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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 20, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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this afternoon, with one thing to wait for, development. all think need is a trigger and may take off and seeing the storms. if you have seen it very heavy rain. right now a line back to the west. this is the line i'm watching. making the way in through northern virginia one to two hours. that's when i think we have the best chance for severe weather. right now, though storms around the -- in through prince georges county. right along route 50 where it intersects with 425. continues to make the way in. we have lightning associated with this too, off and on. not severe. strong thunderstorm right now to the west of bowie and then down to the south of bowie and south through there and continuing to watch. here's the line i'm seeing back around laray. south and east making the way. and about the next hour so we'll be top of this all evening long. tornado watch until 10:00.
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severe weather potential. tornado threat is low. but it's still there. high wind hail and heavy rain in many areas. slowing down the evening rush. you know that. freddie gray is the name of a man who died in police custody in baltimore. but tonight even though baltimore police cannot explain how that 25-year-old young man suffered the injury that led to his death. pat lawson muse with developments of a case leading to anger and frustration. pat? >> jim, the police commissioner and mayor trying to calm tensions but unable the provide many answers about this case. police did release a detailed time line of gray's arrest all the way up until the time ambulances were called to transport him to shock trauma. we did learn that after the initial arrest he was taken out of the van and placed in leg irons and learned that gray asked for an inhaler several times and at this point no
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explanation for how his spinal cord wound up severed. >> what we don't know and need to get to is how that injury occurred. >> baltimore's made progress before and we've overcome difficult challenges in our city. and i know that we will do it again. i'm angry that we are here again. that we have had to tell another mother that their child is dead. >> now, baltimore police say their investigation will be complete in a week and then an independent review board will launch its own investigation. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, pat. the man accused of jumping the white house fence says he did it for a reason but he's not revealing what that is. jerome hunt is out on bail tonight. he pled guilty to -- not guilty rather to unlawful entry. he tells news 4 he took a greyhound bus from california to d.c. just to jump the fence. he says he never planned to go
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inside the white house or hurt anyone. >> do you think it was a good idea the first time? >> well it's over with. i done it now. but i won't make a comment on it until after my lawyer give me clearance. i promise. >> do you regret your decision? >> no no no. i don't. i don't. okay. >> you would do it again? >> no. i'm not going to do it again. >> hunt will be back in court next month. in the meantime he has to wear a monitor and stay away from the white house. six men from minnesota decided they would rather face death in syria than live in the united states. tonight, they're facing terror charges for trying to join the terror group isis. brian mooar on capitol hill with new details. brian? >> reporter: a sophisticated plan this was not. one of the suspects tried to travel to greece without luggage. another booked a getaway vacation to spain for one day.
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federal court documents described six minnesota men on a mission, a coordinated but amateurish effort to join to syria and join isis. >> these are focused men who are intent on joining a terrorist organization by any means possible. >> reporter: recruited over social media by a friend believed to be in syria. >> it's a combination with an individual they know and trust. this is how many of these radicals are now being lured into places like syria and iraq. >> reporter: the minneapolis area and the somali community targeted by terror recruiters before. >> what we need to do is really engage the people ahead of time as a community and americans. it's not a somali issue. it's a minnesota, global issue. >> reporter: al shabab behind the matsds kerrs earlier this month and the westgate mall in
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2013 has not only recruited from the minneapolis area it's named the nearby mall of america has a potential target. authorities say the suspects in this latest case had dreams of joining a holy war in syria, only two made it as far as san diego. and investigators say those men arrested in san diego were trying to get fake passports so they could travel from mexico on to syria. live on capitol hill brian mooar, news 4. as many as nine u.s. navy ships headed toward yemen joining a coalition of warships to try to block a possible shipment of weapons from iran for the rebels fighting in yemen. the aircraft carrier "uss theodore roosevelt" is one of nine american ships on the way. jim miklaszewski said today it comes at an awkward time in u.s.-iranian relations. >> reporter: this information leaked at a time when the u.s. is attempting to negotiate a nuclear treaty with iran and the
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fear is that now iranians may feel if they're carrying weapons that they are backed into a corner. >> jim will have an update on this story tonight on nbc nightly news after news 4 at 6:00. county sheriff in tulsa, oklahoma offering a defense of sorts for the volunteer deputy who shot and killed a man. the deputy says he meant to pull the taser but pulled and fired his pistol. the sheriff says he does not believe that training records were falsified for that deputy. robert bates. the tulsa world newspaper reported some of bates' supervisors were told to certify him even after he failed to meet some qualifications. today, the sheriff said bates was part of the sting operation under way the day that eric harris was killed. >> he wasn't involved in the undercover sting. he was there at backup. nine deputies at that location and bob was one of those.
