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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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story near hyattsville, maryland. 94-year-old woman stabbed to death inside her home. are police looking for a suspect right now? >> well what i can tell you is police say no arrest has been made. but i was told earlier today that two people were being questioned. but again, no one has been arrested. the 94-year-old woman lives right here in this house for many many years. and as one neighbor told me this afternoon, to walk this earth for 94 years and to die this way. >> she was a beautiful lady.
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you know? i didn't know she was 94 i thought she was in her 80s. real nice lady. >> reporter: she lived in this house for many years. but this morning, the 94-year-old resident died here. not from natural causes from a long life but from a homicide stabbed to death. police say it's not a random crime. >> detectives are gathering evidence attempting to establish a motive. >> reporter: police were called to the well-kept home for a welfare check. the victim found inside. detectives spent hours processing the home trying to figure out who would kill this woman and why. she was among the neighbors who had lived on this street for decades. >> she had been here for the 30 years you were here? >> yes. >> was she here before you? >> yes. she was here when i moved in. >> any idea how long? >> no. >> reporter: so again, police are telling us that no arrests have been made. it's an active investigation.
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they're also saying they do believe this was a targeted crime. so far, they have not identified the victim. we're reporting live from prince georges county darcy spencer. stuck outside the 13th floor, it played out this afternoon in old george toub road. the workers managed to climb through a wall and get back in the building. no word on how they got stuck. they're both okay now. newspaper at 6:00 a man is in custody for stabbing a man in his 60s. the attack happened in southeast d.c. thursday near 5th and melon street. officers found richard dudley bleeding from a stab wound. he was 61 years old and died a few hours later. dudley and the man they arrested both knew each other. a maryland man lost control of his car, crossed into oncoming traffic and crashed into an suv. the accident happened friday night along brandywine road. when paramedics got there,
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austin was seriously hurt and died a short time later. the driver of the suv is okay. a teacher from stafford county admits she had sex with four of her students. the free lance star pleaded guilty to two counts on friday. she was a math teacher. her attorney claims she's not a pedophile because she did not prey on boys who had no interest in participating. only one of the students was under 18 at the times. mason will be sentenced in may and faces up to 22 years in prison. many of you enjoyed the first full day of spring outdoors. chuck bell shows us that weather today was a far cry from friday. >> and was it ever. the complete opposite of our friday. yesterday, rain and snow and clouds today, beautiful weather. sunshine breaking out all over the area this afternoon. quite the warm-up as well. areas out in the shenandoah
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valley, upper 60s. a lot colder along the western shore, though where current taejs are barely holding on to 50 degrees. the forecast manassas virginia go out to enjoy your saturday night. 52 degrees at 9:00. 34 by morning. breezy and cooler tomorrow. how long does that cold snap last? seven-day coming up. to a traffic alert in maryland. there's been a serious crash on route 50 not far from route 97. transportation officials say it won't be clear anytime soon. the accident happened around 3:00. you can see the backup from our traffic cam. state highway officials say it will be a couple hours to clear that scene. so drivers should use alternate routes to avoid the area. developing tonight in new orleans. we have learned a man who attacked security guards with a machete also had explosives on him. richard wright went after tsa agents at the louis armstrong airport last night. now investigators say he was
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carrying a bag loaded with six molotov cocktails and smoke bombs. he was still swinging the machete when sheriff's deputy heather sleeve shot him three times. >> i didn't think it was real. there was a lot of screaming. everyone was running and hiding behind chairs and everything. it was really loud. we didn't know if it was gunshots at first or what. >> wright is still in the hospital and there's still no word on why he did this although investigators suggest he has had mental health issues. the worst fire in new york city in eight years. religion may have had something to do with it. the fire burned through a brooklyn home and took more than 100 firefighters to put it out. investigators say it all started from a simple hot plate. an orthodox jewish family lived there and may have been cooking with the hot plate because they're not supposed to cook with a flame during the sabbath.
