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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  April 13, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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montgomery county police picked up her two children again. police got a call from someone concerned that they were walking by themselves sunday afternoon. >> they said no no. we'll drive you home and then didn't let them out for three hours. >> reporter: tonight, police tell news 4 the officer followed protocol calling child protective services. they were investigated by cps. >> i thought i was going to be taken away from my parents. >> reporter: they were playing at the park. they're free range kids. it's a movement a style of parenting to give children freedom to play and walk down the street without parental supervision. police have picked up the children before. last month, child protective services put the parents on notice finding them responsible of unsubstantiated neglect. the kids were taken to cps last night. >> and they kept tellinging us your parents are here but you'll
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be able to see them in a little bit. >> reporter: to get the children back last night, the meitivs had to promise basically not to let third children out of their sight and they say that's exactly what they'll do at this point. now, today, we talked to the woman who founded the free range movement. and tonight at 6:00 she'll tell us what she thinks about the situation. jim? >> kristin, thanks so much. now the search of a suspected killer in maryland. we have been telling you about since this morning. police are looking for the man accused of beating his wife to death. they found the victim's body inside a donuts store in hanover where both husband and wife worked. patel is the man police are looking for tonight. we'll have much more on how investigators say his wife died and the latest on the search ahead. several streets back open after a major gas leak here. parts of wayne avenue and fenton
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street shut down and evacuated as the gas company got the leak under control. firefighters tell us a backhoe hit a high pressure natural gas line at the construction site of a new library. jury selection is under way today for the man accused of killing a d.c. department of corrections official. julie carrie is live from the courthouse where potential jurors are grappling with tough questions of mental health and crime. >> reporter: that defendant is charged with first-degree murder and the judge put the jurors on notice he plans to plead not guilty by reason offen eninsanity. he was bleeding from self inflicted wounds and written i was the dirty one in blood on the bathroom wall. police don't believe his alleged victim carolyn cross even knew the man.
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cross was one of the first women to work into the high administrative ranlgs at the d.c. department of corrections. packed to go to a conference september 7th and her daughter came to cross's apartment and found her mother dead. the autopsy report showed cross had been beaten strangled and suffocated. a plastic bag taped over her head. police tracked the man down a short time later in the high-rise next to cross's building. coming up on news 4 at 6:00 the difficult question that defense attorneys asked the potential jurors and i'll take a look at the testimony ahead this week. reporting live from alexandria julie carrie news 4. tonight, a first look at metro's sleek 7,000 series trains starting tomorrow. our transportation report adam tuss shows us all the bells and whistles riders can expect. >> reporter: everybody outside taking a look at the brand new 7,000 series rail car.
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well here we are inside. welcome to the new metro rail car of the future. this is a train for the riders. and metro making that clear. >> they will find cars unlike anything else they have seen on the system before. >> reporter: tomorrow morning the first new 7,000 series rail car set to leave the station travel through d.c. and end in maryland. well take a look. we are inside the brand new 7,000 series rail cars and making the way a open bright airy. got all sorts of new technology. take a look at the maps here. all sorts of digital displays going on. the announcements sound better in this rail car. the color scheme is better. there's no carpet. it is an all-around better feel on this train. a huge high profile crowd on hand to see the train and take a ride. >> i loved it. i loved. listen to everything. speakers work great.
