the weekend when russian state media broad cast and retracted reports he hosted an official visit with another leader but is back at the kremlin, still in power there. looking for -- looking no worse for the wear we should say. what is a good global mystery without a hash tag to go with it? the question #whereisputin, took of a our social media.
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some of the best tweets that popped up whil putin was behind closed doors. >> down to the wire. negotiators hoping for a deal with iran over its nuclear program hav until the end of the month to get a framework if place. nearing the deadline secretary john kerry is in europe for talks. we're learning more details including h some sanctions are playing into a potential deal. nbc's tracie potts has a look at wh. tracie? >> reporter: what's next is trying to work out the big picture. they only have until the end of this month to do that and then the end of june to come up with the details, but there are still some serious hurdles here, what they're going for, trying to roll back some united states sanctions, not ours but the internatl sanctions to open up financial markets and oil shipments to iran in exchange, to agree to scale back their nuclear program. to what degree? that's where they're still negotiatin barbara? >> thank you, tracie. coming up later, how all of
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this is playing back here in washington. angie. thankyou, brash. right now this man is in court facing charges for shooting two police officers in ferguson missouri. poli say jeffrey williams shot the officers during a protest after the city's police chief resigned. willia says he wasn't aiming . >> it's possible he was firing at some other people and the officers, e were in the back. however, it's st >> williams is also facing a weapons charg for what happened and could be sentenced to life behind bars. in our area today, you can say what you think about how we interact with police. montgomery county police chief jay thomas manger will answer questions at a town hall happening toad tonight. if you want to go it's at 7:00 and happening at the people's community baptist church in silver spring. beautiful spring weather unfolding across northern virginia suburban maryland and the district now a little sunshine trying to get through.
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hopefully this trend will continue. a look at your future weather. e we are starting right after lunch time today. mild with clouds continuing to thin on out as we go later into the day nap will be an improving weather picture for sure. my weather click sir not wanting to work at all. let's see if we can make it go forward. the we go. mild weath moving in by 5:00 today plenty of sunshine getting through. a few more clouds getting try overnight tonight into early tomorrow. to afternoon a cold front that might rain out a sprinkle two. the biggest change notice gusty winds and falling temperatur.t outside and enjoy it this afternoon. temperatur will be climbing into the upper 60s in many neighborho seven-day coming up next time i see you. speaking of keeping your clicker work news for your health. research on a new experimental dr boosting hopes for millions of americans at risk for heart attacks. t drug is approve
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fda, you'll be able to inject it into your own skin once every week or to. right now a limited trial. the drug worked more powerfully than existing medications. dr. natalie azhar stopped by the "tod >> all righ t tape there, the study has been greeted with a lot of enthusiasm right now. and some larger trie under y as we speak. so who elton john is asking you to boycott and why. much more on that, after a
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italian designers dolce and gabbana fame facing backlash on views of raising children. you are born to a mother and father and said he calls
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children of chemistry synthetic children. singer elton john didn't like it responded, how dare you refer to my children my beautiful children he said as synthetic, and shame on you for your judgment fingers at ivf, a miracle allowing legions of loving people both straight and gay to fulfill their dream of having children. goes on to say he will never again wear dolce and gabbana ever again. many celebrities are using the #boy coaldoi chaigabbana. > and the numbers are in and the likes don't lie. shakira no longer the queen of facebook. christiana renaldo now the most popular guy on the social network. ta a look. renaldo with 107 million likes on facebook. the online love doesn't stop there for the 30-year-old. renaldo also the most followed football personality, on twitter
11:25 am
with more than 34 million followers. now, we'll compare that to other big facebook users like just bieber. he has roughly 78 million like my producer there pulling up my facebook page. not so nice. 24,000. a measly 24,000 but for sure grateful for every like. well in 60 seconds, the weatd getting
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right now the president of vanuatu is asking for help after a sly clone slammed into the pacific na over the weekend. the category 5 storm wiped out nearly all of the capital city saturday. x people died that number is expectedo rise. communicatn across the country is down. many schools were destroyed or damaged. unicef release add statement saying at leas 70,000 kids are out of school there. now here's a story
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trending on our nbc washington facebook page. the city of boston set a new snow record. more than 108 inches of snow fell this winter. snow that fell last night helped the city break thats set in the winter of 1995 through 1996. records were kept since 1872. closer to home let's go to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell who's outside on our weather deck. no snow we hope in our future? >> no, no no. our winter of '95-96 the all-time win for snow in washington replaced in the 2009 2010 with 54 inches of snow around town. outside, nice weather out here today. gr light conditions for your mild monday. just a little b of a chance for a couple drops coming our way tomorrow and then temperat on the down slope as we get towards the second half of the week. your hometown forecast in lore rey, virginia today. mild 65 degrees. clouds around overnight tonight and temperatures holding in the upper 40s.
