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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 17, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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year. and that taste of spring will be short lived. >> in fact if you waited until after you get home from work tonight, the chances are good you will have missed your chance. try to enjoy the nice weather! storm team 4 chuck bell is tracking the dramatic changes ahead. >> mother nature playing the role of the ides of march today. don't turn your back on the weather changes. near 70 later on this afternoon. cold air is coming back, for sure. with a vengeance. weather impact on your day today not all that much. a little breezy now becoming windy and blustery this afternoon as the cold front goes by. temperatures now 49 in rockville rockville. temperatures do a quick rise. 58 by 9:00. 65 by 11:00 a.m. winds already in that 15 to 25 miles per hour range. could gust to near 40 miles per hour this afternoon. high temperatures near 70.
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that will happen between 12:00 and 2:00 this afternoon. the temperatures will do their tumbling by later this afternoon. enyou it everybody. temperatures up in the upper out of to near 70 degrees today. and by early evening temperatures back into the 40s by later on evening. it will be a cold one for sure. we'll talk about how long the cold stretch lasts into the tomorrow and your thursday as well. maybe springtime snow flakes. >> how are the roads? >> i have a brand new problem. just got off the phone with police. we're talking about the outer loop of the woodrow wilson bridge. several disabled vehicles. perhaps getting flat tires. try to get more information here. that's what we have at this point this morning. 95 and maryland bw parkway and out the beltway looking good now. 66 and 95 no major problems. you can see 95 northbound of course dale city a little bit slow as it typically is this time of day. 66 east. the right lane blocked and
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volume building as you head inbound. and b work parkway at 410 looks like a crash or disabled vehicle. chopper 4 just got over that scene. it is 6:02 right now. this morning a d.c. police officer is under arrest charged with abusing a 16-year-old girl. he was also the girl's pastor. megan mcgrath is live in southeast washington outside the church where he worked. >> on saturday a 16-year-old called metropolitan police to say her pastor had abused her sexually on three separate occasions. her passtor is also a d.c. police officer. on sunday night, police took 45-year-old darrell best into custody. he's been charged with first degree sex abuse of a minor. the abuse allegedly taking place organ in december of 2014. now darrell best is the pastor at god a second chance ministry
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church on bowen street in southern avenue in southeast washington. he's also a d.c. police officer. all though in a press release from the department they say he was off duty at the time of the abuse. of the alleged abuse. the investigation continuing. anyone with information asked to call the police. back to you. new video into the live desk of the moment an out of control passenger was taken down on a flight out of dulles. you can hear him a little bit there as he was wrest told the floor. on a united jet that was heading to denver last night.
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pretty scary moment there. the plane returned and the passenger was detained by police and taken to the hospital for evaluation. united isn't releasing details on exactly what happened on that plane. >> angie goff from the live desk. thank you. northern virginia woman said she accidentally shot and killed her husband. the shooting happened at a home on harrison road in spotsylvania county. sheriffs deputies are questioning the woman now. the couple's children were inside the home at the time of the shooting. they're now staying with relatives. today a man is in critical condition after being shot in an attempted robbery in montgomery county. this happened on piney branch road last night. it shows the clothes of the victim laying on the ground. the victim was walking with the friend when he was approached from behind and shot. police say this was a random crime. the injured man was taken to the hospital and remains in critical condition. approaching five after the hour.
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today secret service director joseph clancey will head to capitol hill for two meetings. he's expected to testify before a house committee at 10:00 this morning. congressional sources tell news 4 that clancey is expected to ask that committee for an increase of a quart of a billion dollars in next year budget. clancey is also expected to brief two lawmakers on the house oversight committee about the latest misconduct allegations two agents accused of crashing into a security barrier near the white house after drinking at a bar. the agents were sent home and not arrested. this follows that security breach last year where a man jumped the white house fence and made it all the way to the mansion before being stopped by agents. later today you will get a closer look at several ways a montgomery county council is trying to improve child care. one bill would create an office to develop a plan for universal prekindergarten and child care. another would increase access to public space for low-income children and vulnerable youth. the council meets today at 1:30. later today prince charles
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and his wife camilla will be here in d.c. they arrive tonight at andrew's air force base and go to a reception at the british ambassador's residence. tomorrow they'll visit mount vernon. prince charles will stop by the national archives and camilla will stop by the shakespeare royal theater. they'll meet with the vice president and president and then wrap up their visit in kentucky. a local beating at the boys and girls club. a plea this morning from the victim's parents as the teen prepares to head to school. a warning about someone that may show up on your doorstep. the suspicious behavior that police want you to watch out for. a peek at national harbor. this morning's weather may have you want to leave the coat in the closet. cold will make a comeback.