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a lot of room to get in and out. the seats are comfortable. you had the great new digital board. i think it's spectacular. >> reporter: tomorrow riders get the say and coming up at 6:00 when will we see even more of these trains and which lines get them? on the 7,000 series rail car, adam tuss news 4. right now some of metro's trains on the red line are back to automatic computer controlled service. about half of the trains changed today. the longer eight-car trains are making the first switch. this is the first time to use automation since the deadly killed nine people in 2009. a doing louse lesson for two children and an adult neighbor. the kids crash a van that the neighbor left warming up in front of his house this morning. police say two 8-year-olds jumped into the van left running, put it in gear rolled down a hill crashed into a tree. both kids were taken to a hospital. a broken leg is the most serious
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injury. police are looking for two men involved in a stabbing near the mall. around 1:40 this morning, two men came up to him and stabbed. he is expected to be okay. police in woodbridge are looking for a man who opened fire on a group heading to a party sunday morning at forestdale avenue. the gunmen drove off in a gray or silver suv. all three victims are expected to be okay. a big crime fighting tool hits a milestone in virginia. the commonwealth says its dna databank got the 10,000th hit last month. the evidence that turned up that result came from a sex assault case in northern virginia last summer and still under investigation and state officials tell us they're heralding this and other results that have helped close cases for
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more federal funding. virginia's collecting dna from violent felony suspects since 2003. d.c. mayor's plan to raise the sales tax and parking garage fees got a cool response today from d.c. council members as news 4 reports, it was her first formal appearance before the council where she once served. >> mr. chairman. >> how are you this morning? >> reporter: she made the polite rounds before the hearing on her budget for next year. but even with the mayor's elderly parents in the crowd offering support, council members were quickly september skal. the chairman immediately assailed the proposed sales tax increase and the plan to dip into reserve funds. moves he said could affect the city's bond ratings. >> when we met with wall street last moptd, we emphasized we did
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not need to dip into reserves. >> reporter: council members said a small increase in the sales tax could be regressive for lower income citizens f. mayor's proposal would increase sales taxes to 6%. raising additional $22 million a year. the mayor wants to raise the commercial parking garage tax from 18% to 22%. to raise $10 million for metro expenses. the parking garage fees unique to the district. council finance and revenue chairman said it puts the city at a disadvantage. >> it was raised in a great administration three years ago from 12% to 18%. 22% is a very high tax. maryland and virginia do not have a parking tax. >> reporter: today's hearing was the first of many that will be held over six weeks before a late may vote. in the district tom sherwood news 4. right now, a college campus shooter at large. we have new witness accounts and
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new information on the suspected gunman. car seats. i'm erika gonzalez. where you can get them checked to make sure your children are safe and free of charge. and take a look at these numbers. 78 in d.c. west virginia 79 and richmond and you know it's all about to change. temperatures dropping big time tomorrow and coming with rain. i'll show you when.
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the hunt is still under way in north carolina at this hour for the gunman accused in the morning deadly on campus shooting that unfolded at waynes county community colleg former student is the person of interest. investigators think he went into a building with a rifle and killed a long-time college
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employee. students describedkribcribe waiting through a long lock down. >> i heard a large bang. sounded like a gunshot. >> she cut the lights off, barricaded the door with a table and said to remain calm and quiet. we sat there for a good 30 to 40 minutes. >> the college plans to reopen tomorrow with counselors available for students and for staff. new lawsuit tonight against the police officer charged with shooting a man in the back killing him. this follows the release of those audio recordings that may offer new insight into the mind-set in the wake of the shooting. that's michael slager appearing to laugh talking about the adrenaline flowing through his body following the shooting of walter scott and charged with the murder and not yet entered a
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plea and faces a civil lawsuit following more allegations of misconduct. julius wilson says ss slager used a stun gun on him while two other officers held him down after a traffic stop. >> was officer slager justified in tasing mr. wilson in the back after he was on the ground on his stomach with his palms face down? irks wilson's attorney says it happened last august. alleges federal and state civil rights violations. new developments in a fatal shooting that involved police in oklahoma. the reserve deputy involved is now facing charges. and we have a warning. even though you cannot see what happens you can hear it. >> on your stomach! now! >> the tulsa county sheriff's office calls this a mistaken
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shooting. they say the reserve sheriff's deputy who is white thought he was holding a stun gun and not a handgun when he fatally shot an african-american man. he was charged with second-degree manslaughter. new york the start of a march against police brutality leaving staten island this morning where eric gardner died last year. they're expected to arrive on capital hill april 21st. next week's boston marathon will be under tight security. they're accommodateing the 30,000 runners and the crowds to gather along that 26-mile race course. the race takes place a day before now convicted bomber tsarnaev's sentencing. spectators are asked to leave large bags and coolers at hem and declaring the area a
