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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  April 26, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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on this sunday night, the g disaster in nepal. terrifying the death toll surpasses 2500. tonight the desperate searches for survivors, including those on mt. everest. capsized within dozens of sailboats swept up in a violent storm. more than 40 people rescued from viole > white house hacked. a russian cyber attack reached the west wing getting the president's own e-mail. >> after losing al everything the incredible gift one man receives from a complete stran this sh "nbc nightly news" with
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lester holt. substituting tonight, peter alexand eve tonight. more violent aftershocks rattle the region. for the first time we're seeing dramatic video from the stop of the world, base camp at mt. everest, the moment the massive earthquake struck. d is shaking. >> the quake triggered a huge avalanche, climbers sent scrambling for safety. it was the deadliest day of nearly 100 expeditions on the world's highest peak. the death toll is rising tonight. more than 2500 dead including at least many mo injured. our team is there tonight and we begin with ear chief foreign corr engel. flying into kathmandu today, it was clear that after saturday's massive et quake, l i bracing for worse to come.
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we felt an aftershock a big one. outside the airport, tensions turned to scuffles. people her want out before the next quake hits. kathmandu is a poor and crowded city built with brick and cement. they're staying as far away from the builds as they can. here understandably don't to spend time indoors, with etly loan spend the night in their homes. they're catching out in the sidewalks and in the parks, any bit of green spaoccupied. on a blanket with his family we met the this 13-year-old. >> i'm so nervous in bed for this earthquake. people a runn here and there for their life. many houses are falling here and there. many people are dying also he thinks his family will sleep here for the next week. to the east on kathmandu, on mt. everest, climbers ran for their lives during
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the earthquake. today violent aftershocks triggered more avalanches and land sclieds. a british climbing team pinned down. >> the rocks are crash cr down around us. >> rep d from the mountain, least 17 have died one including e americans. marissa from new jersey wu a e base camp. dan fruden burg worked for google. he described him as an energetic engineer. and tom kaplan also from californio filming a documentary. back in kathmandu tourists are stuck as well. this woman slept last nighs a new quake. >> today we're
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thinking of being in the states right here. >> reporter: tl officials tells us they have no idea how many have died or how big of a sfarve that could turn out to be. engel, nbc news kathmandu. >> buildings that had stoord for centuries were flattened in a matter of minutes. in an area that's popular with tourists many will witness the destruction and ian williams is there tonight. they by hand brick by brick. this team convinced they've located another body under the rubble around kathmandu's most famous temple complex. this is what remainsc heart of old kathmandu. the buildings here protore too fragile and vulnerable to with stand the quake. the area around the
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square seems to have born the brunt of the 7.8 quake, at least in the city itself. some of the buildings here date back to the first century and include the former residents of nepal's former family. the nine-story tower has been reduced to a shattered stump. this was one of the city's most popular tourists attractions, commanding a panoramic view of the valley and yesterday it was packed. >> 150 peopl are coming for visiting and 70 people are dead. >> r open spaces here are packed. the people who lived through saturday's afr return to their homes. preparing to live outdoors right now, terror heightened by another aftershock on sunday huddle with family and friends dreading the moment the ground will start moving again. have you feel safer here? >> yeah more than our house. old kathmandu was a magnet for tourists and this was the height of the
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tourist season. will clemmons from san diego was two days into a tour when the quake started. >> they were trying to find people but it was just absolute chaos here. >> nearby a rescue team shifting throug a temple pulled out another victim which they said was probably a tourist. dusk was falling and th went on. ian williams nbc news kathmandu. > off the coast of blam tonight, search efforts are under way for a group of missing boters. competition when a powerful storm hit the area causing several capsize. tonight families are hoping that the death toll does not go . hill has our report. >> rep violent rain and winds in excess of 70 miles an hour capsized ten vessels ved off the
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coast of mobile alabama. more than 100 sailboats and as many as 200 sailors forced to tack tl rough waters while participate in the faux fin island regatta it's tes worst thing i've ever been through out there. >> josh edwards ap chured it all as the severe storm rolled in witnessing waves up to 14 feet. >> i've watched the video a lot today and it sank in how lucky we are because not everybody came at lea 40 have been rescued after this treacherous night at sea. >> i thought it was going to die actually. i was really scared. i thought that the water would keep boat was going to sink and that would be the end. >> two people now confirmed dead five are still missing. >> we continue through the night and today to employ a maximum number of aircraft with fixed wing and
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helicopter. sm boat assets and two patrol boats. >> december brat family and friends are taking to social media, thoughts and prayers to family and friends missing. still shocked by that. hopeful those lost at sea will be found safe. >> this is a tragedy and the hearts go out to the families. >> rescuers are working tirelessly to bring the missing home. >> this is a team effort. we're all giving 110%. >> tonight the fair hope yacht club is heart broken over what happened. why some are asking why these boats were out on the water knowing a storm was rising. > we're learning startling new details tonight about a cyber attack that ed the west wing during a breach of the computer system. n hackers got ahold of some of the president's e-mail. kristen welker has more tonight.
