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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  April 25, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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point, clouds will break up around the midday hours. we're dry for the afternoon and evening and a high temperature tomorrow of 64. so future weather, 3:00 a.m. still tracking rain across the area. but look at what happened at 6:00 a.m. future weather wants to dry us out. chilly for those of you south of washington prince william and fauquier. otherwise, by 9:00 a.m. it comes to an end for everybody. but notice on sky cast 4, still plenty of clouds around. and they break up into the midday hours tomorrow afternoon and evening. great for grilling walking the dog, getting the jog in. tomorrow morning, maybe an early morning tee time keep it but be ready to bundle up for this time of year. on monday a high of 62. it is breezy. partly sunny. there is the chance of an afternoon shower or some sprinkles. and then we start to see
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improvements. near 70 tuesday, wednesday and thursday. next saturday chris, 78. >> big change. thanks amelia. and still ahead, ♪ ♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ ♪ need
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well the bad news is the caps lost. the good news is we're all in for a treat now. >> yes, there is going to be fun monday night. a good one. my two favorite words in sports game seven. we all wanted the capitals to end the series with the islanders today but this is why getting home-ice advantage was important to the seem. today it was the islanders taking the advantage of playing at home. barry trots hoping ovechkin and the caps can come away with the clinching win. but first period it was the islanders captain doing the damage. leaving the puck to john taveres and fires on net and beats braden holtby. and the islanders take a 1-0
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lead. under 30 seconds left and on the power play a beautiful save but ovechkin to carlson and he scores on the wrister. we are tied at 1-1. first goal of the series for john carlson. later in the third period tied at 1-1. taveres gets his clock cleaned by ovechkin and he beats holtby and that is the game winner. faked him out good. the islanders take a 2-1 lead. later on caps looking to even things up. two shots on net here. stopped in front. we all thought this was in but it hit off the crossbar. it was reviewed and it could have tied the game but ruled no goal. the islanders added a empty-netter and beat the caps forcing the game seven monday night, but despite the loss the capitals not hanging their heads. >> we're right there again
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tonight. one little thing and they get the go-ahead and we're chasing. so we energize and we have home ice for game seven and we should be excited about playing game seven at home. >> we have to play better than them today that is for sure and we have to be hungrier and play more physical too. >> let's talk baseball now. rainy day down in miami. no problem though. just close the roof to the ballpark and we'll play baseball. in the fourth inning strasburg on the mound facing john carlos stanton, one of the most feared hitters in the league. an rbi single for stranton. prado scores. miami takes a 1-0 lead. two batters later, justin bore at the dish. an rbi single with stanton on third and make it 2-0. this game is still in progress. miami leads it 4-0 -- make it 5-0 in the eighth inning. and the orioles and the red
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sox from camden yards at 7:00. now let's talk basketball. great night at the verizon center last night, the wizards put on a show. they are up 3-0 and no team in nba history has come up from that deficit. it will be the first sweep in franchise history. john wall doing his part. he stepped up big time in game three delivering 19 points and 15 assists. the second straight game with 15 or more assists for wall. the truth -- paul pierce mr. clutch. in his 17th nba season showing he still has game pierce made huge three-pointers down the stretch to give them a commanding lead. but getting to win number four is the hardest challenge of the series. >> it gets tougher and tougher and you have to be more resilient. we have to be more resilient and stay hungry and stay desperate. i want them to stay desperate. i want us to be the desperate
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team come sunday night. >> when you win a game like this i team has little hope coming into the game but when you win a game like this it diminishes hope when you have two more games at home. our hope is not to go through customs. >> they don't want to go back to toronto. >> and they match up very well against atlanta. >>
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this is "nbc nightly news" holt. substituting tonight peter alexander. good evening. tonight, the same underground plates that made the himalayas the mightiest mountains in the world unleashed the biggest earthquake to strike nepal in 80 years. the 7.2 magnitude quake was felt from
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india to china. the destructn immense, flattening sections of katmandu and mt. everest just as the climbing season begins. more than 1,500 people including one american are confirmed dead. we begin tonight with nbc's kelly cobiella. >> reporter: nepal is a country in ruins tonight. its people badly shaken and afraid. historic temples destroyed. hospitals overwhelmed. a massive quake hit just before noon without warning. >> walls are crumbling right and left. and i turn to my son and i say, oh my god, it's an earthquake. it's almost as if waves are moving you up and moving you down. and i have to hold on to the side of the car door. it was, i mean, utter terror really. >> reporter: the 7.8 quake shook so violently witnesses say people jumped out of buildings to avoid being crushed. some rescues were