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drone-free zone. >> you can never be 100% certain but i think our level of confidence is extremely high that we have done all that you can do to ensure the safety at a large outdoor event that traverses 26 miles here. >> tsarnaev was found guilty of all 30 counts against him. and that sentencing phase determines whether he'll spend life in jail without parole or be put to death. today his mother wrote an angry letter blaming the united states for what happened to her sons. the letter handwritten and in all caps. it quickly went viral after it was released online and it says in part quote, i love my seasons immeasurably. precious glorious and rare in character and essence. tragedy at a disney racetrack that allows race car fans to drive exotic cars. driving instruct or the riding in the passenger seat of a lamborghini and the driver hit a guardrail killing this
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instructor in florida on sunday at the exotic driving experience at walt disney world. the driver is out of the hospital now. a spokesman for the attraction says they're suspending driving lessons the rest of the week. car seats are supposed to protect your children in a crash and some may keep safer than others. consumer reporter erika gonzalez with a car seat expert. >> reporter: that's right. tonight we are giving you an inside look at which car seats rank the highest. straight from a woman who ranks and tests car seats for a living. nancy evans is first in line at this car seat check in maryland. >> i am here because my grandson the wonderful lucas from massachusetts, will be here tomorrow. >> reporter: and before his visit, nancy wants to make sure her grandson's car seat is installed properly. could you have done this on your own? no way. >> reporter: this free check is held at fitzgerald auto mall. others across the area and you can find the one that works best for you on
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so which seats rank the best? for that we turned to the experts at consumer reports. jennifer stock burger walks us through some of the highest rated of all sizes. >> this is the first seat for 99% of the parents. and what we call a rear-facing only or an infant seat. >> reporter: it's top pick the chicco key fit for about $180. >> this seat has a lot of features that make it very easy to install. >> reporter: and after your body outgrows the infant seat -- >> you move on to a convertible seat. >> reporter: they're rear facing and forward facing for children who meet the requirements to face the front. consumer reports recommends this britax boulevard about $250. and then move on to -- >> now they're probably ready for a booster seat. >> reporter: for about $40, this evenflo big kid the highly rated
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for crash protection and seat belt fit and even the bet seat may not protect your child if it's not installed the right way. >> i installed it myself and it wasn't safe. it kept like shifting so i wanted to make sure that it's stable. >> reporter: clearly she is not alone. >> on average 80% of the seats we see something is not right about it so we have some correction to make. >> reporter: he time to help install car seats. >> feels good to make sure every child through our seat check is safer. >> reporter: carrying precious cargo. >> exactly. stressful enough driving around here. but with a 15-month-old kid in the car it is even more stressful and grateful. >> reporter: and the next free car seat check is this thursday. another safety tip for you. remember to register your car seat. if there should be some type of a recall, manufacturers are
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required to notify you if that should happen and make sure that they have your information that they can get to you as fast as possible. jim and wendy, back to you. >> thank you. did you get one? apple's new watch sold out very quickly on friday. a research firm says preorders nearly hit the 1 million mark. slice intelligence looked at e receipt data. 957,000 people placed orders first day that it became available. each person spent about 500 bucks on average. prices for the smartwatch range from $349 up to $17,000. a young man, a quadrapelegic is abandoned in the woods. what detectives are saying about the mother's reasons for leaving him there. a local family in the hair salon business for 50 years but now they have to close up shop. why they're blaming gentry if i
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case and what neighborhoods are saying. talking about rain moving in. after a beautiful, spectacular day today. rain and 20-degree temperature drop coming which car company is the first and only to offer built-in 4g lte wi-fi in cars, trucks and crossovers? ranking from top to bottom. i'm gonna say mercedes is the innovator. bmw just because they're pricey. the final answer... wow... (cheers) chevy. this model has the wi-fi in it? -yep.
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that's the dream to have wi-fi in the car. get cash back for 15% of the msrp on select 2015 models. that's over thirty-one hundred dollars on this chevy cruze. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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did you realize it's the best day of the year as far as temperatures are concerned?
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near 80 degrees today for the first time. we're up to 79. that's the high temperature so far. some of you did hit 80. 81 fredericksburg. 82 in culpepper. 76 in baltimore. still cooler along the water with a high of 69. beautiful on our monday. you know things are going to change this time of year. we don't get this warm normally unless we have something coming our way and that something is a cold front and a storm system moving through tomorrow. beautiful conditions. very nice for the cherry blossoms. 78 degrees. wintsds out of the south at 13 miles per hour. abundant sunshine. down to 72 in baltimore. 81 in fredericksburg still. 78 in martinsburg. and 68 still nice down there. no rain in the area right now. we'll stay dry tonight. it's tomorrow that we have that rain coming in. where's that rain now? back to the west.
