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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  April 15, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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gyrocopter as a means of protest. it handed around 1:30 on the lawn of the u.s. capitol. chris lawrence is not far from there with the latest on the investigation. chris? >> reporter: yeah i just got off the phone with law enforcement who said so far the bomb squad has not found any explosive material on board that gyrocopter. they have moved it now. i'm going to take you straight to video to give you an idea what we're talking about here. this gyro commenter handed on the west front lawn of the capitol a few hours ago as we take a look now. witnesses say they saw it coming in over the national mall. flying over the mall and over the capitol reflecting pool at about 20 to 40 feet. witnesses say it handed with a thud bounced once. that the man stayed inside. the pilot stayed inside the whole time that the capitol police were right there. they were watching this the whole time. the capitol police with guns drawn. came up to it and he did not get out until ordered to do so by the capitol police. now, we don't know exactly who
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he is. but we do know that a man named doug hughes, a 61-year-old mailman from florida has been posting things on a website and told a newspaper down there in florida that he planned to do this. his stated goal was to deliver mail to every member of congress basically talking about the need for campaign finance reform. again, we've not verified this is the same man. he has been very public about doing there. knew exactly the risk that he would be taking in doing so and violating the air space. according to the newspaper, he said no sane person would do what i am doing. so the pilot right now in custody, the gyrocopter has been inspect. no explosive material found. we'll stay on top of this story for you and have a little more on news4 at 5:00. chris lawrence back to you. i'm wendy receiving we are a
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little more about this man who is suspected of landing on the twrp capitol. we are hearing this is a guy from florida named doug hughes who took responsibility for this flight on his website. he describes his motive for today's flight. he is carrying 535 letters addressed to lawmakers, asking for campaign finance reform. and he said in an interview with the tampa bay times, he wants a wall of separation between government and the big money so that government will represent the people. and he says he carefully planned this flight so the government and authorities would know he was coming. and that he had no intention of risking anyone's life including his own. he was also e-mailed a number of media outlets across the country, including news4 shortly before his flight. the faa just released a statement saying the pilot was not in contact with faa air traffic controllers, and the faa
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did not authorize him to enter restricted air space. capitol police say charges are going to be filed but we don't know yet what they will be at the live desk. back to you. and we have more breaking news right now. this out of maryland. chopper 4 live above the scene of a pedestrian bridge collapse in berwyn heights. a piece of construction equipment hit this bridge along berwyn road knocking part of it on the train tracks used by metro and by marc. the green line is closed between college park and green belt. no injuries reported. metro tells us this pedestrian bridge is not one of theirs. a developing story out of fall river, massachusetts. lawyers for aaron hernandez are looking to appeal today's guilty verdict in the murder of odin lloyd. the boyfriend of his sister. hernandez will spend life in prison without parole. he showed to visible reaction to the verdict. his mother and fiance gasped and
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cried when the verdict was read. this afternoon the jurors who convicted him are talking about their decision. more on that in a full report coming up in a few minutes on news4. a teenager is now admitting to vandalism and a montgomery county synagogue and he is talking on news4 about why he did it. the derek ward is live in gaithersburg with this story. >> reporter: it was a disturbing incident. not complete resolution but some quick developments. it was april 7 when surveillance cameras captured these images. two people with masks on painting swastikas and kkk all around the synagogue in gaithersburg. police looked at that video and others from nearby. and they came up with some suspects. among them the 18-year-old. he was arrested this morning and admitted to his role in this. he says it was a joke and immediately, and admittedly
