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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 27, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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confirms it is investigating. news4's david culvert spoke to a former church member and is live for us in sterling. what are you learning? >> reporter: she's not only a former church member she's also the pastor's granddaughter. she tells me she, too, is a victim victim. via spike we spoke with kaitlin skeeters formerly scott. >> it just becomes all that you know. >> reporter: sharing her story publicly for the first time. 2 the 24-year-old says most of her childhood was spent here at cavalry temple. her adopted grandfather listed as pastor scott. she endured years of abecause within her own family ignored she says by other church members. snifs tired of being hit and punched and thrown into walls and thrown downstairs and i was tired of being dropped off on the side of the road and forced to walk all the way to work. >> you have to tell somebody. we have to get this known. >> reporter: samantha haas
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connected us to kaitlin. she's lived in sterling her whole life. her only ties to cavalry temple were through friends. you weren't part of the church. >> no. >> reporter: why take up the effort? >> because somebody has to. somebody has to give them a voice and demand that things are done. >> reporter: since the "loudoun times" first reported the new claims san jose sharks man that has fielded calls from several alleged victims. she's organizeing a peaceful protest for this weekend. kaitlin has since left the state. she said she escaped eight years ago thanks to family friends. >> i left and i have discovered that i am beautiful and i am strong and there is nothing wrong with me like this church makes you believe. >> reporter: we need to stress tonight that no charges have been filed in this case. i did reach out to the pastor's office but haven't heard back for comment. deputies say they're still investigating this as an ongoing investigation and they urge anybody who may be a victim to come forward and speak to them. coming up at 6:00 a mother and father separated from their
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children and grandchildren. why they tell me this church is keeping them apart. back to you. a man says he helped a woem fend off an attacker on 16th street in northwest. today he spoke with our kristin wright. >> i see a struggle right here. there was a struggle. a real struggle. and but the guy on top was, like winning, you know? >> reporter: he says he thought it was a robbery at first. police say it was an attempted rape behind a bus stop on 16th street in northwest d.c. 3:30 tuesday morning. ferguson who says he's recently homeless tells me he was trying to find somewhere to sleep when he heard screams. >> and i picked up like a half a brick and i picked a stick up. >> reporter: ferguson says he's had family members who were raped. he said he had to do something. >> i knocked him with a stick as hard as i could and he fell off the lady stumbled and i smacked
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him again and i just kept smacking whim a stick as hard as i could. >> reporter: the man ran. >> they opened the door. >> reporter: court records say an hour later police found the man not far away bleeding from the head. police say he had initially tried to pay the woman for sex and she refused. in northwest d.c. kristin wright news4. and business is back to normal in pentagon city right now. police gave an all-clear at a busy shopping center after someone called in a bomb threat. this is the center with costco and best buy across the street from the mall. all of the stores were evacuated for more than two hours this afternoon. bomb-sniffing dogs checked everywhere. nothing suspicious was found. storm team 4 rain this morning giving way to some above-average temperatures overnight. doug sshs it going to be a chilly night? >> a chilly night, morning, day,
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then even colder overnight tomorrow night. you can see storm team 4 radar showing you the showers. down to the south towards leonardtown, st. mary's county down around portions of calvert county the patuxent river, naval air station. continue to see this rainmaking its way towards the north and east most of the area dry. can't rule out a few more showers trying to make their way up from the south later this evening. you might want to keep the umbrella handy if you're heading out. look at the snow around that's lake-effect snow and we have cold air making it our way. we are current through warmest on the map, richmond at 43, 31 in pittsburgh and 30 in columbus, ohio. a very cold night tonight and a cold day tomorrow. we could set records atz we make our way through the ve the complete forecast coming up. a local daycare owner is disputing charges she abused an infant in her care. her name is ana valentin of vok skril. the victimktim is 59-month-old girl.
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charging documents show the child stopped breathing after she put her in a swing to answer the door back in january. she said she performed cpr and the child had a normal day before that. but doctors told police the baby had injuries consistent with shaken baby syndrome. her attorney says "we strongly deny the allegations. we look forward to reviewing the actual in evidence the case." an entire block shut down in northeast washington as u.s. marshals handle a man who barricaded himself inside a house. it's been 6 1/2 hours since he went into the attic of a home near 49th and three streets. the man is wanted for parole violations. it is not clear if he has a gun or other weapon. a 64-year-old man is found shot to death in a fairfax county apartment. police discovered the body last night at a complex on north kings highway. the victim was santos rafael zelaya.
