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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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spreading. rallies from d.c. to denver and dozens of major cities. some protesters were even arrested up in new york. also tonight, new revelations about what may have happened inside that police van where freddie gray suffered the injury that eventually killed him. >> "news4 at 11" starts now. >> baltimore police used bullhorns again tonight to clear the streets for 10:00 curfew. >> some people did refuse to leave at first. let's take a live look from chopper 4 now. the crowd on north avenue much smaller than it was, even from last night when police used tear gas to break up the demonstrations. >> more than a hundred people who were arrested on monday in baltimore were released tonight without facing any charges. police say they made so many arrests on monday they couldn't keep up with the paperwork. and by law detainees who were not charged within 48 hours had to be released. >> we've got team coverage of all this tonight. a protest both in baltimore and here in d.c.
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we begin with shomari stone. he sat baltimore city hall. shomari? >> reporter: well right now i'm standing outside baltimore city hall in downtown baltimore. and it is relatively peaceful. a sharp contrast compared to the last two nights out here where violent protests began in some areas. now it's worth mentioning that the overnight curfew has been in effect over the last hour or so. and national guard troops and baltimore police are gathered outside city hall just to make sure that no one tries to go inside and things remain calm. let's roll some video right now. the peaceful protesters marched, demanding justice for freddie gray. they want no know how he received the spinal injury while in police custody. baltimore police have announced that their report on the death of gray would not be made public by friday's deadline. now many protesters told me they are frustrated. they have a deep distrust of the baltimore police department. and they want to know if there was a cover-up in this case. that's what they're concerned
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about. and about 3,000 police and national guardsmen descended on the city to help keep order. tonight we talked to some protesters and they tell me that they are going to continue to march out here in baltimore. live here i'm shomari stone, back to you in the studio. >> thank you, shomari. new tonight, a prisoner who was in the police van with freddie gray the day gray was arrested says gray was intentionally trying to hurt himself. that's according to documents obtained by "the washington post." the post says the other prisoner was separated from gray and could not see him, but he described gray banging against the walls in the van and trying to hurt himself. the gray family's lawyer says they disagree with any that gray severed his own spinal cord. the report could be turned over as soon as friday. support for the gray family and baltimore is running strong here in washington. hundreds of people marched downtown tonight to show theirpport.
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back jackie benson was with them. >> reporter: jim, people here feel a strong connection to what is going on just up i-95. >> all night, all day, we're going to fight for freddie gray! >> reporter: hundreds gathered at just after 7:00 this evening. many have been here before to draw attention to the death of michael brown at the hands of police in ferguson missouri in august of last year. this time it's in support of freddie gray, a baltimore man who died of a broken neck after being arrested by police in a city much closer to the district. >> for the past two night, i've been going to sleep really late. what comes to my mind is what is happening in baltimore. >> reporter: 14 blocks away at the spot on h street cafe and northeast, baltimore is also on the mind of troy williams. >> we've been trying to get in baltimore for the last ten years. >> reporter: williams is a chef and coordinator for the careers in the culinary arts program. c-cap as it's known works with
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the district's thriving restaurant community to help d.c. and prince georges high school students to earn full scholarships to culinary college. williams and his wife yvette will soon open another place in the trendy h street corridor which was also once scarred by riots. it will be a restaurant with a teaching kitchen on the lower level. >> we're make the student employable keeping them off the street and teach them life skills. the problem with a lot of these kids in baltimore or d.c. that are out in the street they don't have any love you. show the kids love they're no threat to you. >> reporter: those who protested today say they plan to pack a may 4th d.c. council hearing on police community relations. jim, back to you. >> thanks jackie. police arrested more than a dozen people during protests up in new york city tonight. hundreds gathered in union square to call for justice in freddie gray's death. then that group marched to times square. officers used loudspeakers to
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warn demonstrators that marching into the streets or blocking sidewalks could get them arrested. the streets are quieter in ferguson, missouri after protests turned violent there last night. hundreds of people took to streets of ferguson in a show of support for baltimore. they marched in the same area where people protested after michael brown's death. police say three people were shot last night and they're now in stable condition. five people were also arrested for looting at a gas station. the investigation of the bloody arrest of a student at the university of virginia by officers with the alcoholic beverage control board has now been sent to the commonwealth's attorney. virginia state police turned over their findings in the arrest of martise johnson. they did that today. johnson was arrested outside a pub in charlottesville back in march. his lawyer says the investigation is several hundred pages long and it shows that ac agents approached johnson because they thought he had a fake id.
