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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 12, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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washington. there's the washington monument. jefferson memorial there. plenty of people streaming into the cherry blossom ten-miler, most runners are done now. temperatures climbed from 30s before into the upper 40s and low 50s. a big jump in temperatures. places like gaithersburg up 15 degrees from a couple hours ago. leesburg virginia 56 at 10:00 a.m. 63 noon time. 70 for much of the afternoon. no weather slowdowns today. green light conditions for anything you want to do outside, seven day forecast coming up. new this morning, pedestrian hit along the cherry blossom ten-miler route in the district. a picture of what the scene looked like this morning. take a look. 1600 independence avenue in southwest. organizers say the race has been rerouted between mile marker 4 and 6, to avoid the scene. route is a half mile shorter. park police say one person taken to the hospital. no word on their condition.
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also new we are working to find out condition of two people hurt in the wrong way crash on the beltway. it happened early this morning, causing big delays as you can see, on the outer loop near the landover road exit. maryland state police tell us the person driving on the wrong side of the road was hurt along with a passenger. highway is open again now. >> new information to share about the death of a toddler in prince georges county. we now know that the child wandered into the street on early oaks lane in capital heights last night. the driver who hit the boy or girl had just left a family gathering there. prince georges county police say, it appears what happened was a tragic accident. they've not released the child's name as of this morning. developing story on capitol hill. everything is back to normal this morning, following a shooting outside the capitol. lawmakers set to return tomorrow following two-week spring recess. a man shot and killed himself on the west front of the capitol
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yesterday. no one else was hurt. the man's identity has not been released. he did have a backpack and rolling suitcase with him. no one was allowed to leave or enter the capitol or the visitors center. darcy spencer reports on the confusion and the frustration inside the capitol. >> reporter: this video shows what it was like for tourists inside the u.s. capitol when put on lockdown. vicki and her husband are in town from l.a. to see the cherry blossoms. they were taking a tour inside the capitol when a man outside took his own life. >> we weren't alarmed but we were concerned. >> reporter: they spent hours inside as police investigated the shooting death near the capitol steps. a man, without saying a word, pulled out a gun, and fired. they took photos and video, as they were leaving through a tunnel. >> we understood that the government was actually doing its job, and we appreciated that. >> reporter: police are
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investigate who the man was and what may have driven him to shoot himself in front of countless witnesses. the only clue, a sign he was holing that read something about taxes and 1%. he also had a backpack and roller bag. >> obviously not of stable mind. he -- to take his own life, you know, he could have made a statement and took out other people, and thank god he didn't. >> reporter: elizabeth and her boyfriend were visiting from pittsburgh. they were in the capitol visitors center when the shooting happened. they were also kept inside for hours. >> uneasiness going on, people didn't know what was happening, people getting frustrated, people missing flights. >> frustrating and, i don't know, certain point i just wanted to leave. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news4 today. she is my friend. i think she would be an excellent president. >> president obama there weighing in on a story a lot of you are talking about this morning.
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you can download the nbc washington app to find out as soon as hillary clinton announces her bid for the presidency today. we're told she will make that announcement online. when she does she will be the first democratic candidate to kick off a 2016 campaign. >> coming up big changes for your monday morning commute on metro. tomorrow half of the trains on the red line will switch back to computer-controlled automatic operations. this is the first time metro used automation since the deadly accident that killed nine people in 2009. on tuesday, d.c. mayor will be in ward seven to expand the district's middle clasp she's taking part in the department of housing and community development's ward by ward check-in. meeting tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at marshall heights community development organization and that's on bening road. this week marks 150th anniversary of president lincoln's assassination. tomorrow re-enactors will trace lincoln's last ride from the
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white house to soldiers house. that will begin at 15th street and pennsylvania avenue northwest. tuesday and wednesday, fords theater will hold special ceremonies to mark the 16th president's final hours. from iphones to terrorism, learn what it will take to make the promise of a new relationship with cuba a reality. new sound from the scene where a south carolina police officer shot and killed a black man. what the cop is heard telling a fellow officer. video is now viral, defending that officer in south carolina. one young man's message of race
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you're watching news4 today. >> hearing news sound from inside the car of a south carolina police officer moments after he shot and killed a man. take a listen.
