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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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price, guaranteed for two full years! plus, get a $300 bonus with a two-year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v 20 years ago today a teenage girl disappeared after she got off work. next morning, they found her body. she'd been strangled, shocked the girl's community.
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this was darcy spencer in green belt maryland where loved ones are looking to get justice for julie hrp pam ferguson among the many friends and classmates to remember her beautiful teenage daughter. julie was found murdered two decades ago. >> i remember julie as just being full of life and always leaving you wonder. >> reporter: julie is dead for more years than she was alive still detectives have not been able to close the case. >> i'm hopeful. we got to know. it's hard to believe it's been 20 years. they went by so fast. >> reporter: tracy still was one of julie's classmates at roosevelt high school and helped organize a vigil in her memory. >> i was 15. >> reporter: the vigil held where her body was found 20 years ago.
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and this space is now been named after her, the julie ferguson shelter and play area. ferguson was last seen after she got off work at a store in greenbelt. this 20-year-old video show it is area where her body was later found. her throat had been slashed and she was strangled. >> i do feel like in a way just because of how she was murdered that it was a crime of passion and it was somebody who knew who she was. >> reporter: and her friends say they won't give up trying to find her killer. >> this is just the beginning of opening this back up an getting it solved. i won't go another 20 years. i refuse to. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news 4. powerful fire destroyed a popular bar in montgomery county but help is on the way. there's a fund-raiser going on right now in silver spring to raise money for the quarry house tavern. someone took video on thursday and another pub today hosting a concert and fund-raiser for the quarry house. some of the money to employees.
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the rest to fixing the bar. two other restaurants nearby were damaged. looks like an electrical problem was to dame. police are on the hunt for two cars in the a shootout. they were down swans creek lane and the people inside were shooting at each other. bullets hit several homes. police are looking far maroon scion and a gold saab. two window washers were stuck outside the 13th floor. the workers managed the climb through a breached wall and get back in the building. still no word on how they got stuck but they're both okay. a 94-year-old woman lived in prince georges cown for decades. someone killed her today in her home and detectives trying to figure out who and why. investigators spent hours inside the house. around 11:30 this morning, a
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call to check on the welfare and found the body inside. someone stabbed her and residents in this neighborhood are shocked. >> she was a beautiful lady. you know? i didn't -- i mean i didn't know she was 94. i thought she was in the 80s. real nice lady. >> reporter: police have not released her identity. they say believe the victim was targeted and this was not a random crime. so far no arrests. one person died in the crash on route 50 near route 97 in maryland this afternoon. and a police officer was involved. state police say off duty police officer travis allah did not see traffic stopped up ahead. he tried to swerve hit a nissan causing it to flip over. a passenger in that nissan died. his 19-year-old daughter was driving. she and another teenager were flown to the trauma center. the state's attorney will determine if any charges need to
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be filed. investigators may never know why a man attacked tsa agents with an machete. the suspect died and the situation at the new orleans airport could have been much, much worse. >> reporter: for passengers and staff at new orleans louis armstrong international airport, it was terrifying. >> there was just a lot of screaming and everyone was running and hiding behind chairs and everything. >> reporter: investigators say a man sprayed a tsa agent in the face with spray, burst through security and chased a woman into the gate area. she came above a sheriff deputy who pulled the gun and fired three times. >> officer sleeve is my hero. she saved my life. the man was within inches of whacking me with an machete. >> reporter: she was shot in the arm but richard white was hit three times and brought him down without anyone else being hurt. white had been carrying a bag and he could have caused a lot
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more damage. >> what the bag revealed was six half pipe mason jars with cloth wicks into a liquid that we now know to be gasoline. which you would commonly refer to as a molotov cocktail. >> reporter: police say white's family cooperated with the investigation. they say he had a history of mental illness. >> no one at this point in time has any notion as to what may have triggered this behavior. >> reporter: some passengers got minor cuts and scrapes running for their lives and tsa agent is expected to fully recover from being shot in the arm. nbc news. new at 11:00, all that is left of a home is a smoking pile of rubble. only one part of the chimney still standing after a mysterious explosion near columbus ohio. it sent glass and debris all
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over the neighborhood. no one was seriously hurt. a virginia teacher pleads guilty to sex with four students. why her attorney insists she is not a pedophile. and a road project promises to ease congestion. homeowners say they can't afford the cost of progress. now they're making their voices heard. georgetown season came to an end tonight. hear why the
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the teacher of stafford county admits she had sex with four of her students. and the freelance star reports that erica mesa pleaded to two counts on friday. she was a math teacher at colonial forge high school.
