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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 31, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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up to him near minnesota avenue and southeast d.c. >> from the hospital to the courthouse we have every angle of this big story covered for you tonight. we begin with pat collins. he's live in southeast d.c. with the latest. pat? >> reporter: imagine you're driving to work and you realize there's a guy in your trunk. that guy kicks out the back seat seat. he's wearing a hospital gown. he has a gun. he wants your car. here now the story of this incredible escape. the inova fairfax hospital. sealed off by police for hours. no one in no one out. a massive manhunt for this man, wossen assaye. a prisoner who escaped around 3:00 this morning after he stole a security guard's gun and then used her to make his getaway. >> he walked down the hallway with the -- from our
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understanding with the female contract guard sort of as a shield and at some point released her. >> reporter: assaye, a bank robbery suspect, was being watched by two private guards hired by the marshal service. a man and a woman. when the male guard went to the bathroom assaye made his move. in bare feet wearing only a hospital gown. at a residence near the hospital assaye breaks into the trunk of a woman's car. when she gets behind the car and starts to drive to work he kicks in the back seat. she crashes the car. she gets out and he drives off in it. at this point, the search is ramped up. feds locals snaking their way to this annandale neighborhood looking for any trace, for anything that might lead them to this fugitive. assaye they say, drives the stolen car into this woman's garage. here he gets clothes and food.
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>> it appears that he drove the car into our garage parked there, it looked like there was a flat tire that he wanted to change and he went through my entire house, which was mostly empty, although he may have gotten some of my old clothes because the hospital gown was left in there and some of my old clothes gone. >> reporter: after almost eight hours of searching in virginia wossen assaye is picked up in the district after he got off a metro bus at 25th and pennsylvania avenue southeast. >> they grabbed him and got him in the back of the car and started taking his boots and stuff off and everything make sure he didn't have a weapon. it was so unbelievable it was like it wasn't real. >> reporter: sources say it was someone on the bus who recognized assaye and then called 911. shackles. what about the shackles? when you're a prisoner in the hospital you're supposed to be shackled to the gurney. what happened to the shackles? more on that at 6:00.
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jim, back to you. >> pat, later you can be sure assaye was brought into court in shackles today and surrounded by u.s. marshals this afternoon. news4's tisha thompson was in the courtroom today and tells us what is next for the captured prisoner live from alexandria. tisha? >> reporter: jim, wossen assaye was already facing one charge for robbing a bank. now he's going to face another charge this time for escaping from the custody of the attorney general. the judge, when he first asked him if assaye understood assaye barked "no." all of a sudden the public defender started whispering very urgently to him. the judge said is there a problem, the lawyer said no continued to whisper to assaye who from that point forward kept his head down kept his eyes on the table, and would whisper "yes, sir" whenever he was asked if he unld what was happening. he has waived his detention hear tangd judge said that he had no condition of release for the
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safety of the community. now, assaye was dressed in a very thin white plastic jump suit. it was open to his naval. his chest was bare. he had no shoes, no socks. he was handcuffed. he was shackled. and she was rounded at eded surrounded at all times by four uniformed u.s. marshals with more in the audience along with reporters and employees from the u.s. attorney's office. judge said he will have his preliminary hearing on friday. in alexandria i'm tisha thompson. back to you, wendy. as the search for assaye moved from the hospital to the carjacking scene earlier today, police swooped in wearing camouflage and they had their guns drawn. for hours, two neighborhoods in annandale became the focal point of a massive manhunt. and that's where northern virginia bureau reporter david culvert picks up our story. >> reporter: some of the neighbors here tell me they first got word of this news from our breaking news app, then tuned in saw this was happening
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more than ten mile ace way at inova fairfax, thought it kwoentwon't affect me, then they looked out their window. combing just about every part of this wooded annandale neighborhood carrying rifles peering into open garages, determined to find their escapee. lin harman didn't know what to think. >> you're a little nervous but with policemen all around you figured you were safe. >> reporter: in a caravan of suvs, police and federal agents. >> police cars and black suvs lined up and down the street. >> it was chaos. >> reporter: pauline holmes outside for the first time today, wasn't going to rake her yard until police got their guy. >> i locked my doors and my windows. >> reporter: you were scared. >> yes, i was. very scared. >> reporter: but it was worse for pauline. her son was in inova fairfax hospital. she couldn't get a hold of him. >> he was hiding. >> reporter: did that make you nervous he was there? >> yeah, because we couldn't even call him to find out what was going on. >> reporter: she thinks changes in security are desperately