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he was a reserve. >> bates charged with second-degree manslaughter. the fbi says it will review that it has reviewed evidence in the case and at that time it does not plan to open a civil rights investigation. two young children in arlington are safe tonight just days after their mother was found stabbed to death inside their home. news 4's pat collins broke the story on friday and joins us live again in the crystal city area. pat? >> reporter: bonnie black had two young children. they were here when her body was found. tonight, concern grows for those two children. it's the kids the kids who lived in this house. the murder scene. people in the neighborhood can't stop thinking about those kids and what this may have done to them. >> i can't believe for those kids like i constantly think about that and i just feel
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horrible for them. >> reporter: what did they see? what do they know? >> exactly. i can't imagine having to live with that the rest of their lives. >> reporter: they made it official today. it's a case of murder. dr. bonnie black stabbed to death inside her home in the aurora highlands section of arlington. she was the mother of two. a 3-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl. it was her children that brought police to the scene. you see, they were outside. they were in their pajamas. they were distraught. and when cops came to their aid, that's when they went inside the house and they found dr. black dead. police are being very protective of those two young kids. >> the children are in a safe environment at this time. not disclosing their location or who they're with and to protect their wellbeing. >> reporter: dr. black was
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spraeted from her husband. friday police towed his work truck from the scene. the couple is involved in a bitter divorce. police say the estranged husband has been cooperating with investigators. and so the investigation continues on but so far no suspect. no arrest. in this case of murder. in arlington, pat collins, news 4. he's not officially declared he's running for president but jeb bush is taking another step toward a run for the republican nomination. nbc news confirmed that bush plans to travel to germmy estonia and poland in june. and aide says bush wants a firsthand view of european economic and security challenges. sources close to bush's camp tell reuters news agency gnat team discussed the possibility of announcing in june after that trip. on the democratic side hillary clinton is halfway through a two-day campaign trip to the early primary state of
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new hampshire. she dropped by a bakery today before touring a family-owned business that makes children's furniture. she told worker that is this country should do more to help small business owners and she said in her words it is not enough to just tread water. celebrations in boston today. thousands of runners crossed the marathon finish line in the cold. what's ahead in the nearby courtroom tomorrow? dedication at the washington navy yard today. more employees back to work at the building where 12 people were killed 2 years ago. tonight, the story behind the new name on that building. and storm team 4 still tracking a tornado watch for most of our viewing area until 10:00 tonight. doug's back with the latest track on this line of storms next.
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european union will hold an emergency summit this week on the migrant crisis in europe. as many as 700 people are feared dead after a boat destined for europe capsized off the coast of libya over the weekend. only today yet another boat crashed off the coast of greece. italy has rescued more than 8,000 migrants in the last couple of days. the refugees are running away from conflict oppression and
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poverty in north africa. two years after a deadly terror attack at the finish line of the marathon boston is still running. 30,000 people competed while tens of thousands looked on. nbc's jay gray is live near the finish line now. jay? >> reporter: hey there. and to be honest the weather here today has been just miserable. cold winds and rains and didn't stop the runners and tens thousands of fans and spectators and two years refused to give up or give in. the marathon is a grueling 26.2 miles. runners battling the elements and exhaustion to reach the finish line. a spot that's now sacred ground for boston. the starting point two years ago for a race toward recovery. forced on the city by an attack that killed three and injured more than 260. 25 who returned to the course this morning. >> the main goal of this group
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is to unite all the survivors in their goal to cross the finish line together. >> reporter: together is how this community continues to move forward. one step at a time. on a difficult and emotional journey that includes the penalty phase in the trial of marathon bomber tsarnaev beginning here tomorrow. but today is marathon monday. patriots' day. tens of thousands ignoring the wind and rain to make sure this and not the attack is what defines. >> we are boston strong and the city's amazing and i'm just so grateful to be here and to be able to stand here today. >> reporter: still standing. still racing. but never running away. and while the rain is forced a lot of people inside, the celebration does continue here and will into the night. it won't include, though the 12 jurors or 6 alternates of the bombing trial. the judge instructing them to stay away from today's race here.