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we're working on a crime alert for you. the stafford county sheriff's department said you need to be on a lookout for the suspicious man that tried to get into a home by offering free carpet cleaning. according to the freelance star. this happened on friday at a home on mountain view road. the person at the house noticed the man didn't say his name or business. it didn't appear that he had any cleaning equipment. the man eventually left. today if you live or work in virginia you can learn more about tornado safety. there's a statewide tornado drill at 9:45 a.m. that's when the national weather service will send a test tornado warning. take part by taking cover and having a plan in case of a emergency. the annual drill is a collaboration between the virginia department of emergency management and the national weather service. >> go online we have resources where you can find help coming up with a plan. we have tornados in the area. i know it's not a true
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emergency but the threat of snow for the end of the week. it makes me panic a little bit. >> weather and traffic on the 1s now. chuck bell is here to detail it all. good morning. i got my green tie here but the problem is this is why -- there you go. you you can see through most of me of the time. we can't wear green because of the green screen. that's the reason why. i'm irish where it counts on the inside. temperatures outside this morning are mostly in the 40s and 50s already. highs today will be near 70 degrees. enjoy it! we'll be near 50 by tomorrow morning. seven-day forecast in ten minutes. a check on traffic now. breaking news now we have a problem, again, outer loop at the woodrow wilson bridge. we have debris a drive shaft. a truck lost the drive shaft. lots of people hit some of the debris. a warning. we've seen a lot of people
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pulled over on the bridge. bw parkway and 410 the folks heading southbound pass the crash. drive time eastbound to the beltway 11 minutes. and in maryland no major problems. 270 to the germantown to the beltway 17 minutes. sure. we're proud, but chances are we're sharing maybe a little bit too much about our kids online. maybe. the mistakes many of us are making and why you should think twice before posting. he's used to political flights but nothing like this. why mitt romney is ready to get into the ring to
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16-year-old target of this vicious attack heading back to school today. he was attacked outside a boys and girl's club late saturday in prince william county. his mother tells news 4 that
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could have been an act of retaliation over a high school rivalry. the person who first punched her son asked if he played for the freedom high school basketball team. >> i'm a forgiving person but this has to stop. it has to stop. you can't go around randomly picking kids just because. >> you saw julie said the son suffered minor injuries. his attackers gone by the time police got there. we're working to find out the name of a man fairfax county police found dead in the woods woods. officers are calling this a suspicious death. they taped off a big area with the body was found. police tell us the victim had some kind of drama to the upper body. that's all we know right now. pennsylvania state police say they arrested a man from our area and charged him with murder. they say caleb barns stabbed a woman to death. he's facing two other charges as well. one for trying to bury the
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woman's body an unrelated charge of having sex with a 164-year-old girl. relief workers seeing wide spread destruction as they reach the pacific islands. the official death toll from cyclone pam stands at 11 now. some 3300 people throughout vanuatu have been left homeless. relief crews say 100 percent of crops grown on the outer islands have been wiped out. on at least one of those islands only have about five days worth of food left. an ebola patient being treated at the national institute health of bethesda is in critical condition. doctors downgraded the patient from serious to criticalkritcritical. the patient contracted the deadly virus in sierra leone. ten colleagues have been evacuated to the u.s. for observation observation. it's not known whether they'll be treated at nih. the man accused of shooting
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two police officers in ferguson, missouri said he wasn't targeting police. jeffrey williams said he was aiming at someone else. he claims police used excessive force. according to the attorney he has bruises on the back shoulders and face. the allegations are completely false, the police department said. the maryland senate voted in favor of a bill that would allow felonies to rebelgister to vote. the bill goes to the house for consideration. new this morning fairfax county police are investigating a shooting. we received the new video an hour ago. two siblings were fighting there when one shot a gun into the air. no one was hurt. this afternoon d.c. mayor is set to launch a new initiative to help you and your neighborhood connect with district resources. she'll kick off the results initiative in southeast. this week her community relations team will walk through eight wards and identify issues
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that can be fixed quickly. community cleanups are cleaned for this saturday. and virginia delegate said he'll not run for re-election. the democrat represents the 45th district. in a letter to his supporters he said he wants to focus more on family and running his doughnut business. he's been in public service for 12 years. prince harry is leaving the british armed force after ten years of service. harry will leave the armed forces in june. harry has a decorated military career. the 30-year-old served two tours in duty of an afghanistan. his final army duties will include a four week assignment in australia. a school district in new york is dropping the name redskins from its team. >> generating a big response there. take a listen.
