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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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radar showing some showers headed our way. tom will time it all out for you and tell you when exactly in your day you'll need that umbrella bdand the short sleeves, 00. and the same storm system responsible for a series of dangerous tornados in oklahoma. at least one person has died. richard jordan has more from the live desk. >> path of destruction left behind by this dangerous storm system throughout oklahoma. specifically in the oklahoma city area we have video to show you some of the drivers caught the twister as it was moving toward them. many of them had to pull over taking shelter underneath an overpass as they recorded the video. look at those images there. one person is confirmed dead. one town hard hit is sands springs. a mobile home community was practically whipped out. several other people in other neighborhoods taking shelter, going to their basements as soon
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as they heard those tornado sirens going off. a school gym also collapsed, 60 to 70 people inside that gym. many have serious injuries. right now about 41,000 people are without power. and several schools in the area are closed this morning. a lot of damage there to clean up. again, we have learn that had one person was killed as a result of the tornado touchdown oig.that had one person was killed as a result of the tornado touchdown oig. let's get a look at our weather now with tom kierein. >> along with the warmer temperature, we'll have rain showers passing mainly south and ooefs the metro area. already had one batch. now it's the on the eastern shore. now pulling away heading toward the beaches. and we have another cluster of showers and thundershowers right now into northern north carolina just crossing into virginia. these too are on a track to pass just south of the metro area another several hours. most of the metro area should stay dry through the daylight hours. it's later this evening when we'll likely get some of those showers and thundershowers
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coming on through. before then you need a light jacket and then you can shed it and be comfortable this short sleeves by later this afternoon. temperatures right now hovering around 50 degrees in the metro area. 40s north andwestern suburbs. we'll have a look at hour by hour temperature changes at 6:11. volume building on the roads? >> virginia 95 north through dale city, pretty typical again for this time of morning. pretty clear until you hit dale city and then start joining the beltway on the inner loop a little bit slow. and again, pretty typical unfortunately. 395 north of duke a little bit of volume there building. 66 into town through manassas you're going about 39 miles an hour. not terrible. a tad slow. 270 at germantown road volume headed southbound. slowest spot is going to be through hyatts town at 109 as you're heading south.
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prince george's county overall no major problems right there. looking pretty good. everything flowing nicely. back at 6:11 with travel times. >> i go to uva sgrnchts. >> a bloody arrest caught on video. you you can hear the man saying i go to uva. that student martese johnson is expected in court today. he's also expected to speak with state investigators. the 20-year-old is expected to plead not guilty to obstruction of justice and public intoxication and swearing. cell phone video and pictures of the arrests show johnson with a bloody face as a.b.c. officers pinned him down outside a bar in charlottesville. he received ten stitches. virginia governor mcauliffe ordered an a.b.c. agents to undergo retraining the use of force you can culture ralg diversedy and interaction with youth. new details on the status of a student who created an uproar
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by sending an offensive e-mail to fraternity brothers. megan mcgrath is live in college park with more details on this. >> reporter: >> reporter: it created quite an outcry and we're now learning about the university of maryland student who wrote it. the fact that they will not be returning to campus this semester. e-mail was sent to six other students and contains racial slurs and denounces consent for sexual activity. he was a member of the fraternity and mentions rush week. and in that e-mail the student wrote that certain ethnic groups should be banned from fraternity activities. the e-mail was written actually a year ago, but only recently came to the attention of university officials. an e-mail sent to students last night from the vice president of student affairs says by mutual consent between the student, his family and the university the
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student will not be returning to campus. megan mcgrath news 4. new developments good the germanwings plane crash. one of the two pilots was locked out of the cockpit shortly before the crash. it's not clear why. the flaenplane flew in to the mountain. all 150 passengers before three of those passengers were americans and we have learned that two of them were from our area. this is emily selke, she grew up in nokesville and graduated from woodbridge high school. her mother yvonne who worked at booz allen hamilton was also killed. we don't have pictures of both of them right now. this is a couple that we can share with you. but a family friend said the selfied fiif i selkes were committed to their faith and just good people.