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you can see what's happening here. the cold front in the ohio river valley and a spin here in the atmosphere. this is a storm that's going to make the way right up this cold front and as it does it's going to interact with the front for a good chance of rain. a lot of moisture up out of the gulf of mexico and watching that move our way. tomorrow morning, future weather, through 11:00. nothing. look what happens through 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. showers break out. if you get out early enough roads should not be a problem. by 8:00 we start to see shower activity approaching the 66 area the i-95 belt. also over towards the beltway, a few showers around 8:00 8:30 9:00. a better chance of rain moving towards 10:00 and patches of moderate to heavy rain in the morning hours and look what happens around noon 1:00 1:30 and that looks like it lasts through 5:00 in the afternoon. there's the evening rush. heavier rain in the south and where we think we could pick up an inch of rain tomorrow.
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waldorf waldorf. heads up tomorrow. you will need the umbrella and 8:00 and dealing with showers and temperatures tomorrow will be on the downside. we are going down as far as temperatures go. 6:00 to 8:00 a.m. a high of 62. between 4:00 and 6:00, showers and temperature of 56. nearly lyly 20 degrees cooler than it is right now. take the umbrella. maybe the jacket. impact today on the moderate side for the rain on the heavy side. as nice as today was, tomorrow not nearly as nice. maybe just a down right nasty on the tuesday. back to nice weather wednesday and thursday. highs out upper 60s. 70 on friday with a 30% chance of shower tift and then saturday and sunday not bad and showers likely right now on saturday. sunday, though, looking great. next a son abandoned in the
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pennsylvania woods. >> put a blanket over top of him. >> why detectives say the mother tried to escape to silver spring and what her neighbors are saying about her arrest. what exactly does gentrification mean? racial? economical? is it a long-time business owner closes her doors and leave this is letter on the window gentrification has become a talking point here. >> making a pitch for the pig skin. why virginia's governor is trying to
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right now at 5:30 governor of virginia setting a goal. new this evening we asked why he wants to bring the redskins here and how he plan to do it. with mother accused of leaving her disabled son alone in a wooded area still hospitalized tonight in montgomery county. not been charged in the case. police say she left her son a quadrapelegic in a park near her philadelphia home and went to silver spring to see her boyfriend. sidney long was there as investigators visited this home. >> reporter: as crime scene unit detectives spent nearly two hours gathering evidence in the case inside the home nia parlor
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shared with her disabled son, loved ones forced to wait outside and a niece of the 41-year-old mother refused to speak with us. >> two sides to everything and the side that i seen was a loving caring mother. >> reporter: neighbor robinson says parler's heart seemed in the right way. >> he seemed content and responded to her. a her's loving care. he had that from her and shared that with him and kept her going and him. >> reporter: he never imagined she could be capable of abandoning her helpless son who doesn't have the ability to communicate at all alo later that day, allegedly writing ore her facebook page quote, i'm so happy. robinson witnessed a mom never late to her son's bus stop. >> welcomed him with open arms. whenever the bus to return she was jolly on the spot. >> reporter: the principal of west philadelphia school of the
5:32 pm
future visited with the young man and family today. >> to find out that this happened and so close to home is something that's you know a bit troubling and upsetting to the entire staff. >> it was a tragedy. you know? by the grace of god, you know, she was taken take care of. the bible something to play in it. it was by the grace of god he is still alive. >> reporter: investigators in touch with police detectives in philadelphia would not return my phone calls today where the mother is hospitalized but unless and until doctors clear her she will not officially be charged. then she will appear before a judge in maryland to either fight or waive extradition. from philadelphia sidney long, for news 4. i'm pat lawson. breaking news out of cleveland where part of a building has collapsed on top of a car. take a look at this van. it got crushed when chunks of
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the brick fell from the building located in downtown cleveland. a witness tells our affiliate he ran to the van and luckily found that van was empty. police haven't said if anyone was injured in this collapse. we'll continue the follow the story and bring you any developments. at the live desk pat lawson news. back the you,jim. >> thank you. local students are wrapping up the day back at school since the loss of okon nketim coping with the death. the 16-year-old died saturday during a junior rotc field trip. he'd reportedly complained of being in pain while on that bus. and stopped breathing. his cause of death is still under investigation. we've been telling you about the recent spike in heroin abuse in our area. tonight, a community forum in fairfax county is addressing the problem. the health and human services
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secretary will be there joining parents and law enforcement to help raise awareness of the issue and also talking about painkiller abuse. the meeting is free starting at 7:00 at the fairfax county schools gatehouse administration center in falls church. virginia governor mcauliffe is lobbying to get the redskins to move to the commonwealth and said he's talked to the owner several times and looking at potential sites and reminded everyone that 66% of season ticket holderings are virginians. >> well listen. i'd love to have the redskins move to virginia. got to make sense for us and them. we're going after it just as we go after everything. we want to be in the mix. >> the governor said the commonwealth has some of the lowest taxes in the region and every single redskins player lives in virginia.
