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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  April 23, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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eading guilty to leaking military secrets. first to breaking news just in from virginia. a mistrial in the murder trial of a man accused of killing d.c. corrections official carolyn cross. seyoum seyoum's lawyers argued an insanity defense. after three days jurors couldn't come to a decision. more as we get it here and on nbc washington app. also this afternoon, state police head to baltimore at the mayor's request. >> as a police union lawyer sheds new light today on the death of freddie gray. chris lawrence at the live desk with a new revelation. >> yeah jim, pat, that lawyer says baltimore police failed to use a seat belt and strapped gray into the back of a police van, and that may have led to his fatal injury. investigators have said before they think gray's spinal cord was severed while he was riding in the van, but they the haven't been able to pinpoint the cause
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of the injury. if gray wasn't belt in, it would be a violation of department policy issued just nine days before the arrest. that requires all prisoners to be restrained by a seat belt. now, there are new protests going on right now in baltimore, and tonight a local church is holding a prayer service for gray's family. wheel have more on that later. for also "first at 4" today, a change of venue for charles severance, the man accused of three murders in alexandria. the judge moved it to fairfax county. he is accused of killing three women between 2003 and 2013. prosecutors laid out many of their evidence including an incredibly ballistics connection between the murders. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey join\s us at 5. we're tracking developments in the sentencing of david
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petraeus. he just learned his fate in a north carolina courtroom a judge sentenced him to two years of probation and a $100,000 fine. now, petraeus could have been sentenced to as much as one year in jail. the sentencing comes two months after petraeus pleaded guilty to a single misdemeanor charge in a plea deal with the government. prosecutors say petraeus shared classified material with his mistress paula broad well. she was writing his biography at the time. >> as president and as commander km in chief, i take full responsibility for all our counterterrorism operations, including the one that inadvertently took the lives of warren and giovanni. i profoundly regret what happened. >> the president admits an operation targeting al qaeda accidentally killed a husband and father from rockville. warren weinstein was working in pakistan when he was taken hostage. his family in maryland fought for three years more than three years for his release. now word of his death.
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news4's chris gordon has reaction from family and neighbors. >> reporter: this is the home where dr. weinstein's family lives along brad drive in rockville. they received the news of his tragic death last night. they are not home today and asked the public to respect their need for privacy. >> my name is warren weinstein. >> reporter: since dr. weinstein was taken hostage in 2011, his family has kept a positive attitude. the tree in front of their rockville home was decorated by neighbors on the third anniversary of his captivity. the yellow ribbons have faded and now so has his wife's hopes. >> we are all very devastated that her hopes aren't going to happen. you know, that his return is not going to occur. and i just -- i mean, she and her daughters need to be able to grieve. >> reporter: dr. weinstein's
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wife elaine on behalf of her daughters and families issued a statement saying there are no words to do justice to the disappointment and heartbreak we are going through. we do not yet fully understand all of the facts surrounding warren's death. the president is taking full responsibility for the counterterrorism attack on the al qaeda compound that accidentally killed weinstein and italian hostage giovanna laportela laportea laporta. on msnbc benjamin cardin is asked about how this mistake was made. >> andrea that's why i asked for a full report. i want to know exactly how the attacks were orchestrated, how they verified information and if it could have been done differently. >> reporter: all new at 5, i'll tell you who the weinstein family blames. that's coming up news4 at 5. president obama apologized and took responsibility but warren weinstein's death is raising new questions about u.s.