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that is the latest live in boston. i'm jay gray news 4. >> thank you, jay. prince georges county expecter baker braved the rain and the chill in boston today. we are told he just crossed the finish line an hour ago. here's pictures of the twitter page before the race. this was his first marathon. he ran with police and fire cadets from the county and picked boston as an opportunity and as a symbol to stand up against terrorism after the bombings there two years ago. here's doug now with a check on the weather. when's going on out there? >> guys a couple o stronger should recalls that continue on through the range and see those moving on through the rest of the night tonight. storm team 4 radar showing you where they will right now. heaviest rain rig along the river and then back towards the south. the area in yellow that's the area under the tornado watch until 10:00 although we are really not seeing much fire up right now at all. these are the only showers
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around the south laurel area. just to the south and east of savage. krofton with shower activity and reports of hail out there and we could see hail with those storms and not a lot of lightning. chesapeake beach and sunderland area along route 4 connects with route 2 and heads up in that region. up towards the north and east. heaviest storms and ones to continue to watch for a few hours back to the west and where we have seen the most lightning and the stormest storms west of culpepper in and around the culpepper area in a half hour to warrenton and 6:45. these are the storms that we'll continue to watch. not done yet with this. tornado watch until 10:00 tonight. more thunderstorms back to the west and then down to the south and got a lot out there and not a lot around the region and numerous as far as what we could
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see to only isolated severe storms now and good news. hail and damaging winds a possibility. we have an isolated tornado and threat diminishing and continues to later into the evening. reston live camera seeing the showers and storms this is one up toward the pennsylvania area and the anvil with the storm. that's a strong storm. well up towards the pennsylvania area. future weather showing a few showers we have now and watch what happens here. we don't see a lot in around the area here. really through 8:00 9:00. development back towards haguers town and that line our way and not expecting a lot and that again good news and relax a little bit with the weather is concerned and continue to keep you posted. high temperatures tomorrow plenty of sunshine. a high of around 69 in d.c.. 67 in gaithersburg. as the front moves through, cooler conditions tomorrow. and not just tomorrow. take a look at the next seven
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days. it is a little bit of a cool forecast. a chance for some showers. behind that system we get cooler. 64 on thursday. 62 on friday and then really cool only in the 50s on saturday and sunday. we're talking about a pretty cool weekend and right now looks like the weekend dry. temperatures will average about 10 to 15 degrees below average moving through saturday and sunday. taking a look at the latest radar. seeing the showers picking up on this line so if the line is able to develop that's the line that i've been concerned about all day and continuing to see if it does create some thunderstorm activity as it moves on in across our region. guys? >> thanks doug. a guy that works at arlington national cemetery caught using a government credit card for the personal suv. coming up we'll show his response when the i-team tracked him down. a student remembered as a roommate prepares to face charges in her murder. what goes through the mind of a 911 operator talking with a
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13-year-old telling her i am trapped and my house is on fire? i'm tracee [ female announcer ]
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a news 4 i-team exclusive now. a man pled guilty to theft for swiping taxpayer funded federal government gas cards to fill up the tank of his own personal
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lincoln navigator. his name is bobby harris. he wouldn't comment to scott mcfarland today. this is the vehicle this question. court records show he bought at least $5,000 in gas with a card for his own personal use. all the while he worked at arlington national cemetery. court records say the feds caught him in the act reviewing gas station surveillance video. the cemetery says he is off the job while they review his case. seven disabled veterans are suing the department of veterans affairs. they say they have waited as long as two years for medical records needed to obtain disability benefits. lawsuit was filed in federal court here in d.c. today and at least one of those that's suing is from virginia. the veterans are asking the court to order the v.a. to send the medical records in the next 20 days. a home coming of sorts today for the first time since the shooting rampage that left 12
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co-workers dead. employees of the naval c-systems command are back in one building and that building officially has a new name. news 4's derek ward was at today's dedication. >> reporter: despite the importance of what went on in this building home of the naval c-systems command for years it had no name. just a number. building 197. >> this is the foundation of our sea power. the greatest navy in the world and itorter: but building 197 became infamous two years ago when a contractor came here to kill. a dozen employees died eight other people injured before the gunman was killed. >> in an evil and never to be understood act. >> reporter: and that understanding may never come but the work of the group continues. the last of the employees came home to a renovated reoriented workplace with a new name the humphreys building after the man who built the first ships expressly for the fledgling u.s. navy.