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needed. >> why wasn't he shackled either had hand cutchs you don't send a prisoner to a hospital without handcuffs? >> reporter: that's stale question that's part of the investigation. you heard pat collins mention he's going to have more on that coming up at 6:00. look over my shoulder. the sign "watch for children." it's spring break here in fairfax county. coming up at 6:00 one student's unique spring break experience. jim, back to you. zmooifd, thank you. more than 12 hours after it all began people around inova fairfax hospital still can't believe all that transpired there today. jackie bensen explains what this day has been like for folks there. jackie? >> reporter: well jim, despite the fear and even the terror that it must have been like for people in this surrounding neighborhood as well as the staff and nurses and doctors inside that hospital they continued to do their job of taking care of the sick. now, as police swarmed the hospital things went on here
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pretty much as usual as an emergency lockdown went into effect. that started about 3:30 a.m. ambulances were rerouted. but otherwise things pretty much went on as normal here. it was lifted at 7:30 a.m. >> we were just watching the news and once the hospital wasn't on lockdown we decided it was safe to come out. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 a lot of people today have had questions about the security here. you heard david culvert and pat collins mention that. some question why private security officers were guarding a prisoner who was arrested on a felony charge and using a gun. we'll have more coming up at 6:00. back to you. as news4 first told you, wossen assaye is known to the fbi as the bicycle bandit bank robber robber which you've probably been hearing about in the past months. barbara harrison has more on those alleged crimes and his history. >> wossen assaye is no stranger
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to the law. charging documents related to the bicycle bandit case show he was convicted of multiple burglaries and robberies that happened in alexandria in 1998 and 1999. the court papers say he was in prison from 2000 to 2013. he was out on parole but not without some apparent objection. nbc news reports a parole board document from 2012 said he posed a serious risk to the community. last week assaye was arrested by the fbi suspected of being that bicycle bandit. agents believe he robbed as many as 12 banks all in northern virginia. the robberies date back to october of 2013. now, he was in jail for that charge until he was admitted to inova fairfax hospital last friday. jim? for a new moments this morning officers were just steps behind assaye. pat lawson muse gives us a unique angle now from the officers themselves. >> jim, several times officers seemed to have assaye cornered
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or within their grasp. take a listen to this as officers closed in on a home in which they thought assaye might be hiding. >> we're going to go to the rear of the house. >> we don't know if that is the home police say assaye broke into to take clothing before stealing a second car, but it would be several more hours before he was finally caught in the district. wendy? if you download the nbc washington app, you'll get breaking news alerts before anyone else. we'll keep pushing out our notifyications as news breaks on this story. that app is free for your smartphone and for your tablet. turning now to storm team 4. doug is tracking some evening
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showers. a busy night in the weather world. >> busy night all around as we are tracking showers. earlier today, beautiful, bright sunshine temperatures in the 70s. but look what we've got now. the rain coming through here. we've been talking about this rain over the last 24 to 48 hours coming on through the evening rush. that's exactly what's happening, the heaviest through prince george's county as you make your way over to college park right by the ikea there. right along college park up 95 towards baltimore. more shower activity to the west right around front royal all part of a storm system moving through the east. as it does so lit bring in more showers tonight through about 8:00 and then bring us cooler air making our way through tomorrow. look at the highs today, 73 in d.c. 74 in fredericksburg 63 in hagerstown. but those numbers are coming down. i'll show you where we're going and when the next chance of rain moves in in the forecast. high drama today on a fair
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and accurate fairfax county parkway. the car-clipping ride and how police put an end to it. we're uncovering new information on a deadly confrontation at the gates of the national security agency. what the fbi is now saying about one of the suspects involved. and breaking that the hour, a former local fbi agent is pleading guilty to evidence tampering.
