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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 16, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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milder spots. next weather and traffic on the ones and looking at the commute this morning, got a problem at arlington. what's going on, melissa? >> -- after a pedestrian bridge collapsed between greenbelt and college park metro. >> crews are working to repair the tracks. news4's megan mcgrath with alternative ways to get to work this morning. >> reporter: yeah this is going to be a mess for folks. and they're running shuttle buses, but you have to add some time on to your commute if you choose to take the shuttle buses. now, this morning, we have noticed in fact here's someone walking into the opening of the metro station here right now. we're finding that a lot of people didn't get the word that the green belt station is closed
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this morning. they're walking inside only to be turned around as this gentleman is right here. looks like he's about to walk out. we have the shuttle buses operating though. this is one of them right here. we have seen a bus pull away just in the last ten minutes or so. now, they're running free shuttle bus service between the greenbelt station and the college park station. they're telling folks rule of thumb, add 20 minutes to your travel time because it's going to just slow things down a little bit this morning here. there was a pedestrian bridge in berwyn heights that goes over the tracks for both the -- both metro and the m.a.r.c. trains. it was hit by a boom of a crane yesterday and collapsed on to the tracks. they have been trying to remove the debris this morning but they haven't been able to complete that work yesterday. so the green belt station is completely closed today. m.a.r.c. train i should mention is back to full service on the camden line, but they say that you may still see some minor delays between college park and
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greenbelt as they have to slow trains down to get by the area of that collapse. but it's certainly going to be a big problem for a lot of people. talked to one gentleman who is trying to catch a plane. he came here to jump on a train. didn't realize that he was going to have to figure something else out. >> and so i mean, i have to find some way to get there. >> what are you going to do? >> they said there would be a shuttle bus. i don't see the shuttle bus. >> are you going to miss your plane? >> possibly, yeah. >> reporter: so a big headache for a lot of people here this morning. now, with more on traffic we'll send it over to melissa mollet. >> good morning. greenbelt station closed. the bulls are running between greenbelt and college park this morning. they're saying to allow an extra 20 minutes because of this. lee highway at north fort myer
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lee highway is now open but north fort myer is closed because of the bad crash. beltway is looking pretty good. no major problems as you take a big look at the beltway. a couple of cameras for you right now. 270 at old hundred road, looking quite good through hyatts town. and the beltway at indian head highway also moving along quite nicely this morning. the biggest problem -- greenbelt station shut down. those buses though will be running hopefully keeping things moving throughout the morning. i'm back with a live picture of 95 in virginia coming up. >> thanks melissa. from chaos to calm at the u.s. capitol. the craziness on the screen after a man flew a copter on to the lawn. security forces are trying to figure out how all of this happened. here's a look at the scary video as doug hughes flew that device
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right there over the national mall. this morning, hupg -- hughes heads to court to face charges. hughes is a postal worker from florida. he had been planning this flight for a long time. he says he wanted to deliver a strong message to lawmakers about campaign finance reform. hughes says he had no malicious motive and no plans to kill himself or others. he wanted to deliver letters personally to every member of congress. >> i'm not suicidal. i'm not going to commit suicide. and i'm not going to fly into any monuments. no sane person would do what i'm doing. >> hughes drove his gyrocopter from florida to d.c. by trailer. it was never detected by norad and he told secret service about his plan two years ago. we'll have more on this at 5:15. more security changes at the white house could be approved
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today. the news4 i-team scott macfarlane broke this on twitter. it calls for half inch steel spikes to be added to the fence outside the white house. it's in response to the frightening incident where a man-made it over the fence and through the front door before he was stopped. the commission of fine arts has to sign off on it today and the national planning commission is expected to approve the plan next month. today fairfax county police's former public information officer will make his first court appearance as an accused criminal. william bud walker is charged with possessing and the intent to distribute child pornography. he has been a spokesman for the last six years. investigators were led to him after a tip on the online progress. they traced uploads on the website to walker's home in fairfax county. >> at this time our investigation has not yielded any information of criminal activity committed by mr. walker
