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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 16, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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art with chris gordon who was in the courtroom for hughes' hearing this afternoon. >> reporter: well, this flight of fancy has captured the imagination of many on social media some calling doug hughes a hero and others acknowledge it's a serious breach of security. hughes appeared here today at federal court with a lawyer appointed to represent him. pilot doug hughes previously announced he intended to fly into restricted air space. as a result, he faces federal charges for violating national defense air space and operating an unregistered aircraft. if convicted, he could be punished by up to four years in prison. in court today, hughes was ordered released on his own recognizance with conditions. he will be held in home detention in tampa florida. he is prohibited from flying any aircraft and must stay away from the capitol and the white house. hughes previously said he was delivering 535 letters to congress protesting campaign
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financing and government corruption. his dramatic demonstration prompt a torrent of tweets, critical and supportive. this one says doug hughes is my personal hero. fantastic display of civil disobedience. bravo. i was here to see it. there was this ominous message. doug hughes may have unknowingly revealed one of the biggest security breaches in washington, d.c., since edward snowden. now, his will be restricted to his home in tampa, florida, allowed to return to the district of columbia only for his court proceedings. his next hearing his preliminary hearing scheduled for may 8th the latest live at the u.s. district courthouse. back to you. >> chris gordon thank you. that stunt is raising kes about how pilot doug hughes flied from gettysburg in pennsylvania, pass through several restricted flight zones and then land on the west lawn of the capitol. our team coverage continues now with steve handelsman, who is live on capitol hill. hi, steve. >> reporter: hi, doreen.
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because of those many questions, this pilot not getting the book thrown at him. it sure surprised a lot of lawmakers on the hill like maryland democratic elijah kujz cummings who said there could have been a bomb aboard. doug hughes' stunt, civil disobedience is rising fresh questions about the u.s. secret service and about protecting the district. hughes' message about campaign finance is overshadowed by concern about his penetration of washington's no fly zone down the mall, past the white house, to the capitol. >> i'm very upset and very concerned about this. >> reporter: secretary of homeland security jeh johnson. >> this individual apparently literally flew in under the radar. literally. >> reporter: but homeland security had hughes in its sights two years ago. the tampa bay times shot this video and secret service interviewed hughes, telling lawmakers today they found him not to be a threat. >> terrorists don't broadcast
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their flight path. >> reporter: tampa bay times reporter ben montgomery covered hughes' preparation, came to washington to watch and did not would not call police. what if the cops pull out their guns and start shooting? >> reporter: would that bother you? you like this guy? >> i think this guy was nonviolent. >> reporter: secret service today said someone else at the paper called ask about hughes but not to warn that he had taken off. they were referred to capitol police. so questions remain. >> what other planes could be able to come in? what other copters could be able to come in? >> reporter: and can secret service, already working to beef up barriers around the white house, better coordinate with other agencies to counter the airborne threat to washington? this incident said the white house in an understatement gives the secret service an opportunity to learn new lessons. i'm steve handelsman, news4. back to you. >> steve, thank you. we just posted the video from the tampa bay times interview with hughes on our web site the
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home page of or you can search "gyrocopter." well, jeb bush says a decision is coming soon on whether he will run for president. the tomorrowformer governor of florida says he will make up his mind and he would be seeking the republican nomination in what is becoming a crowded field for 2016. bush says his family supports his pondering of this, and he will be spending part of his weekend in new hampshire. hillary clinton is also visiting new hampshire soon, planning a trip there monday and tuesday. her aides say we should expect events similar to the ones in iowa earlier this week, including roundtables with students educators and small business leaders. tonight there are still problems on metro's green and yellow lines, hours after an arcing insulator incident at the ft. totten station. service was suspended this morning no fire found when service was restored there were delays for several hours. at last check, inbound trains