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drone policy. steve handelsman is working thatting angle of the story on capitol hill. he reports in the next half hour. fairfax county police are investigating a double shooting in reston. a couple in their 30s were both shot in their home on branly park court about 2:30 a.m. a neighbor tells news4 they've been married for about a year. at last check, both were hospitalized with life threatening injuries. investigators believe it's domestic and there's no threat to the community. the family of michael brown the unarmed man killed by a police officer in ferguson, missouri is hoping a lawsuit will bring them justice. brown's parents are seeking $75,000 in damages. lawyers say they will show new evidence in the case. their lawsuit targets the city, the police chief, and the officer who shot brown. they also want a court order they say to stop police from discriminating against african-americans. >> when is america going to
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challenge the standard police narrative when they kill unarmed people of color? >> the justice department and a grand jury decided not to prosecute the police officer who shot brown but the justice department released a report last month citing racial bias within the ferguson police department. the nation has a brand-new attorney general with the help of ten republican votes, loretta lynch won confirmation today. she is the first african-american woman in the nation's top law enforcement post. she'll replace eric holder who today described lynch as a gifted attorney and a dedicated public servant. talk about a messy morning rush. things are back to normal right now on i-95 in prince william county but this chopper 4 video shows the big mess on the roadway early this morning near the dale boulevard exit. a tractor trailer overturned in the northbound lanes and spilled blue ink all over the highway. virginia state police tell us the truck collided with the tractor trailer in are front of
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it. crews got busy cleaning up all that ink but at one point it caused a six-mile backup. >> ugly. slow down if you or a loved one is driving in the city. six new speed cameras are now sending out tickets. the grace period inded today, meaning no more warnings. one is up on kenilworth avenue northwest and in northeast eastern avenue and ft. lincoln. two on south capitol street and one on branch avenue. the speed limit at all locations is 25 miles an hour. the change is next month if you use the van ness metro station on the red line. monday, metro will begin work to replace escalators in the west side entrance, the udc side. now, to do the work, metro has to close that entrance possibly for three years. it means some riders will have to cross busy connecticut avenue and use the east side entrance during the project. >> students it's convenient for us to be able to come out on
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this side of the street. but in the grand scheme of things it's just walking across the street. if it's for a good cause, i'll support it. >> look both ways and cross the street carefully. >> metro says those escalators have been operating since the station opened in 1981 and they're just worn out. checking the weather now a breezy, chilly day. and it's going to get even chillier tonight. >> let's get the weather word from storm team4 meteorologist veronica johnson in the weather center t. was blustery out there today. >> wasn't it? i'm using the word "cold" for tonight. i've broken out the long sleeves again. little bit of a change in wardrobe. always different than what we tell you about it which was of course yesterday. the cold air coming than when you feel it. boy, the change is here. take a look at the freeze warning. these are the areas where temperatures will drop down to around the freezing mark, right around i-81. your counties up there washington areas of frederick county, carol county, baltimore county. make sure you cover those tender plants. frost and freeze conditions in
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those areas. of course it's been blustery today from 74 to 57 in just a couple of minutes. i'll give you an hour-by-hour forecast and show you just how low the temperatures will go and the coldest spots and how long it will take us tomorrow before it will feel a little better. >> thanks. a bus filled with students catches fire. >> and they were on their way to the district. up next, the terrifying scene along the interstate and what those students saw just moments before their bus went up in flames. and the prosecution rested its case in the boston bombing penalty phase. the emotional testimony from one of the final witnesses.
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scary moments for a tour bus full of students headed here to washington this morning when their bus caught fire. >> yeah. they were traveling here on
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interstate 70 in western pennsylvania when the bus driver noticed smoke. all 50 students from the kentucky middle school made it out safely. local school buses picked them up and took them to a nearby rest stop to wait for a new charter bus. the defense in the boston bombing trial will begin to permit its case next week. they will argue the jury should spare the life of dzhokhar tsarnaev. the prosecution rested after three days of graphic testimony that often brought the jury to tears. today a military combat surgeon described the injuryies to 8-year-old martin richard. the doctor said his death was not instantaneous and said the boy would have felt, quote, visceral primal pain before he died unquote. the richard family was not in the courtroom today. now to a developing story involving a foiled terror plot in france and the woman arrested is a mother of two. she's a close friend of the man already in custody. he was caught this weekend only after he accidentally shot
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himself in the leg. police say the man planned to open fire on a church during sunday services. the french prime minister says it's the fifth terror plot stopped since january's deadly attack on a newspaper and market. well, it's not the emergency a local police officer was expecting to find. a pregnant woman in her car about to give birth. hear from both the officer and the new mom. plus -- >> we have our seat belts on, but the bump that was kind of like a roller coaster ride. >> but not nearly as fun. passengers describe what it was like to be on a flight with so much turbulence even veteran fliers got sick. we're coming right back.
