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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 27, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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the bridge across military road. military road also a very busy commuter route. we have lane closures there, as well. so two major roads through the area this stretch of northwest impacted by this project. it's going to be going for several months. are they're hoping that they can finish it up in august but until then expect major disruptions through the area. georgia avenue that's one of the alternative routes. so that is expected to be busy as well, as people who normally a 16th street are shifted over to georgia. we also have impact to bus routes that run along this stretch of 16th street as well. so keep that in mind. it will take people a little bit of -- a little while to figure out the new configuration and figure out how they will be getting to work. so today also with the rain might get a little dicey. back to you in the studio. a developing story right now in northern virginia. fairfax county police are looking for suspects after a man
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was found shot inside a home. this happened just after 8:00 last night on north kings highway in the alexandria section. police believe there are four suspects here they're still investigating whether those suspects knew the victim. the loudoun county sheriff's office is asking anyone to come forward if you know anything about an alleged sex assault as a church. they're investigating calvary ten temple after two women say they were assaulted when they were children. a peaceful protest will be held outside the church on sunday. we're closely watching the developments out of france this morning. investigators are looking into what sparked the co-pilot of germanwings flight 9525 to crash a plane in the french alps. they say andreas lubitz killed himself and 149 other people including a virginia mother and her daughter. some friends say lubitz was battling depression and was
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burnt out. however lufthansa says he was 150% fit to fly. >> my firm confidence in the selection of all pilots in the training of all pilots the equaled if i indication of all pilots and the work of all pilots has not been touched by this single tragedy. >> police have searched the apt the of lubitz. tracie potts will be live from capitol hill in a couple minutes with more. the suspect in a fatal drunk driving accident heads to court in a few hours. momodui bello has been-degree murder. he was speeding when he crashed into a parked trailer. he had been drinking at a are bar. the victim nancy takeinoza was in the front seat. he alledgedly pulled her out of car and shook her. s her funeral is tomorrow. just about an hour ago, the
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is that the passed a unlgbudget bill that could lead to a veto battle with the president. it cuts trillions of dollars. the white house says the cuts are draconian and could impact national security. political junkies have been watching this dramatic marathon vote series closely. it required several possible 2016 presidential candidates to go on record on some politically charged issues. well, those beautiful temperatures are now but a distant memory my friend. we are chilly once again this morning. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein standing by and we have rain to top it off. >> i'm wonder, did that enhappen yesterday? yes, we did actually get into the 70s briefly. but now we're in the 40s and the rain continues to fall. we have moderate rain this line in the yellows, oranges and reds stretching from culpeper into fauquier prince william, fairfax fairfax, frederick, montgomery and howard. the heaviest rain is right in montgomery county and that is maybe causing some ponding of
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water. so watch out for that. our temperatures all above freezing. we're in the 40s from the mountains all the way to the chesapeake bay as this cool front has been moving through. so have an umbrella. and you'll need your rain boots. you'll be comfortable with a warm coat as we'll stay in the 40s through the morning. next weather and traffic on the 1s a look at our hour by hour chilly temperatures for the day ahead. and now alexis how are the roads? >> do have the ponding on the roadway and watch out for potholes as you mentioned earlier. with the higher speeds on the beltway, you'll hydroplane. so be careful this morning. right now looking at the beltway, this is in montgomery county at river road we're seeing more volume on the road, but no major sdibtss in this area. do watch your speed as you see the spray coming up. and here is a live look beltway -- excuse me 66 at the beltway, this on ramp you'll find responding there, as well. watch out for the slick spots. taking a look this bethesda
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northbound maryland 355 at woodmont avenue ongoing construction. an investigation is under way now that a missing 5-year-old in virginia has been found dead. noah thomas was last seen sunday morning at his family's home in dublin. his body was found yesterday afternoon on the family's property. the sheriff leading the investigation made a brief statement. >> he was found at a location near his home. his body was discovered in a septic tank during a more detailed and aggressive search. the recovery of the body is now part of our investigation and ongoing. >> sheriff says the child's parents have been cooperating with the investigation and so far no arrests have been made. i'm richard jordan at the live desk following a developing story out of new york city. that building explosion in manhattan manhattan's eastville allege. mayor de blasio saying everyone is the canhe accounted for, but the
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family of a 23-year-old man say they haven't seen or heard from him. not much is left of the building. it started at a sushi restaurant at the bottom floor of that building. there was plumbing and gas work going on at the time, a new gas meter was being installed. prior the installation had just been in-speblgtsed and failed inspection and then the flames ignited spreading to about three buildings there, all told 19 people were hurt four of them in critical condition this morning. we'll be watching developments all morning. a rookie d.c. firefighter is facing charges today for the possession of an unregistered firearm and ammunition. andre watson was arrested on wednesday in southeast washington. police say an unregistered handgun along with ammunition were found in his apartment. watson is the third d.c. firefighter to be arrested in three weeks. we have a school closing to pass along to you today. charles county schools says malcolm elementary school in war
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waldorf is closed. there is a problem with the school's well. a major witness in the aaron hernandez trial gets ready to at that time the stand. but don't expect her to incriminate him even if she has immunity. you can use it, but you can't buy it. so one group is making it it easier for you to get your hands on pot but you may have to get them a little dirty. and storm team 4 radar work hard. tom is tracking all of the rain and the chilly temperatures headed our way.
