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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  April 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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man in fredericksburg. she was found unconscious at her home on washington avenue. that was about two hours ago. she died on the way to the hospital. james monroe high school is on lockdown right now. call police immediately if you've seen this man. and developing first tonight, a mother's misteers death in arlington county, now considered a murder. she was found dead in a home on south 18th street after her two children were spotted wandering alone outside. news4's pat collins spent the afternoon talking to police and neighbors to find the latest. pat? >> reporter: what a troubling story this is, wendy. look down the street. that's where it happened, that rust-colored house at the intersection of 18th and kent street in the aurora highland section of arlington. two children in their pajamas outside that house early this morning. they were distraught. a passerby stops to help out. he calls police. they go inside and find the
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children's mother dead. the search for clues in this case has broadened. two blocks from where the body was found, police systematically went through trash cans looking for something that might lead them to a suspect. friends have identified the victim here as dr. bonnie black. she is a 42-year-old psychologist who does contract work for the fbi. >> she seemed very friendly. >> reporter: how would you describe her? >> kind of a typical mom, probably preoccupied with the kids. >> reporter: she's the mother of two children a 5-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy. this morning around 7:50, her children in their pajamas were in the street in front of the house, and they were distraught. a passerby stopped by to console them, called the police. and when the cops got to the scene, they found dr. black dead
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inside. what does something like this do toed neighborhood snf i have no idea. i don't think anything like that has happened to the neighborhood before. >> reporter: police are investigating this as a case of murder. detectives and crime scene techs have been work the scene all day long. dr. black is estranged from her husband. he does home renovation work. his work truck was towed from the scene earlier today. the couple is in the midst of a volatile divorce. a court proceeding in the case is scheduled for next tuesday. dr. black's lawyer said she had a court order prohibiting the estranged husband from going onto her property or entering the house. police say the husband has been cooperative and has talked to investigators today. but what about those little children? what did they see? what do they know? what's happening to them now? i'll have more on that coming up
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at 6. jim, back to you. an international manhunt under way for a local martial arts instructor. he's been charged now with child pornography, and police believe he met some of his victims at his karate studio. news4's derek ward is live in achievye chevy chase with details. >> reporter: the afternoon classes have been canceled at this karate studio here in chevy chase, but there's a meeting scheduled for 6:30 for parents because of that instructor at this school who is wanted on eight counts of possessing child pornography. police believe they know where the 26-year-old is. >> he is a citizen of the country of georgia. we know that he has fled the country. we have nfks that he has fled the country. we do believe he may possibly have fled to georgia. >> reporter: and they think they know what he did while he was an instructor at this martial arts school in chevy chase. we've got video shot by the man
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showing him with adolescent and young adult males. >> they were engaging in inappropriate touching as well as sexual acts. >> reporter: the videos were seized on electronic devices taken during a search of his bethesda home april 1st. when they searched the home they say he admitted to having and trading child porn. >> at that time there wasn't enough probable cause to issue the warrant for the arrest. >> reporter: they believe he left the country during that time. once they could legally analyze the images, they learned they were made here where he was instructor and part owner. clues in the video told them the dates and times of those incidents. they believe the potential victims knew they were being taped but police don't know who they are. they want them to come forward. >> we want to know what happened in these videos. again, you'll be confidential. we don't want anyone to hesitate coming forward. >> reporter: also, there may be others who weren't videotaped. they want to talk to them, too. now how did police get on to this case? well it's from a story that
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developed a thousand mile as way. details on that coming up on news4. live in chevy chase, back to you. >> derrick ward, thank you. there's an arrest tonight in the torching of three cars. a man from bethesda is charged with burning vehicles in bethesda. neighbors discovered the fires early on wednesday, and from the beginning police were confident that the clues found on the scene would lead to an arrest. we're tracking a koum of showers and even i couple of rumbles of thunder. but nothing to worry about. really most of us will stay on the dry side. take a look at the radar, pig up the showers mostly in through northern virginia. we had a couple through parts of maryland earlier that's all gob. these won't be holing together. they'll move to the south and fall apart a little bit. let's zoom on in and show you
