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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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breaking news at 11:00. two teenagers shot in the street. the gunman drove away. tonight we're hearing from neighbors who went to the scene after shots were fired. >> and we just got this video in in the last hour. police looking for person caught
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on surveillance camera stealing a 4-year-old's wheelchair. >> george washington hospital doctors save a man's life on his way home. i'll show you that story all new at 11:00. first at 11:00, police searching for a gunman who shot two teenagers in the district tonight. >> one eyewitness says the car sped away from the scene after those shots were fired. more now live with the latest for us. chris >> reporter: person who shot these kids is long gone but investigators are still here on the scene trying to talk to some witnesses and also still collecting some evidence. in fact, take a look right across the street. they are marking the areas where some of the shell casings fell. we counted at least 13. neighbors tell us that they think that the kids were shot right here and then ran away down the block and collapsed further up the street.
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did i talk to one neighbor who said he thought he heard six, seven, eight shots in a row from his house. they all ducked down. when the shots stopped, he said he peeked out his window and he saw a car shooting down the street street. we also spoke with another neighbor who said that she saw a girl hobbling down the street as if she had been hit in the leg and then collapses on the ground and i spoke with a mom who had just come home with her son. she says that when she got there, she saw the girl and the boy on the ground and authorities were giving them medical attention. >> maybe if i would have pulled up five minutes earlier, would i have maybe been one of those victims, me or my son. >> reporter: where were they shot? >> i believe one was shot in the stomach and the leg, and i believe the other one was shot in the leg. >> reporter: and this was a boy and a girl teenagers?
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>> two best friends, yes. >> reporter: yeah a couple neighbors echoed saying that these two were friends and as to why they were shot officers don't know. chris lawrence and now back to you. >> a driver thrown from his car, the crash just on the other side of the arlington t bridge. >> at one point he had no pulse but one of the first people to come up on the crash scene happened to be a second-year medical residents. >> i feel appreciative that i was able to help someone. >> reporter: emergency medicine resident helped save a man's life. >> this is why -- basically why i went into medicine and why i'm doing what i'm doing. >> reporter: he had finished his shift at george washington university hospital and was driving home around the t bridge around 2:00 this morning and saw a gmc suv flipped over near this curb. the driver was laying in the street. >> and i looked at him, tried to
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talk to him. he was not responding. he was gasping for air. at that point i just leaned over and checked his pulses. >> reporter: seconds later the doctor says the 26-year-old who has not been identified lost his pulse. the doctor did cpr. >> it was a very stressful moment. it was a terrifying moment for me. >> reporter: arlington fire rescue arrived and continued the resuscitation and the pulse came back. >> our hats go off to him. >> reporter: police applaud the doctor. >> ultimately saved this guy's life. >> reporter: tonight we're told the 26-year-old was driving under the influence and speeding before the crash. the doctor hopes he recovers from his injuries. >> i don't feel anything. i just feel that i did my great. >> reporter: what a great and humble tonight. tonight that 26-year-old is in critical condition behind me. ironically the same hospital that the doctor works at. shomari stone, news 4. >> we want to stay one step
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ahead of every incident like this. >> it could potentially have been very serious. >> upset and very concerned about this. >> too many people are getting through. >> our radar coverage isn't good enough or someone was asleep at the switch. >> and you don't want to overreact. >> fast and furious reaction tonight to the major security questions raised by that mailman with a political mission and what he calls his flying bicycle. now multiple agencies are trying to figure out how doug hughes was able to pilot his gyrocopter to the capitol lawn and some call it a major gap in security that could have led to a catastrophe if the pilot had more sinister motives but d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton says tonight any changes need to be measured. >> the one thing i want to make sure of is that we don't overreact. i think that this man without meaning to has provided us with a practice opportunity.