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there is no timeline for the release of that report. turning to our weather now and some changes on the way before we get to a nice weekend. when do the umbrellas need to come out, doug? >> well, they're going to be coming out tomorrow. most likely during the afternoon. and today, well you just needed sunglasses. a beautiful day today. high temperatures in the mid- to upper 70s. but that rain, it's not too far off. take a look. down towards raleigh into the portions of north carolina. showers starting to develop back in to portions of west virginia. that's where we're going to see them stay overnight tonight. this moisture making its way up across our region and will eventually with an easterly wind be brought back in across our area. that driving impact tomorrow 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. mostly cloudy 52. i think most telephone area will be on the dry side during the morning rush. morning rush should not be affected too much by any shower activity. more showers likely during the afternoon. and the evening rush will be affected by the rain. showers likely especially to the west of d.c. temperatures around 68 degrees. i'll be back to show you when this rain moves in when it moves out and how it could
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affect your weekend in just a minute. >> thank you, doug. a new battle could be brewing between house republicans and d.c. this one other abortion and reproductive health. a new d.c. law bans employers from discriminating against workers who get abortions. it also bans discrimination based on birth control choices. the house could vote this week to overturn it. but the vote will be mostly symbolic. it's unlikely to go anywhere in the senate or to get the president's signature. house republicans have also pushed back on the city's new marijuana law. it might well be next week before people in ward 8 learn who their new councilmember might be. only 152 votes separate la ruby may and trayon white there are still more than a thousand ballots to be counted. the winner will take the seat of the late marion berry. brendon todd won the ward 4 seat vacated by muriel bowser. 8 councilmembers will
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soon have three years of service or less on the council. flags are flying at half-staff tonight and a firehouse is draped with black bunting in charles county. 20-year-old autumn jenkins, a volunteer firefighter was killed in a near head-on collision last night. investigators say a truck crossed into her lane. first responders say that they didn't know the victim was one of their own until they got to the scene. >> the squad there from tenth district volunteer fire department. and they offered to help. and my members were no, she's ours. we'll take care of her. we'll do it. >> one officer says he smelled alcohol on the breath of the truck driver but no charges have been filed. jenkins had been volunteering since she was just 16. a terrifying close call for a passenger jet flying over dallas texas. a drone came dangerously close to that plane as it was landing. nbc's hallie jackson explains just how disastrous a collision might have been.
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>> reporter: it's a dangerously close call. >> some sort of a lighted drone just flew right over us. >> reporter: an airbus landing in dallas from new york tuesday night narrowly missing a drone inside controlled airspace. >> and it was a lighted drone? >> it appeared to be. maybe just a hundred, 200 feet above us. >> reporter: the virgin america fight was on its final mile and a half approach to the runway at love field. 600 feet above the ground that's when the faa says pilots noticed the drone, lit with red and green lights below the plane. they watched a it climbed straight up passing a couple hundred feet above their plane, immediately notifying air traffic control. >> airbus reported a drone passing over the top of them right around your present position. >> reporter: dallas police launched a search for the quad copter tweeting a picture from the air and a plea. use drones responsibly. >> if they end up colliding with an airliner it's going to be similar to a bird strike or potentially worse. and it could do significant damage to the airplane or an engine. >> reporter: it's illegal for
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drones to fly above 400 feet or within five miles of an airport. but that's happening more often and at major hubs like l.a. chicago and atlanta. >> it raises questions about for another pilot seeing such an aircraft what's it going to do. >> reporter: it's why the faa is working to teach drone operators the rules, to keep the skies safe. hallie jackson, nbc news, los angeles. next at 11:00, a new look at the aftermath of a deadly avalanche on mt. everest. the frustration is building in nepal days now after a powerful earthquake. news4 consumer watch takes a closer look at the s word sale. what we found that could change the way you shop. and magician david blaine bringing some fun to the streets of baltimore.
