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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 7, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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power outage. and now the pentagon is responding to questions about security. >> more answers tonight about the deaths of seven children and the father trying to support them. killed by carbon monoxide from a generator in the house. and hate messages covering a local synagogue. tonight police say they have a good idea who they're looking for. we ge be ginn with questions about the ripple effect caused by equipment failure at a substation for the southern maryland power company. >> it led to power outages in three maryland counties and some of the most sensitive buildings in the district. that substation it's in mechanicsville maryland. smeco sent us this picture of a burned transmission line near the station. you can see the grass is charred around it. pepco crews are also investigating tonight. here's what we heard from pepco just 30 minutes ago. >> there are crews at the scene now, look tagt equipment, trying to determine what caused the
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insulator to break. that's something being assessed and hopefully in a short period of time will be able to determine what exactly caused that. >> we've got team coverage on all this tonight. the university of maryland just got all of its power back on within the last hour. >> we begin with tom sherwood in dupont circle. >> reporter: all kinds of people today were affected by the power outage including a few people at the warner theater. >> hi. how are you? >> reporter: on 13th street downtown people were buying the new maya angelou stamp. >> it's not just her. it's the stamp collection is recognizing african-americans who have made a contribution. >> reporter: inside the warner theatre, oprah winfrey was celebrating the new stamp with first lady michelle obama. the power flickered and failed. but the program finished up. what did you think when the power went out? >> the power went out but we still rose. we kept going. and that's what you do and that's what maya angelou wanted
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us to do. >> reporter: the secret service quickly and calmly es corporated first lady michelle obama from the ceremony as the crowd poured out of the warner. it praised oprah's response. >> it was amazing. she took the stage and just went into ad lib and it was amazing. >> reporter: it was amazing but it all ended with very little drama at the warner theatre. back to you. our team coverage continues now with tracee wilkins in college park where the power is back on but it's not business as usual at the university of maryland. hi tracee. >> reporter: it's not business as usual for everyone doreen but the baseball team went ahead with their game this evening so they're happy to have power back. the university is still closed though. classes not in session for the rest of the evening. but dr. loh put it best when he put in his tweet, "let there be light." these firefighters just rescued a student trapped inside a student union vail or the on the university of maryland's campus. >> we've had about a half a
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dozen of those calls. everyone has been removed safely no injuries. >> reporter: when power went out before 1:00 p.m. >> at first i thought it was just, you know a little outage for a second and awl the alarms started going off so, you know all of us were evacuated right away. >> i was really hoping my class would get canceled because it's a two-hour lecture and it's all on power point. so i was on my way to class and my friend texted me and said i just got to class and there's no light and it's canceled. >> reporter: dark classrooms calffeterias and -- >> the dorms are obviously hot and humid. >> reporter: just before 4:00 p.m. power was restored to north campus. about an hour later, there was full restoration throughout the university of maryland. just in time for this student's next meal. >> my microwave in my room doesn't work then i don't know order food. order chinese food. >> reporter: students problem solving without electricity but
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it is all back. and they're expecting to have hot water and steam back on the campus in the next few hours as well. i'm tracee wilkins live. back to you in the studio. some metro riders found themselves walking up long escalators during the power outage and the bethesda station is still closed as escalators there are not yet working. metro says ten stations were affected by this regional outage. they immediately went to backup power. the trains kept running and were not affected. the impact ofral buildings from the white house to the capitol led to questions at the pentagon today. there is no indication that anyone intentionally caused the outage. but the admiral was asked if it raises concerns about security in the nation's capital. >> reliance on critical infrastructure be it banking, power, rail the faa. i think all of those critical infrastructures are fragile.