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>> hughes did not know he was in restricted airspace until he landed. >> tonight he'll return to his home state of florida and is banned to return to the district unless for a court appearance. hughes will be on home detention and will have to wear one those electronic monitoring devices and faces a maximum of four years in prison for operating an unregistered aircraft and flying in protected airspace. the reporter who documented hughes' story for the "tampa bay times" and called the secret service while in the air today defended the way that his paper handled the story. >> we did our due diligence in terms of checking it out and getting to know him. we were comfortable with the fact that the secret service had visited him twice in the past and had interviewed a colleague with whom he showed the plan. >> reporter: so you felt the federal government knew what he would do. >> i felt the federal government had a chance to know what he would do. i don't know where that investigation went. >> the mail carrier doug hughes is due back in a d.c. courtroom on may 8.
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a wild night down in texas tonight. severe storms have spawned several funnel clouds and tornadoes in the texas panhandle panhandle. this is near the town of tampa and this is time lapse video from a storm chaser we followed much of the evening. at least ten tornadoes have been reported so far and hail from the size of golf balls to baseballs. >> a few small showers moving that you're area now, and they could hang in off and on through friday. doug said we could even hear a few rumbles of thunder before it's over. what's our plan for tomorrow morning. >> our plan for tomorrow morning, just take it slow. most of the heavy or steady rain will be out of here by tomorrow and that's what we're dealing w.first off take a look at plenty of sunshine earlier. 72 d.c. and 74 in fredericksburg and 78 winchester. only had showers earlier and now look at showers enveloping just about the entire area. heaviest showers making its way towards green and madison county and culpepper county.
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we'll continue to watch these in and around the d.c. metro area too, so once again the showers will continue. now, back behind this system we've got another area of showers back to the west. that's what will come through tomorrow. i'll let you know when in my forecast. >> thanks doug. new video just into our newsroom tonight of someone stealing a 4-year-old boy's wheelchair in prince george's county. this surveillance video shows a person pushing the empty chair through the parking lot of an apartment complex. this is in langley park. the boy's mother leaves the chair in the lobby of the apartment building at night so she can carry her son up to their second floor apartment, but when she went to get the chair monday morning it was gone. anyone with information is asked to call police. it is a gleaming new fire station in alexandria. take a look. one problem though no fire fighters to staff it. a higher number of retirement combined with a lack of funding could leave this station without staff until at least next year. a ribbon-cutting ceremony set for this weekend has now been
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called off. nearby residents are demanding the city do whatever it takes to guarantee fire fighters are there by next year. just yesterday we told you about new plans to expand reagan national airport. tonight there is concern that that growth could hurt dulles airport. both are operated by the metropolitan washington airport's authority, but recent improvements are attracting more domestic flights to reagan. so much so that the washington business journal is reporting traffic at reagan will top dulles this year. virginia lawmakers say part of the problem is congressional support for more flights out of reagan. >> members of congress who have to fly home they would rather leave the capital and race over to national rather than make the longer drive to dulles. over time you weaken the financial viability of dulles. >> a new concourse is under way at reagan. >> the national park service tells news 4 it will work
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expeditiously to install new security measures at the white house. the agency is planning to install steel spikes atop the fence to reduce the threat of people jumping the gate and on to the white house grounds. these are images of those spikes here. it's a temporary measure for about a year until a new permanent fence replacement is finished. the ten foot high fence design is one possibility one of the two federal agencies that has to approve the temporary spikes did so today. >> an ohio man is going to plead not guilty tomorrow to charges that he left the country to fight for isis. the difference between this case and so many others he was arrested after getting back from syria. federal prosecutors say abdirahmans? sheikmuhamud got training in weapons and explosives and hand-to-hand combat in syria and got back to the u.s. in june of last year and authorities say he told someone he wanted to commit an act of terrorism targeting
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police or the armed forces. >> new tonight, d.c. police tell us they have arrested nine people in two robberies of the same drug store. the robberies happened this past sunday and monday in southwest d.c. right up the street from the waterfront metro station. the oldest suspect 38 and the youngest 18. police say the group stole drugs, not cash. officers recovered drugs in three semi-automatic handguns when they made those arrests. the number of teenagers smoking traditional cigarettes has hit a record low, but there's a dramatic increase of the use electronic significant sets. according to the centers for disease control traditional cigarette use dropped to 9% last year but the percentage of teens using e-cigarettes tripled in just a year to 13.5%. researchers say no matter what the form early addictions to nicotine could be dangerous, but e-cigarette-makers say their products do not have any tar or chemicals that are found in
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tobacco. >> next at 11:00, trapped in the belly of an airborne plane. a baggage handler's panicked 911 call. >> hello, i'm trapped in this plane. >> new restrictions on him tonight as he goes back to work. >> tears of joy. the surprise of a lifetime for a virginia military family. >> and fed up with fines. local drivers suing over tickets handed out on beltway express lane. >> and here with your first 4 traffic, tonight route 1 at 95, a road widening project happening there so there will be closures in that area until 5:00 p.m.
