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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 17, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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and killed himself on the front lawn of the capitol not the first time someone got an unauthorized gun onto the tourist-packed highly secured ground. >> news4's scott macfarlane is live with exclusive details about more than a dozen other cases of gups getting seized near the capitol. scott? >> reporter: just one person pulled the trigger but we've learned more than 13 other people have brought guns onto this secure area just since 2012. the only person to pull the trigger among them, the 22-year-old who killed himself in a public area on the west front causing a lockdown and a frightening scene amid the cherry blossom festival last weekend. two other recent cases last summer. you may have heard about them, the lobbyist who tried to carry a gun into the cannon house office building and the pennsylvania u.s. house staffer who did the same, saying it was an accident. but there are cases we didn't know about until we gathered these internal police records from u.s. capitol police. at each of these locations, capitol police have seized guns
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since 2012 in so many different sections of the capitol grounds, in another case weeks ago capitol police seized a stolen gun from a person suspected of driving drunk on the grounds. another gun seized at the library of congress, one from a person carrying it in plain sight near the capitol visitors center. capitol police tell us these seizures are the byproduct of their police work. 1700-plus officers in the agency. but our investigation is raising a question, do capitol police have enough money? a u.s. senate report last month said the police agency has been under significant budget constraints. sequestration which chopped departments forced the department to close some public entrances. >> they are probably stretched thin because of the sequester, one of the first places you begin is with the police who guard not me sitting here in the capitol but millions of our constituents who come here every single day. >> reporter: and the capitol
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police officers union tells us quote, the officers are absolutely prepared and focused to handle any gun incident we encounter. but in the future, things could get complicated with staffing. 400 officers are eligible to retire, and should 25% of them decide to leave tomorrow, the department would be grossly under understaffed. we'll see if last week's shooting and that gyrocopter incident are discussed when congress debates a $30 million budget increase for capitol police later this spring. wendy? >> scott macfarlane. and we are getting new insight from the wife of that man accused of piloting that gyrocopter that flew onto the capitol grounds. douglas hughes is charged with operating an unregistered aircraft, violating airspace and his gyrocopter was carrying letters to congress about campaign finance reform. hughes lives in florida and today his wife told our sister station in florida that she supports her husband no matter what but she grets the trouble
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this has caused. >> i think he patriot and i proud of him. but for me, very -- >> it's stressful! >> it's very stressful, yes. >> well the authorities released doug hughes from jail yesterday. take a look outside right now. some showers and again we even had a couple of rumbles of thunder to the south. we'll continue to watch the showers moving down. take a look right now most of them in through parts of virginia but clipping the district and starting to move through prince george's county charles county as well. let's go ahead and show you where the showers are fredericksburg, heavier showers and in and around prince will yamt r yam county right around the district. we see some of these toward manassas, around falls church and between clinton and the oxen hill area then toward the south. more showers through the evening, but then what to expect
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for the weekend? i've got the forecast in just a minute. minute minute. i'm following breaking news out of fredericksburg. a man suspected of murder has been arrested, steven vander briel now in custody. he was wanted in connection with the death of a young woman this afternoon. she was found unconscious in her home on washington avenue around 3:00. now, vander briel was found just about a half hour ago about three miles from the murder scene. the manhunt prompted a lockdown of nearby james monroe high school. police tell us vander briel is now at police headquarters being questioned. what we don't know is exactly how the woman died or how police linked vander briel to her death. we'll stay on top of it and bring you any updates. at the live desk, i'm jim handly. >> thanks jim. two young kids are with child protective services tonight after losing their mom. she was found dead in their home in south arlington. police say she was murdered. news4's pat collins is live at