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as we look forward, to see how well those backup systems did work did they perform as advertised do we need to strengthen them in some areas. >> pepco has released a statement saying the widespread outage was a result of electrical systems doing their job properly. "when a fault occurs on a transmission line this size it creates a ripple effect that can impact customers tie to the grid. customers who have a backup system that senses low voltage which are purposely sensitive and designed to sense risk those systems did their job and switched over to backup." turning to our weather now, rain and maybe eve an few storms moving into parts of our area right now. meteorologist veronica johnson's watching it all from storm team 4. what can we expect v.j.? >> some of us, some neighborhoods will see some moderate rains in just the next couple minutes. i've been tracking the storm
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team 4 radar all afternoon. this is all part of a weather system to our north. we're seeing right along just down to the south of that front, some of this rain. frederick, maryland, into faulkier county as we zoom in. you can see some of the more moderate rains around leesburg heading into western montgomery county so you folks in gaithersburg you'll be seeing that moderate rain before long and yes, there could be big puddles on area roads. down south around northern faulkier county this is another area that i'm tracking. it's headed eastbound with rainfall rates around a half inch per hour to woolsley to haymarket to conklin within the next 20 to 25 minutes. it will bring down the temperatures. we're at 70 degrees right now. many neighborhoods upper 60s. we drop to the 50s and don't budge much tomorrow. i'll show you what kind of day it's going to be. big difference from today and when we could see some thunderstorms roll through. >> thanks veronica. back to some breaking news we first told you about in the 5:00 broadcast. shomari stone is at the scene of a crash that injured an off-duty
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police officer on wisconsin avenue in chevy chase. shomari? >> reporter: that's right, doreen. right now i'm at southpark avenue and just to say right away that officer is going to be okay. i just spoke to a lieutenant on the scene and he says the officer has minor injuries. let me move out of the way. montgomery county police are comparing notes, discussing what happened. a little to the left and that officer was hit right where that black suv is. we're hearing he was doing security detail in this area and some business owners approached him and said there's a car parked here. it looks a little suspicious and we would like you to check it out. so the officer walked over started talking to the people inside the car. there were three people inside. for some reason words were exchanged and they took off and they hit the officer according to police and, again he has minor injuries. but that car is gone. there is a report according to montgomery county police that a car was stopped in prince george's county with two people
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inside. those people are being questioned. we'll continue to bring you skup updates. check on our app and facebook. live in chevy chase, shomari stone, news4. we report now on what police call a tragedy of great magnitude. following the discovery of the bodies of a single father and his seven children. rodney todd is the man's name. he and his children were found dead inside a house in princess anne maryland. they were killed in their sleep by carbon monoxide. our chris gordon has our report. >> reporter: there is profound sadness here. 36-year-old rodney todd and his seven children died of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning from a generator he ran in the kitchen after his electricity was shut off. >> just know weerg not going to be able to see him and that he died doing what he always did best and that is being an awesome father. >> reporter: a co-worker was
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concerned because she hadn't seen todd since march 28th. all seven children attended local public schools and their absences were noted. >> they made phone calls and two home visits and of course there was nothing unusual about the exterior of the home and when they went there, they receive nod answer. but they tried on two occasions to make home visits. >> reporter: rodney todd began renting this home in november of last year. i called delmarva power to ask why they cut electricity here. they sent me an e-mail express expressing deepest sympathy to family members but then going on the to explain this. electricity service was disconnected in october of last year at the request of the customer of record at the time. there was no request to reconnect service. through the use of smart meter technology delmarva power discovered a stolen electric meter was being used at the home on march 25th 2015. delmarva power disconnected the illegally connected meter for
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safety reasons and to comply with standard protocol. delmarva power did not disconnect electric service at this address for nonpayment. >> and some people might not understand why he made a decision to put a generator on the inside but when you got kids nothing runs through your mind of what's supposed to be in order or -- you just think about your kids. >> reporter: reporting from princess anne maryland chris gordon news4. only on news4 tonight, a local fire department taking major steps to deal with smoke incidents on metro and they don't eve haven't a station yet. new developments in the fight over a csx rail tunnel in the district. a federal judge issued a ruling today. and confusion about parking coming back to nats park in the new season com
