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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  April 1, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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at. and she believes he had some of her alcohol. this is the house on oak court in fairfax county where the suspect laijd suspect allegedly spent time after his daring escape. he parked the camry he's accused of carjacking in her garage. we were given the photos of the damage where he allegedly came in, a broken basement window a broken door. she says it appears he went through the entire house. >> it was quite obvious he was in there. there's a smashed window in the window well, which apparently he couldn't get through, so then he broke through our french doors in the back, broke off the handles and jimmied those and got in the house. >> the suspect is accused of overpowering a guard at a hospital where he was being treated for a suicide attempt. he ran out with a gun wearing only a hospital gown. he is believed to have left the gun in the stolen camry which he left at the house on oak
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court. the car was damaged during an earlier crash. the homeowner says it appears he tried to change the tire in her garage but then ran off into the woods and ended up here on cherry lane where he is accused of taking a hyundai. >> i'm just so grateful that we actually had just moved because otherwise my mom would have been there by herself. and that would have been very terrifying for her. >> reporter: she says it appears the suspect took some of her clothing and ditched the hospital gown. she says he may have even eaten some of her food and may have consumed some of her alcohol. she is still trying to figure out what is missing from the home. she also says she was a bit surprised yesterday when police announced that they had not charged him with anything locally in connection with some of these other crimes that were committed like the break-in like the carjacking. kwair police say additional charges could be filed. we're expecting a possible update in the investigation at some point today. if we get that, we will bring it to you and the latest on news4
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at 6. back to you. >> darcy thanks. to new information now emerging with the person killed at the gate to nsa headquarters this week. ricky hall was charged with assaulting a woman back in 2013 and charged with robbery late last year for stealing clothes. a friend of ricky hall's tells the associated press that hall was transgender and worked as a prostitute in baltimore. that friend saw hall on sunday night and said hall was looking for a date. hall and a friend were picked up by a man in baltimore and taken to a hotel in howard county. that man says hall and a friend stole his car. minutes later, hall died and a friend was injured after failing to stop at that nsa checkpoint. nearly a dozen people have wound up in the hospital after a dump truck rear-ended a metro bus. chopper 4 was over the scene a couple of hoursing ago. this is along new hampshire avenue near tracy drive in the white oak area of montgomery county. we're told no one is seriously
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hurt. investigators trying to figure out what caused this. an 8-year-old boy started a fire in a maryland apartment complex. now dozens of people are out of their homes. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins is live in suitland with new details on this. >> reporter: you can look behind me here and see that that fire started on the first level apartment and you can see how the smoke went up and the damage as well. luckily, everyone made it out safely. but, yes, as you said dozens of folks without a home tonight. we're looking at more than 50 people who will have to find some place red cross is helping. the sad part about all of this is that this fire was set by a child. fire investigators say he admitted to doing it and was playing with a match when it happened. firefighters spokesmen say it happens more often than one would think. >> it's not uncommon to have juvenile fire setters, especially around his age, around 6 7 8 years old and males typically have the most
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curiosity about fire. >> reporter: sometimes that curioussity goes beyond a natural curiosity. coming up at 6:00, what you can do if you have a child who is a fire starter or has that beyond natural curiosity in fire. reporting live, tracee wilkins, back to you. now to the reaction from a virginia state senator who was put on the enemies list of the terror group isis. news4's chris lawrence is at the live desk with new details for us. >> jim, senator richard black says he's not doing anything differently since the capitol police called to let him know. in fact, he's almost treating it as a badge of honor. the islamic state puts out a magazine and that magazine just issued a very short list of enemies, a former cia official, former presidential candidate rick santorum and state senator black. it's a bit unusual that his job as virginia state law not foreign policy but senator black is a purple heart recipient, also a u.s. marine.
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he flew choppers during vietnam, also a former pentagon lawyer who wrote a letter to syria's president last year to thank him for defending christians. the magazine calls him the american crusader. >> i'm proud to be a part of that group. if they want to come after me, so be it. they won't be the first. they might not be the last. >> mr. black has been outspoken in his criticism of isis, and he's warned that if damascus falls the islamic state will take over syria and jordan and lebanon as well. at the live desk, chris lawrence. a homeland security employee accused of making bombs in his home in northern virginia faces charges near newport news. he was taken into custody monday, explosive devices found inside his home. his neighborhood had to be evacuated. it came just days after several explosives were found in his woodbridge apartment, according to police. maintenance workers saw suspicious devices.
