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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 17, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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the time of the assault. the second victim told police she was raped inside this church in southeast where officer best is the senior pastor. she told police she was assaulted on three separate occasions. during one of those assaults best was wearing his badge and gun. both teenagers say they pleaded with best to stop. today mayor muriel bowser reacted to the news of another d.c. police officer being arrested. >> we won't tolerate any employee preying on young people. we know that the accused was off duty when this happened but we think that the process has worked and we know that he'll face justice. >> reporter: several supporters of best were in court today like his attorney they refused to talk to reporters. >> nothing you can tell us about pastor best? >> nothing i can comment on. it's an ongoing case. nothing i can say. >> reporter: now, some more information on the evidence that
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police have. that 17-year-old victim who says she was raped inside a d.c. police headquarters they actually brought her down to identify the office that she said the assault took place in and the first place they took her was not officer best's office. and she walked in that office and said no this isn't the room. they then took her upstairs to the fifth floor to his actual office. the moment she walked in that office police say she began to cry. moments ago d.c. police chief cathy lanier issued a statement condemning best's actions, but her statement makes no mention of the fact that several of the assaults occurred while he was in uniform wearing his gun and badge or that one of the i salt assaults actually took place in d.c. police headquarters. mark segraves news4. it's not official yet, but benjamin netanyahu just declared victory in israel's tight election. early returns appear to give him the upper hand in forming the country's next coalition government. he says he has already begun to
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call potential partners. secret service director joseph clancy got clobbered on capitol hill today. an angry congress wanted to know what he knows about the scandal that came to light last week and why he hasn't done more about it. steve handelsman is live on capitol hill with the latest. steve? >> thanks pap lot of lawmakers on the hill want somebody bold and take-charge at the agency that protects the president. but they don't believe they got that. still don't have that up here on the hill today. joseph clancy has run the agency just five months. >> you can't run an agency like this, for god's sakes, or any other agency. unless you have discipline in the ranks. >> reporter: looking nervous, clancy hurt himself revealing he's let homeland security investigate the latest secret service scandal, doing no probe of his own. >> if these two people were senior management, you should be all over them today. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: clancy knows both, mark connolly, second in command of president obama's detail, and supervisor george ogilvie.
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after a party, they drove to the white house, barged into an active investigation, appeared intoxicated, but got sent home without sobriety tests. clancy admitted he was not informed for days and alcohol is a problem. >> it's going to take time to change maybe some of this culture. there's no excuse for this information not to come up the chain. >> with all due respect, i'm just shocked by your testimony. it seems to me it should take time to help people who think this is the culture to go get another job. >> reporter: clancy was part of the culture, a field agent for decades, but team obama says he's now shaking up secret service. >> so the president absolutely believes that director clancy is the right person for this job. >> reporter: many lawmakers are not so sure. what clancy wanted to talk about up here today was $8 million. that's what he wants from
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congress. he says he needs it to build a mock white house in beltsville. he says they've got kind of a mock out there and it's in a parking lot, but he says it doesn't have the right trees and shrubs and fake fountains and he se he needs one that looks more like the real thing to train the men and women who protect the executive mansion. steve handelsman news4. turning to our weather, big changes before spring feshlly lyofficially starts. doug kammerer talking about a 40-degree temperature drop in some places. say it's not true. >> i wish i could. temperatures today the warmest they've been all year 73 today in d.c. after a high of 71 yesterday so some phenomenal weather the last couple days. there are the highs. 73 in d.c. 74 in fredericksburg. 75 in culpeper today after 82 yesterday, hagerstown at 66 degrees. notice what's going on back to the west. already down to 60 only 47 now in hagerstown and only 39 in
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pittsburgh. that's the cold air that's moving on in here. you mentioned the drop 73 today to 35 by tomorrow morning. the windchill, the windchill feeling like 25. that's nearly 50 degrees colder. in for a big chill as we step into the day tomorrow. we'll let you know how long that will last and what's in store for the weekend. tonight there are no suspects in connection with a homicide in annandale, virginia. man's body was found in a creek shortly before 5:00 yesterday. it was near apartments along ivy mount court. police say he had trauma to his body and they're trying to figure out who he is. despite similarities to that case and annandale police say at this point there's nothing to connect it to the body that was found in her don monday. we're still waiting tonight for police to identify that man. his body was found near folly lick stream in a wooded area off hidden brook drive. investigators say he also had trauma to his upper body.