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breaking news now. nbc news has confirmed u.s. officials believe russia was behind the hacking attack on the white house last fall. reportedly the president's schedule was hacked but white house officials continue to say that no classified information was breached. 580 days until we go to the polls to select our next president and now there are two
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official candidates. kentucky senator rand paul entered the race today. nbc's edward lawrence is on capitol hill with paul's next step. >> reporter: doreen right now rand paul is heading to new hampshire to try and continue to win momentum he had for his announcement. he hopes to impress the voters there in the state that has the first primary election for president. >> to fix washington -- >> reporter: with campaign ads designed to connect with young voters rand paul announced he wants to be president of the united states. paul an ophthalmologist and senator from kentucky says he will run on a basic principle that government spend too much and has too much debt. >> the washington machine that gobbles up our freedoms and invades every nook and cranny of our lives must be stopped. >> reporter: political experts say his appeal crosses generation. >> he's a talented guy politically and speaks a
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language to younger voters that older republicans won't even recognize. >> reporter: paul is trying to separate himself from washington. in the past he's embraced libertarian vi isolationist view on foreign policy. >> now we must stay strong. that's why i've co-sponsored legislation that ensures that any deal between the u.s. and iran must be approved by congress. >> reporter: his detractors responded with this online ad. >> rand paul supports obama's negotiations with iran. >> reporter: former republican national committee chairman michael steele says paul could be vulnerable on foreign policy and for his past statements about the civil rights act. >> past statements in this civil rights space, for example, and certainly, you know, whether or not he's an isolationist on a policy side are going to be some early tests for his campaign. >> reporter: in the announcement speech, paul reached out to minority voters quoting martin luther king, calling for economic and social equality. rand paul is the second republican senator to announce he's officially running for
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president. the other, senator ted cruz from texas. on capitol hill, edward lawrence. an skrup date now on a news4 i-team investigation. a federal judge today refused to grant an injunction that would stop work on the csx railroad tunnel in southeast d.c. csx official sas the 100-year-old tunnel is beginning to decay and they want to double its size. a city watchdog group is worried about noise, vibrations air pollution, and the risk of a rail accident. csx says it is "committed to doing the project the right way, safely, respecting our neighbors and working closely with residents and businesses to minimize the impacts and to ensure that they are november informed about construction plans." now at 6:00 you may have to wait years before you can hop on the silver line and get to loudoun county but news4 has learned that firefighters there have been quietly building their own model tracks. our scott mcfarlane shows us why
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it could pay off for passengers. >> reporter: in recent weeks we've seen incidents of smoke near the rails of arcing insulator, firefighters responding to d.c. metro stations. in leesburg the deputy fire chief has seen them too, and knows his force will soon be doing the same. it's becoming clear to more people it's a near certainty you'll have to eventually respond to the tracks. >> absolutely. not only, that but we also provide mutual aid into dulles airport, which is where the train goes right now so, no doubt if there is an emergency there they'll probably be calling on us also for assistance. >> reporter: metro's silver line won't extend through loudoun for years so it caught our attention when news4 learned the county is already building this tiny model silver line track near its fire department headquarters. this summer they'll add a pair of older mothballed metro cars to determine how firefighters safely and effectively handle a fire or emergency inside. one of the key parts of the setup is the third rail
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simulator. if a firefighter gets too close to or touches the third rail you hear the alarm. they'll bring 1,400 people in here to train, 600 career firefighters 800 volunteer, and they say they want to do it as soon as possible. metro already has an emergency responder training center in prince george's county with courts for firefighters on how to respond to smoke and fire incidents. montgomery county firefighters use the rail yards near shady grove and glenmont to train. and fairfax has its own training space too. loudoun fire department realized it needs its own space before the silver line moves in especially after watching the emergency smoke incident earlier this year. >> the incident in january provides more of a realism that this can happen. it's not if but when. >> reporter: metro's helping too. loudoun county says it's paying just $1 each for the metro railcars they're buying to train on on top of these tracks. scott mcfarlane news4. veronica is back with more about our weather and the rain that seems to be here and there and -- >> exactly.