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good evening. >> reporte cybersecurity is the new front tear in national security. and now we're learning that a recent cyber attack was more e t originally thought and that is raising questions about the government's ability to protect the president's correspondence. it's a case of digit spying that went all the way to the top. russian hackers who breached the white house's computer sy last year were able to access the president's e-mail. the times says they received the access to the e-mail archives of people within the white house with w accumulated. the hac got unclassified e-mail still even those files can contain sensitive information, like the president's schedule. they're going to find out who is the president talking to what kind of deposit ma sanctions they may be coming up with through its allies and other countries that it cares about.
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>> nbc news fist reported on the hack october. it occurres u.s. was in a bitter stand off with vladimir putin over u krain.y stressed urgency in preventing such an attack. >> the first is protecting our systems. presi uses the e-mail and fought to secret service to hold on ts bla even though he was hacked by the chinese during his k578 pain in 2008. the government needs to act preemptively. >> always treat your though hackers are in it come part mentalizing data communication and evidence. >> now one intelligence say hackers try to breach the government's computers every day so it is a pressing problem. espe with terrorists increasingly looking for new ways to attack. kristen welker thank you.
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baltimore remains on edge tonight, one week of the death of freddie gray the young man who died while in police custody. late yesterday police in riot gear clashed with protesters after some demonstrators smashed windows on stores and police cars. nbc's ron mott has the latest. a violent end last night to what had been peaceful protests throughout the day in baltimore. bu were vandalized police cars damaged and six police officers injured in clashes. it was over at least 34 arrests, 1200 police deployed in all, some in riot gear to restore calm. >> the vast majority of resident out here job job. they voized thei voiced what they wan ju a small number of people who felt they tur this into an ugly event. >> today store front
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windows are boarded up as friends and family gathered for the wake of freddie gray. last night joined by the mayor, his sister called for order. >> y'all please please stop the violence. freddie gray would not want this. fr father and mother does not want no violence. violence does not get no justice. >> officials say one of yesterday's demonstrations turned tee outside cam den yards, home of baseball's oriels. fans were told to stay inside the ballpark until it was safe to leave. this afternoon in maryland capital, a small rally in support of police. >> we feel it's time to say thank you to our officers. >> a funeral for freddie gray is scheduled for tomorrow. ron mott nbc news new york. it was a terrifying rampage g dozens 0 people at a colora theater. tomorrow opening statements start in the trial of holmes. the key question was
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he sane? hereby's nbc's jacob rascon. >> the movie premier just started when james holmes entered theater nine heavily armed and dressed in tactical gear. first responders found hundreds of panicked movie goers and dozens of victims. >> you heard mom. >> i'm hearing him and then you just hear the rounds going off, just boom boom boom. >> there was really nowhere to hide. >> holmes killed 12 people and injured om 70 others before his rifle jammed. he told police arresting him he was the joker. nearly three years and 9,000 prospective jurors later, the capital murder trial is set to begin tomorrow in centennial colorado. holmes is expected to appear in civilian with a trimmed
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beard and combed air. >> the question is does it ride to the level of insanity under colorado law? could he tell right from wrong? >> holmes pleadeds not guilty by reason of insanity saying he was in the throes of a psychotic episode during the shooting. prosecutors say he carefully ple for weeks and apparently wasn't finished. authoritie has to disarm explosives inside holmes' apartment after the rampage. this a was designed to kill whoever entered it. >> prosecutors holmes' offer to plead guilty for life in him instead with 167 counts of murder attempted murder and weapons charges. get a very morbid tedious and sad resuscitation of all of the injuries suffer movie theater.
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but the prosn has to go through >> it a one-time neuro science come to recall student now facing life in prison, confinement in a psychiatric institutn or death. the trial itself is expected to last the summer. and if a jury finds holmes guilty there will be what amount to a second trial. the sentencing phase. which will determine wh holmes should be put to death. opening statements are schedu inside the courthouse behind me. >> jacob, thank you. a knew wave of cuban migrants making the dangerous journey to this country but why not. incredible images of a volcano and your brain can send information to the rest of your body at 268 mph. three times the speed of a fastball. take care of your brain with centrum silver men. multivitamins with 20% more vitamin d.