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richard engel from nbc news and wound telephone first looks at mt. everest base camp today after the avalanche triggered by nepal's massive earthquake killed at least 18 climbers. much of the base camp was destroyed. investigators are still searching for bodies here as the camp clears out. most surviving climbers are opting to walk down the mountain out of respect for those who died. there is growing frustration among the villagers in nepal over the slow trickle of aid coming in from around the world. those living near the epicenter of the earthquake say they are desperate. nearly 200 villagers were seen shivering under umbrellas and plastic tarps. helicopters arrived with sacks
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of rice but a u.n. official says that's not enough. he said the next shipment will have to include plastic sheets. the death toll from that earthquake has now gone beyond 5,000. sale prices. we assume they're deep discounts for a limited time. but what if something is always offered at a sale price? consumer reporter erika gonzalez tells us why jumping at the word sale might not get you a deal after all. >> reporter: sarah sheldon loves a good bargain. >> stores that if i see a sale i almost always go to. >> reporter: and she wants the sale to be big, huge. >> anything under 40% is not really worth my time. >> reporter: but what if you can get the same 40% off deal two, three, four even nine months later, it really a deal? nonprofit decided to find out. it tracked the prices of dozens of products at eight national chains once a week for 40 weeks. the nonprofit found sears,
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macy's and kohl's had at least half the items checkbook priced on sale most of the time. look at this mixer and this recliner both on sale 44 weeks out of 44 weeks. >> the worst example of this was sears. sears for almost all the items we checked, the items were more often than not always on sale. >> reporter: and some of the discounts appeared steep. >> we'd have an item that their regular price was listed at $1200 and would be on sale for $800 week after week after week. 40% markdown every week. >> so what makes a sale really a sale? it turns out there is no legal standard for how to determine a sale price, though a permanent sale may violate unfair or deceptive trade practice in advertising laws in some states including d.c., maryland, and virginia. is it illegal for something to be on sale all the time? >> well it's for sure dishonest. >> reporter: we asked sears,
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macy's and kohl's to respond to checkbook's research. sears tells us its pricing is not misleading or deceptive. sears says quote we provide discounts to our members and customers in a number of legally compliant ways. it's ununfortunate that did not appear to take these factors into account before making its assumptions. macy says says our pricing cadence varies on each item based on the nature the seasonality and the research its family of business among other things. the items on the list were not monitored every day. macy's promotes sales by day, not by week. macy's says it strives to comply with all laws and regulations. and kohl's did not respond. how you really know if you're getting a deal? checkbook says -- >> never assume a sale price is a good price. >> reporter: and to help in your comparison shopping -- >> ask a salesperson if they'll hold that sale price for you for another week or another month. >> reporter: while you check the competition for a lower price,
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one thing is clear. once you know you're getting a deal, go for it. >> i feel like there is always sales. >> reporter: that is a good thing for you. >> no, it's great. >> you can see the full results of checkbook's research on our website, just search sale. doug it's been a beautiful day. we've enjoyed every last minute of it. what's next? >> saw two beautiful days in a row. >> that's true. >> tomorrow is not going to be all that bad. let's not put too much of a downplay on it. yeah we're going have some clouds. yes, we're going have some showers. coming after a day like today, which was perfect ten in a lot of people's books. tomorrow maybe a six. >> okay. >> but not a two. >> no. >> out there looking pretty good. i think it's still a pretty nice evening. current temperature sitting at 62 degrees. winds out of the south at 7 miles per hour. we have the clouds. those clouds continue to make their way in. look at the numbers. we're at 54 degrees, manassas. 52 up towards frederick and 59 in fredericksburg. so still some nice numbers.
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not a cold night at all. we're going to be on the mild side. at least closer to average for this time of year which is 51 now, d.c. storm team 4 radar nothing on the radar currently. but watch what happens when we zoom out just a bit. you see the clouds that have been moving in across our region you. saw the clouds after sunrise tonight. we're starting to see a little bit in the way of some clearing. that's because the storm system down to the south continues to try to move to the south. but see the storm out here? it's going to essentially block this storm, which will become our coastal storm for moving too far out, and then we'll watch this storm make its way down from the great lakes. and these two will combine to give us some shower activity. let's talk about it. first off, the storm in the great lakes. the storm down to the south. once again, coming together. and what that means for us is eventually we'll have more of an onshore flow. so rain likely tomorrow. cooler temperatures than we saw today and a bit breezy on friday especially overnight friday into friday morning. i think that's going to be the time overnight thursday night into friday morning. thursday tomorrow 8:00 a.m. no problems.
