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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 23, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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cases. first tonight, new scrutiny about claims of a gang-rape at the university of virginia. >> the police say the details don't add up and the accuser has not cooperated. the report in "rolling stone" magazine almost six months ago led to national headlines and indictment of all greek life at uva and a cloud over the school. now there is new concern about victims of sexual assault not coming forward. >> the fraternity at the center of the al gass phi capita psi just released a statement. "these false accusations have been extremely damaging to our entire organization but we can only imagine the setback this must have dealt to survivors of sexual assault." david culvert explains why student leaders are focusing on the positive coming out of all this. >> reporter: the student council says this goes beyond the alleged victim known as jackie tweeting "today we're reminded
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it's not just about jackie case but every assault and our chance to stop future ones." coming from a college community that is tired of the nation's attention for negative stories. in just the past school year they've had to deal with everything from the disappearance and death of hannah graham to last week's bloody arrest of a 30-year student. >> these students have been through, as you've indicated, so much in the last seven months. >> reporter: with a population under 50,000 you wouldn't expect to call charlottesville's police chief, tim longo, a familiar face. >> in the last seven months, they university and our community has been on a national stage three times. but they keep getting up. >> reporter: today yet another news conference this time to reveal the findings of their investigation into an alleged gang-rape. >> my dress is not a yes clam. >> reporter: details came to light in a "rolling stone" article claiming to recount a 2012 brutal gang-rape by university of virginia phi kappa psi fraternity brothers. the alleged victim referred to as jackie. today police pointed out several
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inconsistencies adding that jackie isn't cooperating. >> we were very distinctly and succinctly told she would not talk to us she would not file a report, that she did not want to investigate, and we were not to talk to her again. >> reporter: but they warn it doesn't mean she was not a victim. >> because i can't prove that something didn't happen. >> reporter: tonight no word from jackie's attorney. uva's president, teresa sullivan has released a statement. i tweeted out parts of that. you can find that on my twitter feed. new developments tonight in the other controversy at the university of virginia campus. last week's bloody arrest of third-year student martese johnson. the law firm representing johnson released statement saying he will enter a not guilty plea during a court appearance on thursday. johnson's attorney says he also confirmed a pub owner's account that johnson was not combative after being turned away from the bar. virginia state police are investigating how and why alcoholic beverage control agents handle cuffed johnson on the ground as bloodstreamed down
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his face. a virginia's abc agents of some law enforcement powers has more than 300 signatures now. right now a panel on police shootings in fairfax county is getting ready to meet for the first time. the group formed after officers killed an unarmed man in front of his home in springfield, virginia. shomari stone has a look at what the commission hopes to accomplish tonight. >> reporter: tonight is one of three meetings here at the fairfax county government center. this commission consists of law enforcement officers citizens and legal experts. and they will look at the fairfax county police department's practices in the way the department releases information to the public. you may recall there was a lot of controversy surrounding fairfax county police over the way they release information after the shooting death of john gear two years ago. officer adam torres, who fired that fatal shot told investigators he saw gear's hands go towards his waist as if he was reaching for a gun. but gear's father told us his
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son's hands were up. and in a separate case 37-year-old natasha mckenna died five days after police used a stun gun on her while he was she was at the fairfax county jail. police say she refused to listen to officers' commands. the fairfax county police department started an investigation into mckenna's death to see if there was any criminal liability into what happened. sources told news4 police detectives were initially denied access to the county's detention center but were given access after mckenna died. now, this commission will review the fairfax county police department's practices and the way they release information to the public. this is one of three meetings again, and this one tonight starts at 7:30. in fairfax county shomari stone, news4. a girt scout leader from spotsylvania virginia has been arrested and charged with several felony counts of child pornography and indecent liberties with a child. police say his name is chad