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were still single tracking. last week an arcing insulator was cleared from the bethesda metro tunnel. the incidents happen when water comes into contact with the electrified third rail that causes smoke. and storm team4 is tracking rain on the radar tonight so keep that umbrella close. our chief meteorologist doug kammerer is up in the storm center. what's the timing on the showers? >> you can use the umbrella, the small umbrella, big one sometimes. this one maybe you just need a newspaper, about five steps and it's over. we're not talking about much rain, but we are seeing shower activity right now. take a look. it is very scattered across the region. we just literally had one shower come right through northwest d.c. here in our station counted about ten raindrops. that's it. the atmosphere is fairly dry, a lot of it not hitting the ground. up toward frederick, hagerstown, warrenton, winchester, these all making their way through the region. they'll continue to do so is for the next few hours. then we have more showers, all light, coming through tonight
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and into the day tomorrow. now, tomorrow a little built of a different story there. we'll talk about our chances for thunder tomorrow, also a few showers. here comes the heat as we make our way into the weekend. then we have a chance for some heavy rain, not tomorrow but the heavy rain is coming too. i'll show you when in my forecast. >> thank you, doug. tonight a teenager from sterling is in jail, charged with a murder in herndon. moses dough ming as was arrested in the murder of leva. he was stabbed to death near a walking trail. detectives say they're looking into the possibility that the murder was gang related. now to a day of service and remembrance at virginia tech. it was eight years ago today that 32 people were killed when that gunman opened fire on the blacksburg campus. today students and faculty signed banners to honor those who lost their lives. and many visited the special memorial at the school in the victims' honor. members of the corps of cadets
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surrounded the memorial and stood guard for 32 minutes. instead of a big ceremony, school officials urged students to do something positive and not focus on the violence. politician tigss who lose elections often wind up lobbying or doing other government-related kinds of work. not former ward 1 councilmember jim graham. tom sherwood reports he's going into the nude dancing business. >> reporter: this is darrel the nightclub business 36 years and now at his longtime nude nightclub house on georgia avenue, he's hiring former d.c. council meb jim graham. he'll be on stage at the house two nights a week starting this sunday. >> is he going to be on stage fully clothed? >> i hope. >> reporter: cue the music for jim graham. ♪ the laser lights and the fog machine. jim graham is becoming a nude
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dancing impresario. >> i cast about for various thing pz and i decided to go into the adult entertainment industry. >> reporter: sunday nights nude male dancers for gay men, thursday nights male dancers for women. on the coop restaurant friend and political consultant chuck theefz wasn't sure what graham would do next. >> but what it was i had no idea. i knew it would be creative and fun. jim worked super hard for 16 years in government for the people. i think it's high time that he have some fun. >> reporter: graham already volunteers for drug abuse and homeless issues. the club is something different. >> i wanted something that was fun. quite honestly, i'd like to make a buck or two. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news4. hundreds of accusations of abuse and harassment at units that are supposed to help wounded soldiers. what an investigation uncovered, and how a d.c. company is helping to change things. if you build it, they will
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come. but maybe not in alexandria. the story of a $15 million state-of-the-art firehouse with no firefighters.
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 6. tonight, army units zieb designed to improve care for battled scarred veterans are the focus of hundreds of complaints from soldiers.
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>> those units were created after the walter reid patient care scandal in 2007. investigative rorgter scott freedman from our sister station in dallas reveals what he found during a nine-month investigation. >> reporter: hundreds of complaints from across the army. injured soldiers describing abuse, harassment and a lack of care from commanders of warrior transition units, which are supposed to care for ill and injured troops. many recovering from war. >> the mission is to heal, but that's not what i received. >> reporter: california national guard captain beverly sweeney made this complaint at ft. lewis in washington state, saying it felt like warrior commanders were conspiring against her and creating roadblocks at every turn. sweeney says commanders blocked her from getting care she needed, pushed injured soldiers beyond their physical limits, and ordered soldiers to work overnight guard duty even on medications that made them drowsy. >> it was very painful.