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>> i just shot somebody. i'm fine. >> north charleston officer michael slager heard telling someone scott reached for his taser. cell phone showed video of scott running away from slager as he shoots him in the back. family and friends said final good-byes to scott yesterday. the funeral for the 50-year-old father of four held in south carolina. mourners included people moved by the case. reaction to the story going viral online. this is will stack, who lives in south carolina. he was pulled over about a white police officer just a day after officer slager was arrested. he recorded this video to say, not all police officers are bad guys. >> just because you're a cop doesn't mean you're a bad person. this world needs to stop putting labels on people and things. i don't usually do these videos
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but feel it's necessary. >> more than 75,000 shared the video on facebook. as of this morn scene online close to 2 million times. mark wahlberg has planned to make a movie about the boston marathon bombings. two-word reaction he's getting from the city. a trip to the zoo, immediately turns into a scary scene. toddler ends up inside a cheetah exhibit. why police are blaming the parents. nothing but sunshine and warm temperatures for the end of the cherry blossom festival. this year one event breathing new life into one part of the district. you could score people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter.
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>> two presidents looking back on an historic meeting meaning big changes. >> president obama sat down with his cuban counterpart raul castro. chris jansing tells us how their hour together could make waves for decades to come. >> reporter: with a handshake and a simple sit-down, president obama and castro rewrote the history books, and the world was watching. >> i think we're in a position to move on a path towards the future and leave behind some of the circumstances of past. >> reporter: moments ripe with symbolism, signaling a thaw in
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cold war era animosities, but the president acknowledged differences remain. >> we will continue to try to lift up concerns around the democracy and human rights. >> reporter: their mighting lasted about an hour, but its implications will be felt for decades to come, and the president said every issue is on the table. he's expected to take cuba off the list of nations that sponsor terrorism, opening the way for embassies to open in washington and havana. >> translator: a long and complicated history. but we are willing to make progress in the way the president has described. >> reporter: the meeting was the subject of intense planning since december, when the two agreed to pursue full diplomatic relations in a 45-minute phone call. already in cuba, signs have changed, for more iphones to more tourists. a hint of change even from raul castro, after a long airing of past grievances against the u.s. praised the president.
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>> translator: i have told him, in my opinion, president obama is an honest man. >> reporter: he even said he read obama biographies, just hadn't finished them yet. but as the two countries move toward a new era, old hostilities linger. here in panama, there have been vocal and even violent encounters, some opponents of obama's overtures came here from miami were injured in scuffles with pro-castro demonstrators. >> we're the voice for the cuban people because they've been repressed all of these years. >> reporter: polls show a readiness for change. one small, but stunning sign after waning hostilities, a website posted a photo essay with the headline, picture of the day. >> parents could face charges after their toddler fell into a cheetah exhibit at the zoo in ohio. the 2-year-old boy fell 12 feet into that pit, and broke a leg in cleveland. the parents quickly pulled him
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to safety. the cheetahs ignored them. investigators say the boy's mom was dangling him over the exhibit when she lost her grip and he fell. a look at what's trending. boston says it's too soon for a movie depicting the boston marathon bombing. mark wahlberg was planning on producing a movie called "patriots day" that would detail the bombing. cbs film said the movie would be based on a firsthand account of the boston police commissioner and massive manhunt for the tsarnaev brothers. dzhokhar found guilty in the bombing this week. third time's a chairman. marvel announced the new spider-man will be about peter parker due out in 2017 will focus on parker's experiences in high school in the latest reboot executive says that parker will be 15 or 16 years old. guess what? winter is coming. that's what they say with "gail of thrones, "rights, right?
