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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 27, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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l and sexual abuse. >> northern virginia bureau reporter david culvert is live in steriling with details. >> reporter: tonight former church members are reaching out to us sharing with us stories of abuse and control. the foster family called cavalry temple their spiritual home, members for nearly 40 years. all three kids went to school here. >> i was with the church 35 years. >> reporter: seven years ago the music faded. >> on october 31st and said pastor scott said you need to leave our church you need to go somewhere else. >> reporter: it all started with then 16-year-old rob wanting out of the church. >> if you talk to somebody that didn't go to the church it was like it was sin, that they considered it sin. >> reporter: church leaders began pressuring marsha and gary to kick rob out of the house. >> as a matter of fact they said throw him out without any clothes, just put him out of your house. >> reporter: but they ultimately refused, so they were cut off.
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>> i can't sit back anymore and pretend that what happened to me didn't happen. >> reporter: after the loudoun times first reported deputies investigating new claims of abuse, kaitlin skeeters decided to speak publicly of her adopted grandfather listed on the church website as pastor star scott. >> hit and punched and thrown into walls and thrown downstairs. >> reporter: she says the church kept her from family members outside the community so at 16 she escaped. >> i can't watch other fathers, friends of mine not see their daughters. >> reporter: that's exactly what the fosters are dealing with. their oldest daughter still a church member and a mother to three of her own now, but they haven't heard from her. >> that's every mother's wish to be there when her fist grandchild is born. >> reporter: the fosters say they have yet to meet their grirn. >> we know that there's hope and that's what we count on is they'll see the truth and come thai eel come out of that place. >> reporter: we need to stress no charges have been finaled in this case. i did reach out to the pastor's
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office just to hear their side of the story. i haven't heard back from them yet. we should tell deputies say this is an ongoing investigation. back to you. >> thanks david. disturbing allegations. everything's back to normal after a bomb threat at a popular shopping center. someone called in the threat to the center that has costco and best buy across from the mall at pentagon city. officers evacuated all the stores for more than two hours this afternoon. they had to bring in bomb-sniffing dogs. they did not find anything suspicious. an entire block is still shut down in northeast washington as u.s. marshals try to contact with a man who barricaded himself in a house. it's been eight hours since he went into the attic of a home. he's wanted for some parole violations but it's not clear if he has a gun or any other type of weapon. a new picture is emerging tonight of the germanwings co-pilot who authorities say deliberately flew a passenger jet into a mountain in the french alps.
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brian ward is at the live desk now with what we've learned today. derrick derrick? >> the fbi is joining the investigation into why the co-pilot of that airliner brought that plane down, killing himself and 149 other people on board. the co-pilot 27-year-old andreas lubitz had some pilot training in the u.s. reports he may have been treated for some mental condition while he was in this country. in germany a search of his apartment turned up a torn-up medical leave slip that would have excused him from work on the day of the crash. officials with the airline say they never saw that leave slip. as the investigation continues the parents of one of the three americans killed on that plane are showing compassion for the man accused of bringing it down as well as his family. >> i don't feel anger. i'm really sad for the father, the parents of that young pilot. i can't imagine what they're going through right now.