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this area of showers and thunderstorms to the south. we've only seen a bolt of lightning here or there. just to the north of gainesville toward manassas, chantilly and centerville, this shower down. then another shower in stafford county. if you live in stafford county, you'll get wet, 100% chance of rain with this system coming right across stafford county. more back toward the culpeper area. in the d.c. metro area we're not bad at all. as a matter of fact, if you're heading out this evening looking like a good one chblt we'll have the complete forecast and show you just how warm temperatures get this weekend in my forecast. just in to news4, a former fairfax county police spokesman has now resigned after his arrest on child pornography charges. bud walker bonded out of jail this morning. there is he. the judge barred him from using computers, told him he may not have any unsupervised contact with children. only on news4 tonight new details on potential threats near the u.s. capitol. an investigation by the i-team's scott macfarlane reveals more than a dozen cases of people who
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were caught carrying guns on or near capitol grounds in the past three years. scott macfarlane reports from the hill tonight one person actually pulled the trigger. scott? >> reporter: yeah, wendy, 14 people at least with guns near the u.s. capitol since 2012. many of them were stopped at one of the many metal detectors around here, but capitol police union officials say all those seizures raise questions about whether more officers are soon needed here. the tourists on lockdown inside the capitol complex, and the police quickly responding to a public area on the capitol's west front. it was a frightening scene saturday when a 22-year-old illinois man brought a gun on the grounds and shot and killed him himself. >> he could have easily made a statement and took out other people. >> reporter: in the days since we've been investigating how often are guns brought onto the sensitive streets where members of congress and visitors walk without police escorts?
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internal capitol police reports show more often than you might think. we found 13 people either arrested or from whom guns were seized since 2012, including a lobbyist who tried to carry a firearm last summer and a u.s. house staffer who did the same days earlier telling us it was an accident. our investigation found in another case weeks ago capitol police seized a stolen gun from a person suspected of drive drunk on the grounds. another gun seized at a metal detector near the library of congress and one seized from a person carrying it in plain sight near the visitors center. a capitol police spokeswoman says the seizures are the byproduct of police work. the head of the union says what we found raises some concerns. he says, quote, the officers are absolutely prepared and focused to handle any gun incident we encounter, but in the future things could get complicated with staffing. 400 officers are eligible to
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retire. should 25% of them decide to leave tomorrow, the department would be grossly understaffed. our reporting got the attention of some members of congress who say the u.s. capitol police might need an awful lot more money awfully soon. that part of our story tonight on news4 at 6. wendy? >> scott. and the maryland man who jumped the white house fence last october is facing a year in jail and a $100,000 fine. dominick adasanya pleaded guilty to entering a restricted space. this plea deal gives him one year of supervised release which prohibits him from entering the district except for his court appearances. just a short time ago, a judge agreed to release him until he is sentenced in july. however, he is still being held because he has other charges against him. a gas station worker is recovering tonight after a man hit him in the head with what appeared to be a handgun. police tell us the man went to rob this shell station during a shift change this morning. at some point, he hit one of the clerks, then took off running.
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this happened at colesville road and university boulevard in silver spring. we're told the surveillance camera captured the robbery but the suspect covered his face. >> there is concern tonight for a germantown teenager missing since yesterday morning. 16-year-old mervin revis chang from mill haven place was last seen when he was dropped off at school. he has not been heard from since. he's 5'8", 140 pounds, brown eyes and short brown hair. his family and police are worried about his safety. if you see him, you're asked to call the police. and there will be a new search in montgomery county this weekend for the missing hoggle children 2-year-old jacob and 3-year-old sarah were last seen last september. expect law eastern forcement in a variety of locations sunday using canines, atvs and horses to help in that ground search. the children's mother is in a mental health facility being held on child neglect charges. a new effort under way tonight to recruit firefighters
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from d.c. for the first time in eight years, the district is offering an entry level exam to develop a pool of possible recruits. the mayor and interim chief announced that plan at an event here today the first 1500 people to register online for the exam will get to take it. and d.c. residents who pass the exam will get what the department is calling preference points in the hiring process. online registration opens may 20th. and new tonight, the wife of that pilot who flew onto the lawn of the u.s. capitol building is standing by her man. >> i think he wasn't. >> how she says she found out about this under the radar stunt. >> reporter: i'm jason pew at the verizon center for game two between the capitals and islanders. kol coming up i'll tell you why this is a must-win for the caps. closest i can get to my father at this stage of the
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game. >> a virginia woman recovers a touching piece of her father thanks to the efforts of a stranger. it's next, and it's a story you'll see only on news4. we're coming right back.
