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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 30, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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this video. you can see the protesters walking by freedom plaza and the wilson building in this video. the demonstrators held up black lives matter signs and chanted all d.c. cops out of baltimore. no one was arrested. that was not the case in several other cities including denver. we have this video of protests there a few hours ago. you can see the protesters marching past the denver jail. right behind them police officers in helmets and riot gear. nine people were arrested. at least one for felony assault. look at the scene from overhead we learned more than 100 people were arrested in new york city. protesters flooded the streets on their way to times square. in ferguson, missouri, people marched in the same areas where they protested michael brown's death last year. some people threw rocks. one set a barrel on fire. police say three people were shot in the town. it's not clear whether the shootings and protests were
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connected though. time now to turn our attention to the weather. we had a beautiful day yesterday. i hope we have more of the same. >> not so much. >> not so much? >> 4:31 or time right now. we have clouds rolling in. >> it's a distant memory. now it got up to 78 yesterday around. it was spectacular. a perfect day, except for the pollen. pollen count was way up over 800 for the pollen count. mostly tree pollen, oak and sycamore. the temperatures are generally in the 40s to low to mid 50s. and the storm team 4 radar we're all clear here locally. there's a live view from the storm team 4 tower camera dry pavement all around the region here. your headlines for this thursday morning, we'll have a cool morning. stay in the 40s and 50s through about 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. then during the afternoon you'll likely need an umbrella. then a mild weekend to follow and after that summer-like weather begins to move in as we get into next week. if you have been waiting for that hang on it's coming soon. tomorrow may starts. next weather and traffic on the
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ones i'll look at your bus stop weather and the what to wear forecast. now, melissa is looking at our commute early on this thursday. >> good morning. i have road work to show, you can kind of see it on the right side of the screen. this is the inner loop at colesville road. it's still there, so remember the inner loop there, two right lanes. we have those blocked at this point. this morning, also m street northwest, we have that section closed here. we'll talk about some alternates to get around that. that's closed for one week because of construction. overall, no major problems as you look at the beltway. 95 into and out of town, looking good. back in ten minutes. see you at 4:41. pictures just in of an incredible rescue in nepal. a teenager was trapped under the rubble at a hilton hotel in kathmandu and here you see a number of rescue workers trying desperately to get to this
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teenager. and we're learning this morning that these are american rescue workers. you might have seen there a t-shirt -- fairfax county urban search and rescue team. two members were involved in some way in this desperate attempt to get to the teenager. you see there. again, trapped in the rubble. possibly for five days since the earthquake at a hilton hotel. we are told this boy survived on just butter and water. so we hope to learn more about the local involvement possibly of our fairfax county rescue team. the death toll there in nepal growing more -- 5,500 now. >> kristin wright thank you. 4:33. the parent company of three local hospitals is donating up to $1 million for the rescues in
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nepal. the money will be split between the three organizations. today a judge is expected to set a new trial date for the man accused of murdering a d.c. department of corrections official. prosecutors say that dawit seyoum killed carolyn cross with a wrench in her alexandria home last september. last week jurors could not decide whether if he was guilty or not guilty by reason of insanity. and a mother charged in the disappearance of her own children. they're pursuing a homicide case against katherine hoggle. her children have been missing since last september. police believe they're dead. hoggle who has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia is due in front of a judge this morning. the investigation into the university of virginia student's controversial and bloody arrest is complete. now we're waiting to learn mow the findings will be released.
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alcoholic beverage control officers arrested johnson in march. it shows abc agents approached him because they thought he had a fake i.d. video of johnson bleeding while being handcuffed questioned whether the agency used excessive force. a time line has not been set for the release of this report. a new d.c. abortion law has stirred up another battle with conservative house republicans. the house set to vote friday on a resolution to disapprove of the law. now here's the law does. it bans employers from discriminating against employees who get abortions. friday's house vote to disapprove of the new law is mostly symbolic. it is unlikely to go anywhere in the senate or get the president's signature. today senator bernie sanders is expected to officially announce that he's challenging hillary clinton for the democratic nomination. sanders is an independent from
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vermont. he is known for fighting income inequality and the influence of the wealthy on lawmakers but people are asking what chance he has against clinton. well a little later in the hour tracie potts has a closer look at how he plans to take her on. two candidates for the d.c. council are watching as the final votes are counted in the special election. 1,000 ballots will likely decide who will win the ward 8 seat. right now, less than 200 votes separate laruby may and trayon white. white is behind, but he said he's in it until every vote is counted. >> i'm confident we have the numbers. we just pray there's no fraud or anything. there's nothing misleading going on with the numbers because we believe in the will of the people. >> the election is part of big changes for the council. eight of the 13 council members are new. or have been there less than three years. one of mayor bowser's proteges won the ward 4 seat this week.