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>> reporter: that plane went down in a remote section of the french alps. some of the belongings and remains are just being reached by investigators. meanwhile, german winkwings and lufthansa will be adopting new safety rules, among them requiring at least two people are in the cockpits of all planes while they are in the air. lubitz locked the pilot out of the cockpit when the pilot took a bathroom break. tensions are ratchetting up again in the middle east and there are concerns that saudi arabia's intervention in yemen's civil war could spark a new conflict between iran and some u.s. allies in the region. steve handelsman is live on capitol hill with how this could also affect nuclear talks with withdrawn. >> reporter: so far, chris, those talks seem to be kicking into high gear nap's good news. the iranians reportedly at least considering allowing much tougher inspections than they've ever agreed to. it showed that iran is not taking out on the u.s. its frustration that arab nations are ganging up against it in
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yemen. even though the iranians could clearly blame america. the u.s. government assisted the saw ti air strikes providing targeting help as saudi bombs blasted rebels in yemen. the rebels who drove out the u.s.-backed president. houthi houthis, shiite muslims backed by iran whose foreign minister today protested the air strikes and by extension american involvement. >> we have condemned them. we believe that they will only cause loss of human life. they have to stop and everybody has to encourage dialogue. >> reporter: mohamed zarif is in switzerland, trying to make a deal with u.s. secretary of state kerry on nuclear weapons and there's a positive sign. iran's president, hassan rouhani, wrote president obama, calling this an exceptional opportunity. even though with ten sunni nation forces joining forces
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against yemen's rebels egypt sent to send warships the u.s. is signing against iran while pushing a deal on nukes. >> a nuclear-armed iran engaging in destabilizing activity would be even more destabilizing. that is why there's a premium on succeeding in preventing iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: u.s. predator drones used to disrupt al qaeda in yem reason grounded. al qaeda's most worst branch the bombings in france and sent the underwear bomber. >> iran condemned saudi arabia's intervepgs into that part of the world and it seems to be growing more complicated. >> "meet the press" moderator chuck todd is here. you'll talk about this on sunday. the air strikes in yemen put the u.s. in a difficult spot. >> sort of. the u.s. has been sort of the --
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you know yemen has been an important ally to the united states. it's been almost like an unofficial drone base you know where they've done a lot of drone strikes on al qaeda in the rabian peninsula. the u.s. orchestrated the change of power after the arab spring because they wanted to make sure they had these close ties. it's been surprising how the u.s. has been hands off and it's all been because of iran as the houthis in the civil war. the saudis are saying don't let iran have this influence in the gulf on the arabian peninsula. the u.s. has been dragged into this kicking and screaming because of the impact it could have on the iran nuclear deal. >> iran condemned saudi arabia getting involved in this. >> saudi arabia condemning iran. >> back and forth. i know final deal on this nuclear deal -- the final deadline isn't until june but they're supposed to have a political framework by the end of the month. >> tuesday. >> where does that stand with everything else going on there? >> it does seem as if the
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iranians are believing that the u.s. will continue to make -- it's not just the u.s. it's six countries -- keep making concessions because they really want this deal. and yet we keep hearing now the iraniansbudged on anything. i'm starting to believe it's possible that the west could back away from this deal. but again, tuesday is now the rough deadline. i think we'll start seeing outlines of the deal leak out on sunday morning. that's something i think we'll be dealing with as the show is breaking. >> you'll also talk about harry reid. >> of course. somewhat a surprise but not that shocking when somebody who's 75 says i'm not going to seek another term in the senate. when you make these decisions, they're eight-year decisions. if you're him, you have to decide do i want to decide to do this until 2022? at the end of the day, his recent accident i think it totally changed his mind-set. he had been a favorite for
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re-election but it would have brought a lot more national attention. ironically, him not running means less national attention on that senate race. it will be competitive but there would have been a lot of money poured into it. >> he's won a lot of tough races. >> don't bet against harry reid. but chuck schumer is basically just waiting until the vote becomes official. >> thanks chuck. tune in to "meet the press" on sunday. >> 10:30 after news4 today. senator harry reid is already endorsing a successor as chuck said to lead the democrats in the senate when he steps down. if you have the nbc washington app you were the first to know about reid's surprising announcement this morning that he won't be seeking a sixth term next year. this afternoon reid's aides confirmed he does want new york senator chuck schumer to take his place as the democratic leader in the senate. illinois senator dick durbin who's number two in the chamber, said he also supports schumer.
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new fallout from a federal investigation into illinois congressman aaron shock. news4 was the first to report the house administration committee is going to take a second look at how it reimburses members of congress for official expenses, perhaps changing the rules and regular rations. shock is resigning after reports he submitted tens of thousands of dollars in bogus gasoline reimbursements. there is cold air moving our way. lit feel a lot more like winter than spring. >> say it ain't so doug. >> i wish i should, chris, but it is so so. right now rain moving out. notice this area down around charlottesville. i'll widen out. this is just starting to come back to the north. we told you earlier about showers this mooefening. take the umbrella. you may need it. look back to the west. it's snowing around pittsburgh and lake-effect snows for them. that cold will make its way into our way. look at the temperatures right now. 51 in d.c. 30 in pittsburgh 37
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in state college. we are in for a very cold day tomorrow. yes, could even be record-breaking cold. we'll talk about the weekend and what to expect next week in my forecast. a local daycare owner is denying accusations she shook a bay di biso hard the little girl had bleeding on her brain. police arrested and charged ana valentin with first-degree and second-degree child abuse. she runs the my angel and me daycare in rockville. according to the police report doctors say the 9-month-old showed signs of severe shaken baby syndrome. valentin's attorney released a statement today saying "we strongly deny the allegations contained in the statement of charges. we look forward to reviewing the actual evidence in the case." dozens displaced, more than 20 injured and at least two still missing. what authorities are learning about the explosion that leveled a building in new york city. plus a teacher accused of sexually assaulting one of his eighth-graders has his record cleared. why some say justice was served.