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the descendants were part of the ceremony. >> these guys have been through so much. they do so much and to have my great, great, great, great grandfather's name on there is really just very special. ♪ >> reporter: it wasn't all brass and buckles. there was more of a cookout feel a get together for some of the same men and women who came under fire here and under it all there was a remembrance for the dozen employees that didn't survive that day and remembered inside the humphreys building. >> the family has gone through a lot, gotten stronger. now he're fully back where we belong. >> the design is different than what it was prior to the incident. but it's still similar flow to it. it's actually they did a real good job. >> it was depressing. today's very nice. >> reporter: at the navy yard derek ward, news 4.
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now at 6:30 two children stuck inside a burning maryland home. firefighters rescued them just in time but they're not the only ones being hailed as heroes. >> i helped save him and his lit sister sister's life. memorial to slain student grace mann is moved under cover because of the rain. but inside this building it is growing. coming up a look at the investigation and at this exceptional young woman. thousands of pieces of art commissioned by the government gone without a trace. >> when i first walked in here i saw that and got the goose bumps. >> with the man tracking them down making surprising discoveries. and we're tracking some severe weather across the area. right now, no severe storms but the storms making the way through the area and a couple of stops here. tornado watch until 10:00 tonight. the storm heaviest in prince georges county.
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now only in anarundal county. these have just fired up just to the south of culpepper and moving towards the east. up towards warrenton and watching these storms ahead of this line that are now just starting to form again. the tornado watch until 10:00 tonight. keeping to keep you posted. thanks doug. we know what caused the death of a mary washington student on friday. >> her name was grace mann and the medical examiner's office said she was asphyxiated and that one of her housemates is charged with the murder. >> jewry carey was on the campus today to see how students are coping. >> reporter: a perfect spring day on the university of mary washington campus and subdued as students mourn the loss of a young woman a powerful force here. >> i think we all feel it. very somber mood on campus. >> reporter: 20 years old, grace
6:31 pm
mann hit the ground running. she became a leader in feminist united appointed to the sexual assault task force and student government. the dean of students says she grabbed his attention early on. >> magic of her smile and grace had this ability to hug, to bring people in and she was very much interested for the rest of her life journey to make a difference in the world. >> reporter: the memorial to grace mann is growing by the hour. moved inside because of the overnight heavy rains. students are filling this board with post-it note messages. closest friends stand vigil in the hallway an say it's too soon to speak on camera about the terrible loss. back home her parents county judge mann and melissa mann must plan the funeral of their only home and here grace mann's involvement left an impression even on those that didn't know her personally. >> she clearly made everyone smile and laugh but she also
6:32 pm
believed in what she believed in and was willing to fight for those things. >> reporter: mann's lifeless body discovered friday afternoon after two housemates. within hours police tracked down and arrested another 30-year-old and charged with first-degree murder and abduction. police say they did not have any kind of romantic relationship. the man is also a mary washington student but the focus here squarely on mann and her many contributions. the university also helping scheduling two buses to transport students to falls church and services held for grace mann tomorrow. i'm julie carey, news 4. >> the man will appear in court tomorrow morning for arraignment. police are looking for whoever it was that shot a man near washington convention center. about 10:00 this morning. the victim was said to be alive and awake on the way to the hospital. whoever shot him was seen taking
6:33 pm
