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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  April 8, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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turn in this twisted case of murder. another arrest. she's 19 years old. she's described as the roommate and girlfriend of the accused killer. but she's charged with conspiracy to commit robbery. that robbery at the donovan hotel. police say they've arrested 19-year-old dominique johnson, the roommate of accused killer jamyra gallmon and charged that roommate with conspiracy to rob david messerschmitt. he is the lawyer found stabbed to death at the donovan hotel on february the 10th. sources say that gallmon and johnson were roommates, that they lived in this apartment in southeast. they are said to be very close friends. sources tell news4 that dominique johnson had prior knowledge about the robbery plot at the donovan hotel that she was with the accused killer
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jamyra gallmon before the incident that she was with gallmon after the murder, and that she benefitted from the items stolen from david messerschmitt's room. last week jamyra gallmon was charged with murder. according to court documents, messerschmitt was looking online for other men. gallmon posing as a man went to his room at the donovan hotel. she told police she went there to rob him. it turned into a case of murder. now, dominique johnson is expected to be officially charged here at superior court tomorrow. live in northwest, pat collins, news4. we're tracking a line of showers and embedded thunderstorms. if you're looking to the western sky, here is a live look at our reston camera as we look off to the west there where the skies are darkening. let me show you on storm team 4
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radar, the line of showers and embedded dded thunderstorms you can see it advancing eastward. while we don't have a watch out for our area, we will see i think pockets of moderate and heavy rain with the potential for some high winds in a location or two. southern west virginia right now under a tornado watch until 6:00 p.m. this line as it heads eastward will be weakening. we're already seeing it weaken a bit as it makes its way closer to the mountains and hits cooler air. luray, middleton, areas like front royal and winchester is where it's headed over the next couple of minutes over the next 30 to about 45 minutes, the tail end of the line towards charlottesville by 5:50. then it will make its way right through areas of d.c. too. around 7:00, 8:00, the line will be moving through. it will hit this cool pocket of air where we've had drizzle today. in just a couple of minutes i'll tell you the impact that line will have on our area and what's next for us. i think some stronger storms potentially at the end of the week. we'll talk about the timing of
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those. now to that huge power outage that closed museums and a metro station and dimmed the lights on oprah. we now know what happened. the question tonight is why. and the goal to make sure it doesn't happen again. news4 news4's chris gordon spoke with pepco and city leaders today about the plan going forward. chris? >> reporter: well, today i asked pepco directly how did this happen? and as you're about to hear, they're still searching for the answers. pepco engineers are in charles county analyzing the insulator that broke, taking down a transmission line, causing power outages yesterday in d.c. maryland and virginia. >> we also have to look at the other protective devices on the system that relay the power from one part of the system to the other to make sure what sort of protective devices operated properly and what did not operate properly. >> reporter: d.c. mayor muriel bowser is expecting a report from pepco. >> in a city, any city, the
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nation's capital included, emergencies can happen. that's why it's important that we have redundant systems to make sure there's no interruption of critical power. >> reporter: council member mary chai tells me there may be be a need for an independent investigation of the outage. >> i'm going to wait and see what the report is from the grid, from pepco, about what had happened. and then in maythere may be be a need for the public service commission to look into it, but at this point i'm not sure. i don't have enough information. >> reporter: but others are confident pepco handled the situation well. >> most areas had power again within 30 minutes and so it definitely showed vulnerability. however, by the same token, it showed that being proactive and forward thinking made this less of an event that it could have been. >> reporter: now, d.c. council members tell me they've gotten calls from residents asking
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could this happen again? could it be even worse? coming up on news4 at 6:00, i ask pepco, is the power grid vulnerable? that's the latest live from the district building in downtown d.c., jim, back to you. >> chris, thank you. we have a full and detailed explanation of just what happened to that d.c. power grid yesterday on our nbc washington app. just search "power outage". there is some new information in a murder that prosecutors say was made to look like a suicide. news4 was in the courtroom as prosecutors told the judge that broel yoe castillo's dna was found his his wife michelle's pillow, bed and clothes she was wearing when she was found dead. police found her hanging in the basement of her ashburn home in march of 2014. the castillos were in the midst of a divorce at the time. that trial is now set for july. police now have the car but are still looking for the driver who they say sped off injuring an officer. the officer was working security at the high-end shops in achievy