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investigators are not saying what the man may have planned to do with those explosives. don't count on the parkway to make your drive through northern virginia any easier. that project is on hold. adam tuss joins us live from manassas where we've been following the developments since early this morning. adam? >> reporter: that's right eshgs wendy. this is as much a story about preserving our historic land as it is about dealing with our traffic and our growth. now, this is manassas of traffic comes through here. part of the plan would be to add a new parkway. that would connect prince william and loudoun counties, basically from i-66 up to dulles airport. but in return big changes would have to be made through the battlefield including the possibility of losing some historic ground. today lawmakers gathered here to applaud a recent announcement by ddot that the bi-county parkway
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is not actively being worked on. some want the project killed altogether. >> the next step to make sure it's totally dead is for prince william board of supervisors to take this off the comprehensive plan. >> reporter: now, despite what those lawmakers are saying, there are many other groups who say this group pro jekt is not going anywhere, that it's just going through the process. coming up at 6:00, some way this is more about development than easing congestion. back to you. a 15-foot frasier fir is to blame for the deadly mansion fire in january. tomorrow fire investigators will conduct control burns on three of those same trees to figure out why that home caught fire so quickly. the capitol gazette says it will happen in a lab in beltsville. don and sandra pile and their four grandchildren did not have time to get out of the mansion.
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that blaze began in an outlet that powered their christmas tree. they say he was like nif other 5-year-old boy. noah thomas loved basketball, bikes and spider-man. today his family held a funeral near his home in dublin, virginia. noah's body was found in a septic tank near his family's home last month after hundreds of volunteers spent five days looking for him. police have not released an official cause of death in this case. top honors for a d.c. police officer tonight. the award for the hero of the navy yard shooting. david? >> reporter: and they're scouting out parking lots like this one, targeting thieves. next at 5:00, we'll tell you what you need to know about the so-called felony lane gang. a pretty nice day on wednesday. thursday even better as temperatures climb another ten degrees. i'll show you what that means, plus our next chance for showers and, yeah, maybe a couple of
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moms out doing their shopping, their errands or working out are the focus of a national criminal network. northern virginia reporter david culver live in fairfax county to explain how the felony lane gang works. david? >> reporter: jim, it starts with the thieves scouting out parking lots just like this one, watching moms go into day cares
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or gyms. then they smash their car windows snagging their purse and cashing in big. >> the purpose traitors immediately try to take advantage of the check or checks that might be in that purse or wallet. >> reporter: an fbi agent for 25 years, lewis griefer now works with the winward group they're tracking the felony lane gang, crime that's started a decade ago in south florida are quickly spreading north right into our region. >> they're surveilling day care centers shopping centers. they're surveilling those places where people would pull in and park their car for a few minutes or a few hour zs. >> reporter: once they get your checks and i.d. they head to the far lane of a bank drive-through, the so-called felony lane, and hopes the teller doesn't realize they're a fraud. >> they go to extremes to camouflage how they work. i've heard of wigs and masks. >> they'll take $900 to $1,000 at a time. >> reporter: matt melton has aggregated the data with
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participating police departments. they've been able to identify gang leaders, fake names representing real people changed so as to not compromise the ongoing investigations. >> based on these calculations these are really important people in the network, ringleaders, facilitateorfacilitators, maybe recruiters, people who are well connected. >> reporter: using these an analytic analytics, lewis is confident investigators will track down the ringleaders. >> they'll get ahead of this. >> reporter: police are stressing tonight keep your purse, keep your wallet on you. locking them in your car isn't enough. i tweeted out a few more tips. come willinging up at 6:00, you might be surprised who's behind these crimes. wendy, back to you. >> david culver, thank you. the ceos of germanwings and lufthansa are pledging to help the crash victims' families as long as they need it. the two visited the crash site in the french alps today but they refused to talk about what
