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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 19, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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deficit. today in the area as to say stories about his father. martin luther king iii will speak to students in pa toe making. tonight at 6:30 he will address a community discussion at cabin john middle school. that event is open to the public. king is the eldest son of dr. king. stay with us. "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m.. right now at 5:00 a.m., some spring snow. you heard it right, heading our way. storm team 4 radar is working hard right now tracking the storm expected to be here at this time tomorrow. chuck will have the timing of the storm and the new advisories announced this morning. let's get right over to chuck and get on that right now. >> good morning. today is #calm before the storm because nothing will happen today. it all starts after midnight
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tonight into your friday. winter weather advisories now posted for frederick county virginia, panhandle of west virginia. washington county, winter storm potential for you. snow begins between 2:00 and 5:00 tomorrow morning. wet snow and rain and a rain/snow mix through the morning hours. roads could be slushy. temperatures low to mid-30s right now in most of the suburbs. 40s by noon. low 50s for highs this afternoon. increasing cloud cover. and again highs today mostly in the 50s. as far as how much snow we may have a couple of slushy inches are a possibility. that map coming up at 5:21. right now still have this rob in silver spring because of the overnight fire a the a business there. northbound georgia avenue still closed between wap avenue and thayer. alternate instead of georgia, you can take fenton street and
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get around this. hopefully those lanes will be reopened in the next hour or so. beltway at river road, everything flowing nicely there. all these folks headed around the outer loop. 66 into and out of town, and also 95 looking quite good this morning. beltway at branch avenue, no problems. and remember we have road work still in the way eastbound montgomery village avenue at 355. back in ten minutes. it's 5:022. firefighters are still dousing what is left of a powerful fire. one restaurant destroyed, two others partially damaged. megan mcgrath live with the latest on what we know about the fire. >> reporter: good morning. you mentioned the road closure here on northbound georgia avenue. but just within the last few minutes they have started to take some of the tape down. we still have one strip of tape
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here across bon in a fant street. but they are starting to remove it. so i don't think it will be a whole lot longer. we'll of course keep an eye on that because that will impact traffic here for people this morning. the fire broke out and significant damage to the bombay gaylord restaurant. the back dining room area essentially was gutted in this. and just a tremendous amount of damage. it will be a while before the restaurant is able to reopen. also some damage lesser damage, to restaurants on either side. now, a little while ago, i spoke to the owner of the bombay gay lord. he says he's owned the restaurant for 17 years. he closed down last night at roughly around 10:15, he turned out the lights. he says everything was fine. in the middle of the night he got a call from a friend about
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the fire. >> look likely baby, you know what i mean? so now i don't know when i can open. this is my sort of income. rr9 and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. and i should mention georgia avenue a major commuter route. northbound at least for the moment is still closed at wayne but that may not be the case for too much longer. southbound is open. back to you in the studio. 5:05. new this morning, several people hurt will, at least one burned in a car that caught fire. you can see the car is you ruined there. this happened around 1:00 a.m.. melissa mollet told us the road
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is open again. fairfax county police tell us one person was flown to the hospital. we're working to find out the complain condition of every hurt in that crash. developing this morning another arrest at the university of virginia campus. this at a callie for another student arrested earlier this week. let's start out where the video that shows a woman at a rally, she was taken by police officers restrained by police officers and then later handcuffed. she was just one of about 1,000 students that attended the rally in support of 20-year-old martese johnson who was arrested early wednesday morning by alcoholic beverage control officers. there is video of this arrest here. according to police, johnson was picked up for obstruction of justice and public intoxication. he's underage standing on you side a bar. several of the people on campus as well as johnson saying
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excessive force was used in that arrest. johnson saying there is no legitimate reason for his arrest. richard, thank you. well, this is students and uva president theresa a oig sullivan at a rally last night a different rally this took place out of the trinity irish bar where martese johnson was arrested. johnson himself attended and thanked everyone for their support. sullivan says she has asked the governor to look into the arrest and also asking students for help. >> i'm not going to pre-e or get in the way of the investigation but i've asked our students who are eyewitnesses and based on the photographs i've seen i think a lot of students did see this. i've asked the students who are eyewitnesses to come forward. >> and this morning governor mcauliffe is demanding action. his office says he's concerned by the reports and has asked the
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secretary of public safety to initiate an independent virginia state police investigation into the use of force in this matter. 5:07. and today a d.c. police officer will be in court on charges he sexually abused two teenaged girls. 45-year-old darrell best is being held without bond this morning. a 16-year-old girl told police that best sexually abused her three times at the god of a second chance ministry church in southeast d.c.. best is a pastor at that church. a second victim says she was sexually assaulted in best's officer at d.c. police headquarters. we're learning new details this morning on a pedestrian crash in montgomery county. the woman injured in that crash has died. today police are trying to figure out what caused the crash. chopper 4 flew over the scene about 7:30 last might shortly after the car hit the woman. the woman was crossing frederick road when the car traveling north struck her. it's not known whether there are any charges against the driver who did stay on the scene. it's coming.