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portable classrooms are a sure sign that montgomery county and prince george's county schools are bursting at the seams.
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search teams are still looking for two people in manhattan unaccounted for after that building exploded yesterday in the east village. the blast injured at least 25 people. four are in critical condition. and mayor bill de blasio offered words of solidarity as he toured the explosion site this afternoon. >> this city knows how to handle adversity. we never welcome it. we know it will come. but we know how to handle it. people band together help each
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other out. >> officially the cause is still under investigation, but authorities suspect there was an improperly tapped gas line. news4 has learned several counties in maryland could be doing away with portable classrooms. lawmakers have just approved millions of dollars in school construction projects. chris gordon tells us when the school districts can expect to see the money. >> reporter: portable classrooms are a symptom of school overcrowding. >> i just do music in a portable and i don't, like think -- well, there's no bathroom in there. >> reporter: montgomery county has 404 portable classrooms. 90% in elementary schools like the eight here at bell elementary school in rockville. prince george's county is facing a similar situation. >> we have more portable classrooms than anybody else in the state. we have over 450. we have to do something. >> reporter: today lawmakers from our area joined house speaker michael bush to announce
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$20 million in additional school construction funding for five counties including montgomery prince george's howard anne arundel, and baltimore counties. >> this is just to address the extraordinary needs of the counties that are growing at a more rapid pace. >> reporter: prince george's county executive baker welcomes the additional school construction money. >> it's something we've been asking for, and so this is a great opportunity for us. >> reporter: cindy santiago is a montgomery county parent. one of her twins in fourth grade attends class in a portable. >> it's a growing county and the schools are busting at the seams so they need the money. >> reporter: it's expected to be delivered by july 1st. turning to the weather. >> hopefully we soaked enough sun yesterday. >> is winter just paying us a short visit? >> kind of like it left for a little while and it forgot something. >> it missed us. >> forgot something, so hey,
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i'm back just for a couple minute really just two days is what i think we're dealing with. yesterday 77 and winter making a return. let's show you what's happening outside. this is our rockville camera. 355 there, rockville pike. see a couple arias of traffic but not too bad on 355. you can also see the ihop right there. they have some good deals sunday morning. right now, not bad. dealing with some pretty good conditions. look at this. green out there on the trees starting to finally see that. that means the cherry blossoms will not be too far behind. 51 currently, wind out of the northwest at 12 miles per hour. that wind will cool things down tonight. the radar, we're dry except for showers to the south, and those e jenchly move back into the d.c. metro area and you can see
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those. here's the bulk of the moisture earlier shifting off to the south and east. last couple frames, there's the shower activity. we could see some of those move in. look at this trend from the north to the south. this is cold air right out of canada going all the way down to the south. atlanta under hard freeze warnings all the way down towards portions of central portions of georgia. that is going to help to bring in not just the shower activity overnight but the cold air. look at these temperatures. currently 30 in pittsburgh 29 in chicago, 33 in cincinnati. that cold air continuing to move our way. high temperatures tomorrow the average high for january 17th. 42 degrees. actually colder than that. 42 in d.c. 38 martinsburg, 39 in frederick and 40 towards baltimore. we could see a flurry. best chance would be in maryland. i do think we'll see more sunshine back to the south and west during the day tomorrow. but a very cold day. if you're going to be out and about on saturday a lot of people heading toward the mall for the cherry blossom festival but also the kite festival going
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on down this there this weekend. 42 by 5:00. but the windchill will be a factor. windchill all day around 30 degrees. so bundle up if you're thinking about heading outdoors. 42 on your saturday 47 on sunday with less wind and more sunshine. sunday will be a beautiful january day here in late march. 59 though on monday with a 30% chance of showers. you got that huh? 63 on tuesday. then we get into some nice march weather. we get to a high of 67 degrees next thursday. 68 degrees next friday. another chance of storms there. it looks like this might just be the last of the cold because next time mother nature comes in and forgets something we're not letting her in. >> thanks doug. >> we're with you. drinking on the job, skimming off deliveries. a news4 i-team investigation raised the questions. now frustrated council members are demanding the head of a county liquor agency make changes. plus the investigation into a racist chant sung by members of a fraternity at the
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university of oklahoma. what an internal probe has uncovered about the song. >> reporter: i'm julie carey in alexandria virginia wrshg the community and families of fallen officers have come together to create a memorial.
