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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a bizarre situation outside the national security agency. shots were fired after an suv tried to ram the gates. indiana's governor takes his case to a national publication.
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he defending a controversial law. and a report on a grass roots effort to keep families safe on easter monday at the national zoo. we are learning more tonight about the final moments leading up to a deadly incident today at the nsa. >> two men dressed as women drove toward a security gate but they didn't get very far. we're joined from jessup maryland. >> reporter: we've learn eded -- baltimore when they made a very wrong turn. police will confirm only that the ford suv the suspects were riding in was stolen from a hotel in jessup this morning. the two men had spent a night in
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the room with the vehicle's imation shows the paet of the suv with the two suspects inside heading towards the nsa's employee only entrance. they drove toward a security gate. the suv turned and raised toward a police vehicle blocking the road. officers opened fire on the fast-approaching suv which then crashed into the police vehicle. . one suspect was killed the other remains in critical condition. a handgun and drugs were found in the suv. both men were said to be wearing wigs and women's clothing. a police officer was injured and taken by ambulance to a local hospital. and we're told we will likely be learning much more about the suspects tomorrow. live in jessup maryland.
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>> new at 11:00, indiana's governor is taking his case to the country as the anger and protest grow over his signing of a religious freedom bill. in an op-ed, governor mike pence dedefends the law. he says it involves the highest level of executeny to government action that infringes on people's religious liberty. meantime this is what readers will see this morning on the front page of "the indianapolis star." the headline reads, fix this now. both connecticut and the state of washington have banned state funded travel to indiana because of the law. the district could also ban travel by city employees. we're following this story tonight from the live desk.
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jim? >> independent at large council member says no city fund should be used to travel to indiana after governor pense signed the act last thursday. it doesn't go into effect until july 1st. the councilman says did it crimination has no place in the district of columbia and our employees should not be forced to travel to a face that prides on fueling this animosity, end quote. >> it's -- you know the way they go about doing these things they get caught up in some often very anti-gay anti-lesbian fervor that really has no place in the world. the legislature there was supported by the governor who i think all made a huge mistake
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that needs to be reprimanded and fixed fixed. >> now, tonight, the city of chicago and the state of virginia are using the backlash to recruit indiana businesses. virginia governor and chicago mayor rahm emanuel have reached out to indiana companies urging them to move their businesses out of the state. in one letter indiana businesses were invited to take advantage of their open inclusive and thriving business environment. other states have religious freedom acts but not as restrictive as indiana's. so far no word from the mayor's office. >> thanks jim. we asked news4 viewers, do you support a boycott of indiana after the act passed? an overwhelming majority of you, said yes, unfortunately this
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graphic doesn't reflect it. tonight an effort is underway to help keep people safe at the national zoo over the weekend. this after a string of violent crimes in the past including a shooting last year. shah marie stone has our report. >> reporter: jay wants his son to learn about more than just super heros. >> did you even read this? >> reporter: this father wants to strengthen his son's mind. he's taking him to the national zoo easter monday to see elephants, lions and other animals, but he's concerned about last year's violence. a 14-year-old shot into a crowd. two men were hit. >> it's a big concern for me. i feel like a place like the zoo is somewhere our kids should be safe. >> reporter: it wasn't the first easter monday violence at the zoo. police tell us a teen stabbed
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another teen in 2011. in 2000 a 16-year-old allegedly shot 17 people near the entrance ronald and 55 volunteers want to stop the violence. they plan to go to the zoo and report anything suspicious to police. we called the national zoo spokesperson and she was unavailable to comment on tonight's report. they plan on passing out flyers on public property explaining to the youth of the importance of not using violence to solve your problems. >> sometimes just saying the right thing. >> reporter: that's the kind of thing jay likes to hear so that his son can learn. news4. new tonight, police say three people left an infant at home while they carried out a robbery. officers arrested the 18-year-old, 19-year-old and a