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involving children from our community. >> walker was a school resource officer at south county high school from 2006 to 2009. as the chief said no one has accused walker of abuse. police are asking anyone with information about any potential victims to come forward. today virginia will remember those lives lost in the virginia tech shootings. a statewide silence will take place at 9:43 this morning. it marks eight years since the shootings that killed 32 people. there will be a remembrance event on campus including tributes and exhibits. there will be a 3.2 mile run to honor each life that was lost. a judge is refusing to stop a virginia woman's college from closing its doors. sweet briar college announced it was closing last month. yesterday, a local judge refused to stand in the way of the closing. but he did issue an injunction. it forbids the college from spending any charitable contributions for 60 days and an
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appeal is expected. new this morning, we now know when you'll be able to watch the wizards start their playoff run. they released the schedule against the toronto raptors after 1:00 this morning. they'll play next tuesday night. game 3, the first game in washington is a week from tomorrow. april 24th, that's a friday night. you can still buy tickets from the wizards for as little as $55. not too bad. if you're planning to go to the nats game tonight, don't forget you have to pay to park even though it's a holiday. today is d.c. emancipation day. meters will be turned off across the city except around the ballpark. don't forget to pay. it's expensive. the tickets. the nats pay the phillies tonight. >> what team are they playing? >> phillies. go nats. the capitals are hoping they can bounce back tomorrow after a rough start in their quest for the stanley cup. the caps struggled to score last night in game 1. the islanders' big star tavares
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led to the goal there. the caps lose home ice advantage for the rest of the series with the islanders. game 2 tomorrow night at 7:00 at the verizon center. hopefully the caps can turn it around. >> a great time of the year. you have hockey basketball. baseball starting up. weather is turning nice. but playoff hockey is intense. >> really is. >> like every single moment. it's intense. >> yes. the new information we are learning about the man who flew the gyrocopter on to the capital. what he told the secret service a few years ago. a clear and cool start to the morning. when you'll be able to ditch your coat today with the weather and traffic on the a new form of innovation
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the city council in panama city, florida is considering whether to implement a new law to drive spring breakers away. the area has seen a rise in crime including an apparent gang rape and a shooting. police have arrested three times as many people this year as they did a year ago. the city council says it may ban drinking on the beach to deal with these problems. starting today, you'll go at to share your stories about your favorite national park. the park service is installing an interactive kiosk at the jefferson memorial. it's part of a new find your park campaign to encourage people to connect with the more
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than 400 national parks across the country. the park service hopes the campaign encourages public support and raises funds for maintenance needs. >> very cool. we have some beautiful parks here in our area. >> it's unbelievably beautiful what we have in washington. we are lucky to have it. today is a good day to catch a look at the green space. >> 57 right now. let's check in with meteorologist tom kierein. >> good morning. my favorite local national park is shenandoah national park. a great day to get up on skyline drive. if you're hitting the roads through the day, morning commute, green light. midday, and afternoon commute looking good weather wise. be nice to have green lights all the time wouldn't it? and temperatures hovering near 50 degrees, and dry roads will be in the upper 60s for the afternoon commute. you may be sneezing a bit. tree pollen is now in the moderate range so kind of bouncing back after the rain we had on tuesday.
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the grass and weed pollen is low now. a look at when rain arrives tonight. that's coming up at 5:21. melissa, what's going on now? >> thank you for the dry roads. 95 at powder mill road, nothing is happening there. and you are found 123 northbound and south bond. greenbelt station, you are shut down. and still have this problem in arlington. lee highway at north fort myer lee highway is now open. north fort myer still closed. new information is just coming in about the search for a missing malaysia airlines flight. molette green is working on that from the live desk and will bring us new details. you have seen the video and heard his motive. but this morning we're learning more about the
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you're watching "news4 today."
