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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 20, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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keeping an eye on the situation all morning. molette, what is it looking like right now out there? >> reporter: right now i'm going to flip the camera around on my cell phone here. we are on 202 just about to get on the parkway here. traffic is moving a little slowly. we're not at the accident scene. but we're just a few minutes away from it. and we'll show you what it looks like as we drive through there. melissa mollet has been doing a bang up job telling us the routes that you can take. but we're about to get on to the parkway here going south where traffic is moving very slowly. again, the accident that we've been following throughout the morning has been in the northbound lanes. park police telling us at this point -- >> sounds hike we lost her and you had i don't. again, though northbound bw parkway totally shut down.
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you see one individual spun around. northbound lanes. and another completely burned out. begin, again, a fatal crash. so northbound bw parkway shut down at 50. traffic being pushed on to eastbound 50. you'll have to take 50 or route 1 to get around this and avoid even the southbound delays that we're also seeing. 270 here this is old hundred road you can see the road is just wet there. 95 in and out of town no major issues. bw parkway, outside the beltway, not having any problems. but you can see a little bit of a slowdown just as you head inside the beltway there southbound into town taking a look at prince george's county, over all things here looking quite good. no major problems there as you're looking at the bottom of the beltway. 66 through manassas, a tad slow. 95 north through dale city typically slow as well. it is 6:02. right now we're supposed to be thinking spring. but mother nature isn't quite
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ready to let us forget about winter. take a look at this live picture. you can see the snowflakes falling. it is sticking in parts of our area. >> chuck bell tracking who is picking up the most snow. >> spring doesn't begin until 6:45 pchl so we still have 12 more hours of winter to go. and it looks like it. temperatures mid-30s in the northern suburb upper 30s to near 40 from washington south bound. winter weather advisory for all the purple shaded counties. p pink shading, that's a winter storm warning. we do have the rain changing with and mixing over to snow. so snow i and slushy roads west and north. use extreme caution out there. mostly snow through about lunchtime today. here goes the transition from rain to snow right through the heart of downtown washington. snow switching over down this to parts of southern prince george's county county right
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now. it's all snow howard montgomery frederick and loudoun county. and all snow along the blue ridge. highest impact north and west of town. bus stop temperatures mostly in the 30s. umbrellas and rain boots ready to go. a lot of schools closing or delaying thorn. in virginia, loudoun, warren fauquier, winchester city as well as rap that rappahannock and shenandoah all on a two hour delay. also fred rick county in virginia. a few schools are closed. frederick county maryland jefferson, berkeley also closed. we'll push out any other school closings and delays to the nbc because app. 6:03. as chuck has been telling us it is snowing this frederick county. megan mcgrath is on 35 a 5.5. how are the roads?
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>> reporter: if you pan over you can see 355 here. it's basically wet. they pre-treated. there is a little bit of slush here and there but not terribly bad. they knew the snow was coming. they took the roproper precautions. but the grassy areas, well, that is an entirely different story. look at this. we are seeing an accumulation here on the ground. great packing snow good for snowball fight. and the kids here in frederick will be able to have snowball fights today. the school system decided to close just a short time ago. just got that word. so the snow coming down as you can see and it's actually coming down at a pretty good clip. i thought i was going to be able to retire the hat for the season, but no such luck. good if you are headed out this morning, you might hit some slick spots and keep your speeds down. and of course if you have a kid in the frederick county public school system you'll have to
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figure out what to do with your kiddos today because they are out of school. back to you. some day she'll be able to take those hats off. it's now 6:05. vdot was out all night treats the roads. 66 alt sully road, not too much accumulation in that area but throughout the day crews will be treating trouble spots including bridges, ramps and overpasses. a couple of school closings. loudoun county schools now closed. and alleghany county schools on a three hour delay. so we're watching the impact all this weather whether have on your commute. chuck bell has the temperatures in your area and what that means for roads. that's at 6:11. a developing story now. we have new details this morning about a police chase along branch avenue.