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chase when he approached a suspicious car. we're told when he tried it talk to the driver the driver took off, causing the officer to fall into the street. that officer suffered a concussion. police found the car in northeast d.c. this morning. a man shot by police in anne arundel county apparently had an air gun that looked awfully much like the real thing. take a look. that's the air gun on the top from the manufacturer's web site and the real rifle below. a man identified as dallas ruff pointed the air rifle at them when they responded to a call in croften last weekend. a 22-year-old veteran of the force opened fire, hitting ruff in the stomach. that lieutenant is now on administrative leave. ruff is recovering. it zpnt it doesn't appear there will be criminal charges. prison guards did not kill samuel shields. video seen by bureau chief tracee wilkins shows shields
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being manhandled by guards last july. he refused to put on a uniform. wilkins says shields appeared despondent in the video and was taken into a holding cell where there is no recording. a short time later, the video shows guards trying to resuscitate shields. >> it was decided that this was not a homicide. that was the ruling of the medical examiner in this case. none of the evidence pointed to a homicide. >> also brooks says it's standard procedure for jail deaths to be reviewed by a grand jury. the medical examiner ruled that shields suffered severe medical issues and died of a heart attack. a crackdown in a popular d.c. neighborhood is targeting the sale of illegal synthetic drugs. as news4's tom sherwood reports, officers are trying to keep these drugs out of the hands of young people. >> reporter: d.c. attorney general carl racine today was visiting a senior citizen home to warn about consumer scams against the elderly.
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while his office was filing complaints, complaints against the amanuel market on georgia avenue and other markets in the petworth community. city lawyers say they are illegally selling synthetic drugs that can be dangerous, addictive and they are targeting young people. >> i think it's a significant problem. first of all, it's illegal. to the extent we can under law and we think there are good theories there, we'll shut these businesses down. >> reporter: petworth is a rapidly changing neighborhood where longtime and new residents are battling crime and drug issues. >> we've had a lot of problems in the neighborhood actually in general, rising crime rates. it's something we're really worried about in this neighborhood. >> i want to touch on a -- >> reporter: racine is talking to the petworth advisory neighborhood commission tonight at 6:30 to talk about the synthetic sales. >> most of the stores are responsible and they do not want to sell these things to kids. other stores, you know, frankly, are profiting. that's the people who we'll focus our energies on. >> reporter: news4 attempted to contact owners of some of the
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convenience stores, but they could not be reached for comment. some clerks insisted sales were no longer taking place. in the district tom sherwood, news4. it doesn't just happen around the holidays. there is a search on for a man who snatched the package on the steps of a home on ninth street. the surveillance camera caught the man walking up and a few seconds later walking away with a package. you're asked to call police if you recognize the man. there is a $1,000 reward. the home of the washington nationals is now facing a federal discrimination lawsuit. three former ballpark ushers who are seventh day adventists are suing for damages and back-pay. they say they were fired after they insisted on taking days off to observe the sabbath. the suit also cites changes in work schedule policies which included more weekend home games and concert events. a nationals park spokesman declined to comment on this lawsuit this afternoon. the federal government is
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creating a new commission to oversee safety issues at metro. this announcement comes after several high-profile incidents including the time that passenger died after smoke filled the tunnel near the l'enfant mrauzplaza in january. the panel will have the power to require metro to implement its policies and guidelines. we're just getting started here on news4 at 5, working several big developing stories. a jury finds the boston marathon bomber guilty on all counts. straight ahead, we'll go live up to boston. nbc's jay gray will explain the scene in court today and tell us what's next. this shooting has caused outrage around the world. a south carolina police officer kills an unarmed man, shoots him in the back. what city officials told the man's family at a new meeting today. and this just in. news4 interviews one of the firefighters burned in that ferocious fire fight at prince george's county. he'll explain why this situation
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the new developments in the case of a white police officer who was caught on a cell phone camera shooting an unarmed black man as he away. pat lawson muse is following the latest developments out of north