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miraculous. d s of five countries. chinese soldiers racing to help. families mourn india. in nepal's capital, katmandu the 19th century tower a popular tourist site is gone. more than 150 people buried and rescuers are desperately digging. to the east on mt. everest sherpas were running for their lives. the quake triggered avalanches and landslides cascading into camps. >> here we had a bit of rock fall. >> reporter: more than climbers are beli to be on the mountain. climber cars ten peterson told nbc news he hid behind this rock as the snow barrelled down. he said we're treating casualties no one can leave basecamp. in india at least 30 have died. my leg started shaking
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and the temple windows and walls started trembling, this caretaker said. he tried to save the kids. we were screaming for help when the walls of the temple fell down. experts say the danger is still real. >> we've had over 20 aftershocks that are magnitude 4 or larger. we can expect these to continue for weeks, months even years. >> reporter: as night fell in nepal, under stormy skies, thousands slept outdoors. too afraid to go inside. kelly cobiella nbc news london. closer to home in baltimore it's been a day of heated but mostly peaceful demonstrations. protesters demanding know why a 25-year-old man suffered a fatal spinal cord injury while in custody e protests were the largest since the death of freddie gray nearly one week ago. nbc's tom costello is in baltimore again tonight. tom, good evening. >> reporte hi there, peter. we've had several thousand people today protesting marching the streets starting in the whe freddie gray was ar and then marching all the way down here to city hall. and at this minute
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down at camden yards at the baseball stadium. and they are having a confrontation with police. i've got multiple sources telling me that. but for the most part this day has been about a very vocal but yet peaceful day of protest. from the neighborhood where freddie gray was arrested through the streets of baltimore, past camden yards and onto city hall. >> no justice, no peace! >> rep this saturd has been an afternoo of protest. the police under fire for a fatal spinal cord injury that freddie gray apparently suffered while in police custody. for many people here it's onen of brutality too many. >> black lives has be lost for many years at the hands of the police department. and we need it to stop. >> reporte this department's with the coy badly strained. >> i know it's going get better. it's not going to have a choice but to get yesterday police commissioner anthony batts urged
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troublemakers to stay away. >> the people of baltimore will not tolerate you hurting our community where we live where we worship and where our kids g to school. >> for something like this to happen for everybody to get together and set -- >> reporter: today batts was in the crowd taking heat and holding hands. last night the department released 16 videos taken at the time of gray's arrest. and a snapshot of witnesses police would like to talk to. 30 investigators are assigned to the case with the department promisg to hand over its findings to prosecutors by friday. but for many baltimore residents here today, the gray case underscores the te thas been growing for years. >> i have a young black son that i am raising here in baltimore city. and i'm afraid. i'm afraid for him to go to the mall. i'm afraid for him to be out without me or his father. >> reporte tonight, n and apprehension ae waits for word on whether anyone
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will be charged in freddie gray's death. police have really tried to keep a low profile today really standing back and allowing the protesters to have room. but again, just in the last few minutes we're hearing of multiple confrontations involvg police down camden yards. we're hearing of the possibility of some injuri as well. peter, back to you. >> tom koscostello, thank you h for that. ton millions re under the th for severe weather, even tornadoes. let' bri in mete dylan dreyer dylan. >> peter, there was already a confirmed tornado just to the t of henderson, kentucky. you can see those severe storms are continuing to move. and not only the potential for dangers tornadoes but also dangerous lightning as well. now, we do still have this thr e night all the way into the southeast. but it's in this orange area this enhanced zone where we could see our best chance of tornadoes, also our largest hail and damaging wind gusts as well. now, we are going to see this area of low pressure exit off the
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coast by sunday morning. but a second area of low pressure is going to redevelop back through texas by sunday night. this is going to trigger more storms overnight on sunday. so because of that we do have a slight risk of stronger storms. now, we're not looking at widespread tornadoes on sunday but we are looking for wind gusts up near 70 miles per hour hail up to two inches in diameter dangerous lightning and also torrential downpours. that could lead to some flash flooding which could make things dangerous on the roads. we could end up seeing as much as two to three inches of rain across parts of texas and oklahoma sunday night into early monday morning. peter. r ahead. dylan, thank very much. > up next right here our exclusive interview with kim congratulations. you're down with crestor. yes! when diet and exercise aren't enough, adding crestor lowers bad cholesterol up to 55%. crestor is not for people with liver disease or women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. tell your doctor all medicines you take. call your doctor if you have muscle pain or weakness, feel unusually tired have loss of appetite, upper belly pain, dark urine
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you... and you, can be a morning person again. aleve pm, for a better am. it wasn't extraordinary as public as personal. reality tv star and olympic gold medal jenner announcing for the first time he wants to live life as a woman. instantly jenner became the most famous face in the transgender community. but his personal struggles are not unique. nbc's reporter miguel almaguer has our n is much more female than it is male. it's hard for people understand that. but that's what my is. going public for the first time bruce jenner confirmed what many suspected. are you a woman? >> yes, for all intents and purposes i am a woman. >> reporter: in an
6:50 pm
