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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 13, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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orward with accusations against the officer who was behind bars. and mayor bowser grilled in her first formal appearance before d.c. council. who she said about the future of the streetcar. we begin with presidential politics. good evening. >> minutes from now florida senator marco rubio expected to become the third republican to enter the 2016 presidential race. all three have just one target on the democratic side. hillary clinton is making her way to the influencetial state of iowa. jay gray is live in des moines with the story. jay? >> reporter: hey there. she says and the team says this is a much more personal campaign framed by small towns like this cough foe shops. asking for their votes this time instead of expecting them. while her candidacy was never really much of a secret. >> i'm running for president. >> reporter: the first few days of hillary clinton's campaign
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sort of are. >> i'm hitting the road. >> reporter: on the road in a van with a handful of advisers driving overnight from her home in new york more than 1,000 miles to iowa. >> iowa's a huge swing state. we have a lot of pull coming to who gets elected. >> reporter: clinton has stops scheduled in small towns. no media gaggle. no massive rallies. one on one meetings with voters along the way. >> we have to run a state by state campaign and has to be in living rooms and dining halls across the country. >> reporter: unlike 2008 for criticized for running a coronation instead of a campaign a concern for some that still lingers. >> i don't think she's a shoe-in. there's overconfidence and i would really like to see a more vigorous challenger. >> reporter: the challenge has been mounted already by key republicans. marco rubio, rand paul and tud
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cruz. jeb bush took an early jab at the former secretary of state. >> we must do better than the foreign policy that emboldened our enemies. >> reporter: the race for the white house already picking up speed and we're still more than 570 days from the finish line. yeah. now look. folks in iowa love being an important part of the process but also are experiencing a bit of political fatigue saying already this early in the race they're bombarded with campaign ads on television and in the newspapers. unfortunately i think there's a lot more to come. that's the latest live here from des moines. i'm jay gray, news 4. third republican nominee for the white house is about to officially enter the race. you're looking live now looking at a rally coming up for marco rubio. he said he'd be launching a campaign for president and said
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the race between choosing for the past and jeb bush and hillary clinton and the future he could bring. rubio is making announcement at freedom tower in miami. the landmark that was the first stop for thousands of cuban exiles back in the '60s and '70s. rubio is the son of cuban immigrants. more of what rubio's speech has to say coming up later in this hour. >> thank you, jim. we have new video of john kerry arriving on capital hill to deliver a classified briefing to mouse me believes on theframe work for the nuclear deal with iran. the bill gives congress the power to review the deal before it's final. president obama has threatened to veto that. in the meantime the state department is objecting to russia's decision to lift a five-year ban on missile sales to iran calling the move not constructive. and isis is losing ground in iraq.
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a new map released by the pentagon shows that iraqi and coalition forces have regained territory near tikrit and the mosul dam. mover, the group is still growing the control of territory in syria. iraq's prime minister is calling on the united states to provide more weapons, air strikes and training to push isis completely out of his country. he'll make that plea in person visiting president obama at the white house tomorrow. a developing story out of north charleston south carolina tonight. a second man has come forward saying he was unnecessarily tasered by the same officer who shot and killed walter scott. now julius wilson is filing a lawsuit. he says he was pulled off for a broken taillight last august and he says he was shot in the back with a taser while two other officers pinned him down. >> the use of aexcessive force to torture suspects is not something that should be
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tolerated by the police department. i would end by saying to any other people affected by officer slager to come forward and have your story told. >> wilson's attorney filed a civil lawsuit against slager on monday. another man says he is considering a lawsuit, as well. there's a new push for people to take video of encounters with police as part of a project of where shall we are watching you. demonstrators are calling for broader civilian oversight of the police force there. over the weekend, new audio surfaced officer slager. he can be heard describing the rush after shooting a man he claims grabbed his taser. another group calling for an end to police violence is making a 250-mile journey to d.c. the so-called march to justice began this morning on new york's
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staten island where eric garner died last summer from a police choke hold. protesters plan to ask congress to take action. they're expected to arrive in washington next tuesday. police identified the man that killed himself on the west front of the capital on sunday and triggered a lock down and 22-year-old leo thornton. police say he's from lyndonwood illinois. a suburb of chicago. nobody else was hurt during the incident. the police say thornton had a backpack and a suitcase with him and they needed to lock the area down and including the visitor center to search and clear those items. day one wrapped up in the high profile murder trial of a man charged with killing a d.c. department of corrections official. he is charged with first-degree murder. he's accused of killing carolyn cross working for d.c. corrections for 30 years. julie carrie is live outside the courthouse with the latest on
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the jury selection. jewels? >> reporter: it's not uncommon to pick a jury in as little of a half a day in murder cases even but here jury selection has lasted all day long. it's taking longer because the potential jurors have to consider a controversial verdict. not guilty by reason of insanity. family and friends of carolyn cross will have to wait another day before testimony her accused killer. dressed in a suit today, this is what he looked like arrested in september. he was wearing what's known as a suicide smock after he tried to kill himself cutting his wrists. police don't believe his alleged victim carolyn cross even knew him. over three decades, cross was one of the first women to work up into the highest add administrative ranks and prepared to go to a conference on september 7th and her daughter discovered her dead.