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few know what it's like to tackle a man in midflight, but that's just what a passenger out of washington dulles airport did today. the man was running for the cockpit and allegedly making threats. news4 transportation reporter adam tuss is at the airport with that passenger's firsthand account. adam? >> reporter: that's right, doreen. this guy tackled the unruly passenger midflight. >> his arms are moving around and i heard out of his mouth a few times, "the plane's going down, the plane's going down." >> reporter: and scott maldonado, who was in the army and on the flight out of dulles headed to denver last night, says that's when the situation turned very real. >> and i asked him, please relax. with you need to calm down. he didn't do that. and so at that time i felt that the best decision was to put him on the ground. >> reporter: but even as the passenger was on the ground he still proved a challenge. >> as he started to scream
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"jihad jihad," that's the time that i kind of felt for kids for some crazy thing in my mind i screamed back, if there's kids, get them to the back of the plane, because i didn't want them to hear that. then i asked for the cabin lights to be turned on. >> reporter: the unruly passenger was held on the ground until the plane returned to the gate. the metropolitan washington authority said he did not have any weapons on him. he was met by airport authority police and take on the a local hospital to be evaluated. and back here now live, tonight the man's name has not been released and he is still not charged. back to you. >> adam tuss at dulles airport. thank you. a former member of the u.s. air force has just been indicted for attempting to join isis. prosecutors say tyrod nathan webster pugh flew from egypt to turkey in january in an effort to cross into syria. turkish authorities denied him entry and sent him back to
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egypt. he was then deported to the u.s.according to the indictment he was fired from his job last december. he was working as an airplane mechanic in kuwait. read more about his history in the military and why he was deported in the nbc washington app. d.c. mayor muriel bowser says she has no plans to ask congress to approve the district's budget. and now she wants a lawsuit over this issue thrown out. bowser and the d.c. council think the district has the authority to spend its own money after voters passed a budget autonomy referendum in 2013. but the city's chief financial officer disagrees, says he can't write any checks without congressional approval. in a court filing bowser says she intends to move forward without congress unless a court orders her not to. house republicans could force the city to submit its budget for approval as required since home rule began in 1973. house speaker john boehner is calling on hillary clinton to turn over her personal e-mail
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server. he wants an tenthindependent review of all her e-mails to determine which are government related and which are personal. he's particularly interested in any e-mails pertaining to the 2012 attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi libya. clinton has turned over 55,000 pages of e-mails sent while she was secretary of state. coming up at 6:00 we're hearing from the home owner in virginia who shot a burglar early this morning. he tells david culvert what was going through his mind when he pulled the trigger. and a sudden resignation today on capitol hill. now howe questions about office decorations eventually took down a congressman. i'm ruzdiana russini. a budding nfl star retires.