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today the man charged in the murder and abduction of a university of virginia student has a hearing in charlottesville. jesse matthew faces charges there. a new trial date will be set in may. matthew also faces charges of attempted murder and sexual assault in fairfax county. whoever thought smoking could to something like this. >> tips from smokers. the shocking way the new message from the cdc to get americans to kick the habit. tom says we are going to get some rain. but don't let that distract from you the 70 degree weather we could see today. he's timing out when it will be the warmest. and what you are doing to your makeup that could lead to an infection.
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new ad campaign hoping to mote say you to quit smoking. some of the images are tough to watch. >> it was devastating to me when i toupdfound out that i could lose my central vision. whoever thought that smoking could do something like this. >> these ads from the cdc will feature some graphic images and stories from former smokers. the hope here is that these real life stories will act as a scare tactic. >> when i found out that i could lose my central vision, whoever thought smoking could do something like this. >> the cdc says the point of the campaign is to really make you think twice about smoking. the ads will start airing nationwide next week. we're learning this morning that powdered alcohol will not be sold this maryland.
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alcohol wholesalers and distributors have agreed to voluntarily ban this. the powdered form of alcohol can be dissolved in a beverage but there are peers that it could be snorted or abused by minors. virginia has also banned that same powder. just look at that temperature. and it will only get better. tom, you are the man. >> do you remember what feels like to walk outside in short sleeves? today you'll have take chance, but you will need a light jacket over the short sleeves for the morning and have an umbrella ready, as well. we'll have passing showers especially if you live east of i-95 a. that will be through the morning hours through midday. between thousand and then you'll hover near 50 degrees. and then by noon jump in to the mid-60s. and then breaks in the cloud, some the afternoon. soaring temperatures into the low to mid 70s. short sleeve weather on the way by midafternoon.
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right now storm team radar showing clusters coming into so you were virginia. it will pass into southern maryland the northern neck it will take about another three or four hours before this get there is. but still passing south and east of the metro area. a look at timing on the rain and thunder arriving after that, that is coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:21. now with the morning commute on this thursday any problems yet that melissa? american legion bridge chopper 4 over that scene. everything moving quite nicely. taking a look at travel times, 270 south on time. top of the beltway, on time. quantico to the beltway, ten minutes behind. 395 and 66 inbound boothth looking good. remember go to wtop and listen to our friends there. she was reported kidnapped and police say the whole thing was made up. s clue that tipped off
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investigators. plus if you owe loans, the proposed new rules that could protect you from debt stacking up.
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developing right now saudi arabia launching air strikes in yemen, part of a military operation made up of 100 fighter skrets and 150 saudi troops are involved here. this is some of the video that is just coming in of those planes taking off. saudi arabia saying this is being done to protect the people of yemen from the houthi rebels that forced i can't plenyemen's president into hiding. also occupying territories all throughout the country and seizing weapons from the military. iran which is believed to back the houthis saying this is an invasion and that the air strikes are making it worse. saudi arabia does have support from kuwait pakistan jordan. we'll continue to monitor
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developments. today negotiators are entering a critical phase of talks over iran's nuclear program. secretary of state john kerry has landed in switzerland for meetings about there are only a few days left before the deadline for a preliminary deal. the basic framework is due at the end of the month. former army sergeant bowe bergdahl now facing charges of dwee desertion that could mean life in prison. he was held captive by the taliban for five year after he left his post in afghanistan. it's not clear why the army says he ran away. they charged him with deserting and putting his fellow soldiers in danger. one of those soldiers says he's surprised the charges aren't worse. >> i think that he's very lucky they're not talk about the firing squad and death penalty. >> bergdahl could be dishonorably discharged. sources tell nbc news that he is expected to take a plea deal to avoid a prison sentence.
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right now a man in michigan is suing police for what happens in this individual i don't. you can see officers approach floyd department'snt's car with a gun. 's pes he's punched more than a dozen times an he was tased as well. this all happened after he was pulled over for running a stop sign. police say they thought he was running away from them. >> in other news the university of oklahoma will release a report on a video that has now gone viral. that video shows students chanting racist slurs. the university says the report will be released on friday and that it will not suspend anymore students. one of the frat brothers levi pettit whom you see in this video who led the chant held a news conference yesterday to apologize. he med with civil rights activists, pastors and laegtsed eded
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eded elected officials and said he was deeply sorry and embarrassed that he failed to stop the chant p. however he would not say who taught him the chant or where he leaved it. we're following a developing story out of vietnam you now. search and rescue crews combing through this pile of rubble looking for survivors. the scaffolding here at a construction site collapsed yesterday. at least 14 people confirmed dead. 28 others hurt. a california couple accused of faking a kidnap to go extort ransom money. the northern california couple says that they were home on monday when a man broke in and kidnapped denise at gunpoint. the abductor allegedly asked for $8500 this ran systemsom money. police searched for two days. she reappeared yesterday at the her mother's house. police are now investigating whether the couple can be charged with a crime.