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miller and that he had inappropriate contact with a 14-year-old girl in his girl scout troop. he also had child pornography on his phone and his computer. miller has been named a person of interest in a similar case in fairfax. the white house says it's taking isis death threats to more than 100 u.s. service members very seriously. a group called the islamic state hacking division published the names, addresses, and pictures of military members and called for isis sympathizers to go after them. the pentagon says all the service members have been contacted and they don't believe the information was a result of any kind of data breach. >> it appears that the information that was distributed by isil is information that was freely available through social media on the internet. we're working to determine the validity of particular threats that may arise from this posting. >> the military members are
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being told to stay off of social media sites and exercise caution. but for now they and their families are not receiving any additional security. the president of afghanistan is here in the u.s. thanking u.s. troops and taxpayers for their sacrifices in nearly 14 years of war. defense secretary ashcroft welcomed ashraf ghani and afghan chief executive abdullah abdullah in the pentagon center courtyard today. the ceremony was held just a few feet from the 9/11 memorial there. president ghani also met with secretary of state john kerry today at the presidential retreat at camp david, maryland. texas tea party conservative ted cruz came to virginia today to announce he's running for president. the republican senator is not the best known or the best financed candidate for 2016 but now he is the first candidate. news4's steve handelsman is on capitol hill with a look at the field. hi steve. >> hi doreen. national surveys show ted cruz
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has the support of republicans only in single digits but it's early. his bigger name vooifls are only polling around 15%, and cruz hopes to boost his numbers big time with the help of evangelicals. held close by conservative christians texas senator ted cruz launched this campaign in virginia at jerry fallwell's evangelical liberty university pledging to return americans' freedoms. >> our rights they don't come from man. they come from god almighty. >> reporter: cruz is aiming at iowa the first primary contest next february. >> about 40% of the iowa caucus vote among republicans as conservative christians. lot of competition in that space. >> reporter: before mike huckabee or jeb bush or scott walker or anybody else noumsed, cruz did today on twitter. conservative act vipss love the 44-year-old freshman tea party senator. but the republican establishment
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does not. to kill obamacare, cruz talked nonstop. >> i would not eat green eggs and ham, i do not like them sam i am. >> reporter: he blocked senate business for 21 hours and helped shut gown government. obamacare will be a key to cruz's campaign. >> imagine in 2017 a new president signing legislation repealing every word of obamacare. >> reporter: imagine so many republicans running. i think there's eight or nine who could be the nominee. there's eight or nine more who are going to run. we've never seen a race like this. >> reporter: but only one went first. big question is whether ted cruz can raise the money he would need to run strongly in iowa or perhaps, more importantly, to run strongly after iowa. i'm steve handelsman news4. >> thanks steve. turning to weather now. doug not a bad day out there today, but am i hearing correctly, you're talking snow? >> yeah jim. more flurries than anything and it won't be a big deal but you
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look outside right now, nothing but sunshine across the area. temperatures on the cool side well below average once again and that below average trend will continue tomorrow too. take a look. we'll show you high temperatures today, only around 50 degrees in d.c. 46 in frederick, 45 in leesburg and only 41 in annapolis. we should be closer to 60 this time of year than the 40s and around 50. here's our storm system that we're watching. this storm will drop on through akrolsz our region and it will bring us a chance for light flurry activity light snow showers early tomorrow morning. isle bring it down for you, show you hour by hour and show you what could be the biggest warm-up we've seen this season pap little bit of flurries and the warmest temperatures all in the next couple days. >> all right. thanks doug. new at 6:00, the fbi agent at the center of an evidence tampering scandal might be ready to make a plea deal. a hearing, a plea hearing has been scheduled for next week in matthew lowry's case. he's a former agent and is accused of stealing and using heroin seized during his own
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investigations. he was charged with 64 federal counts last week. lowry was a special agent with the fbi's d.c. field office. a neighborhood in landover is waiting to hear what led to an argument that resulted in a deadly stabbing. darnell adams has been charged with killing james welles. welles was 48 years old and apparently got into an argument with adams on landover road just before that stabbing happened last week. adams is being held without bond. a rolling ging gun battle in a noood leaves cars and houses with bullet holes. new information about the suspects tonight as neighbors try to clean up the damage. common core getting another look in maryland.