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the scene on 18th street tonight. pat, what are you hearing? >> reporter: chris, when you see this story you'll have to worry about these two children. what did they see? what did they hear? what do they know? and what will they remember? the scene this rust-colored house in the aurora highland section of arlington. it was 7:50 a.m. two kids a 3-year-old boy and 5-year-old girl in their pajamas outside the house in the street. they were distraught. a passerby sees this and calls the police. inside the house they find the children's mother. she's dead. does it appear that her children may have witnessed this murder? >> we don't know. both children have been transported to child protective services by arlington county police at this time. you know, we don't know if we're going to interview them right
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away or if they're capable of being interviewed about this. a very traumatic event. wasn't them to be in a safe, comfortable environment. >> reporter: friends identify the victim as dr. bonnie black a 42-year-old psychologist who does contract work for the fbi. >> she seemed very friendly. >> reporter: how would you describe her? >> kind of a typical mom, probably preoccupied with the kids. >> reporter: police are treating this as a case of murder. they've been working the scene all day long. they've even gone through trash cans looking for clues and evidence in the case. dr. black is estranged from her husband. he does home renovation work. his work truck was towed from the scene earlier today. the couple is in the midst of a volatile divorce. a court proceeding in the case is scheduled for next tuesday. dr. black's lawyer said she had a court order prohibiting the
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estranged husband from going onto her property and entering the house. police say the husband has been cooperative and has talked to investigators today. so far no motive. so far no suspect. so far, no arrest in this case. wendy, back to you. >> pat collins. d.c. fire and ems rolling out a new recruitment program. for of the first time in eight years the city is offering an entry level exam to develop a pool of possible recruits. the mare and interim fire chief announced the plan today and the first 1500 people who register online for this will get to take the exam and d.c. residents are going to get points added to their score. >> i'm aware people around the country are interested in becoming a part of the d.c. fire and ems system. but i say to you, we're interested in the residents of this community becoming a part of this organization.
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>> online registration starts on may 20th. we're tracking some developments in northern iraq, specificalliery erbil. a car bomb killed two people outside the american consulate. all of the americans are now safe, but eight people were wounded in that blast and an american teacher was one of them. a kurdish medical officer tells nbc news the teacher was burned in the explosion, but she'll likely be released from the hospital tomorrow. the car bomb exploded around dinner time on a street lined with cafes. isis went on social media to claim responsibility but that hasn't been verified yet. president obama came out today and called it embarrassing that senate republicans are still blocking confirmation of his attorney general nominee. and he defended the iran deal that has angered so many of his opponents. steve handelsman is live on capitol hill. steve? >> reporter: hi wendy. this sounds super partisan and it is. but here's an irony. mr. obama is backing a trade deal that's favored by
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republicans, even as he fights them on iran. italian prime minister congratulated president obama for nearing a nuclear deal with iran. but mr. obama warned if congress passes tougher sanctions now a deal could be derailed and sanctions enforced now might fall apart. >> if it is perceived that we walked away from a fair deal that gives us assurances iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon, then those international sanctions will fray. >> reporter: jeb bush today like many republicans is arguing that more pressure on iran means a better deal. >> we should have allowed the sanctions to take hold deeper and deeper rnchtsz on asian trade, many republicans favor a new pacific fast track agreement. the president said it would help our economy. >> this is absolutely good for not just american businesses but for american workers. >> reporter: but unions are
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campaigning against the deal. >> not only won't it create jobs here, but we'll end up with lower wages, more income inequality and fewer jobs. >> thank you everyone. >> reporter: obama attorney general nominee loretta lynch still can't start her job her confirmation blocked since january by republicans who the president blasted. >> the dysfunction in the senate just goes too far. this is an example of it. it's gone too far. enough! >> reporter: in fact, the lynch fight is not over. senate democratic leader harry reid warned today he's on the verge of breaking sacred senate protocols to force a vote on president obama's attorney general nominee. live on the hill, i'm steve handelsman, news4. coming up on news4 at 6, how police traced child pornography to a local karate instructor, and how they hope to track him down now that he's fled the country. police make an arrest
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tonight in a road rage case in virginia. the driver used his porsche as a weapon. and the towing company caught up in that firestorm surrounding an espn reporter now wants to help her.
