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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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places. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here with more on the wind gusts we are seeing this morning. chuck? >> that's right. it was a very blustery start early this morning. winds have faded back a bit right now. but they'll be right back on us as soon as the sun comes up this morning. sunrise about 20 minutes after 6:00. right now over downtown all is quiet out there. but temperatures are chilly. 46 in downtown. but you get away from the waters of the potomac or the urban heat island and temperatures are in the mid to upper 30s out to the shenandoah valley. so layer up everybody. the winds which are quite gusty an hour or so again are laying down for now. plan on a very breezy day today. once we get the sun back up the temperatures start to rise slowly. in the 30s and 40s for the afternoon. air temperatures struggling to make it into the upper 50s to 60s today.
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back into the 40s by 11:00 p.m. we'll talk about how cold it will be tomorrow morning and the freeze watch posted as well. in ten minutes. but for now, here's melissa. >> we still have that problem on i-95 right now. a tractor-trailer has spilled ink across the roadway. right here you can see some backups, about four miles long at cardinal try as you're headed northbound. a big issue this morning. we have pushed it off, we have been tweeting from first 4 traffic so hopefully you won't get stuck it. you can take the express lanes or route 1. b.w. parkway, 29 looking pretty good no problems. nice and green here in prince george's county. same thing as you're looking at 270 into and out of town. travel times and more on this problem in virginia coming up in ten minutes. >> thank you, melissa. today in just about 30 minutes a fitness community is rallying around a woman attacked at a popular park.
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neighbors are bringing attention to the crime so it doesn't happen again. news4's megan mcgrath has more on message they're sending this morning. >> reporter: well, eun, people will be gathering here at meridian hill park in about half an hour and they want to bring attention to the issue of sexual assault. meridian hill park is of course popular with many who live in this neighborhood, popular with dog walkers and joggerss but police said that glenvert green s is a salted a woman. he grabbed a woman and sexually assaulted her and robbed her. now green was arrested last night. he's been charged with sexual assault, kidnappineft. police released the surveillance video and they asked the public for help in finding their suspect the video shows a man in dark clothing walking in the area near the time of the assault. now, everyone is being asked to
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just be careful when out and about jogging and walking their dogs. now, the suspect has been arrested in this case but certaiult and people want to make sure that folks are aware of their surroundings and take the proper precautions. the rally is expected to get under way here at meridian hill park at 6:30. we'll bring more on that later on in the show. >> thanks megan mcgrath. today a judge in alexandria could make a few changes to charles severance's murder case. he is charged with killing three people in the city over the pace of ten years. the lawyers asked them to separate the cases and also asked her to dismiss it entirely. both prosecutors and defense lawyers asked the judge to ban cameras from the courtroom. michael brown's family will file a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of ferguson, missouri, today. he's the unarmed black teenager who was shot and killed by a white police officer last august. the grand jury decided not to
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prosecute that officer. brown's death sparked national and violent protests and spawned the black lives matter movement. that calls for changes in how police deal with minority groups. governor larry hogan of maryland says he will not order a state investigation into the death of freddie gray. there are already four investigations underway in baltimore. the investigations center on how gray's spine was nearly severed in police custody. five of the six arresting officers have now given statements to investigators. during that april 12th arrest gray suffered a spinal cord injury and died a week later. a fifth day of demonstrations planned for today. 6:05 now. the government just released a new report that criticizes the secret service. the report says the agency failed to fix an alarm system former george h.w. bush's
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residence. the department of homeland security released the report this morning and it said it's investigating misconduct at the agency. lawyers headed back to court to argue over whether the man who shot president ronald reagan should remain in a d.c. mental hospital. john hinckley jr.,'s legal team told the judge he's in full and stable remissions. prosecutors say more restrictions are needed to keep hinckley and others safe. he spends 17 days each month with his elderly mother in southeastern virginia. a showdown between d.c.'s mayor and the first ever elected attorney general may be averted for now. at issue, muriel bowser's budget proposal waters down karl racine's powers to review government contracts. the attorney general opposes that plan and instead he wants more powers and a bigger budget. the d.c. council held a five hour round table on this dispute yesterday. they say the matter needs more public discussion. the mayor is happy to have more
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public debate. it is 6:06. it is time to rock the red as the capitals take on the new york islanders tonight in washington. it's the fifth game of the playoff series starting at 7:00 p.m. the series is all tied up right now. we just checked stub hub for you. you can buy some tickets for game as little as $63 or as much as $700 online if you want to splurge for some good seats. a frightening case of mistaken identity. why this girl in mexico was accidentally taken against her will and sent to the united states. and what it took to get her back home. it was a problem that might have left you stuck in traffic as you tried to get home last night. now we're learning what's to blame for manhole explosion in downtown washington. a live look at national harbor where a light jacket may come in handy. the cold night ahead and the communities that will be dealing with a freeze watch at 6:11.