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>> a lot of tourists and locals alike probably scratching their heads this morning over that scene. that gyrocopter swooped down over the national mall and crashed. we get new details about the man who has taken responsibility for that stunt. doug hughes is a u.s. postal worker and this morning we're learning he had been planning this for quite some time. and the secret service knew his name. news4's derek ward is live now at the capital with more on doug hughes. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, first off, mr. hughes is due in court today. he's being charged under title 49 of the u.s. code which deals with transportation because of the breach of secured air space inside the district and of course here over the mall. take a look. it's about 1:30 yesterday afternoon when hughes flew his gyrocopter all the way from gettysburg down here to the u.s. mall. making a special delivery for members of congress. he talked to local media in tampa about it. he sent e-mails to local media
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and posted it on facebook. it was still a surprise to folks here at the capitol, the capitol police and the faa. this despite hughes being talked to by the secret service back in 2013. he says he told the secret service he didn't plan to hurt anyone. he fully expected to be arrested but he thought his message of jeffersonian ideals regarding money and politics was important enough to do this. he chose that gyrocopter because he thought a fixed wing ultra lite type of aircraft might pose more of a threat and he expected to be arrested. he didn't know what we found out is that there was actually a rifleman there posted at the capitol, ready to take him out had he gotten too close to the building. we may hear more about his motivations once he appears in court today. he's still being held on the charges. derrick ward, news4. >> thank you. a lawsuit now claims the fbi covered up evidence about the
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anthrax attacks that killed five people in 2001. richard landberg was in charge of the investigation and he says the agency held back evidence that questioned whether bruce ivins was actually responsible for what happened. ivins killed himself seven years ago and the fbi does not comment on pending litigation. today, members of congress and holocaust survivors will meet in the capitol to remember the holocaust. it's holocaust remembrance day today. it's observed on the same day as the warsaw ghetto uprising in 1943. 6 million jews were killed by the nazis. maryland communities observe the memorial this past sunday. and news for your health a new study reveals snoring and sleep apnea may be linked to early memory loss. researchers at nyu looked at nearly 25 older adults around they found those with sleep
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problems were diagnosed with memory loss and they developed alzheimer's disease five years earlier. millions of people could benefit from research aimed at curing color-blindness. it involves gene therapy delivered to the eye through a shot which can be done in a doctor's office. so far, it's only been tested on animals and attend years those tests showed that the effects of seeing colors that they didn't see before. color blindness is inherited on the "x" chromosome much the same way that baldness is handed down that's why more men are affected than women. today you want to check out the parenting team section of the "today" show website. you'll recognize eun yang on there. she'll talk about managing stress. can you tell me a thing or two? >> it is about finding small
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steps, and because of the crazy hours i work it's about getting things done the night before. if i don't pick the outfit get the shoes ready, i'm getting ready in the dark, it will be a mess. >> eun has three kids. i have two. >> what are your best stress relievers? >> just get through the day. >> that's the motto. one day -- >> like one minute at a time actually. especially when they're young. but it's a joy. >> you have two adorable daughters. >> thank you. >> they're so cute. >> yours too. all right, enough about our kids. let's talk about the weather. today is going to be a great day. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. tom, you can tell us a few things about parenting. >> well, i'm lucky to have the two colored shoes that match. >> that's right. >> when you pick out your clothes in the middle of the night. starting off early this morning as you're rummaging through your closet and wondering what to wear you'll need a light jacket early this morning. we're starting off with some chilly temperatures. by 8:00, we're near 50 degrees.
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a little bit of sunshine in and out this morning. and by noontime the mid 60s. still mostly cloudy to partly sunny and then the clouds kind of close in by 5:00 p.m. upper 60s. a day like yesterday, kind of a deja vu day. and the nats are back in town after a win yesterday afternoon. playing the phillies today. wear a jacket it will be getting cool toward the end of the game. a cloudy sky. looks like the rain is going to hold off until after midnight. here's the new timing around 1:00 or so. the area in the green, a zone of showers moving on through. another round of some showers may be coming in from the mountains heading east. that's moving in around dawn tomorrow. north and west of the metro area. then by mid-morning through early afternoon, a few of these light showers will be passing on through. and then after that, sun back tomorrow afternoon. up into the low to mid 70s.