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i'm jim handly at the live desk. we have just learned that new
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charges have been filed against the man at the center of a crime spree that left a u.s. census bureau guard dead. ronald anderson is now facing four new charges, including kidnapping and murder. charging documents revealed that anderson was chasing a car occupied by his ex-girlfriend and another person. the driver of that car decided to go to the census bureau because they knew there would be armed guards. but when anderson got there he fired at the guards, one of them lawrence buckner was hit inside once in the chest and died. anderson then drove off and later got into a shootout with officers in the district. he faces life in prison for the three if convicted. at the live desk jim handly. and a fairfax county police officer resigned toda was released on bond on child pornography charges. bud walker walked out of jail late this morning after he posted a $15,000 bond and he cannot use a computer or have unsupervised contact with children. walker was a public information
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officer when this investigation began. a montgomery county karate teacher is facing child pornography charges. we're learning more about how police were able to track him down. derrick ward is outside the studio where the man taught martial arts. >> reporter: you know, this is a troubling case in a lot of respects. troubleing and complex. it started in another part of the country came here through chevy chase and could develop in another part of the world. montgomery county police believe this plan, 26-year-old alexander psalm because soumbadze is a man on the run. he taught martial arts here and is now facing eight counts of possessing child pornography. police were put on his trail by investigators a thousand mile as way. >> a law enforcement agency in south dakota informed our detectives, they were conducting an investigation and believed that this individual was located in montgomery county. >> reporter: investigators here using internet tracking technique honed in on this home
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in bethesda. property records show it belonging to a georgian diplomatic official also where soumbadze lived. they searched the home and talked to the suspect. >> he did admit to trading child pornography. at that time there was not enough probable cause to issue the warrant for his arrest. >> reporter: they couldn't search the electronic devices. in the interim just a matter of days they believe soumbadze a citizen of georgia, left this country. >> we do believe that he may possibly have fled to georgia. >> reporter: by then, the case got more troubling. was what was on those devices but couldn't search. >> we seized videos, eight of them, of unidentified males we believe them to be of adolescent possibly young adults. we don't know who they are. they were engaging in inappropriate touching by the suspect as well as sexual acts. >> reporter: they determined that some of the video was shot at the martial arts school. they don't know who the add less ebts and young men with soumbadze are. they want to talk to them. >> it does appear that they knew they were being videotaped but, again, if they were under the
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age of 18 that suspect is producing child pornography by videotaping the acts. >> reporter: they also say there could be other whoz weren't on video. they want to talk to them as well. there is an extradition agreement between the u.s. and georgia. now, to make that extradition agreement useable in this case they have to make sure there was a crime that warrants it. that's why they are so desperately interested in talking to people in the videos and perhaps some who weren't videotaped. back to you. big weekend for politics. some 20 republicans who are eyeing the white house are going to try to sway the voters in new hampshire. and one potential candidate will be joining chuck todd on "meet the press". >> looking ahead to sunday, it's been the biggest week of the 2016 race thus far. hillary clinton in iowa, more republicans joinings fray. can hillary clinton develop a meaningful message as she continues her go small approach to campaigning? and how big will the republican
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field grow? we now know that ohio governor john kasich is only the latest that is considering a run. the governor of the most important swing state in the country joins me sunday. we'll discuss it on "meet the press". >> that is sunday morning at 10:30 right after "news4 today" here on nbc 4. you couldn't dial up a better way to end the workweek. >> i'm dialing up even a better day for tomorrow. it's really going to be a great saturday. a lot going on including the huge concert on the mall. that will be a great day for that. take a look outside right now. it has been nice all afternoon. we've seen lots of sunshine early, but then the clouds moved in. this is our reston live camera. we're looking down toward the south now. you can even see a few showers farther to the south. those showers continue to make their way in through parts of northern virginia. rye now current temperature 77 d.c. 77 leesburg 75 martinsburg, a cooler 65 along the water towards annapolis. here's the radar. again, you see the showers most live in through north virginia making their way across the