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you can hear a group of people in lancaster, new york saying quote, let's go redskins. the district is dropping the name because several other teams in the area say they would boycott games in the name stayed. >> the lancaster community cannot deny that the school nickname is a racial slur to the native americans. >> what was acceptable 70 years ago is clearly not acceptable today. the school board voted change. all right. we're talking about some warm weather today. i'm going leave it at that. >> 56 degrees already! we only go up from here. let's check with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> unfortunately our spring fling is only going to last one more day before bottoms fall out of it. temperatures will be going down down down some 40 degree drop possible between this afternoon at lunch and the time you wake up tomorrow morning. sock up the warmth and enjoy it everybody! what to wear today.
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she's got the right kbrd. a spring jacket umbrella but fold up. you may need a umbrella today there's a small chance of a passing sprinkle. if you can't find the umbrella don't worry about it. you probably won't need it until friday. we may only have snow flakes. that's friday morning. that's a long way from now. for now look at the temperatures. 64 degrees before the sun is even up in winchester now. 60 in martins berg, 59 in haggerstown. once we get the sun up and mix the atmosphere. the 60 degree temperatures will be coming down into the metro area. and you put a little sunshine into that equation and temperatures today will be up near 70 degrees. we haven't been 70 at reagan national airport since december 1st. been a long time coming. we'll be close today. many neighborhoods south and west of town will touch 70 or better.
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fredericksburg 72. about 65 in gaithersburg. a nice day coming. temperatures will plummet overnight tonight down to the upper 20s to near 30s degrees by morning. with a gusty wind how can i say this? windchills down near 20 degrees by tomorrow morning. and then tomorrow during the day even with the sunshine we'll struggle mightingly to get out of the 40s to only near 50 degrees. plan on a big drop in temperatures coming our way. i see in a couple of more minutes one more quick check on the seven-day forecast. come on! the computer ate the seven-day! >> breaking news right now. woodrow wilson bridge talking about the outer loop. we have vehicles here with flat tires. a semi lost the drive shaft. the debris is out of the way but the flat tires being changed now. going to be a bit slow on that side of the bridge for a little bit longer. inner loop hearing about two
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center lanes blocked because of a crash. sending chopper 4 over to see. a wide look at things overall no major issues as you look at the beltway now. except for braddock road. you can see southbound these folks heading in fine. no problems right now on 270. still have the issue at hyattsville garden city drive at westbound 50. the right lane and the ramp block it. we've been talking about that for about two weeks, i would think, at this point here this morning. and 95 north here at 198. we're hearing about a disabled vehicle in the northbound lanes. not seeing it on camera doesn't mean it's not there. more open the situation the outer loop in couple of minutes. >> thank you. he's not going to run for president for a third time but mitt romney is still in for a big fight this time it could hurt him physically. the former gop nominee is set to box evander holyfield. they're raising money for the
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utah based charity vision. the organization helps restore vision in people with curable blindness. that match is scheduled for may 15th in salt lake city. it is the big talk on twitter and facebook. 49ers line backer chris boarland trending across the country. he's retiring from football after just one year because of concerns about his health. vorland is 24 years old. he's worried about the long-term effects of playing the game specifically head concussions. he's had two diagnosed concussions. one while playing soccer in eighth grade and one in high school. he plans to go back to school for a graduate's disagree. the apparently soming of are sharing too much on social media. a new university of michigan poll said 3/4 of people knows someone who shares too much about their children online. more than half of moms and a quarter of dads say they posted about their kids's health or behavior problems to get good