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we're just waiting to learn when snow will greet us on the first day of spring tomorrow. today, though, we are just waiting. chuck bell has your bus stop forecast. and the free safety check happening today on the tool used to keep your child protected on the roads. developing in sweden, what police are tracing to a deadly restaurant shooting.
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parents, if you have young children or a baby on the way, today you can get free help with your car seat installation. i've broken a sweat trying to put a car seat in and i don't have any kids. >> it's hard to do. >> there are free child seat inspections, associates will be on hand who have their child passenger safety certification. inspections are today in rockville there 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.. we're learning the names of more metro stops on the silver line. it was voted to call the stops at route 772 and 606 ashburn and loudoun gateway. they will now be forwarded to the metro board which also needs to approve them. the names were chosen after a public survey of possible options. the next phase of the siltver
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lane scheduled to open in late 2018 or early 2019. forecast. >> a good thursday morning. still a partly cloudy sky. temperatures back down near the freezing mark. 32 rockville and college park, 30 in gaithersburg. 30 in manassas. so on your way out the door it for the early morning jog plan on temperatures to be mostly in the 30s here early this morning. rising into the 40s by noon and later this afternoon temperatures up into the low 50s under an increasing clouds. check of the snow forecast map coming up at 5:21. taking a look right now in silver spring, northbound georgia avenue at thayer, just hearing in my ear that it's all reopened. we'll be tweeting about this, as well. north frederick road at perry parkway, brand new crash. much more coming up in a couple of minutes. the troubling graffiti sparking a community wide
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conversation about race and inclusivity at american university. and how living alone with
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5:16. a developing story right now, at least two people were killed in a shooting inside a restaurant in sweden. several others were hurt after two men entered the restaurant and began shooting. right now police believe the shooting is gang related. an police in duetunisia are searching for accomplices after two militants wielding assault rifles attacked a museum in the capital. they gunned down tourists climbing out of buses. at least 19 people were killed. 41 were hurt. the attackers were killed in a firefight with security forces. this is the deadliest attack on civilians in the north african country in 13 years. american university is hosting a public forum after a
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series of racist postings. those posts appeared on the online form yik yak which shows anonymous comments in the immediate area and may have been made by american university students or people near the school. au eat au's discussion is about strategyies for creating a more inclusive community and say it cannot be stated strongly enough that these posts stand in stark contrast to american university's core values. and d.c. police tell us a concerned citizen brought a box full of grenades yesterday to a substation. the person discovered the grenades in their attic. officers cordoned off the area and an explosives team has determined the devices are safe. surveillance tapes from the latest secret service scandal outside the white house may have been erased. two senior agents hit a barricade outside the executive mansion earlier this month after
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the agents attended a party. congressman jason chaffvitz asked for more tapes and joseph clancy told him it may be gone because the tapes get erased every 72 hours. lawmakers grew impatient when he said it would take time to turn the man accused in a shooting rampage has a criminal history spanning a decade. ryan giroux killed one and hurt five others yesterday. according to court records, he's served three stints in prison since 1994. investigators say yesterday he shot tree at a hotel in mayesa. one map man died. police used a stun gun to arrest him. a 19-year-old has been arrested in the stabbing of
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three morgan university football players on tuesday. that stabbing happened after a fight broke out involving two groups of students. in the charging documents, a witness says mars repeatedly stabbed one of the students in the chest. mars says he was swinging the knife to keep people away from his friend. there could be harsher penalties ahead for penn state fraternity members involved in offensive posts. the school's president says anyone found responsible could be expelled 37 kappa delta rho chapter is suspended for a year. members are accused of posting pictures of nude women on a private facebook page without their conceptsentconsent. penn state's president opens the women come forward and their privacy will be held. this video was taken inside a mcdonald's in brooklyn last week. cell phone video show as group of girls beating the other girl wearing that blue sweat shirt there. police are still unclear as to