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i believed -- i believe in the military. i'm an army brat. my husband served. my mother served. >> reporter: new army records obtained by nbc dallas and "the dallas morning news" show more than 1100 complaints nationwide about commanders over five years at more than two dozen warrior transition units or wtus. those are just the complaints to the army aum budsman, one of many places they can complaint. ft. bragg had the most complaints 160, ft. hood in texas had the second highest total with more than 140. in all, there were seven wtus with at least 71 complaints about leadership, including ft. bliss in el paso where the army has already admitted there were serious problems beyond the shadow of a doubt. in san diego, the balboa wtu had 12 complaints about commanders. in august, a soldier there reported his squad leader was
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disrespecting him and starting a fight over boxing gloves. at ft. irwin near barstow 43 complaints including one that says that the unit is dysfunctional and causing more stress to soldiers than helping. last fall we heard that it rarely happens. >> i don't believe this is pervasive. >> you believe these are isolated cases? >> i absolutely believe that. >> reporter: that was after nbc dallas uncovered hundreds of complaints from injured soldiers in texas. in a statement, the army command that reviews the complaints nationwide tells us the u.s. army medical command remains -- substandard care to all soldiers. if it happens, the army says we immediately take corrective action. >> so this notion that it's isolated, it's a joke. >> reporter: andrew pagany runs a d.c.-based nonprofit that helps injured soldiers investigate abuse.
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he believes if the army would dig deeper it would see connections between the cases. >> the longer we keep pedaling the story that it's isolated, the longer the system will be incapable and unwilling to correct problems. >> i was exhausted, in agony. >> reporter: the army declined a answer questions about captain sweeney citing health care privacy rules, but as a nurse who dedicated her career to helping injured soldier, sweeney struggles to understand why she was left feeling abandoned when she needed help. >> i gave my heart and soul, i really did. and i believe in the system. i believe that we can correct it and that the powers at be have the potential to improve the system. >> tonight, friedman tells us that after months of battling her commanders, captain sweeney got a transfer to receive treatment closer to home and she's still on active duty. both the army surgeon general patricia owe roy yoe and secretary of the army john
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mchugh declined to be interviewed for this story. at a briefing in washington, mchugh recently told reporters that the army takes the problems that nbc dallas first reported seriously and more wtu changes may be coming. they are getting ready for a big weekend on the national mall. here is a live picture of the mall as crews set up for a big earth day event and concert saturday. organizers expect about 250,000 people are going to show up. some big acts have signed up to perform no doubt usher, fallout boy. expect road closures around downtown most of the day on saturday because the concert runs all day. check the nbc washington app before you head out to avoid delays. quite a lineup. >> yes. thousands of people wanting to know what the weather will be like on saturday. >> still awesome? >> the best part is i have free tickets to that. >> oh, you know somebody. >> everybody has free tickets. >> right. >> it's a free event. everybody is special that day. the weather will be great. this is saturday we're talking
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about here. i tell you what, the weather could not be better. 80 degrees on saturday beautiful weather. today also beautiful. plenty of sunshine. now, the clouds did come in. we've seen a couple of showers but as we've been talking about, these showers are very, very scattered and very very light. if you see them come through, that's really about it. you may not even neefd the umbrella at all. temperatures right now 70 degrees, winds out of the south at 15 miles per hour. looking at plenty of cloud cover right now. as i mentioned, those showers coming through have cooled temperatures to the west, 59 in winchester, 61 in luray, 58 toward stanton and 70 toward fredericksburg. now, here's the radar, and there's a lot of green on the radar. but again, most of this is very light coming toward cal ververt county, warrenton winchester and front royal seeing some of this. we'll zoom right on in on the leesburg area because this is the next round of some showers. and you can see some of these coming down along route 15 just to the south of leesburg. these showers moving right towards dulles and over toward