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new season premieres on hbo. millions will tune in. 7.1 million people watched the season 4 finale episode. >> thanks adam. today is the last day of the cherry blossom festival. head over to the new anna contia river festival party begins at noon. and goes until 4:00 this afternoon. news4's derek ward can't get enough of the cherry blossoms out there. he's back out and joins united states us live. >> reporter: how are you? you know what? this is sort of significant, because it talks -- speaks to the cherry blossom festival moving out from beyond the tidal basin and the cherry blossoms and monumental washington. we're here on the east side of the river, this place has a name this is the 11th street bridge park. that speaks to how much the river has been reclaimed. a few years ago you wouldn't have thought about having an event this big on the river but
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a lot has been done to the river in terms wildlife returning up north and activities here today. this is actually again, part of the cherry blossom festival. starting at noon today, a range of activities here as we hear from someone from the park service. >> it's going to be a great day here in anacostia park activities on the water, boating, fishing. we have a hands-on artwork shop for kids. a great big river mural on the wall. bike aparade come on down great activities. all freeorter: music as well. the navy ceremonile band and local choir among those performing. hope to bring you wildlife that has reclaimed the area come back to the area in recent years. this gets under way at noon and runs until 4:00 this afternoon. good place to be. as you see 11th street bridge in the background. where we are across from the navy yard. we are live. back to you.
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>> derek, so jealous of you in all that sunshine. couldn't be a better job. >> reporter: tough job but somebody's got to do. >> have fun. >> a good time to be a reporter. this is when it fun. polar vortex not so much. >> we've all had to spend our time outside the polar vortex days me included. we don't need to worry about that. >> winter's gone. >> essentially gop. cold start. outlying neighborhoods in loudoun county upper montgomery county frederick, maryland neighborhoods within a degree or two of the freezing marks. one or two spots briefly. frost advisories long gone thanks to sunshine and warm-up. no need to worry. cold mornings. even into the month of may we can still get cold snaps around here. dulles airport recorded a freeze as late as may 22nd, 2002.
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dulles airport dropped down to 31 that day. freezes are unlikely past the 15th or 20th of april but not completely out of the question. mary lou sent me this picture of the tidal basin with our monument against the blue sky and cherry blossoms. if you've got pictures to share, send them to me on instagram, 4craft4u. happy to share great pictures coming in. great photographers around here. great views of the city and surrounding areas today. sunshine now, 53 degrees. wind calm here the last hour or so. we'll have a light south breeze for much of the afternoon. made it to 46 in manassas. 50 in frederick. 48 in annapolis, 48 in frederick, maryland after get down to 31 in frederick. temperatures still 5 to 15 degrees colder than they were yesterday morning. but that's not going to last for much longer. we made 68 for a high yesterday.
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right around 70 for a high later this afternoon. a perfect day to be outside. almost no impact on your day. nice as can be outside today. even going out for dinnend a movie tonight, have your light jacket ready to go. temperatures in the 60s by 7:00. upper 50s by 10:00 or 11:00. clear skies across the region for now. keep clear skies for the remainder of the day. mid level clouds from the west but not rainmakers. nearest raindrops to us still a long ways away across missouri along the gulf coast. that's the moisture coming our way. we'll impact your day tuesday this week. tuesday's our next good chance for some cleansing raindrops here. so what to expect for the week? with rain chance tuesday, more dry than wet. really tuesday and friday only chances for rain. temperatures are going to be average. again, best rain chance on tuesday. today, future weather has it sunshine and mild.