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>> when i looked out the upstairs window the fire was pretty much engulfing. there was a lot more smoke than anything else. >> the kids were as old as 16 years old and as young as 5. the mom and one teenage sister jumped out of the window and escaped, but they're both in critical condition. the white house is pushing hard for a nuclear agreement with iran. secretary kerry said a few sticky points still stand in the way of a deal. >> we have not yet reached the finish line. but make no mistake, we have the opportunity to try to get this right. it's a matter of political will and tough decision making. >> kerry was in switzerland after a week of talks with iranian officials, and tonight he is in london to speak with his european allies. virginia says a road project will ease traffic. why dozens of homeowners may sthand in the way. the first fan at the
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university of maryland. this one was a family affair. plus d.c. art history and culture come alive as a new city attraction opens its doors for the
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breaking news now out of new orleans. the suspect who attacked security guards at an airport with a machete has now died. we just told you that a
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sheriff's deputy shot him three times after he started swinging the machete and ran through a metal detector last night. officials also say he had a bag with six molotov cocktails. again, richard wright the suspect in that case has died. back here at home. there was a dedication ceremony at the site of one of the worst department fires in d.c. history. neighbors, pastors and elected officials came together at the apartments. back in 2008 a fire destroyed 85 apartments and left hundreds of people homeless. now the building is being dedicated to the late salvadoran archbishop. he was a human rights activist. the new home in the district if you like art, politics and d.c. history, you are going to find a lot of very cool exhibits there. the museum just moved to george washington university's foggy bottom campus. its collection includes textiles from around the world, and more than 1,000 artifacts documenting the history of our nation's
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capital. >> there are some of the earliest maps of the creation of washington, d.c. where you can see the grid of washington, d.c. on what used to be a marshland. >> admission is free for museum members, kids and gw students and staff. it's $8 for nonmembers. coming up next enjoy the pleasant weather, because a change is on the way. and don't miss the star turn chuck bell made on late night. living on this northern virginia cul-de-sac they say it's too high for them. details on news4. relishing the moment and res sons learned. what the terps took away in
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virginia has plans to widen and expand a heavily traveled interstate. but today, some very angry neighbors told officials, not in my backyard. making up grades to i-66 could destroy more than 30 homes, and as derrick ward saw firsthand, those neighbors are making their voices heard. >> reporter: congestion on i-66 is a given on week daiys and weekends. they want to make dedicated bus lanes and future rails. lines on the maps are homes and lives in the balance. marsha hook's house could be taken by imminent domain.
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she didn't even know it. neither did her neighbor. >> we heard out through the grace of god, and word of mouth. >> it's hard. we live two blocks away from the metro. i walk to the metro every day. i never drive to work. same as my wife. our kids just walk to the school across the street. >> reporter: the public meeting at the middle school where angry residents pelted the officials with questions. homes are now threatened by those who need a longer commute. vdot said this is the path of least pain overall. >> it would be very hard to improve the roadway, to improve the capacity of the road without any impact. so we recognize that. >> reporter: but residents in places here say a better ambulance has to be struck. their community is at stake, though they understand the need for less traffic. >> there has to be more
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proposals. we're being asked to sacrifice for our neighbors out west. >> reporter: no one proposal has been accepted yet. there will be more public comment in the coming weeks. october is breast cancer awareness month, but a local group is making awareness of the year-long mission. amerihealth health a pink party in southwest d.c. participants got free cancer screenings and information about genetic testing. they wanted to make it a festive atmosphere so they brought in a deejay some free swag bags and they called it a party with a purpose. >> part of being healthy for women is making sure at the appropriate age, and depending on their risk factors, that they get a mammogram. so we are having a lot of fun today. we have lots of speakers telling women about all the different things they can do to take care of their mind and their bodies. >> participants also got free mammograms and some diabetes testing as well.
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everyone's excited. because today's the first day of spring! i think. right? >> wet and slushy friday. >> sunday, frigid. >> what is going on? >> your eyes did not deceive you. there he is again. chuck bell making a quick appearance on the tonight show with jimmy fallon. you nailed wet and slushy. i never heard it delivered quite that way before chuck. >> my 15 seconds of fame was trimmed down to about 3 seconds. >> that's all right. you've got 12 seconds left. >> he's not on tonight. what a nice day today turned into for sure. as advertised today was the complete opposite of yesterday. i hope you had a chance to get outside and enjoy it. sunshine out there right now over washington. a blue sky has replaced the gray skies of yesterday. and milder weather for sure. we spent most of the day yesterday with temperatures in the 30s.
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a nice big improvement. how about 60 degrees right now in reagan national airport, courtesy of a south breeze. a couple of clouds out there, but that's about it. 63 leesberg and manassas. shenandoah valley flirting with 70 degrees today. the western shore communities are saying what warm-up? temperatures barely made 50s because of the nice cold bay water temperatures. dinnertime temperatures mid-50s. coming home from the movies temperatures back down in the 40s. increasing clouds as well. the cold front is coming our way, that doesn't sound promising. it will bring more clouds than anything else. as it goes by late this evening into the overnight hours tonight, it might be able to wring out a couple of quick one or two drops. a risk of a sprinkle along the mason-dixon line. most of us won't even see a drop. it will be a dry frontal passage tonight. but it will change the air masses. tomorrow a cold start. a much cooler afternoon tomorrow. and tomorrow breezy afternoon.