off in a gray four-door sedan. investigators aren't sure why that man was shot. we now know the name of a man killed in an accident in prince georges county. a suv hit 51-year-old jesse shelton on brinkley road in temple hills friday night and died later at the hospital. the driver stayed on the scene. police say brinkley was not in a crosswalk but they're still investigating the accident. we are learning new details of the dramatic rescue of a young man and his family from their burning house in clinton, maryland. it happened over the weekend. tracee wilkins is there now with more on the special training that helped save lives over the phone. tracee? >> reporter: well jim, as we were listening to the 911 recording you hear the 911 operator literally telling this young man what to do to stay alive in this fire. she says the fact that he was so brave and calm made all the difference. >> without someone calm it's
6:34 pm
very difficult to get what we need done. 911, hello? >> reporter: it was a call for help that this operator will never forget. >> i can't breathe. >> so at first i try to get them out of the house and he let me know that it was too hot. >> stay low to the floor. close the door. cover the cracks with wet cloths towels or anything else that's available. >> the instructions can be life saving and only if they follow them. >> reporter: the 13-year-old boy is trapped in a bedroom and 9-year-old sister by his side as their home burns. >> he gave me the information i needed when i asked him where he was to direct the firefighters. >> how many people are trapped inside? >> i'm not sure. >> okay. exactly where are you located? >> in the top room. on the right. all the way upstairs. >> reporter: the days of getting an address, name and sending help are over. now 911 operators are trying to save lives while help is on the way. >> what other questions can we ask if they near a house fire
6:35 pm
and what else can we try? >> reporter: the voice guided him through what seemed like a deadly situation. especially to his sister. >> we're going to die! >> please don't say that. >> you know it's a dire sich walgs and smoke filling up that room and with little kids they have smaller lungs and the amount of smoke there's not a lot of time. >> reporter: minutes later -- >> he's at your window right? >> i wanted to make sure it was the right window. >> right here! >> talking to someone on the phone, you don't want that to be the last time you talk to them. >> i got him. >> i don't know where he learned it but i thank whoever taught him to stay calm because that helped save him and his little cyst're life. >> reporter: the folks at the center say it's important to remember that when they're asking all of these questions this is why. it is information that can help to save your life and also get folks trying to help you there directly. reporting live in clinton, tracee wilkins, back the you.
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>> thank you. adding the purple line to connect montgomery and prince georges county could lead to an economic boom in maryland. it found that adding another rail line could generate 40,000 new jobs and boost property values. the "the washington post" first reported the postings. the proposed line would connect. they're expected to make a decision in late may. tighter security coming to major airports and not for passengers. it's for employees. up next the security scare that's leading to big changes. official is not happy with the test her students are taking. she is protesting common core. and doug and veronica working hard on the forecast right now tracking the storms moving through our area tonight. when we could be out of the woods for severe weather.
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access for people who work at the nation's airports has been su veerly restricted. not too long ago a baggage handler accused of smuggling guns on flights in atlanta. the department of homeland security ordered a full security review and now new rules include realtime background checks for airport employees. the workers will also have to go through screening before they get on any plane. and there will be fewer access points to the secure areas at airports. common core is a big issue for teachers and parents. does it teach students what they really need to know? a middle school teacher in new york state says no. following days of silent standardized testing, maria is walking from share knack lake to the capital to complain to state leaders covering about 40 miles a day on the 150-mile trip.
6:40 pm
common core sets up standards that every child must meet by a certain grade level and how teachers should teach them. tens of thousands of drivers use route 7, that's leesburg pike every day. tonight, state officials want your opinions on its future. the northern virginia transportation commission is asking anyone who lives, works or does business along the 13-mile stretch between tyson's an alexandria to share their thoughts about transit options. drivers are also suffering their share of commuting trouble. there's construction under way in the georgetown pike area and more to come soon just west oftyson's corner. virginia railway express is hoping to get more riders by opening a new station in summer. the new terminal is expected to draw hundreds of new riders.