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well, when's old is new again in d.c. part of development project on new york avenue. the fir carriage warehouse built in 1891. that's going to be moved about 30 feet. that process expected to take about a week. it will be the largest building to be moved in d.c. history. the second building is a warehouse from 1907. they're moving that in june. right now, there's a standoff in annapolis over maryland'sbudget. chris gordon looks at when's at stake on the last day of the session. >> reporter: democratic leaders are accusing republican governor hogan of blindsiding them after passing most of his initiatives and a balanced $40 billion budget they say they were surprised friday when the governor took $75 million off the table. >> we're not going to go backwards on public education and in terms of state employees.
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we're not going backwards in terms of medicaid family. we have fully funded the items and responsible. >> reporter: in response the democratic majority in the house of delegates seems to be delaying action to authorize public charter schools, grant military retirees income tax relief, repeal the rain tax and reduce personal property taxes. >> the voters of maryland spoke loudly and clearly last year. they said they're tired of taxes and spending. they would like to see fiscal restraint and responsibility. and we're very proud that governor hogan is holding the line on that. >> reporter: the governor is proposing more than $200 million in changes to the budget. whoelding some money big school systems say they need because it costs more to educate students there. but the governor wants to use some of the education money to restore pension funding for state workers. >> protecting the pension fund
5:37 pm
that's the quintessential hallmark of fiscal responsibility and something the governor will stand strong on. >> reporter: if the budget compromise is not reached by midnight the budget passed goes into effect. and governor hogan cannot veto a budget bill. coming up tonight on news 4 at 6:00 who could be hurt in the counties if no agreement is reached. in annapolis, chris gordon news 4. it is a reunion decades in the making. >> a mother who thought her daughter was dead learns that she is alive. >> how it happened and remarkable moment they saw each other for the very first time. and developing right now, a young woman is found murdered at a dunkin donuts and new tonight a report on the clues that detectives are
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well hillary clinton may already be facing an uphill climb for support within her own party. >> former secretary of state and first lady one day into the run for president. she's on the trail in iowa courting voters in small one on one meetings. this afternoon the white house said that despite their friendship president obama supports for clinton at this point is not given. >> does hillary clinton
5:41 pm
automatically get president obama's support no matter what democrat comes into the race? >> the answer is no. this will be the responsibility of democratic voters to decide who should be the democratic nominee for president. >> this afternoon president obama did tell reporters, quote, i think she would make a great president. in florida, senator marco rubio is planning to announce to run for president. his rally starts at 6:00 in miami. during a conference call this morning he called himself uniquely qualified to be a spokesperson for the republican party and he also called hillary clinton a leader who wants to take us back to yesterday. brahm grammy winner singer john legend is giving his voice to a movement. legend is launching the initiative with a performance at a texas jail on thursday. he'll also co-host a criminal
5:42 pm
justice event with politico here in d.c. later this month. a long-time salon owner in the district closing up shop. why she's blaming gentrification and what residents in the neighborhood have to say about this. you know we have rain coming in tomorrow. i'll break it down for you if you run over somebody it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags.
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it is the end of an era in d.c.'s bloomingdale neighborhood. >> a family-owned beauty salon is closing after a quarter of a century in business and blaming gentrification. >> reporter: is gentrification good or bad? >> it has positives and
5:45 pm
negatives. >> reporter: race class and investment displacement the new, the old, change. boiled down into one word. gentrification. >> that's a bakery. >> reporter: kogt latasha jackson, it's why the family business is closing. due to gentrification and mixed emotions we are closing. >> people don't understand the word. it's about economic and class. not about who's white and black. >> reporter: here the g-word is kind of connected to race. t street was all black families. now they point to the three ones left. the neighborhood doesn't flood anymore and safer. >> it's an area where the average black person didn't want to walk through in the broad daylight. it is not a bad thing. >> reporter: sometimes change looks like this. an old alley that's been turned into a very popular watering hole in the area. boundary stone. and they're clearly invested in the community.