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a major recall by kraft foods. they're recalling boxes of macaroni and cheese because some box may contain some pieces of metal. it has a best when used by date of september 18th 2015 through october 11th 2015. there's also a code just below that date that should read c2. kraft says some of the boxes may also have been sold in multipacks of three, four or five boxes. we're working to get all this information on our website very soon. you'll see it there. at the live desk scott mcfarlane. morgan state university's president is holding an open discussion with students right now after a second stabbing on that campus this week. three football players were stabbed outside a dining hall
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this afternoon after getting into an argument with several other students. one of the victims is listed in critical but stable condition. police say one suspect is in custody and they're speaking with several persons of interest. this weekend another student was stabbed by his roommate at morgan state with a pair of scissors. we're trying to learn more about the sudden resignation of illinois congressman aaron shock. several weeks ago it came to light this republican from peoria redecorated his office in the style of the british show "downton abbey." questions about him mixing public and private funds emerged and today he quit. illinois senator dick durbin released a statement saying a allegations against shock are serious and his resignation reflects the gravity of that situation. from resigning to retiring an nfl player is calling it quits and he's only 24 years old. he's worried act the game's effect on his health. diana russini has more. chris borland decided
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stardom and millions of dollars were not worth putting his health at risk specifically something that's been in the news a lot recently the effects of brain trauma suffered by many former nfl players. the 24-year-old just finished up a successful rookie season but retiring after questions of head trauma. he said the decision was ultimately simple. hard to think and imagine that because of the money he's leaving on the table pap lot of people wondering exactly how much. well, the linebacker's original rookie contract was for $2.93 million over a four-year period. over the next three years he was set to make $530,000, $620,000 and $710,000. the 49ers could also go after some of his signing bonus, and of course there is all that money he could have made in future contracts and endorsements. coming up later in sport, borland's decision getting mixed
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reaction across the league. redskins' ryan kerrigan talks to us about it. that's in sports. >> diana russini. we may be heading out to celebrate st. patrick's day, but chances are the party you're going to won't be as big as this one. of course it is in dublin. thousands lining the streets there for ireland's largest parade. 3,000 more took part in the festivities which featured all kind of performers and all kinds of over-the-top floats as one would expect from dublin. the white house is getting into the st. patrick's day spirit too. the water running through south lawn fountain well it's bright green today in honor of the irish holiday. the irish prime minister is also in town. and we want to make sure that you get home safely tonight if your festivities include green beer or any other kind of alcoholic beverage. the washington regional alcohol program is offering free cab rides home until 4:00 in the morning. you'll have to make up the difference if your fare is more than $30. but below that it's free. search soesh ride in the nbc
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washington app for the phone number to call. we hope people will look out for each other tonight. >> yes. >> be safe out there. >> if you are out there, you might be able to' see the aurora borealis. >> kind of cool. it might make its way down here during the nighttime. going to be clear skies. you have to get away from the lights of the city so that's one thing. if you're out there, maybe loudoun county montgomery county look up. maybe you might see that late they are evening. out there right now, one thing we're noticing clear skies and a little bit of wind. every once in a while you see the camera shaking in the wind. rockville, towards the north, bethesda region down around the city white caps on the potomac earlier. 60 degrees, winds out of the northwest at 21 miles per hour. those temperatures have dropped 13 degrees over the last few hours. look where we are now in hagerstown. down to 47 already, 46 in cumberland. that's the cold air moving on in. gaithersburg at 52 degrees. if you're going out this evening, take the jacket. it's going to be a very cold night.