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 4. and we're back with a police officer going above and beyond while escorting a woman to the hospital to deliver a baby. >> they never made it to the hospital. instead, she gave birth on the side of the road along georgia and dennis avenues in silver spring. wendy rieger is in the newsroom with new reaction from the officer who helped with the delivery. >> well, that new mother and baby boy are doing well, to start with. and to think it all started with a routine traffic stop. officer dan campbell was on patrol around midnight pulled
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over a speeding car, and the driver pointed to his passenger and yelled "baby, baby." when the officer realized the woman was in labor, he turned on his siren and his lights, told the couple to follow him to nearby holy cross hospital. then he explains what happened next. >> came across the front of the car, i could see that mom had her legged up on the dashboard and i could see that the baby was crowning already, being delivered. i was able to put on my gloves and at that point mom did all the work and a beautiful baby boy came out. >> officer campbell says they are trained for this and yet not really prepared to deliver a baby on the street. this, by the way, is the couple's third child. back to you. >> but the first that way. thank you, wendy. imagine being on a flight with turbulence so severe it feels like king kong is shaking your plane and everyone around
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you is getting sick. well, this happened overnight when a delta flight from paris to newark encountered a dangerous weather system. it was so stormy to land in newark or new york so the flight made an emergency landing in boston, more than 200 miles from its original destination. >> you could feel like king kong pikd up the plane and shooked it like there was no tomorrow. >> it was up and down and left and right and around and around, out to sea, back to sea. >> everybody was calm because everybody was sick. >> boy, paramedics boarded the plane when it finally landed in boston took at least two passengers with minor injuries to the hospital. >> scary stuff. >> yes. and cold stuff. you said it was going to get cold. >> right. but it's always different when you feel it, right? >> yeah! >> at least that's true even for us forecasters. we forecast it and we're like oh it's really cold out here. yeah, when you have a cool air mass like this, what you don't want are the clouds and the
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wind. we've got all three of them today. you can see on satellite and radar the ripples of clouds right through most of the area with the exception of extreme southern maryland. that's where there's been a little bit more sunshine today, central virginia, too. i'll put it in motion. you can see even a little bit of green. that's where we've had sprinkles come through the area, just enough moisture getting squeezed out of the clouds. the other thing, of course is the wind. not a tremendous amount of wind coming through the area, but these are the gusts which have been blowing around 20 to 25 miles per hour right through the area. and while our wind will start to subside we'll never see the winds go completely calm. that could be be an issue tomorrow morning. we're 58 breezy 45 and breezy by 11:00 p.m. still some cloud cover at 11:00 p.m. i think we'll clear a little bit by morning. one thing is for sure, cold is the word with an exclamation this time of year so late in the morning for april. the windchills 26 to 43 degrees
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with the actual air temperature dropping to freezing to around 38 degrees. now, you're going to think maybe i should break out the coat for tomorrow morning. you might want to adjust the thermostat before bed. around bedtime 45 degrees it's the locations to the north and west where we'll focus in because this is 5:00 a.m. the windchill temperatures right around freezing to just above freezing. it's northern montgomery county, loudoun county to the north and west, a cold pocket here. again, we mentioned that you might want to krofrcover your most sensitive plants early tomorrow mork. this is 7:00 a.m., 32 in faith urzburg it feels like, reston and falls church fairly low windchill values for early tomorrow morning. i don't think it's until around 9:00 10:00 a.m. when things will start to feel a little better. yes, tomorrow we are going to get more sunshine across the area. still a breezy one though tomorrow, kind of like today but more sunshine. 49 by 11:00 a.m. for partly sunny, a high temperature of 56
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by 3:00. throughout the day still some clouds tomorrow. still some wind. don't think we'll have any sprinkles but just a wee bit more sunshine. we'll take that because right now the weekend is looking so-so. some of the new data coming in showing more clouds and a little more rain. of course, tomorrow it's back out to the warm jackets, maybe even some coats. i saw a little bit of everything today folks wearing today. i know a little bit of a confusing weather day. 54 to 60 degrees, again cool for the afternoon breezy again. we'll talk more about the weekend coming up in a few minutes. >> all righty. in just a few hours, things are really going to be rocking at verizon center. >> oh, yeah. here we go, folks. game five between the caps and islanders. dianna russini, jason pew getting us ready for the big game. >> reporter: guys, no question tonight is it going to be rocking. fans playing off that momentum, the caps able to get in the overtime win back in long island. >> reporter: no team in this series has won back-to-back