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. he flew in under the radar, but capitol police and secret service weren't the only ones
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who didn't know about doug hughes' protest flight. his wife was also kept in the dark. >> our affiliate in tampa bay spoke with alena hughes today. she said she found r found out about the flight when reporters began calling her house. she thinks the flight was patriotic but says personally she has mixed emotions. >> i proud of him, but for me -- >> it's stressful! >> it's very stressful, yes, for wife. it's not good. >> alena says she's eager to get her husband home and is most worried about how the couple's 11-year-old daughter is handling the situation. a box of letters written by a soldier to a pen pal during world war ii, it's been handed over to the man's daughter. she didn't even know her father who has since passed had been writing to a woman long before eden married. darcy spencer shows us how a firefighter in new york made it happen. >> hello, honey, how is our
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pinup girl? the fellas in the ward appointed you as their pinup girl. >> reporter: sue ortman reads from one of the letters her father wrote to a woman, a pen pal, while he was serving in europe in world war ii. >> it had some bad news in it about my mom. her blood pressure seems to be on the mean side and won't come down. >> reporter: these letters reveal a side of her father, a part of his young life, she never knew. in fact he never talked about writing to a woman during the war. >> just that's the closest i can get to my father at this stage of the game. >> reporter: the letters were from robert ortman an army soldier who was in his early 20s. they were dated from 1943 to 1945, mailed from italy, france and germany to a young woman in new york who had 48 pen pals. >> this was a young, single guy over in europe, far away from home, and he was holding on.
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>> reporter: so how did she get her hands on this treasure of letters? it all started with a fire in a vacant building in new york city. a firefighter came across a box full of letters, and that started the whole thing in motion. a fire captain tracked down ortman using her dad's name and date of birth through the website. this video is from the d.c. fire department, showing the captain after he gave ortman the letters. ortman's husband is a d.c. firefighter. >> it's really kind of overwhelming. >> reporter: ortman's father passed away in 2007 without ever mentioning the woman he had apparently fallen in love with and met at least once. he married ortman's mom after the war. his pen pal also got married. she died in the 1970s. >> was she really just -- did she think she was leading these people on or did she really think that was her duty, to give them something to live for, whether it was going to happen or not? >> reporter: darcy spencer, news4.
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the push to replace andrew jackson on the $20 bill with a woman is getting a whole new support on capitol hill a grass roots campaign called women on 20s already has its final four rosa parks eleanor roosevelt, harriet tubman and will la mankiller. jeanne shaheen introduced her bill to put a woman on paper currency. it would task the treasury department to appoint the citizen group to make recommendations. >> we have a lot of symbols in our culture about what we value, and it would send that message, that we value those contributions of women just as we value the contributions of men. >> the treasury secretary has the ultimate power to authorize a change in currency. jackson has been on the 20 since 1928. apple is denying reports that its highly anticipated watch will be delayed if you want to buy it in store. a company spokesperson tells nbc news that the company previously
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announced it would be available next friday. but they say that that announcement did not specify how customers could get it. right now you can preorder the new watch online starting next friday, you'll be able to try it on in the store. but apple hasn't announced when you can actually buy them in person. an injury from an exploding air bag has prompted an expanded recall of those faulty air bags. nissan is now adding the sentra compact small cars to that list. this involves 45000 vehicles made from '04 through '06. in high humidity states mostly along the gulf coast, this is a fix to an air bag inflating mechanism that is made by tacata. the problem has been linked to six deaths dozens of injuries, and the latest is a woman in louisiana who was injured when her air bag exploded in a vehicle that was not part of any previous recall. huge playoff game tonight for our caps game two against the islanders. let's go straight to jason pew
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live down at the phone booth. jason, fans getting a little nervous yet? >> reporter: yeah, they are, jim. they were nervous especially after the performance in game one by the capitals. this morning's skate-around didn't help the nerves. one of the star players, goaltender braden holtby missed the skate-around. he is feeling under the waernlg. he is kpeblgted to play tonight, though. the players know they need to give fans something to cheer about, something they didn't do in game one. >> i'm sure the fans are sitting in their seats rd to get out of them, and bedidn't give them much to do. we need to player better, be physical. we need to have that relenltless attack. it's going to be a fantastic atmosphere if we give them something to cheer about. >> we were a little off, not our best hockey game chshgs is disappointing. but the more we get going here, the more games we play, i think we're going to continue to improve, continue to get better, and we have to have a mind-set that we're going to be a lot better and get ourselves a win and get ourselves back tie nd