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the airline knew about andreas lubitz's mental state before he deliberately crashed that plane killing everyone on board. in 2009, lubitz sent e-mails to the flight school he was attending telling them i took a few months off because he was dealing with severe depression. a special honor today for one of d.c.'s finest who helped during the mass shooting at the navy yard. news4's pat lawson muse with the recognition of his heroics. >> his name is dorian desont is the d.c. police officer who fired the shot that took down the navy yard gunman in 2013. earlier today, he received the congressional badge of bravery. congress congressman' elijah cummings says it could have been much worse without people like this. before firing the final shot,
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desont is took a bullet to the vest. >> we train to do this. you don't really think about it like that. you think about people needing your help. i've been on both sides of the door. trust me, it's much more rewarding to help people than to be on the other side of the door and not be be able to do something about it. >> officer desontis said today he's merely the keeper of this award for all of his fellow service members who step into the line of fire every day. building 197 reopened in february. back to you. >> thank you, pat. we have developing news right now. a family of six will have to find a new place to live after a fire ripped through their home in clinton. this started around 1:00 p.m. on leunen road. firefighters say it appears to have started in the kitchen. that home is a total loss. four adults and two children were able to get out of that house without being hurt. some big promises from d.c. mayor muriel bowser about the city's long-delayed streetcar
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line. bowser vows that the "h" street line will be up and running. she made the comments last night during her state of the district address. earlier this year bowser's transportation chief had suggested that the streetcars may never open. last night bowser said not only will the streetcars open but they will expand to other parts of our city. >> we will expend the line to downtown ward 7 so that councilmember alexander's constituents can get from benning road to "h" street to union station and eventually all the way to georgetown. >> the district has spent nearly $200 million on that two-mile stretch of streetcar line. secretary of state john kerry will be be staying at the iran nuclear talks for another night. a deadline to reach a framework agreement on curbing iran's nuclear program came and went at
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midnight with no deal. and there was a reminder that congress is closely watching this process. house speaker john boehner and israeli leader benjamin netanyahu met innierjerusalem. netanyahu asked for a better deal. president obama taking a stuff stance on cyber attacks. today he created the first ever sanctions program that will penalize overseas hackers who engage in cyber spying. the executive order also holds companies that benefit from their actions accountable. the move comes after last year's sony pictures cyber attack as well as attacks against target and home depot. the library of congress may have to do quite a bit of work to keep up with the digital age. a new report by a government watch dog group points to a big information technology problem. the library of congress was found to have, quote, significant weaknesses across several areas, including digital files. the report called the i.t.
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system disorganized. security protections are being called uneven. the library of congress is home to 158 million materials, including books and manuscripts. backlash growing tonight against indiana's religious freedom law just as arkansas considers a similar bill. a convention and concert in indiana have been canceled. several states are banning travel there. many worry the bill would allow discrimination of gays and lesbians. indiana is working to modify their law. and arkansas's governor wants their state's bill rewritten now. >> i've asked them to change the current law and i've asked them to recall it and change the language on it. >> i want to make it clear in the rfra law that the religious freedom restoration act does not give businesses the right to deny services to anyone. >> the controversy won't end with indiana and arkansas. nevada will consider a similar bill next week. and a maryland lawmaker is
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asking for a travel ban for all state-funded trips to indiana. senator richard mat alean know says this ban would protect marylanders from indiana's religious freedom law. he wrote to larry hogan about this. mat alean know is openly gay. critics fear it could discriminate against gays and lesbians. yesterday muriel bowser banned all city-funded travel to indiana. >> p of>> a federal judge has pushed back the timetable. prosecutors in the christopher lee cornell case asked for more time today silt citing the need to work under spreshl procedures. the prefile deadline is now may 29th. cornell is accused of plotting to set off pipe bombs and shoot employees at the capitol. he was arrested in january. he's pleaded not guilty. a local substitute teacher accused of fond e8leing children.
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you may have seen a video online, a new york police officer berating an uber driver in a degrading tirade. what we are learning now about that police officer. temperatures the next couple of days on the warm side. only one day on the cool side. we'll talk about which day that is, plus our chances for rain and storms coming up.