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in news for your health storing your makeup improperly can cause bacteria to form. a study found almost one third were contaminated with bacteria. experts recommend keeping your makeup properly sealed when you're not using it. mascara, that's a big one. that's a trouble spot. you want to replace that at least every these honesties. all other cosmetics should be tossed after 6 to 12 months.honesties. all other cosmetics should be tossed after 6 to 12 months. today we will learn the names of the two new bear cubs at the zoo. this will happen between 9:30 and 10:30 this morning at the zoo on connecticut avenue. they make their first public appearance on saturday. the cubs born in november are the third litter to be born at the zoo since 10 202010. and it will be a gorgeous day. hello spring. will you finally are.
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>> tom kierein has good news coming our way. >> it's been looking lying spring. flowers have been coming up. hasn't been feeling much like it but today it will. starting off this morning with much milder temperatures than we had yesterday morning when it was merenear freezing. right now we're near 50 degrees in the metro area. 40s in a few places in montgomery and fairfax county, but most locations are right around 50 degrees. which i will krer by the bay. bay waters still pretty chilly. only the low 40s there now. we have one batch of showers even thunder and lightning passing well south and east of the metro area this morning. and later this morning, a few more of those coming through. timing maybe with a little thunder and lightning through 10:00 this morning. as we look at prince george's county anne arundel, charles, st. mary's you'll need an umbrella for the morning. and then by noontime most of the area might get a few scattered sprinkles as far weather as right in to washington. but most of the activity through
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much of the daylight hours about be east of the i-95 corridor. it's after that that area wide we'll get a line of thundershowers getting close to us. this is 6:00 p.m.. shower activity across northern virginia coming into the western suburbs of wallshington about 8:00. it will sweep through washington and then move in to the eastern southern suburbs with showers and some frashlashes of lightning. don't anticipate any severe weather, just flashes of lightning with showers coming on through. we could pick up about half an inch of rain by the time it tapers off tomorrow morning. before that a nice warming on the way with a balmy southerly breeze. we'll be into the 60s by noontime. temperatures low to mid-70s by midafternoon. then cooler weather moves in after the showers end friday morning. highs low 50s. much cooler saturday might get a sprinkle saturday afternoon maybe flurries in the mountains. it will only be in the mid-40s on saturday. and then sunday, pretty nice.
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sunshine up near 50. mild start to next week and poug. next weather and traffic on the 1s a look at the wide variety of neighborhood highs today. that's at 6:31. brand new crash popped up root one north at dale boulevard. so policen responding to that crash. there is an injury there. so that could be there a little bit. also up in frederick county 70 east at 27 we do have an issue there with a crash, it is a single vehicle crash. but still in the way there 70 east at 27. wide look at things overall looking pretty typical inbound 395 a little slow. same thing inbound 66 as you hit the beltway. and then 295 as you're headed into town. 270 at german up to a little bit of volume headed southbound. and then 66 at the beltway, headed into town with the wheat headlights there, just typical volume. back at 6:31. new rules could keep
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from you becoming trap hd debt. the consumer financial bureau says it will are consider the rules for lenders. they would only be able to loan you money if they're sure you can pay it back. the cfpb is looking at want to stress that something they're contempt plating, look at into approaches. prevention and protection here. lenders could prevent the problem by verifying your income and borrowing history up front ensure that you go won't have a problem with the loan or they could protect against defaults with limits on how much you can borrow in a year. check the nbc washington a.m. a little later today for more on these potential chachknges. >> one way to save money to your car insurance, get married. a new study finds a married 20-year-old pays on average 21% less than the single 20-year-old for the same policy. hawaii the only state where insurance companies are not
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allowed to factor in marital status. insurance companies also consider age and again dergender in hair rises. as for age car insurance costs drop every year until you turn 60 years old provided you don't have any issues. >> so we have to get you hitched and then roll back the hands of time about -- we won't say how long. you left me hanging high and dry earlier. >> when you did what? not going to do it again? it's facebook. hey, check out a big surprise for maryland airman. >> he thought he was heading to bible study but instead -- >> hello! >> that's jeff coverdale arrive to go a surprise party at crofton community church in maryland. coverdale just returned from afghanistan. we thank him for his service. it was his third deployment. he looks pretty happy there to
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be home with his fiance katie. >> happy to get married, all that good stuff. >> the wedding is this colorado on august 8. so congratulations to them. >> he's home glad to be home just wants to get married and get on with life. >> good for them. we wish them well. this morning three people are waking up with an award for helping others. vietnam veteran michael reagan is among those honored with the citizen before self award. he makes hand drawn portraits for families of fallen service members killed in iraq and afghanistan. john meese tackle and subdued a gunman during a shooting at seattle pacific university last year. the congressional medal of honor foundation chooses the honorees. inthis winter forced a lot of schools to close this season. how all of those snow days could impact the schedule for students in fairfax county.
