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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 27, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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some surprising new details about a an officer killed in crash. find out what he was doing right before the wreck. protesters at the university of maryland worry a student who wrote a racist e-mail will never
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be seriously punished. case closed for amanda knox. new reaction about her overturned conviction. >> we learn two key details about a crash that killed a police officer in prince george's county. he was speeding well over 100 miles an hour and had a blood alcohol level came close to being drunk. >> reporter: alcohol was the primary reason for the crash. he believes the radio. police say officer brendan had consumed alcohol out with his friends the night he crashed his cruiser and died. he had gone home and was taking his girlfriend to her apartment
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and he lost control, hit a fence and lost his life. his blood alcohol level was.07. enough to be charged with driving while impaired. >> i in no way condone his decision to drive after consuming any amount of alcohol. >> reporter: investigators determined that he had reached 106 miles an hour as he tried to catch up to a speeding driver lost control at 64 miles an hour and hit the wooden backyard fence at 50 miles an hour. his girlfriend survived. >> the outcome was tragic. excessive speed cannot be ignored either. >> reporter: police have never found the driver of the dark colors sienna he may have been trying to pull over. they confirmed he has changed his radio. the chief believes the moments of distraction could have led to the crash. >> if i had to guess that's
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when he lost control and hit the fence and was killed in this accident. >> reporter: the chief said we may never know what caused the fatal crash. back to you. >> thanks. we're going to continue to follow all the new developments in this story. you can watch the prince george police chief entire news conference on our nbc washington app. a live look at montgomery county on an unseasonably cold night. >> we have very cold air making its way in. currently 46. it's not too bad across our region. 23 in pittsburgh. 29 in state college, pennsylvania. here is what you need know about tomorrow. what to expect during the day? just plain cold, breezy. winds gusting to 25 miles per hour. we're talking about wind chills that will be near 30 degrees in
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the amp. average high temperatures near 60. will be close to 20 degrees below that. i've got the complete forecast coming up. i'll let you know when we break out of this cold snap. breaking news amanda knox is speaking for the first time since she learned an italian court overturned her murder conviction. she spoke a few minutes ago in seattle about that conviction. >> i'm grateful for the justice i've received and the support i've had from everyone from my family and friends to strangers and people like you. you saved my life and i'm so grateful. i'm so grateful to have my life back. thank you. >> she maintained she was innocent throughout this ordeal. she's written a book written for a newspaper and recently got
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engage engaged. investigators say the co-pilot should not have been flying when he deliberately crashed a passenger jet into the french alps. they found several sick leave sercertificates that had been torn up. a doctor give him those so he could be off work for several days including tuesday, the day the plane flew into a mountain and killed 150 people on board. lufthansa owns germanwings. they didn't find a suicide note or any claim of responsibility in that apartment. new at 11:00, police arrested man for having a suspicious device and now we have learned he worked for i.c.e. and homeland security. allen has been charged with possessing and making an explosive explosive. he's being held without bond. on thursday a maintenance crew
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went into the apartment. some maryland students are fired up tonight over a sexist racism e-mail that rocked the college park campus. they think is student who sent it is getting off easy. they're making their voices heard. >> hey, hey, these sexist words have got to go. >> reporter: dozens of university of maryland students gathered in front of the fraternity house just off campus this evening. they're anger was sparked by an e-mail from a fraternity brother to several others. it was written last year but only recently began appearing on the internet. in vulgar and racist terms. he urges his friends not to invite african-american asian and indian women to fraternity parties. he encouraged them to ignore con sent with the women who were invited.
