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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 24, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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huge change later this week. and it is called the intersection of doom. we'll explain what arlington is doing to keep you safe if you walk to work or school or drive for that matter. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning everybody i'm aaron gilchrist. >> thank you for joining us. i'm erica gonezalezgonzalez. we're supposed to start thinking about springtime. walks on the water. beautiful weather. oh no. no. not this morning we're dealing with winter. >> yep. tom, it just overstayed its welcome. >> yes. like the weekend guests that wouldn't leave. here is a look at the washington monument under a cloudy sky. we have a few flurryies flying through the area this morning to remind us that march is a moody month. we have a few scattered flurries passing from northwest heading southeast. getting a few of those. maybe a few sprinkles of light rain from prince william county
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to dale city and waldorf, another batch of flurries there. and temperatures are above freezing. the flurries that are falling inging are meltings. we're in the mid to upper 30s. around the bay upper 30s. off to the west shenandoah valley in the upper 30s. up near the pennsylvania border in north frederick county at 28 degrees. there's a view from the storm team 4 tower cam this morning. we'll have dry pavement. cold morning. certainly feeling like winter not spring. and a chilly afternoon with temperatures way below the afternoon high. we have some rain chances moving in later this week. your tuesday headlines coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:11. your walk to work forecast. chuck bell joins us live. >> good morning, tom. want to update you on the crash outer loop just before
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coalsville road it's cleared out of the way. no more lanes blocked. no more problems there. rock creek parkway southbound getting reports that some of the lanes there are reopening after that earlier crash at pennsylvania avenue. so sounds like that should be out of the way in a little bit. northbound wisconsin here bethesda at we have the two lanes blocked. 95 and maryland and bw parkway into and out of town everything looking good. north and south 270 at old hundred road moving quite nicely. today your safety on metro will be discussed in montgomery county. leaders there are sitting down with the county council this afternoon. they'll talk about the changes that have been put in place since the underground emergency two months ago in d.c. the tunnel near the l'enfant plaza filled with smoke. more than 80 people had to be treated. one woman died. also today arlington county police are cracking down on drivers, bikers and people
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walking this morning. an effort to keep you safe. megan mcgrath is live at the so called intersection of doom ins s are roseland. i go by there every day. i know how treacherous it can be. >> reporter: doesn't that sound only ominous? we're talking about lee highway and north lynn street. a busy intersection. there were 20 collisions here last year with seven injuries. there are thousands of cars that pass through here every day during rush hour. not just cars but pedestrians as well as bicyclists. it can be treacherous. to make sure that everybody is safe and everybody is following the traffic laws arlington county police are going to be out here at this intersection and a couple others in the area writing tickets this morning to people who are not doing what they're supposed to be doing. it's part of an effort that jetgets
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underway this week and continues until april 19th. take a look at the other locations. we have lee highway and north lynn street but also north courthouse road and north 15th street. columbia pike and south scott street. they're going to be out during rush hour writing tickets not just to drivers who are failing obey the traffic laws but pedestrians who jaywalking and cyclists who are not following the directions of the signals and making safe decisions at the intersections. everybody has some responsibility in this. and police want to make sure that people think before they go out into these intersections and get themselves into a dangerous situation. back to you guys. >> megan mcgrath thank you. the fraternity thrust into a national spotlight by a discredited rolling stone agency could take legal action.
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the virginia chapter released a statement the university of virginia chapter the statement said quote, false accusations have been extremely damaging to our entire organization. charlottesville police say they are suspending their investigation into the rape because there isn't enough evidence. >> i want to be clear about something, that doesn't mean that something terrible did not happen to jackie on the evening of september 28th 2012. we're not able to gather sufficient facts to conclude what that something may have been. >> police say the alleged victim known only jackie is no longer cooperating with the investigation. today the director of the secret service faces another grilling about problems with the agency. joseph clancey will be on the hill to talk about a march 4th incident on white house grounds. two senior agents are accused of driving drunk and disrupting a white house crime scene involving a possible bomb.