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dramatic new video coming into us this morning. tunisian authorities released images of an anti-terror squad storming a hugh see up duringmuseum during and at taking. gunman opened fire last wednesday. 21 people were killed there. isis claimed responsibility. a critical witness will reportedly take the stand this morning in the trial of former nfl player aaron hernandez. the associated press reports that hernandez's fiance will be called today. jenkins was granted immunity by the court in february. that means she can be compelled to testify or face time behind bars. jenkins has been accused of helping dispose of evidence. hernandez is charged with the murder of odin lloyd. this morning homeowners in
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oklahoma will continue sifting through rubble. tornado season is off to a deadly start in the midwest. one man was killed when a twister hit a mobile home park near tulsa and sand springs. you can see just dozens and dozens of homes were destroyed. three tornadoes moved through that state wednesday night. your weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:41. we start with this live look outside. cloudy skies, rainy across much of the area. tom. >> it will be hanging in here through the morning. right now getting a line of moderate showers that stretches from culpeper through fauquier, prince william into fairfax county and parts of loudoun county and frederick county. heaviest rains are in montgomery county this big area of red. that's a big area of moderate to heavy rain that stretches from damascus over toward ashton. this is gradually tracking up toward columbia.
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now, later this morning, still rain falling in the upper 40s by 8:00 a.m.. by noon, still only in the upper 40s. but lighter rain. and then the rain ends after that so we'll have are a drying during the afternoon. but no warming much p. only going to be reaching the low 50s maybe briefly by late afternoon and remaining cloudy. look how long the chill will last into our weekend, that's coming up at 4:51. alexis davies, how are the roads? >> looking good on the beltway in maryland and virginia. no reports of incidents or delays. but you do want to watch out fornd forring on the roadway and the potholes. we have a widespread power outage in northeast, maryland avenue northeast between bladensburg road and benning road. watch out for out traffic lights. 270 in gaithersburg looking good. beltway at good luck. tune into wtop 103.5. imagine opening your front door to find police with their guns drawn. that is exactly what happened to
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a prince george's county family. now they're wondering if the officers' actions were warranted. and a bizarre shooting caught on
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it goes 4:45. take a live look outside in northeast d.c. where the rain is coming down pretty steadily. tom will tell us how long it will stick around. that's coming up in your weather and traffic on the 1s. want to show you surveillance video. three men are seen standing in a parking lot in d.c. shooting. police are not sure what the men are shooting at here. d.c. police want your help identifying these suspects though. this happened on wednesday on hayes street. police say nobody was injured there. a prince george's county family wants answers after police met them at the door with
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their guns drawn. officers say they were responding to complaints thoois a boy was walking around the lanham neighborhood with a gun. >> had a gun pointed at me at my son. so i was fearing for his life. >> he told me to put my hands up like shut up, put your hands up. >> both prince george's county and glenarden police responded. chief says officers acted appropriately and had their guns drawn but they evernever pointed them at anyone and officers realized the sawyers were not involved in the complaint. a deadly plane crash in france this week killed 150 people including the co-pilot andreas lubitz who investigators are now saying intentionally crashed the plane. tracie potts is live on capitol hill. tell me about what you're learning. >> reporter: brand new this morning, a german tabloid is reporting that that co-pilot andreas lubitz when he took a
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break six years ago from training underwent some psychiatric treatment. they're saying that he experienced a serious depressive episode and was under psychiatric treatment for a year and a half. they're quoting internal documents from you have tanlufthansa and other information and sources. they say all of this will be turned over to the french. meantime they have searched his apartment in germany, but the officials there say no crucial evidence was found. and all of will is fueling a growing debate about whether or not one pilot should be able to lock himself in the cockpit. that's something that was put in place after 9/11. but now we know at least seven airlines that have immediately changed their policies after this crash. they're now say has gone two people either a pilot -- two pilots or pilot and flight attendant must be in that cockpit at all times. >> tracie potts live on the hill.