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charleston from our newsroom. >> wendy, patrolman michael flager was fired today and body cameras are coming. those announcements today for the north charleston police department in south carolina. and we warn you that the video which has now led to a murder charge against flager, is disturbing. a bystander captured cell phone video of flager firing eight times into walter scott's back saturday, as scott was running away. flager initially claimed self-defense on a dispatch call. flager was heard accusing scott of grabbing his taser. but the police department was quick to charge flager with murder after the video surfaced, showing scott running away. demonstrators led by a group formed after the shooting of michael brown in ferguson, missouri, were vocal at a police press conference today. >> i have watched the video, and i was sickened by what i saw. >> the mayor has also ordered
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every officer on the police force to wear a body camera. a judge denied bail for slager yesterday. he's facing up to 30 years in prison if convicted of murder. wendy jim back to you. the u.s. embassy in kabul is contradicting that the -- an afghan soldier turned his gun on u.s. forces in the city of jalalabad in eastern afghanistan. one american soldier was killed two wounded. now, the soldiers returned fire and killed that afghan attacker. nbc news has confirmed the shooting after u.s. diplomat donald yamamoto met with afghan leaders. he's serving as political adviser to the u.s. military in afghanistan. yamamoto's delegation had already departed. all five men accused of murdering redskins star shante lore are now serving time in prison. timmy lee brown pleaded guilty
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and will serve 18 years behind bars. brown was the final of the five suspects to be convicted and sentenced. the five men tried to burglarize taylor's home in ft. myers, florida back in 2007. but when taylor confronted them, one of the burglars shot him. that man, eric rivera, was sentenced to 60 years. some closure in boston today, as a jury finds dzhokhar tsarnaev guilty on all 30 counts in connection with the marathon bombing. let's go to nbc's jay gray on how this case is going to move forward now. what's next? >> reporter: yeah, wendy. they moved to the penalty phase at some point here. that's expected next week. right now though, still fallout from what happened today. all 30 counts as you talk about guilty for dzhokhar tsarnaev in the bombing at the boston marathon almost two years ago. a jury of seven women and five men deliberated just under 12 hours over the last couple of days before reaching that verdict. after it was announced, reaction
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from family members of survivors and those lost including karen broussard whose husband, daughter and close friend were injured. let's hear what she had to say. >> throughout this whole thing he's been to use my word arrogant walking in and out of the courtroom and completely disinterested. so if i saw anything from him today i would have been a little more frustrated. i think he was all in with the brother. i don't think that he was driven to that by any means. >> reporter: broussard, of course, talking about dzhokhar tsarnaev. his brother tamerlan, according to the defense team here is the one who was the mastermind behind the bombing plot and who drew dzhokhar tsarnaev in to that plot. that has been their contention throughout the trial, will continue to be in the penalty phase when the same jury will decide whether he spends the rest of his life in jail or is put to death. again, that penalty phase
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expected to start next week here. that is the latest live here in boston, jay gray. wendy, back to you. >> thank you, jay. a college team holding back tears today as they talked about the deadly plane crash that killed two of their staff members. the illinois state university athletics department held an emotional news conference today. their associate head basketball coach and deputy athletic director were two of the seven people killed yesterday when their small plane crashed just before landing in bloomington. >> they came to our practices and it was just like these guys are just father figures to us. >> our focus is our student athletes. our focus is the families who need us now. >> ntsb investigators are looking into how the weather and the plane's speed may have led to the crash. an epa official confirms the toxic pesticide message il bromide was indeed used at a luxury caribbean rental complex
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where an entire family became seriously ill. that official is telling nbc news it was applied to apartments throughout the complex. methyl bromide has been banned from indoor use since the 1980s. that family from delaware got sick last month while vacationing in the u.s. virgin islands. one of the candidates for mayor up in philadelphia is back on the campaign trail tonight after a scary moment during a debate last night. take a look. >> sales tax are all enabling legislation. >> there on the ground is former district attorney lynn abraham getting helped up after fainting while another candidate answered a question. abraham later tweeted a thumbs-up photo saying she was fine, adding that a doctor said it was likely a sudden drop in blood pressure. she tweeted another earlier today of her sitting with other candidates at a new forum. president obama's eldest