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ashburn and sterling. they'll continue to move that way as they move through the next few hours. some of the heavier rain actually just back toward the south. we're talking about areas like winchester right along the i-81 corridor, then up to the north we're looking at some of these heavier showers around hagerstown and frederick, down toward the d.c. metro area as we move right on to 70. most of these very, very light. as i mentioned yeah, the umbrella, if you have it you may not even need to pull it out. we are going to see more showers as we move on through the rest of the night tonight. even those will be light. down to the south we're looking at thunderstorm activity. for us, we could get a thunderstorm tomorrow but we're not talking a lot. future weather seeing some of that shower activity. there it is around 11:00, just some catered showers like we have out there right now. better chance of more widespread rain around 3:00 a.m. most of us asleep at that time. we shouldn't have anything to worry about. by 8:00, the time most of ufs are on the roadways i think we'll be a-okay as far as drying conditions. tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. sunshine. that will help us get to temperatures in the low to
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mid-70s. that will also help to kick off more showers and maybe even a rumble of thunder or two. kind of like a summertime day here where we get thunderstorms in the afternoon maybe a little stronger down to the south and east with more heating down there. but all in all we're not talking about much rain. and most of the day tomorrow will be on the dry side. high temperatures will be up into the mid-70s again. if you're thinking about getting out doing a run maybe run early, the best chance to dodge the rain. rain chances go up in the afternoon. now, how about those temperatures? we're at 74 today how about 75 tomorrow, how about 80 on saturday. saturday looking fantastic. 65 on sunday, 60% chance of rain but that is late in the day. we're talking really the evening into the overnight hours. and that will last right on through monday. some heavy rain potentially sunday night into monday morning. >> take your free tickets and get down there saturday. >> that's right. new details tonight about a story you saw "first on 4." changes coming to the fence and security checkpoints at the white house. we'll let you know when you can expect to see the changes in
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place. >> reporter: a brand-new fire station a ribbon cutting scheduled for this weekend. but it's been
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a former police spokesman facing child pornography charges will be back in court tomorrow for a bond hearing. william "bud" walker made his first court appearance today via
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closed circuit tv where he did not make any comment. the former public information officer for fairfax county police is accused of uploading child porn to an online blog. police say they got a tip and traced the images to walker's home. new fallout in the drunkh caused by a former maryland lawmaker. tonight former delegate done dwyer is under court order to pay nearly $92,000 to a man injured in that accident. dwyer was convicted of drunk boating after an august 2013 crash that injured eight people including children who were tubing in the water. earl mitchell of pasadena was injured in that crash. a few days ago, a judge ordered dwyer to pay mitchell's medical bills along with $60,000 for pain and suffering. well, it's a beautiful, brand-new fire station, but it needs some firefighters. >> and the city of alexandria says that's going to take time and money. so a ribbon cutting ceremony this weekend has now been put on hold. northern virginia bureau chief
6:24 pm
julie carey is live with the story. julie? >> reporter: well this is fire station 210. we're near the van dorn metro along eisenhower avenue. it is badly need nded in this rapidly growing section of the city. but residents are upset to learn it could be a year and a half before it's fully staffed. a brand-new fire station, but it's dark inside except for a paramedic crew and its vehicles it's empty. the city does not have enough firefighters to staff it and may not until 2016. uneasy city council members are glad the weekend ribbon cutting was called off. >> what we realized is that this is probably not an appropriate time as long as we have so much up in the air as to how it's going to be staffed. >> reporter: council member dell pepper says staffing the new station is not just aif matter of money. the department had more retirements than expected leaving them short. residents in the growing southwest section of the city
6:25 pm
are upset to learn of the missing firefighters and especially worried because the nearby transfer station just announced plans to expand. >> with this beast behind us, this train hauling edge aphenomenal and fuel that could go boom at any moment, it's scary for us. we need that fire station up to optimum level, which means you've got to have working firefighters in there. >> reporter: some residents have signed this petition demanding that the city include in the 2016 budget whatever funding is needed to get the station fully operational. del pepper says the council is exploring all options but there may not be a quick fix. >> it has a lot to do with how long it takes to train. so even if money was put forward right now we'd still have to wait a while for the training. >> reporter: alexandria though isn't the only jurisdiction to face this dilemma. back in 2013 fairfax county completed construction on its new wolf trap station, but it
6:26 pm
sat empty for months before it got trucks and firefighters. back to you. and just in tonight arlington county will not be raising property taxes. all five county board members say they will vote no on a tax rate increase. the final vote on next year's budget is set for next week. to help fund schools and to give kpounty employees a raise, the board plans to close artists sphere, a cultural arts center in rosland. next,ews4 i-team told you about a plan to keep intrude intruders oust white house. when you can expect to see changes. a second chance and an unbreakable bond. how these once abandoned dogs are changing the lives of local inmates. >> plus, she made history on stage here in d.c. see what landed misty copeland on the cover