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stupid joke. >> i am really sorry. i shouldn't have done it. and it is nothing personal nothing what i done. i love jewish people. i have a lot of jewish friends. >> reporter: he is facing charges of vandalism and specific charges of vandalism against a religious institution. it is not being called a hate crime but it is more serious than run-of-the-mill vandalism. what do the folks who worship here think about that? live in gaithersburg. back to you. thieves hit a montgomery county neighborhood today and said several cars on fire. it happened in the area of wesleyan lane in bethesda. the suspects got into four vehicles parked this driveways them took personal items and then set paperwork and other items in the vehicles on fire. one residenai husband came out around 6:00 this morning and found front seat
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smoldering. they did about $100,000 in damage. ? we have new details about a woman hit by a van in prince george's county. she has now died. her name is max eenl thompson. she was crossing buck road yesterday afternoon when she was hit. less than a mile from her home. police say she was not in a crosswalk at the time. the driver did stay at the scene. now we turn to storm team 4. yesterday's rain causing big problems today. >> let's go straight to meteorologist veronica johnson in the weather center. how bad did it get? >> it is all about the mold count. i'll show that you in a moment. at least it is down for trees running at moderate levels. a little down from where it was over the weekend. temperaturewise, even though we have other the high clouds around we've gotten to the upper 60s. 68 degrees in d.c. 64 manassas warrenton. germantown sandy spring and
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with the clouds i was keeping an eye on the showers to the south. while the clouds are over the area and it does look like this rain is advancing northward. we have an area of high pressure just north of us that's keeping a lot of this at bay. still could see light showers, culpepper, fredericksburg. look at the count. the mold spore count. high for today. moderate for trees. still enough warmth where we could see the levels continue to rise over the next couple of days. i'll have that and our rain chances coming up over the next seven. >> thanks. gone but not forgotten. remembering the terror in boston two years ago today. how the nation's capital paid tribute in washington and on the ball field. plus unusual traffic. get ready for big crowds funneling into the city tonight and how metro is trying
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2:49 p.m., the time two home made bombs went off at the boston marathon. today at that time the city paused to remember the victims. at fenway park here where the nationals are playing, some bowed heads and others held hands during a moment of silence. it was broken with the words, ladies and gentlemen, we are one boston. one boston strong. this is our city. the bombing at the boston marathon killed three people and wounded more than 260 others. survivors and rescuers gathered across boston today to mark this occasion. while commemorative banners were unveiled marking the site of the blast. >> we've made progress and we'll continue to make progress. and we're going to do everything
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we can to take the courage and inspiration to those people that have asked to us make sure this doesn't happen. >> last wednesday, dzhokhar tsarnaev was found guilty of planning the deadly bombs. americans are pausing to mark one of the darkest days in the history of our nation and our capital. the assassination of abraham lincoln. 150 years ago, a 35-hour tribute to the late president includes re-enactments of the events surrounding the assassination including the announcement of lincoln's death just hours after he was shot. while taking in a play at ford's theater. this morning actors portrayed the major characters such as the doctor who treated lincoln but real people stood in for the crowds who gathered in the same place 150 years ago. >> because he saved people and stuff. >> he meant a lot in uniting the country during a very turbulent time. >> he got our nation back together during the civil war.