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new detalings about the chant from the university of oklahoma sigma alpha epsilon members. today the university president says the issue is larger than one chapter. >> reporter: two weeks after a video surfaced to university of oklahoma sigma alpha epsilon fraternity members singing a racist chant, president david boren announced a university investigation into the incident. >> our purpose is to learn lessons and be held accountable and move forward with our lives. >> reporter: boren says the chant was taught to pledges as part of the formal and informal pledgeship process and that the investigation revealed it was learned during an sae national leadership conference four years ago. >> that chant was learned and brought back to the local chapter. >> reporter: the national organization has denied that the chant is part of their culture. the university shut down the chapter on campus in the wake of the controversy and disciplined more than two dozen members. >> it's approximately 25
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additional students and as you know two students have been withdrawn from the university. >> reporter: their punishments ranging from expulsion to community service and mandatory diversity training. levi pettit one of the expelled sae members, publicly apologized earlier this week. >> the words that were said in that chant were mean hateful, and racist. >> reporter: and now boren says it's time for the students involved the university and the nation to respond. >> we can stop it if all of us and the institutions and organizations we belong to and all of us as individuals say we have zero tolerance for racism in america. >> reporter: a change he insists will be led by the university of oklahoma. jay gray nbc news norman oklahoma. jesse jackson jr. is out of prison and the former illinois congressman is about to spend his first weekend outside those walls since 2013.
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>> how you doing, congressman? >> jackson had to wouk through a crush of reporters in baltimore overnight as he went to a halfway house. he spent 17 months in an alabama prison for spending $750,000 in campaign money on personal items. his father is civil rights leader jesse jackson sr., who says his son will spend the next six months at that halfway house. jackson jr. expressed optimism about his future but no specifics. >> i'm prayerful and hopeful that we're a country of second chances, that the american people and the people of the city of chicago will consider me for a second chance. >> jackson's wife sandy, came to greet him last night, but once her husband is released she has to serve her own one-year sentence for filing a false tax return. an outraged mother fighting for justice after a local teacher is cleared of sexual assault. why some believes he deserves to
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walk free.
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he pled guilty to an inappropriate relationship with a student. but now a judge's decision could give a former teacher a clean slate. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins is live in upper marlboro with the story. >> reporter: the mother of the victim is telling me that this has ripped her family apart. the attorney who's representing this former teacher says the facts of the case spoke for themselves. >> with respect to this case do i believe justice was had? absolutely. >> reporter: there are two sides to every story. dana williams says her side lost today.