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committee leaders are disappointed the secret service won't let agents with first-hand knowledge of the incident testify. we've covered a lot of stories in recent months that involve alcohol on college campuses. today virginia alcohol and beverage control officials are holding an outreach event at two local schools. both william and mary and george maison university will host virginia abc college tour. a chance for students and educators to learn about strategies to reduce underage and high risk drinking. march tease johnson will plead not guilty tomorrow to charges of public intoxication. you have seen the cell phone video of virginia abc agents arresting johnson after he was turned away from a pub. the images created an up roar. the agents say he was belligerence rant. his attorneys said johnson was not combative. johnson agrees with the pub's owner who said he was polite. d.c.'s mayor will announce
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new initiatives for the district middle school. the mayor will head to the new middle school today to announce new investment plans and some summer school initiatives. bowser said investing will help ensure d.c.'s young people have the skills they need to succeed in high school and beyond. brooklyn middle school is set to open in august. a deputy's police cruiser standing on the end. what lead to the dangerous crash and what we're learning about the deputy's condition this morning. hundreds in a d.c. neighborhood calling for action from a d.c.'s mayor and police chief. live look outside this morning. you'll neated the coat.
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hundreds of people have signed a petition to get d.c.'s mayor to crack down on crime in your neighborhood. concerned citizens in the northwest neighborhood gathered more than 400 signatures they say over the past three month police responded to 17 reports of shots fired in that area. it seems you want the mayor to address the issue and to take action to make the neighborhood a safer place to live. take a look! the cherry blossoms are blooming in japan! not here. this is in tokyo.
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the light pink flowers symbolize new beginnings and fresh starts. cherry blossom season typically losts for a week to ten days. the cherry blossom festival is underway here. you have to wait little longer. they're expected to hit peak bloom in about three weeks. we'll have all the events of the blossom festival and a special page on our nbc washington app. just search cherry blossoms. 5:11 the time now. a live look outside in northwest washington, you can see from the thermometer what the temperature is 36ish. 38 somewhere in there. it's cold that's the point. >> somebody tweeted me spring where? exactly exactly! we're asking the same question. it tom kierein and chuck bell on the roads to answer our scientific questions like where is spring? >> reporter: is that the
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question? [ laughter ] >> well, you know,.. spring will continue all the way to april. my hashtag searching for snow flakes. there are a couple of hit and miss snow flakes across the mason dickinson line. that's about it. we're looking for them around here as well. so far we're searching for them. we're not finding any. probably not going to see them here in the shady grove area of montgomery county. nonetheless, we're looking for them. on your way to school and work. layer up. spring means half winter and half summer. we're in the winter half now. temperatures in the mid 30s this morning. more clouds than anything later on this afternoon. couldn't rule out a midday sprinkle. staying cooler than average. today's highs at 40s andlow 40s.
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melissa, have you seen any snow flakes on the traffic cameras? >> not on the traffic cameras but driving on river road i saw like three. i thought please no! as far as the roads go outer loop just before coalsville road we have two crashes. both on the shoulder one on the left and one on the right. not impacting traffic but they are there. people may be slowing down a tad. rock creek parkway southbound at pennsylvania. that's opening back up here this morning. so should be out of the way if you're heading out any time soon. beltway at river rolling along nicely here. 66 and 95 no problems. live picture of 95 and virginia coming up p. new accusations against a businessman facing possible murder charges. how robert durst could be
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connected to two
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take a look at the video of a deputy's car in prince george's county. you can see it standing up almost completely on the end near central avenue and garrett boulevard this was last night. the sheriff's department said the deputy inside was responding to a call about a fight and he crashed into an suv and flipped on to the telephone pole. we're obviously very devastated to have lost my dad and susannah and jason and grateful for their lives. loved ones are remembering a father, daughter, and her boyfriend killed in a crash on route 50 near annapolis over the weekend. jason was helping susannah take care of her father who was having health problems. state police say an off duty police officer slammed into the
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back of their car saturday and caused that car to flip over. raymond batters, susannah, and jason were sitting in traffic when a prior wreck happened. the 19-year-old susannah would leave college every weekend to return to manchester, maryland to help her father. state police say it may take weeks before the attorney's officer can determine whether charges will be filed against the officer. this morning we're hearing from family members of a 19-year-old who was killed in a hit and run. he attended buoy state university. he was killed friday morning on the baltimore, washington parkway. cell phone video shows the scene here. witnesses told police a driver hit his car and forced it off the road. the car rolled over and caught fire. the men in the other car left just took off. the victim's cousin say their families were very close. >> he was inspiration and a role
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model to my little cousins. we have a lot of little cousins. >> /* >> family and friends started a go-fund me page to help pay for funeral expenses. police haven't made any arrests. this morning a girl scout leader in virginia is accused of inappropriate contact with a child and having child pornography. spotsylvania county arrested chad miller. he had inappropriate contact with a 14-year-old girl he met through his wife's girl scout troop. investigators found hundreds of pornographic images of children on his computer and cell phone. he's out of jail on bond. he's a person of interest in a similar case in fairfax. a school in prince george's county is apologizing after failing to tell parents that black mold was found in a classroom. the county said it should have communicated that students were moved from a classroom at dodge park elementary after mold was found in a wall. one dad told news 4 he found out when his autistic son came home upset. >> he came home with a tantrum.