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advice from more experienced parents. you should think twice before posting about your kids to be sure it doesn't threaten their safety or invade their privacy. >> i between out a tweet or message and i let it sit. i'm like rewrite. it's that time of the year. march madness. bracketology is a word you probably only hear this time of the year. >> everybody wants the perfect bracket. if you're working on yours now, chances are you're going to make a mistake. in fact math professors crunched the numbers for nbc news. one said even if you have a good knowledge of the teams and the game your odds of picking a perfect bracket are about 1 in 128 billion. if you don't know anything about it your odds drop to just 1 in the -- that's 18 zeros. that's the beauty of the tournament. there's no way to pick the
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cinderella stories. every game is exciting. working through the night to try to restore water service. richard jordan is flooif prince george's county with the mess left behind after a water main break and when repairs should be complete. another case of hazeing leading to the suspension of several college athletes. what the lacrosse players are saying.
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a big mess many homeowners will have to clean up after a water main break leaves a prince george's county neighborhood under water. repair is underway. we'll take you live there in a few minutes. first, a site we haven't seen in months. some stepping outside right now to temperatures in the 60s! ? ahh! >> it's only going to get warmer. >> these temperatures will be a
6:30 am
distant memory by this time tomorrow. storm team 4 meteorologist checkuck bell is here with the dramatic drop. >> i thought we put winter behind us. >> there's always a but in that. >> i was thinking it. you said it. >> temperatures in the low to mid 60s in the shenandoah valley. the sun isn't up yet. by the time the sun is temperatures near 70 degrees by lunchtime. the overall impact the weather have on the day today will be low. 64 in winchester. our western shore communities like edge water only near 40 degrees because of the icy cold waters of the chesapeake bay. winds in the 15 to 25 miles per hour range for gusts. cold gust to 40 miles per hour later this afternoon. temperatures today climbing into the upper 60s to around 70. we make it to 70 it will be the
6:31 am
first time since december 1st. i promise the seven-day forecast. here is a quick check. we'll show it again. 50 tomorrow, 49 thursday. snow flakes friday morning. it won't be that much snow. breaking news in traffic. >> breaking news. we're talking about the woodrow wilson bridge. the outer loop of the bridge seeing backups because of debris on the roadway. five flat tires. the folks hit the debris part of a drive shaft here. right now debris out on the road. all the folks changing their tires. another crash inner loop at braddock road. we're sending chopper 4 to the scene. should be there in a next couple of minutes. 66 into town all the way in about 45 miles per hour. not bad. nothing in your way.
6:32 am
95 in virginia you can see dale city is the slowest spot as usual. you're going about 25 in dale city. prince george's county overall looking pretty good. indian head highway on the way in. a little slow as you approach the beltway. same thing at branch avenue inbound and the top of the beltway here looking pretty typical. back with travel times. >> thank you. right now cunningham drive is closed following a water main break there in prince george's county. chopper 4 flew over the scene yesterday. crews have been working all night long. richard jordan with the progress they're making. >> reporter: aaron, good morning. a lot of repairs are already complete but part of the road is still closed. take a look at what is left now. it is the pipe that caused all the problems there. there you see it. 10 inches. 75 years old now out of the ground and ruptured yesterday.