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plus, melissa is closely watching the breaking news on i-95 in virginia. a tractor-trailer accident, an ink spill
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breaking news again, we're talking about 95 in virginia. take a look here chopper just got over the scene. this is 95 northbound at dale boulevard. if you kind of look to the left there, you can see some of the ink that spilled in this crash and look at those delays. we're talking about 5 1/2 to 6 miles at this point. again, this is 95 north approaching dale boulevard. it is very, very slow at this point this morning. right now, we have somebody driving southbound for us. they'll show us what else is going on there in those delays northbound here at cardinal drive. travel times overall looking
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good with the exception of 95 north. quantico to the beltway will take you almost an hour. no one was hurt when a man hole cover exploded in northwest washington. pepco said a flooded manhole caused some electrical wires to short. they didn't report any power outages to us. all southbound lanes on 14th are open. a new app could help your kids find and research scholarships to college. it won first prize at the university of maryland's business competition. it was developed by a group of students from drexel university and it's called skoaly. it was chaired by under armour ceo plank. >> they produce some good people. smart. >> i would say so. >> i'm just putting that out there. all right.
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6:11 right now. let's go to chuck bell and check your forecast. >> all right, sunrise in ten minutes from now. already a lot of early morning color in our eastern sky. a couple of fair weather clouds as well. the big story of the day is how much colder it is compared to how mild we have been recently. we have dropped to 36 in gaithersburg and dulles 41 in reston town center. you'll need an extra layer of warmth on your way out the door this morning. keep your jacket handy and sunglasses for later on. highs only in the mid to upper 50s and lows tonight back down near the freezing mark. we'll talk about that in a few.back to you guys. >> thank you, chuck bell. might not be paranoia after all. the discovery that shows that pesky mosquitoes may like you more than everyone around you. i knew it. but having fun
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6:15 right now. breaking news on i-95. chopper 4 over this mess northbound. a four-mile plus backup starts near dale boulevard and prince william county. this started with a
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tractor-trailer accident that spilled ink all over the highway. you can see the work going on here. crews are trying to clean up that ink. melissa mollet is watching this from the traffic center. she'll help you get around this mess with your weather and traffic on the ones at 6:21. a mexican teen is back home with her parents after she was forcibly sent to the u.s. in a mistaken custody battle. the girl was screaming as she was pulled from her school in mexico last week. after a u.s. citizen claimed to be her mother. dna tests proved the woman is not her mother. congressional parties are costing you money. capitol hill police are warning congressional leadership about these parties inside the capitol during memorial day, the 4th of july. while patrolling last year's concerts, capitol police racked up more than 12,000 hours of overtime. that's costing you more than
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$700,000. congressional staff are bringing coolers inside the capitol with alcohol. congressional leaders say they'll restrict access to the balconies now. today, prosecutors in the boston marathon bombing trial may rest their case. prosecutors are using the sentencing phase to focus on the victims and dzhokhar tsarnaev's lack of remorse. yesterday, jurors heard several emotional accounts from surersvivor survivors and they saw tsarnaev locked in a holding cell making an obscene gesture. they will look into tsarnaev's background. 6:17. a grand jury will decide if a fairfax county police officer will face charges for shooting and killing an unarmed man. torres shot john geer during a standoff and other officers said he was shot. fairfax county agreed to pay geer's family $3 million to settle a wrongful death suit. the commonwealth's attorney says he hopes the grand jury will reach a decision by the end of
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the summer. a big drug bust in maryland hagerstown police seized 112 bags of spice. it's a type of synthetic marijuana. you can see some of the pictures here. there was an increase in overdoses in washington county. we're told that the people who overdosed were as old as 50 and as young as 11 years old. mgm is facing a discrimination lawsuit filed by several prince george's county businesses. the businesses claim that mgm purposely left out the bidding process to build the new casino at national harbor. mgm used at least one white owned company masking itself as a minority business. the allegations and the complaint they say are baseless and the company will vigorously defend the lawsuit. in maryland four casinos are in trouble for allowing underaged customers inside. the closest casino to you here in the district maryland live faces a $1,000 fine for others
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the fine is much higher. it said it would make sure that the patrons are at least 21 years old. it agreed to pay $20,000 after similar allegations about it was report by regulators. take note six new speed camera goes live today. they're up on the north and southbound sides of south capital street and branch avenue has new cameras. new cameras up are up on kenilworth avenue. they may not make a dent in revenue losses for the city. last year's speed camera tickets brought in less than half of 2013 totals. that's according to aaa mid-atlantic. revenues fell from about $76 million to about $38 million. the city has ahead more about $350 million since the program started. pope francis will visit cuba this coming september. the vatican confirmed he'll stop in the country before coming