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so you know without him, we may not be the country we are today. >> ford's theater continues to play a vital role in washington's cultural community. fighting for more money. first at 4:00 the battle for higher income sets up shop. what is at stake and why the protests have even the president talking. we're staying on top of that big story this afternoon. a man lands a small gyro commenter on the grounds of the be u.s. capitol. and we are following developing news this afternoon. the debris is being blocked by train tracks used by metro and marc. this is after the collapse of a bridge. it has closed the green line. we'll be
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following breaking news this hour the u.s. capitol police have just cleared the west lawn and reopened closed streets after a man handed a gyrocopter on capitol grounds. it appears he did this as a protest. >> this was around 1:30 on the west side of the capitol. the capitol police have not identified the man who flew it but a postal worker from florida is taking responsibility on a website today in which he says congress is corrupt and it is time to put the power back in the hands of the people. well today is the deadline
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to follow your income taxes. your federal tax returns and protesters across the country are demanding the minimum wage be raised to $15 an hour. >> tax day is also generating protests by conservatives in congress who say the super wealthy are taxed too much. steve handelsman has the story live from capitol hill. first the issue of the working poor. more americans are paying taxes because employment is up. even many who are working are still paying nothing. about 35 million americans are filing on this deadline day, ed. says irs. many by mail. most online. but 43% of americans owe no federal income tax. many who work in minimum wage jobs. like kristine weaver who has to bum a ride in every day. >> i don't currently have a car. a little under five miles to get to work. >> reporter: rallies glanlded a minimum wage of $15, up from
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$7.25. this was new york at mcdonald's that is hiking its minimum to $10. and in raleigh today, some of these workers get government assistance. welfare. so do some at a rally near the white house. >> if they have a fair wage they would be able to contribute as opposed to taking. >> reporter: president obama could not get a $10 minimum wage passed. >> we've got a bunch of members of congress who don't get it when it comes to raising wages. >> reporter: republicans were arguing the richest of americans need help. the net worth averages $11 million. calling in a $30 billion a year death tax. >> this is morally wrong, mr. speaker, that the federal government taxes people on their death. >> a liberal mocked priorities. >> it is not to feed hungry. not to make college affordable but to give a tax break to billionaires. >> taxes and income, big issues
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on april 15 but the nation is in different brackets about what to change. both issues look to be certain factors in the 2016 election campaigns. live from the hill. news4. well are you ready? the stupt playoffs are here folks. caps and islanders tonight. live as at verizon center this is the year right? >> that's what they're saying. a lot of feeling this is the best chance the caps have had for years. he sow hockey fans, get toward put life on hold. >> they have a complete team and a complete roster this year. alex ovechkin playing the best hockey of his career. one of the better goaltenders in the league and barry trotz has been tremendous. >> and they have such a physical style so well suited for the playoffs. and they have home ice them drop the puck in just under three
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hours. >> absolutely. people will be rocking the rexd unlike us we're rocking the blue. fans will pack this place. it should be a great game one for the capitals. we'll see if the trend continues. we'll have so much more coming up on news4 at 5:00. >> all right. looking forward to it. thanks. how far do you think the caps' stanley cup playoff run will last? that's our flash survey. grab your phone and vote by calling or texting the number on the screen. you can also vote on the nbc washington facebook and twitter pages. >> metro is working to help out. if the game goes past 11:00, trains will run until 1:00 in the morning. it usually runs until midnight. to make your trip run smoother make sure you have enough on that smart trip card for a return trip before the game.
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we had rain yesterday. today, just cloud cover. some neighborhoods could see maybe a sprinkle or two. we're watching this area way down south. right around charlottesville. down toward richmond. inching northward by a bit. if there are any showers around 11:00, it would be in this area. culpepper, through areas like stafford county fredericksburg right down areas of i-95. a very slight chance. 68 degrees. we drop to 60 by 9:00. again, northern neck. we do have a chance back in the forecast for that rain. every couple of days. you'll want to stay handy with your umbrella. not expecting any big washout days for a while. let me show you what i mean. cloud cover across the area even early tomorrow morning. i think a few clouds especially
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west d.c. tomorrow early really is our best chance for seeing more of that filtered sunshine. we have clouds through the evening hours and any showers that we get tomorrow will be very late very scattered. mainly up to the north. same thing for early friday morning. this is during friday morning. we get a break during the middle of the day friday and then a chance for some afternoon scattered light showers. an washout coming our way. the best channel rain into the evening hours with this weather system heading south and east. the temperatures early tomorrow morning. not bad. 44 degrees around germantown gaithersburg. 47 degrees, la plata. between 60 and 68 degrees across the area. no rain again for now. in seasonable conditions expected tomorrow. over the next couple days look at the next four. average high 67 degrees.