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>> here it comes again. >> got some coming up and throughout the day tomorrow then i think even on friday chance for a rain and thunder. but it's all about the timing with this weather system that is just to our north right now. wet weather for sure. and even the morning rush is looking wet. but with various intensities, so right now we've got a little pocket of moderate rains that i'm tracking on storm team 4 radar headed into areas like loudoun county other areas south too. as i'll show you in just a moment. this one again eastbound toward arias like clarksburg germantown a minute around redland and washington grove too. eastbound eventually getting to howard county even areas around the district northern part of the beltway, we'll have some wet weather coming up in a couple minutes. along areas of 66. right along 52 this moderate rain where i've seen some rainfall rates around half to around three-quarters of an inch. so brief, moderate rain coming through for haymarket, for gainesville by 6:35.
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after that more occasional showers will be coming on through the area. then tomorrow it's going to be a dreary day. vastly different from today. today we've had the filtered sunshine but this weather front to the north in areas of pennsylvania comes down and stalls arnold our area tomorrow. we will be much cooler on the northern side of that front by as much as 15 degrees. by the end of the week, some storminess is possible with yet another weather system. every couple days this week we'll see a little something. you'll want to stay umbrella ready. certainly this evening, a few more showers coming through from 70 to 65 degrees by 11:00 p.m. it will be a bit of a mild evening for us. tomorrow morning already cooler by a couple degrees. we'll be starting out in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees. 9:00 showers around the area, west more waves of this rain coming through. by midnight there you see it. coverage from areas of frederick through gaithersburg and down towards fredericksburg right along i-95 by the midnight hour. and 7:00 a.m. the morning rush
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yes, roads are looking wet, and with not much wind i think even with period of rain around there could be some pockets of fog too. it's not looking too dense or thick, but, you know, it could be slowing traffic down on area roads. 11:00 a.m. more showers coming through. then on thursday we've got a chance too, i think primarily early in the day. so we've got our best chance for tomorrow prior to noon and after around 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the midpart of the day, it's going to be cloudy with just a little bit in the way of some showers falling. high temperature tomorrow from 48 to 52 into d.c. 53 around waldorf and la plata far high temperature. cool yes tomorrow again. today we got up to around 70. tomorrow just around 50 to 55 degrees. and look at the heat for friday. close to 80 degrees. friday is the day really to talk about. chance of not only some showers but some thunderstorms. i'll talk more about that our potential for severe weather in just a couple minutes. coming up at 6:00 an oscar
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winning director shooting a new movie in d.c. where you might see some movies popping up. and adding up loose change. how much tsa is making off the money we forget at local airports. >> reporter: members of this local sin gol spent the day scrubbing hate graffiti off their walls.
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last year airline passengers left behind nearly $675,000 at security checkpoints. it's mostly that loose change that we take out of our pockets to go through the security line. the tsa gets to keep the unclaimed money for security operations. flyers going through dulles international left more than $22,000 behind last year. nearly $10,000 was left at reagan national and about $8,500 was unclaimed at bwi marshall. going to a nats game you might want to keep some of that change in your pocket. parking rules there will be enforced around the ballpark through the season. that includes sundays and holidays during home games. you could get a tick fete you don't pay the meter. last season, news4 raised questions about confusion that parking signs -- confusion about the parking signs. we complained to d.c. transportation officials.
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that among other thing, led them to stop enforcing parking rules for the rest of the season. the first game on a holiday this year is on april 16th. that's emancipation day. arlington, you've got a few bragging rights compared to the rest of our area tonight. the city just made the top ten healthiest cities according to arlington came in sixth on the list. the site says many residents have healthy behaviors like exercising car pooling, recycling, not smoking and drinking in moderation. rounding out the top five bridgeport connecticut, miami, florida, madison, wisconsin, cambridge, massachusetts, and minneapolis. not just bad for the environment but bad for all of us as well. a new message today from president obama as he seeks to change the way people think about climate change. during the meeting at howard university hospital today, the president said it is not just about extreme weather, rather
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the impact climate changehaving on personal health. the president will hold a climate change summit at the white house late thermo. next changes coming to a local fire department after wild flames destroy two of their trucks and tear through a maryland warehouse. a crucial clue for police that could help track down the suspects accused of vandalizing a local synagogue. and see how a local doctor is revolutionize ♪ ♪ wow something
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sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!!