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a florida man who flew a gyrocopter from pennsylvania to the u.s. capitol is free tonight. >> and in court today doug hughes was charged with operating an unregistered aircraft and violating national air space. >> new at 6:30 mixed reaction on the hill to the low-flying stunt and the possible security lapses it exposed. news4's pat collins is live with that part of the story. pat? >> reporter: it appears the radar didn't pick it up. it appears the air defenders for our city weren't deployed. it appears there's a hole in our
6:30 pm
security here. a hole big enough to fly a bicycle through. >> this was a breach of security of the capitol that could potentially have been very serious. we need to understand why he was able to kind of get onto the capitol grounds in an aircraft with nobody stopping him. >> reporter: it was something you'd never expect to see, certainly not after 9/11. a 61-year-old man piloting what he described as a flying bicycle buzzing into our city and landing the contraption undetected on the lawn of the capitol. it has people in our city shaking their heads. >> if he can do it what's stopping someone else that has bad intentions? >> reporter: norad said it didn't know this flying lawnchair was there until, well, after it was there. on the hill, congresswoman eleanor norton says she's worried about overreaction by
6:31 pm
xurtd officials. >> this is the people's house and senate, and it is where they come. we don't want more restrictions to get into the capitol grounds than there are now. >> reporter: michael owe han lan is a homeland security expert with the brookings institution. he has a different point of view. >> this is not something that you just sort of pooh-pooh away and say well, we didn't quite have enough advanced notice or we should have listened to the guys in tampa anymore. no, this is a gap that needs to be fixed. >> reporter: and the faa is investigating this gyrocopter case. wendy, back to you. >> pat collins. only on 4, a first look at the changes that are coming to white house security. two immediate changes were approved today by one of the agencies that oversees the white house fence. the news4 i-team scott macfarlane broke the story and shows us when these upgrades will be in place. >> reporter: the first set of changes could come in the coming
6:32 pm
weeks. they're going to bolt on new steel spikes atop the current white house fence. other bigger changes come later. here is a close-up look at the spikes, images obtained by the news4 i-team. you can see the sharp pieces of black metal designed to make it more difficult to climb the fence. in the coming weeks the secret service will beef up security of three vehicle checkpoints along the ellipse. the current checkpoints are on the top, the newer one sketched at the bottom. but these are just temporary. more sweeping changes are coming including a possible ten-foot fence like the one shown here in internal documents also obtained by the news4 i-team, also a possible double fence a new fence builten inside the existing perimeter, all a part of sweeping overhaul of white house grounds the national park service has been working on for years but did not detail in a public hearing in front of the u.s. commission of fine arts today. they said they likely won't detail them until autumn. >> we have been making progress and evaluating and studying the alternatives in greater detail.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: the i-team learned the park service considered but scrapped bolder upgrades considering barbed wire. a moat. there was concern expressed about having to retrieve people from it. an electrified rail non-trying paint was considered. dan bonjeany tells us this has been long awaiting. >> every player at the table would say, listen, if the president is not safe, all of this optics talk can go out the window. >> reporter: a representative of the national park service says today they plan to begin the construction of the new permanent replacement white house fence sometime in 2016. at the white house, scott macfarlane, news4. we've got a closer look at all the suggestions to enhance security at the white house. it's on our nbc washington app. just go to the investigations section. and homeland security secretary jeh johnson says one way to improve employee morale is to stop saying his workers
6:34 pm
have lousy morale. that came earlier today after an annual federal work hes satisfaction survey pitted dhs at the bottom among the cabinet agencies. nasa ranked at the top among the large federal agencies. most improved in the this year's survey, the department of labor which jumped from 17th place to 10th. >> reporter: i'm pat lausing muse at the live desk with incredible new video out of philadelphia. where a good samaritan saved a man who fell onto subway tracks. take a look at this. at the bottom left of the screen you can see a man walking near the edge of the platform. then he falls onto the tracks. several people scatter, but a man in an eagles jacket jumped right down from the platform to help that man. others gathered around to pill him back onto the platform after that. about a minute later police with the philadelphia subway system arrived to help the man who fell was hurt but not seriously injured.