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we get the low 70s friday. mid 70s for saturday. sunday mid 60s. yeah. we've got more rain for friday and also the second half of the weekend. we'll have more details on that weekend rain coming up. the experience of a lifetime gone horribly wrong. first at 4:00, the sky dive that did not go according to plan and it was all caught on camera. what happened when the parachute never opened? >> it has a lot of you talking. picture feeding your baby inside an airport bathroom stall. now one of our local airports is
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we have just lernds that a man convicted of sexually assaulting men that he met and got intoxicated at beer pong events has been sentenced. joey point dexter will spend 150 years in prison after being found guilty of 11 counts of sex assault earlier this year. his trial involved the assault of five men. the prosecutors believe there could be at least two dozen more victims who didn't want to come forward. point dexter met his victims at beer pong events where the men were very intoxicated including in college park. he faced a maximum of 200 years in prison. at the live desk. back to you.
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listen and check out this scene. a skydiver almost lost his life and his helmet camp. his parachute malfunction in the mid air. he was able to open his back-up clute and land safely. his helmet camera fell off and captured its plunge to earth. it handed on a patch of grass. a group of locals found it. godfrey claimed they glanlded money for the camera's return. it's a girl. and another and another and two more after that. america's first set of girl quintuplets born in houston, texas. the girls arrived by c-section to mom and dad, danielle and adam busby.
4:27 pm
mom and dad were visiting doctors every week but they initially saw only four embryos. >> there's one that decide it wants to be twins so it split so now there's five. >> the babies were born at 28 weeks and six days. with a big sister already in the family they now have six daughters. >> wow! >> girl power. >> you know that's a girl powerhouse. >> first at 4:00. >> video services of an officer hitting a man with his car. plus our big story this afternoon, an all clear now given at the u.s. capitol after a man
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now we have some new video of the flight. wendy has more on that. >> we just obtain this video from the associated press. it shows the gyrocopter landing on capitol hill. that was taken by a woman who appeared to be at the capitol we are a group of kids.
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the mailman from florida, doug hughes is taking credit for this flight on his website. he said he did it as a protest of campaign finance laws and he said he had over 500 letters delivered to lawmakers. he also e-mailed a number of media outlets across the country saying he would do this. he even e-mailed news4. the faa did release a statement saying he was not in contact with the faa or traffic controllers and the faa did not authorize him to enter restricted air space. chris lawrence is on the hill gathering details about charges that could be filed. he will have a live report coming up on news4 at 5:00. at the live desk i'm wendy rieger. now to breaking news on the metro green line. there's been a partial bridge collapse. news4's shoppari stone is there. >> reporter: no one was hurt. no one was injured, no one was
4:32 pm
on the crossing bridge but it is a total met. you can see crews and i have an update on what caused this. there was a subcontractor. if you look there, you see the crane? the person was trying to come through and the crane actually hit the bridge causing that large concrete you see there to fall across the tracks. let's take a look from up above. from air 4. the pedestrian bridge collapsed around 3:00 this evening. as i said, the good news. no one was on the bridge at the time but this could affect a lot of commuters. another update for you. i just found out the green line service will remain closed this evening into the night. just to let you know. i'm sure there are a lot of people who are really upset about this. but there is shuttle bus service at college park where people are getting off. metro is providing the free shuttle service between college park and green belt.