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king faced fourth degree sexual assault charges against her daughter. he entered an alford plea. >> ultimately he's admitting his guilt and taking responsibility for his actions. >> reporter: he was sentenced to five years' probation and supposed to register as a maryland sex offender but didn't. then -- >> just nine months into hi sentence he's been granted a probation before a judgment. so obviously we're very disappointed with this decision. >> reporter: the judgment granted by judge c. phillip nicholls strikes the guilty verdict and clears the path for king to request having his record expunged in five years after his probation. and he does not have to register as an offensive ender. >> that's the nature of an alford plea. he said look i did not do this, i'm not going to say i did this and he's maintained that. >> reporter: attorney dana jones-oliver who represented king says the case was resolved fairly. >> the court has a duty and obligation to look at each and every case on a case-by-case basis and make determinations
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based upon that specific case. >> my family is broken. >> reporter: her child now lives in another state where she's hoping for a fresh start. williams feels that she's lost her daughter and her mission to protect other children. >> let every parent who sends their kid to school trusting and believing the teachers are going to do what's in the best interests of our kids he let us all down. >> reporter: the state's attorney's office is expecting that king will not be able to teach again in the prince george's county school system and possibly not in the state of maryland. tracee wilkins, back to you. there is a search under way tonight for four men wanted in a murder in fairfax county. police found 64-year-old santos zelaya shot in a house along north kings highway in the huntington area. he was shot several times and died after being flown to a hospital. investigators say the killing may not have been a random act. there is also a search under way for aho may have abandoned a cat in a parking lot
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in loudoun county. security photos show a silver suv pulling into the pshgingarking lot of the dulles parking plaza. the woman gets out of the car with a cat in her hand. she's seen inside one of the stores but without the cat. a short time later animal control found an 8-year-old tabby abandoned in a shopping cart in the parking lot along with a bag of food a plastic bowl and a pillow sham. montgomery county's department of liquor control was using sticky notes to keep track of missing inventory. that's just one of the stunning rech lagss from the inspector general's testimony today. officials called this hearing after the news4 i-team first exposed serious problems inside the agency. as tisha thompson shows us now the county is more concerned about what's going on inside the warehouse. >> reporter: the hearing began with doctors, county police and the department of liquor control's director george griffin talking act how his agency protects public health. griffin said he's prohibited the
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distribution of what he called dangerous products like prepackaged jell-o shots and caffeinated alcohol. >> those products at one time or another were sold in maryland but never in montgomery county. >> reporter: the council indicated lit probably allow dlc to continue its alcohol enforcement and the distribution of hard liquor. but became very concerned when the county's inspector general showed how sticky notes were used to track missing inventory with as many as 154 cases a day going missing without anyone investigating why. >> if it's not 150 cases of profit that's missing, somebody needs to go out in the warehouse floor and actually verify and confirm that that 950 cases is actually there and track and do an investigation and find out why the cases were missing in the first place. >> reporter: in november the news4 i team showed you how we had to input data from more than 30,000 handwritten pages to cree yit a database that exposed problems with missing and
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possibly stolen cases of beer. >> managing a warehouse and inventory is like business ew things that are simpler than counting what's on the shelf. >> reporter: in response dlc revealed it has brought in three new experts to overhaul its warehouse and inventory systems including edgar gonzalez the county's deputy director of transportation. but council became increasingly frustrated when griffin wouldn't give them a solid deadline for recommended changes. >> whether tights inventory control, sloppiness whether it's the failure to deliver inventory product in a man they're's workable for the licensees, this is not a government that works. a lack of urgency and complacency are unsatisfactory. >> no. we get it. we know how important this is. and we know what the county is looking at the future of how they want to operate in this arena, this business. >> it's a difficult discussion
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to have and i want to say, you know this rolls up to the county executive. he is responsible. >> a spokesman for montgomery county executive ike leggett told me after the hearing, "the system of local liquor control is working." he said it's protecting the public health and keeping county money in the county. then he said can we do it in a more consumer friendly way? yes. we are working on that. you can see our complete investigation, beer bust by visiting our website at click on that investigations link. tisha thompson news4 i-team. backlash from a controversial new bill that allows businesses to turn away gay and lesbian customers. the new fallout from the religious freedom law. and the good samaritan who jumped in to save another woman as another man was sexually assaulting her. almost like i don't want to show this to you. but i'll move. tomorrow, just plain cold.
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i'm brian ward at the live desk. developing tonight, new dashcam video appears to contradict claims by "empire" star taraji hanson, that her son was profiled in a traffic stop. the video shows henson's son driving through a flashing crosswalk with a woman walking
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in it. the officer pulls over and explains why he was stopped. during the interaction, the officer asks is there anything illegal in the 18-year-old's car and he admits he has marijuana. the officer gives him a citation. henson had told the magazine her son was slated to attend usc but would now be attending howard university in d.c. because of her concerns about profiling. she has since apologized saying "a mother's job is not easy and beneather is a police officer's. sometimes as humans we overreact without gathering all the facts." new fallout over a religious freedom law that some critics call legalizeddiscrimination. the christian church disciples of christ may decide not to hold it next national convention in indiana as planned according to "the washington post." yesterday indiana's fwof nor signed a bill that allows businesses to refuse to offer services to gay and lesbian couples on religious grounds. that takes effect in july. supporters of the bill say the
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discrimination claims are overblown but that hasn't stopped the hashtag #boycott hashtag #boycottindiana from spread across social media this afternoon. tonight a d.c. man says he sprang into action to help a woman being attacked on the street. it was tuesday along 16th street northwest. kentrell ferguson is recently homeless and he was just looking for a warm place to sleep when he heard a woman screaming. he saw two people struggle on the ground just behind a bus stop. ferguson thought it was a robbery at first but police say it was a man trying to rape a woman. >> as soon as he lift his head up i smacked him with the stick as hard as i could. he fell off the lady stumbled stumbled i smacked him again and kept doing it as hard as i could. >> court records show that about an hour later police found that suspect nearby and he was bleeding from the head. police say alemen gonzalo initially tried to pay the woman for sex but she refused. now she's been charged with assault and attempted sex abuse.