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the series. >> reporter: the guys know what they need to do to get a victory. and perhaps no one's outlook for tonight's game is brighter than joel ward's. >> everyone is excited. everyone is just the perfect time of year, the sun is out, bring out the sunglasses xs you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face. it's just a matter of going out there and executing. for us it's a good opportunity to play in front of our own fans and before we go on the road. we're just excited for tonight. >> reporter: now, if you thought that joel ward was a little relaxed in that bite, that's because the majority of these capitals players are relaxed they're not too nervous about this game. they know they have to play well, but they know if they aplay their game they'll be successful. from verizon center, jason pew, news4 sports. we're still working several developing stories right now. an outpouring of support for a family the victim of a cruel crime. >> a mother talks to news4 about the theft of her 4-year-old's wheelchair and what police are doing to catch the criminal. we're talking about some
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shower activity making its way through the region. i'll continue to track that rain for you and show you who's going to get what over the weekend, co
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and now your storm team4 forecast. >> happy friday and a fantastic friday. that's what we've seen all day today in most areas. most of us are on the dry side, but a few of us seeing showers.
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let's look at our reston live camera. you can see one of those showers right now a really cool shot. this is looking just to the southwest here. this little tower is dulles airport. you look off toward the west of dulles, southwest of dulles northern falkier county, see the rain shaft? you can see the rain coming down out of the clouds, also some holes meaning sunshine getting through. kind of exactly what we were talking about yesterday, just scattered shower activity around the legionregion. scattered showers mostly to the south of 66, into the fredericksburg area, orange madison, green count yit. a couple of them making their way into falkier county. let's go ahead and zoom in on some of these now. what we're going to be talking about is these showers in through northern falkier count yit. let's zoom in on falkier county, show you what we're seeing here. along 66, this is the same shower i was just showing you right around marshall. this one does have some moisture with it making its way this way. let's move over to the right here. as we move over, i'm going to track this over the next, say 20 minutes or so, what you're
5:26 pm
going to find is the fact this is going to continue to move out here at about haymarket, 5:26 wellington 5 iext 31 bull run at 5:33. we'll continue to watch these as we make it our way through the area. most of us on the dry side. showing you on radar what the temperatures are, 68 patuxent river, 80 in fredericksburg, 79 in frederick, a beautiful afternoon. here's that wider shot. you notice this line of showers that has developed here, but most of them will continue to stay just down to the south. can't rule a couple out of the d.c. metro area. if you're heading to the nats game tonight, i think that should be a-okay. satellite and radar showing clearing skies to the west. that's what we've got in store for the day tomorrow. future weather overnight, a couple of cias lated showers through 7:00 8 clblg. tomorrow, sunshine tomorrow afternoon, just warm. it is going to be a beautiful
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saturday afternoon here. let's look at the numbers over the next few days, high temperature of 80 degrees on your saturday 66 on sunday, 72 monday. now, the weekend is dry, but sunday night into monday we're expecting a lot of rain, some locations picking up upwars of an inch, maybe more into monday morning. we may see a break. that will allow temperatures to get to 72. then we'll see a chance for thunderstorms late in the day monday. the rest of the week next week lking good 70 on tuesday, 66 wednesday xaishgs degrees on thursday before our next chance of rain friday. but the day to watch for is tomorrow super saturday. the community steps up to help a sweet little boy whose wheelchair was stolen. chris gordon spoke to the 4-year-old's mother. her big thank you coming up. as soon as i got here the contractions are getting stronger, but i thought i still had time. so we ordered food. >> burgers and a baby.
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a local mom's dinner time surprise. and you've seen the video. that espn reporter unleashing a venomous attack on an arlington towing worker. we want you to go to our facebook page right now and vote on whether you think she got the proper punishment.
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developing at 5:30, one ever the so-called black hat bandits has been indicted.