interview with abc news's diane sawyer the gold medal olympian the american icon at 65 wants to live life as a woman. >> i look at it this way. first, always telling a lie. he lived a lie his whole life about who he is. and i can't do that any longer. >> reporter: the decathlon champ turned reality star known all over the world is now the most famous transgender to go public. but jenner is hardly alone. >> i never really thought of myself as male. i was very uncomfortable with the walls that society try to put on men. >> reporter: 33-year-old amanda swagger was born l swagger, the oldest sibling to two sisters who r felt like a big brother. for three decades amanda lived as michael, becoming a teacher, even coaching football. wa it a difficult decision to make? >> it took a very very long time to come
6:51 pm
up with the self-assurance that i s doing the right thing. but once that the decision was actually very easy once i had gotten over the self-acceptance of myself. maureen morrisey is a therapist at the transgender center. >> when they get to the point of transitioning, it's because they simply live an inauthentic life anym k it's really important foop that. it's estimated 700,000 people are transgender. for man it's too painful. jenner understands why some would ponder suicide. i cou see where people get to that. just go in the room got a gun. boom! you know pain's over it's done. i can't do something like that. i mean i want to know how this story ends. >> reporter: for bruce jenner and amanda swagger, the story isn't ending. it's just beginning. miguel almaguer nbc
6:52 pm
news los angeles. and those closest to bruce jenner are also breaking their silence now. among them jenner's stepdaughter kim kardashian west. in an exclusive interview she told matt lauer how their family took the news. >> reporter: did this t take time? was the an adjustment period for family members to kind of get used to this idea? >> i think there is still an adjustment. and there is, you know family therapy. and we're really close. you know i see reports that say, you know this one doesn't support him and this one's over here and my mom feels this way. it's all really so made up. we all really support him. is it a hard adjustment? yes. you can see the rest of matt's exclusive interview monday morning on "today > up next a lesson in friendship from t
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so you can. a science teacher in illinois is stunning her students with her skills on the basketball court. check that out. lindsey burrman, a cool 4'11" tall nailing the back board shot in an epic celebration bu once in a lifetime you think, right? actually it's not, second time second year in a row that she's done it. and apparently she's got game. if she's the queen, check out your reigning king, four-time nba champion lebron james, taking that today in practice. > finally tonight, two first graders who could teach us all a thing or two about being there for each
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other. colin cox and ryan are only 7 years old but proving you can be best friends at any age. we get their story tonit from our friend mike bush as our nbc station ksdk in st. louis. >> old friend don't have to be old. >> they truly love each other. >> rep colin cox and ryan branson have known each other for two years. that's a long time when you're only 7. are you guys on a mission? >> yep. >> reporte whas e missio >> we need to save the day from evil bad guys. >> howy are up here all together? >> reporter: they met here at tower grove christian school in st. louis. thou the reason they became friends sounds more like the reason you're hired for a job. >> i like his experience. te but colin came home from school one day with some bad news. >> he said well mommy i'm kind of sad, my friend at school. his name is ryan. his house burned down a couple days ago and
6:57 pm
i'm really sad for it happened late one night in late february. ryan's family had just fallen asleep. a seven-alarm fire tore through their apartment complex displaceing dozens of family. i lost my toys my stuffed animals, i lost my toy box, i lost my bed. >> repor in fact his family lost virtually everything. but they found an angel in colin. who asked his mom if he could make a video to put on facebook. >> i always take his picture and he always says don't put it on facebook because y will see it. he understands everybody sees things on facebook. >> repor he was ho people would this. and my friend at school his name is ryan and his age is 7. his house burned down. >> reporter: within hours it was clear that one small voice. >> i'm asking you to help ryan. >> reporter: can have a big impact. >> i'm sitting here and i'm looking at it and i run down stairs to show my mother and she just starts crying.
6:58 pm
oh she starts crying. >> reporter: what did k of that? >> it was very great. >> so donate today. >> reporter: to date have donated more than $10,000 to help ryan's family. it's never easy to explain misfortune to a 7-year-old but friendship needs no explanation. becau that's what friends do. they stand up for each other. they help each other. >> is there another subtraction fact? >> reporter: first graders showing us all that you don't have to know everything to know the important things. >> you're the best friend ever. >> what would i do without you? >> reporter: mike bush nbc news st. louis. >> colin and ryan teach us all a pretty good lesson tonight. that's "nbc nightly " for this saturday. i'm peter alexander reporting from new yo. see you right here tomw morning "to and then righ back here evening. for all of us here at nbc news, have a
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audrina patridge: tonight on "1st look," we're running for the roses as we celebrate the kentucky derby. horse racing is not a laughing matter. horse trainer: he is kind of the class clown of the bunch. audrina patridge: look at his tongue. [laughs] i ride with the big boys. this is really-- horse trainer: gotta get down a little bit lower. audrina patridge: lower? horse trainer: yeah. audrina patridge: we call them as we seem them on race day. luckykins in front. and my guy is-- [inaudible]. plus, chef edward lee gives me a lesson in some local slang. is it louisville? edward lee: say it like you've had a couple of drinks. audrina patridge: (slurs) edward lee: there you go. [laughter] audrina patridge: it's the fastest two minutes in sports. and we kick it off next on first look. [theme music]


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