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darn sharper was once a heck of a ball player a defensive back in the nfl. but as of today he's sentenced to spend the next nine years in prison. heed been charged with drugging and attacking women in several states. today he was sentenced. he's pled no continue toast to charges he drugged and raped two women in the los angeles area. in the next month or so he'll face charges in las vegas and in new orleans. darren sharper was born and raised in virginia played his college ball at william & mary. in two weeks it will be time to play ball but expect a major change next time you visit nats park. as tom sherwood shows us for the first time metal detectors will be a part of the fan experience. >> reporter: it's the annoying sound we've all come to know and expect. [ bells ]
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and now security stations are coming to our ballparks. >> they'll be in place for 100% fan screening for the start of this baseball season. >> reporter: major league baseball ordered teams to install the detectors this season. >> we realize people in washington, d.c. are probably familiar with meal detection. it's in a lot of the public buildings, government buildings, cultural institutions in the nation's capital and the surrounding area. >> reporter: this season ticketholder isn't surprised. >> it's the climate that we live in something you have to adapt to airport, schools, you know office buildings. here we are at the ballpark. >> reporter: the ballpark is cleaning up for opening day in two weeks. and new signs, more entrance and more staff will help fans get in. but officials say there could be delays. so come early. >> our gates open 2 1/2 hours prior to first pitch. >> reporter: so the best advice from nats officials here at nats park is don't bring anything
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metal that you don't need. in the district tom sherwood news4. some positive news today about d.c.'s streetcar project, but there's stale lot to be done before that rail system can carry passengers. a new report by transit experts found no fatal flaws along the rail system. but the industry review says employees need more training especially those responsible for maintaining and operating the cars. the city has already spent about $200 million on that program along the h street and bening road corridors. this is enough to make some people want to cry. the calendar says spring but drivers in chicago dealt with another round of winter weather today. 3 to 6 inches of snow fell on the windy city closing school delaying flights. other communities across the midwest saw more than a foot of snow. it's awful. and we feel really badly for all those people in the midwest and
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boston. stuff, right? >> yeah that's not coming here. right. yeah. it's coming here a lilt bit, but it's weakening. again, minneapolis almost a foot of snow chicago 3 to 6 inches so if you just follow that half half half that puts us just over trace. >> a trace. >> not a lot. no worries at all. >> we can handle a trace. >> it is coming during the rush hour tomorrow. >> oh joy. >> we'll see a few snowflakes fall. it won't be much. don't worry about it! take a look outside. i love this camera. i was thinking won't this be beautiful outdoors rockville when we have leaves on the trees here in a couple weeks? that is really going to be a nice shot there. as we make our way through the rest of the area which will also be beautiful in the next couple weeks as we look towards where the cherry blossoms would be down near the washington monument, the jefferson memorial there, current temperatures at 50 degrees. it's been on the cool side. 50 is cool this time of year. normally we should be around 58 59. that's the average for this time of year. 43 in hagerstown right now, rather 51 in fredericksburg 41
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patuxent river, huntingtown, very chilly. yet it will be another chilly night. storm team 4 radar picking up shower activity to the west. doubt this is reaching the ground just yet, the atmosphere fairly dry. this is the same storm system that brought the 3 to 6 to chicago. it's weakening and will continue to move across our region. with this type of storm, the mountains play a big role nape eel see pretty good snow toward the allegheny front, maybe some of the ski resorts out towards deep creek but not going to see a lot our way. most of the moisture should be shunted back to the west. we'll see a chance for snow shower activity overnight. here we are at 7:00 a.m. chilly conditions. you see a few snow showers around the region back towards culpeper front royal, winchester maybe frederick and gaithersburg then by noon just a few light snow showers, a few flurries or sprinkles fit's on the warmer side of things. by 5:00 most of it's done. then we get into wednesday morning. wednesday we see rainmaking its way up from the south. that's a warm front.