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thank you so much. today two men are getting ready on say good-bye to the earth. two nasa astronauts embark today on a one year mission to the international space station. scott kelly together with mikhail will test human endurance to prolonged space travel. right now advocates for safe medical marijuana usage are gathering here in washington for the weekend. americans for safe access is holding its third annual conference. a chance for patients and lawyers to visit with doctors and policy experts. the conference officially opens tomorrow. hundreds of people waited in line for hours for mayor hair seeds. you can now legally smoke pot in d.c.. but if you can't buy it, yesterday the d.c. cannabis campaign organized two seed sharing events. they're for people who don't know anyone who can give them seeds. another seed share is planned for tomorrow. you will soon be enjoying
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your favorite starbucks cover fee closer to home if you live near columbia pike. they're ofr opening a new store in penrose square. an exact opening date not known just yet but we did know it is opening a little later this year. >> that is my neck of the woods. he i look forward to that. >> a lot of people live by if not starbucks, coffee at least. exactly. this morning the very nice temperatures that we had yesterday, i even got a chance to get out to the park with some friends. absolutely beautiful. that is a distant memory. >> like the rain washed the warmth around. >> did you go down the slide? >> i did. i was out there with friends and their sweet daughter. it was gorgeous. >> parks were packed yesterday. we all have cabin everybody enjoyed the 70s for about 25 minutes and now it's cold again. well not cold but chilly. look at the radar, a lot of rain all advancing southwest heading
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northeast and those areas in the yellows, the reds, that's where it's coming down pretty lard. right now got one batch of moderate rain right in central fauquier county near warrenton and then right into fairfax. heaviest rains right now are in montgomery and howard counties just to our north of the metro area. now raining pretty hard from laytonsville over to ashton and then south of there toward aspen hill and into silver spring. that is tracking right into howard county heading right on up toward 29 and near columbia and interstate 70 too. so keep a track on this radar when you're away from your tv with the weather app. you can check the radar and see what is going on. right now we're in the mid-40s. most of the region around the bay and around the metro area and farther to the west it's hovering in the low 40s shenandoah valley out in the mountains. so all locations are above freezing. for the morning commute, we will
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have wet pavement so watch out for those potholes filled with water. i hit one this morning. temperatures will stay in the upper 40s. and then during the afternoon, only hovering around 50, but the roads will be drying out for the afternoon. post your pictures like sue cromer did in the warmth. at least it's looking like spring. for the weekend, saturday blustery day, partly sunny, mid-40s. sunday into the low 50s with quite a bit of sunshine. so quite a chim for the weekend, then after that as we get into next week, mild again monday tuesday, wednesday into the 60s. mid-60s maybe some rain on thursday. let's check that traffic now with alexis. good morning. traveling the beltway in maryland and virginia we're getting no reports of incidents or delays. we do have the widespread power outage in northeast d.c. maryland avenue between bladensburg and benning road. you'll want to watch for
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malfunctioning traffic lights. treat them as a four way stop. 66 into the beltway you'll find ponding on the roadway. you could hydroplane at faster speeds. elsewhere, 95 395, traveling up toward the beltway looking good. finding more volume on the road. 50 from annapolis into the district looking good as well. some say that it's a unique take on physical therapy. >> and it's helping people get back to work after being injured on the job. >> you take a slip or a fall while at work and it can take weeks maybe even months to get back on the job. experts say even when you're med he cannily cleared to go back to work a lot of times people still aren't ready and they end up getting injured again. now we're learning about a new program that is not only may going sure employees are ready to go back to work but is also preventing them from getting injured again. >> reporter: digging lift shoveling and turning. this this warehouse in sterling virginia is full of people