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a wild scene disrupts the morning rush. >> and tonight we are learning more about the woman who was behind the wheel. >> she's 36-year-old lakisha tracy. according to police she has warrants for credit card fraud and identity theft in arlington county. >> she's now facing charges related to the high-speed chase that began in the falls church area went down the beltway and i-95 and ended up on the fairfax county parkway. we go live now to news4's adam tuss in falls church. adam, what do you know? >> this was an incredibly dangerous high-speed chase through crowded roads here in northern virginia and police say it played out just the way it was spoeupposed to. following a vehicle at a high rate of speed during rush hour along busy roads like the
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beltway and 95. is it safe? >> when we are within the confines of fairfax county we are authorized to pursue unreasonable suspicion of any criminal or traffic charge. >> reporter: with that in mind police say they had just witnessed this truck break a traffic law and were trying to stop it. the driver had other thoughts. at high speed here on 95 south cut eight kros lanes of traffic and jumping on the fairfax county parkway. fairfax county police the lee on the chase but virginia state police also assisting after several risky move, a state police officer finally able to send the truck spinning. it comes dangerously close to other cars along the fairfax county parkway. that's when officers performed what they call the precision immobilization technique and the whole thing ends as officers surround the car and drag the woman out. >> in this case i think, approaching a bridge approaching oncoming rush hour traffic. the officer probably made the decision it was safer to end
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this pursuit than let it continue. >> we now know this was the woman in the truck, 36-year-old lakisha tracy. she has outstanding warrants for credit card theft, credit card fraud, and identity theft in arlington county. now, three officers suffered minor injuries in the chase. coming up in my next report at 6:00 more on the tactical training that these officers get to stop a high-speed chase like this. wendy, back to you. >> adam tuss. new tonight, two european tabloids are reporting that they viewed video from inside the germanwings airplane that crashed into the french alps last week. authorities are not confirming the existence of this video. but both stories say that banging is heard inside the plane before it goes down killing all 150 on board. we are also learning more about the co-pilot who is thought to have intentionally crashed that plane. lufthansa air says andreas lubitz took a month-long break from his flight training in 2009 telling them that he was suffering from severe depression.
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in an e-mail that he sent to the company that explained his absence. the governor of indiana is pledging to fix that controversial law that allows businesses to deny service to gays and lesbians. governor mike pence says he wants clarifications to the religious freedom law on his desk by the end of the week. critics say it gives businesses a license to openly discriminate. pence says the problem isn't the actual law but how it is being perceived by others. >> i don't believe for a minute that it was the intention of the general assembly to create a license to discriminate or a right to deny services to gas, lesbians or anyone else in this state, and it certainly wasn't my intent. >> outrage over that law has the led to a public backlash that includes a campaign to boycott indiana. that state will be in the national spotlight as it hosts the ncaa tournament this week. today is the deadline for talks about the future of iran's nuclear program, but those talks
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are going to continue through tomorrow. a senior u.s. official says enough progress was made today for them to keep going. iran and six world powers are meeting now in switzerland this week trying to hammer out a framework agreement. they're working on terms that would curb iran's nuclear activities in exchange for sanctions relief. a senior iranian negotiator said today the talk will continue until major disputes and unresolved issues are overcome. >> there are issues which are related to sanctions which are still under consideration. and this is not the only issue on the table. there are other issues that we hope to resolve today or tonight. >> the delay in reaching an agreement is fueling the move by lawmakers up on capitol hill to tighten sanctions against iran and force them to give up their nuclear capability. the new secretary of defense ashton carter is speaking out now about iran's nuclear
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program. he spoke exclusively with the "today" show's savannah guthrie. he said any deal with iran cannot be based on trust. >> any agreement, it can't be based on trust. it has to be based on verification. the military option certainly will remain on the table. if there is a good agreement to have obviously it's worth waiting for and completing the negotiation. >> this was carter's first interview in office since he was sworn in just a few weeks ago. aaron shock is no longer a member of congress. the disgraced illinois representative stepped down today amid allegations over his spending habits. among them the thousands spent to redo his office in a theme that some compared to "downton abbey." the government is also looking into his relationships with some longtime political donors. an nfl owner called to the stand in a murder trial. what the new england patriots' top brass had to say about their former star tight end. windy conditions are fueling wildfires, one burning in
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montgomery county. we'll check in with firefighters on the threat to local farmers. we've seen those winds throughout the afternoon. winds gusting uptowards of 30 and 40 miles per hour.