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police are looking for four men who may be responsible. detectives say the crime was not random. jewelry and pieces of clothing now being removed from the crash site of that german winks plane in hopes of identifying the 150 victims on board the plane. the efforts in france come as the airline scrambles to tighten security rules and the investigation in germany focuses on the co-pilot's home. brian ward at the live dets wk new information. officials with the airline have announced new safety procedures in the wake of that crash. these new rules include ensuring two people are in the cockpit of all planes while they are in flight and this comes as andreas lubitz, the co-pilot of a germanwings airliner, is believed to have deliberately crashed the plane after locking the pilot out of the cabin on tuesday. investigators in germany have found a torn-up medical leave excuse long lubitz's private parms during the search of his
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duszseldorf apartment and searched his parents home. there is no confirmation of the nature of his illness and officials say no one at the irl or its parent company lufthansa has seen the note but the fbi is looking into reports that lubitz was treated for depression during part of his flight training which took place in arizona. as this investigation continues, family members of the passengers are starting to gather at a city near the crash scene. a memorial of flowers for the victims has been placed in the french town and preparing to take victim's families into their homes while they are there. that plane went down in a remote section of the alps accessible only by helicopter. a medical examiner is looking into the death of a 5-year-old virginia boy whose body was found in a septic tank. at this point, no one is facing charges in the death of noah thomas found yesterday on his family's property in the roanoke area. police say the boy's parents have been cooperative during the process. the medical examiner is working
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to determine an exact cause of death. millions of dollars awarded to maryland schools today to help solve the problem of overcrowded classrooms. news4's chris gordon has more on how this new funding will impact local school districts. >> reporter: the number of portable classrooms show that montgomery county has the fastest growing school system in maryland maryland. >> we have around 9,300 students in portable classrooms right now. and we're growing between 2,500 and 2,800 students per year. >> reporter: overcrowding is also a problem in prince george's county. >> we have more portable classrooms than anybody else in the state. we have over 450. we have to do something. >> reporter: today lawmakers from our area joined house speaker michael bush to announce $20 million in additional school construction funding for five counties including montgomery prince george's howard anne arundel, and baltimore counties. >> this is just to address the extraordinary needs of the counties that are growing at a
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more rapid pace. >> reporter: i asked the president of the montgomery county board of education how the money will be spent. >> we have 22 shovel-ready projects just waiting for funding. so while the bill is $20 million statewide we're not totally clear about how much we'll get but believe me, the money will be well spent and it will be spent quickly. >> reporter: prince george's county executive baker tells me the state construction money is needed for school repairs. >> if you look at high point high school the need there, i was at lewisdale elementary school. there were mapes needs there that are terrific. >> reporter: ahead on news4 at 6:00 reaction from parents whose students are being taught in portable classrooms like these. in montgomery county chris gordon news4. a major construction project under way that could heavily impact how you get in and out of the district. the 16th street bridge over military road will be entirely rebuilt over the next four months. there will be lane closures of
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course that on some weekends the entire road will be closed. the construction will also affect about ten metro bus routes. a local teacher who admitted to a sex charge is back in court trying to clear his record now. new tonight, why a judge says he has a case and what the victim's mother has to say about it. >> reporter: i'm mark segraves. a bureaucratic misinterpretation is the reason your car's inspection sticker may be invalid.
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only on news4 tonight, valid inspection stickers. >> reporter: this is the district's only inspection station and people like to avoid making the trek down here. for years if you had a hybrid or flex fuel vehicle you had a five-year exemption. turns out that's a mistake and now drivers are getting these notices telling them no matter
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what it says on the car's inspection sticker it's not valid. the district encourages residents to buy hybrid vehicles by making them tax free. in late 2009 the district began exempting new hybrids and flex fuel vehicles from the bian yawl emission tests. instead of every two years, hybrids and flex fuel cars only had to have emissions inspections every five years. now that's changed. the dmv is sending owners to notices saying the department of the environment has changed the regulations so even though the inspection sticker says your car is good until 2017 it's no longer valid. the district's department of environment says they didn't change any regulations but the inspection stickers still aren't valid. >> there was a slight misinterpretation of some guidance issued from the epa on hybrid and flex fuel vehicles in terms of emissions inspections.