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overnight tonight, back down into the 40s again after we've finished up with highs into the upper 60s to near 70. seven-day forecast looking good here next two days. 70 today, 75 tomorrow. near 70 tuesday. but with a pretty good chance of showers in the morning commute and lunch hour as well tuesday could be a close to a washout. wednesday, thursday dry weather is back. rain chances return late in the week. >> love it. a local doctor who is a throw throwback, patients from government vips to patient whose can't afford to pay for care. >> why they're benefiting. >> speculation coming to a close. hillary clinton expected to hit the road this week as formally announced candidate for president of the u.s. >> but her strategy's very different than it was in 2008 when she lost the democratic nomination. >> this time going small, planning intimate events in tiny
9:22 am
venues in early primary states that she says will show he's willing to fight for her party support. >> big rollout not great news for florida republican senator marco rubio, slated to announce his own presidential run on monday. hillary's entry into the race will drown out attention he would have received had he had the news cycle to himself. >> but there is a silver lining for rubio. he'll have the first big stage to attack the likely democratic nominee and do it as a candidate who says clinton represents the past while he represents the future of his party. lots to watch going into the n
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you're watching news4 today. >> a man driving around the district to care for people who aren't able to get to the doctor's office. >> it's a special and fulfilling way to do his job. news4's doreen gentzler takes us on a ride with the d.c. doctor making house calls. >> hello. >> reporter: this is dr. brown's office no exam room new york nurses no insurance forms to deal with. it's just him, his car, and a cell phone. >> i can go wherever the patient is. >> reporter: that's because he doesn't practice out of a clinic or a hospital. he travels to his patient, making house calls all over the d.c. area. he's been doing this for eight years, and he says it actually helps him treat his patients
9:26 am
better. >> for me that's what medicine is about, it's about caring. i need to have that relationship for me to provide good care but also for me to feel professional and rewarded for the service that i provide. >> reporter: but there's one other thing that makes dr. brown different, he spends a lot of his time treating patients who can't afford care for free. >> the charity i do because there's a tremendous need for it. >> he can do this because he doesn't accept any insurance. so he can earn enough income from his high-end patients including heads of state, diplomats, and guests at luxury hotels. >> no i don't have a big fancy home. i don't have a boat. my means are very modest. i'm able to do that. she has muscle there. >> reporter: one of patients in need is odessa harris of northeast, d.c. we went along with dr. brown as he checked in on her. her granddaughter told us the
9:27 am
81-year-old is bedridden, developed bed sores and suffers from alzheimer's disease and dementia. >> when i realized when my husband went out of town i couldn't get her to her physician. i was like what am i to do? >> reporter: a friend recommended dr. brown who visit mrs. harris and her family. >> to have him come here treat her like family that's what made the difference. he didn't say i don't want to touch her. he came in talked to her, shook her hand. >> reporter: on that same day we got to meet another patient of dr. brown's. >> hello. >> reporter: 91-year-old walter johnson. money isn't an issue for this patient, but he has rheumatoid arthritis so severe he can barely walk and that makes getting to the doctor's office nearly impossible. >> i don't have change my clothes or anything and i'm ready to go when he comes. >> being able to see patients in the way that they live it's -- it changes you.
9:28 am
>> dr. brown says seeing his patients at home allows him to make sure that they have right food to stay healthy and lets him see that they have the right kind of support system for when he's not there. great story by doreen. >> fantastic. calling for change how students are proposing to literally change the face of the campus at uva. >> this after an african-american student's controversial arrest by police. a man with no arms, no legs abon donned in the woods in philadelphia. why police are
9:29 am
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a look at top stories. a pedestrian hit along the cherry blossom ten-miler route in the district on 1600 independence avenue in southwest. organizers say the race has been rerouted between mile marker 4 and 6 to avoid the accident scene. the route is now a half mile shorter. everything is back to normal on capitol hill following a shooting. capitol police say a man shot and killed himself yesterday causing a lockdown at capitol. police gave the all-clear last night. there is no indication of terrorism. in prince georges county police saying it was a tragic accident when a child was hit and killed by a car in capitol heights. 9:31. a check on our forecast. we know that chuck promised a perfect day but can he prove it? >> let's see. he's outside on the storm team 4 weather deck.