5:46 pm
$35,000 raised for cancer research. so why is this change this word gentrification such a loaded word? >> it is a fighting word. i mean it carries a whole lot of baggage. >> reporter: enough that this historian, a white man who's received threats over the coverage of the word didn't want to be on camera. just here for photos he said. when jak and company closes here it will be the end of an era. >> we welcomed anybody here. you know? still will if they want to get their hair done for one more week. >> reporter: reporting in northeast d.c. zachary queesh news 4. spectacular day. >> not going to last huh? >> best day of the year. and it was! we saw the most sunshine that we have seen. temperatures today 79 degrees. officially at the airport. and i'll tell you what. great if we had a few more of those days coming. it is not the case.
5:47 pm
take a look toward reston. plenty of sunshine. it is a fantastic evening. but we have that rain moving on. here's something we haven't seen. the trees finally leaves on them. cherry blossoms of course in full bloom. temperatures right now at 78 degrees with that sunshine. sun doesn't go down until 7:43. look at the numbers chlts 75 and then 65 at 11:00 and starts off on a mild note tomorrow and then rain. currently 81 in rockvale. as far as the radar is concerned, dry. not going do see any rain in the rest of the evening hours into the overnight. by early tomorrow morning, starting to see the mess making its way our way an along the cold front there's an area of low pressure and see the spin down along the arklatex arkansas louisiana and parts of
5:48 pm
texas. all of that making its way our way and that front will stall across our region tomorrow. and we're going to get on the colder side of the front. temperatures tomorrow 56 to 67 and see the numbers come down in the day. so rain likely sometimes heavy and it will be quite cool. as you move on through your tuesday. road impacts tomorrow showers developing for the morning and most of the morning will be okay. glean side there. midday moderate. ponding definitely possible in the moderate section and down towards the yellow. use caution. rain likely. not as heavy and i think it's fairly consistent right on through the evening rush. rain tomorrow but then nice weather returns wednesday and thursday. temperatures 69 degrees on your wednesday. 68 on thursday. average high this time of year 66 67. on friday just a slight chance of showers with a high of 70 degrees. another chance on saturday with a high of 74. behind that system a little cooler and sunday looking pretty
5:49 pm
good. high temperature of around 68. guys pretty good temperatures moving in. >> thanks. take a good look. this is likely the last day to get to see our gloerrious cherry trees. >> barely hanging in there. >> peak bloom ending today. i was down there earlier. pat is soaking it all up. pat? >> reporter: it's something to see, jim. and they're just about a few hours left to see it all. you know if one of your family members is missing, if you can't locate some of your friends, chances are they're down here. take a look. 3,400 trees, millions and millions of blossoms. final chance to see the cherry blossoms at their best. >> it's a final countdown! >> reporter: i say cherry blossoms you say --
5:50 pm
>> beautiful! >> reporter: they say this is the last peak day for the cherry blossoms and thousands and thousands of people gathered here for the last look. the final picture. that cherry blossom experience. >> where are you from? >> arizona! >> iowa! >> washington, d.c. >> reporter: this is robert hughes. he's lived in washington for 40 years. and each one of those 40 years he's come down to see these cherry blossoms. >> it's a renewing thing. it makes you believe in everything once again. >> reporter: and you've been coming down here for 40 years. >> yes, we have. yes. >> reporter: you still love it? >> still do. >> reporter: take a look at these blossoms. they're so fragile. they're so beautiful. they're so fleeting. and there's something about them that draws people back here over and over again. what does it do for you? >> well actually felt like i was in a disney movie at one
5:51 pm
point. it feels kind of magical. >> reporter: indeed there is something magical. here they are. one final look tonight at the cherry blossoms near the tidal basin because tonight in comes the wind. tomorrow in comes the rain. and the day after that summer's not far behind. back to you guys in the studio. >> oh my gosh. pat's become a poet. dozens of you have sent in some fabulous photos of those blossoms. we have shared many of them go. to nbc washington's facebook page to check them out. tomorrow marks the 150th anniversary of the day lincoln was shot. ford's theater is putting on a huge tribute. it will include lincoln's favorite plays and music. the surratt house museum is running tours tracing booth's escape through maryland and virginia and we have a special lincoln feature on the nbc
5:52 pm