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potomac in through prince george's county. we'll zoom toward the fredericksburg area, around fredericksburg we have showers coming through. fredericksburg it's been raining there about the last half hour or 45 minutes. this is one area that's seen a lot of rain some of the areas to the north haven't seen rain. montgomery county, no rain. frederick not a lot of look what's happening in fairfax county, in and around the beltway right along 395. 395 always a great road to be on this time of day. they've got some rain coming down. let's zoom in just a little bit closer because this is actually the heaviest shower we have in the area just to the west of alexandria alexandria. if you're going down route 1, you are seeing that rain and it's really coming down around the dale crest area eisenhower avenue, this is 495 the beltway here. you notice some very heavy rain making its way down. these will be downpours, they will not lost long. but they will all continue to move to the east. so in through crossing over the potomac and toward the oxen hill area in the next half hour or
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so. that's it. the showers are out of here and then behind this system look at the clear skies back to the west. that's what we're in for tomorrow a picture-perfect saturday. your saturday really looking good tomorrow morning, starting off with some sunshine, a few clouds, but then the clouds give way to all sun tomorrow afternoon. and we're talking nice warm temperatures. the best weekend day since late september. boy, do we need that. then on sunday, not bad. start with some sun and then the clouds build in. we'll see cloudy conditions all day. also notice it's dry. if you have plans, baseball games, soccer, whatever you have on sunday, don't worry about those at all. it's sunday night, 11:00 look what comes in. it is rain and rain everywhere. this will last all night long. look at 4:00 a.m. monday, heavy rain here. we could see some problems with that early morning rush on monday. that's something we'll continue to watch. amelia segal will be in all week and veronica johnson sunday night to track that for you. high tomorrow, 80 in d.c., 81 in
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fredericksburg, 78 in easton. beautiful weather just in time for the weekend. let's continue to make it through the rest of the workweek. for next week, 72 on monday after a high of 66 with those clouds on sunday. most of next week really looking nice, too, high of 70 on tuesday, 66 on wednesday. i don't see another 80 in the forecast, but, again i see it tomorrow on saturday. >> nice. well doug mentioned a very very busy saturday and sunday. big crowds are expected on the national mall this weekend. what you should know if you're going to the earth day concert tomorrow. and first at 4 traffic melissa malay is getting to the bottom of the mystery
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it's a road that winds its way through our area. its roots are in the district, but it stretches to prince george's and charles counties. first 4 traffic reporter melissa mollet opens up the history books in this edition of "meet your street" as she tracks down the origin of livingston road. >> reporter: on my "meet your streets" adventures, there is a road i've been asked about again and again. we're headed to the prince george's county library for a lesson on livingston road. >> this one took a little digging. >> reporter: its history has been hard to figure out. >> you have to search auflt small presses. >> reporter: meet colleen foreign fornby, library here in the maryland room. where do most of these books come from?
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she knows almost anything you'd want to about the state. >> i actually was asked this question a few months ago and had problems finding anything at that point. >> reporter: the perfect person to help us uncover more about the mysterious livingston road. it's now speckled with homes and businesses, the road originated in washington, that area called stantontown with sections running through prince george's and into charles county. it was once a main highway between washington and indian indianhead. >> went back, did more research, and this time i found, while not primary source documentation, it's enough information to pretty much say this is why it was named livingston road. >> reporter: as the suspense bill builds, we ask around. >> i should know what it's named for, but i don't. >> maybe someone from history, a male perhaps? >> reporter: it seems all the segments of livingston road built bit by bit over the road were named for one family. >> the beginning of livingston road in the d.c. area starts
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near what was a very large estate at the time of a family named livingston. >> reporter: take a look at the 1878 atlas the road just next to the estate of ann c. livingston. >> i didn't do a lot of digging on her. >> reporter: an old census showed livingston lived there with her husband and four children. >> she had $10,000 worth of real estate in 1870, and i believe $500 worth of personal money. >> reporter: she was from washington widowed just a few years later, livingston moved to maryland. >> it puts life into history because it becomes personal all of a sudden. >> reporter: years later powder mill road was born, its current route winds from 197 to new hampshire avenue, one our librarian says she gets questions about every now and then throughout the 1800s, it was home to gun powder mills. >> there were consecutively three different gun powder mills on powder mill road. it blew up three different times. >> reporter: several people were killed. >> they didn't rebuild it next
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time because it was just enough. they'd had enough. >> reporter: the mills gone now, but the name remains. in prince jornls county, melissa mollet, news4. >> i'm jim handly. we are just now pulling down new video of an explosion in fresno, california. we will bring you the details on this breaking story right after the break so stay with us.