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and good morning capitol hill. tom is tracking which neighborhoods will be the warmest. and we're learning new details about what former congressman jesse jackson jr. will be doing in the district when he's released from federal prison today.
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right now we're getting our first look at the tornadoes that tore through parts of oklahoma. one person was killed. and several people are injured. officials in tulsa say that they are not sure whether it was a tornado that plowed through a mobile home park there or straight line wind. but that same storm system is headed our way. radar showing it is weakening as comes towards us. tom kierein has more on how the remnants will impact this area. that's part of a cold front that will be arriving here later tonight. and we could get some showers and thunder out of it fwhou severe weather. look at our eastern sky now. live view of the bubble gum pink sky. sunrise about a half an hour away. look at the afternoon high
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temperatures today. it will be near 70. in the mountains showers coming through and near 70 there. immediate metro area will be hovering in the low to mid-70s. warmest neighborhoods will be prince william county into fauquier county stafford, spotsylvania, over to charlottesville. mid-70s today. southern maryland, away from the waters we'll be in the low 70s. but it will be cool right near the waters and on the eastern shore with a few showers coming through. temperatures will be in the mid-60s. so quite a welcome warming on the way. a few showers passing east of us now, another cluster of thundershowers and rain now coming into southern virginia, that will pass south and east of us later this morning and into this afternoon. a look at your bus stop and drive time forecasts coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:41. still have a crash we understand blocking the right lane route 1 northbound at dale boulevard. so going to be a little slow through that area. we are seeing slowdown also northbound 95.
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so probably both will be about the same as far as travel times to work for you if you're headed 95 north. 70 east at 27 still have that crash in mt. airy. single car crash with injury. beltway at river road outer loop here everybody moving quite noosely. 66 east of 123, eastbound, west bound, everything moving well for us this morning. and then taking a look at the mixing bowl chopper 4 over the scene showing us some fatherly light volume looking pretty good once you get to that area. i'm back in ten minutes. we'll have some travel times for you. today we will learn more about how the obama administration plans to confront isis. the house foreign affairs committee will meet to discuss a strategy to target the terror group. iraq's president says a u.s. led company a lugs started air strikes yesterday targeting isis in the tikrit military.