6:33 am
and about 30 homes were affected. wssc had to cut them off. shut off the water to the 30 homes in the neighborhood. they were left without water overnight. now the pipe has been replaced. it's not only not having water that was an issue but the water that was flow on the street that caused the problem as well. about four to five home the had minor damage. some of the water leaking into their basement about four to six inches of water there. a lot of people had to dry out their basement. the road had to be dried out. receipt the repairs are complete. the pavement has been patched and still not safe enough for cars to drive over the fresh pavement on the ground now. that's why the road is closed. it shouldn't affect traffic very much. the water has been restored. >> richard jordan thank you. it is now of 34. maryland state lawmakers will hold a hearing into the state's hazing laws. two men are expected to testify before the maryland house
6:34 am
judiciary committee. lawmakers are considering a bill that would increase the penalties for hazing. johnny powell said he was hazed by this fraternity. he was beat within a cane and paddled. kevin hey said he was beaten, body slammed, and beaten with a body paddle. both men are suing the fraternities. ! five women will no longer play on the baltimore lacrosse team. they've been suspended for threatening their teammates. the threats were directed at freshman. the athletic director said steps have been taken to protect those involved. the suspended players apologize apologized. police need your help finding a missing woman in prince george's county.
6:35 am
72-year-old dorothy fairweather was last seen friday night. she was wearing a blue shirt, blue pants, and no shoes. she has black hair and times wears a red wig. if you have seen her, call the prince george's county police. the three young brothers will remain in foster care. according to a report in the washington post a judge said the court hopes to reunite the family but the parents have been accused of neglect. rudd was 8 years old when she disappeared last march. she was seen at the homeless shelter where she lived. tatum later killed himself. rudd is presumed dead. we're working to find out the condition of a man who was caught in a fire. firefighters say the man is 60 years old and oxygen dependent. the fire trapped him on a second floor in oakwood lane. about ten minutes away from will play draft.
6:36 am
the man was taken by helicopter to the hospital. a woman was affected. she was treating for breathing in too much smoke. you can smell your car, your truck, whatever on the treats of alexandria without being fined. not whatever but your car or truck. the washington post reporting the city council unanimously repealed the 52 year-old ban on street sales. that move follows a lawsuit followed bay man fined $40 displaying a for sale sign on his car parked on the street. dramatic video showing passengers restraining a man on a united airlines flight out of washington. angie goff uncovered new information on what happened onboard. we brace for the return of the cold. enjoy the >> traveling to europe for just $15 a person. the airline that is promising to make that a reality.
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welcome back. you can can send less money on gas. the oil price information service tells usa today we could see the national price for gas below $2 a gallon somewhere between may and october. that's peak driving season. gas prices usually go up this time of the year from the winter blend to the more expensive summer blend. however, the price of crude oil dropped to the lowest level in march. that means savings for you. could we really see $15 flights from europe to the u.s.? ryan air, one of europe's largest discount lines may be one step closer to making the low fares a reality. the airline's board gave the go ahead on monday for sales of transatlantic flights. d.c. conuld be one of the destinations. some of the cities reportedly included are boston, chicago, and new york.
6:41 am
no word on baltimore yet. however, adding these flights could take years. the airline boosted about these planes for years now. it's a we'll see sort of thing. >> $15! >> wouldn't it be nice? >> it would. >> let's check the forecast. chuck bell what do you say? >> i have nothing but good news in the forecast for today, everybody! temperatures in the 30s and 40s around the metro area already. temperatures in the low to mid 60s in the shenandoah valley. the warmer air will be moving to the metro. it's going to be a beautiful day to be outside today. bus stop weather this morning in the metro area upper 40s to near 50s early on. low 50s by near 9:00. highs today upper 60 to near 70. check on traffic right now. breaking news. woodrow wilson bridge debris in the roadway and now flat tires. those are being fixed on the scene now. slowing down a little bit. chopper 4 got over these two
6:42 am
crashes here inner loop and braddock road. a warning if you're heading out it could start slowing down. in virginia 66 east is looking good. 395 north a little slow from beltway to the bridge. 95 north quantico to the beltway 15 minutes behind. new developments are coming in surrounding that midair scare from passengers on a united airlines flight from dulles. the new pictures we're seeing from inside the plane and what the disrupted passenger is accused of saying when we go to live desk next. plus the royal treatment. the prince of waerls and the duchess of cornwall are set to arrive in d.c. what they're doing while they're in town.
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passengers struggling to contain an unrulely padsssenger. the incident unfolding on a united airlines flight shortly after it took off from dulles. what the man was saying after your weather and traffic. high temperatures today will be the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. but a terrible temperature tumble coming tomorrow. seven-day forecast in ten minutes.