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>> announcer: and now your storm team 4 forecast. hey, if you like it warmer, it's on the way, folks. >> yeah one thing you've noticed here over the last really two or three days we've got a lot more green starting to come out. >> yeah. >> even some flowers blooming on the trees, the cherry blossoms still over a week away however. let's look at what's happen outside right now. there are some of the trees that are a little more green out there. there are some leaves starting to pop some flowering trees doing just that, flowering, as temperatures are once again on the mild side. currently sitting at 61 degrees. that's a little below average and it is rather breezy so it's feeling fairly cool today. but we will take 61 and sunny any day of the week. the winds continue, though, and we'll see the winds gust over 25 miles an hour. 60 degrees in murt nzburg, 63 in culpeper, 61 in fredericksburg. nothing on the radar. we'll stay dry over the next about 24 hours or so. then we'll see a chance of
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showers during the day on friday. but overnight tonight no problems. you will not need the umbrella when you step out tonight. as a matter of fact, you won't need it tomorrow either. driving impact tomorrow, we start off cool but again 42 this time of year is right on the money, the average, between 6:00 and 8:00 a.m. no problems, between 4:00 and 6:00 a few more clouds but nice and warm. 70 tomorrow, with some rather gusty winds, upwards of 25 to maybe 30 miles per hour. not much in the way of cloud cover at all around our region, just a few clouds. notice the waves of the clouds coming over the mountains. that's what we see from time to time. really the entire east coast looking good at the moment and will continue to see the nice conditions as i mentioned until friday. speaking of friday, friday morning future weather, this is 3:00 a.m. you notice a few showers. we move into about the 5:00, 6:00 hour. a couple of showers move in around 9:00, more shower activity. that's all this is shower activity. it's not an all-day rain and not
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all that widespread. we have a chance, though, during the afternoon if we get sunshine to not only see a couple of showers but maybe even a couple of thunderstorms, and it picks up right here. this is 5:00 friday a line of showers and storms developing around front royal, luray, winchester winchester frederick. very warm out ahead of this. we could see a rumble of thunder friday evening. not a washout of a day. tomorrow beautiful, 70 degrees. a little on the breezy side temperatures 72 in fredericksburg, 69 toward leesburg as we move through the day tomorrow, if you're thinking about getting that exercise in 49 at 9:00, then we really start to go up quickly around 11:00, 1 clshg1:00. this will continue to help with the cherry blossoms trying to make their way out here. we have a pretty good weekend for cherry blossom looking. 70 thursday, 75 friday, 60% chance of showers and maybe an isolated thunderstorm or two on friday. saturday is the cool day a high temperature of only 55. that's going to be close to five
5:26 pm
to ten degrees below average. but still not a bad day. we do warm back to 63 on sunday. then we've got monday, opening day for the nationals 4:05 game. it does not get better than this on a monday 67 degrees perfect weather before we see our chances of rain move back in tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you, doug. developing tonight, a local teacher accused of fondling students strikes a's plea deal. >> mark segraves will have a report from the courtroom. it's called a debt strike. more than 100 students are refusing to pay their federal loans. i'll splain why they're i'll explain why and whether it's a good idea. new tonight, what the new york city police department is saying about that officer who unleashed that blistering rant in the face of the uber driver.
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manufacture. >> the last person suspected in a shootout along a neighborhood street? prince william county is in custody. andre perry was tracked down to norfolk and was arrested. three others are already in custody. police say they fired shots while they were driving down a street in dumfries last month after they saw each other at a nearby restaurant. no one was hurt but the residents found bullet holes in their walls and their cars. the culpeper man is dead after a run-in with police that involved a stun gun.