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here to washington on september 22nd. he had a hand in helping rebuild relations between cuba and the u.s. late last year. all right, we want you to start off your morning right and that a lot of times means caffeine at this hour. some sweet treats. >> anything that says working for you more than free food i think not. we are partnering again today and with the food truck. >> mmm goodies. >> i like doing this so you can say it. >> you can say it too. >> these are happy customers when we were out at the l'enfant metro station on monday. today it will be outside the prince george's county courthouse from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. stop by and grab one of the 250 free doughnuts while supplies last. >> it's a great name. doesn't it make you hungry? thanks for come out to see us too. let's get a look at our forecast. no rain like we had on the last time the food truck was out there. so you can belly up to the -- >> yes. >> to the truck. >> you might want to grab
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thicker jackets today. right, chuck bell? >> or eat the hot doughnuts. they taste even better when they're fresh out of the deep fryer, and a nice cup of hot coffee. sounds nice to me. tower cam looking over washington, still waiting, the sun is up one minute from now. we'll get an eastern facing shot in a second. but the chilly change is here. it's sticking around. this is an overall pattern change for all of the eastern half of north america. as a result, we're going to be way below average for not only today, but for quite some time. staying very very cold. we'll take it after all those 80 degree days we just had. but the real down side of this we may have to worry about a freeze tomorrow morning. not as much of a freeze for this morning. temperatures mid to upper 30s in the western and northern suburbs. what our sky will look like today, partly to mostly sunny, clouds around from time to time. more clouds the farther north and west you live or travel.
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temperatures will climb out of the 30s and 40s to near 53 by noon. flirting with about 60 degrees but that's it. eastern west virginia and the i-81 corridor freeze watch posted. this is for tomorrow morning as temperatures will be dropping back near or below the freezing mark. tender plants and vegetables and flowers if you care about them cover them up. as temperatures will be cold enough to support frost or a killing freeze. partly to mostly cloudy maybe a random sprinkle or to in northern maryland. that's it. 99% of us will be try for the course of the day. 58 today. 59 tomorrow. breezy both days. in the weekend, a chance for rain saturday night lingering to about lunch time or so on sunday morning. no washout either temperatures even with the sunshine early next week will stay on the chilly side.
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let's go over to melissa with breaking news in first 4 traffic. >> breaking news still have this problem on 95 northbound as you head to dale boulevard. take a look behind me as we drive northbound on 95. you can see how slow it is. very slow. here is chopper 4 over the scene. you can see here we have three left lanes getting by. still have the spill though this clean-up of ink after that tractor-trailer crash as you approach the dale boulevard ramp. a warning there, very slow. wide look at things overall beltway looking pretty good. top of the beltway here outer loop as you approach georgia avenue is a tad slow as is 295 headed into 50. looking at 66 inbound has started to get a little bit slow. out bound you don't have any problems. remember to listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car for the latest on the situation. 270 at montrose road northbound and southbound not looking bad. eun? >> thank you.
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incredible images. this is from a volcano bellowing smoke for first time in over 30 years. this volcano is spewing all that ash in southern chile. it erupted yesterday and neighboring homes are empty after being evacuated. it lies about 600 miles south of chile's capital. terrifying moments for people on board a sky west plane when the pilot deliberately goes into a nose dive for an emergency landing. the pilots thought there was a cabin pressure problem after a passenger passed out. >> i had to sit down. i was short of breath, light headed. didn't feel great. >> the captain had said that all the symptoms led him to believe that it was a lack of cabin pressure. >> the plane landed safely in buffalo, new york. sky west says there was never an air pressure problem, only some miscommunication between the pilot and flight attendants. 6:25 now. we're getting a look at a school bus crash from inside the bus. it's tough to see what's happening but you can hear the
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violent collision. you can see a little bit the seats moving around. the driver crashed the bus into several cars before driving up an embankment and hitting a railroad bridge. you can see the crash, the aftermath there. three people were hurt. police in oklahoma say the bus driver was under the influence of synthetic marijuana at the time. dr. oz is fighting back against his critics. "time" magazine published an article written by dr. oz overnight and he said his talk show is designed to offer advice based on conventional medicine and the broader definition of wellness. he says he has no plans to cancel or change his show. this comes after ten doctors at columbia university accused dr. oz of promoting certain treatments for financial gain. dr. oz denies that claim. do you ever feel like those mosquitos are coming straight for you but not those around you?