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in an e-mail sent to students they said the university's investigation into the incident is continuing and due process will be completed before any final determination are made. his family and the university he will not return to campus this semester semester. protester fear that may be the only serious punishment the e-mail writer faces. many do not want him to return to campus. the student has been expelled from the fraternity they remain a target for anger. >> this is important because this is a college issue. this is happening nationwide. there are women being sexually assaulted and raped on college campuses. >> it's strange when you hear about it in different states but when it hits you at home you want to act. >> any form of discrimination or hate is unacceptable on this campus. >> no one answered the door when we knocked to get a comment but
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the fraternity's president did apologize at campus wide forum held earlier this week. thanks. millions of dollars are headed to several districts in maryland to ease some of the overcrowding this schools. state lawmakers agreed to give $20 million. they'll have to share the money for construction projects. the larger school districts have thousands of students in portable classrooms and urging the state to help but counties will have to match the new funding which should be delivered to the school districts by the first of july. a young woman come forward to say she was abused by members of a church. they have launched an ongoing investigation into calvary temple church in sterling. no charges have been filed. they are looking into multiple claims of verbal, physical and sexual abuse. caitlin is the pastor's
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estranged granddaughter. >> i was tired of being hit and punch add thrown into walls and dropped off on the side of the road and forced to walk all the way to work. >> calvary temple church has not responded to the allegations. rally against the church will be held tomorrow. some candidates will have to put their campaigns on fast forward. the republican party decided to hold a fire house primary next month. the incumbents want thoeld a regular primary in june. they went to court and lost. the primary will be april 25th. republican voters will have to come to party campus and choose candidates for board chairman sheriff and two supervisor seats as well. new at 11:00, more fall out over hillary s e-mail. clinton still hasn't produced the documents they have requested. they say she is refusing to relinquish her server and it's been wiped clean. clinton has been under pressure
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since it came out she used a personal e-mail account as secretary of state. now she could be subpoenaed to testify before congress. bill cosby brings his tour to maryland. find out how he was received. why a red hot hollywood actress and d.c. nativ [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging do business travel on your terms. acela. take off.
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we continue to follow breaking news. moments ago amanda knox spoke for the first time. she said she's incredibly
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grateful this moment is a moment of joy. a school bus full of kids caught fire today in orange county california. the quick thinking bus driver noticed the smoke got all 35 students off safely and used a fire extinguisher to put the fire out. no word on how it started. okay. i appreciate you being honest about the weed. i do smell weed. thank you for being honest. >> this dash cam video was just released and contradicts comments made by empire actress
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t taraji p henson. after seeing that video she's apologized. >> reporter: sometimes as humans we overreact without gathering the facts. i overreacted and for that i apologized. thank you so that officer for being kind to my son. her public apology on her instagram comes days after she claimed in a magazine article that her son had been racially profiled. >> you know why i pulled you over? >> reporter: during this traffic stop by glendale police, police say he was stopped after he made an illegal lane change in front of them and drove through a crosswalk. >> the person was walking by. >> reporter: the department releasing the entire 40-minute long traffic stop to nbc 4 captured by the officer's dash cam they say to set is record straight. police a add the allegations that led to threat against law enforcement. they won't explain the nature of
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the threats. this the interview henson said my child maz been rationally profiled. he was in glendale california and did everything the cops told him to do including letting them illegally search his car. cops dispute that. >> is there anything in the car i should know about? okay. i appreciate your being honest about the weed. i do appreciate that because i do smell weed. >> reporter: the chief tells us he admitted he had marijuana, a knife of legal size and ritalin without a prescription which is a felony. in the article henson called the stop bogus because they did not ticket her son for why he was stopped. cops say that's for a reason. >> that will put a moving violation on your driver's license. you'll have to do traffic school and all that. >> reporter: with the video now public the motive behind the apology implied in hashtag turning a negative into a positive.
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police say they are circulating the apology throughout the department and will be meeting with the officers involved in the traffic stop. after that they will respond to the apology. nup at 11:00, doz tennessees of people protested bill cosby's appearance in baltimore. some of the protesters were members of a group who say they don't want a quote, serial rapist in their city. more than two dozen women have come forward claiming cosby salted them but fans defended their ticket purchase. >> everybody has their own opinion but how you convict or be this dead against something that you don't know what's happened. >> he's traveling around the country but several performances have been cancelled. president obama said employees can bring their kids in take their daughters to
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workday. the white house is always working with the boys and girls club in d.c. to invite children to see the executive mansion on april 23rd. # all the a great thing. you going to bring your kids in here. >> i brought my son in last night and he's like daddy, i'm bored. >> you won't believe how many newscasts his son is just sitting right over here. >> it's a nice night now but it gets a lot colder across the area. we're talking about potential record breaking temperatures tomorrow night. not tonight. it's still going to be quite chilly. winds out of north at 17. 39 already in gaithersburg. we're already on the cool side.