4:33 pm
back out here live. once again, the contractor was out here and they hit, the bridge was hit by a boom. a part of the crane, causing it to collapse on the tracks. no word when all these crews will get out of here but they're certainly going to be working into the night. we'll bring you updates as they become available on twitter at nbc washington at shomari stone and facebook. another live update coming to you soon. live here in berwyn heights. >> tough for a lot of folks out there. the man survived the impact and the officer behind the wheel was cleared of any wrongdoing. >> but this latest dash cam video has sparked new debate across the country about the tactics police used to take down suspects. mark barker takes a closer look. >> reporter: the dash cam video shows an armed suspect on foot being taken down by a police cruiser at 40 miles an hour. >> the first time i saw it i
4:34 pm
was probably i had the same reaction most everybody else had. wow! holy cow! >> the puck is survived the impact. after what the police say was his crime spree included the theft of a high powered rifle from a walmart. police trailed virginia qulaens who ignored orders to drop the rifle and he even fired a single shot in the air. >> we're talking about someone who posed an immediate threat. who had to be stopped. >> but valencia's attorney questions the method. >> i think it is clearly excessive police force. my hope is that there will be an internal investigation into the actions of the officer. >> and the initial investigation cleared the officer of wrongdoing. and he is back on the force. however, a board of once police chief terry concedes were unorthodox but necessary. >> if he doesn't take that action i believe we're answering questions to a much
4:35 pm
more horrific tragedy. >> reporter: a starting tactic renewing debate about what is too far in the effort to protect the public. mark barker nbc news. even the chief justice of the supreme court gets call for jury duty. chief justice john roberts performed his civic duty and answered the summons in montgomery county. he was the potential juror in an auto negligence case but he wasn't selected for the panel and he was excused before noon. a series of events will be held tomorrow to commemorate d.c. emancipation day. it is the 153rd day anniversary of the emancipation. there was a parade followed by a star studded concert at freedom plaza. that is at 4:30 featuring mesa. it we understand a fireworks display at 8:45 also at freedom
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plaza. for details, just go to the nbc washington app. prince george's county is closer to getting the largest collection of holocaust artifacts in the world. the museum broke ground today on the conservation center. the 80,000 square foot warehouse will be built near routes 50 and 301 in bowie. they called this the most important building project the museum will ever undertake. when they are no longer around, the collections will tell their stories. >> may the treasure fall into good hands. may history attest for us. well we know today that thankfully that treasure did fall into our good hands. >> the collections and conservation center is named for the holocaust survivors who
4:37 pm
donate millions for the project. today is the day, folks. we are counting down. a few hours left to follow your taxes. we'll tell you what you need to know. plus a place to feed your baby that angers a lot of mothers. we'll continue with a fair amount of clouds. shower chances? yes, back this week and even this weekend. i'll give you all the details when it moves in and out and in
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well you can soon zip through security faster at bwi marshall airport if you're willing to pay. a company called clear plans to open kiosks at airports next week. you can have your identity verified with a finger print scan. then skip the lines altogether. it costs $15 a month for adults. you can add a partner or adult for $50 a year. aa bathroom stall at the airport is getting a lot of attention thanks to a facebook post by a local parenting expert.
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take a closer look and you see a sign that reads nursing lounge. leslie morgansteiner is a blogger and author of three parenting book. she posted this last week. she said the lounge is nothing more than a handicap stall. news4 reached out to the metropolitan airport authority. they sent us a statement saying we recognize the location of the nursing lounge is not ideal. we are working with our teams to find a better solution to accommodate nursing mothers within the limited available space at reagan national airport. well this is tax day. it is officially the deadline for filing your returns. if you've waited until the last minute the irs recommends you file online. although it will accept forms in the mail that are post marked today. now if you do file online and you make less than $60,000 a year you can file free of charge on the irs website. you can also use the irs to go app to go. the app will check your refund
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status. heads up, parents. there is a baby food tomorrow tell you about. beech nut is recalling certain jars of baby food after hearing from a consumer who found a piece of glass inside a jar. the recall affects jars of stage two sweet potato food. it was sold locally. see if your food was affected we posted the product labels on our website. for the first time ever people are spending more money eating out than they are at grocery stores. that's according to a new report from the commerce department. they stay millennials are the ones spearheading this trend. and as they surpass babyboomers as the largest living generation restaurants are working harder and harder to attract those younger people. first at 4:00 video you have to see to believe. a storm chaser gets a little too close to his subject. how he reacted that has a lot of
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people talking. and our big story this afternoon, a lot of questions after a man lands a small aircraft on the grounds of the u.s. capitol. an update from the live de [ male
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only on news4, a local woman discovers bullet holes in her home. who is behind the crime that could happen on any street? now to a father of three showing the world his close call with a tornado. >> the north carolina man was driving in illinois for work when the funnel cloud came toward him. >> this is a tornado and i cannot tell which way it is going so i don't know how to get away from it. but it looks like it is coming right toward me. >> yeah i would say it is right over me. >> luckily he was able to get to a highway overpass when the tornado went by. >> oh! scary. the truck -- oh my gosh. holy smokes! the truck feels like it is about to lift up off the ground.