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you can see behind us, buses looking at the cherry blossoms which have yet to come out but days like today will help for sure as we saw temperature spoos the 70s. let's show you how we're dealing with it. outside right now, the roads, well they are wet right now with the rain coming down in rockville. rockville saw a pretty good shower come through a little earlier, starting to dry a little bit. this is 355 at veers mill road. you can see what's happening with traffic there. as we move across our region, look at the winds gusting over 30 miles an hour in d.c. 32 in fredericksburg 37 in martinsburg. we've seen very windy conditions today and we have seen a couple of fires because of it. red-flag warning in effect down to the southwest, very dry conditions but this is helping and that's the rain. we have rain down around the shenandoah valley now, down
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towards fredericksburg up towards hagerstown. so there's more rain to the west. this is the first batch that has come on through the area. and we'll continue to see drying conditions here. we mentioned the drying conditions right now around rockville. now we're starting to see some of the heavier rain around bowie and crofton, annapolis toward 350, down 301, in around koettering and the beltway, cheverly bladensburg, northeast, down towards southeast, all reporting some rain. most on the light to moderate side. we're not going to see any real heavy rain and i don't think we'll see much in the way of lightning or thunder with this either. this little storm system though is pretty potent. it's moving through rather quickly. we saw beautiful conditions nice clear skies, nice warm temperatures then the clouds moved in very quickly. look what they're dealing with to the north. williamsport pennsylvania over towards state college, snow. the temperatures here, what a difference between just a few -- maybe 100 miles to the north. it's 70 degrees in d.c. 70 in manassas but 55 in
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fredericksburg 32 in state college, pennsylvania and 74 down towards the fredericksburg area. so once again, we are going to continue to see these showers right on through 6:00 7:00 tonight. 7:00, here they come again, the next round, right around 8:00 in and around the metro area once again, and by 9:00 10:00 they start to get out. after, that we start to clear out pretty nicely. tomorrow nothing but sunshine across the area. high temperatures though 10 to 15 degreesre they were this afternoon. but i'll tell you, not a bad day. 55 in martinsburg, 60 in fredericksburg 58 in d.c. tomorrow will be a beautiful afternoon but a lot cooler. temperatures rising in the mid-40s by 9:00 a.m. 49 by 11:00, and 56 degrees by 1:00 fm. if you're thinking of exercising, all day is looking good for that. thursday rather windy. winds gusting upwards of 30 miles per hour again with a high of 70. we get to 75 rather breezy on friday too, with a good chance of showers during the day. best chance will be north of
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d.c. but that does include the d.c. metro area for showers on friday. we see another front move through. we drop another nearly 20-degree temperature difference on saturday into the day on sunday. passover looking good. 57. 63 degrees coming up on easter. that also looking good. then we get back closer to the upper 60s to around 70 degrees making our way towards early next week. most of this forecast on the warmer side. >> thank you, doug. developing right now, a former fbi agent appears in court. >> his evidence tampering case impacts several drug cases. >> our mark segraves just left that courtroom and will have a live report at 5:30. a local security guard recorded taking down a student with force. we're asking prince george's county whether proper protocol was followed. and a story we broke on television, twitter and in our nbc washington app. that escaped prisoner triggering that wild manhunt.
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right now at 5:30 an accused bank robber back in custody after an escape today like something out of the movies. police stopped wossen assaye in the district after police say he escaped from inova fairfax hospital overnight and ended up stealing two cars. late this afternoon he appeared in court surrounded by four u.s.