6:35 pm
and the philadelphia police thanked the man for his quick action but said, you know things had been a lot worse had anyone come in contact with the third rail. at the live desk, pat lawson muse. the lawyer for a 12-year-old wisconsin girl accused of stabbing a classmate is asking a judge to lower her bail. the 12-year-old and a friend are charged with first degree intentional homicide for stabbing another girl. they said it was to please the horror character slenderman. the bail is $500,000 her lawyer want it's reduced and have her treated at a hospital for schizophrenia schizophrenia. the judge considers the request next week. by the end of may, search teams will have combed every inch of the search area in their quest to find malaysian flight 370. if there is still no sign of that missing jet by then, that search area will double in size. malaysia australia and china are leading the search effort in the indian ocean and they say they have covered more than 60% of a
6:36 pm
23,000 square mile zone. flight 370 veered far off course in march of last year, and it disappeared with 239 people on board. a tour bus belonging to a popular country music band catches fire. what the lead singer on board and what the star said on insta- instagram instagram. another honor for ballerina misty copeland. we'll tell you who is recognizing her for being a pioneer on the stage. we're tracking a couple of showers that continue across our region right now. we'll show you when the heaviest showers will move into your area, next.
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a tire blowout led to a big fire on the tour bus for country music band lady antebellum. happened just outside of dallas as the band was headed to the american country music awards this weekend. everybody got out safely. the bus was badly damaged, though on her instagram
6:39 pm
account, lady antebellum singer hillary scott posted a photo and message that read in part, everyone is safe and sound. then she posted again saying, everything from the back lounge of that bus was destroyed except her bible. she added that, my faith is forever deepened because of today. she just performed to sold-out audiences at the kennedy center, and now ballerina misty copeland has been chosens as one of "time" magazine's 100 most influential people. copeland is the only african-american soloist with the american ballet theater. and last week she danced with brooklyn mack of the washington ballet in the classic "swan lake." news4's pat lawson muse recently sat down with copeland to talk about her groundbreaking career and the impact she's having on young girls who hope to follow in her footsteps. you can watch the story in our next break on the measles outbreak linked to disneyland in california
6:40 pm
appears to be contained now. the outbreak began in december in california with several cases reported among disneyland workers and visitors. the highly contagious disease spread rapidly to 147 people in seven states. as of tomorrow two incubation periods will have passed with no new reports of related cases. california health officials say if the trend persists they will declare the end of the outbreak. well, this guy ran into an elementary school playground in china yesterday a buffalo bursting onto the school grounds after honking cars sent the animal into a panic. school surveillance cameras caught the thing on video. no reports of any injuries to the students. police eventually had to euthanize the animal because it became trapped in a school storage room. a lesson in love and discipline. how some inmates and shelter dogs are giving each other a new lease on life. a surprise for one soldier.
6:41 pm
we were there as a mother surprised her children in d.c. today. we'll show you their reunion.
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6:43 pm
>> announcer: you're watching news 4 at 6. get set! >> and they're off. that blaring horn kicking off the annual wounded warrior project's soldier ride at the white house today. soldier ride brings together injured service members from across the country for a long weekend that's focused on physical health and wellness, camaraderie camaraderie, healing. more than 50 soldiers and veterans circled the south lawn some in cycles adapted for their
6:44 pm
injuries. the president calls this event one of his favorites. going to be a graist night for a remarkable virginia ager who's been pulling more than his share at home, thanks to this big surprise. that would be caleb parsons reuniting with his mother staff sergeant storey parsons. she has been deployed to qatar at the same time caleb's father has been stationed in florida, leaving caleb, 18-year-old caleb, to run their virginia home and act as a stand-in parent to his three younger siblings who are 16 14 and 9. today he received the military child of the year award from operation homefront. >> it's awesome. i just want to hug him for the next 24 hours and not let him go. he helps them with their homework every day. he drives them to boy scouts, to swim practice. he takes them to friends' houses
6:45 pm