5:30 pm
police spotted dominick wise who appeared to be intoxicated walking in circles on bell avenue. when officers tried to get him out of the street, they say he swung and kicked at him. an officer used a stun gun. during the struggle officers also found a knife on wise. wise was taken to the hospital, but he died the next day. virginia state police are looking into this. a small group of activists wanting greater autonomy for the district took their fight to capitol hill. the group is with d.c. vote. the three of them there they plan to visit republican senator ted cruz of texas florida's marco rubio senator james lankford of oklahoma and congressman jim jordan from ohio. >> it's outrageous, absolutely outrageous, that four lawmakers from the states of texas oklahoma, florida, and ohio would dare come to try to
5:31 pm
legislate for the people of the district of columbia. we won't have it. we won't stand for it. >> those activists also launched a social media campaign targeting supporters of d.c. equality in the lawmakers' home states. more than 100 students are on strike today from paying back their student loans. consumer reporter erika gonzalez is here to explain. >> so it's being calmed a debt strike. current and former students from corinthian colleges across the country refusing to pay student loans because they say their degrees are worthless. the consumer financial protection bureau and at least two state attorneys general have filed lawsuits against corinthian colleges which operates a number of colleges. the suit claim corinthian allegedly inflated graduation and job placement rates and dealt in a legal predator lending scheme. pamela hunt is a member of the debt collective, a group of students refusing to pay back
5:32 pm
their federal student loans. hunt says she took out $56,000 in loans for a master's degree with corinthian. she says no one will hire her. >> you know, you can't get an apartment. you can't get a mortgage. there's people that can't get a loan for a car. because when they look at what you owe compared to what you make. >> corinthian told news4 its degrees have always been accredited. the cfpb and department of education however have taken action. the government is providing nearly $500 million in private loan forgiveness. what will happen with the federal loans is yet to be scent. the department of education tells us it does not recommend students stop paying their debt because you can ral damage your credit. if you find yourself overwhelmed with student loan debt, go to our web site
5:33 pm
to find government-approved ways to be able to manage that situation. jim and wendy, back to you. >> thanks, erika. walmart is promising better pay and improved schedules for all of its employees. starting this month, workers in the stores across the country will get a raise. they'll be making at least $9 an hour. and the retail giant says it will raise the minimum pay to $10 an hour by 2016. walmart is also pledging to improve training to help people move up the ladder. critics say it's a good move but they say walmart is still not providing full-time workers with a livable wage. a substitute teacher pleads guilty today to sexually abusing several 12-year-old girls at three middle schools. >> today the state's attorney ang knowledged some of these salt assaults could have been preventable had a principal who knew of an assault in 2004 simply reported it. here's mark segraves. >> moving forward we've got to do a better job. >> reporter: prosecutors told the judge the principal at
5:34 pm
forest oak elementary knew that pineda had inappropriate contact with a seventh grade girl in 2004 but never reported it. that principal has since retired. >> at least within the last year the school system, the police department and my office are working collaboratively to try to make sure what happened in mr. pineda's case does not occur again. >> reporter: four girls from three schools where he worked told police the 50-year-old had touched them in a sexual manner inside their classrooms. only after a girl reported the behavior in 2014 did school officials notify police. >> in each of these incidences, the conduct was relatively the same. it was a touching on an intimate part of the body of each of these young ladies outside of the clothing. >> reporter: several parents of the victims were in court today. they did not want to go on camera, but the father of one of the girls said he's alarmed that the principal in 2004 never reported what happened. pineda pled guilty to sex abuse of a minor and third degree
5:35 pm
sexual offense as part of the plea deal, he's facing a maximum of five years in prison. pineda's attorney declined to speak to reporters. in addition to facing prison time pineda who is not a u.s. citizen could be deported. >> he should serve his time before he's deported because, unfortunately, what we have seen in the past is individuals who have been summarily deported simply snuck back into the united states. >> reporter: if pineda is not reported, he'll never be allowed to teach children in the united states again. >> more importantly, he'll be on the sex offender registry for the rest of his life. >> mark segraves news4. >> reporter: six months ago a baby girl was rushed to the hospital from this town home where she later died. now what a mdmedical examiner has ruled whether it's a homicide. that's just ahead. >> reporter: i'm tom sherwood at nats park of the the racing presidents are back. what's new for the fans this
5:36 pm
weekend? i'll have the story coming
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>> next time you do it again you'll -- >> okay. >> okay what? you're not going to let me [ bleep ] finish? >> wow, that's just part of an exchange between a cop and an uber driver in new york city. it actually wasn't much of an exchange. the video taken by a passenger in the back seat has now gone viral. just ahead, we'll have details about what sparked this tirade. our wednesday's child this week is a very bright 16-year-old named ethan.