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her attorney claims mesa is not a pedophile because she did not prey on unwilling boys. only one of those students was under 18 at the time of the sexual encounter but mesa faces more than 20 years in prison. today, there was a dedication ceremony at the site of one of the worst apartment fires in d.c. history. neighbors, pastors and officials came together at the duvil apartment. 85 apartments were destroyed. now the building is being dedicated to the late arch by shop oscar r 0 mero. the text tile museum has been in the district for nine decades but tonight it has a new home. the museum moved to george washington university campus in the heart of foggy bottom. there's an impressive collection of artwork and textiles a lot of which tell the stories of people from every continent. the artifacts back thousands of years and also document the history of washington.
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one of the items on display right now, the early maps of the city. coming up next expect a rough allergy season. what's to blame and how to get relief. the weekend warm-up could
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neighbors packed a meetling today in vienna and raised concerns of a plan to bulldoze their homes to expand i-66. v-dots wants to widen it but to do so could mean eminent domain to clear 30 homes.
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residents say that's not fair. >> you never think that it's going to happen to you and especially not without any notice whatsoever. a lot of people affected are elderly and they have lived here their whole lives, many disabled. >> v hf dot-dot hasn't approved the plan yet. well if you have already started sniffling and sneezing this month, you're not alone. allergy season could be more severe than years past. and you can blame the weather. experts say the recent snow is pushing pollen production in trees and grass and that's not all. climate change may also be stimulating pollen growth. >> carbon dioxide gases particularly in urban areas tells plants to produce three to four times more pollen and may be super charged. >> what do you do? experts say know your triggers. start taking medication a week before you think your symptoms will start and a shower before
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bed to wash off some of that pollen. everyone's excited because today's the first day of spring! i think. right? >> three inches a possibility. >> wet and slushy friday. >> chilly friday. >> sunday, frigid. >> what is going on? >> yeah. that's right. you see it over and over and over again. it gets better every time. that's chuck bell making a quick appearance on "the tonight show" that's pretty cool. >> i'm ridiculed through social media. you're somebody now. 25 years to be an overnight success in this business. that's how it goes. three seconds at a time sometimes. >> what a difference a day makes. >> complete turnaround. yesterday it seemed like stuck in the dead of winter. today, all of a sudden turn the corner and felt like springtime out there. don't get used to it. mother nature has a way of evening things out particularly
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in the month of march and tomorrow a little bit of a turn back towards the winter side of things. outside, there's the view from our city camera on a fine saturday night here in the nation's capital. skies are partly cloudy at this point in time. still waiting on a cold front to come on by. passing through between now and tomorrow morning. it was a nice day outside. sharon beavan got a great picture of her flowers up and going early in the springtime here. nice purple color there. complete turnaround of yesterday. sheree in maryland said that the purple v iolas buried yesterday by the snow and she is right. really a tale of two days and two seasons around here. right now, with the south breeze still at 5 miles per hour that tells me that we're waiting on the weather front to go by. winds back around from the northwest overnight tonight and as a result of that better than 50 degrees in washington. a little cooler up to the north. 43 frederick and 53 martinsburg. 54 in winchester. these numbers are likely to be
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the warmest part of the next 24 hours. already back down into the mid-40s in the south and cold along the western shore of the bay courtesy of that icy cold bay weather. weather impact on the day tomorrow another low impact day. it will be breezy and cooler and without the threat of rain around you could get the car washed and keep it clean for a couple of days. here's the hour by hour planner through the day tomorrow. cold start. mid to upper 30s around town and just won't be as much of a recovery tomorrow. 46 degrees at noontime. only about 51 for a high temperature tomorrow. sunny and cool and a breezier at times and as a result feels like factor will be some 15 to 20 degrees cooler than how nice it felt outside today. more cold air coming too. you need to have the weather app ready to go with the latest forecast any time you need it. there's the cold front just about down to the mason dixon line down to our south by tomorrow morning and that change of air masses means the cooler weather settling back in. off to a cold start tomorrow.
