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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 28, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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i'm david sulculver. when are we going to see the spring warm here's tom. >> the flags flapping around and a wind at 20 to 25 miles an hour. not only is it feeling like winder but flurries flying through the air and near a nap lois on the eastern shore. most of maryland and virginia and the panhandle. it's 9 above zero. that's the air temperature. a little above freezing and upper 20s to around 30. low to mid 30s around the bay. look at the wind chills and down to the teens. we will have sunshine with clouds coming and going after
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this cold morning. we are looking at warmer weather moving in next week. back to you. >> thanks tom. all new this morning, d.c. police shot a respect suspect in northeast washington before midnight on clay terrace. we are gathering new details. >> this happened at 11 time 43. take a look at the scene. according to the police an officer responded to a respect in progress. we know a suspect was shot once. they were taken away from the scene and not much of a scene, but they continue and they know exactly what happened. he was a police officer here in
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the 5300 block. there raven shotted fired here yesterday as well. one person hospitalized after being shot. that person say robbery suspect shot by police. news 4. >> derek, thanks. >> a mappeda knox wakes up a free woman. ity le's high court ruled there was not enough evidence to support a conviction against her. a guilty verdict was handed down to knox and her italian boyfriend in the killing of her british roommate. for now the saga is over. >> i'm incredibly grateful for what happened for the justice i received and for the support i had from everyone. from my family to my friends to strangerers and people like you. you saved my life and i am so
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grateful and i am so grateful i have my life back. >> rudy is convicted of the quarter and serving a 16-year sentence. >> a prince george's county police officer he died when he lost control of his cruiser. a toxicology report showed he was drinking and had a level of .07. that's below intoxication but enough to be charged with driving while impaired. >> i in no way contone the decision to drive after consuming any alcohol. >> he was trying to stop a speeding car. the speed was likely a primary cause and not alcohol. >> a young woman came forward saying she was abused by the leaders and members of a northern virginia church. the loudoun county sheriff said
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they launched an investigation into cavalry temple church. no charges have been filed. they are looking into multiple planes and verbal and sexual abuse. >> i was tired of being hit and punch and thrown into walls and thrown downstairs and tired of being dropped off on the side of the road and forced to walk to work. >> that was the pastor's e stranged granddaughter. cavalry temple will respond. demonstrators the march tomorrow morning. >> the student behind an e-mail gets off easy. what others are doing to voice frustration. >> dozens of students gathered in front of the fraternity house. their anger was sparked by an
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e-mail from a fra termity brother to several others. it was rip and only recently appeared on the internet in vulgar and racist terms. the e-mail writer urges them not to invite african-american asian and indian women. he encouraged thome ignore the issue of consent with the women who were invited. >> they said the yesterday's investigation is continuing and due process will be completed before any final determinations are made. they said however by mutual consent between the student involve and his family and the university, he will not return to campus this semester. that may be the only serious punishment the writer faces and many do not want him returning to campus. the student has been expelled
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it remains a target for anger. >> the women are being sexually assaulted and raped on college campuses. >> you hear about it in differently states and it causes you to want to act. >> any form of discrimination or hate is unacceptable on this campus. >> jackie knocked on the kappa sigma house, but they didn't answer. a campus-wide forum was held. >> protesters made their feelings known at the opera house last night. some are members of the sexual victim advocacy group and don't want a serial rapist in their city. more than two dozen women came forward saying cosby assaulted them. the supporters said he is innocent until convicted otherwise. >> how can you get something
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thaw don't know what's happened. >> cosby is traveling the country on his far from finished tour. several of the performances have been canceled. >> the president's schedule hasn't taken a get away. he is in south florida for a golf tournament. >> the annual cherry blossom kite festival kicks off in the district. they can make their own socks and wind kites. there will be a kite doctor to repair damages. the event is fro. you may not see cherry blossoms yet. you can see the specials in our app. search cherry blossoms. >> traffic alert. expect delays on metros and the roads. where lane closures could cause major back ups in northwest d.c. >> we're are helping you protect yourself from identity theft.