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>> reporter: that misinterpretation means hybrid and flex fuel vehicle owners will have to wait on line every two years just like everyone else. district officials aren't sure how many owners are getting the notices. >> as of 2014 we showed we had 10,000 hybrid vehicles registered. we don't have the numbers of how many were issued the exemption and have been on the road without being tested so i'm not entirely sure of that. >> reporter: not only with hybrid and flex fuel owners will have to come down every two years they'll also be hit with the $35 inspection fee each time. an improperly tapped gas line may have caused yesterday's explosion and building collapse in new york's east village. pat lawson muse is in the newsroom with new details. >> mayor bill de blasio says someone in the building may have
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inappropriately accessed the gas line but didn't explain why investigators are looking into that possibility. we did learn that inspectors were at the building yesterday because of upgrades to a gas line. the work didn't pass inspection so gas was never fed into the line. but hours later the buildings exploded injuring at least 28 people. >> this city knows how to handle adversity. we never welcome it we know lit come but we know how to band together and help each other out. >> police are also looking for two missing men that may have been inside a sushi restaurant. the blast left dozens of people homeless. 150 apartments in the area have been evacuated until inspectors can figure out what happened. harry reid says his eye injury and his promotion to minority leder are not factors in his decision to step down after three decades in the u.s. senate. the longtime nevada lawmaker
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announced via youtube today he will not seek re-election. he's been contempt facilitating retiring from congress for months now and says he believes the move could also help his party. >> we have to make sure that the democrats take control of the senate again. and i feel it is inappropriate for me to soak up all those resources on me when i could be devoting those resources to the caucus. >> reid has served in the senate since being elected back in 1986. and as majority leader from 2007 until this year. in just a few hours bill cosby will take the stage not far from our area. the embattled comedian has a stop tonight in baltimore as part of his tour. a group of protesters say they plan to gather outside the theater before hand. more than a dozen women have accused the longtime comedian of sex assault over the years. cosby has never been charged. actor john hamm and other stars of "mad men" donated some
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of the show's costumes and props to the smithsonian today. he was joined by fellow actors and matthew weiner the creator of the show at an event this morning. the memorabilia will be showcased to the public in an exhibit at advertising history and american business. >> this is the archaeological site of humanity from this period and we're glad that we saved these things and re-created thee things and so much of it was thrown away that it was fun to try and re-create a check stub. >> the final season begins on april 5th. still ahead, a story you will only see on news4. a new controversy with the standardized park in maryland. why test makers are now reading the tweets of local 14-year-olds. we are talking cold. not just cold potentially record breaking cold this weekend.
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do we want to hear it? it did stop raining. >> yeah. you know i think next tuesday is looking great. >> oh all right. >> next tuesday! come on! >> we've got saturday then we've got sunday morning and we are talking about cold and not just cold but potentially record record-breaking cold. yesterday at this time we saw sunshine and 77. it was gorgeous. but that can't last too long, especially not this year. let's take a look what's happening. the lincoln memorial something we have not seen much of. notice the trees towards the potomac right there, yeah we've actually got some leaves on the trees. some greenery starting to finally come out. here it is right here. look at that. some green color. it's going to be so nice.
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we can finally see that. that means the cherry blossoms are not too far behind either. wind northwest at 10 miles per hour. 26 degrees colder than where we were yesterday at this time. 5 the 2 in frederick, 48 in martinsburg, 46 in winchester. a very chilly evening. look at petersburg west virginia 43. not much left in the way of shower activity. the only showers to the south, we zoom towards st. mary's county southern portions of calvert county patuxent river here towards drum point, a couple of those showers around the leonardtown area st. mary's county we'll continue to see them move out. they're on the light side. we may see a few more through the evening hours. the frontal boundary continues to move down to the south and east. behind it we have an area of low pressure and we've got this big old trough that's making its way down. little bit of a storm here too. you see the showers, even snow showers toward the south.
