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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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♪ ♪ >> doc: two teams with marvelous seasons. one will continue. and the handshakes begin with paul gaustad of nashville leading the way. two goal tenders tonight for the blackhawks one did not know this morning he was going to play. enters the game and did not give up a goal.
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>> eddie: scott darling knows a lot of these players, doc, from his days. there is his former roommate filip forsberg spending a couple years with the nashville predators and their organization. ♪ ♪ >> doc: this are many traditions. we began with one with the anthem tonight and finish with the handshake line. it was julius irving who said after a play-off series there is nothing to do if you are the
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loser but rest recover, and return in the fall. meanwhile, the home team celebrates with 22,000. [ cheers ] >> doc: you are watching the stanley cup playoffs presented by geico. tomorrow, game six. st. louis blues against the minnesota wild here on nbc. coming up next except on the west coast, it's your local news and for viewers in the chicago area coverage continues with blackhawks post game live on comcast sports net. for eddie olezyk pierre mcguire, doc emrick saying good
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night. -- captions by vitac --
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he's out there. there's a guy out there whose making a name for himself in a sport where your name and maybe a number are what define you. somewhere in that pack is a driver that can intimidate the intimidator. a guy that can take the king 7 and make it 8. heck. maybe even 9. make no mistake about it. they're out there. i guarantee it. welcome to the nascar xfinity series.
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protests clash with police at camden yards. police arrest about a dozen people. the mayor had to warn fans to stay inside the ballpark. >> walls were crumbling right and left. i turned to my son and said earthquake. >> rescue crews are searching for survivors in nepal. and a local man knows
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firsthand the devastation of an earthquake. he was buried under rubble for days in india. tonight he's sharing his story with us. >> protesters get right in the face of police officers and curse them out. they're upset with what happened to freddie gray. what started as a peaceful rally turned ugly. in fact t got so bad baseball fans were told to stay inside camden yards. this is a picture of fans waiting there at the gate. protests over freddie gray's death were mostly peaceful early today. when the sun set, things changed. police arrested about 12 protesters for smashing car windows and storefronts and
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throwing bottles at officers. orioles fans were told to stay in the ballpark for safety. it was up to freddie gray's sister to call for come. tom costello reports. >> reporter: from the neighborhood to the streets of baltimore, past city hall this saturday has been an afternoon of protests. the police under fire for a fatal spinal cord injury that freddie gray apparently suffered while in police custody. for many people here it's one allegation of police brutality too many. >> black lives have been lost for many years at the hands of the police department. and we need it to stop. >> this department's relationship with the community badly strained. >> i know it's going to get better. it doesn't have a choice. >> yesterday, police commissioner anthony batts urged
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troublemakers to stay away. >> the people of baltimore won't tolerate you hurting our community, where we live where we worship and where our kids go to school. >> it took something like this to happen. >> today batts was in the crowd taking heat and holding hands. last night the department released 16 videos and a snapshot of witnesses police would like to talk to 30. investigators are assigned to the case with the department promising to hand over findings to prosecutors by friday. for many baltimore residents here today, the gray case underscores the tension that's been growing for years. >> i have a young black son i'm raising here in baltimore city. i'm afraid. i'm afraid for him to go to the malls. i'm afraid for him to be out. >> reporter: tonight tension and apprehension as baltimore waits for word on whether anyone will be charged in freddie gray's
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death. across the world, it's an agonizing process. sifting through the rubble in nepal. but as it moves into another hour the country's starting to get a clear picture of the destruction. the death toll stands at 1800. thousands more have been injured including some americans. some of those survivors are describing what they saw and heard. tonight we have their stories. >> reporter: nepal is a country in ruins tonight. its people badly shaken and afraid. temples destroyed. a massive quake hit before noon. >> walls were crumbling right and left. i turned to my son, i said my god, it's the earthquake. it's almost as if waves were moving you up and down. and i have to hold on to the side of the car door. it was, i mean, utter terror really. >> reporter: the 7.8 quake shook so violently witnesses say people jumped out of buildings to avoid being crushed.
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on mt. everest sherpas were running for their lives. the quick triggered avalanches. >> quite a big avalanche. >> one google engineer was among ten who died. more than 1,000 climbers are believed to be on the mountain. another said he hid behind this rock as the snow barrelled down. in india, at least 30 have died. my legs started shaking. the temple windows and walls started trembling. he tried to save the kids. experts say the danger is still real. >> we've had over 20 aftershocks that are magnitude 4 or larger. we can expect these to continue for weeks, months, even years. >> reporter: as night fell in nepal, under stormy skies, thousands slept outdoors. too afraid to go inside. kelly cobiella, nbc news, london. in a fi hour few hours, an
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urban rescue team will head to nepal. the team is trained to deal with structural collapses and rope and water rescues. they were doing an international training exercise today when they got word of the earthquake. >> they had come over for rescue. >> after a quake rocked india in 2001 a local man spent days buried under rubble and tonight he is sharing his perspective on today's tragedy with news 4's darcy spencer. we'll have his story in about ten minutes. on tuesday the supreme court will hear aments on whether it's constitutional to ban gay marriage. they want the high court to recognize the marriage between a man and a woman. the court will probably issue its ruling by the end of the current term in june.