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trying to get back to work doing physical therapy that mimics their day jobs. >> i was a school bus driver and i have to be able to lift kids if there is an emergency, i need to be able to lift the roof hatches and open the windows. >> reporter: this 53-year-old says she spent weeks in traditional physical therapy after she underwent surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff an injury she suffered after she slipped on the ice at work last year. but her doctor said she still wasn't ready to return to work. instead they sent her here. industrial health a specialized rehabilitation center that works in conjunction with inova health system. >> i didn't even know how much i needed this when i came in here. >> coming up tonight at 5:00 doreen gensler has more on work rehab that is helping to get employees to stay healthy on the job. well, you will need your
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e-zpass if you plan on taking part of the dulles toll road. the reason why if just three minutes. and just child's play or complete disrespect? the picture involving a d.c. memorial that is creating a huge controvers
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today d.c. mayor bowser
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outlines her plans for helping you land a good paying job. this morning the mayor will announce a new d.c. career academy. bowser says the academy will streamline all the city's workforce development programs. it will link unemployed residents to employment education and training opportunities in growing fields. the academy will also have an apprenticeship program to prepare people for their new positions. a viral photo shot in d.c. is sparking a lot of uproar online right now. you may have seen this in your facebook feed. the picture shows two children climbing on the vietnam woman's memorial. a tourist from ohio captured this image. you can see the people in the background there even the gentleman in the wheelchair one of the bystanders reacting to this image. the photographer says the parents wanted the kids to climb up for a photo. a first 4 traffic alert for you if you travel dulles toll road. you will need the e-zpass if you
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take the hunter mill exit. they're doing maintenance on the toll plaza for the westbound exit so there will be no cash lane from 9:30 this morning until 5:00 monday morning. if you don't have an e-zpass you're asked to call the mwaa customer service center. today you can learn more about how to save some money when you file your taxes. community leaders in virginia encouraging you to use the irs and virginia free file programs to save money at tax time. you can learn all about it today, it's happening at 10:00 a.m. in falls church. virginia is one of 20 states plus the district who have formed state free file programs. >> i'm getting mine done today. have you done yours yet? >> already got my hone back. >> good job. i love. >> and spent it. stay with us. news #"news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m..
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get ready for a rainy start to the day. want to show you storm team 4 radar here. you know what, it's raining. definitely the rain is coming down. >> sick to your day job, my friend. do not try to take tom's job. >> the green and the red and the yellow in there. that tells you stuff is going on outside. morning, every. coming up on 5:00 a.m.. >> welcome to "news 4 today". like aaron mentioned, it is raining outside. no more 70 degree temperatures tom. >> yeah that's a distant memory now as it's gotten chillier. the cool front came through overnight with thunder and lightning. the green is lighter rain but the areas in the yellows and oranges is heavy rain. right now getting that all across most of montgomery county from damascus down to ashton
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silver spring, over toward bethesda bethesda that is tracking right into howard county right now. the orange and red that's fairfax county across prince william into culpeper. that will be moving right into washington right into the metro area in about another half hour or so. so everything is all wet this morning. temperatures are chillier we're in the 40s right now and we'll have this rain with us. there is a live look from the tower camera. wet streets all across the metro area. and during the afternoon though we'll be drying out. over the weekend, turning chilly and very blustery winds on saturday. next weather and traffic on the 1s your bus stop forecast what to wear for this friday. we're still seeing good conditions as you're traveling the beltway in maryland and virginia. no reports of delays or incidents. we are seeing ponding on the roadways and potholes. so be careful. traveling out of leesburg on the dulles greenway and tollway,


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