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the autopsy report showed cross baetden, strangled and suffocated. a plastic bag over her head. at an earlier hearing, police testified it was the man himself who called 911. they found him in a neighboring building suffering from self inflicted wounds and in the bathroom officers found the words "i was the dirty one" written in blood. one officer says he told him, i may have murdered a woman today. his attorneys will try to convince the jurors he should not be held responsible for the crime. jury selection stretched all day long trying to find those open to that verdict. asked the attorney the question is do those words themselves not guilty by reason of insanity trouble you? many in the jury pool admitted they'd have a hard time considering that verdict and they were excused. now, we just saw a group of juries leave the courthouse but we don't know yet whether they did indeed seat a jury by
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holding them over to this late hour and very likely opening statements begin tomorrow. back to you. >> julie carey, thank you. there's still a search tonight for a man who abducted a woman over the weekend and now we know his name. police say he is jorge corea berrios accused of breaking into an apartment on saturday and taking his ex-girlfriend at knife point and sucks julily assaulted her and cut a roommate. she was able to get away. he is now wanted on charges ranging from rape to burglary. downtown silver spring is open for business after a major gas leak. parts of wayne avenue and fenton street were shut down this afternoon when a backhoe hit a high pressure natural gas line. that work was happening at the construction site of a new library. streets were shut down and evacuated. but the gas twaen has that leak under control now and the streets reopened. spectacular weekend weather and a pretty nice monday too.
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changes in our weather. doug's here with a first look at what we'll face in the morning. hey, doug. >> big changes for sure. temperatures today warmest of all yearlong. 65 in new york city. 76 year in d.c. 85 back towards charleston. by tomorrow temperatures in this region will be about 20 degrees cooler. the reason we have another storm making the way our way and that storm system see the cloud cover and the rain making the way down. this is a cold front to make the way our way. that cold front also associated with an area of low pressure and that area coming out of oklahoma will ride right along the front and giving us a chance or heavier rain. whether's coming next is in the forecast. >> thank you. fans of d.c. streetcars were relieved when mayor bowser said recently that she would not shut down the troubled system but as tom sherwood reports there are now questions of how to pay for it. >> reporter: trying to get even
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one line of the d.c. streetcar operating has cost $200 million and it's years behind schedule. now d.c. council members say the mayor bowser's budget slashes it even more. council transportation chairman said the mayor said she'd support building a smaller line but the money's not in the budget. >> i'm just confused about whether that's serious because these dollars really wouldn't support such a thing. it looks like a streetcar system on life support. >> reporter: the mayor making the first budget appearance as mayor before the council says she has to balance other spending priorities like schools. >> to complete the east-west line can't be funded. i guess it could be but it is not fully funded in the six-year plan were it came up in a long budget hearing and questions the plans to raise sales taxes. increase parking garage taxes.
