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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 29, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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prince george's county police are investigating a murder in langley park. >> a man was found dead inside an apartment building on kanawha street. derrick ward has more information. >> reporter: we are learning more details about this investigation into this homicide here in langley park. this is going on at the bedford station apartments. it was about 4:15 this morning when prince george's county police arrived at a building here at 1440 kanawha street.
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when they got here they found an adult male who had been stabbed. we are learning this person was actually found in the hallway outside of an apartment in this building. it's unclear at this point whether he was a resident of that building or any other buildings in the complex. we do know what brought police to the scene. >> we do know a check welfare call was made. it's unclear who made the call. >> reporter: indeed we are trying to determine who it was that made that call or whether there was any call for some sort of disturbance. as we are told, this is a stabbing that seems to have occurred in the hallway of these department buildings, a hallway in the building where the person was found. no identity on the victim yet. police say at this point they're trying to develop a suspect profile. we expect to have more information coming out later today. at this point still an active crime scene at this site here in langley park.
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that's where we are live. back to you. >> derrick, thanks so much. we want to go straight to storm team 4 amelia segal with the forecast. amelia we kicked sunday off in the 20s. tell me it's only going up from here. >> it is. now up to 34 degrees. the wind not a factor but when you factor it in it feels like 25 degrees outside. you want to grab the warmer jacket as you head out early this morning, the sunglasses as well. plenty of sunshine and it will stay like that for the remainder of today. here is your hourly forecast for your sunday. here is skycast four in the background showing you what the sky is going to look like throughout the day. you can see hardly any clouds. 10:00 a.m. temperature around 42. by noon near 40 degrees and 2:00 p.m. it's cool but sunny. temperature at 2:00 of 46. now, tomorrow it will be warmer than today. but some showers are in the forecast for your monday and even tuesday as well. i'm going to have the latest timing on those rain chances,
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adam coming up with my full forecast in about 15 minutes. >> thanks amelia. someone died in a crash that shut down lanes on the beltway this morning. it happened around 4:00 this morning on the inner loop before central avenue and prince george's county. here is a live look. traffic is moving again. it was totally shut down earlier. we're working to find more information on the crash from maryland state police. in prince george's county a man died after his car hit a tree. we're working to find out his name right now. the crash happened at the intersection of addison road and central avenue in capitol heights. you can see the car hit the tree head on. there was also a small child inside. he or she is in serious condition right now. the intersection of georgia avenue and plyers mill road back open after a water main break caused icy conditions overnight. crews are working to fix the broken water main. the ice led to a five-car pileup in the southbound lanes. police haven't told us whether anyone was hurt in the crash.
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a usc film student expected to live after crashing into a metro train in los angeles. ten people were hospitalized after the crash. investigators say the driver of the hyundai tried to cross the tracks and collided with the train. the train came off the tracks and pinned the car to the pole. the driver is recovering at home. we know the name of a man d.c. police officer shot during a chase. troy robertson is recovering at the hospital. police say he and two other people tried to rob someone on friday night. an officer shot him while he was running away. he was charged with robbery and assaulting an officer. they arrested another person too, a minor. the third person got away. police in france say they have identified dozens of bodies but have many more to go after the crash that killed 150 people last week. you can see investigators in the mountains. they're working to recover wreckage including a missing black box that could tell them
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more about the crash. french prosecutors say co-pilot andreas lubitz deliberately drove the plane into a mountain. the plane's pilot tried to use an axe to get back into the cabin that day. right now protesters are picketing outside a northern virginia church as people walk in for sunday service. a young woman came forward saying she was abused by the leaders and the members of calvary temple church in sterling. loudoun county detectives are looking into multiple claims of verbal physical and sexual abuse. calvary temple church has not responded to those allegations. time now on your sunday morning is 10:05. still ahead, we take a look at what's in the week ahead. family friends and colleagues dedicate a memorial to fallen officers.
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in alexandria there is now a lasting memorial for police officers killed in the line of duty. as long as we keep their memory alive, they truly do not die. >> the memorial was dedicated outside the alexandria police department yesterday. there are benches with commemorative plaques that date back to 1823. at times speakers struggled to control their tears as they honored 18 police officers who died protecting the city. each officer has a different story like judy birney's father conrad. 10:08 is your time right now. here are the stories to know about in the week ahead. tomorrow d.c. mayor muriel bowser will announce her plans for business and development in the city affordable housing, small business and jobs are the main things she plans to focus
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on. mayor bowser will give her first state of the district address on tuesday. she'll focus on creating pathways to the middle class for d.c. residents. the address will be at the lincoln theater on u street at 6:30 p.m. coming up a news 4 i-team investigation. >> i'm tisha thompson with the news 4 i-team. we're investigating sex assaults inside the national guard and how we found that the rules and punishments are very different here than they are with the active military. grab your jacket. it is cold outside. we'll tell you when you can expect the warmup. stay with us.
