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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  April 24, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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get a little less exasperating starting tonight. the d.c. department of transportation is changing the timing of traffic lights at hundreds of intersections throughout northwest. the changes are in neighborhoods highlighted in this map here. those corners are clogged more often than not. now, the goal of the timing change is to improve traffic flow and shorten wait times for drivers. ddot tells us it will monitor the new patterns and make adjustments as needed. this new timing should also give pedestrians more time to cross the street. we are still gathering information about a fire in northeast this morning. it happened off of benning road around 8:00. the second floor of the building has significant damage. there were no injuries, and investigators are still looking
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for the cause. right now eric holder wrapping up his final day as attorney general. just a short time ago he addressed his colleagues in the great hall at the department of justice. he noted that he first came to the justice department as a lawyer back in 1976. and he's worked there on and off ever since. he says it's hard to walk away from people he loves and the institution he loves, but he believes it is time. it was a long good-bye. hundreds of holder's colleagues lined the halls of the department to wish him well. nbc news has discovered new documents that question the behavior of the reserve deputy in tulsa, oklahoma, who shot a man he was trying to tase. in 2009, the sheriff's office launched an internal review that found robert bates had incomplete field training and onduty behavior that violated policy. baitsz shot and killed eric harris during a sting operation earlier this month. he says he mistook his gun for a
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taser. >> i just know that he received hundreds of hours of training since 2009, and i know that no one at the operation had any complaints. >> bates has pleaded not guilty to a charge of manslaughter. the smith sewn 81 is tackling issues making news. a soem pose yum for tomorrow examines police shootings of unarmed black men. it will be held at the national museum of the american indian. experts artists and journalists will all speak. pope francis is said to be very calm about revelations of a terror plot to tack the van vat i tan. islam planned the attack five years ago according to italian authorities. investigators say the plot may have been disrupted when the terror cell realized police were on their trail. police arrested nine people in a related terror sweep today. warrants have been issued for nine others. some of the suspects allegedly
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have ties to osama bin laden. it's clear it's time to move on. that's the reaction today from the chairman and ceo of comcast. shortly after the company decided to drop a plan to buy time warner cable. the $45 billion deal had been in the works for a deal, but it sparked heavy criticism from some regulators competitors, consumers groups and lawmakers. they feareded combined companies would have created a media giant leading to higher prices and less choice. representatives from comcast and time warner said the decision to part ways it mutual. comcast is the parent company of nbc universal. now for a check of our friday weather. the sun is out, but there is a stiff freeze warning for parts of the area. >> another brisk one out there. let's check in with storm team4 meteorologist amielelia segal. >> jim, parts of the area are under a freeze watch and warning, mainly north and west of i-95.
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a freeze warning as we head to graphics in the darker blue here, including frederick, parts of loudoun county washington county, the panhandle west virginia. a freeze watch is in effect for parts of fairfax and montgomery counties, up through howard county, baltimore, prince william and falkier counties also under this freeze watch. so what does this mean? if you're in the freeze warning, low 30s tonight, frost and freeze concerns across the area. you do want to cover sensitive plants. it also means a cold start tomorrow morning. look where we're starting off, this is late april and we're talking about 32 in gaithersburg and frederick, 38 for a low temperature in washington, and 33 for those of you in manassas. it will be a dry start tomorrow morning, but i'm tracking this system that's impacting parts of the gulf states, texas as well. this will be moving into our area. i'll have the timing of that coming up in a little bit, pat. >> thanks amelia. a huge rink, big changes coming for diet pepsi. >> the popular drink is ditching aspartame because of pressure
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from consumers. the new replacement and when you'll notice the different taste. plus, what sparked an all-out evacuation at the statue of