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owning a hybrid youed to get you perks in that area. wasn't that long ago free rides in the hov lanes went away. now hybrid owners in d.c. are losing a privilege. we'll explain. a memorial for fallen officers is about to be dedicated in alexandria.
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right now we're waiting to start a press conference about a prince george's county police officer who was killed in a crash earlier this month. the police chief is expected to give significant new details about the investigation. darcy spencer is at the press conference. look for updates on and tonight on news4 at 11:00. thousands of drivers in the district will be getting notices that their car inspection stickers are no longer valid.
6:46 pm
the dmv now sending twners saying the department of the environment has changed its regulations, which means hybrid owners will have to start waiting in line at inspection stations every two years just like everyone else who own askar. this is one peep show you can take your whole family to. it's a marshmallow madness at the eighth annual peep show at the carroll county art center. there are 150 different marshmallow creations by individuals and groups and local schools. you can buy tickets to vote on your favorite creation but the event is free and l.a.s until april 6th. >> and by april 6th we hope to be in the midst of spring real spring doug. >> let's hope so. the peep store at national harbor this time of year looks pretty good. they're hoping for warmer weather too. toward the harbor, on the cool side. we really want spring to show
6:47 pm
its face. yesterday we had a quick taste, 77. today only 51 the high temperature so far this afternoon. that's where we are right now. temperatures will drop through the evening, few showers by 9:00. temperatures around 46. so you may want to take the umbrella if you're heading out this evening. of course talking about a friday night so maybe you're getting outdoors. 48 manassas 44 along the chesapeake huntingtown and towards annapolis. storm team 4 radar not picking up much but we are picking up a few showers to the south. these will make their way into culpeper county over next hour or so light showers but could extend in the area. moving to the north could come right through the d.c. metro area around 8:00 to 10:00. pittsburgh seeing snow. tomorrow cold breezy a flurry possible. 38 to 43 degrees through the day. but you add in that breeze winds gusting uptowards of 10 20 miles per hour maybe higher
6:48 pm
and this is how it will feel in the morning, 18 in hagerstown 22 towards annapolis and 24 in frederick. by the late afternoon in the afternoon, 1:00 only 35 in fredericksburg 29 in leesburg and 32 in d.c. again, a very cold saturday for you. we do see improvement on sunday. not much a high of 47 but less wind so a little better. plenty of sunshine monday chance of a shower or two, not much. 59 degrees. 63 on tuesday, 56 on wednesday. temperatures a that 55-degree mark. we'll take that after 42 tomorrow. it was just a few years ago hope for an alexandria police memorial seemed to be lost. but tomorrow evening the fallen officers memorial will be dedicated before hundreds of relatives, officers, and friends. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey gives us a preview of this very special place. >> reporter: ginny hill made a promise in 1999 when her husband
6:49 pm
and father of two small boys was killed by a suspect in a hostage incident. charlie hill responded as part of the special operations team. >> when charlie died i promised him he would never be forgotten. >> reporter: now these glass panels an engraved benches will seal that promise. the fallen officers memorial is a tribute to 18 officers who died in the line of duty. these commemorative plaques go back to 1823 when officer ts were called constables. >> these blocks in here just represent an officer and it's a little bit about the officer. >> reporter: but the hope of a memorial had dimmed just a few years ago. it was supposed to be part of the new alexandria police headquarters but the city determined there wasn't enough money. enter the police foundation. it waged a furious fund-raising campaign and in just months that's when i really knew it was going to be done because we just were going to do it. >> reporter: another strong supporter of the memorial judy burney. her dad, conrad burney was
6:50 pm
youth detective, but he was killed responding to a bank robbery in 1972. judy was just 12. >> he wasn't just a badge and a gun. he really cared greatly about the youths of alexandria. he loved his job very much. >> reporter: she later followed in her father's footsteps serving as an alexandria officer herself for 11 years. now the memorial gives judy and ginny reason to keep coming here. >> it will be the final place where they can be remembered forever. >> i want people to know these officers loved their job, they did their job, and they need to be remembered forever. >> reporter: julie carey, news4, alexandria. >> starting tomorrow they certainly will be. coming up in sports good news for the wizards. >> some bad news for the reigning nba mvp,