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at 6:30 messages of hate covering a local synagogue. tonight, we've got the video that's already giving cops some answers. a teenager shot on a doorstep. tonight friends talk to news4 about his final moments with the gunman still out there. and a robotics team robbed at a recent competition. we'll tell you what these students still need to compete again. equipment failure at a maryland substation triggered widespread outages throughout maryland and d.c. power at the white house, justice, and state departments and smithsonian museums briefly went out. at one point nearly 20,000 pepco customers were in the dark and the university of maryland campus closed for about three hours until power was restored. pat lawson muse at the live desk
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for an update on metro. >> the bethesda metro station is still closed because the escalators are without power. this is from metro's twitter account. you'll be able to see when we show you this there's no one inside the station, hasn't been anyone in the station for some time now. the bethesda station is one of ten metro stations affected by the power outage this afternoon. but it is the only one still having having issues. the bethesda metro station still closed that the hour. jim, doreen? >> thanks pat. tonight a community in montgomery county is dealing with a hate crime. somebody painted hate symbols on the synagogue. that synagogue also serves as a nursery school. mark segraves is reporting on how the rabbi plans to explain the crime to the congregation's youngest members. mark? >> reporter: jim, earlier today the entire front and in fact every side of this synagogue was covered with swastikas and other hate graffiti. members of the congregation here
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spent the entire day cleaning it up. the rabbi tells me he's thankful this happened over spring break so most of the students here didn't see it. but he says when they return next week he'll use this incident as an opportunity to teach them about hate. >> we tell students that there are people who are not nice in the world, that do have hatred in their hearts. fortunately they're not most people. most people have good hearts and are welcoming and caring. and we just have to stand up to that hate. we have to be strong. >> reporter: surveillance video shows the suspects about 2:30 this morning wearing hoodies, masks, and gloves running from wall to wall and door to door outside of the synagogue spray-painting swastikas on every wall. derogatory terms. the letters kkk. and the name hitler. >> these types of hate crimes have no place in a democratic society. >> reporter: while the suspects appear to be young, police say
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this is a hate crime. >> this is not a prank when you start showing bias towards the religious faith-based groups. >> reporter: rabbi blumenthal whanlts whoever did this to be accountable. >> they should be held accountable. we'll have to see what the best way for that is. it's not a prank. it's a serious crime to use these kind of symbols on a synagogue building. >> reporter: to give you an idea how seriously gaithersburg are taking this incident they had to sign three detectives to investigate this and have been going door to door hoping that neighbors saw something. they're hoping that somebody saw the video we showed can give them some clues. back to you. the prince george's county fire department says i want's going to cost more than a million dollars to replace two fire trucks that were destroyed in a massive fire yesterday. that fire was at an industrial park in capitol heights, maryland. more than 100 firefighters are
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involved in trying to contain it. investigators say there were large amounts of combustible and petroleum-based products in those buildings. they are still trying to figure out what started that fire. it happened along a d.c. street where neighbors say people throw shoes on the power lines to remember victims of violent crimes. tonight we're hearing from a woman who watched a 16-year-old boy die after somebody opened fire on him. news4's pat collins reports now from southeast. >> whoever did it you know that god is going to get you, period because this was an innocent child, period. >> reporter: quinntina cooper. she brought balloons and flowers to the site where it happened. you see right after the shooting she ran to the teenager's side to try and help. >> and when i came to him he grabbed my leg and he was just gasping for air, then he just slumped over right here and everybody was trying to help him or whatever. but they got to him too late. >> reporter: the scene. these steps in the 300 block of
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37th street southeast. the victim 16-year-old luke holt. luke lived in northeast but he grew up on 37th street. and yesterday he came back to visit some friends. it cost him his life. >> boy never done nothing. i just hope they find who done it. >> reporter: quinntina cooper has four chern. a year ago she moved from baltimore because she thought it would be safer. in that year her kids have seen three shootings here. >> need to do something about this building. y'all need police out here security something because at the end of the day there's no reason to keep moving because we unsafe on 37th street. >> reporter: in the murder case of luke holt so, far no motive no suspect, no arrest. in southeast, pat collins, news4. news4 has confirmed the man
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accused of killing three people in alexandra over the past ten years has been ruled competent to stand trial. that's a significant step in the prosecution of the man. his name is charles severance. his lawyers now requesting a change of venue to move the trial out of the city of alexandra. severance was arrested last year months after the murder of ruth ann lodato. she was a music teacher who was shot when she answered a ring at her front door. a new view of the new york city skyline getting ready to open this spring. coming up how much you'll have to pay for the view from nearly 2,000 feet up. >> reporter: parents bought into this new community expecting that they would get a new school out of it. the sign says so. but they've learned that may not happen. i'm david culvert in woodbridge. coming up we hear from county leaders on this growing debate. and take a look at our radar. a little busy. we have wet weather rolling right across 270 right along 66. and now 495 too.