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everything is clear at the statue of liberty right now after some nervous moments earlier today. the nypd was initially called because of a suspicious package. then around 11:00 someone called the national park police threatening to blow up the statue. hundreds of visitors and personnel were evacuated on ferries. park police and the nypd's bomb squad checked the area and gave the all-clear this afternoon. and check out this video from our sister station up in philadelphia. on scene when flames engulfed a bus overnight. the fire burned so hot, a nearby utility pole melted and dropped
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onto the bus. this happened near the hockey and basketball arena in south philly. the driver was on a break when the fire began so no one was on board. you may have noticed something different about your diet pepsi. you may notice in the next few months we hear pepsico tells us it is dropping the artificial sweetener aspartame, being replaced with suk row los. boy, i hope i got that right. more commonly known as splenda. that i know. this is all in response from feedback from customers. the reformulated diet pepsi hits store shelves in august. the blue bell ice cream company is taking action to prevent future ice cream contamination. the country recalled all of its product thz week after two samples tested for listeria. at least ten customers got sick. starting on monday, the company says it will begin intensive cleaning of its four facilities. employees will go through a new training program that focuses on
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cleanliness and some equipment will be redesigned to improve sanitation. chaos right in the middle of a school musical. a stage collapses right beneath a dozen dancing students. the latest on just what happened. and why police will be out in full force this weekend at virginia beach. lets say this is your tv and these are the channels you pay for with cable but these are the types of channels you actually want to watch what if you could pay for what you want, and not for what you don't
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so you could get kids channels sports... or entertainment mix and match, or get them all. now fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv starting at $74.99 -- including internet and phone. cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice.
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news4 at 4. you've probably seen the video by now, but what went wrong? >> today police are looking at evidence trying to find out why this stage collapsed during a musical performance at an indiana high school. now, the school superintendent says it looks like a cover placed over the orchestra pit gave way. >> fortunately no one was seriously injured. and, as chris kerrreports, the school was open today. >> reporter: classes are under way here at westfield high school. administrators wanted this to be as normal a day as possible for the students after this harrowing series much events that took place last night during a perform anls. about 900 people in the auditorium at the time including in the audience a couple of dozen of them on stage. this was the final performance of a rock musical. this is an annual event here at the high school called "american pie." they were in the middle of the song "don't stop believing." about two dozen students were on stage when the unthinkable
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happened. the stage collapsed. >> people were crying. people were running up to the stage trying to help people out. i mean i went up there and just looked around to see if i could help out at all. i carried a girl to her car, and she's good now. >> reporter: there were six students taken by ambulance to the hospital once this took place. about ten others were taken by their parents. all but one remain in the hospital. >> i didn't see any indication of anything broken. i know that one girl, the one listed critical they were taking a good look at her. i spoke with her, and she seemed to be just fine. >> reporter: right now investigators are in the auditorium, closed off the section of the auditorium to the school so they can investigate this, really take a good look to try to find out exactly what led to the stage collapse causing those injuries. kris kish ner for nbc news. virginia beach is watching for a big wave tonight. a wave of college students. the resort city is expecting
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tens of thousands of students for college beach weekend. last year the event well well but two years ago there were shootings stabbings and more than 100 arrests. police say they will have a strong presence on the ocean front this year. everybody in boston gets a free ride today courtesy of the city's embattled public transit agency agency. you may recall in february a train got stuck during a storm and commuters had to slog through several inches of snow to get to the nearest station. well, that was just one disaster in a season filled with breakdowns and service interruptions. reforms are in the works. in the meantime riders get perks today to help make up for the winter of woe. and amelia, when will winter be over? >> i know. it's been chilly. we're going to talk about frost in spots overnight tonight. and overall it does look like, as we start working our way toward the end of april, this pattern is going to remain cool. so we have about another week of