6:33 am
part of the offensive is being commanded by an iranian general who has publicly rejected any u.s. role in the fight. former congressman jesse jackson jr. is expected to be released from a federal prison today. he will transition to a halfway out here in washington. he just finished a 2 1/2 year sentence for misspending $750,000 in campaign money. jackson was busted 134rur7b8gsplurging on a rolex watch, furs and a if i dora that once belonged toi dora that once belonged to michael jackson. a group of four people waking up in a northern virginia jail this morning accused of running a drug ring. the sheriff's office says they found 26 ounces of cocaine, $16,000 in cash and several weapons. all four are from the new york
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area. we're learning this morning that five girls have overdosed at a frederick county maryland high school. the sheriff's office says the girls took prescription drugs at oakdale high. four students were taken to the hospital. one student was released to a parent. investigators say a 15-year-old student supplied the drugs. 6:34. fair pax county schools will get together to discuss a potential major change to the calendar.pax county schools will get together to discuss a potential major change to the calendar. one more canceled day could have a huge ripple effect. zachary kiesch live to explain the options. >> reporter: good morning. tom says we could see 70 today, but it has been one heck of a winter. here in fairfax county they have missed ten school gay sdays. at jackson middle school, school board members will be here this evening to discuss what happens if they miss another school day. could mean changes to the 2015-2016 calendar and it could mean that they are eligible for waiver. in that case fairfax county
6:35 am
would start the school kayday next year the week before labor day and would allow schools to begin on monday august 31 before the labor day week a he saidend and send june 16. if they miss one more they will be eligible and again, this is all hinging on the school board's decision. back to you. zachary kiesch live for us. thank you. today we'll learn how prince george's county schools plan to help your kids succeed over the next five years. the district is unveiling its strategic plan at a meeting at #:00 tonight. we're told it includes a plan to achieve a 09% or better graduation rate along with ways to up a h.a.c.t. and s.a.t. scores. they say they want to ensure all students are 100% ready for college. metro's board is expected to talk about a new campaign targeting people who don't pay their fares. metro police cracking down on
6:36 am
fare evaders. that agency is adding more police officers at popular rail stations and bus routes. they will issue warnings and then you could be fined up to 100 ths. police issued about 3500 tickets for pair evasionfare evasion last year. we could be heading for yet another battle on the hill this time over the budget. the house passed a budget in part it balances the overall budget with that ten year yet it sets up another attempt to repeal president's health care law. as you can imagine, the white house was very critical of the bill. the senate republicans are still working on their version of the budget. new details emerging at the site of a germanwings flaen crash. what flight data recorders are reveal building who was not inside the cockpit at the time of the crash. a live look outside. tom takes a look at the bus stop draft coming up forecast. and what a nudeew study says
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breaking news from the live desk out of northwest washington. there is a water main break on 17th street between colorado and euclid. d.c. water crews trying to make the repair but this is not impacting traffic. roads are open in the area. the water has been shut off to about six homes and six apartment buildings. it will take two to four hours before the repairs are complete and the water turned back on. snow days apparently don't hurt student progress. with winter reluctant to leave, researchers are comparing weather data and student death scores. it seems the number of canceled days because of snow doesn't hurt a child's reading or math scores. progress was affected on days when it snowed and schools were open but fewer students this class.
6:41 am
today we're not talking about snow we're talking about spring because it's finally starting to feel like it. at least for today anyway. >> your weather and traffic on the 1s. yeah much warmer this morning with a southerly breeze. temperatures hovering around 50 degrees in the metro area. we'll stay this way through the morning when students are waiting for buses between 7:00 and 8:00. if you live in prince george's county, charles, calvert, st. mary's you might need an umbrella. otherwise staying dry. we'll be hovering near 50 degrees. a look at when the rain and thunder arrives, that's coming up at 6:51. now an update on the crash. still have a crash hanging around. we hear it's in the right lanes route 1 northbound at dale boulevard. i'd tell you to take 95 but it look like 95 is about the same. so no matter where you go, it
6:42 am
will be slow. 95 north quantico to the beltway, slow. 395, 66 looking good. 270 south a little slow. outer loop quite slow at 28 minutes. remember to follow our friends at wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. you won't have to sneak on to your facebook page at work anymore. how the social media site is making itself more business friendly. developing now. devastation in oklahoma the new information from the live desk on what officials are learning as the dust settles.