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we will team for a
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. heads up if you are planning to use metro. metro is fixing the tracks. if you are using the blue and yellow line routes run every 18 minutes. trains on the yellow line only go as far north as mount vernon square. >> another travel alert this morning as work starts along a major commuter route. the rebuilding of the bridge that goes over 16th street is under way. if you thought traffic has been a mess it is about to get worse. the entire road will be closed
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some weekends. the work is expected to take about four months and use georgia avenue as an alternate route. >> we get a lock at the smallen officer's memorial and a woman who made it happen. we are helping you stay safe and secure from identity thieves. we have a community shred looking live
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today we are helping you finally get rid of your personal documents and safely. joinings us for the all state community shred. >> you can head over to the community college campus in annandale. we will number b 15 parking lot and we are there right now until 11:00 this morning. joining us now is all state insurance. let me start with you. this is obviously an event that has been promoted as a safety event. why do you see it as so important? >> . >> identity theft costs a lot of money and a lot of issues to to-that's why for preventing the
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identity theft to shredding all your personal documents. that's the first line of defense. it's very personality. >> it is important and a great opportunity for people to safely dispose of the personal documents. we understand there items that people should not bring. what are those? >> absolutely. good morning. we don't want batteries. hard drives any type of media or flammables. anything that might damage the trucks. we ask that participants do not bring those items. >> it's a pretty simple process, but so people know how it works, what can people expect when they drive in? >> it is organized. we have the police out here and all state partners. it's a very organized process. we have 12 trucks and all of our shredding partners collecting the material and shredding
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everything. it's a chilly day, but a fun day. it's great to provide the service to the community. we are happy to be here. >> we are happy to have you out here. thank you so much for joining us. it's a great event. you can go until 11:00 this morning. at 9:16 families of police officers killed in the line of duty will come together. >> a new fallen officer's memorial will be dedicated this evening. northern virginia bureau chief met with relatives and shares stories of sacrifice. >> jenny hill made a promise in 1989 when her husband and father of two small boys was killed by a suspect in a hostage incident. charlie hill responded as part of the special operations team. >> when charlie died i promised him it would not be forgotten.
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>> alexandria's fallen officers memorial commemorative plaques go back to 1823 when they were called constables. >> that's a bit. >> hope for the memorial had dimmed. it was supposed to be part of the police headquarters. they determined there was not enough money. the police foundation waged a furious campaign and in just months $400,000 was raised. >> i knew it was going to be done. we were going do it. >> another strong supporter, judy byrny. he was killed responding to a bank robbery. judy was just 12. >> he not just a guy with a gun. he cared great low about the community and he loved his job
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very much. >> she later served as an alexandria officer herself. now the memorial gives judy and jenny reason to keep coming here. >> for would be the final place where they can be remembered forever. >> i want people to know the officers did their job and they need to be remembered. >> news 4, alexandria. >> it's going to be a cold one out there for it. >> cold and clear. >> we love the video here. the flags are of the memorial. they are slapping in the wind. the wind chills are down to the teens. look at that picture there. there is the washington monument. anyone heading down for the kite festival on the mall -- they are
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moving northeast and snow shower s showers and flurries move through towards sutterville and northeast of there. still at or below freezing. we have been this way since predawn. upper 20s to near 30. most of maryland and virginia in the low to mid 30s. out in the valley it's only 5 above zero. temperature in oakland is only 9 above zero. it has been flapping in winds gusting around 15 to 20. a wind chill now is in the teens to around 20. even around the bay where the temperatures are above freezing and feels like the 20s. they are not going away and will be around here for much of the day ahead. make sure you have the storm
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team 4 app and check out the weather where you are. layer up. you might need the sunglasses as the sunshine will come and go. look at the sunrise. this was posted by one of my twitter followers. they got a fresh coating of snow there overnight. out in garrett county only in the single digits to near 10 degrees. there is the capital. we have a few clouds to the north and the winds into the afternoon. a small chance of a flurry. temperatures should be making it into the low to mid 40s. then this evening the winds will be diminishing. the temperatures will plummet by dawn on sunday. sunday afternoon bright and sun we highs in the upper 40s to near 50. reality check every time. 61. nowhere near that until monday. as we get back to work and
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school looking nice into the low and mid 60s. a bit cooler into tuesday. part low sunny tuesday and temperatures into the 50s. the rest of the week is locking mild. the seven-day outlook and highs near 60 again. on wednesday, then on thursday increasing clouds and a weak front coming through on thursday that may give us a passing shower. highs in the mid 60s and maybe near 70 dare i say, on friday. it was certainly great on thursday. we got to the mid 70s and a tease of spring. >> it's winter's last gasp. >> i hope so. >> still ahead, you can take your kids to a rock concert. we will show where you this is happening. >> mad men in d.c. the new exhibit b
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. >> new fallout into aaron schock. news 4 was the first to report that they will take a second look at how they reimburse members of congress and perhaps changing the rules and regulations. the congressman is resigning after reports that he submitted
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tens of thousands of dollars. >> more backlash over hillary clinton's e-mails. the house committee said clinton has not produced the documents they requested. clinton is refusing to relinquish her server to a neutral third party and that server has been wiped clean. clinton has been under pressure that she used a personal e-mail account as secretary of state. there is a rock concert today in vienna virginia all to help children going through a tough time. >> that's rainbow rock. it's happening here at jam and java in vienna at 10:00 this morning. you are asked to bring baby items like diapers and rattles to donate to the pediatric center in northeast washington.