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what might have sparked this attack. the navy is investigating what caused a parachute to malfunction during a training exercise. navy s.e.a.l. oigwas killed. military officials say the victim jumped with a group of other s.e.a.l.s in a remote training area. the s.e.a.l. team draped the body with an american flag as they carried him from the scene. today is another packed day for the british royals here in the district. the prince of wailf walofs and duchess will meet with the president and vice president. the royal couple visited several locations, including the armed forces retirement home and lincoln cottage. her royal highness will attend a meeting of the district of columbia sexual assault response team or s.a.r.t.. and tonight prince charles will receive the teddy roosevelt international conservation award in northwest washington and they will wrap up their trip by heading to louisville tomorrow. two teams from our area kicking off the big dance today
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and you have to just -- you have just a few hours to finish your bracket if you haven't done it just jet. vcu starts things off, my alma mater, so i hope a lot of you are rooting with me for the raps who willrams who will play the ohio state buckeyes. we're coming off five straight wins. of course that culminated with the atlantic 10 conference title this past weekend. in 12 games against other teams in the tournament the buckeyes went 3-9. georgetown playing as well today out in oregon. tonight this is video of them leaving the district earlier this week. sther's they're facing eastern washington state. and while the hoyas hold a much higher seat, eagles coach said, quote, we're going to win in an interview on the radio yesterday. also georgetown has lost to a 10 or lower seeded team in each of the last five tournaments they
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have layplayed. the national weather service is set to announce this year's spring outlook and flood assessment today. the yearly assessment by noaa will provide insight on what kind of spring we can expect. i hope at least a warm one. but storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell says we have to get through a little patch of winter weather first. >> and i have a visual for you for tomorrow's snow. all right? so here's what we're thinking tomorrow. small ruler. no big yardstick. so tomorrow small ruler not the big pat collins snow stick that we've been using so much this winter. there are winter weather advisories posted for northern maryland, northern montgomery county high spots of loudoun countys out towards frederick county, virginia, panhandle of west virginia, that's a winter weather advisory that go this is to effect at 2:00 a.m. tomorrow. tomorrow is the day we're worried about, not today. snow begins 2:00 to 5:00 a.m. friday morning. it will be a wet snow where it
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does come down, it will also be rain in southern maryland and a mix through much of the metro area. primarily in the morning hours. but slushy roads will be possible in washington metro authority ward into the northward. you can see the advisories posted. no advisories for the immediate d.c. metro area just yet. that could be changing later on today. right now 28 in frederick, 36 in fredericksburg. by later on today, increasing clouds, it will be on the cool to chilly side for much of the day. but temperatures should make it up into the low 50s for a brief time. still 5 to 7 degrees cooler than average. and then by this evening skies will be going mostly cloudy. temperatures back into the 30s by 11:00 tonight. here is future weather then for today, nothing to worry about. just be inning clouds. as far as how much snow tomorrow maybe 1 to 2 slushy inches in and around town. 2 to 3 maybe as much as 4 inches across parts of northern
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maryland. so that's where you may have to be worried about some delays and cancellations. that's where the impact from this storm will be the highest. as far as your "7-day forecast," quick check of that here 50s today 30s to near 40 tomorrow, so more sticking on the grass than on the roads. but we'll closely monitor that. up to near 60 by saturday. a little cooler sunday and still cooler than average into early next week. want to mention the situation in silver spring. northbound georgia avenue has completely reopened after the fire investigation from last night. of course that fire investigation will continue here this morning, however the roadway is completely open. 66 west of fairfax county parkway, that looks good here this morning for us. 95 northbound southbound no problems here as you're taking a look there in virginia.road rolling along quite nicely. and then up north here, 95 into and out of town, bw parkway -- i couldn't remember what 95 was there for just a second. no problems there.