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there was a change in school. since my son is autistic, he needs a routine on a daily basis. >> it is important to get the information out and we apologize for that. two staff members have complained of respiratory issues but it's unclear if that is connected to the mold. and for the third time in recent months u.s. robert durst facing new accusations about a cold case in vermont. police say durst owned a business in that area at the time an 18-year-old college student went missing more than 40 years ago. right now durst is in louisiana to face weapons charges that could put him in prison for as much as 20 years. a judge denied him bail there. his lawyers said he was not surprised. >> i didn't have any hope at all that the judge was going to set a bail bond so all in all, i think it's been a good day for us. >> durst is facing a warrant for murder out of california.
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his lawyers say they want to contest that warrant because it's based on a dumtocumentary and not, quote, real evidence. >> sorry, man, but we had to bust your bracket! a unique celebration at the university of maryland after they beat princeton's basketball team. president obama's niece plays for the tigers and he picked the tigers. maryland won. the team plays duke next and the coach said there are no hard feelings mr. president. you probably have all seen this video by now. this is villanovapiccilo player crying after her team lost. >> the girl is getting lots of
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attention. including special moments she'll be able to share with her family and friends. take a look. you can see she played at a big role on fallon with the roots. the show gave her lots of "tonight show" goodies including taylor swift tickets. very nice. >> awesome for her. she didn't want her dad to see her cry, she said. >> but everybody else saw her cry. poor thing. 5:22 is the time now. let's get to tom kierein. get you up to speed on the weather headlines. >> we call that march sadness. a lot of people aren't too happy about the way march has been acting. here we are off to another cold start this morning. the storm team 4 radar showing scattered flurries. i did mention yesterday morning we might see some. we did. we had about 15 flurries coming through. they've been moving quickly from the northwest to the southeast. the little patches of gray from
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northern charles, southern prince george's. don't be surprised if you step out the door and see a couple of flurries through the air. temperatures above freezing. mid and upper 30s around the suburbs and bay. up near the pennsylvania border it's down into the 20s as well as in western maryland. there's the washington monument pointing to a colludeloudy sky. we'll stay cloudy through the morning. chance a few more flurries or sprinkle of light rain and low 40s by noon and mid to upper 40s by late noon. partly cloudy and cloudy by dawn wednesday. tomorrow warm front comes through bringing milder temperatures to the 50s. as it comes through, it may trigger an isolated sprinkle. then a likelihood of showers or thunderstorms likely not severe but late thursday afternoon to
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thursday evening. might hear rumbling of thunder. milder into the low 70s on thursday. back into the 50s open friday. and partly sunny chance of a rain shower. a look at the weekend chilly but dry saturday and sunday. highs in the 40s. next weather and traffic on the 1's your bus stop forecast for the tuesday. how are the roads? >> right now have the issue on the outer loop. two different crashes beltway approaching coalsville road. they're on the shoulder. not lowing anything down here. you might see it if you're heading out sometime soon. beltway at saint barn bass is rolling along fine. update from police rock creek at pennsylvania it's closed off. pushing people off to p street. 95 virginia looking good. 66 into and out of town no problems there. a live picture of 270 coming up. thank you. take a look at the surveillance video. it shows philadelphia police tasering a man twice on train