4:47 pm
oh my gosh. oh look at that. >> yeah. that truck sustained some damage. but that guy is okay. >> that is incredible. >> with weather like that get out of there and get to a structure at the lowest level. keep it safe. >> you really want the wipers on. their fastest level temperature point, right? >> yeah. it is ball safety. rather than continue to shoot just get somewhere safe. we've got a little weather around our area. a lot of folks are wondering if these clouds will deliver any rain. they aren't for the majority of the area. 99% will be staying dry overnight. we could see some sprinkles skirting the southern most tier. down around culpepper, fredericksburg, stafford county very, very late. it has been about the filtered sunshine today. didn't stop the temperatures from eking up. 68 degrees at the airport. while we do have that flow from southwest to northwest -- northeast that has been bringing
4:48 pm
the clouds into the area we have high pressure that continues to allow the showers to continue south of us. 65 degrees by 7:00. 60 by 9:00. we drop to 58 degrees by 11:00 p.m. we cannot rule out a little sprinkle to the south of us including around the northern neck. you can see the showers. that's the green. the last couple of hours, how the rain comes into the area. then we see things start to wane. that shower activity for the most part will be staying just south of us. some early day sunshine tomorrow. we'll start out at 48 degrees by the afternoon. 20 degrees higher. 68 and it is during the afternoon, evening hours that we'll pick up more clouds. so it won't be a day with full sunshine. again, not a bad day. we're not expecting any rain across the area. 70 degrees right down i-95.
4:49 pm
quantico. 69 manassas sterling 68 the high temperature. some afternoon sunshine coming our way. we stay in the 50s until about lunch time. then mid to upper 60s for the afternoon hours. so a good day to get out maybe and play a little government. maybe a couple rounds in. exercise good for that too, as they said. out and about. nice and mild. the green light for doing just about anything. your weekend is split. sunday, the temperature, 65 degrees. saturday absolutely. the best day out of the weekend with temps in the mid 70s for the afternoon. then we've got a washout kind of a day coming your way monday of next week. the early morning rain and showers for the afternoon. we've got a lot more on our friday rain coming up on news4 at 5:00.
4:50 pm
♪ >> a monumental day in northwest washington. abraham lincoln died there on this day, 150 years ago. hours after he was shot while attending a play across the street at ford's theater. the president was a frequent visitor at ford's. after his death, the theater shut down. >> it reopened in 1968 as a national historic site and a working play house. while ford's clearly has a storied and important past, aaron gilchrist reports it also has an important future. ♪ >> one powerful scene after another is the hallmark at the ford's theater. it is the retooling of a musical that reletters. and the story of civil war american. just one example of how ford's theater is an historic site and
4:51 pm
so much more. >> abraham lincoln would not have wanted a sort of a theater in a memorial to where he was murdered. but actually this is a memorial to his love of the performing arts. >> ford's reopened in 1968 after serving other uses. the theater remains a small venue restored to look like it did 150 years ago. trying to produce american work about american experience. >> we mount all of our productions from the ground up. we do not bring in tour productions, we do not take in bus and truck tours from new york city. >> these actors are both native to the d.c. area and have big roles in freedom song. they've become ambassadors for the art at ford's theater. >> when you get to places in california and kansas and people aren't aware that you still do shows here. so it is cool to get to enlighten people about that. >> you get a lot of people who come just to experience the historical part of it.