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look at these winds, 36 miles an hour in d.c. 35 in martinsburg. 21 in culpeper. so the wind is going to be a factor as we move through the overnight hour. we'll be talking act windchill genl. storm team 4 radar, it's clear. we're not talking rain or snow tonight. as a matter of fact we're going to stay dry right on through the day on friday. friday's the next chance for some of the rain or snow. here it is, the aurora is possible overnight tonight. better chance as you get up towards pennsylvania and of course the farther north you get mu but maybe in our area, it's not unheard of we have seen it before pretty strong geomagnetic storm going on right now. satellite/radar dipping down giving us clear skies but also giving us that cold air out of canada. lit make its way all the way down here. by early tomorrow morning you'll feel the difference. high temperatures 50 degrees in d.c. 49 manassas so not bad but the wind will be a factor. a little bit on the breezy side. starting off the day, look at this. 6:00 a.m. how about a windchill of 24 in fed rick 29 in d.c. 33 in
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fredericksburg. so that's the cold that i'm talking about. by around the noon hour or at least into the 30s, 36 in winchester 39 fredericksburg 34 in d.c. we do get back up into the 40s by the late afternoon as the winds begin to die. but again, it will be a fairly cold day tomorrow so make sure you wear that coat when you step out the front door. the impact forecast on the low side breezy and cool, that's about it even with some sunshine during the day tomorrow. next couple days staying cool. high of 53 on your thursday 43 though on friday. yes, a chance for rain and snow on friday. not anticipating a lot of accumulation. best chance north and west of the city as it normally is and it looks like some areas could see some light areas of accumulation. not too worried about the roads. however, if it does snow it could snow right around rush hour early friday morning. clearing and becoming better on saturday with a high of 60, then another cold front moves through and that knocks your temperatures right back down into the 40s. temperatures about 10 degrees below average as we start the first full week of spring. spring by the way, starts on
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friday just after 6:00. >> thank you doug. body camera video shows a house fire rescue. one officer crawling through a home filled with smoke. how he eventually got one woman to safety. and a friend of dzhokhar tsarnaev takes the witness stand in the boston bombing trial. what he said about the weapon that was used to kill an m.i.t. po
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the british are coming! prince charles and his wife camilla, are about to land at andrews. they'll head to the british ambassador's residence in northwest d.c. the prince of wales and the duchess of cornwall will be spending three days in our nation's capital visiting cultural and educational and prince charles' last visit to our country was in 2011. billionaire robert durst was in court this morning over drug and weapons charges in louisiana. police found a revolver and 150 grams of marijuana in his hotel room when they arrested him on saturday and charged him with killing a close friend. durst's attorney says the real estate cents a share not guilty and the charge is based on a tv show not on the facts. in the hbo documentary "the jinx," durst is heard talking to himself and says, he kaled ed killed them all, referring to his wife, a neighbor and the friend. the man behind a critical clue in the capture of dzhokhar tsarnaev testified at the
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accused boston bomber's trial today. the boat owner told of the terrifying moments when he found tsarnaev hiding in his backyard. nbc's chris pollone reports. >> he's the man whose curiosity helped police locate and capture dzhokhar tsarnaev four days after bombs exploded at the finish line of the boston marathon. today the government called david heneberry to the stand. he said several hours after police got into a shoot-out with the brothers he looked out at his boat in his backyard and noticed his shrink wrap cover was torn. he got a ladder and climbed up and saw what he described a lot of blood. i could see his boots, he said. i could see his pants, hooded sweatshirt, lying on his side no movement at all. he called police and within moments the boat was surrounded. after police perped it with gunfire, more than 100 rounds tsarnaev surrendered.
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the jury saw a wooden slat with a message carved into it -- stop killing our innocent people and we will stop, it said. later prosecutors also called one of tsarnaev's childhood friends to the stand. stefan silva revealed he gave tsarnaev the nine-millimeter handgun that was used to kill a police officer, carjack another man and fire at police during a gunfight. silva is in prison and reached a plea deal with prosecutors to testify. he said tsarnaev asked to borrow the gun because he wanted to rob some college students. when silva demanded it back he said tsarnaev kept making excuses and never ended up returning it. he called in high school tsarnaev once told a teacher the united states was persecuting muslims. chris pollone, nbc news, boston. next -- local college students sharing horror stories of hazing. how they hope their emotional words will impact a new push for change. >> just ran and got my gun and then i told the guy to stop but he didn't hear me so that's when i returned fire at him. >> a man surprises a burglar after the suspect breaks into his home. plus local parents