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well you might be right. it's because of your genes. not only the ones you wear. it seems that genetics control our body odor and some people produce natural mosquito repellents while others produce a smell that's much more attractive to mosquitos. this is according to research at the london school of hygiene. the researchers hope to identify the chemicals that repel mosquitos to make better bug sprays in the future. especially some alternates to the chemical sprays that work. but you don't want to spray all that toxic stuff around you. >> but if it's in your genes you probably -- whatever spray you put on won't do you any good. see if they come up with something. well, we are watching some developments on i-95 as we deal with this make you late for work. a tractor-trailer accident, an ink spill is causing problems. plus another potential problem on the days ahead. the construction work that could
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cause delays for you if you live near the navy yard today. take a look at the temperatures. 37 degrees in gaithersburg and leesburg. that's chilly.
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breaking news in virginia. we're talking about 95 northbound there at dale boulevard. chopper 4 over the scene right now. we have got about a five mile backup because of an earlier crash and then now you can see that spill there on the left side of your screen. that is ink that came out of a tractor-trailer when it overturned. we have another camera, 95 northbound again approaching dale. this car is a half mile or so from the actual crash. tractor-trailer out of the bay, but that nasty crash still remains. we have only the two left lanes getting by at this point. kind of keep switching between two and66 at west ox road inbound and outbound a bit of volume. nothing major. headed southbound out of frederick, it's slow. just volume, no actual incident happening there. wide look at things overall, no major problems.
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when you're looking at the beltway. slow top of the beltway and inbound 395. eun? >> thank you, melissa. we have a traffic alert to let you know about that could affect your drive to work this morning. at 7:00 a.m., d-dot will begin shifting lanes on fourth street southeast as part of the virginia tunnel project. here's a live look at what's happening right now. so far, so good. but if work will happen on fourth street between the westbound lanes on virginia avenue and "i" street southeast. you won't be able to park along that road between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. every day. 6:31. let's get you ready for the chill day ahead. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> yeah i've turned the tower camera into the east. it looks like a warm spring day out there, but a far cry from it. temperatures have dropped into the upper 30s in the northern and western suburbs. 37 now in leesburg and gaithersburg. 46 at national airport. and 36 in culpepper.
6:32 am
neighborhood highs today will struggle mightily to get into the mid and upper 50s. only 54 for a high in gaithersburg today. 57 in old town alexandria, about 59 in brandywine and upper marlborough. tomorrow not much better. a cool day. talk about the weekend forecast coming up in a few more minutes. back to the news. thank you. 6:32. today, former cia director david petraeus could be sentenced for leaking government secrets. he is expected to need guilty for sharing secret information with his lover, paula broadwell. prosecutors are expected to recommend probation. members of congress are now demanding answering about their security. they say the man who flew his gyrocopter on to capitol grounds should have been shot down. doug hughes flew undetected through 30 miles of unrestricted air space last month. members of the oversight
6:33 am
committee said he had multiple weapons pointed directly at him but he shouldn't have made it that far. >> they're sitting literally shoulder to shoulder and did not do the job they were supposed to do. if it was up to me, i would have taken care of the problem. >> the committee scheduled a hearing for next week. they say the secret service, the u.s. park police and norad have to answer questions about what happens. today we could see a nominee vote for loretta lynch. she has waited an unprecedented 55 days. nbc's tracie potts joins us from capitol hill now where a look at how the -- with a look at how the vote count is shaping up. >> reporter: hey, aaron, looks like she'll barely make it with the five republicans who said they will vote in favor. that would give 51 votes in favor of lynch's confirmation. this has taken so long because of something that has absolutely nothing to do with her. abortion funding language in a
6:34 am
human sex trafficking bill finally democrats and republicans worked out a compromise on that. late yesterday. clearing the way for this vote to come up. so today we expect a preliminary vote. then two hours of debate on loretta lynch. remember she's been through the committee and then a vote -- final vote for her confirmation some time later this afternoon. >> all right, tracie potts on capitol hill thank you. "rolling stone" magazine may be facing a new lawsuit. a university of virginia administrator may sue over a discredited rape on campus article. nicole eramo sent a four-page let tore the magazine yesterday and she said that are "rolling stone" deeply damaged me personally and professionally using me as the personification of the heartless administration. the article attacked my life's work. she was painted as a false friend to the alleged victim named jackie in the article. the magazine also claimed eramo