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temperatures at least another week running below normal. normal now is about 70 degrees. tomorrow chilly and we're also talking about rain. because of that rain, the weather having a low to moderate impact on your day, showers could arrive as early as the afternoon hours but most likely holding off in the d.c. metro area until the evening. temperatures right now are in the 50s and 60s, 61 in washington, 59 in leesburg, 63 down in fredericksburg. here's your hour-by-hour planner for the evening it's a nice night for walking the dog of the just grab the jacket. temperatures in the upper 50s, dropping into the low 50s around 9:00 p.m. if you'll be out later, you probably want to grab a warmer jacket, 51 degrees by 11:00 p.m. with a low in washington around 38. that's where we'll be tomorrow morning around 7:00 a.m. it's a cold start so you're doing that saturday morning run getting your errands done, definitely bundle up. 11:00 a.m. still cool, plenty of clouds, a temperature of 52 degrees. i will say though, tomorrow is
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looking like the better of the two weekend days because most, if not all of the daytime hours are dry. not necessarily going to be the case on sunday. 3:00 p.m. a temperature near 60 that will be our high for the day. by 7:00, showers are inside of the beltway with a temperature around 51 degrees. this is the system that i'm tracking impacting parts of arkansas louisiana, mississippi, oklahoma as well. this is what will be bringing us rain, mainly tomorrow night on into your sunday morning. so dining out tomorrow night, have the umbrella. temperatures in the 50s. future weather walking you through sunday coming up in my next weather, i will be showing you future weather for saturday. here's the timing on sunday. 8:00 a.m. it's a rainy start a cloudy start. it's chilly. not much changes around the noontime hours it's not until we get into the afternoon hours when showers will be pulling away from the area and the clouds are going to hang 0 on for the majority of the day. temperatures only warming to about 55 degrees. as we head into the upcoming
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workweek after our weekend, breezy on monday but dry, a high temperature near 60. low 60s on tuesday, keeping it dry for wednesday. a high temperature on wednesday of 66 degrees. there's the chance of some showers in the forecast on thursday, but notice the high, still 64. here's our average high now 70 degrees. it is chilly. looking a little blustery on friday and a high temperature of 63. but again all eyes are on the system that will bring us rain tomorrow night into sunday. i'll be showing you exact arrival of the rain in your neighborhood later in the day on sunday coming up in a bit, pat and jim. >> thanks. well, the nba playoffs happened here in d.c. tonight. >> the wizards/raptors playing at the phone booth for the first time this series. jason and dianna live. the wiz have been looking pretty good so far. >> reporter: they lead the series right now 2-0 against the toronto raptors. right now it's a little quiet here at the verizon center, but the capitals last night did a great job of warming up the verizon center for the wizards
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when they play in their first playoff game here tonight. >> reporter: the caps fans were rocking the red, the wizards will be rocking the red, white and blue. hash tag d.c. rising for this 2015 playoff run. if you remember a year ago, this place not much of an advantage for the wizards, they only won one playoff game in the building. >> reporter: the d.c. rising hash tag took off last year. we expect to see that tonight if you're on twitter. at 5, jason talks to some of the wizards players on why it is so important to protect home court advantage. for now, i'm dianna russini, this is jason pew, live at the verizon center, back to you. >> thanks, guys. we are talking about the big stories in washington this week. >> from more trouble to the secret service to big changes to one of our favorite macaroni brands. we're dishing with "the washington post" coming up next. later in our news the impassioned plea that angelina jolie made to the united natio
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we want to get to a segment we're calling the petrie dish as we take a look at the big stories of the week. >> with a little bit of a twist. to do that, we welcome "the washington post's" alexandra pe try. hello. >> hello. >> thanks for joining us. there was more trouble this week for the secret service amid reports agents failed to fix a broken alarm system at former
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president george h.r. bush's home for a year. what's your take on that if. >> look, it happens to the befs of us. you have to have your priorities. if you're trying to get inasmuch partying and driving your vehicle over suspicious packages as you possibly can sometimes a little thing like making sure the former president of the united states is entirely safe can get put to the bottom of the list a little bit. >> interesting. >> they're dogging a better job than i would. >> it's not like you're changing a smoke detector once a year. this is serious stuff. >> no, that's true. but at the same time we've got more than three ex-presidents. they're like george has those bright socks, he can dazzle any intruders with them, you know. he's a resourceful man. >> he is that. >> that should throw anybody off, criminals included. >> this week we also heard a lot about food safety with recalls of ice cream. then are there was the news from kraft about its mac and cheese. >> it was devastating news for