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struggling to afford care for their kids. one county's
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now at 6:30 child care crisis. how one local county is trying to close the gap in available daycare spots without driving prices higher. a former coach admitted to
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abusing a student. disturbing images posted on face book allegedly by students. tonight they're making security changes, locking windows, doors. one neighbor even considering buying a dog. >> this after a botched burglary led to a shooting in a fairfax county community. it's where we find northern virginia bureau reporter david culvert. david. >> reporter: i've been watching neighbors come up to mr. king's door here. some have just seen our 5:00 and they wanted to check on him in person and some wanted to thank him for his quick actions. in talking with mr. king one thing i noticed is he's not really proud of what he felt he had to do. >> i was just shaken. i was really terrified. i mean i didn't even know if i was going to hit the phi. i didn't aim to shoot to kill him or nothing. >> reporter: after spending the whole day inside his home watching police come in and out, this is the first time mr. king has got an chance to leave and to share his terrifying
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experience. >> somebody breaking into your house, you don't know what to do. you know so just ran and got my gun and then i told the guy to stop but he didn't hear me. so that's when i returned fire at him and unfortunately i hurt the young man. >> i walked -- i got out of my car and walked down to the intersection. >> reporter: having just pulled up around 8:30 mr. willis says he heard two strange nows. >> it was a glass breaking noise, like somebody was trying to build something. >> reporter: did you hear a gunshot? >> yes. that came later. >> reporter: after the glass broke. >> yes. >> reporter: mr. willis then saw a man hunched over frantic running from his neighbor's house, bleeding. they locked eyes. mr. willis heard the man mumble something. >> to the point of saying he had gotten the wrong house. >> he has security cameras and just -- it's the wrong house to break into really. >> did he pick the wrong house
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to mess with? >> yes, evidently, yep. >> reporter: police tell me the man who was shot is 27 years old. he's in the hospital at this hour still recovering. wendy, police tell me that charges against him are pending. >> all right, david culvert in fairfax county. a loudoun county judge has ordered a mental competency evaluation for the man accused of killing his ex-wife's new husband. minna again was nguyen was arrested in january outside hi wife's ashburn townhouse. the body of corey madison was found nearby. he'd been shot to death. nguyen's attorney says there are questions about whether his client understands the charges against him and whether he can assist in his own defense. the results will be discussed at a hearing in may. with more than a year to go until the primary election, the field is getting bigger for a congressional race in maryland. former prince george's county council chairwoman ingrid turner
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confirmed her bid for donna edwards' seat in congress today. delegate jocelyn pena melnyk also announced she's going to join the race. they join former lieutenant governor anthony brown and former state's attorney glen ivey in what is already a youed field. edwards will be running for the senate seat left open by the retiring barbara mikulski. a new collaboration to end homelessness in our area. d.c. mayor muriel bowser prince george's county executive rush earn baker and montgomery county executive ike leggett signed an agreement today, maybing a commitment for all three areas to better integrate their housing resources and their client information to better serve the homeless. >> this is a unique challenge because within our three jurisdictions there are no boundaries for homelessness. people can easily move across montgomery county into the district into prince george's county and back and forth. they
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people throughout this region right in this room having a meal today. >> the homeless facility progress place in silver spring hosted today's event. he admitted to having sexual contact with a student at a beltsville high school, but today a jury couldn't decide whether to convict or acquit a former teacher and coach. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins is in upper marlboro with reaction to a hung jury. >> reporter: high point high school's former football coach and special ed teacher andre brown is a free man after a jury failed to reach a decision in his sexual assault case. >> it was a hung jury 11-1. didn't indicate which direction that went. >> reporter: brown is accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old student inside of the school during school hours back in september of 2013. his grandfather told news4 during his bond hearing that teaching was brown's dream. >> he had planned on going back taking courses, because he wanted to become a principal. >> reporter: brown graduated from high point in the late '90s then came back to lead the football team.