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freeze warnings in effect for atlanta tonight. that's how much cold air we have. look at the moisture coming straight down in from canada. that could help to produce a couple showers late they are evening but it will really help produce cold air. look at the numbers. 29 currently in chicago. 35 in cincinnati. 31 in pittsburgh and the air continues to move our way. high temperatures tomorrow cold 42 in washington 43 la plata, 39 in frederick. the average high temperature for january 17th is 43 degrees. we don't even get there tomorrow. that's how cold we're going to be. if you're going out tomorrow we have the kite festival down along the waterfront for the cherry blossoms. going to be chilly. 35 at 9:00 a.m., 41 by 1:00 42 by 5:00. the windchill all day will be in the 30s. there will be plenty of wind for kites but that will make it very cold across the area. still cold on sunday but not too bad. 47 with sunshine. that's better. 59 on monday. and then we start to relax. we start to get out of this cold
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up-and-down seesaw period. 59 monday with a chance for light showers. 63 on tuesday. and we stay at or above average all the way through next week. i told you i had some good news somewhere. >> all right. thank you, doug. local teacher strikes a deal in a sex case. >> he was supposed to register as a sex offender but now a judge has cleared the path for having his record expunged. tracee wilkins talks to the victim's mother. i'm julie carey in alexandria where they are putting the finishing touches on a long-awaited fallen officers memorial. you'll hear from the widow-one of the officers commemorated here.
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the former teacher who led guilty to sexually assaulting one of his students could be on his way to clearing his record. that after a decision by a prince george's county judge today. the victim's mother spoke with our county bureau chief, tracee wilkins, and she is live in upper marlboro with reaction. tracee? >> reporter: weit's rare we have the opportunity to talk to families after accusations are made to find out what it's like for them. today the mother says she felt like this court system let her down. >> he was a father figure and then just changed it started being inappropriate and just confusing the whole situation. >> reporter: deah williams says her daughter's biological father dropped out of her child's life in 2011 when she attended isaac gourdine middle school. that's when she got close to her eighth grade teacher. >> she was protecting it and so was he. it wasn't until i started doing
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more digging i found out what was going on. >> reporter: a year later her daughter told her king inappropriately touched her. she filed charges and king entered an alford plea. >> ultimately he's admitting his guilt and taking responsibility obviously taking responsibility for his at-bats. >> reporter: he was sentenced to fiveas supposed to register as a maryland sex offender but didn't. then -- >> just nine months into his sentence he's been granted probation before judgment so we're very disappointed. >> reporter: the judgment granted by the judge clears the path for king to request having his record expunged in five years after his probation. and he does not have to register as an offender. >> that's the nature of an alford plea. he said look i did not do this i'm not going to say i did this and he's maintained that. >> i'm devastated about that. >> reporter: williams says her 13-year-old daughter thought king was in love with her. >> she's been torment by it so my family is broken. >> reporter: her child now lives in another state where she's
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hoping for a fresh start. williams feels she's lost her daughter and her mission to protect other children. >> i did everything i could. i tried to prevent him from getting out here and hurting other kids. i did the best i could. and it just wasn't enough. >> reporter: coming up on news4 at 6:00 while king says that he -- or while his attorney says she believes that her client that absolute justice in court today. tracee wilkins, live this evening. back to you in the studio. new information released today about a school stabbing that took place earlier this week. officials tell us two students were in a fight. that's when one student pulled out a box cutter-style weapon and cut the other student. a teenage girl was taken away in police custody at the scene. it happened wednesday at the options charter school in northeast washington. the other student is expected to be okay. heartbreak for a virginia couple who say their 6-year-old wandered off and wound up drowning in a neighborhood pond. the little boy's parents say he
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was playing basketball in the driveway at their home in suffolk last night. at some point he wandered off. they searched frantically until they saw a ball and shoes flighting in a nearby retention pond. >> trying to give him cpr and two doctors that live in the neighborhood showed up and immediately took over and we're telling him to fight, mason, fight, fight. he didn't make it. >> reporter: a makeshift memorial now sits on the shore. some neighbors kr r calling on the association to install a fence. families of police officers killed in the line of duty will come together this weekend in alexandria. a few fallen officers memorial will be dedicated during a special ceremony. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey joins us live from the memorial where she met with some of the relatives of those being honored. julie? >> reporter: you're about to get a sneak peek but right now the tarps are back on the center