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prince george's county police tell news 4 one person has died. their car hit by the suspect. it all started when officers attempted a traffic stop on an suv about 8:40 last night. the suspect suddenly drove off viking an officer as he sped away. police briefly lost sight of that suv and then other officers spotted it. the suspect lost control of the vehicle, hit three other cars. he then got out and ran. police purchase yousued him again. the suspect caught a short while later. the person who died was this one of the cars that was hit. two others were hurt will, including the officer hit in the first moments of the chase. the official start of spring just a few hours away but take a look at the scene right now. another round of winter weather, impact this spring snow is having on the roads, your weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:11. >> plus a promise from metro this morning that a pair of fires at two of its newest stations w
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calendar may say spring, but right now we're not ready to say good-bye to the wintry weather. snow falling lightly mix this had with a little rain. >> hard to tell but chuck bell who is the expert in these things will be telling us about the conditions you're dealing with. and it really depends on where you live. >> that makes all the different in the world. if you're watching us from southern prince george's county staffordspotsylvania just rain. but washington north, snow is mixing in and the ground has changed over to white. my twitter feed is getting illuminated with great pictures. lynn sent me this picture.
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and you can tell the ground is whitened up out there in bayer berryville. temperature its are at or above freezing, so roads in relatively good shape, but slushy roads north and west. so be extremely careful out there. roads will be badly impacted north and west of town. still have breaking news here and of course you're talking about the moisture that is falling. also effecting the roads. first problem, bw parkway closed at 50. traffic pushed on to east bound 50. or take bladensburg road. also southbound 16th street, have lanes closed at tuckerman street because of a fire. taking a look at travel times, 95 north quantico to the beltway, ten minutes behind at 35 minutes. 395 into town 66 into town pretty smooth here. 270 south a little slow. german down to the beltway, 12 minutes. i'm a back in ten.
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fairfax county cracking down on truck drivers who don't follow the rules. the motor carrier safety unit stopped 11 trucks and found 22 violations. the officers conducted the inspections in a parking lot at northern virginia community college. police issued ten summons an ordered four trucks to be taken out of service p. metro is promising accountability after handrail fairs at the tysons corner and greensboro reportedly overheated. no one was injured, but metro is calling it a systemic problem because the fires also happened during construction. metropolitan washington airports authority built the line and metro says it will hold them accountable. steps being taken by police to address concerns raised by students at the university of virginia. plus the crazy first day of the ncaa attorney the achltament tournament. how you're helping cheer aaron up after the tough vcu loss.
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right now we're getting yet another dose of winter weather. crews are finding the worst of the conditions right now in northern maryland. take a live look here. these are the complains innditions in fred rick county. >> snow across all of frederick county montgomery loudoun county warren, fred rick koubtsd fred rick county virginia as well. could be seeing snowflakes towards annapolis. in a couple minutes, we'll show you when it changes back over to rain. i spring i can, i spring i can. >> i like it. snowflakes are falling in maryland. want to go to mike seidel he's joining us live from hagerstown. and we can see that snow coming down at a good clip there.
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>> reporter: yes, sir. good morning aaron from i-81 south of the p.a. line. and the interstate is fine. it's just wet. take a look traffic is moving i think pretty much at the speed limit this morning out on the interstate. let's show them the highway right now. give they will an idea what is going on. traffic in good shape right now. s's wet out here. 33 degrees. a wet snowfall. only sticking to the trees and the card top tops. on the ground we have about an inch. and good for snowballs. over to the car, this is hopefully the last time you have to do this season clean the snow off the car. comes off real easy. a very wet snow. and that's what we're dealing with. once the sun comes up here that will make a big difference on any slushy accumulations on neighborhood streets and your sidewalks. back to you. >> mike seidel live for us near hagerstown. thank you.