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he was fired as coach after the team lost consecutive seasons. brown admitted involvement with the student according to videotaped police interview played in court but claimed the relationship was consensual. in the end, a jury could not decide guilt or innocence. >> we're disappointed. we certainly feel and still do feel we have a strong case. we plan to pursue a retrial. that will be june 29th. and, you know, so we feel that we have enough evidence to go forward as we did before. >> reporter: now, when this investigation began, the prince george's county school system said that brown was on paid leave. when we asked for comment on where brown stood today, they said they can't comment because it's a personnel matter. in upper marlboro tracee wilkins, news4. i'm barbara harrison at the live desk. prince charles and his wife, camilla, just landed at joint base andrews in maryland. the royal couple will head right to the british ambassador's residence in northwest washington for a reception,
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first of all, with a the british embassy staff. the prince of wales and duchess of cornwall will spend three days in the nation's capital. they will meet with president obama on thursday and visit some local sights as well including mt. vernon. they'll wrap up their visit with a short stop in kentucky we've learned. at the live desk i'm barbara harrison. new video at 6:00. it show what is a police officer saw when he went into a burning home and how he saved the woman who was trapped inside. a push for harsher punishment for hazing on college campuses. local students describe what they went through while pledging fraternities. the wind have really kicked up in bringing much colder numbers.
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you are hearing and seeing what happened when a sheriff's deputy was the first to arrive at a house fire in florida last month. this is officer james collins wearing a shoulder-mounted body camera. an 88-year-old woman stand tong front lawn told that deputy that her daughter was trapped inside. in the video, he heads through the front door. >> which way? which way? which way? which way? >> once i get inside she couldn't tell us which direction
6:39 pm
to go. and then i just couldn't breathe anymore and i had to back out. stay back get back to the street street street. >> other officers arrived and soon learned that no one else was inside. that deputy had been on the job just two weeks. another fraternity in trouble tonight this time on the main campus of penn state university delta rho fraternity has been suspended. police say an ex-member reported that the frat had two private facebook pages containing nude images of women apparently asleep or passed out. one of the victims also discovered one of the pages and found a picture of he is partially naked. the university says students involved could face more discipline. so where is the line when it comes to hazing? and what should be done to those who take it too far? that question was at the core of a house hearing in annapolis today. lawmakers are considering a measure that would increase fines, possibly jail time for those who intentionally participate in hazing.
6:40 pm
delegate karen lewis young is the lead sponsor of the bill and said she was brought to tears when she heard from victims such as asya trowel. >> the second night they took us to the basement of aabandoned townhome where we were pushed punched, slapped to the point my nose began bleeding. >> right now hazing carries a fine of $500 or six months in jail. four more americans are being monitored for ebola. the aid workers arooifd backrived back in the u.s. from west africa. all are in isolation. they are colleagues of the ebola patient being treated at the national institutes of health in bethesda. that patient is still in critical condition. the patient's identity has not been revealed. silent witnesses to history locked away for 150 years. news4 cameras get an early look at a new exhibit that will only be open for two months. parents looking for child
6:41 pm
care in montgomery county are dealing with the stress wait lists and the cost. tonight on news 4 at 6:00 a county council
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finding the right child care in our area can take years sometimes. too often new parents have to wait for a space to open up or it's just too expensive. a council member of montgomery county is hoping to change that. kristin wright shows us his plan as well as one concern that it raised today. >> reporter: roseanne ward has a 9-month-old, a 2-year-old a-3-year-old with special needs, and a teenager. ward is an e.r. nurse working night shifts so that she can take care of her kids during the day. child care is not an option for the family right now. not in montgomery county. >> it's expensive. >> and projections are for the cost of care to continue rising in double digits. >> reporter: council member hans reamer wants to create a
6:45 pm