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games caps trying to do that tonight. when a series is tied at 2-2 seven-game series, whoever wins game five goes on to win the series 78% of the time. huge game tonight. >> reporter: jason, it's no secret right now that in the nassau coliseum the fan wrzs were crazy. some of the caps players saying they were a little rude. we're hopetion the fans bring some of that heat. coming up at 5, you will hear from the caps players on what they are specifically looking at from the fans here at the verizon center. we'll send it back to you. >> thanks, guys. a violent brawl caught on camera camera. >> all happening on a subway platform. the incredible pictures and why police didn't have a chance of catching the suspects. and viral video of a u.s. marshal knocking a phone right out of a woman's hand. a new look at what happened there and the u.s.
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of. >> more police officers stand watch at a philadelphia subway station after a violent teen brawl. some may find this video disturbing. we warp you. about a dozen teams are seen beating two others tuesday afternoon. a girl videotaped this. the attack lasted just over a minute. police arrived gist after the teens took off. the victims never reported it. police are now working to track down the teens behind the attack. they hope extra officers will
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help subway passengers feel safer. and now to this video that's going viral online, a u.s. marshal destroys a california woman's cell phone. but he didn't destroy her memory card. >> for the first time we're seeing a new perspective. the critical moments before the marshal pulled the woman's phone right out of her hands. >> hey! >> i have a right to be here. >> reporter: about six minutes into the video is the first confrontation between beatrice and a law enforcement officer. we blurred his face because we're unsure if he was under cover. >> you're in the way of our investigation. >> i'm not in the way. you can't push me back. i need to film, and i have a right to film. i'm watching. >> at this point you hear the officer tell her to go across the street. >> this is being filmed. >> this is unsafe right now. you're right in the line of fire. go across the street film all you want. >> why is this happening? there's a bunch of people in
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every corner. >> she was half a football field away from the scene. she zoomed in when two officers approached her. >> you need to stand back. i don't feel safe. >> then keep going. >> you need to stand back. i don't feel safe with you getting closer to me. you're making me feel unsafe. and i have the right to be here. you need to stay away from me. i don't feel safe with you close to me. you need to start moving away from me. you need to be at least a couple of feet away from me. i have a right as a citizen to feel safe. >> that's when the video ends but from the youtube video taken from a neighbor that sparked the entire incident you can see the two will initial officers backing off and then at the top of the frame the third officer swooping in, grabbing her phone, stomping on it, and kicking it away. she is telling us tonight she's been recording police activity in south gate for about five months now. she showed us this other video she recorded with south gate police.
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but she said she in no way instigated the forceful reaction here. but she says she does have an opinion about police. >> i've watched things happen a lot, and i have close friends with families of people that have died at the hands of police. >> the u.s. marshal service is conducting an internal investigation into the confrontation. u.s. representative janice hawn of california has called for a separate department of justice investigation. there are questions about the security for former president george h.w. bush. the new report that found his home alarms weren't working for an entire year. and we're following the latest on a maryland man who was accidentally killed in a drone operation. the new reaction just coming in from lawmakers. you
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♪ there is no royal blood in this country. nothing is reserved for anyone. it's all just out there waiting for someone to reach out and take it. ♪ and the ones who do. these are the kings and queens of america. ♪
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 4. here is a look at the stories we are following at 4:30. a change of venue for charles severance, the man accused of three murders in alexandria. the trial was moved to fairfax county. he is accused of killing three people in their homes between 2003 and 2013. and former cia director david petraeus learning his fate in a north carolina courtroom today. a judge sentenced him to two years probation and $100,000 in fines. petraeus could have been sentenced to as much as one year in jail.