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me because kraft is becoming your only option will be a natural mac and cheese that has determine turmeric and natural organic flavorings t. may be delicious thing, but it's not kraft mack and choosy know and love. >> no. it reminds you of those childhood days and brings back happy memories. >> exactly. furthermore, do they really think we thought wever were getting something natural? that's an orange that doesn't occur in nature. john boehner only wishes he was that color of orange. >> oh no. >> just kidding. john boehner, you're terrific and a beautiful man. >> just getting warmed up. we have the correspondents dinner tomorrow night. they've heard a lot worse. alexandra, thanks for seeing you. thanks. >> thanks. >> bring back the yellow mac and cheese. you can find her in the newspaper tomorrow. >> every saturday in the "post". coming up, controversy over an oscar nominated movie. why a local university says it won't show "american sniper" to students this year. fairfax county students confront the gender identity
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 4. here is a look at the stories we're following at 4:30. a local teacher is being held in jail on $25,000 bond accused of sexually abusing a student. robert wilson iii appeared in a montgomery county court room this afternoon following his arrest last night. he worked as a loiterman in middle school in silver spring and is charged of abuse of a 13-year-old girl. and some of the most frustrating intersections in
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d.c. could get a little less exasperating starting tonight. the d.c. department of transportation is changing the timing of traffic lights at hundreds of intersections in northwest. now, these changes go into effect about 8:00 tonight, and they're supposed to help with congestion. our region's largest school district is now considering adding gender identity to its nondiscrimination policy. >> supporters say the move could protect transgender students and teachers in fairfax county. the school board met last night to hear public comment on the issue. those in favor say it will give people in the transgender community the same benefits as others. but critics are concerned about what the change could lead to. >> children need and deserve a psychologically stable and emotionally secure environment in which to learn. your policy threatens that. >> some of the same arguments that were used that the world is going to end if we end discrimination of blacks i hear today. >> a student from reston
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attended that meeting. she identifies both as female and male. still ahead, news4's kristin wright will talk to her about the policy battle. take a look at this picture. a maryland forensics team re-created this photo from the skeleton of an unidentified man. the remains were discovered on wright hanford road in frederick in 1989. investigators believe he was 25 to 40 years old at the time with a small to medium build. call the frederick county sheriff's office if you recognize this picture. a celebration of life today on the university of mary washington campus in fredericksburg. the service remembered grace mann, the student who was found dead a week ago. her housemate is charged with her murder. the focus today was on the many contributions mann made on campus as a leader in several student groups. more than 200 turned out dressed in bright colors to symbolize the joy mann brought to those she knew. coming up on news4 at 5,
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northern virginia bureau chief julie carey brings us some of the touching remembrances. the show won't go on at the university of maryland. a student-led group that deals with entertainment on campus has canceled "american sniper," the blockbuster. some muslim students claim it's racist, promotes islam aphobia and will create a dangerous environment. supporters say it's about an american hero. the group will not offer the movie this semester but is working toward a program where the views can be discussed. angelina jolie delivered a sharp rebuke to the u.n. she serves a a special envoy on refugee issues. she's visited syrian refugees 11 times since civil war began to tear the country apart four years ago. today jolie accused the u.n. of shirking its responsibility to prevent and end conflict. >> we cannot look at syria and
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the evil that has arisen from the ashes of indecision and think this is not the lowest point in the world's inability to protect and defend the innocent. >> jolie also challenged u.n. members to visit syrian refugees themselves. in a city the size of new york folks might be used to seeing some pretty strange things. but we now have our third report of a coyote sighting on city streets this week. there he goes. police attempted to corral this coyote last night with no luck. officials aren't sure if the same coyote appeared each night. experts say new yorkers should get used to the animals as they become more comfortable adapting to city streets and parks. new details just into our newsroom today on a brazen assault at a metro station in afternoon. news4's mark segraves is live at eastern market with the details and the latest on the search for a suspect in all of this. mark? >> reporter: jim, metro police are just wrapping up their