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remember, north frederick road at perry parkway, 355, do have a new crash. back at 5:31 with a live picture of 66. two american health care workers are being monitored for ebola this morning. those workers arrived back in the state last night from sierra leone. both came into contact with the ebola patient receiving treatment at the national institutes of health in bethesda. that patient is in critical condition. in "news 4 your health" a new tool could help doctors predict whether older people may develop develop dementia. medication, medical history and mental health state were noted. people with the highest scores were more likely to develop dementia within five years. age diabetes, heart troubles and anxiety were also shown to have the most impact on dementia risk. apparently loneliness can kill. that's according to a new study from brigham young university. the study found feeling lonely increases the risk of death by
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26%. living alone was even more definite investigation say the to go your health increasing mortality risk by 29%. researchers say loneliness could be the next big public health issue on the same level with obesity and substance abuse. if you want to see the upcoming solar eclipse, you will need to head to the ferot islands. >> where is that? >> in the kingdom of denmark. >> love a geography lesson. >> these islands are only one of two places in the world you can see this. more than 10,000 people from around the world are expected to head to the islands tomorrow. student growth, a major issue in one local school system. how montgomery county school officials plan to address that problem with portable classrooms. we're learning more about with a would have happened if maureen mcdonnell's corruption trial was separate from her husband's. what court documents say she would have revealed on the
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stand. outside chuck bell is timing out how it will feel and
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a luke atook at your forecast with chuck bell. >> temperatures at or below freezing. a mild 41 downtown but 30 gaithersburg, 34 in panhandle of west virginia, 36 down towards fredericksburg and northern neglect. so with ahat to wear? you'll need your warm coat and sunglasses optional. probably need them more this morning than this afternoon. high temperatures later on this afternoon should make it the low or perhaps mid-50s down towards fredericksburg. so that's why some of the mildest weather is going to be. what to expect for tomorrow, tomorrow snow during the morning rush. minimal impact on the roads. primarily before 2:00. but delays and cancellations will be a possibility on your friday morning. today is the #calm before the storm. minimal impact is what i'll
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keep in my head and keep saying overnight. keep the roads nice and clear. 270 at montrose everything looking quite good. a lot of the earlier incidents out of the way now. of course georgia avenue completely reopened. so these folks at montrose heading southbound. wide look at things, looking quite good right now. no major problems to speak of. 66 headed in to town hopping on in the area of 50 headed into town, you are fine. out of town no major problems either at this point this morning. 95 in virginia cardinal drive, rolling along quite nicely. i'm back at 5:41 weather and traffic always on the 1s. we'll take a look at travel times. today the case of a man charged with three murders in alexandria will be in court. attorneys will discuss whether charles severance is competent to stand trial. he's charged with killing three people over a span of ten years. we're learning new details
5:32 am
today in the death of a local high school student. the pore came during the hearing of kawayne smalls. he's accused of shooting brendan wilson back in november. a detective says smalls admitted that he and four others lured wilson into the cut where his body was found after they had a dispute with him. smalls reportedly said he kept firing in to wilson's body even after the first shot left him motionless on the ground. >> to treat him like a dead animal. >> the case now goes to a grand jury. an indictment for smalls is expected early next month. increase in enrollment may affect the bottom line. today the county's council committee will meet to discuss the need for portable classrooms. molette green is at richard montgomery high school to tell us more. >> reporter: good morning. middle and high schools are
5:33 am
really expected to see sharp increases over the next few years. for example at the high school level, we could be looking at an dishlg additional 6,000 students over the next six years. portable classrooms have been the best way for the schools to manage the fast growing needs here. but they have created a lot of frustration among parents who have pushed for permanent fixes. they want to speed up new construction. they immediate more space for their children to be able to learn. and they are worried about security controls with these portable classrooms. now, this council committee will meet and discuss you all of this. future needs for portable classrooms in maryland's largest school system as this morning thousands of children get ready to head to school and sit in those portable classrooms that has become a way of life here. we are live this morning in rockville.
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back to you. it is 5:34. today you can go to a forum to talk about how prince george's county is spending money on your children. county executive baker says schools will have hormone this year because of a higher property tax he's proposing. school ceo kevin maxwell will explain what he plans to do with the revenue at 6:30 tonight. virginia's former first lady says she would have testified in her corruption trial if it had been separated from her husband's. maureen olympic done he will's lawyers filed her appeal yesterday. according to her lawyers in her testimony she would have explained her marriage was falling apart and that she didn't tell her husband about many of the gifts she received. both maureen and bob mcdonnell facing prison sentences for trading political influence for several thousand dollars in gifts and loans. happening today testing before a house committee on new reporting requirements. a new bill requires health practitioners, police officers
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and educators and others to make verbal contact with authorities and provide a written report if they suspect abuse, neglect or threats. they would have 48 hours to do so. that hearing is at 2:30 pchl..m.. major changes planned for a busy road. the state highway administration will detail its plan for route 28 with georgia avenue and i-95, that meeting set for tonight from 5:30 until 8:00 p.m. at james blake high school. a teenage boy in manassas park is facing charges after taking a gun on to school property. the 17-year-old is being charged with disorderly conduct p. he was arrested tuesday afternoon. the boy was carrying a rifle style pellet gun with a scope outside of cougar and manassas park elementary schools. both schools were immediately put on lockdown. a second teen was detained. he will not face charges. .