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warm front coming in with a little bit of snow, this one coming up in a little bit of rain that will warm up us on wednesday and really warm us up thursday. travel tomorrow not too worried, especially the d.c. metro area not going to be a big deal. martinsburg, hagerstown thurmont frederick, it will be cold enough there, if we get enough snow, could produce some isolated slick spolts. that's about it a dusting will be the most we see in our region. high temperatures 44 in d.c. 43 in gaithersburg only 46 down towards fredericksburg with plenty of cloud cover during the day. it will be a chilly day. we'll stay quite chilly through the overnight hours wednesday, but we see that warm front come up and get to 55 on wednesday, early showers, but the rest of the day might turn out okay. on thursday 72 for a high. that's before a frontal boundary. that's a cold front that's going to come through, gives us a chance for some thunderstorm activity on thursday then takes us back down again. a chilly weekend, a high temperature on saturday of only
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44. high temperature of 50 degrees on sunday. but at least we get to 60 next monday. >> thanks doug. >> bring it on. thanks doug. coming up at 6:00, a fight at the supreme court over free speech. we'll tell you what the justices said about putting the confederate flag on license tags and the impact that might have on maryland and virginia. the appeal goes forward for a maryland inmate profiled in the hit podcast "serial." the argument he's making for a new trial.
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some skafding ingscaffolding is going to be erected out side a d.c. restaurant to keep bricks from falling on people. a chunk of them fell from that restaurant at 14th and t over the weekend. nobody was injured. that building has been declared safe. but there's a bus stop nearby. it's been roped off. and the front entrance to the restaurant has been closed until that scaffolding is put in place to keep the bricks from falling below. a terrible accident, that's what police are calling a scaffolding chance that killed three people and seriously wounded a fourth today at a construction site in the middle
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of downtown raleigh, north carolina. the one man who survived may have been saved by landing on a portable toilet on the ground. the supreme court is in the middle of a case involving censorship and free speech. and the decision will have an impact on what you can have on your license tags. the sons -- an organization called the sons of confederate veterans wants to use a confederate flag on a specialty tag in texas. the state turned them down because of concerns that that could be offensive to some people and even incite violence. unlikely allies support the group. they include pro-life groups the aclu and americans united for separation of church and state. the justices had some tough questions for both sides today. the decision from the court is expected by late june. a decision could have an effect on eight former confederate states and maryland which currently offer similar tags.
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one year ago today the world health organization declared an ebola outbreak in west africa. today the disease is almost contained in liberia, but guinea and sierra leone are still fighting a seemingly losing battle. more than 10,000 people have died from ebola. more than twice that have been affected. the group doctors without borders is blasting the world health organization for not declaring an international epidemic sooner saying it cost lives. >> this was clearly an international epidemic and it's really a shame that somehow w.h.o. and the international community only woke up when westerners were infected and had to be medevacked to texas or spain. >> the head of the united nations ebola mission tells the british broadcasting corporation he believes the outbreak could be gone by the end of the summer. an american health care worker being treated at nih in bethesda for ebola remains in critical condition tonight. next, what a new bus program
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on a busy commuter route could mean for you if you drive instead of ride. angry parents forcing answers out of a local school after black mold is discovered inside. what the school system is doing now.
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now at 6:30 targeting local restaurant workers. why burglars are hitting their homes and why the break-ins are bringing back some bad memories for one virginia neighborhood. one prince george's county elementary school is having conditions with black mold. and buss are now allowed to drive on the shoulder of i-66. why that experiment is getting a lot of attention in d.c. and in maryland. first, bullet holes found in homes and cars in a virginia neighborhood. >> two cars come rolling down the street with shots firing in both directions nap's what police say unfolded in the middle of the afternoon. news4's pat collins is in dumfries virginia weather reaction from people who live the. pat? >> reporter: doreen it was like a scene out of a gangster movie. a rolling gunfight that had people here dicking ingducking for cover. this window.