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we begin with chris lawrence at the live desk. >> jim, the mother who was accused of abandoningor her son at a park with nothing but a bible and a blanket, she is back in pennsylvania tonight niya parler was arrested earlier this month in silver spring and was extradited back to philadelphia. investigators say she left her son in a park in philadelphia. he is 21 years old. he is quadriplegic as well. then she took a bus to maryland to visit her boyfriend. her son was found nearly five days later after surviving cold rainy nights. parler will be charged with attempted murder aggravated assault, and neglect of a care dependent person. her son is still recovering at the children's hospital of philadelphia. at the live desk chris lawrence. right now in axe andrea jurors in the carolyn cross murder trial have resumed deliberations after telling the judge they are hopelessly deadlocked. against the objections of the defense, the judge told them to
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try again anyway. dawit seyoum is charged with murdering the department of corrections official last september. jurors have to decide unanimously whether seyoum is guilty or not guilty by reason of insanity. we'll have an update on deliberations as soon as something changes. the crash in downtown d.c. was horrific and deadly. today james chandler of silver spring used an alford plea to plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter. the plea acknowledges the government has enough evidence for a conviction but doesn't specifically admit guilt. prosecutors say chandler was under the influence of pcp when he sped through downtown d.c. during rush hour, lost control of his suv crashed and rolled over onto a sidewalk. a man on that sidewalk there was killed. more now on the death of rockville resident warren weinstein. he was working in pakistan when he was kidnapped and held hostage by al qaeda. >> today we learned he was killed accidentally in a u.s.
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drone strike. his death is raising new questions today about u.s. drone policy. steve handelsman has our story. >> reporter: american aid worker warren weinstein had been held by al qaeda four years. italian giovanni laporta three years when both were killed january 14th in a u.s. drone strike by mistake said president obama, who said it was verified this week. he took responsibility. >> i profoundly regret what happened. on behalf of the united states government, i offer our deepest apologies to the families. >> my name is warren weinstein. >> reporter: in a video and letter weinstein had begged president obama to negotiate, pay a ransom, anything. the answer was no. >> negotiating with terrorist groups to try to release innocent americans would only put at risk more innocent americans. >> reporter: weinstein's wife elaine called much of the government's assistance inconsistent and disappointing. what went wrong?
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officials say using drone video the cia spotted the signature pattern of al qaeda leaders and picked up no indication of hostages and attacked. senior al qaeda leader ahmed farouk was also reported killed. he was an american. al qaeda spokesman adam ga dawn born adam perlman from california was also killed in a similar strike. but any celebrating was short lived. intercepts were picking up that hostages had died. >> as a husband and as a father i cannot begin to imagine the anguish that the weinstein and laporta families are enduring today. >> reporter: 15 miles from the white house a makeshift memorial is taking shape at the weinstein home in rockville maryland. steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. a big drop in the number of heroin deaths in frederick county, maryland. new statistics out show there was only one overdose in the first three months this year. last year 27 for the entire year.