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i'm jim handly at the live desk with some breaking news. we're gathering details about a massive gas explosion in fresno, california california. we want to share pictures and video. this happened near highway 99 which runs right through downtown. part of that road is now close. . our affiliate there says the explosion happened at a gas line, but it's not clear what caused the blast. the fresno bay says a firing range owned by the sheriff's office is right nearby this location and that the fire may be on range property in fact. there are reports of as many as eight injuries but we don't know the extent of those injuries. we're also hearing that trains along the union pacific railroad are also closed on that line. they have stopped that train traffic. we will bring you updates as they come into news4. i'm jim handly. as one police officer put
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it the thief has no heart. someone stole a little boy's wheelchair over the weekend. >> thanks to an enormous show of support, he got a new one today. chris gordon was there when it was delivered. he's live in langley park this evening. chris? >> reporter: it started out as a very disturbing story. tonight, it has a happy ending. but for police, they say this case is not closed. prince george's county police this afternoon delivered a replacement wheelchair to joshua romero. he's the 4-year-old langley park youngster who had his wheelchair stolen. this surveillance video shows the thief rolling it across the parking lot outside the family's apartment resulted in the donation. >> from the bottom of my heart, i'm very thankful. >> this is emanuel marshall. >> reporter: prince george's county police announced the wheelchair was donated bye mother of 11-year-old emanuel marshall, who had outgrown it and wanted to help by d >> i honestly shed a tear.
6:32 pm
it was because the situation was so similar. it really hit home. >> reporter: how do you feel giving your old wheelchair to joshua? >> well, i feel happy. >> reporter: police want you to look closely at this video and call them if you can help identify the thief stealing joshua's wheelchair. >> it's disturbing to actually have seen that happen and watch that video. he doesn't look uncomfortable in anything he did and i think that doesn't sit well me and hopefully doesn't sit well members of the community. >> reporter: the new wheelchair has given joshua back his sense of independence and his smile. >> thank you, emanuel, for donating the wheelchair for joshua. he's really happy to use it. >> reporter: emanuel has made a friend. does it make you proud to be able to help? >> it sure does.
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>> reporter: pride and gratitude shared tonight from these two remarkable young boys. that's the latest live in langley park. a road rage turned violent in leesburg on the route 7 bypass near south king street. earlier this afternoon, the driver of a porsche hit the back of a freightliner truck while he was feuding with another truck driver. he then drove around and intentionally rammed the side of the truck multiple times. police arrested and charged the driver of the porsche, 69-year-old david ray godfrey. he was released on bond. no injuries. do you feel good about your job? so i could be a college dpropout and do the same thing? >> we're getting reaction tonight to those comments by espn reporter britt mcmenry. she's based in d.c. and her vehicle had just been towed in arlington. mchenry said she allowed her emotions to get the best of her and said insulting and
6:34 pm
regrettable things. espn suspended her for a week, but advanced towing, the company that picked up her vehicle, released a statement about mchenry's confrontation saying, neither the company nor the clerk have any interest in seeing her suspended. quote, ms. mchenry is our neighbor, and as she said to paraphrase, made remarks that are out of line. she is human and errors in judgment can be made in the heat of the moment. britt mchenry is not the first driver to express anger about advanced towing's practices. our northern virginia bureau chief julie carey looked into the number of official complaints. >> reporter: carlos martinez and his son had a very expensive lunch today $135, the bill they paid to the towing company that hauled their van away after they parked to go to this boston market to eat. he said he parked in this lot but when he realized he was short on cash went across the street to the bank of america. >> that took let's say seven minutes? okay, let's say ten minutes.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: when he returned, his van was gone. now he accuses advanced towing of predatory practices. >> they are like thieves waiting that we leave the car and immediately they steal our cars. and of course we have to pay like a reward to get our cars back. >> reporter: advanced towing is a company we've reported on several times in recent months. in december this woman called us to complain when her vehicle was towed with her dog inside. earlier this month this dad was outraged when he was inside a cvs and a tow truck driver hooked his car with two kids inside. the kids yelled and the driver unhooked and took off. >> when i started crying, he said -- he came to the door and said, i'm sorry for freaking you out. >> reporter: the news4 i-team gathered at that stisstatistics. arlington county police investigate towing complaints. their records show from 2012 to 2014 advanced towing was the
6:36 pm
target of 155 complaints. that's far more than any of the other companies that do business in arlington. in fact, more than all the others combined. police determined advanced towing committed 15 violations in that time. now carlos martinez plans to let police know what happened in his case. i e-mailed advanced towing's owner for comment and checked for him inside the trailer but i haven't heard anything back eflt told me earlier this month that anytime somebody parks in a lot and goes off-site to do business like carlos martinez did today they kb towed away. in arlington julie carey, news4. new at 6, maryland's court of appeals says a video that shows a homicide victim identifying his alleged shooter by blinking can be used in court. melvin pate was shot in capitol heights five years ago, which left him paralyzed and unable to speak. but before he died, pate looked at a collection of photos and specifically blinked when he saw a picture of jermaine hales.