5:39 pm
he's been in the foster care system since he was just 10 and he's still waiting and hoping for a permanent loving home. ethan's very athletic so the other day we went to visit 8 place called urban evolution. >> you bring some workout clothes? >> yeah, i did. >> want to get changed? >> after a quick change ethan was ready. first a climbing challenge. never having done it before, ethan tackled it with flying colors. the teacher was impressed. next, it was follow the leader box to box. again, ethan proved to be a quick study. his social worker says she's not surprised to see ethan catch on so quickly. she says he does well in everything he tries. >> he's very intelligent. he does well in school and he's very athletic. >> what's your favorite sport? >> basketball. >> and you're doing well in bask ball? >> i'd like to think so. >> he says he likes anything that's competitive. and would he like to be a professional athlete? he said he used to think so. >> reality sunk in.
5:40 pm
i was like, maybe i should try being a doctor or a lawyer or something like that. >> what kind of grades are you making in school? >> i'm making as and bs, honor roll. >> he needs a family, someone to encourage him to reach his goals. >> he has been in care for quite a while so he's getting a little discouraged. but he is hopeful. he enjoys coming to recruiting events and he's very willing to meet families that could possibly be his forever family. >> ethan says he wants a home filled with love. >> love means risking yourself for others, for the well-being of someone you care for. >> he deserves a family to love him. he is a really nice kid. if you have room in your home and your heart for ethan or another child who's waiting, please call our special adoption hotline 1-888-2-adopt me or search wednesday's child on >> what a great young man. >> thanks barbara. >> he's a really nice kid and
5:41 pm
very smart. >> that comes through manufacture. >> we are working several developing stories. a baby's death that occurred last october has been ruled a homicide. >> no arrests yet. julie carey is asking police who they believe killed that 6-month-old. a brewing blockbuster controversy mark wahlberg's plans for a boston marathon bombing film. opening day is less than a week away. tom sherwood will take you out to the ballpark to show you what's new for nats fans this season. i'm excited about that, opening day. today temperatures in the 50s and 60s, tomorrow 60s and 70s. i'll break it down for you, show you our next best chance for
5:42 pm
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well, winter is finally giving way to spring like weather. >> just in time. the nationals begin the new baseball season here at home this weekend folks. >> tom sherwood takes a good look at what's in store for the ballpark for you fans this year. >> reporter: ballpark crews are cleaning the glass. it's attention to lots of detail like the nats' 100,000 square feet of new grass for the
5:45 pm
players, new clothing lines for military and college fans, and special beer among other attractions targeting individuals, families and ticket buyers at any price range. >> we continue to make sure we have very affordable seats available at every game. we have $5 tickets every game. >> reporter: but there are high-tech tablets for ordering food and merchandise in every luxury suite, including the new club 24 a season ticket table for four here goes for up to $95,000. "star wars" day, july 19th is just one of many off-the-field promotions for the team, celebrating ten years of baseball here. "washington post" columnist clinton yates is a big baseball fan. he says the high-end amenities aren't for him, but everyone should find a place at the ballpark this year. >> they seem to have really found a way to maximize every built of space in here to make it as glailt of a ballpark as it
5:46 pm
can be. >> reporter: don't forget, they now have metal detectors. come prepared. in the district, tom sherwood, news4. >> that food looks good. tom tweeted out cool pictures during his visit to the ballpark. a behind-the-scenes look at the nbc washington app. we could use some warm weather to get us in the mood, doug. what do you think? >> springlike weather? >> yeah, that would be nice. >> i'm got that for you at least over the next few days, six out of seven all look to be above average. something we have not said much at all this season. take a look outside right now. toward the rockville area, towards bethesda off in the distance, a very nice shot this evening. really nice with those blue skies. look at this shot toward citi cam showing the potomac river looking nice, temperatures at 61 degrees. we'll drop to the upper 50s by 9:00, 53 at 11:00. it will be cool overnight maybe a little breezy at times. we've seen winds gusting upwafrdz 20 miles per hour today. not bad 55 in gaithersburg 59
5:47 pm
in manassas, 62 ar warrenton, annapolis at 55 degrees. take a look at these numbers. we're warm here or at least mild here with 61. chicago at 72, omaha nebraska at 82 minneapolis at 82 degrees. that's the kind of warm air we've got moving this way. no, i don't think we'll see our first 80 but at least we'll get into the 70s. if you're thinking about getting out on the bike tomorrow, 47 at 9:00 a.m. 65 by 1:00 70 by 5:00. plenty of sunshine, a few more clouds late in the day but most of the day plenty of sunshine. 70 on thursday, 75 on friday. friday a good chance of showers maybe even a rumble of thunder in the afternoon. 75 degrees not bad. 55 on saturday. again a little cool for the weekend, we may even have a slight chance of a shower early saturday morning. but most of the day looks dry. breezy both days and yeah cold for the easter egg hunts at least in the morning 63 by late
5:48 pm