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tracks. you can see the man was jumping up-and-down on the divider between the busy tracks yesterday. he refused to move to the platform. that's when officers used a taser on him twice. the man eventually got up and walked away. police did catch up with him. took him to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. an oregon father is facing multiple charges after he was caught blowing marijuana smoke into his infant child's mouth. a friend caught 22-year-old christopher klain on camera. witnesses have seen cling blow smoke at his child more than once. he faces up to 20 years in prison. police say the 1-year-old is safe now. they are not releasing that video. president obama says his health care overhaul is working better than anticipated. a number of people without health insurance fell by more than 11 million since that law was signed five years ago. that still leaves about 37 million part-time uninsured. that's the lowest level on
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record in 15 years. in news for your health. a new report said more than half a million americans will develop alzheimer's this year. as many as half will never be told their diagnosis. the alzheimer's association said only 45% of people with dementia said they were given a diagnosis by their doctor. part of their reason could be because there's no straightforward test to diagnose the disease. 5.3 million americans have alzheimer's right now. by 2025, it's expected to reach more than 7 million americans. if you eat a diet high in whole grains and fiber you may live longer. researchers at harvard university said eating 10 grams of fiber a day is linked to a lower risk of death. it may reduce your risk of cancer heart disease, and diabetes. >> it keeps your tummies happy, too. >> we won't mention it. that will be that.
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thank you for joining us. right now the military is racing to contact 100 american soldiers on an isis hit list. we'll take a look what else the government is doing to protect our service-members. plus a maryland hotel that played host to many of our presidents is closing its doors. and good morning! grab your coats as you head out the door this morning to the bus stop. tom is back a look at the temperatures in your
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looking at the stories making headlines now. a fraternity thrust into the national spot lite by a discredited article in the rolling stone could take legal actions. arlington county police cracking down on drivers, bicyclists, and people walking this morning. they're trying to keep people safe in the so called intersection of doom. the director of the secret service faces another grilling about problems with the agency. joseph clancey will be on the hill to talk specifically about a march 4th incident on white house grounds. good morning everyone. thank you for joining us.
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i'm erica gonzalez. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. we want to go to tom kierein. a chilly start. >> march doesn't want to give it up yet. doesn't want to give up winter. it's feeling like it. we had a few scattered flurries coming through. just a few lingering flurries in an run dahl county and northern charles. gone in a next few minutes. there's the flag near union station flapping in a bit of breeze this morning. it is in the mid 30s but it feels like the mid 20s. students boarding buses between 8:00 and 9:00 still cold in the mid 30s. a lot of clouds around and later today might get a few additional flurries. it is above freezing but cold. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 5:41.
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we're dodging pot locals. >> we were talking about that earlier. there are some nasty ones. rock creek parkway southbound to pennsylvania still have the closure. you're getting pushed off to p street because the earlier situation. beltway at colesville. we have on the outer loop crashes on both shoulders as you approach colesville road. you'll see it if you're heading out sometime soon. no major problem there. 270 all the folks heading southbound no problems. overall prince george's county looking quite good. all the main routes looks quite good. thank you. it's 5:32 and today canada expected to announce it will join the u.s. in conducting the air strikes against isis inside syria. this would make canada the first nato country other than the u.s.