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one of our nation's heros will be permanently honored in prince william county. the school district voted uhe in an husbandly to name a new school in brings toe the chris young elementary school. he was a police officer and as well as a iraq war veteran. he died in 2012. many community members supported the name when the board asked for suggestions in january. your montgomery county student could end up with a longer school year because of this horrible winter we've had. county schools used three extra snow days this year without a waiver, the last day of classes in montgomery county could be pushed to june 17th to make up that time. school leaders are worried about the cost, too. extra days could cost a total of $2 million. the maryland state board of education is set on decide on this matter on tuesday. while you're out for lunch, why mcdonald's and burger king want to you pass on having a burger and try something else. p. what this man is accused of doing to one person's credit card before walking into a local grocery store and using the
5:37 am
information. and we are using the #calm before the storm. it's a nice peaceful morning here at national harbor. chuck bell says this picture will cha
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somebody is trying to use a fake credit card. police say he didn't steal it, he cloned it likely by using an atm skimmer. cameras caught him using it as a safeway in bethesda. if you recnize this person, you're asked to call montgomery county police. fairfax county schools could be changing to a uniform grading policy. that is according to the "washington post". deputy superintendent steven lockhart wants to change it f 50%. he also wants to separate grading for effort and achievement. it could be for middle apnd high school students. coming up on 5:41. want to get right on your weather and traffic on the 1s. chuck bell is in the storm team 4 "weather center". >> good thursday morning. nothing to worry about for your thursday. we're off to a dry start this morning. temperature 41 at reagan national, but 32 at dulles. 32 also in college park and
5:41 am
rockville, 28 gaithersburg 29 inner har bar inner harbor in baltimore. headed out to the bus sops upper 20s to mid-30s. you'll need a warm jacket for sure. later this away,fternoon, temperatures should climb to upper 40s to right around 50. chances for a rainy and snowy friday morning commute and slushy roads 124 ss 24 hours from now. >> can i put on my earmuffs? i might need them tomorrow. i don't want to hear about slushy roads. perry parkway at frederick road we still have the crash in the intersection. police on the scene. travel times, 95 north quantico to the beltway, 28 minutes. 66 east, 10 minutes. that's on time. 270 south germantown to the beltway a few minutes behind. and the outer loop 95 to 270 looking good at ten minutes.
5:42 am
i'm back in ten, as well. d.c. police officer is hurt on the job. what happened after officials waited for an ambulance and it didn't show up. and why target is paying out to the tune of $10,000 to customers.
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welcome back. lawmakers are keeping a close watch on u.s. nuclear negotiations with iran. the deadline is less than two weeks away. tracie potts is live on capitol hill with a look at how this is playing in washington. >> reporter: good morning. today here on capitol hill, it will play out before the house foreign affairs committee. they're getting an update on the talks from the state department, plus bringing in the treasury department to talk about sanctions. some lawmakers here particularly republicans want a lot tougher deal than they think secretary of state john kerry is
5:46 am
negotiating right now. those negotiations expected to go through tomorrow. the wild card here is israel. now that it looks like benjamin netanyahu will remain in power he's been vehemently and publicly opposed to these talks. is that going to have an affect. the state department says no, some analysts say there is no way it can't have an effect on u.s./israeli u.s./israeli relations. so we'll watch what is going on in switzerland today to see if there are anymore announcements. as you said, the deadline to come up with the big picture, the framework for this nuclear deal, is the end of the month. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill. thank you. today a d.c. police officer will be charged with sexually abusing two teenage girls. 45-year-old darrell best is being held without bond this morning. best is accused of sexually assaulting two members of the god of a second chance ministry church in southeast d.c.. he's a pastor at the church.