washington app this week. see photos learn how the lincoln memorial came to be. word from jurors at the murder trial of aaron hernandez. no verdict yet. they've gone home for a fifth day without making a decision. the former tight end accused of murdering the boyfriend of his fiancee's sister, odden lloyd. hernandez mouthed the words i love you to his fiancee sitting in the front row. and a life sentence handed down today in a case that captured worldwide attention. jodi arias will spend her life behind bars. the judge today declined to give her any chance for parole. trouble tonight for a mother who allegedly dangled her child
5:53 pm
over a railing at a zoo and then accidentally dropped him into the cheetah enclosure. this happened this weekend at the cleveland zoo. the child hurt the leg in the fall and not approached by the animals. the mother also a child care worker had a cleveland day care is charged with child endangerment. movie star ryan reynolds is the victim of a hit and run accident. he was struck by a car outside of a vancouver hotel on friday. police say he wasn't hurt. reynolds' publicist said the car was driven by a paparazzi. he is in canada filming the movie "dead pool." we continue to work a story this evening. >> this woman murdered there. her husband with s the suspected killer. straight ahead, the
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oh my god! oh my god! >> mmommy! >> take a look at this heartwarming reunion. a mother and the daughter she was told was dead together again after almost 50 years. zella jackson-price gave birth in a st. louis hospital back in 1965 but a nurse told her the child had died. that child melanie gilmore lived her life believing she was given away. they only learned of each other
5:57 pm
when gilmore's children began a search for their grandmother. a question how was the hospital so wrong? >> i'm still kind of in shock. i don't know what we'll find out or what error, what was done. i don't know what with'll find out. >> she says she'll hire a lawyer. the hospital in question closed in 1979. london police say they're closing in on a gang of thieves. investigators at scotland yard released a video showing the three suspects in the easter weekend burglary that some compared to "oceans lynne." the heaves given nicknames by the media made away with nearly $300 million in diamonds, jewels and cash. an accused killer is still at large tonight. and it apeerls that domestic dispute crossed over into the workplace this morning at a dunkin donuts store. this is the man police are
5:58 pm
looking for in the murder of his own wife at the shop. >> reporter: police say it was around 10:50 sunday night when a customer walked into the dunkin donuts in the 7000 block and noticed there was no one working there. they called investigators who checked out the property and they made a gruesome discovery in the kitchen area. an employee 21-year-old patel dead on the floor. >> we're looking for the individual. important to find him and get him off the street. >> reporter: police began an investigation into an aviation unit and patrol unit and determined that the woman's husband 24-year-old patel also an employee bloodudgeoned her to death. >> he may be still local. we don't have any vehicle information. >> reporter: police say they lived in a nearby apartment community close enough to walk to work.
5:59 pm
neighbors were shocked by the crime. >> that was very unfortunate. any time anyone takes matters into their own hands and injure anyone in any way that's really unfortunate. so i'm praying for the family of the deceased and just praying for us as a community. >> reporter: throughout the day monday employees as well as the store's owner could be seen walking in and out remaining closed. police say evidence at the scene linked the crime to the husband and the crime was not random. now at 6:00 two more candidates in the 2016 presidential field, florida senator rubio about to take the stage in miami while hillary clinton prepares to make her first stop in iowa. >> new calls for people to record police on their cell phones. after that deadly shooting in south carolina. and tonight, the latest man to come forward with accusations against the officer who was behind bars. and mayor bowser grilled in her first formal appearance before d.c. council. who she said about the future of
6:00 pm
the streetcar. we begin with presidential politics. good evening. >> minutes from now florida senator marco rubio expected to become the third republican to enter the 2016 presidential race. all three have just one target on the democratic side. hillary clinton is making her way to the influencetial state of iowa. jay gray is live in des moines with the story. jay? >> reporter: hey there. she says and the team says this is a much more personal campaign framed by small towns like this cough foe shops. asking for their votes this time instead of expecting them. while her candidacy was never really much of a secret. >> i'm running for president. >> reporter: the first few days of hillary


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