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delay some school renovations and dip into 'm reserve funds. but she said she had to make tough choices to erase a $193 million projected deficit. >> we have closed the gap, delivered on our priorities created pathways to the middle class and produced the district's 20th consecutive balanced budget. >> reporter: in the district tom sherwood news 4. another budget battle under way right now in maryland and this one's going down to the wire. new at 6:00 who suffers most in the lawmakers can't agree on changes by midnight? two montgomery county children walking home from a park are picked up by police again. we talk to the founder of the free range kids movement. hear what she has to say about the latest controversy surrounding a local family. we have new pictures just coming in of a four-alarm fire
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in new jersey. we'll be back on the other side of the break to share the latest. these pictures
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back on the live desk here, a massive fire tearing through new jersey. take a look at this footage. this is the sea town supermarket coming up not far from staten
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island. this blaze has gone to four alarms. see flames and smoke pouring out of the glass store frnt and the roof top. this is also caused massive traffic backups at the worst possible time as you can imagine. no word yet on what caused the fire or if anyone is hurt. we'll let you know of any new developments. the clock is ticking for maryland lawmakers, republicans and democrats have until midnight to reach a budget deal or an agreement. nobody likes will take effect. chris gordon who explains who can be hurt. >> reporter: public school students stand to lose in f the subsidy is reduced to those counties where it costs the most to educate students. >> the governor is holding hostage for the public school system of $123,000 for every school in our county. >> reporter: the legislature overwhelmingly passed a budgets
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$40 billion budget but democratic leaders say they were surprised last friday when republican governor hogan proposed a supplemental budget. they say he wants to shift more than $200 million to fund the pensions of state workers, legislate or thes say prince georges county would pay a price for this. >> health care for people operating budget no engs pangs of the hospital. they face severe cuts for education funding. >> reporter: they seem to be delaying final action of what's left of legislative agenda to authorize public charter schools. grant military retiree's income tax relief. >> we cannot pick and choose amongst the groups and which we're going to cut. we have fully funded and done our job. >> reporter: the governor's office on the second floor, republicans say he's doing exactly what he was elected to
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do. >> the voterless of maryland spoke loudly and clearly last year. they said they're tired of taxes and spending. they would like to see fiscal restraint and responsibility. and we're very proud that governor hogan is holding the line on that. >> reporter: 90 days ago the maryland legislature began the session with talk of bipartisan cooperation. tonight, it ends with a budget battle behind party lines. in annapolis, chris gordon news 4. as we told you, marco rubio is third republican to enter the race for president. here's a little of what he had to say to supporters of his in miami. >> before us now is the opportunity to author the greatest chapter yet in the amazing story of america. but we can't do that by going back to the leaders and ideas of the past. we must change the decisions we are making by changing the people who are making them. >> senators rand paul and ted cruz make up the rest of the
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republican field for the most. much more on the announcement coming up at 7:00. doug's here with more about our weather. it's after the long cold winter. it's a good time to be the weatherman isn't it? >> guess what. >> what? >> hit 80 degrees today for the first time this year. >> doesn't surprise me. it was fabulous. >> my facebook -- too warm too soon! >> no. >> hold on. just wait. we have cooler weather. but wow. what a day it was out there today. cherry blossoms at full peak right now and what a great day to get out there and view them. temperatures today 79. you see there. d.c. we got to 80 degrees at 2:39 this afternoon. these are the highs today. right now there are those cherry blossoms. spectacular. not a bad day to fly a kite around down there, too. looking good. tomorrow though a different picture. temperatures right now 76 degrees. plenty of sunshine. winds out of the south at 13 miles per hour. if you missed the cherry
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blossoms they're going to be getting out of here tomorrow. with that rain coming down. a lot of them will be on the ground tomorrow. cooler 67 in annapolis. 81 in fredericksburg. a very nice evening. no rain to talk about. at least right now. in our area. but all tough do is widen out a little bit. it's a cold front making the way through the ohio river call valley and the moisture to the south. a couple of storms here. west texas. another one right here around arkansas. bringing a lot of rain. they have seen flooding in texas from these storms and some moisture moves our way tonight. breaking it down for you. future weather tonight at 11:00. no problems. very nice evening. you can walk the dog all night long and go for an extended walk. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow though a different story heading out to pick up the morning paper. we could be seeing shower activity and most of it to the north and west and 8:00 and we
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start the see the showers moving into the d.c. metro area. heaviest to the west. 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, heavier showers develop and then into the rain throughout the day and a good portion of the day tomorrow. you will need the umbrellas and extra time on the roadways. here's 5:00 tomorrow night and a look at the rain. heaviest to the south. right now, half an inch to an inch of rain in most areas and the southern zones. that's the case as we make our way through the day on tuesday. showers, temperatures around 62. mild start tomorrow and look what happens. 4:00 and 6:00 normally warmest times of the day. we cool down to 56. so tomorrow afternoon, will be about 20 degrees cooler than where we are outside right now. the impact forecast tomorrow moderate some heavy rain. have the umbrellas and the jacket. that's the cooler weather we have making the way into the area. 64 and then 69 on wednesday.