montgomery county office on child care early care and education to focus on making child care more available and affordable. >> we do so much with public education, transportation housing, we do very little with early care. >> reporter: council member nancy navarro supports ss reimer's bill but is worried about a separate office. she worries low-income families would lose out on services if they don't go through health and human services. >> i was a member of the hhs community to make sure we screen folks for eligibility at every single point of contact. i know the director of hhs is concerned about a separate office. >> reporter: reimer adds there are 65,000 children under 5 living in montgomery county but only 39,000 slots at regulated child care providers, leaving a gap of about 26,000 kids. >> it's a great idea. they have definitely a notable need for it in the county. >> reporter: if you would like to give your opinion on the
6:46 pm
proposed office of child care there is a public hearing set for tuesday, march 31st at county council. in montgomery county kristin wright news4. a potential juror in leesburg virginia had a pretty good reason to be excused from jury duty today. he's the state attorney general. mark herron got a summons to appear for jury duty at 8:00 this morning. he showed up sat with the other potential jurors until he was dismissed at 11:00, then drove back to richmond. he says he was just performing his civic duty. very few people have seen what we're about to show you and most will never have a chance to see this special exhibit ever again. ford's theater gave us a preview of silent witnesses. it's a collection of items that have not been together. since president lincoln was assassinated 150 years ago. the brooks brothers coat he wore to the theater, his top hat on loan from the smithsonian. john wilkes booth's derringer
6:47 pm
pistol. even the contents of the president's pockets on loan from the library of congress. >> i think people will get a sense when they come through this exhibit of the real human component of what transpired that evening and to be able to see, you know, the clothing that lincoln was wearing, the great coat, the top hat that he was wearing. these objects have not been together in 150 years, and so to bring those together i think is really something extraordinary. >> the exhibit is just one of several events leading up to the 150th year of the anniversary which -- assassination, which is next month. "silent witnesses" opens at the ford's theater center for education and leadership next monday march 23rd and it runs through memorial day. tickets are free but they are very limited. just now for prince charles and his wife camilla, as we showed you earlier, the pair just landed at joint base andrews. they arrived to a sunny, mild day, but they will probably be surprised by the cold weather we're expecting around these parts tomorrow.
6:48 pm
they're not used to windchills in the 20s in london. i'm thinking that was probably kind of a bumpy landing for them too, in this wind. >> could have been a little bumpy landing out there for sure. they're in for a little bit of a shock just like the rest of us are. 73 today. >> it's almost spring too. so close. >> yeah. it really is. and, you know, we're talking about the first day of spring on friday and that could come with a little bit of snow. we've got it all over the next couple days but that is the month of march. this time last year today, as a matter of fact last year, you know, just about 7 inches of snow arnold d.c. 11 inches out towards dulles so we're not dealing with, that but we are dealing with much cooler temperatures moving in. right now, take a look beautiful shot from our tower erer cam. look at the clear skies. anytime the sky is that blue we have air out of canada. sunset tonight 7:17. 58 by 7:00 down to 48 by 11:00 so you can see how the numbers drop quickly overnight. only 48 degrees, the current number in gaithersburg 53 in
6:49 pm
reston 54 down towards manassas and 57 in huntingtown. everybody seeing that cooler air moving in and it's moving in quickly. nothing on the radar. storm team 4 radar is dry. lit stay that way through the day thursday. even friday morning before the next round of rain and snow moves in. tomorrow's forecast sunny and breezy windchills in the 30s about all afternoon. high temperatures ha 45 to about 50 degrees. but windchills like this. 22 to 25 around 6:00 a.m. a very cold start. by noon 30 to 35 degrees, then as the winds begin to relax a little bit, not much of a windchill at all at 6:00 but a cold start to the day on wednesday. 53 on thursday not a bad day thur then on friday here's what we get to that chance for rain or snow. temperature around 43 degrees here. the rain or snow comes early. any snow accumulation would also be early. i'm not anticipating any road problems. road problems not likely at this time but it's still something we'll watch closely as we move on through the next couple days. then behind it we get warmer
6:50 pm
60 degrees on saturday and we keep going back down back to 46 on sunday 47 on monday lots of sunshine coming in. yeah i wish we could say back up but it gets cold once again. >> okay. thanks we think. coming up in sports our a redskins linebacker weighs in after a 24-year-old nfl player retires because of concerns about his future health. but first lester holt with what's ahead on "nbc nightly news." hi doreen and wendy. coming up on "nightly news," some incredible footage of ex-u.s. servicemen who have travelled in the mideast on their own to fight against isis. a new study raises serious questions about the accuracy of breast biopsies.