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and chuck bell will let you know when the snow will stop and if we'll see spring like weather anytime soon. the "7-day forecast" coming up. 6:18. today there will be a forum at the university of virginia to address the recent arrest of martese johnson. we've been showing you this video of an arrest outside of a bar in charlottesville. johnson was bloodied after a confrontation with police. johnson stood by his lawyer and mother yesterday offering his account of what happened early wednesday morning. nbc's gabe guttierez is live in charlottesville thousand with the latest on the investigation into the arrest. gabe good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there is a lot of outrage here on campus, students set to meet with police and officials from the department of alcoholic beverage control. meanwhile the criminal investigation is under way into how officers dealt with this incident. the attorney saying his client is traumatized by the incident
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and he wanted to stress that his client did not present a fake i.d. outside of this bar. now, the arrest warrant says that martese johnson was belligerent, but a high ranking university official, vice president for diversity, saying that's not the case that he was not intoxicated. but it is still unclear exactly what led up to that confrontation. the part before the video. again, that investigation is under way. a lot of questions remain here on campus. we'll have the latest coming up on "today". back to you. >> gabe guttierez live for us. thank you. happening today, the so-called beer pong rapist will be sentenced. joey poindexter was convicted of sexually assaulting multiple men. police started investigating him after a student alleged point deks ser sexually assaulted him of a per a beer pong tournament in will 2013. police say he had been
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victimizing young adult men for a decading meeting them in bars and luring him to his maryland home. in court today, his victims may speak about the impact about the assaults on their lives. penn state says greek life needs to be reevaluated. kappa delta rho suspended its penn state chapter for one year following allegations thataternity operated an illegal facebook page that contained photos of several nude and seminude women, some appeared to be asleep. and an epic day for astronomers today and here is part of the reason why. take a look at this video from the faroe islands. this is halfway between norway and iceland. this is time lapse video, so we have about three minutes down to 20 second. you can see it went from daylight to darkness because of a total solar kree clips thateclipse that
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occurred. thousands went to witness this this, unfortunately, a little cloudy so they didn't get a gym himself of this part here where the moon moves between the sun and the earth and covers the sun there. that's what a lot of people were hoping to see. but that's the another vantage point there that some people saw the partial solar eclipse. so in addition to the eclipse, today is also the spring equinox and there is a super moon. so cool to see. >> very cool indeed. richard, thank you. frederick county virginia schools are now closed. they were delayed. now closed. >> let's get an update on the forecast now. chuck bell tracking the path of this storm. seeing snow right now. >> certainly are. wet snowflakes all over the metro area especially for the northern and western suburbs. this will continue through about lunchtime today. lots of great pictures coming in on my twitter feed. beth higgins in rockville, thank for sending this in. snowflakes visible in the light but paved surfaces are for the most part in the metro area
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doing okay. a little farther ought away from town it's a little bit more of a different story. this is terry out in south mountain maryland solid inch of heavy wet snow there. and if you already had more than an inch on your driveway probably slushy roads here for the next couple hours. a great picture, send to me at me @chuckbell4. mid-30s to the north, upper 30s to the south. basically right where the rain/snow line is and that's where the winter weather advisory differentiation is, as well. montgomery and loudoun county and points north under the advisory. metro counties like arrest linklingtonarlington, fairfax, the district, not under the advisory. but use extra caution on your trip. as we zoom in, there goes the change from rain to snow. north of route 50, everything on the snow side. south of there, it's primarily rain. here is future weather at 7:00 the rain/snow line along route
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50 it stays there and then eventually starts to lift up to the north by 11:00, 12:00 today. by 1:00 this afternoon, most of the snow right along the pennsylvania border, that's it, it will all just be rain in and around the metro area. as far as accumulations, highest impact northern maryland panhandle of west virginia, shenandoah valley and right along the crest of the blue ridge. around town not as much. total accumulations generally a slushy inch or so around town, more north and west. going out tonight, rain ending by about 5:00 6:00. temperatures will stay in the 30s. calm before the storm. hour by hour tomorrow sunshine is back tomorrow with temperatures up near 60 degrees. and there is a quick check of your "7-day forecast," as well. dry weather for the weekend. chilly weather early next week and then finally springtime arrives. melissa, good morning. breaking news once again northbound bw parkway closed at 50. this is probably going to be around for the next couple of