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back to nice weather. friday not bad eat we are a high of around 70. and then another chance on saturday. but all in all, tomorrow the one really nasty day, the rest of the forecast not bad. >> okay. we'll take it. thank you, doug. the nation's airlines coming up short. what passengers say they're all doing poorly in the latest airline rankings. what a maryland mother told police after they found her 3-year-old alone in a car
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♪ there is no royal blood in this country. nothing is reserved for anyone. it's all just out there... ...waiting... ...for someone to reach out... ...and take it. and the ones who do... ...these are the kings and queens of america. ♪
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jodi arias will never be free again. today a judge in phoenix sentenced her to life in prison without the possibility of parole. she murdered her boyfriend travis alexander in 2008 after a stormy relationship and today in court she apologized for the spain he caused his family but she maintains she killed him in self defense. a long-time college employee is dead and dozens of police officers are searching for the man who killed him on a college campus. the man was shot to death at wayne county community college that goldsboro, north carolina this morning. about an hour east of raleigh. students and teachers locked themselves in the classrooms in the dark until police said they were safe to come out. investigators are looking for a former student who did not graduate as a person of interest.
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if it feels like your flying experience is getting worse you are right. annual airline quality rankings came out today and shows more flights were late last nearyear the late of lost baggage up 13%, the rate of overbooking up 3%. virgin america got the best news ranking first for performance, followed by hawaii hawaiian delta and jetblue. to see how all the airlines fared, search airline on our nbc washington app. airlines are committed they say to improving. a woman accused of leaving her disabled son alone in the woods will be served an arrest warrant as soon as she is healthy enough to leave the hospital. parler is hospitalized for undoes closed reasons. she was admitted on friday hours after her 21-year-old son who's quadrapelegic and had cerebal
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palsy was found in wet leaves. she was with her boyfriend. the son is in stable condition and treated for dehydration, malnutrition and abrasions. maryland parents are under the microscope again for letting their 10-year-old and 6-year-old walk home alone. new at 6:00 one of the founders of the so-called free range parenting movement sounding off about this case. this is metro like you have never seen it. guess what. you can ride this train tomorrow. i'm adam tuss. we'll have the story coming up. and the stars are coming out for the earth day on the national mall. the lineup for
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now free range parenting, a personal choice or putting kids in hrm's way? the woman who started the movement explains why she did it after two local kids got picked up again by police. a new experience for metro riders tomorrow. on board the newest rail cars and telling you when they'll come to your metro line. and silent witnesses to history. for the first time in 150 years, artifacts of president lincoln's assassination in one collection. first the story that's sparking a lot of discussion on nbc washington's facebook page
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today. local parents are accused of possible child neglect. >> letting their kids walk to the park without supervision. kristin wright has more. kristin? >> reporter: well the meitiv parents say their kids were playing here at the park while police say a homeless man was eyeing the children when an officer spotted them and right there is the conflict between child protective services and the free range kid movement. the free range kids movement is a parenting philosophy that gives children even very young one it is freedom to play outside and walk down the street without their parents. via skype, the founder of the movement explained why they call themselves free range. >> we don't believe our kids are in constant danger. so we don't have to parent like they are. we don't have to police as if they. >> reporter: she is outraged a family in montgomery county is
6:32 pm
in trouble again. >> i can't believe it happened again. they're trying to let them play outside on their own for a little bit. there's two kids. >> reporter: danielle is considering legal action after mont picked up her two children again. police got a call from someone concerned that the 10 and 6-year-olds walking by themselves in silver spring sunday afternoon. >> and they said no no. we'll drive you home and got the kids in the car and didn't let them out for three hours. >> reporter: police tell news 4 the officer followed protocol calling child protective services. >> i thought i was going to be taken away from my parents. >> i'm terrified of leaving my children unsupervised. i don't know what they're going to do next. >> reporter: to get her children back last night, danielle signed a safety plan basically