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they're supposed to be ready to fight for our country at meemt's notice. tisha thomas and the news 4 i-team continue their investigation into sex as sults inside the national guard. >> reporter: nestled in a narrow mountain valley the snow surrounding the national guard headquarters gives the impression of a calm and quiet place. the news 4 i-team uncovered documents showing a battle of the sections raging behind these waltz. >> as a female you have to be faster better stronger at everything you do. you learn that quick. >> a lesson captain dendra weaver learned on the
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battlefield but one she says she never thought she'd have to learn again when she returned home from afghanistan when she made a sexual harassment complaint. >> i think he was dead serious when he looked at me and said i will f'ing kill you. he was not joking. >> reporter: her complaint unleashed a barrage of complaints from other soldiers. in written statements female service members described a boy's club attitude resulting in derogatory names with multiple complaints of sexual harassment. in response one male officer told investigators he felt the females were whining and such over promotions. >> the army is not a wayward home for girls or a girl scout. >> there were several claims of physical assault, chairs kicked and thrown at female service members. women admitting they don't feel same. even the sexual assault victim advocate said the soldiers and officers inside this unit don't
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have each other's backs as they should. i don't know how this would work if they were sent to the battlefield. >> we determined the best way to go about addressing this situation is i've got to affect change to the culture and environment of the organization. >> general james hoyer took over the west virginia national guard the same year the complaints started to surface inside his organization. >> normally the adjuvant general goes and visits his troops looks at what they're doing militarily how they're training the things that they're getting ready to go to war to do. i decided to do with my unit less time observing training and take part of that training to do down halls. >> he says he separated women from the rest of the unit so they would speak honestly. he said at least 24 have come forward claiming they were sexually assaulted or harassed including lieutenant colonel
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teresa james, the highest ranking officer in the nation to come forward with a rape claim. >> i thought with my longevity, my years of service that the leadership would view me as a very credible person believe me and support me and that's not what happened. >> reporter: lieutenant colonel james says her attacker resigned because the state does not have the legal authority to court-martial soldiers for criminal offenses. general hoyer says he can punish offenders financially by stripping them of their pensions and issuing letters of reprimand which is what he said he did after an investigation found james' personal traitor was physically and sexually assaulting junior officers. >> i'm please thad the town hall is having an impact. i'm frustrated we're still dealing with this issue. i'm frustrated that there are people that take advantage of
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other people that impacts our organization's ability to take the nation to war or respond to a disaster that may occur. my frustration lies more with more as much as i think we're having an impact here and we've got people coming forward, is it coming fast enough. is change coming fast enough. >> that was tisha thompson reporting. if you want to learn more about lieutenant colonel james' case. go to there you can see why she thinks the guard system is failing service members when they come forward with rape allegations. just click on investigations. the middle east is in turmoil right now. saudi arabia sending military. >> joining us to talk more about it is "meet the press" moderator chuck todd. chuck, the u.s. in very
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difficult spot between iran israeli and saudi arabia. at this point, we're two days away any idea if there's a clear path forward for the administration? >> there's not. i for the life of me don't know how he'll sell this politically here at home to congress. a nuclear deal by its definition, if you do one, it's going to allow iran to be stronger in the region a stronger iran is something saudi arabia fears. it's because of what iran is doing in yemen in their mind is why saudi arabia is militarily acting in yemen. the united states helping saudi arabia there, working with iran over there, working with iran in iraq. it's complicated. can you be on both sides? is it going to be a point where nobody trusts the u.s. and everybody is nervous about it or can the u.s. go in and dictate moves in a way they used to be able to do? i don't think so. in this modern era, it's hard to do that. i don't know how he gets out of this. >> one of the more interesting things to come out of this we
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learned who is spying on who, right? everybody is spying on everybody. >> shocker. >> obviously there's -- this whole iran negotiation has made the u.s.-israeli relationship a little tougher, the u.s. saudi arabia relationship a little tougher. egypt, israel and saudi arabia three incredible allies for the united states. the u.s. wants to cut this deal with iran but can you keep everybody happy? >> if you don't cut the deal what happens? >> if they don't cut the deal it's hard to imagine there isn't some sort of military confrontation with iran. at some point, whether the israelis saudis the united states they'll say okay we're going to break out. we've got to stop their system there. that's the president's argument. even a bad deal is no deal because no deal leads to a
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military conflict. >> quickly give us your take on harry reid saying he's not going to seek re-election. >> i'm not that surprised when somebody who is 75 says gees i don't know if i want to commit to a job until 2022. i wasn't actually that surprised. look chuck schumer replacing harry reid is the important point to focus on. he will bring a different style. he is known as a dealmaker. he is certainly somebody who is going to be more of a public figure. harry reid a little more come rah shy. chuck schumer and camera shy never used in the same sentence. >> also one of the fiercest en fighters behind closed doors? >> yes, but always trying to find a deal. harry reid was known as that guy before he ascended to the top spot. sometimes the spot itself forces you to be partisan and the question is can chuck schumer still be a deal maker and a partisan leader? >> that's tough to do.