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to conduct air strikes there. prime minister steven harper is expected to share details with parliament there today. and for the third time in recent months u.s. service-members are being urged to stay off of social media. this after an isis-inspired hit list appeared online. tracie potts live on capitol hill with the latest on the u.s. response to this. good morning to you. >> good morning. there are 100 names of american soldiers american troops on that list. not just their names but their photographs their titles in some cases and their home addresses. this isis group is trying to inspire people to kill them here in the united states on u.s. soil. the pentagon said they take this very seriously. the fbi is checking out the there et to see if it is credible. they're not providing personal protection from the pentagon. they don't think their systems were hacked. they think it was information already out there readily available online. so they're telling -- they're contacting all 100 and teaming them to scrub their social
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media. to change their privacy settings. to not put the information out there so it can be used by terror groups. >> tracie potts on capitol hill. thank you. today the new president of afghanistan they will lay a wreath at the tome of the unknown soldier. ash carter will join them marking the president's first ever official visit. yesterday he met with john kerry. later today he'll meet with president obama to discuss the amount of u.s. troops in afghanistan and the future role of the u.s. there. republican of all stripes are weighing in on texas senator ted cruz's bid for the white house. john cornyn declined to endorse him. utah senator mike leigh who teamed up with cruz said he's not ready to endorse anyone. however, cruz will likely get big tea party support. he could make a splash if he wins the texas primary.
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he faces a huge potential roster of gop candidates. we expect big names to jump into the race in the coming weeks. later this morning on the "today" show cruz and his wife heidi will give their first interview since announcing their bid exclusively on the "today" show. you can see it after news 4 today. yet another twist in the political career of virginia delegate joseph morrissey. he may be in hot water for moving outside his district. he moved for a senate bid, however, the virginia constitution said he must live in the district to stay in office as a state delegate. or as he tells the washington post, he intends to keep his seat. this could reenergize officers who want him out. he recently resigned after a sex scandal and changed his mind and won the seat back in a special election. at the time he was completing a work-release jail sentence. lawmakers
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and law enforcement from the district to new york will show their support for a national blue alert system. it would be similar to the amber alert but alert the public and media about violent criminals who injured or killed police officers. since two new york city police officers were killed last year, legislators have called for increased protections. maryland transportation leaders are expected to announce a drop in deadly crashes. later this morning, they will announce historic low traffic deaths based on preliminary numbers from 2014. they will show life saving devices and highlight a collaborative effort to cut down on the number of deadly and serious crashes across the state. breaking ground on two new buildings baldwin elementary and intermediary will serve students. it will accommodate growth in the school system. ground breaking begins at 11:00. -- 1:00 this afternoon.
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should be completed by 2017. a bombshell from angelaina jolie. how this year's cold wet winter could affect how many mosquito bites you get this year. good morning prince george's county. bundle up! chuck takes a look at the hour by hour temperature changes in your neighborhood.
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if you're planning a trip to the shenandoah national park the main road is partly closed now. they closed a 10-mile stretch of skyline drive because huge rocks have been falling on it. park management said the rocks do fall along that road sometimes but not ones this big. no one has been hurt because of this so far. a historic hotel in frederick county maryland that hosted presidents world leaders will close this week. the frederick news post reports no demolition date has been set for the cozy country inn. world leaders would stop by when they visited camp david. the 78-year-old owner jerry freeze at his age he can't keep up with running the business.
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you may be dealing with more pesky mosquitos this year. it seems a cold winter doesn't mean fewer mosquitos. it may mean the opposite. the fairfax county department of health in the county said that mosquitos are vibrant and can survive the below freezing weather. the colder weather only means that mosquitos have postponed laying their eggs. 5:41 is the time now. a live look outside this morning. this is our thermometer out on the storm team 4 weather deck. about 36 degrees here. >> and storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is at shady grove metro. he's out there on this chilly morning. >> did you describe mosquitos as vibrant. is this a mosquito dating site? >> vibrant and they love long walks on the beach. the whole nine yards. >> no kidding!
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mosquitos have been around for 50 to 60 million years. radar shows a couple of snow flakes across parts of northern maryland. here in shady grove montgomery county -- into the mid 30s now. we're at least above the freezing mark. even if you spot a flake or two it's coming down from the sky not going stick to the roads. if you see a snow flake let us know on social media at. @chuckbell4 is my twitter handle. plan on mid 30s and clouds and maybe a snow flurry or two. that's about it. plenty of clouds maybe a sprinkle. maybe one or two rays of sunshine. mely highs about 10 degrees colder than average. tom is talking about chances for rain drops and 70s in the seven-day forecast. for now, how are the roads? >>over all a couple of problems now. 16th street at northwest totally shut down at oak street. this is a police investigation. road closed both directions.