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daughter malia is driving around our area, thanks apparently to the secret service. in an interview with rachael ray, first lady michelle obama said the agents would not let her get in the car with her daughter. she says the secret service is giving malia her driving lessons. she adds that driving gives malia a sense of normalcy. mrs. obama also joked that when her husband is out of office she cannot wait to ride around in a car with the window down. more blue bell ice cream recall today because a new sample tested positive for listeria. we first told you about this recall last month. now it's expanding to include blue bell's banana pudding ice cream, mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream, vanilla, chocolate and some sherbet flavors previously recalled. in a statement, blue bell says tonight, no illnesses have been linked to the banana pudding flavor. tonight a government safety agency says it will not investigate claims that certain minivans can stall despite more
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than 700 consumer complaints. the problem affects 22003-2007 are chrysler and dodge minivans and includes nearly 2 million vans. the national highway traffic safety administration says finding the defect is unlikely because the stalls are rare and at low speeds. a northern virginia high school student dies from a mysterious illness. new tributes tonight from her classmates. strong words today from the fairfax county teachers union. they're fighting against more budget cuts. we'll hear why they're taking this battle up a notch. and over my shoulder, some active weather on storm team 4 radar. the latest data coming in and the timing of this line the thunderstorms as they make
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>> announcer: now your storm team4 forecast. some wet weather will be moving into our area over the next couple of hours and we could even see a bit of lightning, maybe brief heavy rains with it. take a look. we've been tracking this over the last couple of hours. storm team4 radar showing the yellows and oranges coming into virginia, west virginia all the way down toward charlottesville. yes i am seeing some lightning with this as well. you can see this area here, the northern fringe ever the line, just west of winchester front
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royal as well as luray. here is a look at your timing. by 5:41, into winchester, berriville by 6:00. tail end hitting culpeper by 6:06, ft. union by 6:42. i think into the d.c. area around 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. then it's east by 9:00. the potential for high winds low to medium. this will be be our main risk with the chance of brief heavy rain. then on friday i think more intense storms. you will need the umbrella. there could be be a few isolated storm that's could bring brief heavy downpours. with the game tonight, that means a chance of delay. the temperature is the 48, it will be chilly. just a delay that could last anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes or so. we'll be watching that closely. but 45 degrees by last out, folks. it will be chilly. here's the line at 8:00, right into areas of frederick, gaithersburg into d.c. around the beltway to packs river. again, by 9:00 10:00 it's east and starting to weaken. we've got another dose of rain
5:26 pm
that starts to come our way for the early part of the day thursday. but generally showers not any thunderstorms, for thursday. we're still locked into that cool pattern, that easterly wind where there could be be pockets of drizzle around at any time. and starting out with morning fog. different story for friday. we start the day with cloud cover, but then we'll get some breaks of sunshine and a lot of warmth. that will be the fuel for some powerful storms. 46 at 11:00 a.m. 48 by 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. we'll hit 55 early day rain with afternoon drizzle. it will be dreary and kind of a carbon copy to today. once again, cool, but i think it's fine enough weather to get out and get that run in or exercise if you, well, have a hankering to. look at the seven-day forecast here. 44 tomorrow with a 40% chance of seeing showers around the area. best chances prior to noon. then on friday, we get that warmth, 80 degrees for a high temperature. it would be our highest temperature of the t day of the year 70% chance for
5:27 pm
afternoon and evening storms. just a little later, i'll give you the timing of the storms and what we expect to see from them. already today a lot of severe weather taking place from the midwest through areas down toward texas. 67 on saturday 69 degrees expected on sunday right now. so a fine weekend for getting out. maybe doing some yard work or checking out the blossoms. a quick look at your weekend weather, perfect for yard work. right now we're tracking this powerful line of storms making its way eastward into virginia right now severe thunderstorm warning around roanoke. i will of course keep you updated. >> thank you veronica. wind-whipped flames, charred fire trucks, and a heck of a story to tell. >> new tonight, we just spoke to the firefighter who was injured in that wicked blaze in prince george's county. he tells us how the flames got to be be so dangerous. >> reporter: right now fairfax county teachers are making their plea for raises. they say if they don't get them, they'll have to move elsewhere. david culver in fairfax.