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the year before that 19. the frederick county sheriff's office tells news4 the sheriff believes enforcement and drug awareness strategies are starting to pay off. two maryland casinos are settling allegation that's they allowed underage people to gamble. if approved by state lottery officials, maryland live will have to pay $1000 and horseshoe casino in baltimore will pay $8,000 both casinos accused of not having enough security. maryland live agreed to pay $20,000 for similar allegations. that was back in 2013. lawyers are still in court trying to determine whether the man who shot reagan should remain in a d.c. mental hospital. today lawyers for the government argued, if john hinckley jr. is allowed to leave the hospital for good, he should have to live under strict conditions, wear an ankle bracelet and drive a car with a gps tracking device. this is the second day of the
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hear gsz. there are questions about the security of george h.w. bush at his texas home. a homeland security inspector general reports show the house's alarm system was broken for more than a year. it failed in 2013, wasn't fixed until late last year. during that time a secret service agent was added to the president's home. the report out today says the agency ignored warnings it would fail three years earlier. the secret service tells nbc news they are addressing the problem. the son of republican presidential hopeful senator rand paul is charged with drunk driving and having no insurance this afternoon after a traffic accident. police say 22-year-old william paul ran into the back of a parked car in lexington kentucky, sunday. this is the third time william paul has had an alcohol-related run-in with police. two years ago he was charged with underage drinking and assault of a flight attendant in january. and underage possession of alcohol in october.
4:38 pm
a spokesman for rand paul says the senator does not comment on family matters. wi-fi warning. the system that allows you to have fun on your flight may also put your flight at risk. plus, a company in trouble for tracking you while you're shopping. storm team4 tracking a big change too. that's right. a shock to our systems. we're feeling the chill today. but take a look at this. for toblt tonight, many areas dropping to near freezing. i'll show you a more detailed look at this, which neighborhoods hit the freezing mark and how soon the wet weather returns with the chill,
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the system that alous you to have fun on a flight may also put your plane at risk. the fbi and tsa are now warning airlines to with watch out for anyone trying to cam perfect with wi-fi or computer networks. there are concerns that cockpits and air traffic control towers could be endang entrepreneured. suspicious activity includes passengers trying to connect cables or wires to a plane's entertainment system. many pilots don't believe cockpits would be compromised. >> i'm completely convinced that at a modern fly by wire airplane, the redundancies to protect the systems would prevent it being hacked. >> the faa tells nbc news that it's working to identify any potential vulnerabilities.
4:42 pm
a new government scam is emerging, and a company is in trouble for not letting you opt out of being tracked while you're shopping. >> consumer reporter erika gonzalez is here with news from the federal trade commission. >> jim pat let's start with something that you could be getting in the mail. a letter allegedly from the ftc you won millions in a sweepstakes. but guess what, no, you haven't. this letter says that you can claim your prize fast by hiring the alleged california law firm that sent you the notice. the scam can trip people up because it even includes a letter claiming to be from the ftc commissioner. but remember, this is fake. some things to keep in mind. the ftc doesn't do sweepstakes. they investigate sweepstakes scams. and no government agency will ever ask you for money in order to claim a prize. now let's go to an ftc crackdown on a company that reports customers locations.
4:43 pm
nomi technologies agreed to let consumers opt out of its tracking. but then allegedly they never gave them that chance. now the company is settling with the ftc. the government says data from about 9 million mobile devices was collected in just nine months. this is the first ftc complaint against a retail tracking company. coming up tonight on news4 at 5, we're going to talk about the item home depot is pulling from its shelves in an effort to keep you safe and whether or not other hardware stores are doing the same thing. and we'd love to hear your story ideas and any good tips you think you've got for us. you can reach us by phone or send us an e-mail. jim, pat, back to you. emotional moments in the courtroom as the prosecution's final witnesses in the boston bombing trial describe the violence that changed their lives forever. and why drexel university is
4:44 pm
apologizing to hundreds of high school seni
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now some stories we're working on right now in our newsroom. metro is establishing an audit process for its ventilation system in the wake of that deadly smoke emergency at la flautt plaza. it's one of the changes it's making. a maryland man in custody accused of beat egg toddler to death. stay tuned for the platest at 5.