every week. >> caleb will be headed to west point this summer. abandoned dogs that have been rescued are getting some basic training by inmates at the patuxent institute in jess open. this is part of a project started by the washington animal rescue league. it helps the animals and the inmates both learn some valuable lessons about life. this is awful 50lfie. he's 5 years old. and he can count. >> one, two three. yay! >> and this is miley, not even a year old, but she's a good girl. >> miley fetch. good girl. >> alfie and miley are homeless dogs who have been living with the ip mates at patuxent institute for the past ten weeks, learning to be loved and learning to trust. >> i think that these dogs bring
6:46 pm
them some level of joy andling, you know, the humanity. >> two inmates work with each dog throughout the weeks, and the league sends their animal behaviorist over every tuesday to heles who we are not identifying learn something deep and vital as well. >> he just looked at me in my eyes, and we connected. i mean, i didn't know you could do that with a dog. >> it has done a 360 on me. like it just helps. i've never sought therapy stuff like that. so to be able to talk about my problems. >> it's like we're able to bring a sort of peace to everyone involved. >> on this day, miley and alfie are graduating. they've completed their training and are being adopted by employees at the institute. one of the inmates who worked with miley wrote a song. ♪ even far apart in a different place ♪ >> the song that was the first thing that i thought about when i first got her. i'm like oh, man, i'm going to
6:47 pm
end up writing something really nice for this dog. >> after today's graduation, the inmates gave the dogs to their new owners. >> thanks for training my dog. >> he's helped me through a lot of stuff, learn how to, one, be close to something or someone and let them go and know it's going to be okay. >> learning trust, confidence, love, and fortitude and discovering that sometimes you have to be lost to be found. >> good job! very good. >> i loved that that dog could count! since this program started, in just september, the inmates have already trained several dogs and more will be heading their way. it's a lovely program. >> oh, it's wonderful for the pets and the people. >> and the inmates. they just fall in love with the animals, but they understand they have to give them up because more are coming their way. they all learn a lot. >> great story. how's our evening weather looking, doug? >> the evening is not bad. we'll see a couple of showers but if you see a shower, don't worry, it will pass you by very, very quickly. we've got one of those showers
6:48 pm
right now coming through parts of mont comery, fax fair counties. right now national harbor looking pretty good across the region. we saw sunshine earlier, then the clouds began to come in. out there towards the jefferson memorial also seeing the cloudy skies a little bit of rain. 70 degrees right now, a few showers through 7:00, mild around 9:00 and 11:00, temperatures around 60. current temperature 66 in leesburg, 66 gaithersburg toward huntingtown. everybody in the 60s for the most part with the exception of downtown coming in at 70. most of the rain now pushing off toward the north and east. that's really about it folks. if you didn't see it you may not get much more. just a few light showers around for the most part, heavier showers now toward morgan county, west virginia. we'll zoom in western portions of fairfax county in through montgomery county. it's raining coming down here. we're not going to call it moderate. it's still light rain around the area through gain urzburg, you're going to get that in the next ten minutes, herndon seeing
6:49 pm
it right now around herndon high school in downtown herndon seeing some of that. then toward bethesda, some of those. heads-up you'll see a few more showers in parts of the area especially folks in montgomery and fairfax count eighties. that same shower will clips the district in the next half hour. more showers to the west but that's all it is not any heavy rain. but tomorrow a little bit of a different story. we'll still have the scattered showers around, but tomorrow maybe some thunder possible with the showers, mixture of clouds and sun, high 71 to about 7 degrees. next couple of days 75 tomorrow and then everything gets really nice on saturday. of course, earth day on saturday with that big concert downtown. beautiful on the mall, 80 degrees for that 65 degrees on sunday. right now take a look at the weekend, the entire weekend really on the dry side. the only exception is going to be late sunday. so sunny and beautiful saturday clouds on the increase sunday, but a dry day and a wet evening and into the overnight period. not just that, but early on monday also going to be very rainy. i think we could see upwards of
6:50 pm
an inch of rain, may maybe more from this system. that's going to be a big one. right now focus on the positives, 75 a few showers tomorrow 80 on saturday. then, hey, most of next week looking pretty good, too. >> and we know saturday is the day to get outside and live it up. >> thank you, doug. coming up in sports, the caps focus on game two now and the changes they need to make to get a win in the playoffs. first lester holt with what's ahead on "nbc nightly news". >> hi doreen and wendy. coming up we hear from the secretary of home larndland security about the security breach that allowed a man to land a copter on the lawn of the u.s. capitol yesterday. we'll also talk about a new study suggesting a possible link between snoring, sleep apnea and alzheimer's. and we have a 911 call made from the belly of a jet from a worker trapped