9:32 am
you've got visitors. >> if it weren't perfect weather, would i have invited the cub scouts to join me this morning? no way, they wouldn't be standing here in the rain. beautiful day, near perfect weather outside for anything you want to do outside. the tiger cub patch 1860 from clipton, virginia joining me today. enjoying the weather? >> yes! >> we practiced on that during the break. good job, guys. outside, tower camera showing plenty of sunshine now out on max 2, tower camera dialed up. view over the woodrow wilson bridge into old town alexandria. beautiful weather, even across northern virginia things are good towards sugarloaf mountain. temperatures responded quickly from 30s this morning. now mostly in the 40s and 50s. going outside, plan on 55 cool sunny for things to do this morning. near perfect later on temperatures near 70. perfect day for yard work if there's a good thing for yard work depending how you view it. next talk about our next chance
9:33 am
for rain during the week with your complete seven-day forecast. good job. say hi. >> hi angie and adam. >> gnarls. >> practice makes perfect, chuck. fantastic. nice job. right now, police in prince william county searching for this man. accused of violently kidnapping a woman from her manassas home. first told you about the kidnapping yesterday morning. since then the 25-year-old victim has been found alive. still don't know the man's identity but police tell us he's the ex-boyfriend of the woman who was kidnapped. she told investigators he broke into her apartment, cut her roommate with a kitchen knife, and forced his way into her bedroom. then he pulled a gun and forced her to go with him. when students go back to boyy high school tomorrow grief counselors will thereby to meet them one of their 16-year-old classmates died. he was on his way back from a field trip. he was on board this bus when he said he was in pain and t stopped breathing. the driver pulled into a gas
9:34 am
station in oxon hill called 911. people on the bus performed cpr until help arrived. he died at the hospital. and the medical examiner will have to determine exactly why. the students were coming back from an rotc trip to south carolina. police trying to figure out how a man died emergency crews pulled his body out of the potomac river yesterday near main avenue in southwest d.c. police don't know how he ended up in the water. this morning, family and friends mourning the loss of d.c. lottery director bud rugal, he died yesterday from an aneurysm. he led the d.c. lottery since 2009 and before that director of the maryland lottery for 13 years. he was 65. new this morning a marijuana bill on its way to governor hogan's deck. would no longer be a crime to have pot paraphernalia. the house passed it yesterday. maryland decriminalized possession of less than ten grams last year. it also makes smoking pot in
9:35 am
public a civil i fence. hogan proposing a budget compromise 203 million would go to education, state employees would get 2% cost of living raise, and 24.9 million would go to health programs. lawmakers have until tomorrow night to pass a budget before the legislative session ends. a busy week for virginia lawmakers as they head into a veto session. lawmakers consider looser restricts on surveillance technology used by police and discuss tighter gift rules for elected officials as part of a new ethics bill. lawmakers have been struggling how best to reform the state's ethics laws this following the prosecution and conviction of former government box mcdonald and his wife mourarine. virginia and maryland working to be the redskins' next hope. "the washington post" reports that virginia governor mcauliffe and other leaders in the
9:36 am
commonwealth have already started proposing sites for the team's next stadium. the paper says it could be built along the silver line in maryland governor hogan working to keep the team there, according to the post but in any case the skin's lease doesn't expire for another 12 years. following stories that could impact you in the week ahead. on tuesday, you could be one of the first to ride metro's new 7,000 series railcars. they're being introduced on the blue line, according to "the washington post." d.c. emancipation day thursday. marks the day slavery ended in the district of columbia. on that day, 3100 people were freed. there will be a parade in the morning and concert in afternoon as part of the day's events. >> students at university of virginia are asking for sweeping changes. it's in response to a black student's controversial arrest. proposal that could impact who's admitted and who's hired. waiting for hillary clinton to officially announce that she is running for president.
9:37 am
when she does what role will husband bill clinton play? talking with senior political editor of nbc new
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9:39 am
a group of alumni from the university of virginia is asking for changes to improve diversity on campus organizers for the uva alumni for change say, school needs to be more welcoming to african-americans. they held a rally yesterday and delivered a letter to uva president theresa sullivan asking to triple the enrollment of african-americans by 2020 and increase tenured faculty to 15 percent by 2020. wednesday's child a 12-year-old with challenges but we think his whole life could be very different with a parent or parents who love him. barbara harris introduces us jeremiah. >> who is this? who is that?
9:40 am
ernie? >> ernie. >> reporter: jeremiah recognized earn ernie by touch. he's blind, and speech lacking because of lack of attention paid to him as a younger child. 2 1/2 years ago, he finally was brought into foster care. where's the water? can you turn the water on? when finally placed into treatment foster care at 10 years old, his real personality began to come into focus. >> jeremiah is a very loving affectionate boy who, as you can see, loves to interact and engage with you, walk around hold your hand. ♪ >> he is visually impaired and also autistic. that of course brings challenges into when finding a home. we want to find a family that could be you know loving and patient and possibly you know have some experience with autism and hopes that they could be his
9:41 am
forever family. >> reporter: where's the bus? jeremiah looks forward to going to school. spends the week as a live-in student at maryland school for the blind. and since being there, those who know him say his communication skills are improving. it's hope that someday soon jeremiah will have a real home and family he can expect to find waiting for him when his school day is done. that's good. that's delicious, isn't it? want another one? for later? want one for the other hand? >> if you have room in your home and your heart for jeremiah or another child waiting call 88 88-to-adopt-me. how ballet dancer misty copeland is setting an example for african-american girls in d.c. and across the country. soak up the sun. chuck timing out our next chance of rain.