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that window. these two tires. all victims of a bizarre car-to-car gunfight here. swan creek lane saturday afternoon, a beautiful spring day when out of nowhere two cars come barreling down the street side by side a gold saab a red kia. guys are hanging out the window. they have guns in their hand.h, shot after shot after shot. no one was hurt but there were a lot of close calls. >> many of us have a lot to be thankful for because we didn't get injured or none of our loved ones got hurt. >> reporter: i talked to a man who was here when it happened. he said it was loud and it was close. he said one of the bullets went right over his head through the window of his garage. out the garage door here. ricocheting off his car, off the framework here and then the bullet fell beneath his car. >> because of the shooting and everything five houses were struck and one vehicle. >> reporter: the woman who flifs
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this house was in the kitchen when it happened. she said she heard the gunfire. bang bang bang bang bang about ten shots. she called 911. she went outside and that's when she realized one of the bullets came through her window here and out the living room wall over there. now, police say they've identified one of the shooting suspects. they say he's 19-year-old diante gaines. they say he has a felony record shoulder-length hair and possibly an eyebrow ring. he's still at large. now back to you. >> thanks pat. there is a search under way a new one for two sisters from maryland who disappeared from a mall in montgomery county 40 years ago this week. 12-year-old sheila lyon and her 10-year-old sister katherine vanished from that mall in wheaton back in 1975. a new search is focusing on
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taylor's mountain in west virginia. investigators dug up that mountain back in january. richard allen welsh sr. and his nephew lloyd lee welsh, have been named as persons of interest in this case but neither of them has been charged. he swiped the personal information of thousands of disabled people and now he's going to prison for six months. alexander alfonso of frederick was sentenced today for stealing social security numbers and medical information from more than 11,000 people. alfonso was an i.t. specialist for service coordination a maryland company that provides services to the disabled. he used a co-worker's computer to steal the information. clients were give an year's worth of identity theft protection. efforts to review maryland's standardized school tests are now moving forward in annapolis. the house of delegates voted unanimously to create what they call a review commission and they authorize the state to conduct a study on testing.
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students in maryland began taking a new standardized test this month under the common core state standards. now the state senate must give its approval to the district also adopted common core standards, but virginia has not. an elected leader in northern virginia says racial profiling is behind a series of home break-ins in fairfax and loudoun counties. all of the victims are chinese. as northern virginia bureau chief julie carey reports, they're being targeted when they're working at their restaurants. >> reporter: these home security signs aim to deter would-be burglars but for one fairfax county resident on this block, it didn't work. to protect the victim's identity we aren't showing much of the house, but police say this case is one of three recently in which thieves targeted homes of chinese restaurant owners while they were away at work. this neighbor remembers a series of break-ins a few years ago that targeted families of indian
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descent. >> they know when the houses are empty so, they've done some background work on that. >> reporter: in addition to the break-in at a home in this neighborhood near herndon, a townhouse near fair oaks was hit and a home in ashburn was targeted. once inside the suspects are taking cash julie, designer handbags and in one case rare chinese liquor. search warrant documents reveal they are passing up valuable electronics left in plain view. all the break-ins occur when the homeowners are at their restaurant working. >> so clearly they know what they want and they know what they're looking for and they know the times to be there to do it. >> reporter: grace is a herndon town council member. she remembers those earlier break-ins targeting indian families. now this. >> i really view it as a really -- the most horrible form of racial profiling where people have taken a perspective that is either ethnically or socially based an made a judgment call and said, you know we're going to target these people on purpose. >> reporter: police believe there may be more victims just embarrassed to step forward.