6:37 pm
today the court of appeals ruled a dying declaration is exempt from a right. we have some breaking news now, and it is not good news for the caps. diana is at the verizon center. >> reporter: braden holtby who holds the caps' franchise are ready for most consecutive starts will not be in the net tonight. backup philip rue bar will start, he's only played once this season. we'll break it all down for you coming up live at the verizon center in just a few. i continue to track rain showers across the area. storm team4 showing showers coming into the d.c. metro area. i'll show you who's going to be affected next and what to expect this weekend in
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if you run over somebody it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags.
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d.c.'s got the hope diamond, but new york's got this rock.
6:40 pm
100-carat white diamond along with the size it has flawless color and clarity. that's what makes it so valuable. it's hitting the sotheby's auction block on tuesday and is expected to fetch between $19 million and $25 million. >> all those guys shopping for rings, going to be hard to compete with that. >> give up. a marathon winner has been unmasked as a cheater and now she's been stripped of her title and uninvited to the boston marathon. her name is kendall shlayer. she crossed the finish line first last weekend at the st. louis marathon and named her the winner even though her bib was not in the proper place. race officials couldn't find any electronic markers for her either but she tried to explain it away. turns out she didn't run the whole race. her title has been given to the real first place finisher, that return is orange who actually ran all 26.2 miles. and a grass roots movement
6:41 pm
to replace andrew jackson on the $20 bill is getting a new voice on capitol hill. you may have seen the hash tag women on 20s. through an online movement they've picked their final four, rosa parks, eleanor roosevelt, harriet tubman and wilma mankiller. jeanne shaheen said she heard about this and wanted to help. >> i think that this is long overdue. it is a great idea. i really applaud those people who have been working on it and we think we can help move it legislatively. >> shaheen introduced a measure that would task the treasury department with appointing a citizen group to make recommendations. jackson has been on the 20 for almost 90 years. plans to transfer my 66 inside the beltway are hitting a roadblock. who is standing in the way of more tolls on your commute. a virginia woman is getting a window into her father's life in world war ii. the gift she got from a total stranger.
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she's affectionately known as the burger baby. last month sophia kim decided fuddruckers in brandywine was just where she wanted to make her entrance. her mother says she was craving a burger when she got to the restaurant, it just started happening quickly. and the staff jumped in to help. >> i thought they were joking around. i come to work daily you know, to deliver the world's greatest hamburgers not to deliver babies. >> as soon as i got here that's when the contractions started getting stronger. >> so she started tugging at her pants. i'm like, okay wait i need gloves. >> volunteer firefighter said
6:45 pm
she delivered eight babies before but never one in a hamburger joint. concerns about changing one of our local highways have gone all the way to capitol hill now. several members of congress who represent northern virginia issued a letter today on that proposal to build express toll lanes on i-66 inside the beltway. they say the lane construction plans are being rushed and people in the impacted neighborhoods haven't been allowed to weigh in. vdot announced the plans next month, the goal of having them up and running by 2017. a virginia woman now has dozens of letters that her late father wrote to a pen pal during world war ii. those letters were found by accident by a firefighter battling a fire in new york city. as darcy spencer reports those letters were almost lost forever. >> this is where he was talking about his dog. he said gee honey you should see the little puppy have. i know you would like her. >> reporter: sue ortman reads from one of the letters her father wrote to a woman, a pen
6:46 pm
pal, while he was serving in europe in world war ii. >> hello honey. how is our pinup girl? >> reporter: these letters reveal a side of her father, a part of his 81 life she never knew. in fact, he never talked about writing to a woman during the war. >> just that's the closest i can get to my father at this stage of the game. >> reporter: the letters were from robert ortmann an army soldier in his early 20s. they were dated from 1943 to 1945, mailed from italy, france, and germany to a young woman in new york who had 48 pen pals. if you take a look here, you can see the letters were censored. they wanted to make sure no secrets were getting out. firefighters found the letters 150 of them and three photos in a box at a fire in a vacant building in new york. a fire captain tracked down ortmann using her dad's name and date of birth through the website. this video is from the d.c. fire department showing the captain after he gave ortmann the letters.