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then soaring to near 80 on saturday with sunshine. then on sunday increasing clouds. next chance of rain after late tonight and tomorrow morning is sunday. looks like after sunset. so plans on sunday should be dry most of the day. cooler though with temperatures in the 60s. then that rain moves in. look like a rainy day on monday. similar to what we had on today. it will be up around 70. then tuesday, wednesday next week we dry out. pleasant weather. nice spring weather as we'll be up around 70 both of those days. next weather and traffic on the ones look at hometown highs at 5:31. melissa is looking at the commute now. what's going on? >> right now as we look at things overall taking a look at the beltway, we are looking pretty good. lots of movement there. no major problems right now. 95 here, taking a look at if you're headed out of fredericksburg, headed up north here nice and green. south, no problems. listen to wtop for the latest on the traffic and news as well. 270 northbound and southbound
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moving along quite nicely. we have this issue, still greenbelt station closed -- i should say in berwyn heights there. buss will run between greenbelt and college park. and lee highway, we have it open because of the serious crash, but north fort myer is still closed. back in ten minutes. molette green at the live desk. we just heard from malaysian government so determined to find the missing plane. they're now ready to take another big step. at a news conference, malaysia announced the search area for flight 370 in the southern indian ocean will be doubled if they cannot find the jetliner by the end of may. they believe they are in the right area and have the best equipment to find it in the very deep dark ocean. the search has already cost nearly $100 million and still no sign of the plane with 239 people on board that dropped off
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radar last year. that's the latest back to you, eun. a man accused of kicking his dog in an elevator is now banned from owning animals at least for now. a former ceo caught on camera in vancouver has been fined $5,000 and banned from owning an animal for three years. he pled guilty to animal cruelty after that video went viral. the fbi and nypd are now offering a $115,000 reward to find the person responsible for bombing seven years ago. the fbi says it identified multiple people of interest possibly linked to the attack at an armed forces recruiting station in new york. they believe the bomber is a man and still living in the u.s. today. we're learning more about how expansion plans at reagan national airport will impact your travel. especially those of you who regularly hop quick commuter flights. you can see it here in purple. the more than $1 billion plan adds an entire new concourse at the north end of the airport.
5:26 am
14 new gates for the commuter planes. that means that shuttle buses from the tarmac will be a thing of the past. >> if you have ever flown on the commuter flights, you have to get on the bus to stand in the rain or the snow to get on your plane. we'll put a roof over your head. >> the airport wants the new concourse built within four or five years and some of you have tweeted us to celebrate the expansion. we've posted the plans or our airport. search for reagan expansion. reagan national is having backlash after putting in a nursing station. this picture was posted on a facebook page and she called the lone nursing space at reagan appalling. a spokesperson said they're looking for a better solution there. an ethics reform vote -- >> virginia lawmakers will rework a bill that limits gifts
5:27 am
they can receive from lobbyists. they say the bill as it is written now could mean a $100 lifetime limit of gifts. governor mcauliffe says the 100 limit per year instead of the $100 that was approved in february. and we have the closures on the metro's green line. megan and melissa have a look at how to get around the work this morning. and new details coming in about a deadly shooting. and looking live across the district this morning, pretty mild start right now. 56 degrees outside of the studios. how warm will it get today? tom is bac
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i'm megan mcgrath live at the greenbelt metro which is closed this morning to metro traffic. no rail traffic operating this morning. you look behand -- behind me,
5:31 am
you can see the shuttle buses operating. the problem is that a pedestrian bridge in berwyn heights it collapsed yesterday when it was hit by the boom of a crane. they have been working through the night trying to clear the debris off the tracks, but that work is not yet done. so at least for the time being for the morning rush hour there will be no train service here at the greenbelt station. they are running free shuttle buses as you can see. from greenbelt to college park. however, the rule of thumb here is to add an extra 20 minutes to your travel time. just to give yourself extra time to get to work. you can also of course avoid the station altogether. that might be your best bet as well. should mention that we have been seeing people coming here to the station. they did not get the word that the station is closed. some of them have just left gotten back in their cars and are going to try in. others are using those shuttle buses. but that could add some extra time. m.a.r.c. train was affected for a while yesterday, but today they are back to full service on the camden lines.