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new details from the courtroom in boston. the government rested its case today. >> the defense does not begin its case until next week. in the meantime today's testimony left the jury with some lasting and graphic images. nbc's chris pallone reports. >> reporter: he's had more than 60 surgeries. shrapnel is still stuck in his body and mark still may have his remaining leg amputated more than two years after bombs ripped/j
4:48 pm
were consistent with improvised explosive devices. or prosecutor nicole pell agreeny asked whether 8ee old martin richard died instantly when a bomb exploded three feet away. i can say with an extraordinarily high degree of certainty he did not die immediately. he was asked if he felt pain before he died. yes, he said, without question. the defense will start making its case that tsarnaev's life should be spared. >> they'll throw a lot of things against the wall hoping that one of their arguments whether it's because he's 19 he was an immigrant, under the spell of his brother, whether he was smoking a lot of marijuana, would resonate with just one juror. >> reporter: for tsarnaev to be put to death, all 12 jurors must be unanimous in their verdict. chris pallone, nbc news new york. after months of strong gains, the housing market is experiencing another temporary setback.
4:49 pm
sales of new single homes plummeted in march. according to the commerce department, they fell 11.4%. the data suggests people are opting for previously owned homes. those sales hit an 18-month high in march. now this is what i call a car wash. drivers in louisiana captured this apparent microburst yesterday as they took cover under a carport. severe weather last night left about 2,000 people without power. that is some loud stuff too. >> didn't need soap either. a different weather extreme in detroit where the tigers took on the new york yankees under the weight of heavy snow flurries. baseball fans had to bundle up to tough it out. arguably the detroit players may be more acclimated to chilly weather but it didn't help them last night. yankees won 13-4. >> that's just wrong.
4:50 pm
when mother nature does that to you. >> we're getting cold but no snow a guarantee. >> no snow. there's been snow in state college, but we're just getting cold, wind don't like it because with our next weather system and the pattern sticking around, we're talking about the rain coming in with the chill. i'll give you the details on that tomorrow it will be cold, temperatures in a lot of neighborhoods heading down to freezing for areas inside the beltway, we drop to 39 degrees early on 7:00 a.m., cold yes. and there will still be some wind left hanging on. keep na many mind. these temperatures you can shave a couple of degrees off of that from what it will feel like up until about 10:00 a.m. feeling better by 11:00 a.m., the temperature from 43 to 49 degrees at 11:00 a.m. for northern virginia leesburg, manassas, warren ton. i promised i'd show you how low the temperatures will drop in some of our coldest of regions. close to freezing, yes. leesburg and manassas orange, too. but get a load of this, for the mountains right on down to
4:51 pm
around freezing, warfield, winchester, 32 petersburg at 32 luray shannon dough wa, cold sunshine to start the day tomorrow. again, with the wind i think by 10:00 a.m. we'll start to feel a little better. recess gets the green light, still a cautionary light for the bus stop for the kids heading to school tomorrow. you're going to need a jacket for sure. chilly conditions. but it will feel like a march afternoon by dismissal time again, still a green light and okay weather for the kids to get out. temperatures across the region getting up to 58 degrees in d.c., 55 in gaithersburg, 57 degrees in leesburg. we should be in the upper 60s across the area. after some frost, freeze in locations, temperatures will rise to around 50 gles by 11:00 a.m., then into the low and mid-50s for the afternoon. now there's a lot coming up this weekend. you've got spring fest in fairfax, prince george's county christmas in april. they want to get out. they've got a lot of homes to work on.
4:52 pm
we've got more information online we'll be posting if you want to help out. look at this rain will be moving into the area throughout the late afternoon hours the evening hours. then as we get into sunday, that rain could be sticking around with more on what the data is showing, let's go to meteorologist doug kammerer see what he's working on for news4 at 5. >> that's right, the latest data coming into the weather center, coming up at 5:00 i'll show you how the weekend could be affected by that rain and show you which parts of the day you need your umbrella for. >> we've got that right now, again, temperatures will be cooler this weekend especially sunday. 54 degrees, that's it. into next week that cooler pattern will have more on that, coming up. there's a new plea from a local police officer and newly released video of the incident that put him on trial for misconduct. news4 prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins shows us the clip the police chief calls disturbing. >> reporter: after just one day
4:53 pm
in this trial, officer jerry thomas decided to change his plea from not guilty to guilty, entering an alford plea saying that he believed that the state had enough evidence to actually convict him in this case. take a look at the video just released by the state's attorney's office. you can see there's officer thomas entering the cell of this young man who was handcuffed, picked up for disorderly conduct and destruction of property. he hits him at least three times before leaving the cell. the chief of police says that his conduct in this case absolutely inappropriate. >> it's disturbing to me. it angers me. and there's no place for it. it's inexcusable and there's no place for it in this police department. >> reporter: coming up at 5, why this officer decided not to fight the case. tracee wilkins news4. it's a shocking discovery that stunned doctors. >> a woman goes under the knife to remove a tumor from her brain. but that's not what they found.