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favorite story of the day, a great one, folks. emotional reunion today for a virginia teenager and his military mom. kayla parsons was receiving the military child of the year award from operation home front today when his mother staff sergeant showed up there. she's been deployed to qatar at the same time caleb's father is stationed down in florida leaving caleb the stand-in parent to a 14, 16 and 9-year-old sibling. >> i want to hug them for hours. >> helps them with their homework and drives them to boy scouts and to swim takes them to friends' houses every week. >> caleb will continue the family tradition. he's headed to west point this summer. new at 11:00, some drivers are launching a class action lawsuit against the operator of the 495 express lanes. the suit accuses transurban of
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slapping drivers with you be fair fees and penalties for not paying tolls. even if the toll isn't charged because of faulty equipment. a driver already named in the suit says transurban sued her for more than $9,000 over $20 in missed tolls she thought she had paid. transurban has not commented on the suit. tonight we're hearing from the panicked 911 call of that baggage handler trapped in the cargo hold of an alaskan airlines flight. he was taking a nap in the belly of the plane when it took off, and he had good enough cell reception to call 911. >> hello. i'm trapped in this plane and i call my job and i'm here in this plane. >> you're where? >> i'm inside plane. i feel like it's moving in the air. flight 448. can you please have somebody stop it. >> where are you in a plane at? >> i'm inside the plane, alaska plane flight 448. >> pilots and passengers could
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hear that worker banging on the roof of the cargo hold. the plane quickly returned to seattle for an emergency landing. that worker wasn't hurt and he's back on the job now, but alaska airlines has banned him from handling baggage on any other flights. >> incredible video tonight of a man being pulled from the subway tracks in philadelphia. at the bottom left of your screen you can see a man walking near the edge of a platform when he suddenly falls on to the track. several people scatter but a man in an eagles jacket jumps down from the platform to help him out and others gather around to pull the man up and the good samaritan as well back on to the platform. the man who fell was hurt but not seriously. michael phelps was back in the pool today for the first time in months and guess what he's still got it. the olympian had the fastest qualifying time during today's 100-meter butterfly. this is phelps' first competition after his six-month suspension for driving under the
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influence. phelps says he is working to earn a spot on the u.s. national team and compete at the 2016 olympics. >> road to rio. >> good to see him back unless you're one of his competitors. >> exactly. >> so rain overnight, and how much rain tomorrow? >> not a lot. >> okay. >> and that's really the good news. don't think we'll see much rain during the day tomorrow. good idea to keep the umbrella handy and could see a little line of storms develop tomorrow. rain outside coming down on the kenzie center as we move on through the region rain making its way in from the west and currently sitting at 66 degrees. it's on mild stay. it will stay that way all day long. sheer that rain. storm team 4 radar showing you the rain everywhere. everybody seeing that rain and we will continue to see that rain as we move on through. washington seeing that rain waldorf and down towards fredericksburg back to the west out to culpepper, where some of the heaviest rain is and up to the panhandle of west virginia
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fairly steady rain. let's zoom on in and show you the rain through the d.c. metro area betz did a and gaithersburg and fairfax and falls church and down towards manassas. let's move to the north and show you the heavier rain coming into the frederick county area around charlestown right now and towards portions of northern loudon county and back towards martinsburg so we'll continue to see this rain this area of rain come right on through about the 1:00 2:00 hour and then we've got a little bit of a break but then notice what's back towards the cincinnati area. we're looking at some more shower activity making its way on towards our region. not done yet. tomorrow we will see some showers an let's show you on future weather. here's 8:00 a.m. notice not much going on a few showers could even impact the 95 corridor. again, i'm not anticipating too many problems as far as weather is concerned tomorrow morning. then around 1:00 we break out more sunny with get, the warmer we get -- the more warmth we get and the more sun and better chance for some thunderstorms.