afternoon a-okay. i mentioned to you opening day. there it is right there, 4:05 start, 67 degrees. there's nats park. we're taking on the mets as we move through the day monday not bad. a lot of people getting down there i'm sure around noon, 1:00, doing the tailgating by the dugout. 67 degrees at 4:05, seventh inning around 63 and last out around 60. you may need the jacket by the time the sun makes its way down around 6:00. looking good to start off the season. all in all looking pretty good for the next seven days. there you go. >> doug, thank you. news4 tonight has learned the death of a leesburg baby girl last fall has been ruled a homicide. >> that child was living with her father in the oak lawn neighborhood. our northern virginia bureau chief julie carey has been tracking the case since doctors found evidence of abuse when they tried to save the little girl. >> reporter: this is the leesburg townhouse where devin
5:49 pm
alice was being cared for by her father. he tells police he was feeding her when she went limp. the 9-month-old was first taken to a local hospital, then air lifted to children's national medical center. she died october 5th. this is the facebook page called rest in paradise, devin that her mother set up after the baby's passing. we've been following the case ever since, especially after we found this search warrant affidavit in the case suggesting that the death was suspicious. the court document reports children's hospital doctors found devin had injuries consistent with blunt force trauma and that the baby had multiple broken ribs some which appeared to be old injuries that were healing. the detective writes that the baby's family quote, could not provide a valid explanation for why the injuries had occurred. the family told police her ribs were broken because she likes to hit herself in the chest. now we've learned the district of columbia medical examiner has ruled devin's death as a homicide, that she suffered blunt force impact head trauma.
5:50 pm
a big question remains, though. who injured devin and caused her death? no charges have been filed yet in the case. when we contacted leesburg police about the homicide finding, they issued a statement saying a thorough and complete investigation is being conducted. however, we have not received the official written report from the office of the chief medical examiner examiner. the baby's mother lives in winchester. a relative tells me just last week she and devin's father welcomed a new baby into the world, another little girl. coming up on news4 at 6 i'll tell you what happened in this courthouse to keep father away from his new daughter. in winchester virginia julie carey, news4. we have some breaking news to bring you right know. police in d.c. have made an arrest in the murder of lawyer david messerschmitt. it happened this morning. he was killed, stabbed to death, in early february at the donovan hotel at thomas circle in northwest washington. we have put in a call to the family spokesperson and will bring you more detames on news4
5:51 pm
at 6 tonight and john lennon's first wife cynthia died after say short battle with cancer. their she was 75. cynthia and john lennon met in art school in liverpool. this by the way this video is joanie mitchell has nothing to do with this story. they were married before the beatles skyrocketed to faixtfame. now to the story about singer/songwriter joanie mitchell. she is in intensive care tonight at a hospital in los angeles. someone found her unconscious on her bathroom floor tuesday afternoon. a statement on her web site reads today that the 71-year-old regained consciousness in the ambulance. they say she's in good spirits and undergoing tests right now. back in november mitchell told "billboard" magazine she has a
5:52 pm
debilitating skin condition that left her unable to perform. boston's own mark wahlberg could soon be behind a movie about the boston bombing. the movie would be called "patriots day," based on the account of the boston police commissioner. it would focus on the days leading up to the capture of dzhokhar tsarnaev. tsarnaev is on trial, of course for allegedly planting the bombs. mark wahlberg is also considering acting in this movie as well as producing it. almost 1 in 5 americans admit that on a daily basis they take mood altering drugs to feel better. this is a new gol lup poll that surveyed hundreds of people in all 50 states. people in west virginia had the highest use of drug or medication use. that was followed by residents of rhode island and then connecticut in third. do you know a kid who likes to cook? well, they could win a dinner at the white house. first lady michelle obama is kicking off her fourth annual
5:53 pm
healthy recipe challenge. the challenge is to create an original lunch that's healthy, affordable, and tasty. it's open to kids ages 8 to 12. one winner will be picked from each state and the district. the recipes will be in a digital cookbook. next month the kennedy center will host a summit on how the arts can address issues in our society. famed cellist yo-yo ma will lead a program on the role of the citizen artist in america. director spike lee justice sonia sewed meier are slated to speak. if you can't make it, the center will stream it online. it's a story that's getting all kinds of traction on social media. >> that new york city police officer giving that uber driver an earful. >> i don't know where you're coming from or where you think you're appropriate in doing that. that's not the way it works! >> that was the nice part of the
5:54 pm
rant. new tonight, the punishment that was just issued for that officer and what his boss had to say just a short time ago.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
uberhas a temporary fix now to help people who want to uber home from our local airports. rules only allow taxis to wait outside terminals. now the app shows drivers where airport property ends and when riders put in requests. drivers are put in virtual queues for both dca and dulles.