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66-year-old thomas anthony george faces 13 charges ranging from robbery to using a gun during the crimes. according to the indictment george was involved in at least nine robberies since the first of the year. during one robbery in january, george got away with more than 47,000 $47,000. from the bottom of my heart, i'm very thankful. >> yes, words of thanks from a grateful mother. >> her son got a new wheelchair today donated to the family to replace the one that was stolen. news4's chris gordon joins us in langley park where police are still looking for the thief who walked off with the other wheelchair. chris? >> reporter: well this is where the crime occurred. the wheelchair was taken from that apartment and rolled across this parking lot. the whole thing was captured by that security camera, and police hope the video helps them catch a thief. >> the apartment complex is over there. >> reporter: police are asking everyone to look at the man in this surveillance video rolling the stolen wheelchair across the
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parking lot. they need help identifying him. >> he doesn't have a heart. he knew what he was doing. it was a conscious decision on his part to actually go and take a wheelchair belonging to a handicapped child. >> reporter: 4-year-old joshua omero returned home from school in his old wheelchair too small for him. his mother brenda would leave his wheelchair by the stairwell and carry joshua up to their second floor apartment. monday morning it was gone, stolen. prince george's county police say offers to help the family have come from far and wide. >> the chief of police called me this afternoon and said, there's a college park business owner who wants to give a chair. it's the chief of police, and it touches him. >> reporter: this evening police delivered a replacement wheelchair to joshua. >> look at you! >> reporter: donated by the mother of 11-year-old emanuel marshall who outgrew it. she says she was moved to tears by the video showing joshua's
5:33 pm
wheelchair being stolen. >> i was sick. i was sickened. it was very hurtful. i did cry. >> reporter: this evening joshua is smiling. he can now be independent once again. his family is grateful. >> bless her and her family and her son. thank you, emanuel, for donating the wheelchair for joshua. he's really happy to use it. >> reporter: so what does emanuel have to say about all of this? you'll hear from him on news4 at 6:00, how he feels about giving his wheelchair to joshua. that's the latest live in langley park. jim back to you. >> great turn. see you at 6. thank you, chris. a violent road rage incident has landed a loudoun county man in jail tonight. leesburg police tell us this happened on the ramp from the route 7 bypass to south king street just before 1:00. the driver of this box truck says he was trying to stay away from the incident but as he got on the ramp, the porsche tried to pass him on the
5:34 pm
shoulder. the driver, david godfrey was going too fast and hit the truck. then he started ramming it repeatedly near the fuel tank. no one was hurt in the crash. 30 years in jail tonight for a maryland woman who tried to kill her ex-boyfriend's 8-year-old son. helen newsom confessed to trying to smother the child and hit him on the head with dumbbells back in 2013. the boy says he used karate moves to push her off and run for help. the dad believes she was angry over their breakup. the owner of a silver spring nightclub could now face life in prison. jason ma skierry pled guilty to conspiracy charges. prosecutors say he's responsible for distributing between 3,000 and 10,000 kilograms of marijuana. and they say he used drug money to open the upscale society lounge in downtown silver spring. as part of his plea, he's agreed to forfeit all interest in the lounge and to pay taxes from 2009 to the present.
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a man who died after police say he sped off to avoid getting pulled over has now been identified this evening as a 26-year-old man delonte lee. police say he crashed into a utility pole there. we're told it all began overnight yesterday when a trooper trooper spotted a taillight out and turned on his lights. the crash happened along action lane just off of crane highway in waldorf. the university of mary washington in virginia is joining a number of schools nationwide in waiving standardized tests for some students. according to the freelance star applicants with at least a 3.5 gpa will not need to submit s.a.t. scores. that was approved yesterday it will not apply, however to students applying for merit-based scholarships. thousands of people will rock the national mall tomorrow with some of the biggest names in music. it's the earth day concert. starts at 11:00 a.m., and the stage is set this evening for no
5:36 pm
doubt, usher, fallout boy and mary j. blige. go to our nbc washington app to read more about the show. the road closures and the metro schedules. well with the incredible weather we're expecting tomorrow, it might be a good time to head downtown or hit the road. this weekend, all of the country's 59 national parks will be free to visitors. we have links to all of the options in our region on our nbc washington app. there you can also learn about a new digital campaign to educate people about our nation's national treasures. wendy? the oklahoma reserve sheriff's deputy who shot and killed a man says by accident is apologizing to the victim's family but he says his mistake could have happened to anyone. pat lawson muse is in our newsroom with the details. >> wendy, robert bates was work as a reserve sheriff's deputy when he shot and killed a man earlier this month in tulsa. he spoke publicly earlier today
5:37 pm
on "the today" show. he said he reached for his taser but accidentally grabbed his gun, telling matt lauer about the moment he realized what had happened. >> the laser light is the same on each weapon. i saw the light, and i squeezed the trigger and then realized i had dropped the gun. this was not an intentional thing. i had no desire to ever take anyone's life. >> during the interview, bates flat-out denied any allegations he paid to play cop, calling those characterizations unfair. he also disputed reports that his training records had been falsified. he's currently out on bond with a hearing scheduled for next week. his attorney says bates will plead not guilty to the manslaughter charge. back to you. mercy from the boston family who lost their son in the marathon bombings. >> why they're asking prosecutors tonight to take the death penalty off the table for the convicted killer.