6:35 am
tried to discourage jackie from reporting the assault. as a result she's received threatening e-mails. a virginia foster father is waking up in jail this morning. david marcussen is accused of killing his 1-year-old foster son. the child suffered burns to the face torso and neck and that happened in january in fredericksburg. sheriff's deputies believed marcussen bathed him in scalding hot water. and the boy died a month later. arlington county police say a woman was stabbed to death in her home. they're trying to ease concerns there's a killer on the loose. at a community meeting last night, neighbors questioned safety following dr. black's murder. they have not identified a suspect, but they're trying to assure people that there is no immediate threat. gathering to take their neighborhood back, community rallying against violence in northwest washington after a woman is attacked while jogging in a park. >> also ahead, paying more to get to work. the virginia community that could soon charge you congestion
6:36 am
pricing during rush hour. plus, that breaking news that's left many commuters stuck in traffic. here's a live look at a tractor-trailer accident and an ink spill that's causing big backups for traffic headed north to washington.
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breaking news again we're talking about 95 northbound in dale city. problem is actually at dale boulevard as you can see here behind me. chopper 4 is over the scene. this is a tractor-trailer that overturned around 1:00 in the morning and you can see actually spilled ink all over the left side of the roadway here. so only the two left lanes -- three left lanes i should say getting by. that right lane stopped.
6:40 am
red line delays both directions because of a problem at dupont circle. 95 north quantico to the beltway, almost an hour because of the delays at dale boulevard. 66 inbound, 19 minutes. 270, actually not so bad from germantown to the beltwa friends on wtop when you hop in your car for the latest on this problem in dale city. melissa, thank you. the university of virginia is hoping to save some money by offering about 800 employees early retirement. it includes nine months of salary and $9,000 in a health care sub did. it's a one time offer and hopes to restructure or eliminate some position after some employees leave. adam tuss learned that the tyson's corner is considering pricing congestion. congestion pricing charges you a fee based on how many people are driving in a certain area. the plan can seriously improve traffic. in london it costs about $17 to
6:41 am
drive downtown during the day. man, there are certain spots you'll be racking up some fees. >> they're hoping this will push some people to mass transit. pricey. 6:41 our time. we'll go outside? no. we'll go to chuck. >> oh, inside, outside, you know i'm outside the studio but inside the building it's a fine line. temperatures have really plummeted during the overnight hours. winds have laid down a little bit for a brief while here but they'll right back once we get the sun up. plan on a blustery day to be outside right now. on your way out to the bus stop this morning, things are at least on the dry side. but that's not going to be the case all through the course of the next couple of days. bus stop weather, 30s and low 40s this morning. even later on today, temperatures only in the mid to upper 50s and blustery day. >> thank you, chuck. say good-bye to calls from unknown numbers. the new feature on facebook that
6:42 am
will help you avoid those telemarketers. plus, another potential problem on the roads in the day ahead. the lane restriction
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6:44 am
breaking news in virginia. again, 95 northbound as you're approaching dale boulevard, this is our biggest problem of the morning. we have this spill off to the
6:45 am
right side of the roadway. you can see, so we have three left lanes getting by but that ramp to dale boulevard that's ink after a tractor-trailer overturned. we have three mile backups approaching dale boulevard. and the red line delays both ways that's because of a signal problem outside of dupont circle. kind of a mess on 95. other routes actually looking pretty good. chuck? >> all right, sun's up in our eastern sky this morning but don't be fooled by that. it's a cold start. mid to upper 30s in the suburbs. highs only near 58 degrees. seven day forecast coming up. 15 before the hour now. a d.c. community banding together after a woman was attacked on her morning run near meridian hill park. glenvert green followed a jogger at the park tuesday morning and then forced her into the alley where he raped her. d.c. based charity parks an people says that it wants to send a message so this doesn't
6:46 am