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hours. all authoritynorthbound traffic being pushed on to 50. alternate 50 to the belt quaway or bladensburg road. in northwest, 16th street south at tuckerman street northeast, a fire there 37 that should be cleared up hopefully in a bit. this is in frederick, you can see we have the snow on the grassy areas. roads have been treated, just basically wet. wide look at thing, looking pretty typical. back at 6:31. we are in your community. take a look at this, this is me at the podium emceeing the prince george's county wimg'somen's history month yesterday afternoon. county executiveships for two students. and what i love about this that woman right there, nel johnson,
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a community service award that recognizes an individual that has put in hours and years of service. he's are unsung heros who work behind the scenes. and she was -- it was a surprise so the women who receive these awards at the end are so emotional so humble and such a great event recognizing the great work women do for prince george's county. and i was happy to be a part of it. >> and a congratulations to them. so how is your bracket looking? have you checked? some major upsets in the ncaa tournament. and we are just getting started. a big day ahead as both maryland and uva both in action today. the terps already in columbus. they were practicing yesterday for their game against valparaiso. 4:40 is the game. maryland's first trip to the tournament in five years. we've had such a great season. virginia takes on belmont at 3:10 on trutv. georgetown moving on to the next round too. if you watched the game last
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night, probably didn't get much sleep. eastern washington's coach predicted a win before the game. got on national radio and was wrong when he said that. georgetown won 84-74. they play again on saturday against fifth seeded utah. and i let you know how i felt about the vcu game. wasn't so happy about it. devastated was the word i used. they lost to ohio state in a crazy overtime game there. a lot of you posted your condolences on facebook. i appreciate that. for himrams fans time to look forward to next year. we have an incredible team in place. smart is stirkcking around. >> really committed to vcu. your team played so well. ohio state -- overtime -- all right. after just one day of the tournament only 272 perfect brackets remain. that's from the more than 11
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million filled out on one in like one trillion -- you can forget about thinking spring. i'll think spring until it arrives. we're being takinge ing tracking another winter storm. who is seeing the worst of it and how much snow you'll see in your neighborhood. plus breaking news on the roads. part of the bw parkway shut down after a deadly accident. what we're learning about the crash when we go live to the scene.
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breaking news in prince george's county that will cause all 10r9sorts of issues. bw parkway is shut down north bound at route 50 because of an accident. molette green is live with what is happening. >> reporter: yes, we are able to go southbound on the parkway. let me turn the camera around for you and show you what the scene looks like as we
6:31 am
approach -- as we get closer to the accident scene in the northbound lanes. we are obviously in rush hour traffic at 6:30 in the morning. and the traffic is slow going here southbound on the parkway here. in the far distance there to the left side, you can see some of the emergency lights from the accident investigation that take has been under way. park police telling us they got the call shortly before 4:00 this morning. one car accident. the car was engulfed in flames when emergency crews got to the scene. we are getting closer to the accident scene here on the parkway south. the car was in flames. one person has died in this one car accident. we don't know why the accident happened and we still don't have an i.d. on the victim jet. but yet. but again, we'll move closer and show you what the accident scene
6:32 am
investigation looks like. several emergency vehicles on the scene and accident investigators are out in the roadway there on the north side of the parkway. we're inching inging closer. the car is charred and off to the side in the grassy area of the parkway. again we're on the southbound lanes passing the accident investigation that has been under way for several hours. we can see the car charred from this morning's tedded eddeadly accident. melissa has much more on alternative options. >> thank you very much. you can see the vehicle as she was pulling past it. northbound pw parkway closed at 50 so all the traffic being
6:33 am
pushed on to eastbound 50. take 50 to the beltway or bladensburg road. muncaster mill road at authorize beck report of a crash. wide look at things looking typical except of course bw parkway slow southbound about a one mile backup. travel times coming up. >> a lot of schools closing or delaying. in virginia, loudoun county closed warren county, talk winchester city as well as rappahannock and shenandoah county schools all on a two hour delay. frederick county schools in virginia are now closed. >> in maryland fred rick is
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closed. jefferson, morgan, berkeley closed. you can see all of the closings and delays on the nbc washington app. so here you can see the system pushing through the area. depending on where you live you're either seeing snow or rain. i'm here with chuck bell now who has been watching this for us. so will it get worse before it gets better? >> i would agree a little worse before it gets better. the worst of it probably between about now and 9:00 10:00 this morning. and then after that is correct things should start to improve. once we add sunshine to the equation once the sun comes up about 7:15 that is a game changer because all of the solar radiation will help warm up the upper levels of the atmosphere and keep road pavement temperatures on the up and up as well. so a slushy rush this morning. it should change over to mostly rain by about lunchtime.