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much much cooler tomorrow afternoon. courtesy of a blustery northwesterly wind at times. here's future weather then through the day. starting out at 7:45. a few fair weather clouds around and just about it. plenty of sunshine coming through the course of the daylight hours tomorrow. now as you get into sunday night into monday morning, the wind dying down just a bit and mostly clear sky means that both monday morning and probably tuesday morning, as well everybody will be at or below the freezing mark. so some of those tender young flowers that dared to stick the head above ground may be nipped by the frost. highs tomorrow 51 in washington but only mid-40s in northern maryland. 48 in frederick tomorrow. 48 martinsburg. as the colder air settles down not to fredericksburg as early and mid-50s. tomorrow a bit breezy. 51. 47 and that's going to feel
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really cold with extra clouds around monday. and both monday and tuesday morning on the chilly side indeed. milder later on in the week. near 70 on thursday with a chance for showers and maybe, chris, a little chance of a thunderstorm as well. >> thanks a lot, chuck. still ahead, heart break for the hoyas and points at a
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boy, really really hard to gauge this season for the hoyas. success, disappointment. hard to say at this point. >> last year you have to give the senior class and this group credit. they did get back to the tournament. they had a good season. it didn't end like they wanted it to end, though n. a season that saw georgetown post 22 wins and make it back to the big dance after missing out a year ago, that season has finally come to an end. hoyas defeated by utah tonight. john thompson iii's team cooled off in the second half. here's a look at the final score. due to ncaa tournament restrictions we would lose a few scholarships to show you highlights and not going to do that. >> don't do that. >> this is the final score. 75-64. utah takes it. lj peak led with 18 points. just two points from the hoya's bench tonight.
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peak not thrilled about going home but proud of this senior class. >> they worked hard. they have given of themselves. for the program. and so i just wanted the group -- as disappointed as we all are and we all can go back and critique and we will critique and analyze this game just think the important message was to thank them for the work they put in this year because it was a hard working group, a group that cared about each other, played for each other and let them know i love them. >> maryland will get their shot at advancing to the sweet 16 tomorrow night against fifth seeded west virginia. tip-off for 8:40. out in columbus ohio maloney with more on tomorrow's big game. >> all is quiet tonight. but this place is going to be rocking tomorrow. maryland's first win is behind them. now the focus is on west virginia. but not everything that is
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happened here has been put in the rear view. just one game. but so many lessons learned. >> kind of realize once you won that game how devastated the other team is for losing that. that game. so you really got to take every game one game at a time and really play your hardest. >> we have a lot of guys to step up and make plays when we need it. we're a really deep team and that's good for tournament like this. >> can't sleep on anybody. everybody comes to play. doesn't matter the conference or what your record was. everybody east just playing the same play for one common goal. >> the common goal for tonight, rest up. west virginia known for schooling teams in the art of full court pressure. but the terps say they're ready. carol maloney, news 4 sports. >> thank you, carol. college park maryland women in the tournament against new mexico state. pick it up in the first half. leading by 3. remember the name brianna jones with herself a ball game. battling down low.
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defenders all over her. gets that to fall. maryland leads it by 5. later on the terps up 6. running. the senior 2 of her 19 points in the game. maryland is rolling. just over a minute later. moseley's shot is off the mark. jones there for the rebound and put back. finished with 22 points 12 rebounds. second half. new mexico state still with no answer for jones. another rebound and put back. head coach glad to get the first one out of the way. the terps win it 75-57. >> we had anxiety today. i thought we were anxious, you know sometimes when you want something so badly, you know it is not going to work for you. you have to get back your balance and play how you know how to play so you know glad we were able to get the first game and i think settling in and we'll be ready for monday. >> brenda frese said they might
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have president obama rooting against them on monday. the president today to watch his niece playing for princeton. the commander in chief might have been good luck. princeton won their first-ever ncaa tournament game today. let's talk a little hockey now. the capitals had won three in a row. key word had. first period. jets on the break. stafford with it. sends it out in front. the puck gets to mark stuart and puts it home. this one deflected off a jet and stuart buries it. winnipeg go up 1-0. later in the second caps turn it over. scheifele off the post. watch him stay with it here. he beats, gets his own rebound and jets with a 2-0 lead. third period. the capitals trying to get on the board. alex ovechkin flying down the wing. mike green. he gets robbed by ondrej pavelec. the goalie with 28 saves
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tonight. the jets shut the door on the capitals. final score 3-0. also, the first number 1 seed went down in the tournament tonight. vfl, villanova lost to nc state. >> tomorrow maryland and uvab as well. >> number 3 seed out west. >> shout out to oklahoma. "saturday night live" is next.
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we thought our cable internet was fast. but, our uploads are half the speed of our downloads so our internet is really half-fast. so half-fast. someone did a half-fast job posting our vacation pics. when i post my slow jams, i'm a little half fast
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totally half fast stop living with half fast internet! see the difference for yourself. get a fios triple play online at an amazing price guaranteed for two full years! plus, get a $300 bonus with a two-year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> michael, are you still up? it's nearly midnight. michael, you haven't -- you haven't finished your paper yet? >> i'm sorry, mom. i just don't know what to write about martin luther king. >> well, focus up, pal. it's due tomorrow. >> [ sighs ] man, i just need a little help. >> michael


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