5:28 pm
coming up, we'll take you inside the budget battle that could ultimately impact your kids. >> reporter: a county executive reach noose montgomery county to find a candidate to support.
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right now at 5:30 a local high school community is grieving. a senior varsity softball player
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dies suddenly after falling ill. what the school's principal is saying now about her passing and we're getting in new tributes on social media, wendy. tonight for the first time we're also hearing from a firefighter who was injured while battling this massive fire in capital heights on monday that had a lot of wind blowing. two fire trucks were destroyed in the flames when the wind shifted. mark segraves is live at the firehouse with that story. mark? >> reporter: wendy, the first responders here aren't running as many calls as they normally would be because, as you said one of their fire engines was destroyed in that blaze earlier this week. and now today the captain who was in charge of that truck tells us that one minute his crew was battling the fire and the next minute they were surrounded by it. >> at that point we had gotten cut off by the only way to describe it is a river of molten tar that was roll willinging through
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the back and lighting everything in its path on fire. >> reporter: smoke from the warehouse fire could be seen from miles away. styrofoam, insulation and other building materials fueled the fire. but the changing wind became the biggest factor, trapping the crew and sending the river of fire right at their fire truck. >> our fire truck, our rescue engine, was about 50% involved in fire from the molten tar ha had rolled down and lit the tires on fire. >> reporter: this is all that could be salvaged from the rescue engine. captain john fitzpatrick says he and his crew were lucky only two of them were burned. >> as far as our rescue engine it was a total loss. the apparatus itself and all the equipment that was on it that we didn't take with us are completely gone melted pretty much. >> reporter: now, it's going to cost more than $1.5 million to replace those two fire engines that the volunteer fire companies lost. and while they do have insurance it won't be near enough to cover the cost of replacement. if you want to help, you can go to the nbc washington app and
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search "truck fund-raiser." coming up is the 6:00, you'll hear the captain describe what it felt like when he stepped into that river of tar. jim, back to you. >> mark, thank you. there are new questions tonight about what caused an ashburn teenager to suddenly die. broad run high school senior madison small passed away yesterday from an unknown illness. last night hundreds of students turned out for a vigil in her honor. and today those who knew h trying to hold on to some fond memories. >> she was kind and empathetic to every student in the classroom. everybody just loved her. >> i think yesterday was such a big shock and just so unexpected. >> the loudoun county health department tells us tonight at this point the unknown illness does not appear to pose a risk to others. prince george's county executive ra shurn baker is angering some by backing chris van holland over dena edwards. tracee wilkins is now live in
5:34 pm
prince george's county with more on the fallout. tracee? >> reporter: baker says that van holland served with him in nap lass and they have a strong working relationship that goes back some 20 years chblt zyears. this is why he's endorsing himt. but some prince george's county residents are wondering why they're doing that. they're wondering what's wrong with prince george's. >> so when people ask me and i'm sure they will, why would you endorse the congressman from montgomery county? >> reporter: it won't be the first time that question has been asked of rashurn baker. the prince george's county commissioner has decided to support candidates from other counties before. >> i regularly endorse people that i know personally, that i trust personally, that i work with. >> reporter: this time some question the gravity of his choice. if elected, representative donna edwards of prince george's will be the first african-american female senator from maryland and the second black woman to serve
5:35 pm
in the u.s. senate in history. but baker has chosen representative chris van hollen of montgomery county instead. >> why doesn't he feel like the people in prince george's county are capable? >> reporter: mother and daughter say they're disappointed in baker's recent choices. >> i know donna edwards for over probably about 15 years, and i know she done a lot for prince george's county. i would support her. i don't know why mr. baker doesn't feel he needs to. >> it hars hard to go one way or another because there's pluses on both sides. >> reporter: the mayor of the town of cull perfect manor where baker made the announcement. her council consists of all african-american women. she hasn't decided who she will support in the senate race but says -- >> we need more female voices in all this leadership. >> reporter: baker says he stands by van holland being the best for the job and is prepared to defend that choice. >> i think he's the type of person that's going to go in there and really be the type of senator we've seen senator muste ror
5:36 pm
mikulski be. >> if we believe the candidates are good candidates and you believe somebody else across the line is, then let's line up the resumes and see how they match up. >> reporter: edwards' spokesman says donna edwards was not interested in commenting on this on camera directly, but he did release this statement say pg the voters of prince george's county have elected donna time and again because she gets results for working families. we were speaking with women here at this shopping center to get their response to all of this. you heard what those voters had to say. reporting live tracee wilkins back to you. there's new backlash about a plan that could impact thousands of students and their schools in maryland. the president of the maryland state education association is urging lawmakers to reject that $5 million tax credit bill. governor larry hogan supports it. it would allow businesses to get tax breaks for supporting private and public schools.