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they urge them to reconsider. >> don't be afraid and don't be hesitant and contact detectives because the quicker you do the quickere to make an arrest and hopefully stop this from happening. >> reporter: in fairfax county julie carey, news4. a news4 i-team report uncovered dangerous crossings at local railroad tracks people taking short cuts, the same places over and over. now the u.s. government is getting involved after that report. a beautiful day today although well below average. we should be closer to 60 rather than closer to 50. but look at this shot. absolutely gorgeous. can't wait.
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a man convicted of killing his girlfriend in high school is waiting to hear if he might get a new trial. his name is adnan syed. he's best known as a subject of a podcast called "serial." his current lawyer filed a brief today saying his former attorney did not talk to a witness who might have provided syed an alibi. that podcast "serial," the thrust of it questions syed's guilt and the way he was defended at trial. syed was convicted in baltimore county in 1999. he's serving a life sentence. the federal government's taking a closer look into why people are illegally walking across train tracks months after a news4 i-team investigation.
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the i-team recently revealed more than 100 people have been injured or killed trespassing across tracks in the d.c. area in the past three years. they uncovered some frequent trespass arias including a spot near route 1 in beltsville. tomorrow the national transportation safety board will stage a day-long hearing into the problem at its l'enphant plaza headquarters. the agency will hear from victims who have been hurt testing their luck crossing tracks. despite a conviction for a sex crime and despite a new felony charge against him, virginia delegate joe morrissey is making a run for the state senate. morrissey announced over the weekend that he will challenge petersburg senator rosalyn dance in the democratic primary in june. morrissey says he can accomplish more in the senate. he's from the richmond area and he just completed his jail sentence for having sex with an underage employee at his law office. he spent his days in the general
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assembly and then had to report to the jail at night. now he's charged with using a fake document in that case. morrissey has denied doing anything wrong. next at 6:00 local high school students rally around a teammate. how they're working to keep her family from losing their home. >> reporter: you want to beat our traffic? how about putting buses on the shoulder lanes of interstates? it's happening.
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drivers in northern virginia are seeing something new in their rear-view mirrors. starting today some commuter buss are allowed to use the shoulders along i-66 when traffic slows down. the goal is to ease congestion. transportation reporter adam tuss is in arlington tonight to let us know how this experiment is going. well adam? >> reporter: so far, so good doreen. picture this -- you're sitting in your car stuck in traffic. all of a sudden the bus goes fly do you think the shoulder. is that fair? well some say get used to it.
6:44 pm
cruising by the traffic on the shoulder in a bus. sure why not? >> yeah i mean it sounds like a good option to get more people, you know -- less cars on the road and more people going faster in the other lane. >> reporter: and a chance to beat the traffic. if you had to sum up our traffic in a word what would it be? >> terrible. it's really really busy all the time. >> reporter: it's drivers like rebecca goldstein that could benefit from a program like this -- ditch the car and get on the bus. >> i think that it would be great if people could drive less. >> reporter: if this program along 66 is successful then some roads in d.c. and maryland could adopt similar programs. planners there already trying to figure out ways to get buses moving faster. this video from this morning compliments of eric marks with the potomac and rappahannock transportation commission when the speed drops below 35 miles per hour buses can move over to the shoulder. so how much time could you save in about ten minutes off a one-way trip. that's 20 minutes a day. more than an hour and a half per
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week. and back here now live as we take a look at the traffic moving along i-66. okay so, let's say a car gets stuck on the shoulder. what does the bus do? then it has to merge back into the traffic. this pilot program will take a year and we will monitor it. back to you. >> adam tuss thank you. a fairfax county high school lacrosse team is rallying around a teammate and her family. katherine dina is varsity captain. her parents john and sarah have two days to come up with $67,000 in back mortgage payments or their home could face foreclosure. sarah says they fell behind because of mounting medical bills. sarah and john are blind. they have four daughters. one has diabetes and a lot of medical expenses. the lacrosse team has held car washes and bake sales trying to help the family. >> and they bought me my prom dress, so that really means a lot. >> you don't have the money to