9:42 am
if you run over somebody it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags.
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9:44 am
you're watching news4 today. >> hillary clinton finds herself in a familiar position hours away from a highly anticipated presidential campaign announcement. >> like her 2008 campaign a clinton re-run met with fanfare and skepticism from voters. joining us now, mark murray. mark this is kind of like not a surprise. >> right.
9:45 am
>> to a lot of people. we knew this was coming what happen do you think her message is going to be? any indication about how she's going to run the campaign? >> that's a great question. we know what the process will be putting out a video on social media today, hitting some of the early states in the next few days. but the message is something that i don't think we have a good idea of. some things have been leaked out, wants to talk about the middle class reducing income inequality play up being gender history breaking character, as well. but one of the things that was interesting and one of the pitfalls of her in 2008 she didn't have a message other than i'm a strong person i'm hillary clinton, i'm in it to win it and the guy who ended up beating her no n. 2008 had the better message on change. important to find a message, a message that fits the times. >> it's hard to talk about hillary without talking about her other half bill. we saw just a few weeks ago, i thought hilarious when the pac came out with bill for first
9:46 am
lady. we had video of the campaign fushing pushing for bill to be the first lady. i guess first man. end up being an asset or liability? >> as we found out on "saturday night live" he referred to himself as first dude darrell hammond playing him on "saturday night live." great question because in 2008 he was both asset and a liability. asset in that fantastic communicator but sometimes when he was pushing for his wife people often find it's hard to really be an advocate for your spouse because you take things more personally than you would if you're an operative who isn't invested personally having your spouse succeed. one thing that's very different from 2008 to now she's her own political entity more so than in 2008. 2008 united states senator, but this time around secretary of state, things in which she could say i didn't get this job because of who i was married to. i got the job on my own and the
9:47 am
campaign that i ran in 2008. she, i think, has a way separate herself from her husband more than she did four years ago, eight years ago. boy, it's going to be interesting. every piece of attention paid to bill clinton, chellysea clinton, welcome to 2016 campaign. >> thanks mark. >> busy day ahead. this weekend, ballet history is being made at kennedy center's eisenhower theater two african-american dancers dancing lead roles in "swan lake." misty copeland dancing a role that will not only shatter stereotypes of the washington stage but around the country. news4 pat lawson muse reports. >> reporter: backstage at the kennedy center, misty copeland warms up for perhaps the biggest performance of her career. it will be her american debut, as the coveted lead dancer with a imagine company in ballet's
9:48 am
classic "swan lake". >> i've been dancing "swan lake" my entire career but never saw the lead as an opportunity. >> reporter: paired with washington ballet theater's brooklyn mack, the two will go where no dancers of color have gone before, becoming the first african-americans to dance the leading roles in a major classic production. >> i think there's a lot of anticipation and, obviously, hopes and, yeah, pressure surrounding it. but more than anything, i'm just excited. >> reporter: the ballet world has changed much since misty donned her first ballet slippers at 13. >> once i started dancing, i was never singled out as being a black dancer. once i became a professional, that's when it all hit me. >> reporter: her 5'2" muscular frame and color made her an unlikely ballerina. by 17, she turned pro. at 24, she had become only the
9:49 am
third black soloist with the famed american ballet theater of new york in its 75-year history. today, she continues blazing a trail. for aspiring, young ballerinas, misty copeland's a model of for the evolving world of classical dance. she's southeast d.c. youngsters are dancing in her footsteps. >> she's not like in the back or anything, like, she's in, like, the front practically. so, like, that's, like, really cool. >> personally, i'm not small compared to a lot of other people i dance with. i am a little bigger in my muscle size and whatnot. she brought to the table athleticism. >> reporter: what's your advice to aspiring ballerinas? >> do it because you love it, because the work that you put into it is so much more difficult than i think getting
9:50 am
up there and being in the spotlight. i think just visually being able to see dancers like brooklyn and i approaching these roles, i think, gives them different dreams. >> reporter: and it proves that dreams come true. >> inspiring story for so many. pretty much everyone. >> yeah. >> pat lawson muse reporting. today is the last performance of the show, but if you don't already have tickets you're out of luck it sold out. >> pulled the rug from under us. >> see the cherry blossoms. >> right. >> beautiful day. >> you'll be alone at the basin today. >> just pack your patience. >> you really will. i don't even -- as much as i love living and running in downtown even i don't dare run near the tidal basin on days like today. wall-to-wall of people. pack your patience. traffic yesterday was a nightmare getting in and out of town. won't be that much better today.