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17-year-old unidentified teen. the victim says he gave two women a ride to a home in wood bridge. when he dropped them off, a man jumped out and robbed them. they found out the trio left the baby at home alone while they pulled off the crime. a man from ohio killed a little child, a toddler in maryland because he thought the little boy had demons in him. man's name is curt flood. he was charged with murder today. after weeks of searching, police found the child's body stuffed in a backpack in a river. cameron was from frederick, maryland but his mother took him to columbus, ohio. she pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter last week. the park police have identified a man killed and a woman injured in an accident in
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bowie. it happened about 10:00 this morning off race track road. 23-year-old brandon barnes was pronounced dead at the scene. the woman has been identified as a 25-year-old. she is said to be in critical condition right now at the university of maryland in baltimore. park police say atvs are not allowed on that trail. vairginia lawmakers are condemning the state bar association for cancelling a seminar in israel later this year. the bar cited low attendance and the possibility that members could have a hard time getting into the country because of israel's tough security policies. lawmakers say thousands travel to israel without unnecessary delay. they are extending the school year by one day to make up for snow days. the last day was scheduled to be
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friday june 12. now it will be monday june 15th. school district canceled class seven times this winter. that left them three days below the 180 days required by state law. but the state will waiver two of those days because of financial concerns in the county. this weeks look a whole lot better than those pictures. doug cameron is here with the details. >> yeah, i think we can say good-bye to those snowy pictures. i do not see anymore snow in the forecast. can't say that forever. right now, it's looking good. i think we actually turned a corner. definitely did today, even though we started off with sleet and a little snow this morning we warmed up nicely. 66 in d.c. so it was a beautiful afternoon. satellite and radar showing a few clouds trying to stream on in here. we have mostly clear skies here
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but here's the next storm system. this will come through during the day tomorrow. it will bring showers. we will see showers tomorrow. i'll show you when coming up in just a little bit. warmer weather returns. and then stormy weather later this week. busy forecast but at least it's a warmer forecast. the fight continues to keep sweet brieer college open. they filed a lawsuit today to block the closing of that school. it's a small liberal arts college for women in southwest virginia. today's injunction is asking to remove the president and board and appoint a special trustee. >> we are learning a bit more tonight about the co-pilot blamed for that plane crash last week of a germanwings airliner in the french alps. a german prosecutors says he had
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been treated for suicidal tendencies before he became a pilot. last week, investigators found torn up doctors' notes in his home including one that ex-excused him from working on the day of the crash. there's no evidence that lubitz told anyone about his plans. lab workers have obtained 78 dna strands from the remains recovered so far from that crash site. 150 people were killed in that crash. his passion for flying knew no bounds and led him to get into a cockpit by himself at the age of 16. yesterday morning's solo flight would turn out to be ryan mccall's last flight. state police released these photos showing the damage to the plane. today, students at river bend
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high school had heavy hearts. one woman's son stayed home for school. >> it's pretty sad. it's just you know, any time the students have to deal with saying good-bye to somebody that they knew at school and knowing that they're not going to see them anymore i think it hits the kids really hard. >> ryan was legally permitted to fly. coming up one of the deadliest weeks in d.c. >> five people murdered in eight days. tonight, family members recall the victims. why they say not much has changed when it comes to gun violence. >> a new metro station in the works. and we'll report on the impact it could have on the city of alexandria. >> and
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these five men were convicted in connection with one of the blood weeks in the history of d.c. crime. today, the victims' loved ones honored their memory. they reflected on the tragedy, but also talked about ways to fight gun violence. mourners tried to help the victims' families in the healing process. they also said it's important for young people to find an outlet for frustrations. >> do it in another positive way. if they want to rap, then let them rap. >> tomorrow, church members will meet the 26 people in the sandy
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hook ride on washington. that group rides to curb gun violence. city of alexandria and going to hold public hearings tomorrow on a proposal to build a metro station at poteau mack yards. recently completed environmental impact study shows that 5,e on the road in the area if that station is built. that report also says that around 11,000 people would make trips using that station. if it is approved it could open as early as 2018. amazon is launching a new marketplace called home services that allows customers to browse purchase and schedule hundreds of professional services. anything from assembling a treadmill to installing a new garbage disposal or house