5:43 am
trying to find out more about this right now. and rock creek parkway southbound we have one lane getting bi. that's reopening this morning. travel times 95 north quantico to the beltway about. i'm back in ten. and i team investigation leads to a congressional hearings. why lawmakers are focussing on railroad crossings today on the hill. and angelina jolie chooses to have more surgery to prevent cancer. lots of reaction coming in this morning.
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good morning. i'm richard jordan at the live desk. angelina jolie opening up about a drastic decision she made
5:47 am
about her health. she wrote about it in a new york times article out today. two years ago she had preventive double mastectomy because she was at high risk for breast and ovarian surgery. she underwent surgery to have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed. this is what she said. she hopes to empower women to take control of their health. richard, thank you. the news 4 i-team told you about this months ago. today the nstb is holding a hearing about your safety around a moving train. more than 100 people have been hurt or killed while crossing train tracks. you probably won't see this same big security in place for maryland's next women's basketball game.
5:48 am
they played princeton last night and won. you can see there where extra officers on hand in college park. that's because president obama's niece plays for the tigers. umd police say they received a report a man with a gun was looking for her there. they decided later the call was a hoax. the president watched his niece's game this weekend but not at there last night. death row inmates in utah could face the firing squad. the governor signed a bill into law yesterday that would make the firing squad an option if no lethal injection drugs are available. bungled execution and drug shortages in other states lead utah to look for an alternative. streetcars in d.c. have no fatal flaws. a new report by transit experts found no fatal flaws along the rail system. the industry review said employees need more training especially those for maintaining
5:49 am
and operating the cars. the city already spent about $200 million along h street. maryland governor is promising to work with democrats to bring the fbi headquarters to the commonwealth rather to the state of maryland. hogan met with maryland's congressional delegation yesterday. the group is pledging to work closely to get the fbi to choose green belt or land over as the home. the maryland locations are engaged in a intense competition with springfield, virginia to win the headquarters and the estimated 11,000 fbi jobs. d.c. mayor will join city leaders for a ground breaking ceremony. part of phase two of the capital gateway marketplace in the northeast. the new development will include a walmart and a apartment building. sheriffs deputies are once again looking for two maryland sisters who disappeared 40 years ago. 12-year-old sheila lion and her 10-year-old sister catherine
5:50 am
vanished in 1975. deputies are focussing their search on taylor's mountain. richard allen wellsh have been named persons of interest in the case. neither has been charged. a warning for you live in the fredericksburg area. keep yourself out of the river. sewage made the way into the water ways on sunday when a sewer main broke. smith run and hazel run may be affected. the warning remains in place until tomorrow. volunteers at the virginia commonwealth university will spend tonight creating kids for survivors for child abuse and sexual violence. either kit contains toilet tries. they're designed to immediate the help the immediate needs. the winter felt long and brutal this year.
5:51 am
people who live in michigan are the snowiest or have the snowiest winter on record. sioux saint marie. got 160 inches of snow. marquette took the second place. followed by bangor, maine. we got less than two feet of snow this entire season. >> folks up there in that part of the country they're like we got snow. same thing every winter. >> they're used to. >> everything here shut down! >> it's a big part of the economy up there, too. people go up there to go snow mobiling and cross country skiing and snow shoeing. they're happy. it's a good thing. not here. marge march is trying to throw a tantrum this morning. it's light snow across northeast maryland. northeast of baltimore. locally a few scattered flurries coming through. and those scattered flurries
5:52 am
showing up near huntington getting a few there. that's pretty much the end of it. there's some south of saint michaels. a few flurries coming through now. upper 30s to near 40s in the method throw-- metro area. way out near the pennsylvania border it's in the upper 20s. dress warmly today. we'll have the cold weather with us through the morning. won't need umbrella or rain boots. a winter coat gloves warm hat. it's going to be unusually cold for this time of year. about 10 to 12 degrees colder than average. maybe an additional flurry around noontime early afternoon or sprinkle of light rain as temperatures get into the mid to upper 40s by mid to late afternoon. by noontime ought to be getting into the low 40s and upper 40s around 4:00 5:00. the flowers up. they're happy! it is in late march now. we see a lot of flowers like this basking in the sun.