5:38 pm
and how the department of justice is responding. traging scattered showers, one on the heavier side through fairfax county, another towards fred ick. even thunder related with these. i'll talk about that, plus the weekend, in my forecast next. and a sports reporter's rude rant has gone viral on social media. tonight, news4 investigates the towing company that was the target of her blistering tirade. >> i'm in the news, sweetheart.
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a lot of discussion tonight on our facebook page about the plea from the family of the youngest victim in the boston marathon bombing in an op-ed that appeared in "the boston globe." martin richard asked officials to drop the death penalty in favor of giving dzhokhar tsarnaev life in prison. richard wants his family to move on with their lives, and that can only happen if this story fades away. >> what they did today was to let their feelings be be known. a very private family, they've been very, very private in all of their affairs. they haven't gone public on anything. and this is kind of their first public statement. i think it's a powerful one. >> despite the plea the justice department plans to continue to pursue the death penalty. the u.s. attorney says as the
5:42 pm
cates moves forward we will do all we can to protect and vindicate those injured and those who have passed away. just into the newsroom tonight, a sketch of the man police tell us tried to kidnap a woman in fairfax county two weeks ago. now investigators say this man approached a woman at a bus stop on lawyers road in the oak hill neighborhood. he began talking to her then tried to force her into the pickup truck nearby. she was able to get away. the victim described the truck as an older model with a green exterior. a ladder rack and tan interior. a nashville teenager under arrest tonight on a terrorism charge after threatening school violence in virginia. and three other states. the threats were made on the telephone and through e-mails. in addition to virginia threats were also made at schools in tennessee, massachusetts and pennsylvania. the student's name and age have not yet been revealed. addicted may not be a strong enough word. new tonight how candy crush ruptured part of a man's hand.
5:43 pm
an arlington company of predator towing. they say they're just enforcing the rules. but criticism of advanced towing is mounting in the wake of a viral video. you'll hear about the newest complaints just ahead. i'm seeing showers out there. a lot going on over the weekend. i've got that forecast for you, plus when we see the next chance of heavy rain in my forecast. and she was out for a burger and got more than fries with that. >> i walked in at 11:30, and i had the baby at 11:52.
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i'm in the news sweetheart. i will [ bleep ] sue this place. >> that's fine. >> do you feel good about your job? so i could be a college dropout and do the same thing? because i have a brain and you don't. lose some weight, baby girl. >> well, new reaction on those comments by that d.c.-based espn reporter britt mchenry. advanced towing says the woman that mchenry lashed out at is a single mother of three. >> mchenry said she allowed her emotions to get the best of her and said insulting and regrettable things. espn suspended her for one week. just a few minutes ago, advanced towing issued a statement about mchenry's confrontation saying, neither the company nor the clerk have any interest in seeing her suspended quote, ms. mchenry is our neighbor and, as she said, to paraphrase, made remarks that were out of line. she is human and errors in judgment can be made in the heat of the moment. news4 has heard plenty in recent months about advanced
5:47 pm
towing's towing practices. >> and we heard one of the newest complaints today from a man retrifing his car from their impound lot. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey live in arlington to tell us more about this. >> reporter: well, we have seen a lot of tv cameras here today, most of them to follow up on the britt mchenry story. but we came here to follow up on complaints we've been getting from viewers, and we found yet another driver who thinks this towing company's practices are way too aggressive. carlos martinez and his son had a very expensive lunch today. 135 bucks the bill they paid to the towing company that hauled their van away after they parked to go to this boston market to eat. martinez says he parked in this lot but realized he was short on cash and wept across the street to the bank of america. when he returned, a big surprise. >> when we went back my car was not there. that took let's say ten minutes.