4:33 pm
investigation here at the scene. we're at eastern market metro on capitol hill. about 1:00, an elderly man was getting off the orange line train and getting on the escalator here when he got into a conversation that turned into an altercation with another person, a younger man. that man then spit on the older man and began beating him. now, we have surveillance video we're going to show you, but we want to warn you many people might think this is very graphic. the chief of police of the metro police department describes the video as very disturbing. the young man can be seen turning around, spitting on the elderly man, and then beating him in the face several times. that victim, 69 years old, has been taken to the hospital for head wounds to the head and face. the suspect as the chief of place say, simply walked away. at 5:00, we'll have more on the video and you'll hear directly from the chief. pat and jim back to you. >> mark thank you. an emotional battle over mandatory vaccination in
4:34 pm
california. a bill moving through the state senate right now would require nearly every school child to be vaccinated. california's current law allows parents to opt out of vaccinations for religious or personal beliefs or for medical reasons. the only waiver in the new bill is for children with medical problems. >> this has been so taxing over the past few weeks. the thought that i can't send my kid to school because of the way i want to build their immunity is absurd. >> the move to toughen california's law comes after the disneyland measles outbreak that sickened nearly 150 people. some observers blame the scope of the outbreak on parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. let the apple watch frenzy begin. apple's new smart watch goes on sale online but there is one store where you can buy it. we'll tell you. and health risks for a popular seafood. we'll tell you how to stay safe without paying extra.
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and storm team4 tracking some weekend rain. >> exactly, jim. most of the day tomorrow the roads aren't going to be impacted by the rain, and it will be dry. but rain for the evening hours, nothing too heavy. i'll let you know exactly when it arrives in your neighborhood coming up in a few minutes.
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the much-hyped apple watch went on sale around the world today.
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there's only one store in the u.s., the entire country selling this watch. it's a boutique in hollywood. fans began lining up yesterday afternoon to be one of the first people in the country to have the apple watch. everybody else has to buy theirs online. harmful bacteria and antibiotic residues. that's what "consumer reports" found in its recent testing of supermarket shrimp. >> consumer reporter erika gonzalez joins us with more details and she tells us how to protect ourselves. >> that's right. how safe is the shrimp that you eat? "consumer reports" tells us ways to buy the safest shrimp for your family without going broke. shrimp. americans eat an average of almost four pounds a year making shrimp more popular than tuna. today about 94% of the u.s. shrimp supply is imported, and the majority of it is farmed. >> farming can be done responsibly, but when it's not bacteria and disease can thrive. antibiotics may seem like a fix,
4:39 pm
but we don't think so. and they're illegal for use in imported shrimp. >> "consumer reports" tested to find out how safe is our shrimp. scientists analyzed 342 packages of frozen shrimp both farmed and wild, raw and cooked. overall 60% of the raw shrimp samples tested positive for bacteria. so safe preparation is very important. and 11 samples or about 5% of imported raw farmed shrimp had antibiotic residues. >> the antibiotic use is particularly troubles because it's illegal. it promotes antibiotic resistance and it just isn't a spofrnl responsible way of farming. >> "consumer reports" recommends responsibly sourced wild shrimp like those recommended by seafood watch or certified by the marine stewardship council. if farmed shrimp are better for your budget, look for those certified by natureland.
4:40 pm
knowing what to looker for will help you make better choices for you and the environment. the food and drug administration is in charge of inspecting shrimp coming into the u.s. the fda told "consumer reports" it proposed new rules to help ensure shrimp imports rbt ss aren't adulterated. i just posted a video how shrimp goes from the farm to your fork on our consumer watch facebook page. take a look at that. taking a turn, coming up on news4 at 5, we're talking about saving on utility bills. something everybody wants to do. we'll tell you what to consider, though, before you make the switch to an alternative electricity supplier. if you've got a story idea for the consumer watch, send us an e-mail, call us even on a friday. we'd be happy to hear from you. our phone number right there on your screen. >> and saturday and sunday you can call, too. >> yes. i'll be here manning the phone lines even then. >> thanks erika. metro passengers climbing onto the tracks and they're doing it on purpose.