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promising to not let her children out of her sight. she said she'll follow that order and the philosophy on parenting has not changed. all of this is happening while the family is in the middle of an appeals process to fight against an unfavorable finding by child protective services last month and the family has started a legal defense fund. back to you. >> all right. thank you. a mother from landover is facing charges after her 3-year-old was found sleeping in a locked car in a casino parking garage. police say the mother was inside the casino playing roulette. germany told police she needed money. the 3-year-old was left with a juice box and a tablet. germany's charged with reckless endangerment and leaving a child con tined and unattended. an investigation revealed cases of children left alone in cars at casinos. sometimes in sweltering heat or
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freezing cold. you can watch that report on search kids outside casinos. blue line metro users of d.c. maryland and virginia will be able to ride brand new 7,000 series cars. they've got a sleek new look digital flat screen monitors and anti-slip floors. transportation reporter adam tuss tells us when the rest of the system could get the upgrade. >> reporter: old metro rail car. new metro rail car. old metro rail car. new metro rail car. so here we are taking a test ride on the brand new 7,000 series rail car. first thing you notice it's open. it feels bright. take a look at the new technology that's on board this train. flat screen monitors telling you where you're going, what stop you're at the transfer information and parking and all that kind of stuff. the chairs the seats they're blue. that brown color scheme is gone and then hey, take a look at
6:35 pm
the floor. no carpet. this is the first time since 2006 that new rail cars have rolled on metro tracks. >> finding cars unlike anything else they have seen on the system before. >> reporter: these cars replace the oldest cars in the fleet now nearly 40 years old. >> we are making a great leap forward in terms of safety and comfort for our riders. >> reporter: a huge crowd of local and international media packed the platform at the reagan national stop for a look. remember they're made by ka with a with a psaki. tomorrow it travels through d.c. and then ends in maryland and then next month some metro insiders say the red line could get that one. on the 7,000 series rail car, adam tuss news 4. right now some red line trains are automated and computer controlled. about half of the trains changed
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to automation today. the longer 8-car trains are making the switch first. this is the first time metro used automation since that deadly accident that killed nine people in 2009. tonight, the final arrangements are set for a man that died protecting the census bureau bureau. a viewing is held thursday in virginia. his funeral will be friday in colonial beach. he was shot last thursday while working as a security guard in maryland. police say the man who shot him ronald anderson led police on a chase that ended in the district. anderson and an officer were hurt in a shootout. and an employee found dead at a local dunkin donuts. her husband wanted for murder and on the run. tonight what police are saying about the search. john legend launching a nationwide campaign. how he says he wants to free america. doug? beautiful weather right now. here's the rain making the way our way. i'll show you when it gets he
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a search for a man accused of murdering his wife at the coffee shop where they both worked stretching into its 18th hour. police say they're working for patel accused of beating his wife to death inside a shop in hanover last night. he's charged with murder assault and a weapons offense, too. john legend is on a mission to free america. the grammy winning singer launched a campaign today aimed at ending mass incarceration. this year legend said he live in the most incarcerated country in the world. he's visiting and performing at a facility in austin texas, this week. and take part in a news conference about that state's criminal justice system. he's going to be in d.c. to
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co-host an event with politico. big name stars in d.c. this weekend for an earth day concert on the mall. usher, mary j. blige, no doubt and common among those to perform. happens on saturday. the event will be free and open to the public. it's hosted by from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on the grounds of the washington memorial. a special memorial for a player whose cancer battle got the world's attention. how thousands will say good-bye to lauren hill. 150 years since the lincoln assassination. tonight, an unprecedented look at the personal side of the tragedy. tragedy that shocked our nation. when people look at this exhibit, they will see the human element.