5:53 am
the photograph taken by a viewer in virginia. a chance of a few sprinkles tomorrow. a bit milder. highs reaching the low 50s. a lot of clouds around on wednesday. much milder on thursday. making it into the low 70s. scattered showers mainly in the afternoon maybe even some rumbles of thunder. all that ending on thursday night. partly sunny on friday in the mid 50s. might get a few sprinkles on friday. the weekend is looking dry but chilly. highs near 40 on saturday. sunday mid to upper 50s. monday remaining dry. looking at not such a great commute. >> more problems than we see on the average weekday morning. 16th street at oak street the road closed at both direction because of a police investigation. rock creek parkway southbound at pennsylvania we have one lane southbound now getting by. northbound should be unaffected at this point. also alexandria this just
5:54 am
popped up. north king's highway totally shut down fair of fair haven because of some downed wires. wide look at things overall you're not seeing any big problems on the beltway. top of the beltway here a tad slow. pretty typical for this time of morning here as you approach georgia avenue. and the earlier crashes there at colesville road. southbound d.c. 295 as you head into town a little slow as you pass 50. take a look at 66 a little slow for you. again, nothing major about 45 miles per hour. slowest spot dale city northbound as you're heading up through virginia. >> thank you. we've got two recalls we want to tell you about this morning before you pack your lunch. both products contain spinnatch.
5:55 am
the fullest estlist is on we reached out to twin city food that supplyied the span agein itch. good morning, landon dowdy. >> good morning. a popular site where people can live stream themselves playing video games said it may have been hacked. it is owned by amazon said hackers may have gained access to personal information such as user names and pass words. credit cards aren't affected. twich is the fourth largest website trailing netflix and google. facebook has been in talks to host their content within facebook. it's making users tap a list to the outside site. facebook could test the new format in the coming months.
5:56 am
initial partners could include theuzz feed and national geographic. facebook could let them make money with ads alongside the content. >> thank you. efforts to stabilize -- rather efforts to review standardized tests in maryland schools are moving forward. the house of delegates voted unanimously to create a review commission and authorize the state to conduct a state on testing. the bill heads to senate for approval. maryland students began taking new standardized test this month under the common core state standards. d.c. adopted the standards. virginia hasn't adopted common core. starting today you can see lady gaga in the district. well you can take a peek at her wax figure is what we should better say. it's going to be unveiled at the mansion on o street in northwest. you can check out gaga in all her glory at the wax museum
5:57 am
through june. ♪ ♪ another local voice is kicked off nbc "the voice"." frederick native gibson is the only local singer left in the competition. she competes tonight in the knockout round. will coach christina keep her? you can find out at 8:00 tonight right here on nbc 4. good luck to her! well there's not a lot of traffic, yet, but police will be keeping a close eye on the busy intersection in the hours ahead. what they'll be looking for and what you need to know to avoid a ticket. that's coming up next on news 4 today.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now on news 4 today making sure you get to work safely this morning. the added patrols in the day ahead to help avoid the problems that have dubbed one busy corridor the intersection of doom. right now those snow flurries that we saw overnight have dissipated but you are still going to need to bundle up. our hashtag this morning colder than usual as we deal with temperatures in the mid to upper
6:00 am
30s. and storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here with the weather headlines of the day. >> the moody march gave us a few passing snow flurries. we saw few come through over the last couple of hours. now a few lingering flurries on the eastern shore. but most of them are over now. temperatures are cold. we're above freezing though. in the mid to upper 30s. prince george's county. much of fairfax county. the rest of northern virginia in the mid to upper 30s. mid 30s in montgomery county near 40 degrees in washington. weather headlines for today a lots of clouds around this morning and a cold morning feeling more like winter than spring. and chilly afternoon with temperatures about 10 degrees colder than average. rain chances moving in later this week. next weather and


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