happen again. 6:46. a developing story now. michael brown's family will file a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of ferguson missouri today. he is the unarmed black teenager shot and killed by a white police officer last august. a grand jury decided not to prosecute the officer. brown's death sparked national and sometimes violent protests and spawned the black lives matter movement that calls for changes in how police deal with minorities. maryland governor larry hogan says he will not order a state investigation into the death of freddie gray. there are already four underway in baltimore. the investigation centers on how gray's spine was severed in police custody. five of the six arresting officers have given statements to arresting investigators. he suffered a spinal cord injury and died a week later and a fifth day of demonstrations are planned today at the location where he was arrested. protesters in the gray case will pause to remember his life. there will be a prayer service
6:47 am
at sharon baptist church in baltimore. the gray investigation and others involving excessive force in south carolina and tulsa, oklahoma leading to calls for congressional hearings on police body cameras. south carolina's senator tim scott is requesting those hearings and he says cameras would better protect officers and the people they serve. senator lindsey graham leads one of the hearings that would host the hearings. he said they're a great idea but so far nothing has been scheduled. today a judge in alexandria will make a decision on several potential changes in charles severance's murder case. he is charged with killing three people over the pace is is of ten years. the lawyers have asked the judge to separate the cases and asked them to dismiss it entirely. both prosecutors and defense lawyers asked the judge to ban cameras from the courtroom. 6:47. the secret service is facing new criticism over the alarm system it failed to fix. the department of homeland security released a new report this morning that says the
6:48 am
agency failed to fix an alarm system at former president bush's house in houston. the agency did not replace it for 13 months. homeland security plans to release more reports about other questions about the secret service including when a plan flew a gyrocopter on to the capitol grounds last week. the man who shot president ronald reagan wants out of a d.c. mental hospital for good. john hinckley, jr., returns to court in d.c. for a second day of hearings today. hinckley's lawyers say he's quote, full and stable remission. prosecutors say more restrictions are needed to keep both hinckley and others safe. hinckley already spends 17 days each month with his mother in virginia. a showdown between d.c.'s mayor and first ever elected attorney general may be averted for now. at issue, mayor muriel bowser's budget proposal waters down some of attorney general's karl racine powers to review
6:49 am
contracts. he wants more powers and a bigger budget. the d.c. council held a five-hour roundtable yesterday. they say the matter needs more public discussion. bowser says that she's happy to have more public debate on this. you have been there, at the worst times, the annoying unknown numbers, do you pick it up, do you not pick it up? facebook is helping you block them. landon dowdy has more. >> say good-bye to calls from unknown numbers, facebook is testing a new app called hello. it instantly matches the numbers to facebook profiles to show information on who you're talking to. and search for businesses to call. it's only available for now on android phones as apple ios software doesn't let apps interact with phone calls. we can tell aaron to stop prank calling us. >> i know. especially when i'm trying to do homework, you know? >> it's so fun though at 2:00 in the morning. >> all right.
6:50 am
thanks landon. ten minutes before the hour. the stanley cup playoffs coming back at 7:00 this evening. you can watch the capitals take on the islanders. we checked stub hub and we can tell you that tickets are still available. as little as $68 or as much as $700 online there. >> let's go caps. >> get that in. >> buy a $700 ticket we'll sit there with you. good hockey weather as well. chilly. >> why is it feeling like hockey weather? >> because we're in the playoffs, eun. >> that means all weather is hockey wealth? >> as long as we're winning. the mild days we have been enjoying for the last two weeks are now officially over. we may be coping with some freezing temperatures. not this morning but tomorrow morning and maybe even saturday morning as well. how late can we get a freeze in this area?
6:51 am
downtown's latest freeze on record was april 29 of 1874. but dulles outside and away from the urban heat island has had a much later freeze than that. may 22, 2002. freeze watches are posted for northern maryland eastern west virginia and right along the spine of the shenandoah valley. and i-81. this is for tomorrow morning. light wind overnight, could be a killing freeze possible. so tender flowers and pants and veggies and things like that, it will be down to the freezing mark. cover them up if you care about them. 46 in washington. wind is out of the southwest at only five now, but back to 30 miles per hour later on this afternoon. upper 30s in the western suburbs in morning. highs today probably not going to make 60 degrees. our average high is almost 70. so more than ten degrees colder than average today.