5:32 am
if you take m.a.r.c. you do have full service today, although they may see some minor slow downs as they travel through the areas where the bridge collapsed. now with more on traffic, we send it over to melissa mollet. >> that's a great tip there. adding 20 minutes, if you have to head to the greenbelt station. it is closed. the buses are running between college park this morning. branch avenue we have the left lane blocked in both directions for some road work happening. wide look at things no major problems as you look at the beltway, same thing. 66 and 95 no major issues. 95 northbound getting slow right now and the beltway at connecticut rolling along nicely. >> i love all that green on your maps. we have dry pavement. good weather for the commute and no rain around. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy in woodbridge and prince william county is at 46.
5:33 am
later today, the clouds in the afternoon. upper 60s. hyattsville, prince george's county, quite a chill in the air. and a lot of clouds too. should be reaching the mid 60s there by late afternoon. that'll be the high. gaithersburg also at 46 degrees. chilly start there. also reaching the mid 60s by late afternoon. few breaks in the clouds as the clouds close in. now next weather and traffic on the ones is at 5:41. that's when we'll look at the bus stop forecast what to wear. that's coming up in ten minutes. back to you. >> thank you, tom. we're working to learn why a man was shot to death. he was shot several times last night near central avenue. prince george's county police said this wasn't a random act of violence. new overnight, a deadly police involved shooting at the university of missouri. police tell us a string of events started with an armed robbery and the suspect hiding out in a woman's car. the woman returned to find
5:34 am
51-year-old mark adare inside the car with a gun. police say he struggled with them and then he was shot in the campus parking lot. school is operating as normal this morning. the deaf homeless man who was held in a local jail for six weeks without access to the interpreter is headed to court today. abreham zemedagegehu is suing the arlington county sheriff and he was accused of stealing an ipad at the reagan national airport. the ipad was later found by the owner. for two days he didn't know why he had been arrested and he repeatedly wrote the word interpreter but was denied one. the sheriff's office will fight the suit. drones flying over the district may soon become an every day sight. police are considering using it to preserve the crime scenes. >> for crime scenes you get one shot. >> law enforcement officials from across the country visited
5:35 am
d.c.'s forensic science office in southwest yesterday. the group watched a drone that can create 3-d 360 degree images and comes at a price. it costs about 365,000 bucks. president obama will welcome the eighth annual wounded warriors project soldier ride to the white house. this event involves dozens of injured service members who want to raise awareness about cycling for the disabled veterans. they use tricycles and other modified bicycles. metro is working on getting you to your destination safely. they'll begin repairing the ventilation fans and adding emergency exit signs and will upgrade the radio and cell phone systems inside tunnels. these upgrades are a result of that deadly smoke incident back in january. if you live in king georges county, your water and sewage
5:36 am
rates are going up again. we're learning that the increases are needed to cover almost $10 million in upgrades including sewer replacements. it seems you're no stranger to rate hikes there. rates have gone up every year for the past five years. it's not known by how much they'll change. we are working to find that out for you. d.c. is leading the way in growing our own. the district is number one for community gardens per capita. the trust for public lands said there's nearly 2,600 individual gardens, many of which are owned by the city or national park services. and the city parks department says there's a long waiting list of people who want a small piece of land to garden. might be able to get a brew at a maryland football game this fall. the university is considering selling alcohol at athletic events starting with the fall sports season. it stemmed from a student proposal. under the plan only a certain number of drinks could be purchased at a time and sales would stop before the end of the game. the university president has the final say on whether or not to
5:37 am
approve that plan. a high speed chase in houston turns into a crash and then a deadly shooting. why police say they had no choice but to open fire. looking live right outside the news4 studios this morning. a lot of you are the 40s and 50s. but how warm will it be la
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welcome back. deadly end to a high speed chase on the streets of houston, texas, is all caught on video. take a look. ette started yesterday -- it started yesterday afternoon when the driver of the blue chrysler 300 sped off in a traffic stop. the driver crashed into other cars. forcing him to surrender. he got out of the car and appeared to reach back inside. that's when an officer shot him. one other person from the chase was taken to the hospital. today two u.s. army are accused of trafficking firearms to undercover agents posing as members of a mexican drug cartel. the officers were assigned to the la mesa armory in california and they were arrested yesterday. not a bad start to the day.