5:48 pm
and when we called them, they didn't give us any good information. >> reporter: martinez and his son found their way here to advanced towing, a company we've reported on several times in recent months. in december this woman called us to complain when her vehicle was towed with her dog inside. earlier this month this dad was outraged when he was inside a cvs and a tow truck driver hooked his car with two kids inside. the kids yelled, and the driver unhooked and took off. >> when i started crying, he hit the doors and said, i'm sorry for freaking you out. >> i would like for them to be held accountable for the predatory practices that they are implementing. >> reporter: now carlos and his son have joined the chorus of complaints that the company is predatory predatory. >> they are like thieves waiting that we leave the car and immediately they steal our cars. and of course we have to pay like a reward to get our cars
5:49 pm
back. we made a mistake. we definitely will pay and do that. but in this case, we just totally felt like robbed. >> reporter: now, i tried to get a response from the company's owner. i e-mailed and went inside the trailer seeking comment. but i haven't heard back from him yet. when i did the story earlier this month he told me anybody who parks in a lot and goes offsight site to do business can have their car towed. coming up at 6:00, i'll tell you what karlg ton county police statistics say about advanced towing. reporting live from arlington, julie carey news4. and it was a beautiful day to wander around wondering what happened to your car. if you've got to walk a couple of blocks, a great day to do that. >> exactly. still a great day in most areas. we're seeing showers even around the d.c. metro area, most of maryland you haven't seen showers at all. but the showers now moving in towards the portions of northern virginia. toward national harbor, the dark clouds there a very nice shot.
5:50 pm
it's been a gorgeous day. toward the city, you notice sunshine in the distance toward maryland and in and around the district, northern virginia we've got clouds. 76 degrees right now at the airport 73 by 7:00, a few showers mostly to the south then by 11:00 down to 67. fairly nice weather. temperatures around the region, 77 leesburg 77 in camp springs and bowie 80, toward croften as well and rockville 80. here's the radar. you notice most of the activity in through northern virginia, fredericksburg, down toward the south around the charlottesville area, then more showers through fairfax county and back down towards the west. take a look at northern falkier county around marshall right along 66 that drive through 66 never good at this time of night, doesn't look like the rain will help with it either or the shower activity. down toward the south even farther, we've got fairfax down toward the city of fair tax seeing those. in and around the springfield region we're seeing rain, too. we'll continue to see this across route 1 or just south of
5:51 pm
mt. vernon into parts of prince george's and charles counties over the next hour or so. dining out? most areas looking good, 70 to 75 degrees, again, south of d.c. you may run into a few showers, but north of d.c. no problems. and i think even in the city we should be okay. tomorrow's forecast, warm, lots of afternoon sunshine, low humidity. 76 to 81 degrees tomorrow going to bl fantastic. and not just fantastic. tomorrow will be the nicest weekend day we've seen since september. look at this, 60 degrees at 9:00 a.m., thinking of getting out on the bike, 76 around 1:00, plenty of sunshine around 5:00 a temperature of 79 degrees. next couple of days, staying dry on sunday with a high of 66, but we will see rain sunday night into the day on monday, and we could see heavy rain, maybe upwards of an inch of rain sunday into monday. but the weekend is dry monday is the one day we see good chances for rain. then next week also looking pretty good, temperatures upper 60s to around 70. hey, this time of year we'll
5:52 pm
take it. >> yes, we will. a museum in baltimore is giving visitors a chance to experience what it was like during the time of president lincoln's assassination. the b & o railroad museum is show casing a replica of the funeral train that brought our 16th president's body through baltimore and on to illinois. this weekend they will have a number of events and artifacts they hope will bring people back to 1865. >> with period music, with reenactors, with a copy of lincoln's casket and we're going to reenact that moment and hope that our visitors are immersed in the tragedy of a fallen president. >> the locomotive which was built around the same time as lincoln's death will be decorated as it was when it was the funeral train through the end of the year. and we invite you to join us tomorrow morning. we're going to take an in depth look at lincoln's assassination, a special commemorating 150 years tomorrow morning at 9:30 right here on nbc 4.