5:37 pm
but opponents worry that only the private schools would be reaping the benefits while funding for public schools have been on the chopping block. new opportunity tonight for local high school students looking to get ahead. d.c. university has an offer for you, and best of all it's free. we've got a line of rain i'm traging on storm team4 radar. there's lightning with it and the potential for some moderate rain. how long will this last as it
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
a dreary and drizzly wednesday evening. veronica johnson and storm team4 tracking this wet weather. she'll have the latest changes coming up straight ahead. wendy this week's wednesday's child is a 12-year-old with some chal for examples chblt but we think his whole life could be very different in the future with a parent or parents to love him. i want you to meet jeremiah. >> who's this? who is that? ernie? >> ernie. >> jeremiah recognized ernie by touch. he is blind and his speech is lacking perhaps because of a lack of attention paid to him as a younger child. 2 1/2 years ago jeremiah finally was brought into foster care. >> where's the water? can you turn the water on? when he was finally placed in treatment foster care at 10 years old his real personality began to come into focus. >> jeremiah is a very loving,
5:41 pm
affectionate boy who, as you can see, loves to interact and engage with you, walk around, hold your hand. he is visually impaired and he is also autistic. that, of course brings some challenges into finding a home. we want to find a family that could be loving and patient and possibly, you know, have some experience with autism and hopes that he could be their forever family. >> jeremiah looks forward to going to school. he spends the week as a live-in student at maryland school for the blind. and since being there those who know him say his communications skills are improving. it's hopes that some day soon jeremiah will have a real home and family. he can expect to find waiting for him when his school day is done. >> that's good! that's good. >> he is a wonderful young man.
5:42 pm
if you have room in your home and your heart for jeremiah or another child who's waiting, call our special adoption hotline, 1-888-2-adopt-me or search wednesday's child on >> he's such a sweetheart, barbara. thank you. tonight, news4 still working several developing stories. >> we're live and working for you. northern virginia reporter david culver has new information tonight on a big budget battle. david? >> reporter: just look over my shoulder. you can see a group of teachers here in fairfax county getting ready to go in front of the board of supervisors to demand raises. coming up, i'll tell you what they're preparing to do should they not get what they want. the radar is busy. i'm tracking rain even some lightning. we've got the potential for some brief, high gusts as well as brief, heavy rain. i'll have the latest timing on that and the severe weather threat on friday. >> reporter: it's chilly where the nar r nationals are getting
5:43 pm
ready to face the mets in game two. we check up with nats superstar bryce harper in an exclusive one-on-one interview about life
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5:46 pm
pat lawson muse from the live desk with a new call for help in a hate crime investigation in montgomery county. police have just sent out a request for anyone in the area around the shaw ray synagogue in gaithersburg. anyone with additional surveillance video of two suspects, the men seen in the synagogue's own surveillance video are accused of painting several swafkt kas and the name hitler and kkk on the building. if you have any information or any other surveillance video from that night, you're asked to please come forward. jim wendy? >> thank you, pat. they are overworked underpaid. that is the message that fairfax county teachers are sharing right now. >> northern virginia bureau reporter david culver live inside the government center where teachers have just wrapped up a rally to gain some support. david? >> reporter: jim and wendy, they sure did just wrap up. you look behind me it's empty. we can show you video we just
5:47 pm
fed in where it wrapped up. this is dozens of teachers who gathered here at the government center. you see with them dr. karen garza, the superintendent here. what they're demanding is more money. they want raises. if they don't get it they tell me they're prepared to leave. teachers in our region's largest school district pleading in front of county supervisors -- >> good evening, my name is precious crabtree. i'm a proud educator who has served thousands of fairfax county children over the last 15 years. but i can't afford to live in the county that i love and teach on my salary. >> reporter: it's a $14 million gap between what the school board wants and what the board of supervisors is willing to give them. the school system says that could affect eagerly awaited raises. >> i want to be paid and appreciated for what they do for our children. >> reporter: kimberly adams represents some 4600 of the county's teachers. she says in the past five years educators have been passed over for significant increases in pay and some are just leaving.