5:41 am
hopefully we have more sunshine. >> that's exactly what i was going to say. >> who should we check in with? >> meteorologist tom kierein. he's the expert on these things. >> there's a chill on the air and if you go sleeveless like eun, you will need a jacket. it's down to 40 or 50 degrees. so you might want to wear your fleece or your light jacket. won't need the umbrella, slicker or rain boots today like yesterday. we'll have some sunshine this morning so you need the sunglasses for the morning. and waiting for the metro, waiting for the bus this morning, it will be chilly between 7:00 and 8:00 upper 40s to near 50. some clouds coming and going between 8:00 and 9:00. dry side low 50s by then. a look at our weekend rain chances at 5:51. melissa, good morning, everything going okay? >> overall, roads looking pretty good. we'll look at that in one second but i want to remind you greenbelt station, metro closed today. buses will be running between greenbelt and college park to
5:42 am
get you back and forth there. as far as those travel times, 270 south, no problem. outer loop of the beltway looking good here. 66 eastbound from fairfax county parkway, only should take you 12 minutes. of course you get the latest on your traffic and travel times on wtop when you hop in your car. we don't know whether he's running for president. >> but we do know he'll deliver a local commencement speech. where jeb bush is expected to speak. >> this morning we're hearing from the teen who admits to vandalizing a local synagogue. why he said he's not sorry he got caught but sorry for his actions. and aaron hernandez will spend the rest of his life
5:43 am
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you're watching "news4 today." >> this morning the man responsible for chaotic scene
5:46 am
outside of the capitol heads to court. >> doug hughes flew a gyrocopter across the national mall and landed on the west lawn of the capitol yesterday. caused a bit of a scare and a lot of confusion for tourists and security forces alike. news4's derrick ward live at the capitol with a look at what hughes will be charged with and what happens next. >> reporter: well, he's going to be charged today under title 49 of the u.s. code. which deals with transportation. and of course the breach of secured air space. here in the district and down here at the mall, you know tourists were stunned yesterday about 1:30 in the afternoon when he came in at treetop level in a gyrocopter and did a pretty tough landing, hard landing there on the west grounds of the capitol and he was taken into custody. that's when his story began to unfold. according to local reports out of florida where he's from, his life changed after his son died by suicide. he returned to something he
5:47 am
describes as jeffersonian principles regarding the constitution and the election, he said that people who pay too much attention to him are sort of missing his point. but he has been getting a lot of attention since publicizing those claims. a couple of visits by the secret service back in 2013 because of him publicizing what he intended do he intended to do something. and he said that once those visits stopped he didn't hear anything. and he started to hatch his plan. now that plan came to fruition yesterday and came to an abrupt end, but it did get attention to his cause to deliver the letters to congress about campaign reform. we're live here at the capitol, derrick ward news4. >> thanks. i want to share some information we're getting from metro. green line service has been restored between greenbelt and college park. that was after that incident that happened yesterday where a crane hit the pedestrian bridge
5:48 am
and shut down service to greenbelt. but again, greenbelt back out. service fully restored. that's good news for people. >> they cleared that up quickly. a teenager is apologizing for vandalizing a synagogue. sebastian espinoza-carranza was arrested for painting swastikas and kkk on the side of shaare torah last week. he spoke to derrick ward and he says he regrets what he did. >> i want to really apologize to the jewish community and to everybody because probably even my friends are disappointeddone. >> espinoza-carranza said he painted the symbols as a joke and he did not realize how much it would hurt people. he was charged with property damage to a religious institution. the rabbi wants to meet with him to talk about what happened. a woman in fairfax county had a lucky escape after bullets came flying through the walls of her home. missing her by just a few feet. sally thomas had just woken up when she heard gunshots.