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in montgomery county about a dozen families are displaced after fire ripped through this apartment building it happened at country place apartments. someone was smoking inside their bedroom, tossed aside some ma material and a mattress was set on fire. it will cost $500,000 to repair that damage. bruce jenner's revelation got a lot of you talking. tonight his family is weighing in. the former olympian's most famous family member is opening up to nbc. kim kardashian wants to clear the air about the family's reaction. after last night's interview kardashian smoke to matt lauer about her stepfather and said the family is getting therapy. while adjust together news they're still close. >> i see reports that say this
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one doesn't support him this one's over here. my mom feels this way. it's all so made up. we all support him. is it a hard adjustment? yes. >> you can see the exclusive interview with kim carkardashian monday morning on "the today show." the commander and chief takes aim at his critics during the white house correspondents dinner. tracking rain on storm team 4 radar. coming up i'll let you know when it comes to an end. the islanders not ready to say good night battling the caps
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2600 celebrities and politicians glammed up and jammed into a ballroom with the president. tonight the jokes were flying at the washington hilton. the white house correspondents' dinner is a chance for theose politically to poke jokes at themselves and at us. president obama talked about this being the fourth quarter of his presidency. he had quite a few things to say about those willing to take over for him. >> hillary took off being completely unrecognized at a
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chipolte chipolte. martin o'malley kicked things off by going unrecognized at a martin owe maley campaign event. >> samome fans of game of thrones are here and then of them saw so many nerds before. amelia's trucking rain on the storm team 4 radar, she'll show us when things will dry out and when we might get a warmup. and he spent more than four days in what he calls a concrete coffin. tonight in
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our team coverage of that deadly earthquake picks up in ashburn. a local man spent four days in the rubble when another earthquake hit india in 2001. he made it out alive and shares his story. >> lie down. >> okay. okay. >> reporter: the man emerging from the rubble of a collapsed apartment building in india is vira. he was 25 years old. he spent 4 1/2 days in what he described as a concrete coffin unsure if he would ever be rescued. >> i was in total darkness. i didn't know where i was. >> reporter: it happened in 2001. he was staying in an apartment with relatives, and he heard thunder. >> the sound of thunder was coming from beneath the ground. >> reporter: then everything began to shake. >> it was 8 to 10 inches i had no control over myself.
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>> reporter: he remembers looking up and the ceiling was cracked all the way across. >> collapsed like that and then toppled over. >> reporter: he was lying down unable to move. >> the ceiling which had fallen it was about two inches away from my forehead. >> reporter: he says that's the way he stayed for those 4 1/2 days living on hope. >> i wanted to see my family. i wanted to see my family alive. >> reporter: the international rescue corps pulled him from the rubble. he would learn in the days to come no one else in his family survived. he's reminded of what happened to him aezs he sees the images of the earthquake in nepal. >> every day is happiness. every day is like i'm living a beautiful life. >> what an amazing perspective after something like that. >> absolutely. four days. >> tonight, it felt more like
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the kind of rain we get in the fall that bitter cold chill you to the bones kind of rain. >> believe it or not, eventually it will feel like spring then summer will come. i can guarantee that. >> i'm sure you can. >> overnight tonight it will be chilly and damp. lows in the upper 30s to mid 40s across the area. the steady rain is pulling away. talking about scattered showers for the remainder of the overnight hours. by tomorrow afternoon and evening, relatively speaking it will be pretty nice outside. we'll break out into sunshine temperatures about 10 degrees warmer than today. with the sun it will even feel warmer than that. overall for the upcoming week temperatures will begin to warm. i'll show you that on the seven-day. tomorrow the weather having a low impact on your day. there's the chance of the early morning shower most if not all of your day, especially the metro area and areas to the north, mainly dry.
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everyone getting in on some late afternoon sunshine. here we are tracking this rain impacting loudoun, prince william counties fairfax, prince george's anne arundel. the district. looking like heavier rain that's not the case. it's just so cold the radar is making the rachb appear heavier than it is. this pulls away within the next 30 40 minutes, then i'll keep an eye on this disturbance. chuck will track it too. that will bring us the chance of another round of showers tomorrow morning. here we are at midnight. light showers. 2:00 a.m. overcast and mainly dry. between 6:00 and 8:00 a.m. chance of showers for everybody. once we get past 8:00 that rain threat shifts south. everybody is dry by 11:00, still plenty of clouds which you can see. afternoon hours, notice the
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clouds breaking up getting into the late afternoon and early evening hours, skies book mostly sunny. temperatures generally around 40. washington at 45. a chilly start tomorrow morning. 44 at 7:00 a.m. with the chance of showers. the threat of rain comes to an end by 8:00. clouds break up around midday. high of 64 which we will hit at 3:00 4:00 p.m. monday afternoon. on monday high of 62. average high 171. still running below normal for this time of year with the chance of an afternoon shower or some sprinkles. otherwise partly sunny skies. then a warming trend, near 70 degrees tuesday, wednesday, thursday. next saturday, a forecast high of m78. still ahead, caps islanders, came seven. we'll head to long island for the you wish your dog could fight
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unfortunately the caps couldn't close it out. that means a lot of fans will have a great time at verizon center. >> a great time a lot of nervous fans will be there on monday. a weizman once said that desperation desperation smell like a stinky cologne. today the islanders wreaked of desperation. down three games to two with their season on the line. new york made the plays in the final period to win this game. they did not want to let their last contest at nassau coliseum to be a loss. barry trot and his players knew
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they would have their hands full today. this one in the first period. the islanders doing some work. strom takes a hit. leaves the puck for taveras. fires past braden hawpe for the first goal of the game. his second goal of the series. the iltdslanders take a 1-0 lead. 30 seconds remain in the period. halak making the first save. the wrister, we're tied up. still tied at 1, taveras bringing up the ice, watch this hit by alex ovechkin he takes it out. the islanders take a 2-1 lead. later on in the period, the capitols scap capitals look to


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