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a mild start tomorrow will allow for another mild day. temperature up near 67 tomorrow in la rey and a chance for a couple sprinkles there. the first check of the seven-day fo. 60s today and tomorrow but once the cold front comes by late tomorrow afternoon turning breezy again and much colder highs on wednesday only in the 40s. best chance for rain this week will be coming up on your friday. thank you, chuck. a big surprise at the south by southwest festival. the world premiere of the new "fast & furious" movie. the final film of the late star paul. >> walker was killed in a car crash in 2013. production delayed about four moss after that and after filming started back up again, walker's performance was finished with t help of his brothers who acted as stand-ins and, of course computer effectl. e reviews are in. trailer looks awesome. i think. one of reviews, "furious"
11:29 am
totally instain but still a to paul "furious 7" is one last ride and it is a good one. check out "furious 7" in theaters april 3rd. looking forward to it. hitting the debt ceiling. what it m skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? ♪ skippy!! ♪ ♪ yippee!! ♪ i'm bored. hashtag bored. skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!! ♪
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i'm angie goff for th live desk. this this happening now robert
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durst in court in new orleans e he waved extradition so he can get back to l.a. to face the charges we just learned the judge has granted that waiver. this after durst was arrested r. reports that he was in the courtrm sitting with his eyes closed app meditatingpossibly. now, this is the infamous real estate heir suspected of killing several pe audio caught while filming an hbo special gave them enough to arrest him. durst's mike was hot when he said "what the heck did i do? killed them all, of course." durst comes from one of the most successful. that's the latest from the live desk. back to you. and we're working to find out why a state department worker is expected back in court today. da rossen, aurz always accused of slis soliciting sex from an underage child. police arrested him back in
11:33 am
february. he been out on bond. rossen security clearance has been suspended and he's now on administ leave. well the u.s. hit the debt ceiling. we told you. the treasury department is taking extraordinary measures to make sure the government doesn't default on its debt including halting new investments in a federal employee pension fund called t fund by not making the investment the government is able to use the money elsewhere. once a new debt limit is made it will be made again and individual plans will not be affected they' telling us. and trending on facebook not because of politics. actually sarah palin's daughter bristol becam engaged over the weekend and eve seems to be talking about it. bristol palin said yes to medal of honor recipient dakota meyer. the began dating after he appeared or her mom's show. sharing the happy news palin wrote,eer honored to welcome dakota into our family.
11:34 am
he's an american hero. end quote. palin was previously engaged to her son's father when she was 17 years old during her mom's vice thanks angie. nice day to be outside. the sun ising shirn shines. temperatur on thund way up. at 46 degrees in washington. 52 in fredericksburg. warmer wea out to the west and southwest. winchester 69. lore rey, 63. petersburg wt virginia 65. metro, cool for now. easily make it into the mid and upper 60s by later this afternoon. gog out for dinner and maybe a movie tonight? temperaturn the low 60s. 5:00 to 8:00 and back into the upper 50s between 8:00 and 11:00. back to you. >> if you are paying i'll go. >> sure. sounds good.
11:35 am, chuck. the surge is on for a new coach at george mason university.e of the first to find out about this tweeting that paul hewitt was fired this morning. this past season was his fourth with the team. the patriots struggled this year winning ju nine >> he's still -- in the halftime report. right where you are. selec sunday night quite 18 hours old right now and there already a lot of reacti pouring in. this is the maryland terrapins team you're looking at here. playing at a number four seed this year after sports experts predicted they would be a number three. so a little disappointment for these guys now. if you are a terps fan you know upsetting. the team has to face kentucky. number one favorite not lost a game this year in the sweet 16. if they both make it there. the terps are one of the top trending on twitter. #helpmybra is something peop across the country are
11:36 am
talks la jol. [ cheers ] you can see that sounds a little more like what you expect to hear when watching the selection show. the reaction from georgetown like maryland the school is a number four seed. the hoyas missed out on m madness last year. the year before they lost in the first round. good luck to them. they'll try to change the trend thursday in portland oregon. my rams, wreakin' haven play thursday against ohio state. uva and maryland kick off their bids friday afternoon. good luck to everybody. we hope they do
11:37 am
wack right now talking about several stories online. one of the big ones in our area now is #ihatechristianl
11:38 am
something p have talked about big line for several hours. a duke college basketball star in the '90s. espn ran a special on him which he live tweeted yesterday and in those tweets he sent out several apologies. you can see one playing there. apologizing t oth players and fans he fought with or insulted while he was playing basketball. the other big story, a lot of folks watching today on "the wash website, r tomorrow. benjamin netanyahu, the prime minister thinks he actually may lose the economy could play a role in this for him. even if he wins elections there allow co-leadership between the parties. we watch to see what happens there for you, and then i just had to show you this one. something else trending right now on twitter, maybe a little detour today. a 75th birthday for dairy queen. handing out free ice cream today, if you stop by. one free small vanilla cone per customer. if you see me in bailey's crossroads or montgomery mall