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an air alaska plane just made an emergency landing in seattle after the pilot heard banging coming from beneath the plane. when they got back on the ground a staff member was found in the front cargo hold. they say that area is pressurized and temperature controlled. the employee has been taken to a hospital as a precaution now. the plane was bound for l.a. but had only been in the air for 14 minutes. alaska airlines says it's investigating how that employee
6:44 pm
got stuck in the cargo hold. as we learn more we'll post you on the nbc washington app and here tonight at 11:00. >> thank you. a few minutes, a memorial service for lauren hill the 19-year-old freshman died on friday from a brain tumor she was fighting for more than a year. the memorial is at the basketball arena where she had one of the greatest moments. left-handed lay-ups last november 22nd. she devoted the final year to playing basketball raising money for cancer research and inspiring others. 150 years ago this week that president lincoln was assassinated. and for the first time an incredible collection of historic items no one has seen together since that night is now on display at the ford's theater center for education. the theater spent three years building a special exhibit called "silent witnesses."
6:45 pm
♪ >> reporter: small and ornate set alone and brightly lit. the weapon that ended one of the greatest presidents and placed ford's theater in history in a way no one would have expected. this is john willings booth's pistol fired from less than a foot away. >> it would fit easily into a coat or pant's pocket and it just took one shot one lead bullet and unfortunately all it took to assassinate the president. >> reporter: she cue rated the items in the thee for or carried by lincoln the night he was assassinated. over decades, scattered around the country and reassembled to tell a special story. >> it changed the course of the history and i think one of the things we're hoping is when people look at this exhibit they will see the human element of it. >> reporter: this playbill for the night's performance of "our american cousin," a violin and
6:46 pm
drumsticks from the orchestra. many of the other items start to tell the story of violence and despair that would mark the night. this bunting ripped from outside the president's box and used to cushion his head lying on the floor. it's still stained with his food. lincoln wore this topcoat to the theater that mid-april night. >> it was given to lincoln by brooks brothers. made by brooks brothers and given to him for his second inaugural. >> reporter: mary lincoln gave it to the door keeper after the president died. following custom he let friends snip parts of it. laura keen starred in the play and rushed water to lincoln's side. ford's theater wants us to see the larger than life lincoln the history books elevate was also
6:47 pm
just a human being. the library of congress loaned the items in lincoln's pockets when he was shot. a pocket knife, a confederate $5 a reminder perhaps of the fallen confederate capital a few days before and a picture of glasses. >> a pair of glasses and the arm broken off and he just tied a little's the of twine to wear the glasses again and that's how they have been saved. >> reporter: they have all been saved including the carriage that look the lincolns and guests to the theater on display at the smithsonian. $35 million worth of american history. a story of an american president but also a story of a real human tragedy. in washington aaron gilchrist, news 4. >> how cool is that? admission to the exhibit is free and space is limited each day and after memorial day all of these items will go back to
6:48 pm
their original homes in different parts of the country. watch nbc 4 this saturday morning for the lincoln assassination with aaron gilchrist, a special program marking 150 years since the death of our 16th president. >> once in a lifetime opportunity to see all of those things in one place. so, doug, are you recommending people go take a peek at the cherry blossoms tonight? >> one last time. look at this. just a beautiful afternoon. we hit 80 degrees earlier today. this is the shot we have been waiting for for months. gorgeous conditions. the leaves on the trees right now. the cherry blossoms in full bloom. the rain comes down tomorrow. knock a lot of those blossoms off the trees and a little bit of wind too. 76 degrees. we have the winds right now out of the south at 15 miles per hour. dropping to 65 by 11:00. so still a very warm night and a
6:49 pm
nice evening tonight. 79 in manassas. and camp springs right now at 76 degrees. nothing on the radar. clear. moving back to the west a little bit. you notice the shower activity in and around portions of ohio memphis and atlanta. a lot of moisture down to the south and as this front drifts to the south, all of this moisture will ride right along the front to our area and why we see the rain in the day tomorrow and high temperatures tomorrow a lot cooler. rain likely sometimes heavy. cool. 56 to 67 and really this should be reversed. 60 something in the morning. dropping into the 50s by the afternoon. temperatures will cool as we move on through the day. tomorrow morning, showers developing so we have you in the green here. i think we will be okay on the roads. roads dry. after 8:00 the rain starts. moderate. ponding possible. use caution. rain likely but not as heavy moving on towards the late evening after 6:00 7:00.