6:37 pm
how long will it stick around and what about our chances of seeing some thunderstorms? we'll talk about it.
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one world trade. interactive exhibits a bar, and a restaurant up there. it will cost you about $30 to get to the top. you'd need a timed ticket and those go on sale tomorrow. you might see some movie sets popping up around d.c. this week. filming has started on oliver stone's new movie about edward snowden. here's look now at actor joseph gordon sliftlevitt playing the nsa leaker. they're seen walking in front of the white house. film crews have also been spotted at the tryst coffee shop in adams morgan.
6:40 pm
the film is expected to be released in late december, perhaps early january. some word of encouragement for the robotics team at loudoun county's academy of science and technology center. virginia senator tim cane dropped by the school to congratulate the team on advancing to the championship and offered encouragement about the loss of their robot ek when their vehicle was stolen last week. the students have just two weeks to build new robotics for the next competition. snoot at all the teams at nationals, yours will be the most interesting story. while i was sorry to hear about the van being stolen, what a great accomplishment already and i bet you'll do really well. >> they're headed to the world competition in st. louis on april 22nd. a new elementary school has been promised to a community in northern virginia. it's attracted new families to the neighborhood. but tonight those parents are
6:41 pm
reacting to a possible change of plans. and a local doctor who's a real throwback. his patients range from vips to people who can't afford to pay for their care. why they're all
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
a new school was promised to new home owners but some parents worry that's not true. david culvert took their concerns to county leaders. >> there are nine trailers.
6:44 pm
two have bathrooms. >> reporter: this is what's become of of the baseball field. now home base to portable classrooms. >> we're running out of space. >> reporter: prince william county public schools are struggling to alleviate its most congested area the route 1 corridor. >> there are certain things we can't do. for instance we used to have assemblies and we'd have to have two to fit the kids. but now we have to have three. >> reporter: but efforts to ease the rapid growth are creating a ripple effect stretching several miles away into this new woodbridge subdivision. i bought in this community for what was going to be offered to my chirp. >> reporter: arlene among a group of moms fighting the school board. they say it's backtracking on plans to build ferlazzo elementary school and instead will relocate a nearby so-called traditional school to then open up space for the route 1 schools. >> we were promised this land for an elementary school for our children and i truly feel that the school board is trying to steal that from our children. >> reporter: for its part, the school system says each year it
6:45 pm
has to reassess projections based on changing needs. the supervisor says he'll address the issue tonightthe school board. >> there's been a lot of new development in this corridor and all of that development was approved contingent on the notion that a new neighborhood elementary school would be in this corridor. >> the school system did not put up this sign and right now the board of supervisors along with several members of the school board are meeting to discuss the concerns. in woodbridge david culvert, news4. tonight we meet a d.c. doctor who's making old-fashioned house calls. he says it helps him give better treatment to his patients and it allows him to care for people who have been neglected by system. >> hello, dr. brown. >> reporter: this is drosmt earnest brown's office. no exam room no nurses no insurance forms to deal with. it's just him, his car, and a cell phone. >> i can go wherever the patient is. >> reporter: that's because he doesn't practice out of a clinic or a hospital. he travels to his patients
6:46 pm
making house calls all over the d.c. area. he's been doing this for eight years and he says it actually helps him treat his patients better. >> for me that's what medicine is about. it's about caring. and i need to have that relationship for me to provide good care but also for me to feel professionally rewarded for the service that i provide. >> reporter: but there's one other thing that makes dr. brown different. he spends a lot of his time treating patient who is can't afford care for free. >> the charity i do because there's a tremendous need for it. >> reporter: he says he can do this because he doesn't accept any insurance. so he can earn enough income from his high-end patients including heads of state, diplomats, and guests at luxury hotels. >> now, i don't have a big fancy home i don't have a boat my means are very modest. so i'm able to do that. she has muscle there. >> reporter: one of those patients in need is odessa harris of northeast d.c.