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piece of this memorial five glass panels that will be lit up for the first time tomorrow night and on them the names of 18 fallen officers. officer who is now will be honor at this place for decades to come. the finishing touch is being put on a memorial to 18 officers killed while protecting the city of alexandria. these commemorative plaques go back to 1823 when officers were called constables. 1989 is the year that changed jenny's life. it was the here her husband, charlie hill was shot and killed while on a special operations team at a hostage incident. >> when charlie died i promised him i would never be forgotten and this memorial will make all of them never forgotten. and that was what's most important to me. >> reporter: ginny's dedicated the last year and a half to getting the memorial built. the site has the history of the police department and the
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officers it's lost. >> these blocks here represent an officer and it's a little bit about the officer. >> reporter: another strong supporter, judy. her dad, conrad was a youth detective. but he was killed responding to a bank robbery in 1972. judy was just 12. >> he wasn't just a badge and a gun. he really cared greatly about the youths of alexandria. he was a youth detective. and he loved his job very much. they said that when he would pull up in a parking lot or something, the kids would gather arnold his car to talk to him. >> reporter: she later followed in her father's footsteps serving as an officer herself for 11 years. >> to me it was like coming home. even as a little girl i always wanted to be a police officer. >> reporter: judy left the force in 1999 but still does business with the police department. now the memorial gives her new reason for visits here. >> it will be the final place
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where they can be remembered forever. >> believe it or not, it wasn't long ago hopes for this memorial faded because there was no money. on news4 at 6:00 i'll tell you what turned it around. an emotional interview for three daughters whose mother was taken in an instant. matt lauer sat down with the daughters of the late ellen brody. her suv was struck by a metro north train crash in new york back in february. they remember when they first heard the devastating news. >> was it your dad who told you the news officially? >> yes. he drives home and we see, like two police cars right behind his car. but when he came in he was like she's gone. >> i remember that night we all slept together. it was hard. >> the full interview will air this monday march 30th on "today." the metro north train crash killed six people including
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brody. developing right now a new twist in that racist chant at the university of oklahoma. why dozens more fraternities across the country could come under scrutiny. the news4 i-team has learned two students are in trouble for tweeting out questions from a standardized test in maryland. tonight scott mcfarlane will explain why parents are more upset about how the state of the unions were caught. i didn't even know how much i needed this when i came in here. i'm brian ward. developing right now, we're moments away from a press conference about a prince george's county police officer kill in a crash. we' learned the police chief will be providing an update on what happened.
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office driving hi girlfriend home when he spotted a speed kevin garnett. the officer may have tried to pull the car over and that's when he lost control of the cruiser and crashed. the girlfriend was not seriously hurt. our darcy spencer will be at the news conference and have a live
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racism in our country is an
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epidemic those words from the university of oklahoma president as he leased findings of an investigation into that racist chant by a fraternity. david boren says sigma alpha epsilon members learned the chant four years ago at an event sponsored by the national sae and later ingrained into the chapter's pledging process. he says along with disbanding the chapter, more than two dozen students will face community service and sensitivity training. boren says racism cannot be tolerated. >> we tear greatest melting pot in the world, an example to the rest of the world. when someone uses an inappropriate word in our presence or tells an inappropriate story in our presence we need to stand up and say don't say that in front of me. >> starting this fall all o.u. students will have to complete diversity and sensitivity training. all eyes will be on indiana next weekend for the final four but the ncaa says it will be watching what happens off the courts to see if a new law in
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that state impacts fans. the state recently enacted a law that allows businesses the right to refuse service to gay and lesbian customers based on religious freedom. the ncaa's president says they could consider moving future events out of indianapolis if there are issues. but experts don't expect that will be the case. >> the concerns that this law will lead to discrimination are seriously overblown. in the first place -- >> experts say more than 30 states have similar laws in place and in most cases it's the business or service that loses out. iraqi ground troops are press eight head in the final push to recapture tikrit from isis. as of wednesday, they're getting help from usair strikes, but the iran-backed militias helping them withdrew from the battlefield yesterday to protest u.s. involvement. the iraqi prime minister asked the u.s. for air strikes when the three-week battle ground to a halt.
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today iraq's most revered shiite cleric called for unity among all the forces battling isis. only news4 uncovers a new controversy with the standardized park tests in maryland. >> test makers are now reading the tweets of students. straight ahead, our scott mcfarlane talks to state education officials about why the private company is monitoring social media. whose behavior in class has improved? >> how a mentoring program in prince george's county is bridging the gap between law enforcement and middle school students.