5:30 pm
marshals. and he'll be back again in court later this week. everything today unfolded in a matter of about eight hours starting early this morning, police say assaye overpowered one of two security guards at inova fairfax hospital. they say he took her gun and used her a shield to get down the hall and slip out. that's when they say he ran into a nearby parking lot, broke into a car, and hid out in the trunk. hours later a series of events just a few blocks apart. first the owner of the car crashes on cindy lane when assaye apparently kicked out the back seat. he takes off in her car but only gets a couple blocks away to oak court. that's where he apparently breaks into a house and ditches his hospital gown for some clothing inside. then a few blocks away he carjacks another vehicle. at some point that second vehicle is ditched. someone spots him on a metro bus in the district and calls 911. police arrest him at
5:31 pm
pennsylvania avenue and 5th street southeast finally bringing an end to the day's manhunt. it is not uncommon for contract security guards to handle the prisoners and the legwork of the u.s. marshal service. a review today by the news4 i-team reveals hundreds of hired hands helping the marsh potentially dangerous and daring work. scott mcfarlane here with that part of our coverage. >> you walk into a federal courthouse in d.c. maryland virginia the first things you see could very well be a contractor a private officer. the i team's review of u.s. marshals' contract shows at least five or six contract workers working in the alexandria courthouse, dozens more at other regional courts in u.s. marshals positions. the court system, the federal judges themselves just last week asked the feds to hire hundreds more. the i-team reports threats against jumgs and federal court employees have skyrocketed recently. we also found the marshal service, federal contractors don't receive precisely the same
5:32 pm
training as the deputy marshals themselves including the standard national basic training so many other federal officers receive at the national training center in georgia. the marshals service didn't specify if there was any failures by the contractors handling wossen assaye today, though. >> the prisoner overpowered the female contract security officer, managed to get her weapon from her. confronted a male security officer, one shot was fired by the male security officer from allied protective services. thank god no one was hit, no one was injured. >> i-team check, we found virginia, maryland and d.c. correctional agencies to do not use contract security to transport even mates to or from medical appointments. tonight we're hearing from the former fbi agent accused of stealing heroin from evidence lockers. matt lowry pleaded guilty in
5:33 pm
federal court today. mark segraves is live outside the courtroom where lowry just spoke to reporters. >> more than a dozen federal agents and federal law enforcement officials packed inside the courtroom today as their former colleague pled guilty to more than 60 charges. and just a short time ago matt lowry walked out of this courthouse and for the first time spoke publicly about those charges. and he began by apologizing. >> today i informed the court of criminal acts of misconduct that i committed while trying to handle my pain medication addiction. i just want to apologize and say that i was wrong for my actions, especially to my family former law enforcement colleagues that i worked with the fbi, the united states attorney's office. >> reporter: in the courtroom, the 33-year-old former fbi agent who worked on several large-scale undercover drug operations admitted to the judge he had stolen heroin from the fbi evidence control center.
5:34 pm
it took the judge nearly an hour to read each of the 64 charges, after which the judge asked lowry if he was guilty. lowry repeatedly answered yes, your honor. prosecutors say that matthew lowry began stealing heroin in 2013 from evidence seized during high-profile drug busts in our area. between 2013 and 2014 he tampered with nearly 2,000 grams of heroin. lowry began falsifying records so he could steal the heroin from the fbi's evidence control center. after the fbi learned of the tainted evidence prosecutors were forced to dismiss charges against 26 defendants some of whom had already pled guilty and were serving time. two ongoing investigations were dropped as well. >> how are you doing now, sir, personally? how are you getting along? >> i'm getting better. >> reporter: lowry says he is still struggling with his addiction, seeking treatment for that. he's due back in court in late june where he'll learn his fate.
5:35 pm
he's facing more than seven years in prison. at 6:00 you'll hear more from lowry including the lesson he hopes everyone can learn from his mistakes. back to you. >> mark segraves. attorneys are now preparing closing arguments in the boston marathon bombing trial. today defense attorneys for dzhokhar tsarnaev rested their case. calling just four witnesses over two days. sarn yech'stsarnaev tsarnaev's attorneys are trying to suggest his older brother maser minded the attack and dzhokhar was a manipulated apprentice. jury deliberations set to begin on monday. anne arundel county medical center on modified lockdown after someone inside the hospital made a violent threat. this began after 12:30 this afternoon. the hospital says there was an incident between a patient and a relative inside the emergency department. that relative became angry and threatened hospital staff. employees are being asked to show i.d. now when they enter the hospital and police or
5:36 pm
security officers are monitoring everyone who comes and goes. the person who made that threat is still out there. today a music mogul was found guilty of killing a maryland man 12 years ago, of killing wesley king in silver spring from 2002. it happened in front of the victim's 2-year-old daughter. reynolds created a music empire for himself. he was caught last year trying to board a flight for jamaica. windy conditions fan the flames of to brush fire in montgomery county today. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein was the first to tweet about it this morning. also posting some video to his instagram account. that fire spread to about 50 acres. damascus road is still closed in the laytonsville area as crews keep watch over hotspots. a star witness takes the stand in the murder trial of an nfl player. what the owner of the new england patriots did when he
5:37 pm
came face-to-face with aaron hernandez. >> reporter: the part this motel played in yesterday's shooting at the nsa. ♪ ♪ know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape.