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the center is a specialty hospital. if you would like to get tickets, we have posted the information in the nbc washington app. >> if you head to green fest the washington suburban commission teamed up with the county. they have basic plumbing techniques. it will wrap up around 4:00. it will be various locations including montgomery college. for more details where you can find out more at www.montgomery county grown >> the history of advertising and pop culture are coming together. you can check out a new show. don draper himself played by jon hamm and others will be there.
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they include his suit, lucky strike cigarettes shoes and a script from the show. >> this is the archaeological site of humanity from the this period of so much of it was thrown away that it was fun to recreate a check stub. >> mad men is heading into the final and 16 it starts april 5th. >> local kids from the d.c. boys and girls club will get a chance to clock in. take our daughters and sons to work day set for april 23rd. they include kids who are usually left out of the experience -- >> more mopey from the state and the question is how will it be spent? >> the
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. >> in our top stories, d.c. police shot a robbery suspect overnight in northeast washington. it happened before midnight on clay terrace. the suspect was taken to the hospital and his condition is unknown. >> amanda knox wakes up a free woman. italy's high court revealed there was not enough evidence to support a conviction against her. a guilty verdict was handed down to her and her italian
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boyfriend. >> from 10 to 4:30 kids can make their own kites. expert kite flyers will give lessons and help you with kite retears. they will do the repairs to the kids and that's what happened. we will have a lot of wind today. >> it is windy. >> it will be a good thing though. >> you would think. i think it will hold up. tom ventured outside on the weather deck. we can hear a little bit of that wind. >> for may be too windy to be flying a kite. now it's going calm. the wind comes whipping through. it's great having a blue sky and a few flurries northeast. those will stay north and east of us here for the rest of the morning. the temperatures are only in the upper 20s to near 30 degrees. it does feel like the teens with
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the wind chill. i only have been out here for about five minutes and the tips of my ears feel like they are freezing. might get a flurry and temperatures should be around 40 and by late afternoon in the low 40s with sunshine. kristin and david, i can't you made me come out here. >> at least you anyhow what to expect. a man is dead after being stabbed in loudoun county. it happened in a parking lot of a 7-11 on plaza street northeast. a stolen car was found in the same parking lot. police arrested several people and found them at the scene and they are questioning them. the 7-11 is closed this morning. >> the search continues for two people missing after a building explosion. at least 20 people were hurt. four remain in critical
9:33 am
condition. it ripped through three apartment buildings on thursday. >> she had to get the goose neck down and i was trying to explain to her bend your legs and lift it up. then just let it go. she was panicking and couldn't do it. i had to calm her down. >> pretty scary. a gas line is suspected of spark the explosion. the exact cause is under investigation. >> a german hospital said they treated the copilot that deliberately crashed a passenger jet into the french alps. andreas lubitz was a patient and during a search of his apartment, they found several sick leave certificates that were torn up. a doctor gave him the notes so that he can be off work for several days including the day he purposely crashed the plane, killing all 150 people on board.