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cleaning. only a few cities have full service coverage. so far, our area has service options available. doug's back with more about a much warmer weather forecast in our future. >> and no real -- i don't think anymore real cold air coming in. that's going to make a lot of people happy. >> make me happy. >> you can start putting down that top, again, buddy. we get up into the 60s and 70s. there you go. take a look out there right now. a very nice night. temperatures on the mild side. 54 degrees at the airport. winds out of the west. a lot of clear skies right now. you can see a beautiful moon. down to 37 and 39 in the south. always our two cold spots. driving impact tomorrow, no problem, you're going to wake up walk out the door,
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everything's fine. 42 degrees. you may want to take the umbrella though. as you're coming home from work between 4:00 and 6:00 that's when the showers come in. there's nothing out there on the radar out there, and i'm not expecting anything until after that 4:00 hour. here's why. here's the system up toward the north around chicago, up towards michigan itself. this is making its way our way. this is actually a warm front and the system will move across our area during the day tomorrow. we'll start off on the cool side. cool but not cold tomorrow morning. i think we'll have some sunshine in parts of the area. then by 3:00 in the afternoon, notice the shower activity up around 270 and 81 along i-70. then it comes into the d.c. metro area, 4:00 5:00 6:00. that's when we could see some of
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the heavier rain. so this will coincide with the evening rush. you may need to give yourself a little bit of extra time. by 8:00, it's out of here and it's out of here fast. snow though up near pennsylvania. we miss out on it this time. by 11:00, we're just dealing with cool temperatures again. highs tomorrow 62 d.c. 65 down towards fredericksburg. as we move through the next couple days we'll cool a little on wednesday. below average with a high of 56. but with sunshine, pretty nice day. rather breezy on thursday. but we like this wind. it's out of the southwest. that 72 degree wind coming in on that day. on friday more of the same. maybe even a rumble of thunder or too. saturday not too bad. easter looking good dry with a high of 62. don't worry about that chance of
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showers on saturday. it's mostly over by 9:00 10:00 in the morning. did you see the game tonight? did you see that? terps hav
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game started out, i had a bit of a knot in my stomach. >> were you nervous? yeah. but all that matters is the end. >> before tonight's game maryland's opponent had all the
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motivation they needed to give a spirited effort. but motivation can only take you so far. talent took over. maryland heading to their third final four under the head coach. looking to make it back to back final four appearances. she wanted to come out and make a statement tonight. here three ball is good for brown. maryland is up one. later on in the half the only senior on the roster showing off some leadership and the bank shot. they go up by three. over a minute left. brown driving. gets that to go. she had a team high 15. they didn't go anywhere though. finds some room and gets the bucket. she scored 16. final few seconds here. huge block. that one pretty much sealed the game. maryland they beat tennessee
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58-48. they're back in the final four. >> oh, my god, it's just surreal. nobody expected this team this season to do what they've done. couldn't be more proud of this team. it's incredible. what this team has done all season. my family better get ready in iowa. we're going to tampa. >> all right. next up they will face the defending national champions, the yukon huskies in the final four in tampa florida april 5th. george mason has a new head coach. dave paulson the man in charge of resurrecting the patriots program. they made it official today hiring the 50-year-old to take over for paul hewitt. he was fired after this season. but who is dave paulson? we'll show you here. he spent the last seven seasons
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with buck nel. three time patriot league coach of the year including this past season. also a division three national champion back in 2003. won the championship with williams college. vcu head coach is in discussions with the university of texas about their vacant head coaching job. now, smart he's been at vcu since 2009. he led them to the unprobable final four run back in 2011. he told the richmond times that no school has requested permission to interview coach smart. over on the baseball diamond, the nationals making news today trading the reliever jerry blevin to the nets. he did finish with a career high 66 strikeouts. they'll send the nationals outfielder matt den decker.
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one home run, 13 runs driven in in the first two big league seasons. >> one home run against us? >> yes, against the nationals. so we'll see how it works out. >> i'd be on
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♪ >> competition is over for the local contestant on the voice
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treeva begin son. she'll go back home to frederick county. her coach told her she had the best attitude and definitely will have more chances to showcase her talent. >> good for
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- helen mirren oscar isaac,


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