6:52 am
the only good news with the sunshine out there it will be no weather related slow downs in traffic. but melissa has plenty of traffic slow downs outside of the weather issues. for today, partly sunny to at times mostly cloudy. could wring out a stray sprinkle or two. but no real organized rain chances. then the cold air settles in for tonight. today's high 58, tomorrow 59. cold again tomorrow and saturday morning. little chance for rain after the sun goes down saturday night and into the first half of the day up on sunday. go caps. >> go caps. still have this breaking news, 95 northbound in virginia. talking about dale boulevard, about a four mile backup as you approach dale boulevard. only the three left lanes now are getting through because that right lane has an ink spill from the earlier tractor-trailer crash. take a look as chopper 4 shows us some of the crashes. we actually have a new accident chopper zooming in for that.
6:53 am
thank you for that. this is as you're approaching 234, the left lane is being blocked here. so this is going to be an issue here at this morning. through the entire area. it's just a little bit of a mess here. now, taking a look at -- i don't know if this will work for me. there we go. 95 northbound at 234. showing that crash there on the map. otherwise, big look at everything. don't really have any other problems at this point this morning. this thing has been crazy this morning. we have the red line delays in both ways outside of dupont circle. b.w. parkway a little slow. 95 northbound, a little slow. again, at dale boulevard your slowest, nastiest spot of the morning. >> thank you, melissa. your time is 6:54. traffic alert to let you know about right now. this could affect your drive to work this morning. in a few minutes work will begin on the csx virginia avenue tunnel project. crews will shift lanes on fourth
6:54 am
street southeast. news4's derrick ward has more on the construction and how long it will last. good morning. >> reporter: well so far -- good morning. so far this is a problem that hasn't materialized yet. and we don't know if it's going to start today or not. but it's scheduled to start any time after today. you'll be losing a lane here along fourth street. take a look where we are. this is the 695 southeast-southwest freeway. from the westbound lanes of virginia which are on the other side of the freeway from us all the way down to "i" street. what's it all about? take a look at the marks in the street. this means there's some construction going on. they're relocating some utilities. why you ask? it's because of train tracks that run under this area look at some video. these are csx tracks and there's a 110-year-old tunnel that runs parallel to the freeway. it used to run to the old train station, it was on the mall in the days before union station.
6:55 am
now, they're making that tunnel safer and upgrading the infrastructure and hence the lane shifts that you'll encounter here while they relocate the utilities. it will be a two month project and most of the work is going on between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. you will have plenty of cones and people to direct you around it but you might work your commute away from here. we're live in southeast, derrick ward news4. >> five before the hour. today, first lady michelle obama heads to virginia. she'll be in manassas visiting a technology company to announce some new commitments to serving america's veterans. it is called joining forces and encourages business to train and hire veterans and military spouses. as you get ready to head out of the house this morning you might want to swing by the prince george's county courthouse. >> you're not in trouble with the law let's hope not, but you can grab some free coffee and delicious doughnuts. >> we are partnering with the good
6:56 am
goodies food truck. they'll hand out 250 doughnuts and free coffee. stop by the courthouse there. >> while supplies last. 6:56. the four things you need to know as you start your day. the senate could vote on the next attorney general. if lynch is confirmed she'll be the first black woman to hold that position. homeland security released the first of several reports about the secret service. this one says the agency took a year to fix an alarm system at former george h.w. bush's home. today a judge could decide to split up charles severance's murder case. prosecutors say he killed three people in alexandria over the space of ten years. in just a few hours, michael brown's family will file a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of ferguson, missouri. the unarmed teen was shot and killed by a white police officer last summer. a grand jury decided not to prosecute that officer. cold air is back in fashion. temperatures 30s to love 40s. only near 58 today.
6:57 am
melissa? >> our biggest problem right now, 95 northbound near dale boulevard. left lanes are getting by, the right lane is your problem. stay left. >> thanks, melissa. that's the broadcast this morning. >> see you in 25 minutes. the "today"
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
. good morning, terrifying turbulence severe weather forces a delta plane to abandon landing to two different area airports before being diverted to boston. on the way there, turbulence so extreme, two people send to the hospital. >> we feel like king king picked up the pla like there was no tomorrow. >> alarming revelation. a new report says the secret service took more than a year to fix a broken security system at the texas home of former president george h.w. bush. what took so long? the doctors, one of the physicians behind that scathing letter against dr. oz speaks out for the first time. this morning, why he's having second thoughts about signing it. and viva las


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