5:47 am
a 16-year-old told police that best sexually abused her three times at the church beginning in december. the second victim says she was sexually assaulted in best's office at the d.c. police headquarters also in this december. right now d.c. fire and ems is investigating a case where an ambulance did not show up to the scene. firefighters say a d.c. police officer hurt his leg while arresting someone in northeast washington earlier this week. a fire truck came within minutes but police say the officer needed an ambulance. firefighters requested one five times with no response. according to the fire department, an ambulance was sent out 26 minutes after the fire truck arrived. by that time, officers had driven the injured officer to the hospital. today virginia governor terry mcauliffe will be in our area to make a big announcement. he will be in vienna around 9:30 this morning. all his office has told us so far is that it's quote a major economic development announcement. we'll send and you push alert as soon as we find out exactly what that means.
5:48 am
prince george's county delegate jay walker says he is exploring a potential run for congress, but he's not alone. he says he may run for the u.s. houts seat that will be left open by democrat donna edwards. edwards is running for senator barbara mikulski's seat. two former prince george's county delegates, former lieutenant governor and former prince george's county state's attorney glenn ivey have also announced they are running for mikulski's seat, as well. and a vote on larry hogan's budget today. the democratically controlled house moo significant changes to hogan's plan. the house version sends more cash to schools and reinstates pay raises for government workers. hogan had proposed serious cuts in both areas. the house plan cuts the state deficit by 75%. hogan's budget would have eliminated the deficit. hogan says he's willing to compromise on pass the budget. president obama is floating the idea of making it mandatory to vote in the united states. the president made the comment
5:49 am
in cleveland yesterday. he says the u.s. should be making it easier, not harder to vote. the president is noting that countries including australia have mandatory voting. he says if everyone voted in the u.s., it would completely change the political map. today the son of the late dr. martin luther king injure oig is jury oig jr. is in our area. tonight at 6:30, he will address a community discussion at cabin john middle school. that event is open to the public. king is the eldest son of the dr. king. you'll notice a stepped up security presence the next time you head to arundel mills mall. the new community policing station is opening today inside the food court. ribbon cutting ceremony is this morning at 11:00. it will operate 424 hours. i think we want to try to show youuyou video here.
5:50 am
there it is. that's a guy on a horse. not exactly the wild west here. this is atlanta. doc and his horses spotted traveleding along a busy interstate there to raise awareness about poverty and hunger this in the u.s.. despite the good deed, it is illegal to ride a horse on a highway in georgia. they were asked to get off the highway. so you can see him on less busy roads at that point. >> bringing attention to himself. >> mission accomplished. i want you to take a look at this picture and tell me what you think this shows. take a look at the graphic there. max 1. what does this picture say to you is this. >> something about spring. >> something about it. >> it's hiding. >> spring is just around the corner. >> oh!
5:51 am
only you, chuck bell, could create an image of -- i mean this is genius stuff right here. >> i wish could i take credit for this, but my twitter follower david bross accepts me this sent me this one yesterday and i thought it was worth a mention. next time you see this spring tomorrow, it will have snowflakes on it. for now partly cloudy skies. 41 degrees down at reagan national. closer to the freezing mark in most of the suburbs. so plan on 30s for out the door temperatures this morning. but the good news is today will rise into the upper fourth and low 50s and the overall weather impact on your day for today will be low. cool with clouds on the increase by later on this afternoon. hometown forecast for frederick, maryland, you have the best apaccumulating snow tomorrow. today increasing clouds 51. snow arriving after midnight tonight in frederick, maryland. and then snow gradually and slowly changing over to rain by tomorrow afternoon. but with snow in the forecast, have our storm team 4 weather app ready to go. we have zone by zone specialized
5:52 am
forecasts for you depending on what your zip code is. so be weather aware as we get in to the day tomorrow. here is the moisture can down to our south. winter weather advisories have already been posted for northern maryland panhandle of west virginia winchester, virginia, winter storm warnings for hagerstown in the high spots of western maryland where it really could get quite a bit of snow. here is future weather starting at 11:00 tonight. nothing to worry about today. snow and rain chances moving in by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. so they could be very impactful on the morning rush tomorrow. everything should be gradually changing over to rain in and around town by about lunchtime tomorrow, but snow, a wet snow could linger a little bit longer across parts of northern maryland before everything comes to a pretty quick end. how much snow potential? this is what the computer model says about an inch to an inch 1/2 around town. 2 to maybe 3 or more inches from northern montgomery county up towards frederick, maryland and hagerstown. so around town, a slushy 1 to 2 inches.