5:49 am
the bullets pierced her deck screen and shattered the glass doors and hit the wall. just past her kitchen. police say though shots came from her neighbor's basement. officers asked her if he she had problems with her neighbors. >> i said no, he's just a really nice guy. he said that -- the police said well, that's where it's coming from. >> wow. three men have now been arrested. thomas says she will hold on to one of the bullet casings as memorabilia of that strange and scary incident. 5:49. this morning, aaron hernandez is waking up a convicted murderer, but his legal troubles are far from over. the former new england patriot's player was convicted and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for murdering odin lloyd. we are hearing directly from the jurors about which pieces of evidence convinced them of his guilt. >> maybe the .22 being found linked with the same serial number from the one down in florida. seen the serial numbers matching.
5:50 am
that was kind of -- that was a shocker for us. >> hernandez faces two more first degree murder charges for a drive by shooting outside of a boston nightclub in 2012. a trial date has not been set. a possible presidential contender heading to virginia soon. former florida governor jeb bush is giving the commencement address at liberty university in lynchburg. the school was founded by pastor jerry falwell. bush has faced criticism for his common core education standards and that's a frequent stop for republicans running for president. ted cruz announce his candidacy weeks ago. it's a lot of hard work and a lot of commitment because it isn't magic. it helps but it's not magic. so i feel a lot better. >> that's new jersey governor chris christie speaking about his weight loss surgery exclusively with matt lauer from the "today" show. christie hasn't announced he's running for president but he has
5:51 am
a lot to say about the 2016 field. he's not mincing words. you don't want to miss this interview. all right. time to look at the forecast. 5:51. we are hoping to see more sunshine. yesterday was overcast pretty much all day. i saw the sun briefly. oh look there it is but it's gone. >> and the temperatures are nice. >> you saw the movie groundhog day. >> i did. >> i feel like i'm living my life all over again today. because it's almost identical to yesterday. deja vu day is we'll -- because we'll have a similar day with clouds coming and going, a peek of the sun now and then. there's the live tower showing breaks in the clouds from the break of dawn. the moon is not quite as bright as it was yesterday. the storm team 4 sky cast showing the clouds coming and going through the morning and noontime. quite a bit of cloudiness and then the rest of the afternoon, mostly cloudy. a chill in the air, 40s. nearby suburbs in maryland low
5:52 am
to mid 40s. into the mountains this morning, a chill in the air. there's the washington monument under this partly to mostly cloudy sky. we'll stay this way by noontime. by noon mid 60s, just like we did yesterday. got to 68. we'll do that again today. for the nationals tonight, doug fister is on the mound for the nationals. cole hamels for the phillies. ought to be a great pitching match-up as they're back in town after a big win in boston yesterday. first pitch at 7:05. should be good weather for the game. the rain holds off until after midnight. love this photo. carpet of pink blossoms brought down by tuesday's rain. that was taken by alexandra givens one of our interns. a shower will move on through and late tonight, we add sun back. then a great day on saturday. great for outdoor activities. dare i say a beach day? up around 80 degrees. saturday afternoon with some sunshine. i'm hearing approval.