4:41 pm
see what the i-team uncovered and metro's warning to riders. and the northern virginia city that is leading the nation in binge drinking.
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lets say this is your tv and these are the channels you pay for with cable but these are the types of channels you actually want to watch what if you could pay for what you want, and not for what you don't
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so you could get kids channels sports... or entertainment mix and match, or get them all. now fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv starting at $74.99 -- including internet and phone. cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice. here's what we're working on right now in our newsroom. baltimore police just held a news conference about freddie gray's death, and the baltimore police commissioner said he will not resign over gray's controversial arrest. now, gray was seriously injured
4:44 pm
during an arrest. he later died this month. we'll have much more on what police had to say right here at 5 tonight. metro patrons pushing the limit, walking on the tracks, putting not only themselves but others at risk. >> an investigation by the news4 i-team reveals tonight a series of people doing recently at several stations for different reasons, though, as scott macfarlane reports, all of them facing the same deadly risk. >> reporter: like so many of us the guy was typing on his phone waiting for his train at the pentagon metro station. >> he fell off right in front of us. >> reporter: as a train approached -- >> the lights started flashing when he fell off. >> reporter: -- jennifer buchanan and her dad pulled the man from below. >> i had to reach over and grab him. >> reporter: they say they, too were nearly pulled down onto the tracks in the process of saving the man who had fallen. but the news4 i-team found some
4:45 pm
people are deliberately ending up on the tracks. >> maybe this is a dare, stunt something they want to place on social media. >> reporter: putting themselves and the good samaritans who have to pull them out at lifk. check out these recent videos obtained by the i-team which police say show nearly a dozen metro passengers intentionally trespassing on the tracks just since late last year including this couple on an empty section of the platform at the west falls church metro station. watch as they takes off her coat and scarf and they jump on the tracks. she begins to strike yoga poses while he snaps pictures. she nearly slips twice. so close to that high-voltage third rail. she even does handstands before eventually climbing out. a metro employee eventually intervenes and they would hop on the next train. that's not all the i-team found. in march, a man error lowered himself onto the tracks in landover.
4:46 pm
another did it one evening at metro center. he strug uled to get out until about 30 seconds later when someone helped. we show the police chief ron padlock some of these imajz. >> may be easy to get in but not out. >> you take an average male, 6 foot give or take, the distance from the roadway to the granite edge is 4 feet. you'd have to have very decent upper body strength to push yourself up. >> reporter: like this man who tried a shortcut to the gallery play station by climbing over two sets of tracks. transit police arrested him. >> they go down for a variety of reasons, to retrieve personal property. some do it as a game. why they go down is a mystery. >> reporter: we know why this woman at reagan national ended up there, to retrieve the package they dropped. she struggles to get down and struggles to come out narrowly escaping the train. he says it's becoming increasingly common for passengers lose their phone on
4:47 pm
trags. they should never try to chase after them. instead, ask staff to help. but this he says is not common. metro transit police say they're still actively searching for the yoga couple. fearing they'll push their luck again for the perfect pose. >> sometimes people deliberately trespassing on the tracks can't be saved like the person who was hit in august doing so. he was hit and killed. scott macfarlane, news4 i-team. a lot of cheers apparently being made in northern virginia these days. a study in the american journal of public health finds falls church leads the nation in overall alcohol consumption. the report finds nearly 80% of residents 21 and older have at least one drink a month. that's the highest in the country. a county in wisconsin leads the nation in binge drinking and a town in nevada tops the list for the country's heaviest drinkers. well amelia joins us now. this weekend is not a lot to
4:48 pm
toast to. clouds and rain and chilly weather right/. >> it's going to be a very cold start tomorrow morning, frost and freeze concerns. rain then moves in later in the day tomorrow. likely rainy showery for sunday monch. then we'll start to dry out sunday afternoon. now, for tonight there are freeze concerns across the area, and i just posted on my facebook and twitter pages the average last frost date for different spots in our area. you can head there and get those exact daitz. now, your second weather headline, rain later in the day tomorrow on into sunday morning. if you have something you want to do outdoors want to go golfing, maybe you have something you need to plant you definitely want to do it on saturday because sunday could be pretty rainy, especially the first half of sunday. temperatures overall on the seven-day remain cool. at this point in the year, we should be talking about highs around 70 degrees, not one day on the seven-day at or above 70. your impacts for tomorrow, dry for the day but rain moves in for the evening.