5:48 pm
>> young teachers in their first five to ten years who haven't put down roots and a home are moving wherever they can to get a better salary. >> reporter: these interviews were presented to the board. >> we live month to month. i take side jobs. i work the s.a.t. i proctor. i tutor. i take cleaning jobs on the side so that i can make ends meet. >> if i get hired in arlington, i will get paid $19,000 more to do the same job that i'm doing here. >> of course i'm concerned. >> reporter: board chairman sharon bull ava says they worked closely with the school board. they're funding all-day kindergarten and later start times. it's on the school board now to act. >> i feel like the transfer we'll be providing will allow for the school board to be able to address compensation. >> reporter: and these teachers tell me they're really not going to go far should they want more money. they can go to loudoun, arlington, falls church. they're hoping fairfax, though,
5:49 pm
will meet their demands. coming up at 6:00, i'll show you why this may be the beginning of a long budget battle. jim? >> david thank you. in just over an hour the prince william county school board will meet and parents concerned about their neighborhood elementary school are planning to be there. at issue is the proposed elementary school. residents of a new subdivision tell us they were promised. but some school officials say the site should be used differently. i'm tracking some wet weather on radar, and that could lead to a delay for the nationals this evening. take a look. here it is, making its way eastward. and notice the early frame of this. right when it starts, you can see the line is a little wider looks more robust, even lightning with it as it makes its way eastward. we've lost the lightning. it's starting to weaken on the other side of the mountains hitting a cooler pocket of air. it's been on the chilly side today with our temperatures kind
5:50 pm
of locked in some 15 20 degrees lower than yesterday. winchester, front royal is where the line is now, advancing eastward to areas like bluemont by 6:21. coming up in the next couple of minutes this line will make its way into culpeper louisa, fredericksburg and i-95 for 7:00, 8:00, right around i-95 and making its way through. it's the southern end of this line really where most of the severe weather has been, lynchburg and roanoke with even a tornado watch down across areas of extreme southern west virginia. for us again, generally wet weather around with mainly rain, an embedded thunderstorm or two that could lead to brief high winds and brief heavy rain. 44 your temperature early tomorrow, roads wet. then just damp roads for the afternoon, the high temperature 55. so much like today. we get the drizzle during the afternoon with our highs in the low 50s to around 60 degrees from north around frederick maryland, to down south around fredericksburg fredericksburg, temperature
5:51 pm
around 60 degrees. here is a look at friday. we start with cloud cover. during the afternoon we have a threat of not just rain but also thunderstorms. here we are at 3:00 p.m. that line tries to form along the weather front. 4:00, it's right over us. by 5:00 6:00, it starts to make its way eastward. i think we'll have anywhere from scattered to more numerous showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening hours, winds and hail possible and there might even be -- at least a chance of seeing an isolated tornado on friday. we'll be monitoring all of this closely with heavy weather set to move in on friday. of course, we've got our own rain around the area now. the weekend gorgeous with sunshine, chance of rain back on wednesday. but again right now on radar it is busy. i'll continue to track that line coming up news4 at 6. at it is a bit chilly today, but there they are. that's right at the tidal basin some of the cherry trees are blooming. and over the next few days we should see even more peak bloom expected this weekend.