6:41 pm
the area wants to double the ridership by the year 2040. the rail system is considering adding another station and extending its manassas line as well. threats of kind of weather weather out there and not limited to the d.c. area and video of the damage along the eastern seaboard. a big discovery first uncovered by the i-team. find out where investigators found
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just months after the news 4 i-team revealed thousands of american art masterpieces missing nationwide the federal government recovered a treasure trove of them thousands of miles away. scott mcfar londland reports they're lost by the government. >> reporter: after years of searching and a solid tip micro mos finally found nearly a dozen of them stacked in the basement of a library. >> see the federal art project right there. >> reporter: two of them in plain sight near one of the book shelves. >> walking in here i saw that and got the goose bumps. >> reporter: in all, more than a dozen pieces of great depression art hunting for years. ♪ historic pieces ordered by the government to help save from
6:45 pm
artists from starving in the depths of economic ruin including this famed painting of the golden gate bridge. a recent news 4 i-team investigation revealed of more than 100,000 of works progress art commissioned by the government in 1930s, only 10,000 have been found. the rest are missing and agents with inspector general have long been searching. >> i'm not sure things were that cataloged and organized in those days and perhaps didn't put the value on them that people do today. >> okay. >> reporter: recent weeks ramos discovered a pile of 79 more of these paintings at a library in san mateo, california. in an atick. realized the art might be there, he called the assistant to say he was coming by to investigate. >> i thought, oh my gosh what have i done? but it turned out it was about the art and i learned a lot more about the scope of what he is doing. >> reporter: they were hung in
6:46 pm
the san mateo area in the depression and someone some point decided to store them in the attic and no central data base to keep track of where all of this art ending up. the feds contracted an art house in northwest d.c. to restore some of these paintings recovered to remove the damage and dirt. some are so valuable they triggered legal battled. they found this one hanging in an art gallery in new england and the feds had to go to court to win it back. the recent discoveries in the basement and attic in california handed over without a hassle but ramos says there are countless more he may never find. >> administrations change. facilities close and lose track of it. >> the estimated value $3 million in california but they can never be sold. they remain the property of washington paid for and owned by the federal government. >> thanks scott. the i-team's original investigation into the missing
6:47 pm
artwork can be found on our nbc washington app. to watch it you go to the peacock in the left corner and click on investigations. same line of storms heading our way may have spawned a tornado in south carolina. see the damage of earlier today. the home with the roof blown off and some of the walls collapsed. nearby trees uprooted. doug's forecast doesn't stop here. he'll keep updating it all night long. check that on the app. >> i have been updating the app and within the last hour now and the severe weather threat diminishing a bit. tornado watch until the 10:00 hour. now we were thinking numerous storms to develop and there was just something happening in the atmosphere that just depressed all of the air. you need rising motion for the thunderstorms. today a depression that happened right around the northern virginia area. did not allow storms to fire. they're firing to the south and we have a chance for severe
6:48 pm
weather but we are not talking about widespread severe weather. a strongest storm back towards allegheny county and a ton of lightning and morgan county washington county. these are all moving in towards pennsylvania. the area i have been watching all afternoon is just south of warrenton and just to the north of culpepper. see the thunder activity there. lightning with those storms and then more just down to the south just west of fredericksburg. making the way towards culpepper county and stafford county in the next hour and we have strong storms out there. this storm right here is actually been intensifying over the last hour so it's something to continue to watch. one more storm i'm watching off towards the east and northern st. mary's county. mechanicsville and making the way to the north and east and not a lot of lightening with this and seeing the storms pulse and then come back down and not a severe thunderstorm warning in the area.
6:49 pm
allegheny county earlier. no severe weather in the region yet. that's a beeping. i bet it's for this. a tornado warning up in through pennsylvania and not in the area. let's get this. because this is -- getting an alert, we hear the beeping going off to alert us to what's going on. a tornado warning up there towards pennsylvania. fulton county i think in pennsylvania. for us watching the storms making the way through and not done just yet. we have the tornado watch in effect until 10:00 tonight. the severe potential as i said, down a little bit. tornado threat low. still high wind and hail threat and heavy rain in the area. biggest threat. heavy rain slowing you down on the roads. temperatures next couple of days rather cool for this time of year. 69 tomorrow. look at the weekend. high temperatures in the 50s. again, we'll be here continuing to keep you updated if anything does go severe. guys? >> thank you, doug. sports coming up. some significant injuries on the caps getting ready for the next playoff game. diane has that report coming up.