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>> a lot to talk about today. >> a busy show. we e eem go 90 minutes if we have to. >> you heard it here first. >> we'll see if the bosses here at wrc allow it. >> you can see "meet the press" every sunday on nbc4 right after "news 4 today." >> amelia is here with better news. temperatures rising. >> yes, rising to 49 degrees for a high today. that's still a good ten degrees below where we should be this time of year. >> that's cold. that's cold. >> i know. at least it's sunny. at least we're not talking about snow. finding the silver lining there. it is warmer than yesterday. still chill live. some rain chances are in the forecast. you want to keep the smaller umbrella handa. you don't need the big one. tomorrow tuesday and friday as well. after today warmer temperatures in the forecast for the most part. every weekday will feature highs mainly in the 60s this week. right now in the 30s. 34 in washington as well as frederick and culpepper, 33 for
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those of you in fredricksburg. definitely need the sunglasses for the entire day. yesterday we only warmed to 42 in the district and the suburbs, hung out in the 30s. here is a look at the high temperature today in your neighborhood 49 in winchester 43 in annapolis. cooler with that cold water. 47 for a high temperature today in leesburg. future weather showing you the rain chances late tonight and early tomorrow morning. starting you off just after midnight. notice light rain potentially moving through the area. otherwise clouds are already in place. tomorrow's morning commute, especially around 6:00 7:00 8:00 a.m. could feature showers. this includes inside the beltway, so you might want to plan for that. by 9:00 a.m. the shower threat looks to quickly leave the area. you can see the rain is already down in southern maryland and the northern neck. elsewhere starting to see sunshine trying to develop. we will get there, partly to
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mostly sunny skies for the midday and afternoon hours tomorrow. it will be breezy tomorrow afternoon. the school day forecast showers are possible at the bus stop. recess stilldry. dismissal, warmer, play outside. great day to do that with a high temperature of 64. 7:00 p.m. tomorrow around 60 degrees. getting home from work on your monday night, the weather will be cooperating. tuesday a high of 60 degrees. clouds will increase throughout the day on tuesday. it is still breezy as we get into the afternoon and especially evening hours, some showers are possible. let me show you these chances with future weather. 6:00 a.m. it's dry. clouds build in. we should remain mainly dry through the midday hours. as we get into the afternoon hours, notice scattered showers across the area. future weather at 5:00 p.m. potentially rain for the tuesday evening commute. we'll see the rain chances sinking south out of the area tuesday night as we return to
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mainly clear conditions. so that means mostly sunny for wednesday and a high temperature of 56. look at this on thursday. plenty of sunshine and a high temperature. >> [ applause ] >> yes, thank you. 68 degrees for friday. chance of showers, but still mild with a high near 70 and the chance of showers on a cooler saturday. >> it's actually a very nice looking forecast. >> not bad at all. >> we can deal with the rain. thanks amelia. you can see new bear cubs at the national zoo. we'll get a closer look as they make their public debut. keep it here for "press pass" this morning after "meet the press," an in depth conversation with some of the biggest newsmaker. you can see "press pass" right here at 11:30 on nbc4.
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the cold and the wind didn't stop many of you from coming out to the community shred. we served 2,000 cars yesterday at the northern virginia community college. you brought boxes of old bank statements and private documents and got them shredded for free. allstate is our corporate partner and helped make the' vechbt a big success. two little guys giving bao bao a run for his money. the andean bear cubs are on display at the zoo. >> her money. >> sorry bao bao.
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the bears were born four months ago ago, only named last week. angie can tell you their names. >> yes, mayni and muniri. >> m&m. >> back to bao bao, cult following. don't ever underestimate the power of the panda. >> i'm not talking the rest of the show. >> that's going to do it for "news 4 today." we're ready to get out of here. thanks for waking up with us, everybody. >> "meet the press" next. ♪ ♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!!
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no? must be the honey!!!
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this sunday, mass murder in the air. the latest on the germanwings pilot. what medical condition was he hiding and are changes needed in the way we screen commercial airline pilots? plus, as talks on a nuclear deal with iran reach their final hours -- >> for first time u.s. officials are talking about what will happen if all of this fails. >> -- how the u. is becoming caught up on both sides of a proxy war between iran and saudi arabia that could rip apart the middle east even more if that's possible. and -- >> i believe in you. i believe in the power of millions of courageous conservatives. >> -- ted cruz becomes the first to jump into the 2016 race, hoping he can ride an evangelical wave to the


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