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>> multiple counties could be doing away with portable classrooms. they approved millions for construction products. when is this going to happen? >> portable classrooms are a symptom. >> i just do music in a portable and i don't like -- there is no bathroom in there. >> they have 404 portable classrooms and 90% in elementary schools like the eight here in bell elementary school. prince george county is facing a similar situation. >> we have more portable classrooms than any in the state. over 450. >> lawmakers joined michael bush to announce $20 million in funding for five counties including montgomery prince georges, howard anne arundel and baltimore. >> this is to address the
9:35 am
extraordinary needs of the counties that are growing at a more rapid pace. >> prince georges county wx the additional school construction money. cindy santiago is a parent. one of her twins in fourth grade attends class in a portable. >> it's a growing county and the schools are busting at the seems and they need the money. >> the money is expected to be delivered by july 1st. chris gordon, news 4. >> an official is behind bars for allegedly having a suspicious device. he works for ice and homeland security. on thursday a maintenance crew reported low found the device at his apartment. a mazz mat crew has been called in and at least 45 other apartments. >> alexandria is one step closer
9:36 am
to help a plan. the council zoned for the plan lawfully. councilmembers passed the original plan. since the council revoted and passed by a super majority there was no basis for the lawsuit. >> the republican party will hold a so-called firehouse primary that includes all gop candidates. they wanted to hold a leg rar filing deadline. they went to court and lost and the primary is april 25th. voters will have to come to a canvas and choose the sheriff and two supervisor seats. >> police are asking for your skmp locking for a woman who may have abandoned a cat in loudoun county. they show a silver suv pulling into the parking lot. the woman gets out of the car
9:37 am
with a cat in her hand. she is seen in the store with no cat. a short time later, they fountain 8-year-old tabby abandoned in the parking lot with a bag of food and a bowl and a pillow sham. >> more kitty. >> hopefully he gets a home soon. >> progress of an historic mission. they are making history. >> a consumer
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. an historic space commission
9:40 am
off to a good start. the spacecraft with a crew of three successfully docked at the space station. this will be the first ever year long stay. astronauts hep to better understand how the human body reacts and adapts to space. school kelly and two russian cosmonauts are on the mission. a retired astronaut and husband of gabrielle giffords will take part in the study for earth. his vital signs will serve as a base line. >> on virginia's eastern shore, the rocket launch has been postponed for a second time. it was scrubbed because of bad weather again this morning. the rocket will take experiments from several colleges including virginia tech. the window has started. we will keep a close eye on the potential launch. >>. >> starting today american
9:41 am
airlines will absorb us airways frequent flyer accounts. they will carry the a advantage name and discontinue the dividend miles program. they will be given a full to one mileage transfer. travelers will be notified by e-mail when the process has been completed. >> nbc 4 and all state helping you when
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. we are back at 9:44 on what is a chilly saturday morning. folks still getting out when it comes to protecting themselves from identity theft. >> this is important. we know identity theft is rampant all over. you have to protect yourself. >> our consumer reporter has been keeping you safe but we are doing something that is going on at the community college. it's our nbc 4 all state community shred. >> that's right. it is as you said in annandale and we will be in the b 15 parking lot until 11:00 this morning. we will go there live right now. we are joined by kathy thompson from nbc and erica carter the
9:45 am
recycling coordinator for fairfax county. let's start with you. why is it important for the college to be a part of the community shred? >> thank you so much for having us. >> both cyber security is such an ongoing issue and as well as conservation and -- excuse me. it's just a way to help the community take care of those really important issues on a personal level as well. >> all right, kathy. i know it's windy. thanks for bearing with us. i cover northern virginia. that's my beat. fairfax county is involved. why is it so important for the county. how has it benefitted? >> we like to provide service to our citizens. it's something that is a really
9:46 am
popular thing. they want to get rid of them and the paper gets recycled and it's good for the environment. >> great event all-around. thank you so much. we appreciate you being with us this morning. we are excited and we're happy to provide the service for people and happy you are helping us. >> stay warm out there. >> thank you. >> when you head out to the all state community shred, we will help with you what not to bring. badries, cds, or combustibles. you have to be in line by 11:00. you want to lineup in order to get your items shred. >> that's right. tom is back inside and the warmth after we sent him out in the cold. >> i would like to put my
9:47 am