6:46 am
>> outer loop woodrow wilson bridge cars with flat fires because of debris that was in the roadway. debris gone cars there. a warning and inner loop at braddock road. two different crashes both to the right side of the roadway. new details into the live desk about what went on the moment before a pilot had to turn his flight around to dulles. this is video of a disrupted passenger being tackled and restrained on the united jet. a passenger telling nbc news this was the result when a man tried to storm the cockpit and claimed he had a bomb. we're told that the other passengers checked the man for the explosives. they didn't find anything. the plane returned to dulles where the out of control guy was detained by police. the plane was heading to denver. it eventually made it. united not comment on the witness account. more on the story coming up later on the "today" show. >> thank you. 13 before the hour.
6:47 am
you can hear from one of the attorneys who investigated robert durst's case. the real estate heir is facing charges for a murder that happen 15 years ago. stefanie gosk live in new orleans. >> good morning. robert durst's attorney eager to get back to fight the charge. authorities here booked him on new charges. weapons charges. they say that durst was found in his hotel here in new orleans with a 38 caliber smith & wesson and a small amount of marijuana. he's of course charged in that capital murder case in california in the death of susan in december of 2000. she was found shot in the back of her head in her own l.a. home. we'll have details on the new charges as well as charges on
6:48 am
the criminal complaint filed by officials yesterday. >> thank you. it is 6:48. you may have seen this on the nbc washington app when you woke up. a d.c. police officer is now facing charges for abusing a 16-year-old girl. the story broke overnight. police say he was the girl's pastor. megan mcgrath is live outside the church where he worked with details. good morning. >> reporter: on saturday a 16-year-old called metro police saying on three occasions she had been sexually abused by her pastor who is also a d.c. police officer. on sunday night, police took 45-year-old darrell best into custody and charged him with first degree sex abuse of a minor. the abuse allegedly began in december of 2014. darrell best is also the pastor at god of a second chance ministry church on bowen street in southern avenue here in southeast. he's also a d.c. police officer. all though we have been told by
6:49 am
police in a press release that the alleged abuse happened while he was off duty. in southeast, megan mcgrath news 4. 6:49. sheriffs deputies are questioning a woman who said she accidentally shot and killed her husband. the shooting happened at a home on harrison in spot ls vain ya county. no charges were filed. the couple's children were inside. they're staying with relatives now. police looking for a shooter that injured a man in an attempted robbery. it happened on piney branch road. it shows the clothes of the victim laying inging on the ground. the victim was walking with a friend when he was approached from behind and shot. police say this was a random crime. the injured man was taken to the hospital and remains in critical condition. happening in israel right now. parliament elections underway and people are voting. we want to go out there live at one of the polling places.
6:50 am
not too much going on at this specific location, earlier prime minister benjamin netanyahu seen casting his ballot. he's in a tight race with isaac herzog. the outcome is important and one that the u.s. is watching closely. this could impact issues like a nuclear iran and israeli arab conflict. that's the latest from the live desk. today on capitol hill the director of the secret service joseph clancey will brief two members about the latest misconduct allegations. two agents accused of crashing into a security barrier near the white house after drinking at a bar. the agents were sent home and not arrested. this follows that security breach last year where a man jumped the white house fence and made it all the way to the mansion before being stopped by agents. clancey expected to testify before a house committee at 10:00 this morning. congressional sources tell news 4 he'll ask the committee for an increase of a quarter of a billion dollars in next year's
6:51 am
budget. d.c. is rolling out the red carpet for prince charles and the prince of wales. they'll arrive at andrews air force base and go to a reception. tomorrow they'll visit mount vernon. prince charles willarchives. they'll meet with the. the and vice president before wrapping up their visit in kentucky. >> #royals in the usa. i hope they enjoy their trip. this is a wonderful country. >> we'll blame them for the cold air. that's what we'll do. >> i see! >> they put it on the royal jet and brought it over here. >> don't start anything, chuck. >> exactly yeah. welcome to them. hopefully they get in before the cold front. our spring fling is ending and soon everybody. i know. spring flings don't last
6:52 am
forever. near 70 today. a 40 degree temperature drop by tomorrow morning? some -- in some places. march is a cruel month around here. march last year 3.8 inches of snow. we can't say goodbye to snow chances around mid april around here. we have another chance to snow flakes by friday morning of this week. 49 in washington now and a big spike in temperatures this morning. near 65 to 68 degrees by lunchtime today. i'm forecasting 69 at national airport. as we've been saying if we get to 70 it will be the first time in months. places like fredericks stafford will be near 70 this afternoon. down near freezing by tomorrow morning with windchills in the 20s by tomorrow morning. and then tomorrow hour by hour into your day highs tomorrow in the upper 40s to barely 50 degrees. big weather changes coming.