11:39 am
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angie goff back here in the newsroom. t out. a busy news day. the morning meeting just wraped up few minutes ago. news 4 christian wright telling us about an event vice president e biden is at today. >> the other thing is biden and senator mikulski will be in maryland today in pikesville as that maryland state police forensics lab talking about r the backlog. >> you can bet we'll have more on that backlog on news 4 at 4:00. a lot going on. >> certainly is. a lot of you are going to move from bar to bar in arlington thi weekend. there's a st. patrick's pub crawl on saturday afternoon. "the washi" says about 2,000 of you are signed up. however, the paper says that's less than half the number from last year. there were 25 arrests during pub crawls a year ago prompting new rules for permits that could be
11:41 am
behind this change. and tomorrow is st. patric day. many leaders reminding you not to drink and drive. the national highway traffic safety administration reports 55% of all traffic deaths on st. patrics day are caused by drunk drivers. you can call for a free ride home. the sober ride program begins at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow and runs until 4:00 a.m. wednesday morning. go to nbc washington and search sober ride on your mobile app for the number to call up to $30 fae. good morning, once again. everybody wants to know once the sun is out when is our next chance for rain coming our way? tell you not a lot of rain this week. there's a wide view of storm team 4 radar, unsettled weather across par and the u.p. of michigan down near houston, texas, along the gulf coast. knowledge g much of the eastern seaboard including our view in the washington area. no rain today. perfect day to go ahead and get
11:42 am
your yes, indeed. next chance for serious chances for rain sneaking into the area maybe a sprinkle or two tomorrow. sustained rain chances come back in our forecast towards thursday night a especially on into the day friday which, of course is the beginning of spring. seven-day com up in a few more minutes. bring it on. ready for it chuck. a few minutes ago we asked do you depend too much on your smartpho? after the release of a study suggestis o phones may be affecting our deeply we think about problems here are the results so far. it looks like here's the big reveal. 63% of you, majority saying yes. 37% say, no. we don't depend on them too much. i'
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11:44 am
11:45 am
right now d.c. public schools partnering with president obama to give your children more opportunities. news 4 richard jordan live at the white house with more on the efforts to focus on students in urban schools. hi richard. good morning. >> rep hi barbara. good morning. the meeting here is expected to be wrapping up any moment now. d.c. chancellor of schools henderson a with 11 other school leaders from across the country at the white house.t a picture hendersd just before going into e meeting in the roosevelt room. the group meeting with education secretary aaron duncan as well as president obama himself. henderson is expected to talk about her plan to increase academic achievement for boys of
11:46 am
color. african-am and hispanics. they have a low graduation rate here in the district. henderson has plans to start a school for all boys in the district. d that is something that falls in line with president obama's initiati called my brother's that is intended to level the playing field for male minorities. meeting should wrap up any moment now. there will be a short news conferen immediately after that. so we'll be watching that here later today. barbara? >> thank you. so maybe you've seen the, where is putin, hash tag popping up on soci. why. the prussian president wasn't seen on camera more than a week. he's not a camera shy kind of guy. the rumors about where he was started flying and, yes, that hash tag was born. take a look at some of our favorite tweets and images coming out of all of this year with a little help from photo shop. we have other world leaders searching for putin. next a bit of a romantic theme with steven seagal weird.
11:47 am
and finally, where is putin? in line for taylor swift tickets. recording with kanye. no. he is binge watching "house of cards." making perfect sense. this cartoon from ted from "the washin" be to pop up alongside hash tag. putin ween re-appeared for a meeting. the press showed up in droves to see him after him being miss sewing long. the rumors became outlandish in his abse ranging from a coup to off to see the birth of a love child. no surprise the president denied those rumors. and the white hou is warning congress to stay out of the way of negotiations over iran's nuke program. lawmakers may go forward with a vote before sdwlun could that could undercut the deal. potts has details oun congress is responding to pressure particu the white
11:48 am
house. tracie? >> reporte we ar heard back from bob corker chash of the se relations committee. over the weekend the white house sent a lettering eleshsy saying bow out. working on legislation that could undercut these negotiatio. after that letr sent to iranian leaders. but lawmakers here say they want to make sure th it's a final deal. that's why they're working on that legislation. the white hou is concerned that while the sensitive negotiat are going on iran may be paying as much attention to congress as they are to secretary kerry right there at the table. bras- barbara? >> thanks, tracie. > a missouri man in court accused of shooting two police officers. jay gray has what prosecutors pp >> reporte the blast of gunfire just after midnight last wedny scattered the crowd outside the ferguson police department shots fired.