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but mid-30s in northern maryland with snow, mid to upper 30s across northern virginia and southern maryland. and as a result, mostly in the form of rain. generally speaking a slushy inch around most of the metro. but a slushy 1 to 3 inches in the more than and western suburbs here. 3 to 5 inches of slushy snow here frederick, hear landmaryland out to hagerstown. here is the back end of the precipitation, which should come through here as rain by about 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon. "7-day forecast" just a couple minutes away. 6:35. chuck nailinged ednailed this down. you may see rain, snow or mixture. megan mcgrath is out live eyeballing the snow and rain for us on 35 in frederick, maryland. >> reporter: good morning. right now the snow is not coming down quite as hard as it was when we last talked to you. while it's a little lighter than it was it is still snowing here
6:36 am
in frederick. take a look at the grass here. into the ton of accumulation but enough to make things sloppy. great for snowball fights and making snow men. and lots of kids in the area will be able to do that probably for the last time this year because frederick county schools are closed. if you look at the roads, though, this is 355, a road that has been treated. they knew the snow was coming. they were out there pre-treating the roads. so basically wet pavement. accumulation really just in the grassy areas. we're starting to see the snow on the cars. but the snow still coming down here in frederick. kids are getting to sleep in this morning at least in this jurisdiction. another look at a very active storm team 4 radar. conditions outside are changing by the minute.
6:37 am
chuck bell is watching it closely. he'll let you know what to expect for the rest of today. new this morning, an australia cafe the site of a deadly siege is back open. the lindt chocolate cafe reopening comes three months after a gunman took 18 people inside the cafe hostage. two hostages and the gun men were killed. plaques honoring the victims are now displayed on a wall inside. the terror group loyal to isis claimed responsibility. the official start of spring just a fewuew hours away but this wintry weather is making a mess of our warm weather plans. the high temperatures we'll see in the day ahead. plus putting an end to the misery we deal with when we get behind the wheel about when. when you'll see the roads be repaired.
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this just in. fauquier county schools are now closed. fauquier county schools now
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closed. take a live look at this picture here. there is rain in the area but but there are spots seeing snow. >> let's check in with chuck bell and see what exactly we're in for today. >> it's a rain/snow mix this morning. bridgely snow ly primarily snow north and west. this is the view looking northbound up into southern montgomery county. that's all snow there now. here is the view. all snow in montgomery frederick, loudoun county. and about the northern half of fairfax county also mostly snow at this points. all rain charles, calvert st. mary's. basically the rain snow line is right along route 50. south of route 50 rain. north, snow. 36 down south of town. impacts highest north and west. worst roads will be 70 270, 81. breaking news still have
6:42 am
this problem northbound bw parkway. northbound traffic being hushpushed on to 50. 295 south at pennsylvania avenue we have a brand new crash here. so going to start see something real delays. longer than the 1 1/2 mile southbound delays on bw parkway seeing right now. 270 south germantown to the beltway, about 8 minutes behind. outer loop, 21. like to see that around 12 usually.55 quantico to the beltway 15 minutes behind. 66 not the so bad. a promise from d.c.'s government. department of transportation holds its pothole pa lucia nextapolooza next week. it will aim to get them filled 48 hours after the reports come in instead of the normal 72 hours. you can see the news 4 iteam investigation into how long it takes d.c. to fill potholes and
6:43 am
learn how to report them in the investigation section on the nbc washington app. they have been filling the potholes all season long but this pothole apolooza they get out more and people need to us report them. >> and we know you're tired of it. breaking news on the roads right now. part of the bw parkway is shut down at this hour after a deadly accident overnight. what we're learning about that crash when we go to the scene.