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showers developing back to the west. watch what happens around 4:00 a line of showers and even a couple of thunderstorms develop. not talking anything strong here but you may see a heavy downpour come through. it will move through fairly quickly and then it's out of here down sords the south and east. this is something we'll continue to watch. may need the umbrella during the day at times but won't need it all day and once again, don't expect too much. 8:00 tomorrow night. another little shower coming right away downtown d.c. and that's friday night if you're getting out for maybe a late dinner. run early tomorrow. i think that's the best chance to stay dry. rain chances go up in the afternoon and temperatures go up. 71 degrees by 1:00 and by 3:00 up to 72. 80 on saturday. saturday really looking good. looking at probably the best weekend day we've seen in close to seven months but the rain does come back. wind sunday night, most of sunday looks dry. plans on sunday don't worry
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about them. they will be dry until after about 8:00 when had the rain moves in. some of the rain could be heavy true monday morning. some areas maybe over an inch but that moves out tuesday and wednesday and also looking pretty good. >> and we get a nice weakened. >> finally. >> thank you, doug. >>
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all right. can we call two games a streak maybe a mini roll we'll take anything. >> feliz came into-- the nats came
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into this game 3-6. put the hands over the eyes and nationals finally showing life against the philadelphia phillies. the defense at time looked back to normal but the nats still can't go error-free. nats pitchers have been hurt by errors this year. doug fisher no different. philadelphia phillies catcher hits it to deep center and michael taylor chase it. let's it go off his glove. that's now 11 errors. >> you can't do that. >> in ten games for the nats 11. >> it would lead to a philly run. bottom five tied at two. facing cole hamels taylor goes deep for his second home run of the season. 419 feet and in the bull pen it goes. the nats take a 3-2 lead. bottom six. nats get ham else again. this time ryan zimmerman hits it to the right field corner.
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jayson werth and bryce harper come in to score. nats go on to win it 5-2. maybe it was nerves maybe it was a case of being too loose. either way the caps looked flat against the islanders in game one in the playoffs. have to give this team credit. exceptional at self-awareness. they admit they look lifeless but that's not the case tomorrow night. >> we've got a good team but you can't just wait it out and hope to win games. you've got to go out and grab it, and a lot of us didn't grab it. we've got to be be better and if you're not going, there's no time to strategic what we can do. boils down to hard work and execution and the hard work is being the big thing. >> game two tomorrow night on comcast sportsnet. game three right here on nbc 4. we'll get you ready with our special pregame show "caps quest
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for the cup" starting at 11:30 a.m. followed by the caps and islanders for game three at nassau coliseum at 12:00 on nbc 4 so lots hockey to get to this weekend. wizards also getting ready for the playoffs. they will face a toronto raptors team that's 4-0 against them this year. there's already some game one drama after paul pierce said that the raptors don't have that quote, it factor but enough talk. both teams now ready for action and the wiz don't mind starting on the road. >> we've got great confidence playing on the road not only with what we did last year but we've felt confidence this year whenever we went on the road. >> when you're on a roll you've got to try to get that first game and try to send a statement the first game this is what we're all about. we mean business and that's what we're going to try to do you know. just like a fighter in a boxing match. want to come out and throw the first punch and make the first hit and make a statement. >> like that throw the first punch. finally the wnba draft,
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number one overall puck wag jewell lloyd, remember her, from notre dame and ally mallot for the mystics and laurin mincy goes to the celebrity. good stuff
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we love this story. two little dogs changed lots of lives in jessup maryland. inmates are training abandoned dogs that are now up for adoption part of a program from
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the washington animal rescue league. the dogs live with the prisoners for ten weeks and they learn tricks and obedience skills before they go home with the new owners. listen the dogs have taught the inmates a lot, too. >> like
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- will ferrell chelsea peretti,


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