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not much rain. we have a shower down toward southern st. mary. that's going to be about it this evening. what we do see is the area of cold air making its way down from the great lakes. you can see the lake effect snow is coming around chicago, coming around boston. that's the cold air coming over the lakes right down into our region. take a look at the numbers right now. 46 here. 23 in pittsburgh. 29 in cincinnati. that's the kind of cold air we will be dealing with tomorrow night. during the day, just plain cold as i mentioned. 42 for a high. 38 in martinsburg. we'll see a lot of cloud cover especially north and east of the potomac river. south and west a bit more sunshine. one thing to note we may see a flurry or two during the day today. i'm not expecting much. rather breezy conditions too. that might help out with the quite kite festival that's happening
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downtown. 41 by 1:00. dropping to 42 by 5:00. it's going to be very chilly. highs tomorrow again, 42. 47 degrees during the day on sunday with sunshine. we get to 59 on monday with a chance for shower activity and then things look to get a little bit better. this roller coaster looks like it wants to end. high temperatures at or close to average and even above average as we end next week. let's hope that's the way things will stay. >> that's pretty amazing. a low of 27 to a high of 67 in about four days. >> yesterday we were 77. >> that's right. >> it will feel like 32 tomorrow. still ahead, the wizards going right down to the wire and then john wall puts the team on his back.
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first quarter looked like the wizards would run away and all of a sudden they were fighting for their lives. >> they play two good quarters and then two bad quarters. you have to give the wizards credit tonight. it may not have been pretty at the verizon center and at times it was downright ugly. they did stick together picking up the win and snapping that four game losing skids. john wall came up huge in the final seconds and in regulation
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and overtime. he's a 13-year-old, rare form of brain cancer. he sign add one day contract with the wizards today. john wall he did his thing tonight. under ten seconds to go. more from john wall the three ball there in overtime. tied it at 99. after a minute left in o.t. wizards up two. the hornets, mo williams had 26 points off the bench. wall doesn't want to play anymore extra basketball. buries the three pointer here. under 15 seconds left to play. steve buckhans on the call for the wizards. >> the jumper. >> dagger. >> john wall finished with 32 points nine rebounds six assists. the wizards win in double time 110-107. >> got to find way to play
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better. we didn't quit. i told those guys keep fighting. i'm going to keep going as hard as i can. that's one thing you know about me. >> next up the wizards, the houston rockets come to town. that's an early game at verizon center. should be a really good match up. let's talk a little college basketball now. maryland's tournament run is over but having some much needed help. diamond stone has verbally committed to maryland. stone took to twitter tonight around 7:30 tweeting i'm committing to the university of maryland hashtag terps. the five star recruit from milwaukee. now that the 6'10" center is heading to college park he'll join georgia tech transfer robert carter junior for what should be an impressive front
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coach. to soccer argentina getting ready for their friendly against el salvador tomorrow. leon did not practice during the portion open to the media. east expected to play tomorrow. that's robert griffin ii. they exchanged gifts, took a few pictures and rg3 doing some homework to meet one of his favorite soccer players. >> my friend taught me a phrase. i was able to say that to him when i met him. i giggled and he said thank you. i know he doesn't speak much english. it's cool to have him here. i know everyone issing looing forward to seeing him play. this entire team is loaded. >> that friendly will take place tomorrow 4:36 tomorrow town. >> you don't realize how small he is.
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there's a peep show tonight in maryland but this one is fun for the whole family. at the carol arts center the beloved easter suiweets have been transformed into works of art. the biggest creation is a life
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size goofey statue that took over 3,000 to make. me and my peeps might try to make it out there. give us the rough news about this weekend. >> take a look at this. 25 in d.c. 18 tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. in martinsburg. what about the afternoon? how about that? 31 in d.c. we're dauktalking about a very cold day. it does get better. on sunday less wind and sunshine. sunday is not a bad day as far as the weekend goes. 59 on monday and above average on tuesday. high temperature of 63. 56 on wednesday. thursday and friday right now looks to be well above average with highs finally getting back into the 60s and not just in the 60s but we're there for two consecutive days. >> hopefully we'll stay there. sleep in tomorrow morning. >> if yo
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- will forte adam horovitz, fish expert jeremy wade, and featuring the legendary roots crew.
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>> questlove: 234 canton, ohio. >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, my goodness. that's a hot crowd! [ cheers and applause ] i feel -- i feel the love! i feel the love. thank you very much. welcome, welcome, welcome. welcome, welcome, welcome. welcome, welcome, welcome. welcome, welcome, welcome. welcome to "the tonight show" everybody! we're here.


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