4:52 pm
then they stumble upon the show. okay. let me see the show and then they love that as well. >> she is in her 11th production here. >> i remember we came to see 1776 here 20 years ago. and i just loved it. >> and yes, the play is the thing. but you can't ignore the history this theater holds, ever. >> when people come to this theater. invariably they will sit down before a production starts. they'll pum out their cell phone cameras and take pictures of the lincoln box. that is a fact of who we are. >> the lincoln box still looks as it did the night before he was shot. bunting, two arm chairs where the lincolns sat and a sofa for their two guests. there is a window now that lets tourists see inside the box where the president sat at least a dozen times as a theater lover. >> he came to ford's theater often to see plays and people from all over the world can come back and enjoy ford's theater the same as did he.
4:53 pm
>> and history is ever present. >> you're fully in the story. you're fully invested and you happen to make the turn stage left and you see it. and it is that wave. that reminder of this great historic place that you're working. >> in washington, aaron gilchrist, news4. >> that runs through may 20th. and a program note. join thus saturday morning at 9:30 for the lincoln assassination with aaron gilchrist. it marks 150 programs since the death of our 16th president. now only on news4. a local woman thought it was a light bulb exploding. when she heard a strange popping noise, she took cover. northern virginia reporter david culver explains. >> reporter: she woke up not sure what the noise was but walked out in her living room. stop about right here. that's when the back door shattered. then she looked at this wall. one bullet. and look back here. two and three.
4:54 pm
realizing, someone shot into her house. >> they ran, they took out the wall. they said it was a rifle shot. >> reporter: still ahead, you'll hear who police say fired those shots. a former nfl star learns his fate. now the people who had to decide whether aaron hernandez is guilty talk about how they came to such a big decision. things could be changi
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
we are now hearing from the jurors who found aaron hernandez guilty. this means hernandez could die in jail pending an appeal. >> reporter: he was once one of the nfl's stars. aaron shernds now a convicted murderer. the jury's decision came on the seventh day of deliberations after a nine-week trial in the testimony of more than 130 witnesses. jurors finding hernandez killed his friend odin lloyd in june 2013 and left his body in a vacant lot, not far from his home. as the jury delivered its verdict, he shook his head and fell into a chair. his fiance who testified earlier in the trial went. so did members of his family. in her victim impact statement,
4:58 pm
odin's mother talked about forgiveness. >> my baby's foot prints is in my heart forever. >> reporter: despite having no murder weapon no witnesses to the shooting and offering no clear motive prosecutors were able to tie him to the crime scene through cell phone records and surveillance videos. >> the fact that he was a professional athlete meant nothing in the end. he is a citizen who was held accountable by the jury for his depraved conduct. >> reporter: jurors. his star status meant nothing. >> we followed the orders that the man sitting in that seat is innocent until the prosecution proves he is guilty and that's what happened today. >> reporter: the 25-year-old taken away in handcuffs and shackles moments after the decision was read. it ensures he will die in prison pending an appeal.
4:59 pm
now we have brand new video of that pilot flying a mad max style copter on to capitol grounds. also breaking, a red light on the green line after a pedestrian bridge tumbles on to train tracks in maryland. we're live on the scene. >> i am really sorry. >> public apology. why that teenager says he put swastikas on a local synagogue and how a rabbi is responding. but first to the breaking story on capitol hill where police have reopened the roads. after that pilot handed his copter on the west lawn. we have live team coverage. pat lawson on that. we'll start with chris lawrence who has been there all afternoon. the capitol back to normal after an exciting afternoon. >> reporter: yes, some scary moments for the people here.
5:00 pm
the capitol police have hauled that gyrocopter off the lawn and federal law enforcement sources tell me they didn't find any explosives or womens on board. let's get you straight there. the pilot coming in. witnesses say he was flying from the west. coming in about 30 feet over the national mall. the faa has restricted that air space for anyone flying under 18,000 feet. the faa said they were not alerted to this flight. the witnesses say they could see the insignia of the u.s. postal service on the side of it. some of them thought this was an official flight. the plane, gyro copter plomd down on that front lawn of the capitol. witnesses say that the man did not come out immediately. the comment police were right there to arrest him. he did not come out until ordered to do so. some of the reasons why perhaps they did not


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