9:51 am
little better than yesterday, we're not having a big parade down constitution it may be a long slow ride. after the sun goes down absolutely phenomenal pictures coming in to us social media. from jen johnson, took this last night. look at that pink and white blossoms. great looking day outside today as well. perfect for picture taking. sent me a picture at 4craft4u. right now, that's the few over washington. blue sky overhead reflected in the waters of the potomac. nice day outside. get out and enjoy. 53 reagan national. wind remains calm. not much of an issue from the wind today compared to yesterday when we had winds up near 30 miles per hour. temperatures have warped up into the upper 40s and low 50s around the area. what to wear for your kids out the door nothing more than lightest jacket for the next hour or so. sun glass and sunscreen today.
9:52 am
weather impact on the second half of the wind almost nil. no weather slowdowns. green light conditions from the weather department through the course of sunday. even tomorrow looks good too. hourly temperatures 65 at 1:00. 69 by 3:00. high temperature around 5:0070. if you going out, 67 at 7:00 64 at 9:00. upper 50s by 11:00 tonight. chilly start tomorrow morning. temperatures will be in the 40s as opposed to the 30s where we were this morning. really other than a clear sky now, only thing we're watching middle level clouds drifting in mid to late afternoon. the only knock on the weather. really next chance of rain holding off until tuesday. rain along the gulf coast, towards pensacola, new orleans, st. louis, chicago, could be rain delays in some of the major hubs but that's it. we'll be dry here for at least the next 36 hours. and then rain chances start to
9:53 am
ramp up towards predawn hours of your tuesday morning. but even with the rain on tuesday, most of this coming week will be dry. if the blossoms can make it past tuesday, we probably get to keep them until thursday or friday. have to wait to see how hard rain comes down tuesday afternoon. could be moderate at times and that won't be good news for petals. sunshine nice today. temperature near 70 degrees for your high. 75 tomorrow. with more clouds coming in tomorrow that leads to rain chance on tuesday. we get back to the nice weather for wednesday and thursday. and more rain chances, those will be the end of the blossoms by friday into saturday. >> thanks. national there one of the pretty places
9:54 am
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9:56 am
in the area and you'll have more opportunities to see it for yourself. >> national arboretum operating on a scaled back hours since federal budget sequester in 2013. kristin wright has more on the new seven-day schedule. >> reporter: national arboretum is in bloom, but its natural beauty has been closed to the public every tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, since federal sequestration cuts in 2013. that's changing. >> it's very good news for us to be opening again and running on
9:57 am
a seven-day schedule instead of weekend, friday monday schedule. >> reporter: the arboretum goes back to opening seven days a week thanks to some restored government funding, and fund-raising by the nonprofit friends of the national arboretum. >> all of the discretionary parts of the government have been under stress for a long time and the arboretum's no different. people have worked valiantly with little resources for many years. >> reporter: a pair of nesting bald eagles an attraction this spring. the nest is up high but we caught a glimpse of the male or female eagle flying nears did, protecting their young. >> there's one or more eaglet in the nest. put this in the ground never pruned it it would grow to a normal size pin. >> reporter: the museum at the arboretum also returns to welcoming vitter tos seven days a week to see all that is unique and special. >> we have the most famous bonsai in the world here it's
9:58 am
goshen. it means protector of the spirit. >> breaking news. a mother accused of abandoning her quadriplegic son in philadelphia has been arrested here in our area in montgomery county. new details about where she'll face charges. big doings on the tia. cherry blossom festival crosse
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