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. 26 bike riders are on capitol hill, the last stop of a four-day journey from newton, connecticut. they're rying in honor of the
5:40 pm
victims of gun violence and to promote gun safety. the group arrived at the washington national cathedral this morning, one of many stops during the 400-mile trip. they are calling themselves team 26 after the 26 little victims at the sandy hook elementary school shooting in december of 2012. one of the riders lost a sister in the mass shooting at virginia tech. >> washington hasn't done enough sadly, since then and since sandy hook to keep us safer and prevent those tragedies so we're going to continue this on until we complete the goal, which is safer gun laws. >> riders were scheduled to meet with lawmakers today, and this is the third annual sandy hook ride. big day in the aaron hernandez trial as prosecutors called the owner of the new england patriots to the stand. robert kraft testified for nearly an hour this morning in a massachusetts courtroom. kraft says he questioned hernandez after he was first linked to the murder of odin lloyd in the summer of 2013. >> he said he was not involved
5:41 pm
that he was innocent and that he hoped that the time of the murder incident came out because i believe he said he was in a club. >> that conversation happened just two days after lloyd's death at the patriots complex. a volunteer firefighter was fired from his job yesterday in pennsylvania came back today with a grudge and a gun. he held four firefighters hostage inside their firehouse here. this happened just north of philadelphia. the guy fired one shot into the wall of the firehouse before hostage negotiators got him to surrender peacefully. no one was hurt. tuition at virginia tech is going to be going up next year. the board of visitors voted for a $500 hike to the undergrad tuition. room and board will cost about $300 more. tuition for grad students is going up as well. in state they'll be paying more
5:42 pm
than $500 more. out of state will be paying about $1,000 more. virginia tech says these hikes are needed to cover a $6 million loss in state funding. we now know the identity of a man killed in a confrontation at the gates to the nsa. what the fbi is now telling our chris gordon next. >> reporter: a staff member here at laurel high school body slams a student. we have the video.
5:43 pm
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5:45 pm
breaking news about that deadly incident that to occurred at the nsa gate. this is a look at the man who died ricky hall and he is from baltimore. hall and another man had come from a hotel in elkridge. >> a man says he took them there to baltimore to party but they stole his suv. >> chris gordon has information about both men involved in the confrontation at the gate. >> reporter: the fbi released the name of the shooting victim who died at the national security agency's entrance at ft. meade yesterday. agents identified him as 27-year-old ricky shawatzy hall of baltimore. he took a wrong turn into the restricted area of the nsa. the passenger who survived is being treated at an area hospital. he's been identified by "the new york times" as 20-year-old kevin
5:46 pm
fleming. the fbi says both men in the vehicle were dressed as females but not in an attempt to disguise themselves from authorities. it must still be determined if any federal charges will be filed. an nsa police officer was treated for injuries and released from the hospital yesterday. the howard county police have confirmed that the ford suv was stolen. the owner told police he picked up two men in baltimore who were dressed in drag and drove them here to howard county. here's what happened according to the howard county police. the three men came here to the terrace motel in elkridge to party. between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30. that's when the 60-year-old baltimore man went to the bathroom and the two cross-dressers allegedly stole his suv and left. howard county investigators working with the fbi have determined that the two men in the stolen suv later drove onto the grounds of ft. meade. chris gordon news4.