6:50 pm
the four-day forecast rain tomorrow and then nice weather on wednesday. a high of 69. we get to 68 on thursday and then 70 degrees on friday. yeah some nice temperatures. average high's around 67. a little bit above average moving on through the next seven days all except for tomorrow. tomorrow a nasty day. a couple of other chances for shower activity and that is about it. you need the umbrella and maybe not until friday or saturday. >> sounds pretty good. thank you. coming up in sports beautiful day up in boston. just not in the nats. we'll explain why a failure to communicate wasn't the only problem. here's lester holt for what's ahead tonight. >> hi. coming up tonight, where is hillary clinton? a day after she joined the race for president. why she's keeping away from the cameras. a big story out of oklahoma involving that deputy who claims he shot and killed a man accidentally after reaching for what he thought was his taser.
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getting to
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i asked carol how bad was it? you said ugly. >> look the other way. >> just inspector generally. >> avert your eyes. >> it was not day we thought. so promising. werth's return supposed to be the headline.
6:54 pm
first start of the season this year and welcoming him back and see how much to help them and after two innings we realized the story not about werth and worthless the team defense performed. >> oh. >> got it in. tom brady in the house throwing a party for opening day. brady with the first pitch. >> tried the curveball. >> wish he could have stayed in there. harper thought he was on target today. but not so fast. top of the first. a blast off rick porcello to center. robls harper of a two-run home run. betz. jordan zimmerman. facing david ortiz. betts steals second and not done. the defense shifted. stealing third and he's safe. two stolen bases on the play. when's next? what do you think? hit a home run or something? yeah. exactly what happens. >> wow. >> a three-run home run into the
6:55 pm
green monster. red sox take a 4-0 lead over quite a day from betts. it was a day to forget for the nats defense. third inning. napoli skies one to left center. werth, michael taylor. oh. you kidding me? that loads the bases. werth, by the way, 0 for 3 at the plate. later in the inning lee yoen. another fly ball. and more problems. bryce harper. taylor. right in the middle of them. another miscommunication. next batter. betts. he hits one to short. desmond got it right? there it is. >> oh. >> all right five errors on the season. seventh game. another run scores. nats they have a lot of work to do and fall 9-4. a new low for matt williams. >> how bad was this game? about as bad as you can get. tough to win when you can't catch the baseball. not shocking to have a pitcher
6:56 pm
that doesn't have a good day. but if you don't help him, then it makes the day even worse. so good opportunities to get out of a couple of innings and couldn't because we couldn't catch the baseball so that being said it will get better. got to get better. >> hope so. one of my favorite motivational sayings is rest is an important weapon. now we'll talk about the caps. you remember oats? he used to say it as the head coach. barry trotz has a different mind-set. don't change a thing. two days before the playoffs to start. trotz puts the guys through a grueling practice as grueling as ever. fehr was back at work. this is the caps fifth matchup of the season with the islanders. they split the regular season series two games apiece and stakes are much higher now and comes the pressure with the playoffs and the guys say they're ready. >> obviously we are all excited. you know?
6:57 pm
fun time for us. you know? that's why we play six months to be in that position so a couple of days and again. >> feel the mood switch a little bit. always try to be focused for every game and more focused right now. >> i really really like the chances. probably best chances i have ever felt we have had going into playoffs. >> here's a look at the schedule. we'll head to long island for game three on sunday. a noon faceoff. catch the game right here on nbc 4. game four next tuesday at 7:30. college basketball news. justin anderson leaving uva and entering the nba draft. the junior forward averaged just over 12 points a game for virginia this year. anderson missed games with a fractured pinky and appendectomy. >> it's hard to say at the same time. thank you, carol. that's our news for now. nbc nightly news up next.
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on this monday night, off and running. hillary clinton's road trip to iowa. fast food and pit stops. what's behind the low-key and marco rubio jumps in as well setting up a likely florida showdown with jeb bush. another controversial police shooting caught on camera. a suspect killed a 73-year-old reserve deputy now the parenting debate that has people taking sides. kids as young as 6 walking off unsupervised. their parents in trouble again. how young is too young to go it alone? and master class. the young american who just made history and the sister who inspires him to win. "nightly news" begins right now. from nbc news


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