4:49 pm
exercise nice, low humidity heading out and about on your saturday, you have dinner plans, plan to be dealing with rain. right now we're at 61 degrees, beautiful sunshine, a bit of a breeze. heading out this evening you definitely want to grab a jacket. by 8:00 p.m., temperatures will be in the upper 50s and then 10:00 p.m. we drop into the low 50s. you might hear the furnace kicking on overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. look at what you'll be waking up to, 32 in martinsburg, frederick and gaithersburg, 31 in haig urz attorney, 30 in washington, a low in annapolis of 41 degrees. you can see pretty much along and back to the west of i-95 frost and freeze watches and warnings have been posted. so a freeze warning in effect for port r parts of loudoun county all of frederick county, carroll county, washington county, parts west virginia. freeze watch has been issued for all of fairfax and montgomery counties, prince william county, and all of falkier county as well. so low 30s in the morning,
4:50 pm
protect sensitive plants. rain makes its way into the area by 5:00 p.m. in southern maryland and prince william county. it's inside of the beltway by about 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. then we're still tracking rain for our sunday morning. otherwise it's a chilly start on sunday. a high tomorrow near 60. rain is possible during the afternoon hours but it's most likely arriving in d.c. during the evening. sunday a high temperature of 55, and we'll be drying out during the afternoon hours. on monday, breezy, a high temperature near 60. our next chance of rain on thursday. coming up at 5, veronica will have of course the latest timing as we continue to get new information and about the timing of the rain saturday on into sunday, guys. >> amelia, thanks. somebody called it nerd prom a few years back and the nickname has stuck for the white house correspondents dinner. this is the weekend the annual dinner takes place tomorrow night. while it began years ago as a celebration of the best white house coverage, it has morphed
4:51 pm
into something a bit more glitzy. president obama will be there along with plenty of celebrities. "saturday night live" comedienne cecily strong is the host. she told me recently she plans to be tough but hopes her jokes come off as funny rather than mean. d.c. traffic is frustrating for all of us but right now a plan to ease congestion is getting the green light. the city is rolling out a plan to improve traffic flow. news4's chris lawrence shows us how it works. >> reporter: i'm chris lawrence along massachusetts avenue just off dupont circle. we are just a few hours away from a major initiative to retime the lights in the heart of the district. right now we're talking about well over 600 intersections in the heart of the city 14th street, constitution massachusetts dupont circle, all of these areas see massive bottlenecks not only for drivers but sometimes for pedestrians as well. ddot is going to start tonight
4:52 pm
retiming some of those intersections hopefully to decrease the commute a little bit, get people moving, and over the next four weeks they will be tweaking these intersections trying to figure out the best way to get traffic moving. coming up on news4 at 5, we'll take you inside this plan and let you know what to expect. a hot spot for cool treats is open this afternoon. but the future of kline's freeze in manassas is up in the air now. this could be its final season at its current location. >> i have chocolate and vanilla. >> the kids love it. it's fun. >> reporter: the landmark business has been on route 28 near manassas for 50 years. now the property has a new owner. the lindsay automotive group. michael lindsay tells news4 the company has no definite plans yet for the property, but the owners of kline's are actively looking for another location nearby.