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we want to show you a live picture right now breaking news. this is italy and you're looking at the attorney for amanda knox the american has been acquitted of murder charges, that acquittal coming just moments ago. these live pictures outside of a courthouse from italy. we'll keep you updated on nbc
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washington and later on news4 as well as "nbc nightly news." a local school board is questioning whether a private company should be monitoring local kids' social media accounts during test taking season. the month students in maryland had been taking the new standardized park common core test. tonight, only on news4, scott mcfarlane has learned of a new controversy with this test. he's here with more on how test makers are checking twitter for cheating. >> just this week we learned at least two maryland school kids were found tweeting passages of their new standardized tenth grade english writing exam. a private company that managers the exam for maryland spotted those tweets and alerted the state. when news4 started asking questions a state education official confirmed the company does key word searches to identity cheating.
5:47 pm
those key word searches sometimes pull up posts or tweets. in frederick county, a school board member says she's concerned this social media monitoring could be an invasion of teen security and privacy. >> a british company that hired a security official to track the students' social media back to the school to the administrator, the superintendent to the -- that concerns me that they're going to that level. >> frederick county school board wants a briefing and review from state education officials about this social media monitoring. our request for comment from the company that administers the test weren't immediately returned. back to you. let's check out our forecast see what's going on with the weather out there. going to be cold tonight. >> going to be cold tonight, colder tomorrow night. we could be very close to some records tomorrow night. evening planner tonight, looking
5:48 pm
pretty good at least from the inside-out. temperatures only 51 degrees. the average high is now up to 60 degrees. 49 cool conditions at 7:00 dropping down to about 42 by around 11:00 tonight. so it will be quite cold this evening. already down to 45 in gaithersburg 48 manassas and only 44 towards huntingtown. camp springs coming in at 46 degrees. the radar showing shower activity still towards extreme southern st. mary's county but the rest are on the dry side. we could see another shower or two as this area of low pressure dips to the south. it could bring up some of this moisture. you could see some of these showers trying to move to the north here down around charlottesville. take the umbrella if you're headed out. it is friday night. at least we have that going for us. tomorrow saturday mostly cloudy cold breezy, a flurry possible temperatures 38 to 43 degrees. but this is what we really need to see. tights windchill tomorrow morning. 26 in d.c. 21 gaithersburg 19
5:49 pm
in martinsburg when you step out the door around 8:00 a.m. 24 in fredericksburg. here's the time. again, as we move through the noon 1:00 hour we get up to 28 in gaithersburg 32 d.c. and 35 fredericksburg. a very cold day on our saturday. sunday also looks cold. even saturday evening windchills around the freezing mark in many locations. thinking about getting throughout on the bike 35 at 9:00 a.m. 41 degrees by 1:00 and 42 by 5:00. a very cold afternoon tomorrow for sure. then we get to sunday morning. 27 on sunday morning in the d.c. metro area. the record's 18. woe we won't get there. but 20 at dulles i think we will get there and that could set a new record towards dulles. 47 for a high temperature on sunday with some sunshine. 59 on monday. 30% chance of a shower or two. but not a lot. 63 on tuesday pap little better as we head towards the end of the week. temperatures finally getting backe. all right, doug. a special day for d.c.'s child & family services agency here in washington.
5:50 pm
i had the honor of serving as emcee for the champions for kids donor recognition ceremony. ♪ ceremony hop norred doe edhonored doe mors making a difference for children in foster care. after adopting four kids from foster care he and his partner started the comfort case program donating suitcases instead of plastic bags and they were filled with gifts and things that kid could carry with them when they have to move from home to home. there were four people honored, for all the donations they made to child & family services. take a slip or fall at work and it can take weeks, months to get back on the job pap unique
5:51 pm
physical therapy program helping peemg get back to work and prevent them from getting injured again. digging. lifting. shoveling. and turning. this warehouse in sterling virginia is full of people trying to get back to work. doing physical therapy that mimics their day jobs. >> school bus drive and i have to be able to lift kids if there's an emergency. i need to be able to lift the roof hatches and open the windows. >> reporter: 53-year-old valerie says she spent weeks in traditional physical therapy after she underwent surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff an injury she suffered after she slipped on the ice at work last year. but her doctor said she still wasn't ready to return to work. instead they sent her here industrial health a specialized rehabilitation center that works in conjunction with inova health system. >> i didn't even know how much i needed this when i came in here. >> a lot of facilities focus on injured athletes and their
5:52 pm
return to sport. we focus on injured workers and their return to the job. >> reporter: physical therapist anderson dart says most of their patients are people who have a jobs that require a lot of physical strength like construction workers, firefighters plumbers electricians so their therapies are customized. >> construction worker we have a digging pit where they have to come and dig for a certain amount of time. we have -- electricians have to pull wire and wire dummy boxes and things like that. >> reporter: patients often spend eight hours a day five days a week in this therapy so they not only get used to being at work for a full day but also develop the strength and endurance they need. >> studies out there show they're much more likely to reinjure themselves. they don't have the endurance, the stamina to go back to the job. >> good. >> the physical work was hard. i started at about 25 pounds and we raised the increments by five pounds. i have to get up to 50 pounds.