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. so do they plan on playing with more muscle tomorrow? >> i don't think muscle is the issue. it's execution. that's what they need to figure out. you know, this is the playoffs. for 60 minutes last night, it seemed the caps didn't even want to be there. awe're in the playoffs, guys. come on. a lack of execution a lack of energy a lack of poise. so today's practice must have been grueling, right? no. it was the opposite. today an optional skate for the guys despite the loss last night. staying fresh just as important as fine-tuning before tomorrow's
6:54 pm
game two. there won't be any earth shattering tweaks according to coach. as for what the team can improve on, i think we can do everything better. that's what nicklas backstrom said today. his teammates also have an idea of what they can do to get a win in game two. >> guys need to make sure that they're ready to go you know excited to play but not be overexcited and we may be working a little harder or not as efficiently as they need to be. >> all it is is execution. trust me the desire to win is there. nobody showed up yesterday saying, oh, we're going to try to play a poor game tonight. everybody showed up trying to win the hockey game. just the execution needs to be better. we're a veteran group. we understand that. we'll expect better and be better tomorrow. >> all right! hold them to it. a little kick if the butt. game two tomorrow night on comcast sports knelt, game three on nbc 4. we'll get you ready for our pregame score caps quest for the cup at 11:30 sunday morning.
6:55 pm
followed by the caps/islanders 12:00 on nbc 4. although it's early, the nationals are tied for last place in their division. so the biggest problem the nats' defense. ten errors in nine games. that's second most in the majors right now, right behind the yankees. as for the offense, our jason pough is at nats park right before first pitch. >> reporter: thanks, diana. the nationals' offense or lack thereof came to life in boston, scoring 17 runs over the last two contests. that offensive spark is exactly what this team needed. >> absolutely hitting is contagious. you go up there feeling good, and knowing your teammates are behind you and they're going to support you as well, i'd say it's a good feeling. you take the pressure off yourself and everybody swinging it well. absolutely it's contagious. >> what's encouraging for us, the last couple of games is that extended inning that we've been talking about where we get
6:56 pm
the base hit the we get the walk we get another base hit and then a big base hit. we got that yesterday. wilson with the big double three-run double those are difference makers in a game. >> we'll see if the nationals can continue their hot hitting tonight against the phillies. also news coming out from the pitching staff. the bullpen in particular, manager matt williams says that craig stammen has a torn flexor in his throwing arm that will require surgery. no word on when stammen will return. from nationals park i'm jason pew, news4 sports. >> thanks, jason the injuries continue for the nats. a couple nfl notes the league announcing today they'll reinstate adrian peterson tomorrow. this was expected. also expected, redskins re-signing kicker fullback terms not disclosed. the nba releasing its playoff schedule, wizards opening up on the road against the raptors. game one saturday at 12:30, game two on tuesday, wizards home for games three and four next friday
6:57 pm
and sunday. paul pierce urging the team to just soak in the moment. >> these are special moments. there's a lot of teams that wished they could be in this position, a lot of teams are home. so there's nothing like playoff basketball. the intensity the smell of the popcorn. this is where good players become great players and you try to relish these moments. that's what i'm trying to install into these guys, every moment counts. >> so we may be criticizing the teams for not having enough intensity and execution for the playoffs, but the fans need to get into it. verizon center last night a little quiet. >> really/? >> yes. jason and carol said it wasn't as pumped up as you would think. i think everyone in the city needs to realize the playoffs are here. >> maybe they were all suffering from allergies, like everyone else in the city. >> playoff hockey is one of the loudest things going. >> right. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> thanks. >> thanks for joining us.
6:58 pm
"nbc nightly news" is up
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on this tuesday night, under the radar. the feds scrambling to answer how that postal worker landed on the capitol lawn flying 50 miles without being detected exposing a major threat. home grown terror the american charged tonight. investigators say he went to syria to train with isis then came home. the frantic call for help from the airport worker trapped in midair inside the cargo hold, pleading with a 911 operator from his cell phone. and snoring risk. the new warning tonight about sleep apnea and snoring, the potential connection to memory loss and dementia, and what you . "nightly news" begins right now. from nbc news world headquarters in


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