6:50 pm
first, lester holt with what's ahead. >> hi. coming up tonight, talking about this aircraft carrier sent to the arabian sea, potentially to intercept an iranian convoy. we'll explain why. also police in baltimore talking about the death of a suspect who suffered a partially receivered spine while in custody. we'll tell you what they're saying. also a promising new blood test in the treatment of cancer.
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i'm going to mess your sports report all up. i need to begin with the fact that this woman needs her props. she said that boy going to the eagles and he's going to the eagles. >> tim tebow. >> all i got to say is props to you. way to go. >> thank you. thank you. well we'll get to that. we have a little football in the news and starting off with some caps hockey. barry trotz told the team today they have to let the overtime loss go. so i'm taking that message and saying the same thing to the fans here. we have got to let it go. it's now on to game four tomorrow. caps down two games to one. some injury up jats. fare out the next two games with an upper body injury. he took a hit to the shoulder in game three so he'll be out but he's not the only one banged up. marcus johanssen for ten minutes today. first off the ice and he is
6:54 pm
expected to play tomorrow. he hobbled around after taking a the calf in game three. our carol maloney is in long island. >> reporter: the caps are in a new york state of new york mind. those game three woes positive thinking the key to prepping for game four. >> new day. new day. wake up. everyone's feeling good. again, we are just excited to get back at it. obviously, we knew nobody wins in four straight. we get a chance to redeem ourselves a little bit and that's the beauty of it. hockey you know playoff time another day. >> you can waste your time with negative energy or you can have fun, enjoy being in this position the environment, the challenge. and embrace all of that and that's what this group is all about. >> game four is biggest game of the year for us. we should be excited about that opportunity. we worked hard to get in this situation. you know? to get in the postseason this
6:55 pm
year and now's not the time to sulk. let's be excited. be ready t best game of the year. >> optimistic attitude even with the news that eric fare withehr will miss the next two games, of course the caps would like to have there's more games in this series. on long island carol maloney, news 4 sports. joe ward of washington capitals. representing nbc 4 sports. >> all right. carol, not our only correspondent on the island. you can check that out on he is a tough interviewer. all right. the wizards practicing today at the verizon center before heading back to toronto looking to take two games to one against the raptors series advantage. despite the win on saturday a rough game for the stars who shot a combined 11 for 41. game two tomorrow at 8:00. a win and they're heading back to d.c.
6:56 pm
with a commanding lead in this series. >> the reason why we won is defense. not because they miss a lot of shots and, you know back of our heads we know they're going to make shots. we win because of the defense. we don't really pay attention to offense. >> 31-15 record early on defense was the catalyst of the team. we wasn't making shots and didn't shoot well the other night but got the key rebounds and the open court and that's what it's all a whole mind-set and defense and let your defense dictate what happens. all right. nfl releasing schedules for all 32 teams tomorrow at 8:00. but the big news today, tim tebow has signed with the eagles for a one-year contract. tebow time is back. some redskins and may only be april, players ss reporting. now the workouts are voluntary. guys like rg-3 and jackson all in attendant. can't do much at this time of
6:57 pm
year. strength and conditioning exercises. to the diamond. red sox hosting the orioles. 11:00 a.m. start today. bottom three. mookie betts. lines this one to right. chen off the glove, can't pick it up. betts safe at first. xander bogaerts in to score. an error for chen. later in the inning shane victorino down to third. machado can't make the play. an error. his first of the season and then more rain on the orioles parade. this is the real kind. game called in the seventh. red sox win it 7-1, over the birds. but it's a big day in boston with the marathon and maybe give the red sox a win. you feel good about the wizards, right? >> i do. i like the chances. they're playing tough ball. that's our broadcast. nightly news is next.
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on this monday night, the mysterious death of a man dragged into police custody. how was his spinal cord nearly severed? tonight new video surfaces as officers are suspended in baltimore, a city on edge. chasing iran. u.s. war ships on the move tonight prepared to intercept a of iranian ships suspected of carrying weapons to yemen. disaster at sea. a humanitarian crisis unfolding in the mediterranean. another rescue mission tonight as nearly a thousand people presumed drowned on a desperate voyage for a better life. and a cancer blood test. a promising new way for doctors to find out if your canc treatment is working. "nightly news" now. from nbc news


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