4:54 pm
>> the surprise after surgery that the patient is calling her evil twin sister. >> reporter: it's a case of murder. the suspect a grown man. the victim was just a toddler. i'm pat collins, the story comi
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
drexel university is apologizing to nearly 500 high school skein yores who got
4:57 pm
acceptance letters by mistake. students got the false letters weeks after they had already been denied admission. university sent e-mails a few hours later to notify them about the mistake. this is the second time this has happened at drexel. a woman is getting worldwide attention after doctors discover an unborn twin inside her brain. as john klemack reports she lived fine for more than 25 years before anything knew anything was wrong. >> i just didn't imagine any of this. >> reporter: at 26 years old she was already planning her future. until she realized last september that something wasn't right. >> problems with comprehension. a if a couple of people are talking i don't understand what was happening rfrnlts she said brain doctors argued over what she needed. >> the neurologist neurosurgeon is not being practical. thin they would say, he's not being optimistic in your cates. i'm like could somebody be educative? >> reporter: that's when her own
4:58 pm
research led her to the skull base institute in l.a. >> let me take a look at your incision incision. >> reporter: and the doctor who invented what you're about to see. >> unlike traditional brain surgery where you open the skull and put metal retractors and bringing the microscope to see in the depths of the brain what we're doing is keyhole surgery. >> reporter: fiber optic technology like a video game, the doc explains. >> we make the opening right here. >> reporter: slowly and very delicately, an endoscope reach noose the brain. >> it's using this natural space. we advance it, advance it advance it. >> reporter: chiselling away at the tumor and revealing something even the doctor has only seen twice in his lifetime. the tumor was actually complete with hair bone and teeth. it was the girl's embryonic twin that never develop. >> she's been torturing me for the past 26 years. can you believe it? >> reporter: she's light hearted about it, calls the abnormality the evil twin. but it was good news. >> the evil twin was ugly but
4:59 pm
not evil. she was benign. >> reporter: no cancer. she is expected to make a full recovery in only three weeks thanks to what her doctor calls a modern medical marvel. >> embryonic twins are rare only found in about one in every 500,000 people, but some people never know they have one. news4 at 5 starts now with jim and wendy. right now at 5, a deadly mistake. a u.s. drone strike kills a local man who was held hostage in pakistan. new tonight, we are asking how this happened and what local law lawmakers are doing following this fatal error. bizarre glares into the camera just part of the drama today. new tonight an accused killer's murderous poem and the fear factor that led to a change in venue. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk with the sentencing for david petraeus and his first public comments just minutes ago. i'm talking about much cooler air continuing to make its way in here.
5:00 pm
wait until you see how cool your weekend will be. developing tonight, he was an american, a grandfather. he was from maryland and dedicated his life to improving the lives of others in the middle east. tonight he is dead, and his own country is to blame. the white house confirmed today that a cia drone strike killed warren weinstein. this aid worker had been held hostage in pakistan since 2011. news4's chris gordon is live in the weinstein's hometown of rockville. chris? >> reporter: well, this is where warren weinstein lived where his wife valiantly fought for his freedom, and where neighbors are now grieving along with the family. the president's announcement taking full responsibility for the deaths hit especially hard here in the rockville neighborhood where dr. warren weinstein's wife elaine live ss. weinstein, a humanitarian aid


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