5:52 pm
for those with the snapchat app, we are sharing some of the beautiful sights from down there. you can see ours by adding at nbc washington. this podcast was a surprise hit. cereal. it had people riveted by an old murder. a new examination of sayyed's conviction is promising to give new information. he was 17 when he was accused of killing his girlfriend in 1999. they were both students at a baltimore county high school. the new podcast called "undisclosed" is paid for through his defense fund. in february the court of appeals granted sayyed's request to reopen trial. on to the nationals. they're getting the chance tonight to put monday's opening day loss behind them. they'll try to pick up their first wish win of the season tonight. big story, let's head to nats park. diane russini talked one-on-one with nats star bryce harper today. >> reporter: lots of people stop me around the area and they are
5:53 pm
always really curious what is bryce harper like off the field? i can tell you bryce harper is intense, he's passionate. he's pretty much the same guy you see when you watch the nats games. he also puts a lot of pressure on himself. we saw him on opening day hit a home run. he did the same thing last season. he's hoping that becomes a tradition here in d.c. >> i enjoy opening day. i enjoy playing here. having the family here and everybody around, being able to play in front of 40,000 people you know, it's a lot of fun. being able to come in and play and do that, it's something i'll remember definitely. >> reporter: anything different this year about opening day anything for you that is going to stand out as a good memory for you? >> being able to see scherzer throw for the first time, that was a lot of fun. he's an absolute stud out there. he threw a great game. sad we didn't get the win for him, but hopefully we'll go out and do what we need to. >> reporter: i know you had the day off. what did you do? are you one of those to just kind of check the city out, just stay home? what do you do?
5:54 pm
>> try to find good food and hang out a bit. family is in town so i try to hang out with them as much as i can. definite live try to get rest and enjoy. >> reporter: very intense ball player he is and he's still only 22 years old. guys, jordan zimmermann will be on the mound tonight pitching for the nats. the last regular season game he played in he pitched a no-hitter. we'll talk more about that coming up in sports. i'm dianna russini, live in nats park. free tuition and free books. >> that's right. it doesn't get p much better, folks, than that for hard working students. >> kristin wright will explain how local high schoolers can take advantage of a very good deal. and ballerina missy copeland is set to make history at the kennedy center. new at 6:00, she sits down with pat lawson muse to talk
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
. we have dozens of new u.s. citizens today after a special ceremony in baltimore and among them the only surviving son of pakistan's first president. his father became president when the country gained its independence in 1956. but he was later overthrown in a military coup in '58. the man was studying in england at the time and was unable to return. he went to harvard and worked at the world bank. he says now he feels he has a country to call home.
5:58 pm
big announcement today will give d.c. public school students the chance to take free classes at howard university. this program will start small, but dcfp plans to expand. kristin wright explains how dual enrollment is going to work. >> reporter: scion mcfajen demi stratman and john a. taylor are juniors in high school in northwest d.c., but they may be starting college in a few months. >> i think it's a wonderful opportunity for d.c. public school kids to actually see what howard is. >> reporter: dcps and howard university announced a dual enrollment program. starting this fall ten total eligible seniors at ban akerr and mckinley technology high school can take courses at howard free tuition free books. the girls "a" students will apply for the limited slots. >> i like tainging classes and talking to other college students, i can see what i might want to major in.
5:59 pm
>> i think it will differentiate us from the students who don't have this opportunity. >> reporter: seniors must have at least a 3.0 and standardized test scores also a personal statement and letters of recommendation. a howard graduate, ban akerr's principal, says she's been trying to get dual enrollment for years. >> if they can get their foot in the door early on then they are -- they feel they are one step ahead. >> reporter: dcps plans to partner with other local universities to expand dual enrollment to all high schools over the next three years. in the district kristin wright news4. now at 6:00 new reaction from victims and families to the verdict in the boston marathon bombing trial. >> not a happy occasion, but it's something that we can put one more step behind us. >> a second woman has been arrested in connection with the high-profile murder of a d.c. lawyer even as police say she was not in the room when it
6:00 pm
happened. and change is being promised in south carolina where an officer has been charged with murder after shooting a man in the back. a year ago next week, three people were killed and hundreds more injured in dual bomb blasts at the boston marathon. >> tonight one of those men responsible has been found guilty in that attack. he could face the death penalty. jim handly at our live desk with reaction to the verdict today. >> we just got a new interview fed in from boston with the mother of two bombing survivors. her name is liz norden. she's one of many family members who pack the courtroom to hear the verdict today. 30 times today dzhokhar tsarnaev heard that he was guilty. norden's sons were injured in the blast and spent months in the hospital. >> i just wanted to know what happened to them, you know. i got the call that no parent ever wants to get. i wanted to see


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