6:46 pm
give but, you know, you just try to be there for her. >> friends have set up a youcaring page online to raise money. go to the nbc washington facebook page to see kristin wright's full report and share wit your friends. students might have been sitting next to black mold for days and now a local school district is apologizing for not notifying parents of the discovery of the mold in an elementary school classroom. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins is in dodge park tonight with what the school system is planning to do about the mold. >> better to be straightforward, you know and let us know right away like this is what's going on. >> reporter: melvin rayes says his son's school dodge park elementary was not forthcoming about the black mold found growing in his son's first grade special ed class. >> he came home with a trum and started making all these things. >> reporter: he and his wife tried to figure out why he was so agitated. >> felt there was a change in
6:47 pm
school, and like i said, since my son is autistic he does need a routine on a daily basis. >> reporter: come to find out his son's class had been moved to the library due to black mold growing on the wall in their regular classroom. this picture was provided bay source inside the school. by the time melvin saw it -- >> as soon as you walked into the classroom you see thel just torn down and there's just, like black spots of mold. >> reporter: after he complained about his son being moved, parents got this letter calling it a repair issue. but there was no mention of mold. school spokesmen say that was an oversight. >> transparency is very important and you're right, it is important to get that information out, and we do apologize for that. >> reporter: and today after our inquiries another letter went out to parent ts, this one very specific. flatout saying mold was found but does not mention possible health impacts. rayes says it's especially important for kids in his son oes class since many of have a hard time finding their words. >> he doesn't talk so he can't
6:48 pm
really tell me my throat hurts. we are only going to find out when something happen, when we're at the hospital. >> reporter: prince george's county spokesmen confirm a teacher and a teacher's aide have complained of respiratory issues since the mold was discovered but they have not made a direct connection between the two. no students have reported any illness. in dodge park i'm tracee wilkins, news4. doug's back with more about the last little gasp of winter around here. >> what we hope is. >> we've been hoping that -- been saying that. >> been saying that the last gasp last gasp. >> maybe we should stop saying it. >> like the defibrillator keeps going off and winter keeps coming back. another little shot tomorrow not a big issue and the roads should be fine. right now look at this a live camera shot at rockville. this is our rockville camera. we got this about a month ago. i love looking at these new shots. take a look way off if in the distance there. you can see the cathedral and the buildings there. in bethesda bethesda right
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there, cathedral off in the distance again. this is going to look really pretty the next couple weeks once we see things bloom. there's the pretty shot we like to see, 37 by 11:00. ipts going to be a chilly night for sure. and that will set the stage for what could be a lit until the way of some morning snow showers. 43 in gaithersburg 50 ft. belvoir, 41 huntingtown and annapolis. a chilly night for sure and very chilly afternoon in most places. at least we have the sun. look at the storm making its way our way. it's falling apart. this was a big storm, minneapolis close to a foot of snow chicago 3 to 6 inches of snow. for us this will continue to fall apart and most of the moisture will be squeezed out by the mountains. so if you ear going back i-70 back towards pittsburgh this evening, could be a snowy night there. for the rest of us areas of light snow if anything at all. i'm not expecting any accumulation 41 to 46 degrees. taking out the bike tomorrow watch out for those light snow showers early then just chilly and rather cloudy during the day. we may see a little bit of sunshine but high temperatures
6:50 pm
only getting into the low to mid-40s tomorrow where we should be around 58 for a high. 55 on wednesday and then look at 72 on thursday. that will come with some rain. we may even see some thunderstorms on the today. not talking anything strong or severe, of course just a few of those thundershowers. much cooler once again towards the weekend. >> all right. thanks doug. we've got sports coming up next. the nats know who their starter will be on opening day. and the terps. they play some good ball this year didn't they. not over yet. mark turgeon.