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your time is 6:46. we have breaking news on the roads. big problems on the roads in prince george's county. take a look a deadly accident on the bw parkway. right now northbound lanes are closed at route 50. the other big story we're following right now, it is the first day of spring. and it is snowing. this is what it looks like in frederick, maryland. chuck, how are we looking? >> winter weather advisories for the northern half of the news 4 nation. it includes montgomery frederick, howard in maryland as well as loudoun and clarke and warren in virginia. so do expect snowy and slushy roads for our northern and western viewing areas. use extreme caution, leave extra early on your way out the door. there is the rain/snow line basically by sextingkt by secretary
6:47 am
the viewing line. rain and snow for the remainder of the morning. then by later on this afternoon, highs upper 30s to near 40. prime ministerially just rain later on this afternoon. p. still problem bw parkway northbound shut down at 50. all northbound traffic being pushed on to eastbound 50. p to take 50 to the beltway or bladensburg as your alternate. right now we go back to that breaking news on the bw parkway. northbound lanes still closed at route 50 because of an accident. molette green has been keeping an eye on the situation all morning. what's the latest? >> reporter: we've been on top of this throughout the morning. let me show you what we see here southbound bw parkway, slow going this morning. it's raining, there a snow mix. the accident investigation is on
6:48 am
the northbound side just on the other side of the roadway here. you can see a little bit off in the distance the lights from the emergency vehicles that are still on the scene. the accident investigation been going on since about 4:00 this morning when police arrived and found a car engulfed in flames. a single car accident. they're telling us. and one person died in this horrible accident. >> we lost her audio. but again northbound bw parkway shut down at route 00 as50 as police investigate. and we're dealing with another approach the official start of spring. the impact the system is having on your community depends on where you live. this is what it looks like outside of our studios here. 38 degrees. we're seeing rain just rain. but some of you have already seen more than an inch of snow on the ground. and we're expecting to get even
6:49 am
more. vdot is asking you to take your time this morning on the roads. we're hearing vdot has 380 trucks deployed working to keep the roads clear. transportation department tweeted that it's keeping a close eye on the morning rush. you can take a look here at a live picture of an interstate in virginia. i-66 we see here. not seeing too much in the way of accumulation there right now but again, take your time. crews are focusing on trouble spots including bridges, ramps and overpasses. storm team 4 radar all lit up with all kinds of colors right now as snow and rain moving through the area. chuck promises we'll see some spring like temperatures soon. your weather and traffic on the 1s just minutes away at 6:51. we have a developing story new details this morning about a police chase along branch avenue. prince george's county police tell news 4 that one person died. their car hit by the suspect. and this all started when
6:50 am
officers attempted a traffic stop on an suv around 8:40 last night. police say the suspect suddenly drove off, striking an officer as he sped away. police briefly lost sight of the suv, then another officer spotted it. the suspect lost control of the vehicle striking three other cars. he then got out and ran away. police pursued him, calling in a helicopter and k-9 unit. the suspect us a caught a short time later. the person who died was in one of the other cars that was hit. two others were injured, including the officer struck in the first moments of the chase. the man accused of killing a pastor in germantown heads to court for a bond hearing. the 38-year-old charged with first-degree murder. police say he killed the pastor on march 11. reportedly thought the pastor was possessed and told him, quote, i kill demon, just killed me. he said he heard voices.
6:51 am
6:51. without a single tax increase maryland's house of delegates passed the state's budget. the $40 billion budget restores education funding and includes a cost of living adjustment for state employees. opponents cited a lack of tax relief in the legislation. it now goes to the senate for a vote. you are looking live over the district. capitol dome there in the distance. and we're seeing rain for the most part here in the city. but -- >> don't have to go far, snowflakes on the lawn here at channel 4. you actually have to go a little bit farther you can only a mile or two northbound into southern montgomery county and that's where the snow is. >> look at all that snow in frederick. p. >> that's right. megan mcgrath took this this picture for us and sent it out on twitter. so i'm showing her a little retweet love@chuckbell4 is my twitter handle. hillary sent in this one.