6:47 pm
we went along with dr. brown as he checked in on her. her granddaughter told us the 81-year-old is bedridden. she's developed bedsores and suffers from alzheimer's disease and dementia. >> when my husband went out of town i couldn't get her to her physician. i was like what am i supposed to do. >> reporter: a friend recommended dr. brown who immediately visited mrs. harris and her family. >> to have him come here and treat her like family, that's what made the difference. he didn't run in here and say i don't have my gloves i don't want to touch her. he came in talked to her, shook her hand. >> reporter: that same day we got to meet another patient of dr. brown's. >> hello, hello. >> reporter: 91-year-old walter johnson. money isn't an issue for this patient. but he has rheumatoid arthritis so severe he can barely walk and that makes getting out to the doctor's office nearly impossible. >> i don't have to change my clothes or anything. and i'm ready to go when he
6:48 pm
comes. >> being able to see, you know, patients in the way that they live it changes you. >> dr. ernest brown says seeing a patient in their home can make a real difference in care. it's an opportunity for him to make sure they have family or a support system and he can even check on the food they're eating and recommend changes. >> that is remarkable. >> yeah. >> utterly remarkable that there's somebody doing that. i wish we could all find a dr. brown. >> goodness bless him, because that is remarkable. good for him. takes me way back. always a doctor in the house. >> good guy. veronica, what's the good word about tonight's weather? >> the good word is yes, we'll see some rain but not a tremendous amount of rain and nothing too crazy either. not talking about a stormy night but you want to keep that umbrella handy. in fact not just tonight but over the next couple days we've got wet weather that will be moving through. on radar right now, i expand t it out to show you through
6:49 pm
virginia. the one little pocket we're watching it's moving into fairfax and up into howard county before long. you can see some moderate rains being shown by the colors in orange and yellow. right now around damascus eastbound into howard county toward west friendship and clarksville in the next couple minutes. another pocket too, still inside of montgomery county around germantown. that too, eastbound, but clarksville, north laurel area by 7:00 some heavier rains coming up and even seeing showers now northwest d.c. bethesda wet and right there around areas of 50 in the central part of d.c. right now along 66 more wet weather sliding eastbound. so once this makes its way eastward i do think we've got a bit of a quiet period coming up until more rain late tonight early part of the day tomorrow. you can see all the little waves of rain here stretching down into areas of again around areas of kentucky too, showers and thunderstorms there with severe weather. for us our best chance of severe weather and strongest storms i
6:50 pm
think will be at the end of the week on friday. we'll talk more about that in just a moment. but wet roads for early tomorrow morning, 50, the high temperature just 55 our roads damp late. i think we're frontloaded with most of our rain prior to noontime. you'll need an umbrella but nothing too heavy for tomorrow or even for thursday. high temperature going up to 56 degrees. moderate conditions for the bus stop through recess and dismissal tomorrow so not a big impact on the weather. from rain at 56 to 55 with drizzle on thursday. storms will come at the end of the week here on friday 70% chance i think sthoez storms will be from scattered to nor numerous by the end of the day. we veal a lot more of that coming up and you can always download our nbc washington app. guys back to you. >> thanks veronica. some of us are really tired of 50s. it's time to move on from the 50s. we've got sports coming up. caps getting back to the playoffs and alex o
6:51 pm
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so reason listened to the radio today, guys on the way back when they heard they made the playoffs and he said the plane elevated like 10,000 feet with the joyous atmosphere in
6:54 pm