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i think most of the area will be dry for that morning rush. a lot of cloud cover. isolated showers back towards the west. and well west around hampshire county and gary and west virginia. notice around noon we're all dry. it's the upper-level low that gives us the rain first, back to the west back towards gareth county maryland. watch what happens around 4:00. we start to see the onshore flow taking shape. and that's when we start to see the showers between 4:00 5:00 and 6:00 tomorrow. so i think that evening rush is going to be a little problematic that will slow things down a little bit right on through the day on thursday. friday morning maybe a little bit of drizzle early. and then i think some better conditions. highs tomorrow still not bad. 71 d.c. 70 in la plata. if we see some sunshine we easily get here. notice back to the west, a lot less sunshine. winchester only around 65. martinsburg at 65 also. a little cooler towards the chesapeake. not too bad in the afternoon, but friday morning not a good morning. saturday and sunday watch this.
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70 on saturday. isolated shower. then beautiful on sunday with a high of 76. and then and then i'm taking some time off because monday tuesday, wednesday are spectacular. temperatures are in the 80s. >> taking the day off is what a lot of us wish we had done today. >> right. >> thank you, doug. we have sports coming up. nationals do it again. for the second night in a row, something they have never done before. do you know what it is?
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> jason could have got in but
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the rest of us couldn't have up in camden yards today. that was weird. >> it was weird. i've covered plenty of empty ball parks. the marlins, i covered them for several seasons. >> there you go. >> this was right at home for me to a certain extent. today the orioles were back on the baseball diamond at camden yards for the first and only game of their series with the chicago white sox. now due to protesters and a citywide curfew in baltimore, major league baseball decided to let the game on but played without an audience. outside the gates the fans chanting. no spectators in the stands. a very surreal scene. the birds kept their focus. khris davis with a three-run homer here. no one there to catch that ball though. the fans outside, they were pumped up. the orioles, they scored six runs in the first inning to take a 6-0 lead. top of the fifth now, it is 7-2. more of the long ball. manny machado this time with a solo homer of his own. the ori go on to win
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this game 8-2. official attendance, though, zero. the players, they did take notice of the fans outside the gates. >> well, they weren't in the stands but they were out at the hotel you. could see them on the balcony. you could hear them outside the gates. a lot of people were telling me that they would look at the check-ins on facebook. so there are people around supporting. just not inside the stadium. >> you could hear them. they were up there screaming. and, you know it's very appreciating that they're out there watching the game and cheering for us from out there. we definitely could hear you guys and appreciate you guys supporting us. elsewhere, the nationals wrapping up their series with the braves tonight. jordan zimmermann at the dish whom. said pitchers can't hit? j-zim knocks in a pair of runs. the nats take a 5-3 lead. dan uggla drove in ten runs for all of last season for atlanta. he has 8 rbi for the nationals in the last three games. drives in wilson ramos here. it's a 10-4 nationals lead.
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they were not done though. denard span at the plate. and he is going yard. the nationals scored 13 runs on back-to-back nights. first time in franchise history that's happened. they win this game tonight over the braves, 13-4. the nationals will end their ten-game road trip with a four-game series against the mets. that starts tomorrow. let's move on to talk some hockey now. round two for the capitals gets under way tomorrow. and the fells are taking a team that has had their number lately. the new york rangers have ended the last two postseason runs for the caps. and tomorrow night the team is a looking to start a new trend at madison square garden. >> get a chance to try and get some redemption that they've kind of handled the last few years that we've been in. so this is the ultimate challenge for us. >> you can see there is a couple of games in the regular season that we played. and they really caught us on our heels. we're facing the president trophy winners. but we don't feel like we're overmatched at all. well feel like it's going to be
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extremely good hockey and a series that we're capable of winning. two big events going on tomorrow. we have you covered for both. i'll be in studio. diana dianana russini will be at the nfl draft. in new york as the caps and a rangers begin the eastern conference semifinals. great sports week. you have the weekend, the kentucky derby, pacquiao so much good stuff going on. >> a good time to be a d.c. sports fan. >> are you going to the fight? >> if they'll gas up my jet i'll be out and back in time to get to work.
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nine of clubs is now the bottom card. look at the bottom. that's not the bottom. the bottom is down here. meaning folded it under your watch there is a card. turn your wrist over. see? there is a card tucked under. >> yeah, that's happening on the streets of baltimore this evening. a lighter moment. street magician david blaine entertaining a group of anne arundel county police officers with a few illusions. and they posted this video on their twitter account. >> how does he do that? >> who knows. >> something else pretty cool up in baltimore today. the symphony orchestra played to an outdoor crowd for free. we'll leave you with some of that performance. "the tonight show" coming up next. ♪
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kristen wiig thomas middleditch musical guest josh gro


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