5:57 pm
uber 2e8s us they're working with the airport authority on a long-term solution. it is the rant heard round the world. a new york city police department detective kind of took apart verbally an uber driver who he pulled over for what appeared to be a minor infraction. and this video has gone viral. >> now that officer is on modified duty. jim maxfield shows us just hawhat happened. take a look. >> reporter: the stop goes on for more than three minutes. >> who do you think you're talking to? >> reporter: this man who says he's a police officer mocks the uber driver who is identified only as humaian. >> i don't know what planet you think you're on here. >> i'm not planning here sir. >> i said planet. [ bleep ]! >> caller: the self-identified officer violently slams the cab door. the passenger who thought the traffic stop was outrageous
5:58 pm
enough to record on his phone coaches the driver to stay calm. >> i have this on video. >> you have? >> yes. >> thank you so much. >> in case you need to submit something. it's not your fault. >> reporter: 30 seconds later he's even more angry at the window. >> the next time you do it again -- >> okay. >> okay what? are you going to let me [ bleep ] finish? stop interrupting me. >> okay. apologize. i'm sorry. >> who do you think you're talking to here? >> reporter: the uber driver was pulled over right here on the southbound side of the west side highway just south of 14th street. the person who shot the video says the officer never identified himself, and he was in plainclothes and an unmarked car. the nypd says internal affairs is investigating. we provided the nypd with the alleged officer's license plate number, but the nypd won't say whether this man is indeed on the force. the passenger who reported the video says the uber driver was pulled over after honking at the unmarked vehicle when the driver
5:59 pm
didn't use his turn signal before parallel parking. >> especially when you person you do it to are the police! >> okay. i apologize. >> i don't know where you're coming from or where you think you're appropriate in doing that. that's not the way it works! how long have you been in this country? >> reporter: the unidentified officer then has one final message before leaving. >> the only reason you're not in handcuffs going to jail and getting -- in the precinct is because i have things to do. that's the only reason that's not happening. >> okay. >> because this isn't important enough for me. you're not important enough. >> reporter: i'm jen maxfield "news 4 new york." >> announcer: news4 at 6 begins with breaking news. we are learning right now about an arrest in a murder at the donovan hotel. a high-profile case dating back to february. >> lawyer david messerschmitt was found stabbed to death in the hotel and police have been looking for a person of interest for the last couple of months in
6:00 pm
the case. just last week his wife made a plea to the public looking for help. we've just learned an adult female was arrested this morning and is being question right now. our other big story at 6:00 a potential tipping point in the debate of gay rights and religious freedom. >> it has reached beyond indiana into presidential pol ficks now sports and the business world. >> today the governor of arkansas refused to sign his state's version of a religious freedom law that critics say could be used to discriminate against gays and lesbians. he was under pressure from walmart and from his own son not to sign it. indiana lawmakers are already rewriting the law that they passed last week. and tonight the coaches of the final four men's basketball team have released a joint statement saying, in part, each of us strongly supports the positions of the ncaa and our respective institutions on this matter


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