the air. just went right on up in the air. that's cool. >> that story stuck with you obviously. i liked that. >> that's what we're talking about. so the pressure is off for the caps now that they're in the playoffs. the team doesn't hold back and they admit they were embarrassed last season when they messed out. now with two regular-season games to go the caps are focused not hoping to win every game now they want to and they expect to win. caps back at practice today, barry trotz guiding them to the playoffs in his first season as caps head coach. now playing for better seating and home ice, they play boston tomorrow night. the caps missed out on the playoffs for the first time in six seasons last year so, after finding out they clinched a spot while on the plane ride home sunday there was definitely a sense of relief. >> when you're on the plane and you get the text or whatever that comes across that you clinched i think the plane goes up a little bit because there's a weight of that but there was a big cheer. >> last year i think we got
6:55 pm
humbled a little bit. maybe we just expected to win all the time but forgot that you had to put the work in and earn it. and this year i think there's a different attitude, different cull dhurture with this team. don't take anything for granted. everything is earned. there's lot of motivation here. we've had good hockeys teams for a long time but not great ones. >> let's go caps! >> casey did a double take walking and driving downtown. yes, alex ovechkin on a double-decker bus. the latest celebrity to join the ride of fame. being recognized for his on and off the ice accomplishments signing a special seat dedicated just for him, mvp-type style. now he gets a bus. how does it feel? >> it's really cool. i think it's good for the city good for fans. and right now it's a big time for this organization. it's a good picture.
6:56 pm
you know celebrate the goals. see the emotions you know. so it's nice. >> does it cost extra to get that seat? >> no. i don't think so. >> i'm wondering if you thought all those people who were evacuated during the power outage if they'd come out to see him. >> great point. all the tourists here for the cherry blossoms too. you're probably right. over the college hoops, the women's championship game tonight between uconn and notre dame. huskies going for their third straight title. meanwhile, on the men's side the duke blue devils are your champs beating wisconsin. the fifth title for coach k and with all the talented freshmen the heart of the team a senior from our area. >> we love our captain. we love you, baby. >> absolutely man. >> yeah. not only was it a win for duke in the men's title game last night but for quinn cook. the bowie, maryland native, the senior captain of the blue devils news4 as followed quinn
6:57 pm
since his days back. he back at ceremony at cameron indoor stadium. coach k called him one of the best leaders he's had in 35 years of coaching. quinn cook making the dmv proud. over at vcu, chaos replacing havoc. they'll hire will wade to replace shaka smart as head means basketball coach. wade has spent the last two years as head coach at tennessee, chattanooga. prior to that an assistant under smart at vcu for four years including the 2011 final four run. a press conference will be held tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. notice anything act him when you're watching him? >> he looks like one of the -- >> exactly. my producer and i were like we can't pick him out because he looks like -- >> how can you tell which is which? >> 32 but apparently as lyly has the experience and vcu thinks he's the guy. >> coach k is probably one of the best coaches ever at any level anywhere. he's a bad dude.
6:58 pm
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on this tuesday night, knocked out. a widespread power failure in washington. the state department, metro stations, museums, even oprah and the first lady left in the dark. tonight, questions about our nation's violent storms moving across the country. heavy flooding and hail. a deadly plane crash in thick fog. now the tornado that building tonight. off and running, rand paul makes it official. the second big name to jump in the race for president. and secrets to living longer from the places where a lot of people live to be 100. now the american city trying to copy what they do. "nbc nightly news" begins right. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news." repo


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