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but those will be northwesterly winds. it will feel noticeably chillier than today. again, future weather through the rest of tonight. starting off tomorrow plenty of sunshine around. it will be sunny and breezy. temperatures 10 to 15 degrees afternoon. another cold couple of days settling in for wakeup time monday and tuesday morning. highs tomorrow in the 60s, to near 70 today, we'll only be in the 40s and low 50s for tomorrow. seven-day forecast time. it's not good-bye to the warm weather forever, just for a couple of days. breezy and chilly. nice outside tomorrow. really cold on monday with a lot more clouds around. and some cold mornings both monday and tuesday morning. most everybody should be at or below the freezing mark. milder weather returns wednesday. chance of springtime showers with maybe a rumble or two of thunder on thursday. >> this is a roller coaster time of year. still ahead, georgetown make
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looking to make it a sweet 16.
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the la hoyas are all the way out west. ready to tip off in an hour or so. >> they're playing good basketball. a good chance they could advance to the sweet 16. they're playing great basketball right now. with so many upsets during this tournament and given their recent history, not many people expected georgetown to be in this position after the first weekend of tournament play. but tonight, they could punch their ticket to the sweet 16. something they haven't done since 2007. this squad is led by a solid senior class, still hungry for more success this march. >> we're not here we're not playing in this tournament to say we won one game. that's not why we're in this thing. i think that you know our team feels we still have some unfinished business. >> winning is the main focus for us. you know in order for us to be able to be excited, or you
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know look at it as a celebration, we've got to continue to keep winning. >> meanwhile, the maryland terps getting ready for a tough matchup tomorrow. west virginia waits for the young terps. carol maloney has more on maryland and columbus. >> they walked off the court and put their first win behind them. now the maryland terrapins relishing the moment and the lessons learned. >> win or go home. you realize once you won that game how devastated the other team is. for losing that game. you've really got to take one game at a time and play your hardest. >> we've got a lot of guys that can step up and make plays when we need it. we're a really good team. i think that's good for a tournament like this. >> it's not going to be easy. they come from a smaller conference than us. this is a tournament. i don't think there will be too
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many blowouts. >> give yourself three or four steps to get over really quickly. >> time to forget the excitement surrounding the terps. and become comfortable in their own shell. >> we've got to go out and play and relax. and i thought we were a little bit nervous at times for us. we played with such great poise all year. >> now that i got my first game out of the way, i'm ready to go and i'm not as nervous as i was. >> 8:30 start time tomorrow night, the coach admits that's a long time to sit around and not be nervous. carol maloney, news 4 sports. >> thanks carol. another interesting matchup, virginia and michigan state tomorrow. they tip off just after noon. the cavaliers couldn't have picked a better opponent. the spartans ended their season last year in the big dance. >> for us to sit here and dwell on what happened last year it's not going to help us win this
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game tomorrow. we're just going to do what we have to do. go in very hungry and try to come out on top. >> we're just going to go out there and play like we want to continue moving on in this tournament. like i said it's a blessing for us to be here. we got knocked out by michigan state last year. to the women's side maryland began their final four run in college park. terps set a program record for the most consecutive wins in a season. maryland winners of 24 straight going for win number 25 in a row today. first half, they're up 3. ball gets down low to brianna jones. the sophomore goes to work. stays with it. and gets that to go. two defenders draped all over her. jones so good. maryland up 5. later in the half up 6. averting 19 points in the ball game. a little over a minute later.
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moseley shot off the mark. guess who's there. it's jones for the putback. she had 22 points and 12 rebounds. second half new mexico state, still with no answer for brianna jones. maryland they go on to beat new mexico state, final score 75-57. earlier at the xfinity center president barack obama in the house watching a little afternoon basketball. he was there to see his niece who plays for princeton as they took on green bay. princeton on hand for history. princeton picked up their first-ever ncaa tournament. the coach was caught up in the moment so much she hardly noticed the commander in chaef. chief. >> i was kind of hoping we'd win by more so i would have a second to enjoy the fact that he was there. and a picture of me with him in the background as proof, right? >> they advance in the tournament with that win. they take on maryland tomorrow. that should be an interesting game.
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monday i should say. we'll see if the president shows up again. try to get that picture. >> yeah. see if the president's niece is playing. >> no kidding. enjoy today while you can. >> still mild out there the next couple of hours. much cooler weather moves back in tomorrow. but just for a couple of days. >> that's not bad. i see the 69 lurking there later on in the week. >> flirting with 70s. sounds good to all of us about now. that's going to do it for us. "nightly news" is up next. we'll see you again for news 4
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on this saturday night, machete attack. tonight, what authorities found in a bag he left behind that could have made it much worse. evacuated. u.s. special forces leave one of the most dangerous places in the world after a series of deadly attacks. what it means for the fight against violent extremists. spring fever. news for millions of americans who suffer from allergies. why this season could be one of the worst yet and what you can do to get some relief. and flying high with the thunderbirds. our incredible bird's eyeview from the cockpit. this is "nbc


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