5:47 pm
jool it will loudoun county sheriff calls it an unprecedented move. a crossing guard will stand duty outside creighton's corner elementary starting next tuesday. this decision breaks protocol because crossing guards with usually hired at schools only after the property is turned over the vdot and the crosswalks are painted but the sheriff says this temporary fix should ease the fears of parents until a permanent solution comes about. the skies are turning dark and the wind is whipping out there, doug. >> we've seen those winds upwards of 40 maybe up to 50 miles an hour later today. the weather service has issued a wind advisory. we'll get to that in a second. outside, plenty of sunshine today, a high of 73 beautiful weather, but now we've got the clouds the rain was out there a little bit earlier. temperatures down a little bit, right now at 70. we'll continue to drop through the 60s by around 9:00 and by around 11:00, down to about 59. mild but rather breezy. 62 in rockville, 59
5:48 pm
gaithersburg 68 ft. belvoir and right now camp springs and huntingtown coming in at 66 degrees. here's the wind advisory. it includes most of southern maryland including the district over towards most of northern virginia including the panhandle of west virginia. this is through 9:00 tonight. we have seen winds gusting over 40 miles per hour. could see a couple of trees down maybe some isolated power outages. but i'm not too worried about this as we have not seen most of the area just a few isolated gusts over 40. we have the rain the area of rain number two, so we have the round one coming through right now, round two back to us hagerstown back towards martinsburg. this is the area of heavy rain right around prince george's county, charles county zoom in around the waldorf area towards the d.c. metro region. all of the beltway seeing the rain so this will slow the evening commute. also down i-95 around woodbridge and quantico fredericksburg across the bridge towards portions of charles county around la plata and waldorf. expect to see the showers through about 7:00 8:00 tonight and then they'll get out of here. behind it we have clearing and
5:49 pm
cooler weather. look at the numbers. snow up towards state college. look at the temperature, 32 there. wilkes-barre coming in at 34. why we sit in the 70s. a huge temperature gradient here. i was actually talking about that earlier to the kids at bradley hills elementary. want to say hello to them in montgomery county. these are the fourth-graders. hello, kids. here's the other side of the room. and here's most of the kids. talked about the weather in our region and the cooldown we've got tomorrow. your biking forecast if you're on the bike 46 at 9:00 a.m. 55 by 1:00 and 58 by 5:00. it will be cool but quite nice with plenty of sunshine during the afternoon tomorrow. high temperatures on thursday back to 70 degrees, a little on the windy side on thursday 75 on friday chance of showers, maybe a rumble of thunder but not an all-day rain. saturday back down to 57. so we do cool as we head into the weekend. and then sunday a high of 63 for easter and monday is opening day for the nationals. if that doesn't make you feel like spring is finally here i
5:50 pm
don't know what does. guys? a maryland man charged with child sex abuse could face decades in prison. his name is richard montgomery and prosecutors say he abused a toddler in the thurmont area in 2012. the frederick news post says montgomery entered a plea yesterday, didn't admit guilt but acknowledged that prosecutors had enough evidence to convict him. the prosecutor in this case plans to ask for a 50-year sentence. the booming economy here in the district today is a far cry from the city's near bankruptcy 20 years ago. but that's when congress created a controversial control board that took over city finances. news4's tom sherwood takes a look now at that troubled era with former mayor anthony williams. >> reporter: that's former mayor tony williams warming up about 20 years ago. >> three, two, one! >> reporter: his famous cannonball highlighting improved
5:51 pm
city services after years of near bankruptcy. >> the testimony you are about to give -- >> reporter: williams had begun as chief financial officer reporting to the control board that was created 20 years ago this week. today on the wamu show at the anacostia play house, williams said the control board was controversial but crucial in redirecting city leaders towards a financial successes of today. >> the control board set the tonal, they kind of helped set the reset button. >> reporter: in the last decade tc has enjoyed historic growth including 100,000 new residents williams had predicted would come. but other areas like historic anacostia are still awaiting economic rebirth and fearing gentrification too. >> i make no apologies for the new residents who have come to the city and the new investment who come to the city. we have done a lot in the city over the last 20 or so years in affordable housing but we need to do better. we have had added a lot of new
5:52 pm