5:53 am
temperatures tomorrow while the snow is coming down likely to be just above freezing. so it's more likely to accumulate on the grass than on the roads. a little bit colder in northern maryland, so we could have a little bit more of an accumulation issue there. but there is a bring morning to friday lunchtime problem. so keep that in mind. "7-day forecast," 50s today. 30s to near 40 tomorrow but most of us above freezing much of the day tomorrow. so road chemicals will be very, very effective ifn treating this tomorrow. so more snow on the grass than on the roads. dry this weekend. good day to get the car washed on saturday. >> i just want to know if you'll be supplying tissues for us tomorrow as we all tear up a little. >> sure. >> have to deal with the dusting we might get. perry parkway at north frederick road, again this is right by montgomery county fairgrounds. we're still shut down northbound lanes right there. should be able to get around it with the police kind of on the scene there moving you around it. chuck bell, you're making me nervous. oh, thank you. thank you.
5:54 am
so if i start crying too early, i can start wiping the tears. he's coming over this way, didn't know what he was doing. eastbound montgomery village avenue still construction still approaching 355. wide look at things no major problems. 66 a little slow inbound here as you're headed through manassas. after that you actually open up here quite nicely. no major issues there. 95 here, headed in to town a little slow after triangle. fine headed southbound. up to the beltway, nice and green, as well. taking a look at prince george's county, over all pennsylvania avenue, branch avenue, indian head highway, everything looks nice and green. moving along just fine for us this morning. and then chopper 4 over bw parkway all these folks headed inbound. 5:55 now. fast food giants pass on the beef. and target customers are getting ready to receive a huge payout.
5:55 am
landon dowdy has more on these stories "4 your money". >> reporter: good morning. target will reportedly pay $10 million to settle a class action lawsuit over its massive data breach in 2013. at least 40 million cards were exposed resulting in the threat of up to 110 pill i don't knowyon110 million people's personal information. target wills boost minimum wage for all employees to $9 an hour effective next month. and a mcdonald's and burger king are pushing customers to buy chicken over beef as beef prices have soared. they both brought back old menu items, mcdonald's is reintroducing chicken selects and chicken fries. analysts don't expect beef prices to ease until next year at the earliest. back to you. it is 5:56.
5:56 am
former maryland governor martin o'malley is hosting a happy hour and concert tonight in d.c.. the event has a st. patrick's day theme. o'malley and members of the young leaders council are inviting young political junkies to attend. the council is part of o'malley's political action committee. the o say can you sea-pace see pac. a developing story out of charlottesville. >> where tensions remain high after the arrest of a student there. the altercation between police and protesters overnight and what we're learning about the investigation next on "news 4 today" the at 6:00.
5:57 am
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right now on you "news 4 today," you new developments out of charlottesville where a student's arrest sparks outrage.incident involving a police officer and a protester that is adding to the tension. >> and we're talking about the calm before the snow. we're watching the impact the system will have on our area as it makes its way toward us. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here with the conditions right now and when the snow will arrive. good morning. you've got all day today to get ready for our snow chance
5:59 am
because that is 24 hours from now. winter weather advisories have already been posted frederick maryland, western loudoun, panhandle of west virginia, frederick county, virginia, clarke county. so do be advised that that winterwin weather advisory starts at the 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. snow likely to begin across much of the metro area between 2:00 and 5:00 in the morning. it will be a heavy wet snow. rain down to the south and rain/snow mix in the southern suburbs. slushy roads will be a possibility. temperatures may never drop below freezing and that's important especially for road conditions tomorrow. road temperatures at or above freezing will make them slushy, not necessarily icy. but even slushy roads can be slippery. 40 now but 30s in the suburbs. so plan on 30s for your outdoor plans first thing this morning. highs later on this afternoon should be able to make it up
6:00 am
into the low 50s across most of the area. how much snow is possible tomorrow? i think a slushy inch or two. a little bit more across northern maryland. right now 270 in and out of town looking quite good. no major issues. had earlier problems that are now cleared out of the way. 66 just east of sully road no major issues. we're getting a little bit of volume, but that is typical as we're now in the 6:00 hour this morning. 95 northbound here dale city, you can see we're a little slow again very normal for this time of day. no major issues right there. it will look like a typical commute northbound out of prince william county. beltway at st. barnabas, flowing quite nicely. and


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