6:47 pm
ortmann's husband is a d.c. firefighter. >> it was really kind oerwhelming. >> reporter: after the letters were rescued, the building later burned to the ground. >> he said, had we not pulled them when we pulled them, we would have never had them. >> reporter: ortmann's father passed away in 2007 without ever mentioning the woman he had apparently fallen in love with and met at least once. >> a lot of the letters refer to i haven't heard from you in a long time please still write i hope you're not mad. there's a piece of me that just thought, you just feel sad. how desperate. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news4. well, thousands of people will jam the national mall tomorrow to rock out with some of the biggest names in music. the earth day concert starts saturday morning at 11:00, stage set for no doubt, usher, fallout boy and mary j. blige. getting there will be a challenge with all the crowds. me troh officials are suggesting alternate stop locations. we facebook page including some of the road closures as well. and the weather will be rocking tomorrow as well.
6:48 pm
>> it really could not be better for an outdoor venue like this. a free concert, expecting i $250 people down there the weather beautiful, 70s to 80 during our saturday. out there right now, national harbor camera, notice the rain that just came through here. yep, they just had heavy downpours come right across the area of national harbor the um umbrellas were just up. you can see the wet ground toward national harbor. right now just cloud cover around the d.c. metro area, d.c. downtown just cloud cover with a few breaks of sun, 77 degrees, dropping to the low 70s, upper 60s around 11:00 p.m. a very nice evening tonight once we get rid of the shoufrs. shower activity around fredericksburg hoffing toward the southeast. here is the showers that just came through our region. again, fredericksburg down toward the south in through southern king george county. these are the showers i've been watching develop along an outflow boundary the boundary moving this way, the showers develop along it.
6:49 pm
some just east of herndon over towards portions of the area. let's go back. i want to zoom in one more time on this. go ahead and zoom in right here. i'll show you what i'm talking about. around the d.c. area, these could come in through d.c. now, here's the stadium, of course nationals taking on the phillies tonight. i do think this rain will come right over nats park around the 7:15 hour. again, maybe a 15-minute shower, that will be it. this will be the one that came over national harbor, moving toward clinton. you can see the air force base out there, too. it will move over that in the next couple of minutes. for the most part dining out this evening, looking good in most areas. you'll get a brief shower downtown, that's about it. temperatures 70 to 75 degrees, tomorrow's forecast beautiful. warm, lots of sunshine in the afternoon, low humidity 76 to 81 degrees. and the next couple of days also looking good. if you're getting out on the bike tomorrow, nice, 1:00, 76, plenty of sunshine, 9:00 a.m., just beautiful, temperatures around the 60 degree mark. here's the next couple of days, 66 sunday, the entire weekend
6:50 pm
dry. rain moves in sunday night into the day monday. some of that could be heavy at times could affect the monday morning commute. >> thanks doug. coming up in sports a crucial game for the caps and they've got a new man in the net. all you need to know about the last-minute big change. first here's lester holt with what's ahead on "nbc nightly news." tonight we have reaction to matt lauer's interview with the reserve volunteer deputy who faces charges after he says he accidentally shot and killed a suspect. in california, the story of a town literally sinking under this crippling drought. and we'll tell you what one cable tv provider is doing to keep young customers from
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity your home for the most live sports. somebody call the doctor. >> yeah, die ananeadiana, what's the situation tonight? >> reporter: not a good one for the caps. braden holtby started 26 consecutive games for the team a franchise record, he will not be in net tonight for game two of the playoffs against the islanders. tonight philip grubp grubauer will be in net. >> reporter: important for the islanders to get off to a great start. >> reporter: guys this morning it all started the concerns began when the backup justin peters and philipp grubauer were taking part in practice.