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so we have a bracket deadline bearing down on us. >> time is running out. >> get on it get on it. >> i'm going to help you this year. you'll win it together this year. tonight is like the eve of march madness, two playing games and tomorrow your brackets need to be filled out, set, ready to go. the hoyas leaving campus early this morning. they'll take the long trip
6:54 pm
across the country. they are headed to portland where they'll face eastern washington. 2,800 miles between mcdonough arena and the mota center in portland. the hoyas and eagles tip off just before 10:00 thursday night and john thompson iii has one message for his team. >> just stay focused. just stay focused. the message has been pretty consistent, you know since the pairings came out. let's just stay focused on eastern washington and nothing else. >> it's business time. i mean this time it's either win or go home. we don't play again if we don't win, so it's all business. no fun at this point. this chris borland story has rocked the nfl. it had us wondering how many players in the nfl have wit dwi game with healthy years still ahead of them. not many. in fact less than ten according to "usa today." his retirement at the age of 24 has sent shock waves throughout the sports world and has everyone talking about it today. even a near-guaranteed huge
6:55 pm
payday down the line, borland says the chance of suffering head injuries is too risky. he suffered a concussion in training camp last fall but coffered it up in a bid to win a spot on the field. he doesn't want to take any chances. redskins ryan kerrigan plays the same position and was asked today on 106.7 the fan if he's worried about the longtime risks of playing football. >> you recognize it's a possibility, but i don't think a lot of guys and probably myself included really give it extensive thought just because we love what we do. we love playing football. we love everything that comes with it. i mean all the good and all the bad. i mean all the excitement of playing on sunday i know a lot of guys feel that it's just -- that that reward outweighs the risk. >> lots of courage to do that. near d.c., the redskins re-signing quarterback colt mccoy. they have agreed to a one-year deal. the quarterback came to the redskins last off-season. he started four games before suffering a season-ending neck
6:56 pm
injury. head coach jay gruden has said that robert griffin iii will be the starter heading into the season but we're told it will still be a competition. it's not even the regular seasoned and we already have a great pitching matchup. steven strasburg versus justin verlander the nats visiting the tigers today. detroit tigers getting the st. patrick's day treatment from the fans. they got the hats but it was the luck of stephen strasburg. he missed his last start because of an ingrown toenail. tmi. he's now teammates with the son of his former coach and mentor the late tony gwynn. tony gwynn jr. was giving strasburg some run support. after the game he was asked about having the younger gwynn on his team. >> you know, i grew up watching him at san diego state and i grew up, you know -- his dad was my favorite player. it's kind of funny how it all
6:57 pm
comes full circle. seeing him this-in a nationals uniform is pretty cool as well. >> can't wait to interview the two together. orioles hosting the twins. matt weeder first start behind the plate since tommyjune. buck show walter happy about that. chris davis takes it opposite field, sails over the fence, back-to-back games with a homer for davis. birds up 1-0. so in the third, tied at 1-1, alejandro deyaza smacks it to center aaron hicks on it and makes that beautiful diving catch. hicks robs him of a sure extra-base hit there. twins hold on for a 10-9 win over the birds. obviously this chris borland story, we keep saying everyone's talking about it. everyone has a thought about it. >> i don't blame him. no amount of money can buy your wits back if you've lost them through a head injury. >> everybody's got to be thinking about it. ? any mom who has a son playing football right now is thinking about the future.
6:58 pm
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on this tuesday night, breaking news. the dramatic finish to a fight for power in israel. and the last-minute threat that could destroy any chance of a peace plan. downfall the surprise resignation of a rising star congressman who made headlines with the doughton abby office. a spending scandal ploding all around him. a u.s. military veteran taken down by the feds. charging the cockpit, an air scare caught on camera. passengers rushed to n who was screaming about jihad and a bomb onboard. detecting breast cancer. new questions about the accuracy of biopsies. are one in four patients being misdiagnosed. "nightly news" begins now.


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