5:53 pm
>> reporter: valerie spent five weeks in therapy at industrial health. she did exercises that similar lated working on the bus, lifting wooden planks similar to the hood maneuvering objects to practice picking up children. eventually, she was cleared to go back to work in january after being out for a year. >> a long recovery process, longer than i expected. but it was wonder to feel get back to work. >> reporter: doreen gentzler news4. a new police mentoring program in some local middle schools is a game changer. >> tonight we'll meet one corporal already having a h
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i'm brian ward and breaking news. we've just learned an italian court acquitted amman d daanda knox and her ex-boyfriend in the murder
5:57 pm
of her college roommate. she did not return to italy for the proceedings but learned of the news in the u.s. she would have served 29 years in prison if convicted. back to you. they're bridging the gap. a special program involving sheriff's deputies in our area is helping school children succeed. >> news4's molette green visited a middle school in capitol hight where is one deputy is making a big difference. >> you've been coming to me? >> yes. >> as a lafs?w enforcement officer? >> yes, sir. >> at first i thought he was going to be on our cases like every day, he wasn't going to be like our friend. >> reporter: eighth-grader kyrie monroe stands tall among his peers at walker mill middle school. he and his fellow cadets look um to their mentor prince george's county sheriff's corporal rick johnson. >> class, attention. i do solemnly declare upon my honor. >> i do solemnly declare upon my honor. >> that i will faithly complete the duties of a prince george's
5:58 pm
county cadet. >> of a prince george's county sheriff's cadet. >> reporter: corporal johnson is here at this capitol heights school to train seventh and eighth-graders every thursday and friday in the positive day program, day stands for deputies assisting youth. >> we bridge the gap between law enforcement and the younger generation. >> reporter: ate grader sean says she now has better control ovechkin her emotions. >> before i wasn't so strong i didn't have belief in myself and i was very sensitive. >> whose grades have improved? really. >> reporter: an improvement the principal says needed to happen. >> seventh grade, they begin to test you. and this is the age where corporal johnson has come in and just really changed their life. >> reporter: the whole goal of the positive day mentoring program is to see positive results and they believe they have. this semester alone out of the nine schools participating
5:59 pm
nearly all 233 students have passing grades. and at this particular school all 60 students enrolled have made honor roll. in capitol heights, molette green, news4. right now at 6:00 allegations of physical verbal even sexual abuse. the church at the center of a widening investigation. a mother is outraged after the teacher accused of assaulting her child has her record cleared. did the judge make the right decision? >> and new troubles for head of a county liquor agency. why he's under fire for post-it notes. first tonight, parents kept apart from their own children ordered by church leaders they say to stop talking to them. >> those are just some of the claims being leveled against the cavalry temple church in sterling and the loudoun county sheriff's department is investigating other allegations of physical and sexual abuse. >> northern virginia bureau reporter david culvert is live in steriling with details.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: tonight former church members are reaching out to us sharing with us stories of abuse and control. the foster family called cavalry temple their spiritual home, members for nearly 40 years. all three kids went to school here. >> i was with the church 35 years. >> reporter: seven years ago the music faded. >> on october 31st and said pastor scott said you need to leave our church you need to go somewhere else. >> reporter: it all started with then 16-year-old rob wanting out of the church. >> if you talk to somebody that didn't go to the church it was like it was sin, that they considered it sin. >> reporter: church leaders began pressuring marsha and gary to kick rob out of the house. >> as a matter of fact they said throw him out without any clothes, just put him out of your house. >> reporter: but they ultimately refused, so they were


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