thermometer through the shredder. i call this vampire winds. they are just biting winds. doesn't feel like march. rewind to february. as we look at the radar, it's looking like winder on the eastern shore. flurries and a big area of showers that is zipping on through near the bay bridge. that's dripping off to the south and through the rest of the eastern shore over the rest of the morning. elsewhere we have the sunshine and the temperatures are below freezing. shenandoah valley right at or below freezing in the western northern suburbs. montgomery and loudoun in the upper 20s to near 30. and south and east of washington in the low 30s. a few scattered flurries and
9:48 am
look at the wind there. a live view. the winds have been gusting to around 20 to 25 miles an hour. look at the wind chills. they are down into the teens. this is feeling more like february. it will be april. keep up with this cold weather and maybe flurries for later today. dress like this young lady and might need the sunglasses as we will have sun coming and going. look at the sunrise in garrett county. a couple of inches of fresh snow around the valley where temperatures were in the single digits. this is taken by ellen callahan. post your photos on twitter and facebook and i posted them on stain gram laz. the sky over washington with the
9:49 am
clouds off to the east of us producing the flurries. woe will have welcome sunshine at least. the march sun gets high in the sky and the winds stay blustery and maybe a passing flurry later in the afternoon. temperatures by late afternoon in the low to mid 40s. then overnight tonight. all the way down to the low 20s by dawn on sunday. tomorrow bright and sunny and highs only reaching near 60. the average high is near 60 and just near 50 tomorrow. part low cloudy and lows in the 30s. finally feeling like spring. the mid 60s and a light wind. 30s in the morning and highs into the upper 50s and partly sunny. as we get into wednesday and the rest of the week the seven-day outlook is very nice. 40s in the morning and highs around 60.
9:50 am
increasing clouds and mild into the mid 60s. we will get a weak front on thursday night. that may give us a few passing rain showers thursday. it gets mild by the end of the week and milder up near 70 degrees on friday afternoon. that's going to feel great. it being looks like finally we will see the end of any kind of cold air like this. it is brutal out there. i was out on the deck a few minutes ago, if you are out for more than five or ten minutes, i wasn't wearing a hat. i wish i had my hat o you need the winter gear. >> when we checked in for the community shred. i was all bundled up. >> thanks a lot, tom. >> did you know this? it's something on a stick today nationally. spring is here and you are thinking about stocking up on warmer weather foods, corn dogs
9:51 am
that you are looking at right there. today is officially something on a stick day. >> honoring a mother's memory. how a coach who grew up in maryland is honoring his mom. there they are. you are
9:52 am
9:53 am
. huge night in college hoops.
9:54 am
the elite eight kicks off tonight. no local teams are still in it but one coach is making them proud. >> he played college ball here in the district. >> his mother passed away suddenly a week ago before notre dame was about to take the court. coach bray is doing his best to honor her memory. >> he was the who got me going. competitive and an olympian and a world record holder. ahead of her tame. competitive. >> betty was the driving force behind everything her son has done. >> i talked to her and very rarely he said hey, mike how are you doing? >> my mom was a coach on june 9th, 1995. i knew it was a big deal and i was amazed after he coached and found out his mom had died.
9:55 am
>>. >> mike knew what he wanted his mother to do. she would want him to coach that game and take care of the kids. i couldn't be prouder. that may be the greatest of his coaching career what he did the other day. >> betty was an olympic swimmer and a coach for the swim team in the early 80s. accomplished in the pool while her son accomplishes on the basketball court. he played for and coached alongside the legend. as well as coach k at duke. those two were not the only mentors in his life. >> absolutely they were great. the two educators my parents were when i run into people that played for them or they taught in the summers, everybody loved them and i have taken a big page out of that. >> to be specific countless times in the past that's something that i hope he does.
9:56 am
there is not a better coach in the country. >> news 4 sports. >> sounds like a beautiful lady. a chance to pull off an upset taking on the 37-0 kentucky wildcats. >> we want to share colleen o harrah's story. she started running as a way to cope with her husband's loss. the single mother of three is hitting the pavement to honor her husband, ray who was killed in a test flight. they were training if are a 195 mile relay. her running has raised money if are nonprofits including the fallen patriots foundation. she is helping to pay college fees. >> a grief counsellor who said the only way beyond is through it. this is my way. >> the family will all run
9:57 am
together including the kids for the first time. ray o' hare is buried at arlington national cemetery where the race will end. she is impressive. a cold one, tom. >> for will stay blustery and cold and better tomorrow. it will be around 50 degrees and it will feel like spring into next week. >> i hope it sticks around. that's all for news 4 today. thanks for being with a new form
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