4:53 pm
>> it takes a special place to be able to accommodate what we want for our business. we certainly don't want to be in a strip mall, and we're looking to relocate if we can purchase the property and build a building. >> the support from the customers have been overwhelming. business has been great for us opening up this spring. >> customers say they'll follow kline's wherever it goes. fans have started a facebook page that has 16,000 likes. property owner michael lindsay says he speaks with the owners regularly and he says they are exploring all options to try to resolve the situation. we hope they do. it's a new bill that will hold police accountable. >> especially after that controversial arrest up in baltimore, the body camera legislation that maryland's governor is promising to sign and why the aclu is citing
4:54 pm
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4:56 pm
i'm barbara harrison at the live desk. baltimore police wrapped up a press conference updating us on the freddie gray investigation. the commissioner confirmed that gray was not restrained by a seat belt in the back seat of a police van. he says there is no excuse for that oversight. batt's addressed calls for his resignation. he says that will not happen. police promise to protect protesters who expect to come to baltimore tomorrow for a rally there that involves the whole
4:57 pm
nation, people coming from everywhere. at the live desk, i'm barbara harrison. maryland governor larry hogan says he plans to sign a package of bills related to police body cameras. this will taking on more urgency in the wake of freddie gray's death. he was seriously hurt and killed after being in police custody. david collins reports. >> reporter: video of the arrest of freddie gray by the baltimore city police captured by concerned citizens and city surveillance cameras doesn't provide a full picture of what happened. >> our concern is -- >> reporter: governor hogan brought up that point during the discussion on the first 100 day fz his administration. >> i'll break some news here today. >> reporter: the governor believes police body cameras would help and announced his intention to sign a package of bills to make that happen. >> i think having the real evidence of exactly what happened having everything video taped, is a step in the right direction. >> reporter: one measure provides an exemption for law enforcement to maryland's two-party consent wiretap law.
4:58 pm
this will allow police to record audio and video without first seeking permission when engaging the public. >> there is some law enforcement agencies in the state that are proceeding in that direction now and this is legislation that they need in order to put their programs together. >> reporter: the aclu cites concern. the measure does not address privacy issues potential mining of police video databases or using footage of constitutionally protected gatherings as an investigative tool. the legislation also establishes a task force to come up with best practices. the recommendations will be made to the police training commission by january 2016. however, the commission doesn't have to follow them. the governor says he will sign legislation requiring law enforcement to generate reports on police in custody deaths. the bill gained momentum in the general assembly when an aclu report found that at least 109 people died in police encounters in maryland between 2010 and 14.
4:59 pm
baltimore city topped the list with 31 police in custody deaths. almost daily protests are stretching the resources of baltimore city police. the governor confirms the city has asked for assistance. >> the front line will be the baltimore city police, but the state will be backing them up and providing assistance as needed. right now a middle school teacher accused of sexually abusing a student on campus. new at 5, what the suspect's relatives did when news4 started asking questions. it's an unusual request, and it's getting a lot of clicks on social media tonight. the man who shot president reagan not only wants more freedom, he wants more time to jam in a band. and you know it was cool again today, right around 60 degrees, but now we've got rain moving in with that cool. i'll show you how wet our weekend is looking coming up. we begin tonight with some violent video and an active search after a 69-year-old man is attacked at the eastern market metro station.
5:00 pm
news4's mark segraves is there live. mark, police think this guy they're looking for is a teenager? >> reporter: they can't tell his exact age, jim but he is definitely much younger than the victim in this video. now, much of this was caught in surveillance video all happening inside the eastern market metro station on capitol hill. we want to warn viewers, some of you might take this surveillance video as disturbing. the elderly man and his attacker got off an orange line train here at the eastern market metro about 1:00 p.m. the video picks up as the two were headed up the escalator exchanging words. then the young man reaches the top of the escalator turns and waits for the elderly man. the young man is then seen spitting in the man's face. the elderly man appears to try to push away the attacker and then the young man begins punching the 69-year-old victim repeatedly until he falls to the ground. >> >> the suspect walked out of the station, not a care in the world, no rushing, no looking back, exiting th


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