11:49 am
officer down. >> rd and police say this man 20-year-old jeffrey williams who tulled the trigger. charged with two counts of assault in the first degree for the two police officers who were shot. investigators say williams has admitted to firing the shots, but says he wasn't targeting police. >>e develop at this p he may have had a dispute with other individuals or felt some dispute, it's possible at this point he was firing shots at someone other th the police but struck the police officers. >> reporte protesters initially bla the attack on an outside agitator but police say williams was a part of their a demonstrator. he was out there earlier that evening as part of the demonstrat >> r demonstrations that continued without incident de renewed tensions and anger here. jay gray nbc news ferguson.
11:50 am
and good morning once again, everybody. no i'm not completely alone out here on the storm team 4 weather deck. my trusty thermometer is with he. 55 degrees out here on the front lawn. a beautiful morning in progress. your forecasted temperatures ho by hour through the afternoon. temperat mid to upper 50s three 1:00 this afternoon. then getting into the low 60s by 3:00. mid to upper 60s for high temperatur today. going out this evening, indeed a mild one. 62 at 7:00. 58 degrees at 9:00 and only 55 degrees at 11:00.ghs tomorrow another mild day coming our way. notice the icons on the left side of your screen there will be a chance for a couple very light rain showers or sprinkles primy the mountains o west of the blue rimp. on the whole, mild weather lasting two m days when i see the seven-day forecas with all the chilly changes for the second half of e week. >> all right. see you in a little chuck. could be a godsend. new research on an experimental
11:51 am
drug boosting hopes for millions of americans at risk for heart disease. we know at this point. people hoop take these drugs show half of the risk of dying or suffering a heart attack is a problem, compared to others given standard care. the drug lowers so-called bad cholestero more powerfully and in a different way than standard drugs. note this drug is not a pill. it's actually injected user inject under their own skin once or twice -- once every week or two, i should say. now, the fda is voed concerns about side effects. though especially on thinking confusion and memory here. a larger trial underway as we speak. sti around. the most liked person ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves.
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don't miss yoplait's exciting new flavors -- creamy caramel and cookies 'n cream. there is is a major backlash against goalebbanagabbana.
11:53 am
in a statement, gabbana says it was never our intention to judge other people's choices. we do believe in freedom and love. ricky martin sent this message on twitter. dolce, gabbana, your voices too powerful to spread so much hate and used the #boycottdolcego e from twitter, people everywhere say everywhere he included several lynches. singer elton john is also upset, in a message said how dare you refer to my beautiful children as synthetic. that story making a lot of getting a lot of people fired up online. e too barbara. shakira not the number one.
11:54 am
cristiano ro is number one now. the online love doesn't stop there for the 30-year-old, ronaldo the most followed football personality on twitter with more than 34 million followers. that to other big facebook users. justin bieber recently roasted, roughly 78 milli likes on facebook and here's a w i think wer facebook page coming up. producer ly page pulling up. it pales in compares ton the 107 million likes that ronaldo has gained. a coming up the first reviews are
11:55 am
? >> you'd be hard pressed to find some paul walker's ride. imagine the surprise at the south by southwest festival when they screened the world premiere of the new "fast & furious"
11:56 am
movie, the final film starring . ♪ >> one nice ride there you go. a clip from the movie. paul walker killed in a car crash back in 2013. production delayed about four months. af they started filming again, walker's performance was actually finished with the help of his brothers. they acted as stand-in, the also of course computer efs helping out with things. reviews are in and pretty far. one review reads "furious 7" totally insane. a loving tribute to paul walker. >> one last ride and it is is a good one. go to chuck now. >> thanks aaron. nice day outside today. seven-day time. temperatur mid to upper 60s today and tomorrow both. in fact i think a lot of neighbors tw will touch 70 degrees. but then the cold front comes through late tuesd evening. and as result it will be breezy an thank you, chuck. that's "news4 midday."
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11:58 am
♪ ♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!!
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> eve: [scoffs] this is a disaster. >> jennifer: jj and paige being in the same musical showcase is hardly the end of the world. >> eve: no, no, no, no. jj planned this, didn't he? he did, he planned this. >> jennifer: what? he had no idea-- even if he did and this was part of his grand scheme to get paige back what are you gonna do about it? >> eve: nothing, because you've made it very clear that i have no say in what happens betwn paige and jj. well, you know what, jennifer? i don't have to like it. i'll see you there. >> jennifer: no, you won't 'cause you're not going near my son ever again. >> jj: i do love paige. and i never stopped loving her and i never will. >> theresa: wow. you actually believe that, don't you? i mean, i might believe it except i know you.


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