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. if it's not one thing, it's another. >> they started off so well this year. just when you thought the wizards figured out their issues this season it looks like those same problems just keep popping back up whether it's not enough effort or not enough defense being played in critical moments. one thing is clear for this wizards team. they don't have much time to
6:54 pm
figure this thing out. with ten games left on their schedule. the good news for the wiz kids bradley beal back on the court putting up shots this morning at shoot-around. wednesday night against indiana, he injured his ankle. he did not practice yesterday with the team but he will start tonight against charlotte. also the wizards, they did sign guard will bynum to a ten-day contract. it's been a tough year for kevin durant and the oklahoma city thunder. the team announcing today that durant is out for the season after undergoing another surgery on his right foot. the reigning mvp of the league -- or he's had two surgeries already on that fractured foot. the first coming back in october. he's only played in 27 games. the he's expected to return to basketball activities in about four to six months. the maryland women out in spokane, washington practicing today, the terps taking on duke in the sweet 16 tomorrow
6:55 pm
afternoon. these two very familiar after spending many years battling it out in the acc. the terps excited to see this rivalry pick back up in tournament play. >> classic matchups through the years, two teams with phenomenal players and rosters that have gone back and forth. obviously interesting to have to come all the way out here to the northwest to be able to play this matchup. >> i was extremely excited to be part of that rivalry and for us to be able to bring it back especially in march and the tournament is extremely exciting. my one and only duke experience left a horrible taste in my mouth so we're excited to redeem ourselves. >> the terps take on the blue devils tipoff tomorrow at 4:30. duke has won the last three meetings between these two teams. moving on now, big weekend at fedex field an international friendly taking place between argentina and el salvador since socker is the most popular sport in the world and lionel messi is the best player at it that
6:56 pm
would make him the most popular athlete in the world, that according to me. argentina holding a practice session at fed ex today. messi did not practice in the portion that was open to the media. he's expected to play tomorrow. you know you're a big deal when the stars get a little starstruck to see you. robert griffin iii and alex ovechkin at practice today to see messi. they were exchanging gifts, taking pictures. rg3 even putting a little prep work before meeting his soccer superstar. >> my friend taught me a phrase and i was able to say that to him when i met him. he giggled and say thank you because i know he doesn't speak much english, if any at all. it's just really cool to have him here and get a chance to come and see him. i know everyone is looking forward to seeing him play, but entire team is loaded. >> soccer fans might be pulling a double-header tomorrow. d.c. you nighted hosting the defending mls cup champions the galaxy at 7:00.
6:57 pm
last week against rival new york ben olson, the head coach, ripped his players after a lackluster first half performance. united knows exactly what they need to do against the galaxy this weekend. >> we have to go about it like we did in the second half. i thought the second half we were much better in terms of keeping the ball in terps of being more aggressive. i think if we have that same mentality we'll be in good shape. >> a combination of us being a little passive. we had i think a few too many guys just not have good games and that adds up. the important now is to put that behind us learn a little from it and move forward. >> on three. go ahead. >> we go back to basketball. pretty special moment here for a young boy of he were don, 13 years old, battling a form of brain cancer. he spent the morning with the wizards. the team will sign him to a one-day contract before tonight's game. pretty cool. >> all right. way to go. thanks, jason.
6:58 pm
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on this friday night, unfit to work. another stunning twist in the air disaster investigation. prosecutors say the co-pilot apparently hid an illness from the airline. torn up doctors notes found in his home. and tonight new scrutiny about how pilots in this country are screed. judgment day once again for amanda knox, the american accused of murdering her roommate. high drama in a late-night ruling in italy. bombshell report. where did fraternity members learn that racist chant caught on camera? and "making a difference" for a little boy who inspired a movement. why so many people all across the country are wearing yellow today for seth. "nightly news" begins right now. this is "nbc nightly news."


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