5:53 pm
developing tonight, hall of fame basketball player kareem abdul-jabbar is recovering now after undergoing a quadruple bypass. abdul-jabbar was dmritded to the hospital earlier this week and had the surgery yesterday. doctors say it was successful, and they expect him to make a full recovery. the 68-year-old is the nba's all-time leading scorer. well, you might enjoy candy crush on your phone while you're waiting for metro, but a guy in california may prove there is such a thing as too much. a medical journal included a report on the guy who suffered from chronic pain in his thumb, even lost active motion. a doctor says the man said he played candy crush nonstop for six to eight weeks, folks. he had apparently played it with his left hand while doing other things. the report says an mri showed the man actually ruptured a tendon
5:54 pm
tendon. i'm pat lawson muse at the live desk with breaking news. the search is over now for a homicide suspect in fredericksburg. police say steven vander briel was taken into custody about 5:30 this afternoon. he was wanted in connection with the death of a young woman found unconscious at a home earlier today. there was an urgent search that prompted a lockdown at james monroe high school. now the search is ended. steven vander briel is now in police custody. we'll continue to follow this story and have updates for you on the nbc washington app. wendy? >> thanks, pat. they went out for burgers, came home with a baby. >> new tonight, a little girl makes quite the entrance into the world. and how her parents thanked the strangers who helped deliver her. you know, we're going to find out the jeshdgender after the break. she told a lie and ran with it. new at 6, the marathoner who faked her way to the winner's circle and posed for pictures with an olympian.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
well she has a story unlike many others, and she is only a month old. her mom went tore for a burger and wound up coming home with her. and today she met the people who helped bring her into the world. zachary kiesch has the story of this special delivery. >> i thought they were joking around. i come to work daily, you know, to deliver the world's greatest hamburgers, not to deliver babies. >> as soon as i got here, that's
5:58 pm
when the contractions started getting stronger. >> so she started tugging at her pants. i'm like, okay, wait. i need gloves. >> reporter: this is the story about sophia kim, the burger baby. she stormed into the world on march 13th and it happened right here. no, literally right in this corner. >> i was hungry and i had a craving for hamburger. i know fudd ruckers is a very good hamburger. >> reporter: about the same time she sent her husband to get the car is when robin brown walked in to meet her husband for lunch. and by coincidence her niece was working. >> she said, robin you have to go over there and help that lady. i said, what lady? she said the lady in labor. >> reporter: it was a day just like today. 35 or 40 people in the restaurant, most picking out their own burger. >> i laid back and then that's when everybody came. they put the -- people were using their jackets to cover. >> reporter: so robin, a volunteer firefighter, went to work. >> i've delivered eight babies before, but never one in a setting such as this.
5:59 pm
>> reporter: that's when steven walked back in from getting that car. remember? >> all the customers in the restaurant are clapping and shouting. >> reporter: they sat down at 11:30 and at 11:52 life, like clock work. today dr. robin and mom met for the first time. >> unusual. but amazing. >> reporter: a connection for a lifetime, burgers and a baby. reporting in brandywine, zachary kiesch kiesch news4. breaking right now at 6, the man wanted in a virginia homicide in custody. what we're learning about the case and the woman who's now dead. also just in, charges filed against the man involved in that wild chase and shooting at the u.s. census bureau. and he's the mailman who got the country talk this week. tonight his wife talks about what was going through her mind when he landed a gyrocopter at the capitol. but first, new details on more than a dozen potential threats on capitol hill. >> and how police are addressing them just six days ago a man
6:00 pm
shot and killed himself on the front lawn of the capitol not the first time someone got an unauthorized gun onto the tourist-packed highly secured ground. >> news4's scott macfarlane is live with exclusive details about more than a dozen other cases of gups getting seized near the capitol. scott? >> reporter: just one person pulled the trigger but we've learned more than 13 other people have brought guns onto this secure area just since 2012. the only person to pull the trigger among them, the 22-year-old who killed himself in a public area on the west front causing a lockdown and a frightening scene amid the cherry blossom festival last weekend. two other recent cases last summer. you may have heard about them, the lobbyist who tried to carry a gun into the cannon house office building and the pennsylvania u.s. house staffer who did the same, saying it was an accident. but there are cases we didn't know about until we gathered these internal police records from u.s. capitol police. at each of these locations,


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