jobs but lord knows we need to do better. >> reporter: tedenise barnes said all city politicians are more careful with city finances. >> there are some who might believe that the progress we have hasn't worked for them. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news4. a new theater festival is coming to d.c. featuring the work of female playwrights called the women's voices theater festival. it will be held in september and october. this is being put together by a group of local theaters that includes the arena stage, fords and the signature theater. they want to draw attention to the fact that plays written by women don't get produced as often as plays written by men. the festival starts on september 8th. we have a warning tonight about window treatments with cords and the danger they pose to children. today the company blinds to go voluntaryily recalled about 200,000 shades. the consumer product safety commission signed off on a company fix to repair the loop. it says a child could become entangled in the loop posing a
5:53 pm
strangulation hazard. the remedy places the loop closer to the wall. no injuries have been reported. we'll tell you how to get a fix on our website, well it's a heck of a deal if you can get it. the howard county housing fair is give eight way a three-bedroom townhouse well below market price. it's the ninth annual housing fair on april 11th. if you enter the lottery you can win a new home in the howard square community in elkridge. this fair also has educational sessions and vendors to help you navigate the home-owning process. >> it offers a lot, whether recreation and park, award award-winning libraries or school system, whether it is shopping if you love shopping you can find everything in howard county. >> the fair is at wild lake high school. a school officer is recorded taking down a student. >> and it's rauzing questions in prince george's county. new tonight, tracee wilkins is asking school leader wls proper
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
a school kwarld guard takes down a student. >> tracee wilkins is live. >> reporter: they're still trying to figure it out but this video was sent to us from a concerned parent who was worried
5:57 pm
after seeing her daughter posted on twitter. she is now saying that she and other parents want to make sure -- >> oh my. >> wow. >> reporter: at first reaction is shock. then -- >> is that a girl? >> that's girl. >> reporter: confusion over how a teenaged girl could have been body slammed by the security officer. >> i bed in the office right now complaining. >> reporter: what do you make of seeing a video like that? >> that my daughter is here and i'm afraid. >> reporter: officials confirm the incident happened yesterday inside laurel high school. the student was reportedly being dlij belligerent and not following orders after an altercation. this was the result. she was picked up, slammed to the ground and forcibly take on the principal's office. >> the incident escalated and the security officer had to use force in order to protect, you know himself and the students and staff that were around him in that area. >> reporter: school officials say the incident is under investigation to ensure proper protocol was taken and --
5:58 pm
>> there's more to this incident than what you see featured in that video clip. but because of confidentiality rules, we can't really go into the context of what was going on. >> reporter: while that may be the case. >> that's a little excessive. >> reporter: parents are interest interested in what could have provoked that response. >> i don't think that much force is necessary for a high school student, especially when you have pg county police officers in the building. i think there are other ways to handle that. >> reporter: again, school officials are investigating this incident. reporting live in laurel tracee wilkins, news4. >> he drove the car into our garage and he went through my entire house which was mostly everyone pi. >> i heard a big slam and i heard a lady screaming like crazy crazy. >> they dragged him and got him in the back of the car and started taking his boots and stuff off and everything make
5:59 pm
shurg he didn't have weapon. it was so unbelievable it was like it wasn't real. >> reporter: a prisoner makes a dramatic escape from a fairfax hospital using a guard as a human shield. he steals two cars to continue his getaway. only to be arrested after getting off a metro bus. >> reporter: back in shackles, a suspect who frightened an entire community. and rain and wind across the area. right now wossen assaye is back behind bars surrounded by u.s. marshals when he showed up in court just hours after a manhunt ended with his arrest. >> assaye overpowered a security guard at inova fairfax hospital this morning then went on the run. s.w.a.t. teams went out rushing after him all through annandale virginia.
6:00 pm
he stole two cars, trashcrashed one of them, stole clothes and hid out in a woman's house. >> he was arrested just before noon in southeast d.c. we have team coverage of this story tonight. we start with pat collins in southeast d.c. >> reporter: he overpowered a security guard, took her gun, then stole two cars to make his getaway. they spent hours and hours looking for him in fairfax county but he ended up right here in d.c. it was one of the biggest manhunts in recent memory, hundreds of law enforcement officers -- feds state, local -- heavily armed, on foot in trucks, in the air. in fairfax county for hours searching for wossen assaye only


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