6:54 pm
and there was no sign of braden holtby. grubauer will be in net, the 23-year-old played in 20 games with the caps, but he's only started one this season. they won that one against a very good ducks team back in february. regardless of who will be in net, the caps lost 4-1 last game, and the coach says his guys have to be all in tonight. >> we just have to play a better game. i didn't think we were as emotionally engaged to be honest with you. it didn't feel like a playoff game. it didn't. we have a better higher level and i know they do too. let's see if we can get it going here tonight. >> the more we get going, the more games we play, i think we're going to continue to improve, continue to get better and we have to have a mind-set that we're going to be a lot better and get ourselves a win and get ourselves back tied in the series. >> reporter: some good news for caps fans, hard hitting forward
6:55 pm
tom wilson is back. he's been medically cleared to return after missing the last three games with a head injury. the 21-year-old took a pop to the helmet against the detroit red wings back on april 5th. the return a major boost for the caps. wilson can score, but also he instills fear in opponents. he's ready for some playoff action. >> it's kind of exciting for a player like me to get into a playoff series. in the regular season, the hits matter, but in playoffs they kind of magnify because you're hitting the same guys over and over and over on a nightly basis. in the regular season you might get a good thump on a guy and you'll see him 40 games later. in the playoffs you get a chance to get a good thump on the same guy the next night. >> reporter: tonight's game at 7:00 p.m. on comcast sportsnet. joe will join me in studio on sunday for our special pregame show "caps quest for the cup" carol maloney will be live in
6:56 pm
long island, face-off at noon, all here on nbc 4. now we are calling this a must-win because of this stat. visiting team that's go back home after being up two games have an 86% chance of winning the series. that is huge. this is the reason why the caps need to get a win tonight. >> reporter: on to top of islanders one of the better home teams in the eastern conference. >> reporter: nassau coliseum, a tough place to get a win. >> reporter: let's move to basketball, the wizards starting their playoff run which takes place in toronto tomorrow, they take on the raptors at 12:30. the wiz will try to do something they haven't done all season, beat toronto. they're 0-3 against the raptors, not all bad despite an early season blowout. toronto needed overtime in the second game and they won the third game by just two points. the wiz kids not worried about the past because this is the playoffs, and this is a different animal.
6:57 pm
>> regular season matters but now the playoffs here they don't matter. you know it's a totally different style of basketball, totally different intensity level totally different atmosphere. everything is different. two different teams and we'll see who wants it the most. >> everybody is 0-0 in the playoffs. doesn't matter if you lost 5-0 to a team. now every game counts, every possession matters. everybody is trying to win. it all means a lot to go as far as you can. trying to win games. >> reporter: finally, the nats, max scherzer hoping to get his first win as a national tonight. they're hosting the phillies. max's two starts yet to record a victory, despite an e.r.a. of less than a run. he has 16 strikeouts already, which is impressive. nats going for their third straight win, offense has put up 22 runs over the last three games. now, back here at the verizon center, we no that the caps didn't really perform that well
6:58 pm
and the fans were a little quiet. but tonight i've got a feeling it will be a whole new environment out here as they know the caps have got to get this win against the islanders. >> reporter: every reason to be excited. guys, back to you in studio. >> crowd already sounds excited. come on! >> they need to make some noise. thanks for joining us. "nightly ne
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
on this friday night, nbc news exclusive. the reserve deputy charged with manslaughter speaking to nbc news about what he says was a deadly mistake. how he managed to grab his gun instead of his taser and kill a man. a powerful plea from the parents of little 8-year-old martin richard. why his mom and dad are urging prosecutors to spare the life of their son's killer. the sinking town in california where the town is literally dropping as fast as a foot every year as water and jobs run dry. and remote control, the big move tonight by a cable provider that wanting to make it easier for customers to pick and choose which channels they want to pay for and which channels they


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