6:52 am
roads in pretty good shape, but notice the slushy accumulation on the grassy areas. kenneth sent this in a solid one to two maybe three inches of heavy wet snow mostly on the surfaces. and this in sterling, virginia maryann shows me snow covered roads in northern virginia. snow on the tops of the cars. how much should you expect today? most of the metro area and points just down to the south, a slushy inch or so. just enough to cover the ground. but north end of the top of the capital beltway here southern montgomery county northern fairx, eastern loudoun county slushy 1 to 3. 3 to 5 up farther north and west. roads will be impacted. so use extra time. stay with melissa mollet on twitter. have your hat, warm coat, umbrella and rain boots on the way out the door. even when the snow transitions to rain it will rain all
6:53 am
afternoon. current temperatures 29 in thurmont, but everyone else at or above the freezing mark. even near 40 south of town. storm team 4 weather app is up and going for you this morning. have it on your smart phone and you'll be the smart one in the room. snow in pennsylvania right now. the dividing line between rain and snow in the metro area basically route 66 and route 50 here. basically anywhere north of that almost all snow. and south, almost all rain. so here is the way future weather treats us. 7:00 a.m. again basically right along route 50 there north of it stays snow maybe a little bit of a southern expansion of the snow between 7:00 and 9:00. but with the sun up the snow will start to reaetreat up to the north. all rain in the metro by later on this afternoon. "7-day forecast," here you go, i spring i can yes, indeed, snow and rain today, but 60 with sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. another shot of chilly air early next week but then i think we
6:54 am
really turn the corner to springtime later on. >> looking forward to tomorrow. breaking news again on the road not only are we dealing with the moisture but also this northbound bw parkway shut down at 50 still. that traffic being pushed on to eastbound 50. alternate, take 50 to the beltway or bladensburg road. southbound, almost two mile delays probably being added to because of this 295 south at pennsylvania avenue. so just past the accident really coming from the north here you have a problem, as well. 270 at mondaytrose, everybody rolling along. 66 east of nutley looking good. just wet about that 95 headed out of triangle, you're looking pretty good until dale city and then you get a little slow. it is 6:55. not really how we wanted to start spring. >> megan mcgrath is keeping an eye on your commute this morning in frederick county.
6:55 am
i can't believe how quickly the snow accumulated where you are. but i guess they repre-treated some of the road z. >> reporter: accumulation happened fast. i'm standing in a grassy area just off 355. you'll be able to see all of the note around me here. sticking to the grass. it's not a ton of snow but enough to coat the grass completely enough to get the kids out of school. frederick county maryland schools are closed today. but take a look at 355 itself, you can see that they pre-treated the road yesterday and so things are just wet out there. back to you. >> 6:55 right now. four things to know before you head out. we saw something pretty cool this morning. a total eclipse of the sun. anybody? a little shop of horrors. come on, people. the moon passed totally over the sun about 5:40. >> and there will be a forum today at uva to discuss the arrest of martese johnson. johnson was injured during the
6:56 am
arrest wednesday morning in charlottesville. and big problems for your commute, bw parkway shut down at route 50 after a deadly crash. traffic being diverted on to 50. and live look at the roads in frederick, maryland. spring has started to move into the area today, but the snow still sticking around for parts of northern maryland. may want to give yourselves extra time on your commute. a lot of schools closings and delays. loudoun county closed talk closed warren winchester rappahannock all on a two hour delay. shenandoah county also delayed two hours. frederick county, virginia closed. >> in maryland frederick county closed. alleghany on a three hour delay. jefferson, morgan berkeley are closed. you can see all the school closings and delays on the nbc washington app. all right. how much snow should you you expect? mostly just one to three slushy inches around town, more north of that.
6:57 am
total eclipse of the heart you were thinking of. >> that's right. >> northbound bw parkway shut down at 50. traffic pushed on to east 50. ♪ turn around, every now and then ♪ >> a whole other song. >> that is the broadcast this morning. thanks for waking up with us everybody. >> the "today" show is next.
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good morning. plowing into spring. the new season beginning today with a snowstorm stretching from d.c. all the way up to boston. disturbing delivery. the judge in robert durst's 2003 murder trial speaking out saying she believes he was behind a gruesome package left on her doorstep as authorities look into whether durst could be responsible for unsolved murders in at least six states. devastating consequences. monica lewinsky opening up about her affair with president clinton. >> you can insist on a different ending to your story. >> why she says the scandal is still costing her today. and bracket busters. >> for three -- score! >> shocking upset.


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