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15 before the hour. we're closely watching two developing stories. we're getting a better idea of the destruction from a major tornado in oklahoma. plus the new information this morning as investigators try to figure out why that plane crashed in the french alps. first weather and traffic. much milder this morning. temperatures are near 50 degrees around the metro area. we'll say this way through 8:00 this morning. a few showers east of i-95. by noon, we'll be in the mid-60s. partly sunny, in the low to mid-70s by mid afternoon. crash still hanging around route 1 north at dale boulevard. dale city you can see also a little bit slow as you're heading north on 95. here is a live picture copper 4 over 95 at fairfax county parkway. had a disabled vehicle off to the right. you can see the volume headed
6:46 am
authority. new developments this morning in the investigation into why a germanwings plane crashed in the french alps. 150 people were on board including a mother and daughter from virginia. this is emily selke from nokesville. she ander her mother yvonne died. keir simmons is live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. just as i speak to you, i'm watching a grucht families in vehicles heading up the road here. we think they're going towards near the crash site down to the bottom of the mountain to pay their respects. meanwhile, i know the selke family will be shocked to be waking up to this news, people are stunned here i have to tell you by these reports in various news organizations including the "new york times" that says that one of the pilots it seems from analysis of the black box appears to have left the cockpit and then according to the sounds
6:47 am
this black box seems to be showing was knocking on the cockpit door trying to get back in as this a-320 descended down on to the al ppsalps. people are misty misty tied. could this news give us a clue as to why this handled during this last past week. >> keir simmons live for us in trance. we'll look forward to your report on the "today" show. a developing story from the live desk. a path of destruction in oklahoma particularly the oklahoma city area after a deadly tornado swept through. take a look at the ominous pictures coming in here. drivers even managed to catch the twist sisterer on the cell phones. some waiting under an overpass until the storm passed through. and there was town hard hit,
6:48 am
sand springs, that's where the mobile home park is. you can see most of that now wiped away. several people taking shelter after the tornado sirens went off. a gym chanced about 60 to 70 people inside at the time. many suffered some injuries there. we have learned there is one fatality to report from the region. thousands of people are without power. schools are closed. last year oklahoma had a relatively quiet severe weather season. low number of tornados from what they're used to this year already off to a tragic start. today university of virginia student who needed ten stitches following a bloody arrest is expected in court. 20-year-old martese johnson is expected to plead not guilty to obstruction of justice and public intoxication and swearing. this cell phone video and pictures of his arrest show johnson with a bloody face as a.b.c. officers pinned him down outside a bar in charlottesville. johnson is also expected to talk with state investigators.
6:49 am
because of that case virginia governor mcauliffe is ordering all a.b.c. officers to be retrained immediately. he signed an executive order that requires agents to be retrained in the use of force, cultural diversity, policing and interacting with teens. mcauliffe already ordered state police to investigate johnson's arrest. 11 before the hour thousand. also now. also the man charged with the administer and abduction of hannah graham expected in court. jesse matthew faces the charges. a new trial date will be set in may. he also faces charges of attempted murder and sex all assault in fairfax county. big changes could be coming to the service that many of us use to listen to music. landon dowdy has the story. apple is overhauling the music business to create a stream ing service to compete with spotify. also revamping itunes radio.
6:50 am
and seeking more exclusive album releases for itunes. apple is expected to unveil all of this in early june. facebook is beefing up its messenger app. you can now turn text into songs and make it easier to find and share animated images. soon users will also be able to play and track online retail orders. back to you. it's all aboard as the carnival pride returns to baltimore. you can thousand sale year round from baltimore to bermuda or even the bahamas. the ship will be welcomed back to the port after a major facelift. you can check out all the new features which include an adult only serenity room. very nice and relaxing. the ship will dock at 6:30 in the morning on saturday. well, this morning a newborn apparently cooperate couldn't wait
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to get to the hospital. a mother gave birth just before4:00 on 270. >> at this point, it seems like everybody is doing okay. so congratulations to them. baby wanted to get here to enjoy this one spring day. like wait a minute it will be warm let do it now. >> yeah it was on the way that's right. in fact we'll be doing the snoopy dance later today. turn your face to the sky and pra in prance around. right now though it's still rather cool. you need a light jacket. temperatures are hovering they're 50 degrees around the metro area. low to mid-50s across north central virginia. low to mid-40s neert chesapeake bay. and on the eastern shore, there have been a few showers passing through. a cluster with thunder and lightning coming into southern virginia. that's on a track to pass into southern maryland, eastern suburbs here another two or three hours, it will be maybe around 8:00 9:00 when that passes through. the timing on that continuing to
6:52 am