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all right. there is one terps team still playing, and all our hopes are going on to them now. >> yes. >> what a year they have had. >> i know. but it is the women's turn now. they are playing right now. they've got one more game in college park this season the terps, a big test tonight against the undefeated princeton tigers in the women's ncaa tournament. right now the game is tied at 17-17. obviously early in the game. meanwhile, the men are back in college park. their dance has ended. mark turgeon's terps downed by west virginia last night in columbus. it was a tough one for freshman star point guard melo tremble. several times knocked to the ground. even hit in the head by a knee of a teammate.
6:54 pm
he led the terps with 15 points but was forced to leave the game midway through the second half. you can see the tears. hard to watch for terps fans. the other big story, though turnovers. maryland they had 23 turnovers to 21 field goals for the terps. they fall 69-59. one win shy of the sweet 16. remember maryland was expected to finish tenth in the their own league. they finished eighth in the country. mark turgeon brought to tears after the game. >> you know, it's -- it's -- i just wanted to thank them for giving maee a great ride this year and a year ago today i wasn't in a very good place. and today i'm in a great place because of that group in there. >> i don't know. second opportunities to pursue my dreams and i can't thank him and this program enough for
6:55 pm
that. just loss of words right now. it's tough. but just thankful. >> dez welles a senior. his career at maryland is done. mark turgeon said dez welles put maryland basketball back on the map. all right. baseball. opening day at nats park. two weeks from today. the nationals will host the new york mets. max scherzer named opening-day starter. so with scherzer getting the ball it's the first time since 2011 a pitcher other than stephen strasburg is getting the start. so bottom four today, doug fister pitching. he gave up four runs but helping his own cause with two on. fister takes it to shallow right center. an easy score. then michael taylor follows in. a two anne arundel single for fister. bottom seven, yankees with the 6-5 lead. two on for jose lobaton and he rips this one voo into right. that will plate in two runs.
6:56 pm
lobe lobeaton slides in safe. 7-6. fbl. the nfl owners eatings are taking place in arizona right now. 35u8 2 coaches in the nfl are there as well discussing rule change pitching new ideas. redskins head coach jay gruden asked by reporters about his projected starter, robert griffin iii. >> he's excited. you know he's healthy. he's raring to go. first discussion with matt cavanaugh, our quarterback coach, and that went well. you know i think moving forward, you know, he's got the starting job right now and hopefully he takes it and runs with it. next time you have a bad weather forecast just go blah! blah! >> i keep hearing it. >> i know. it is interesting to see what they're going to do with this quarterback spot. gruden says it's rifld's job right now. >> how many more times before now and september? >> we still have a draft coming up so a lot of stuff that can happen. finally, most of us like
6:57 pm
surprises, right? i think. today a group of young hockey players from a club got to practice at keppler capitals ice plex, pretty cool on its own, even better when someone special shows up. >> mind if this guy helps out? >> what's up guys? >> mr. ovechkin! >> mr. ovechkin! so cute. helping the kid down the ice. the kids also got to show off their best ovechkin moves. yeah. >> like that move. >> they received gifts from beats by dre' and got to take part in a special q&a session with the great. just a special day for everyone of course. what better excitement for these kids than to have alex ovechkin show up. he stopped him too. probably went right lyght on him, though. >> fun for the kids to get to play with him too. >> had to be such a big deal for
6:58 pm
them. thanks.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
on this monday night, the isis hit list. what we're learning about the american troops whose names and faces are on it, as u.s. forces are evacuated from a country on the brink of civil war. off and running. ted cruz making it official becoming the first major party candidate to jump in the race for president. a stunning turn in the campus rape inveigation that sparked a national conversation. what police revealed today. danger on the tracks, including the film crew trapped with nowhere to run. tonight, the feds sounding the alarm about just how often tragedy strikes. and return to iwo jima. we're there with the american heroes 70 years later. "nightly news" begins right now. from nbc news world headquarters in


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