6:53 am
have your storm team 4 weather app ready to go. it's absolutely free. here is the future weather through the day today lots of mild weather coming our way. the cold front passes through between 1:00 and 4:00 this afternoon. it might be able to wring out one or two rain drops. nothing you really need to concern yourself with. what to expect today. nice and mild. it will be blustery and breezy this afternoon. wind could gust to near 40 miles per hour at times. upper 60s to near 70 today. by this time tomorrow upper 20s and low 30s. what should you expect for tomorrow? a windchill morning. cold sunshine tomorrow afternoon and more sub freezing temperatures likely later on into the week a chance of wet snow flakes early friday morning before it becomes a chilly rain. won't need to name your snow man. it won't be that much snow. just conversational flakes. >> still have the problem, chuck. woodrow wilson bridge. the outer loop side. you can see a couple of cars
6:54 am
stopped here. they have flat tires because of hitting a drive shaft that a tractor trailer lost going across the bridge here this morning. changing the tires now. the debris out of the way. might be a little bit slow as you head out this porn. chopper 4 over the problem inner loop at braddock road. both off to the right shoulder. they were in the center lane. now we're looking pretty good. as you come around the bend you'll see both of those police vehicles on the right side of the roadway. silver spring report of a pedestrian struck. castle boulevard near tea garden circle at the shopping center parking lot. a wide look at things overall looking pretty typical. 66 heading into -- 95 slow spot as you approach the beltway 17 miles per hour. >> thank you. later today you'll get a closer look at several ways the
6:55 am
city council is trying to improve child care. it would create an office to develop a plan for universal prekindergarten and child care. another increasing access to public space for low-income children and vulnerable youth. the council meets today at 1:30. president obama will celebrate saint patrick's day with the irish prime minister. it will take part in the annual shamrock ceremony started by president truman in 1952. tonight the president will be presented with a bowl of shamrocks marking the relationship between the u.s. and ireland. there are a lot of events in our area where you can celebrate saint patrick's day. if you're heading to church a mass is being held at saint patrick catholic church in d.c. the natural history museum is hosting two irish music performances for you and the kids. reminder if you have too much to drink, you can get a free ride home. the sober ride programs at 4:00 this afternoon and runs until 4:00 tomorrow morning.
6:56 am
go to nbc and search sober ride. up to a $30 fare will be a free. >> here are four things to know. d.c. mayor launching a new results initiative to help you and your neighborhood connect with d.c. services. her community relations staff will go through all eight wards and identify issues that can be fixed quickly. crews working to prepare a water main break on cunningham drive. the main is fixed. the road is patched up but remains closed. the prince and his wife coming to the u.s. united airlines flight that had to return to dulles because of an out of control passenger. another passenger told nbc news that the man said he had a bomb and trying to reach the cockpit. passengers wrestled him to the ground. >> next four days near 70 today but near freezing for the next couple of mornings. chance of snow on friday
6:57 am
morning. >> still a little slow inner loop at braddock road. two crashes on the left-hand side of the screen on the right side of the roadway. coming around the bend might be slow. >> it's like this. >> got it. >> thank you. that is the broadcast this morning. thank you for waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes.
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>> from d.c. to denver, fellow passengers comes to the rescue as a passenger races towards the front of the plane. >> he raced towards the front of the cockpit and is being restrained by other passengers. >> the plane forced to make an emergency landing. robert durst being charged with murder. this morning, kathy burst's brother on what he hopes happens next. papast


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