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test. test. it's an unintended consequence of america's improving relationship with cuba. a flood of migrants trying to reach the u.s. illegally. last week the coast guard stopped 13 boats. soe danger journey now feeling a special immigration policy d soond end. here's nbc's mark potter. the coast guard it's seeing a steady increase in cubans sailing rickety boats from the united states. the trips often by their families in the u.s. last year more than
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3600 were spotted. >> several children and s the pontoons. >> there is a smul her and a network that's building the boats and organizing what people n go in the boats for each trip. >> this criminal video shows a boat secretly beint on cuba's south coast for passengers hoping to eventually reach the unit states. there are three main routes by which they come to the u.s. without viesavisa. by boat to honduras or the yucatan for again a dangerous land trip through mexico. by far, most of the cubans now enter the united states at tn border in texas. we have 1700 cubans that were processed in 2014. >> outside the u.s. port of entry in brownsville, texas, buses take newly ns to cities across the y with me
6:50 pm
arriving in miami. they hope to improve their lis economically. this woman says i need to independent. under a unique law from the cold war era, almost all cubans arriving in the united states are a to here indefinitely. this shift in u.s. poli representing a turning point for our entire region. >> but with better diplomatic relations between the u.s. and cuba some request whether that law should be restricted to no longer accept those just seeking a better life. the obama administration has no pla to change the protecte deb is growing. mark potter nbc news. still ahead, a big catch for a gr
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stunning new time lapsed images of the volcano in chile that erupted last week for the first time in 40
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years, officials say the volcano is still unstashl. volcanic ash spread to areas more than 1,000 miles away and they've forced evacuations of more than 6500 people. how about this deep sea discovery. an enormous manta ray, weigh 1 ton was accidentally caught off the coast of peru. they were travel in a homemade wooden boat when the massive creature got tangled in their net. a wiley coyote led police on a chase before being caught. the officers tailed the animal on foot and by cruisers. the coyote was taken by patrol car to an animal care facility. he lost nearly everything but now one man is getting a in small business you have to work hard, know your numbers, and stay focused. i was determined to create new york city's first self-serve frozen yogurt franchise. and now you have 42 locations. the more i put into my business the more i get out of it.
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use and a free 30-tablet trial. we end tonight with a story of one man who owes a debt of gratitude to a total stranger. e mudslide last year robbed him of everythi he had. but in a cruel twist he was left with a big financial burden that is until someone he never met stepped in. here's nbc's joe
6:58 pm
friar. >> wn t ward woke on march 22nd 2014 he was living on a five acre farm raising chickens and turkeys with the love of his life brandy. >> within 30 minutes or life was forever changed. that morning in washington a wall of mud came cascading down the hill and tim rand toward his wife. >> from the moment her voice left her body she left the man she had with for 38 years to be with t god she'l be with forever. >> in that single moment the mudslide took tim's wife and fourf his wife dogs. the one that survived blue, lost. was trandz beneath a stack of cedar trees for four days. and tim was severely injured, his pelvic crushed. he's trying to negotiate a settlement for a mortgage of a home that doesn't exist.
6:59 pm
it was like the elephant sitting on your chest. you knew it was there. you knew you still had to take a deep breath. but it was very hard. >> the mortgage was owned by the veterans administration and serviced by chase bank which recently received and unexpected call. >> our customer who wishes to remain anonymous said i really want to do something. and he basically said i want to pay it off. >> pay off every cent of tim's $360,000 mortgage. does it feel like that elephant is off your chest now in. >> it does. and once again re-emphasize this person who stepped up thank you. totally thank you. >> a selfless gesture giving tim and blue a chance to move forward and create a new home. great way to end the night. that's nbc nightly news for this sunday. lester holt will be here tomorrow.
7:00 pm
i'm peter d g from new york. from all of us here at nbc news, have >> suddenly there was a man with his arm around my neck and a gun to my head. i shoved my purse into his chest and i said "jesus save me!" the bullet shot me right in the head. lord jesus help me! oh my god help me! >> reporter: a sweet stay-at-home mom shot point blank at the door! >> very traumatic to see. a very, very emotional time. >> i didn't know if i would live! >> reporter: an awful random crime, or did someone want her dead? >> someone was out there? >> yeah. we were scared. >> reporter: faith and infidelity. >> there were several text


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