5:53 am
and we will have temperatures on sunday a bit cooler though in the 60s. could get some showers. looks like sunday evening now, not during the day, some rain likely. melissa has breaking news about the metro. >> breaking news on metro. greenbelt station is now open. the green line service fully restored so those buses are going to stop running between college park and greenbelt now. now that the station is open. wide look at things. no major problems as you look at the beltway there. 95 here, we're a little slow. northbound through dale city. 29 mile per hour. that's pretty typical as we are past the 5:30 hour and that starts to happen every day. 66 at ox road no problems there. and 270 at father hurley a couple of trucks off to the right here. no major problems headed northbound. southbound good as well. back at 6:01 with more on the
5:54 am
metro opening with megan mcgrath. >> thank you. a new study looks at who is being ticketed the most. drum roll thank you adam. drivers between the ages of 30 and 49. i think we both fall in that category. >> yeah. >> they're the most ticketed in the country but insurance rates are not going up like you think. younger drivers were found to be more likely to see their rate increase after a violation. le insurance going up. a woman in new york state came up with a unique way to deal with all of those leftover potholes in the street. she's planting flowers in them. she must have a lot of spare time. the woman says she didn't want to call and complain about the potholes but she was tired of looking at them. look. she has her gardening, gloves and beautifying it out there. >> what if they get run over? well very nice in the time
5:55 am
being. >> we still have so many. i'm still seeing them. we probably shop at -- at party city. you're a big -- >> both companies are marking a milestone. landon dowdy has that and more. >> what is that can you believe he's asking what is that? >> adam nice to see you too. we have potholes here like you have never seen. it's a big day for market debuts on wall street as a pair of well known names go public. the online crafting marketplace and retailer party city at the top end of the expected range. shares will start trading on the nasdaq today. and a federal judge has ruled that gm is shielded from claims that resulted from the bankruptcy bankruptcy in 2009. the ignition switches are blamed for more than 200 deaths and serious injuries. guys back over to you. >> it's the online crafting
5:56 am
marketplace. that's what it is. oh, right. >> exactly. >> check it out. >> i've got it. >> cute things for the girls. we are eight months away from christmas. did i just say christmas? it's april, but there are plenty of you who haven't used your gift cards from last christmas. you need to pick up that gift card and go treat yourself right now. the longer a gift card goes unspent the more likely it will get lost or forgotten and some even expire and there's a likelihood that the store might close. >> if you have a gift card to a store that's going out of business that you know is having financial trouble the urgency is greater. >> experts also remind you to make sure that gift cards are not tampered with. take you from the middle of the stack of gift cards that you're buying for someone else. >> there you go. we have breaking news you're looking at the greenbelt metro station where we just learned that rail service has been fully restored after that pedestrian bridge collapse.
5:57 am
news4's megan mcgrath has been talking to passengers and has more on the surprising developments next on "news4 today."
5:58 am
5:59 am
"news4 today" starts now. >> a pair of big stories right now on "news4 today." first, breaking news in the last few minutes we have learned metro's green line service has been restored after this bridge collapse. take a look. what riders are saying about the surprising change. plus it's the video that has all of us buzzing. a small helicopter landing at the capitol after buzzing the national mall. why some say the stunt should not have been a surprise for the police and secret service. but first, meteorologist tom kierein has your weather headlines for the day ahead. >> good morning. we have brush stroke clouds, live view from the storm team 4 tower camera. sunrise about half an hour away. it's getting earlier and earlier. the clouds, don't have any rain anywhere in the vicinity. cool morning.
6:00 am
generally in the 40s to near 50 degrees now. a mild afternoon. should be making it to the upper 60s. then a chance of rain moving in later tonight. temperatures right now around the metro area, reagan national is at 54. right now montgomery county upper 40s and same thing in prince george's county. and low to mid 40s, shenandoah valley into the mountains right now. coming up next, weather and traffic on the ones. your drive time commuter forecast for this thursday. how is the commute going now, melissa? what chopper 4 has captured a brushfire. this is the inner loop after the parkway. we can tell you that firefighters have told us just yesterday we shared with you that this could be a bad season with a lot of brush left over from the winter. but with we're watching this we'll k


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