pass to the east of the metro area. then it's later today as we'll get breaks in the clouds that we'll really have our temperatures beginning to climb. and then by 6:00 p.m. a line of showers and thens moves into the panhandle of west virginia and the shenandoah valley. brand new model just updated. this line of the yellow and orange where we could get heavy downpours from hagerstown to winchester around 6:00 p.m.. after that, between 7:00 8:00, that's when the line gets right into northern virginia and nearby suburbs from fauquier into prince william, fairfax montgomery and the district. some thunder and light nip and brief heavy down pours coming through between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m.. then it breaks up a bit takes heads off to the east after that maybe a few lingering showers around this time tomorrow morning just east of the metro area. a lot of clouds around right now and temperatures hovering near 50 through 8:00. then jumping this to the 60s by noontime. and then the low to mid-70s most of the region by mid afternoon, we get that sun breaking out and then the shower activity arrives
6:53 am
and breaks up tomorrow morning. sun back friday afternoon and much cooler highs only low 50s. then the 40s on saturday. might get a sprinkle on saturday. otherwise partly sunny. then a bit milder sunday, up near 50 with sunshine. 7 day outlook partly cloudy each day and mild, as well. looking dry with cool mornings. taking a look here you can see we're pretty slow here 95 north at fairfax county parkway. all these folks headed north. chopper 4 was over a disabled vehicle. it looks like that has been cleared to the right. route 1 northbound at dale boulevard, also slow for us this morning from a crash. wide look at things overall looking pretty typical. you can see slow here top of the beltway of course that's what we normally see this time of day. 66 here at fairfax county parkway, everybody into and out of town. behaving themselves at this point this morning. beltway at landover road, you can see inner loop and outer loop both looking quite fine. taking a look at 95 in maryland,
6:54 am
coming done to the ing down to the beltway, a little slow. bw parkway, rolling along nicely. no major issues there. first 4 traffic of course always working for you. if you live in arlington you might have noticed some of the county's newest sidewalks already showing wear and tear. bits of debris breaking off the tops an ending up scattered. the county is looking at whether this is a construction flaw or if it's weather related. they say, though it is not a safety issue. and you'll soon see relief on route 7 in loudoun county. construction now under way to complete a missing section of russell branch parkway. it's a several hundred foot stretch east of ashburn road. the road is slated to open sometime in 2016. 6:54. new developments from the university of maryland after a student came under fire for an offensive e-mail that went public. megan mcgrath live in college park now with more on this.
6:55 am
>> reporter: good morning. we're learning more about the status of a university of maryland student who wrote an offensive e-mail with racial slurs and references to rape. we've learned that that student will not be returning to campus this semester. the student who wrote the e-mail was a member of the kappa sigma fraternity at the time the message was written. it was written about a year ago but only recently came to the attention of university officials. now, a letter sent to students by the vice president of student affairs last night says by mutual consent between the student, his family and the university he will not be returning to campus. back to you. construction on a new ballpark in loudoun county are on hold because of a lawsuit. the loudoun times report as trial is set for october to decide a lease dispute for the stadium. the 5500 seat stadium is part of the one loudoun development in ashburn. the stadium would be located at the intersection of route 7 and loudoun county parkway.
6:56 am
dozens of heros will be honored take in fairfax county. the chamber of commerce holding its 37th annual valor awards this morning in chantilly. i'm honored to emcee the service to honor public safety heros who have put their personal safety at risk. that ceremony begins at 11:30. here are the four things you need to know before you head out. the man charged in the murder and abduction of hannah graham is expected in court. jesse matthew faces charges in the case. some breaking news in just the last few minutes, jesse jackson jr. was released from a federal prison. he will transition to a halfway house here in washington. jackson was busted for misspends campaign money. uva student martese johnson expected to plead not guilty following an arrest that left him with ten stitches. the 20-year-old faces two misdemeanors. and today you'll find out the official names of the two
6:57 am
new bear cubs at the national zoo. they will make their first photo appearance. the cubs were born in november and they're the third litter to be born at the zoo since 2010. if you live east of i-95 today, you'll probably need an umbrella. much milder. we'll be in the mid-70s by midafternoon. >> thanks so much for joining us today. we hope that you enjoy those beautiful temperatures outside. take the umbrella with you. >> make it a great thirst, everybody.
6:58 am
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. good morning. locked out. a stunning new report that one of the pilots on the doomed german flight was outside the cockpit and trying to smash down the door at the time of the crash. the morning, what do we know about these pilots neighborhood, ravaged, violent storms gripped through oklahoma and arkansas. >> a tornado on the ground. >> at least one person dead, a gymnasium collapsing with dozens inside. the threat of more storms racing east today. one on one mitt romney in studio 1a exclusively opening up about the next presidential race. if he would have


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