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some high net worth investors are here in d.c. to hear your ideas for the next big enterprise but it has to be pot related. the arc view investor network is hosting marijuana week. around 20 local companies are signed up to pitch their ideas today and tomorrow. organizers say it will long like the tv show "shark tank." if the capitals want to be successful in the stanley cup, they have to get past a foe. they start the best of seven series against the rangers. they ousted washington during the last two playoff runs. game one is tonight at 7:30 on the nbc sports network. carol maloney will have coverage this afternoon and after the game on news4 at 11:00. go caps. 47:37 now. one of the nights where you'll be fighting over the remote probably. you have the caps plus you have the nfl draft tonight. the redskins hold the fifth pick. there are all types of
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chatter -- there's all types of chatter about what the redskins will do. some experts say the team is going to trade the pick. others say the team will draft a defensive end and some sane the team will -- some say they'll draft a quarterback too. >> we need all the help we could get at this point. a new study says that redskins fans have the worst grammar of any nfl fans. >> what an insult to injury. >> this is according to the "wall street journal." it's based on the comments left on each team's official website. now, redskins' fans average 17 mistakes per 100 words. the saints took the top -- rather the second spot. followed by the dolphins and patriots. lions fans had the best grammar according to this particular poll. you know i sort of feel like people -- i know i make exceptions when i'm talking or -- >> right. because we have been so heated at the state of our team and we just want to put it out there. >> yes. some choice words.
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>> a good excuse? >> all right, we don't have to tell you there's still a lot of potholes out there. but you might be surprised how many d-dot has already filled. the numbers in the tens of thousands. new information about the man who intentionally brought down a german wings flight. the questions that the faa wants asked about his menta
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some new details this morning about the co-pilot accused of taking down germanwings 9525. the federal aviation administration awarded a pilot license to andreas lubitz despite concerns about his mental health. he submitted a medical form saying he had no mental disorders and then he admitted his treatment for depression. the faa requested a letter from his doctor and it was granted after the doctors said he was no m depression. the work at a tennis arena is topped in rio de janeiro because of health and safety concerns. rio is racing against the clock with only 500 days to go before the start of the summer games. they hope the issues will be resolved by the end of the week. 4:42. your time now, weather and
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traffic on the ones. tom? >> morning starting off dry this morning. actually a little bit of a break in the cloud cover. you can see the moon. it's nearly full but we are getting some showers around norfolk and into eastern north carolina. and out into western maryland west virginia and the panhandle there. that's tracking to our north. so we'll stay try for the morning at the bus stop. waiting for the metro. sunshine between 7:00 and 8:00. we'll be cool. temperatures in the low 50s. then for students boarding buses between 8:00 and 9:00. climbing into the mid 50s by then. so have an umbrella handy for later this around as the chances for showers will be ramping up. you'll need a jacket and that umbrella by the afternoon. look at summer like temperatures when they arrive that's coming up at 4:51. melissa, how are the roads? >> keeping an eye on the road closure for you. this is "m" street at 12th street. we have the road closure because
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of a shooting investigation. driving live here 95 southbound after the beltway, no problems. nice and open. 66 and 95, 95 northbound a little slow through dale city. a look at prince george's county and a bigger look at the beltway when i'm back in a few minutes. a close call for a flight minutes away from landing in texas. the near miss that's stirring up the drone debate. breaking news in northwest where we have confirmed a shooting in the 1200 block of "m" street. our kristin wright is checking with police on this g
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breaking news now. d.c. police are at a shooting in northwest. it's an "m" street. we're told one man was shot, he
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was conscious and breathing when he was taken to the hospital. now, police are telling us that they do believe the victim and the suspect know each other. right now, police are searching for that suspect. the 1200 block of "m" street is closed. our molette green is on the way there and will have an update when she gets there. aaron? >> thank you. 13 before the hour. baltimore's second night of curfew ends in about 15 minutes. it's quiet there, also some did resist the curfew last night. they arrested 18. but most held peaceful protests. today we expect senator bernie sanders of vermont to announce he's running for president. it's a challenge that some voters might want, but clinton still dominant in the polls. nbc's tracie potts is following this from the hill. can he really take on hillary clinton? >> reporter: well, it would be tough. let's talk about the money first, she's a massive fund-raiser. sanders said if he can get 300
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people to donate $1,000 he might have a shot. he'll answer some questions on the hill and file the official paperwork later today. he's a 73-year-old independent from vermont, but he votes with the democrats. he calms himself a democratic socialist. he won 71% in the last election up in vermont. now, his goal or his place in this democratic primary is likely going to influence the debate. to pull hillary clinton more to the left. to get her to deal with social issues like income inequality. a big one for sanders. he is well known for his fiery speeches on the floor. that 2010 filibuster when they were trying to extend the bush tax cuts he didn't win that one, but he spoke so long and it was so popular he temporarily shut down the video server with that one. he could inject some interest in this race and certainly affect the debate as they go into the next few months and into the
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democratic primary. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us thank you. i watched the love of my life go away from us. >> loved ones are mourning the death of volunteer firefighter autumn jenkins in charles county. her boyfriend witnessed the whole thing as he followed her home from dinner tuesday night. autumn jenkins was killed in a near head-on collision in maryland. we are waiting to learn if the driver of the other car was drinking at the time of the crash. first responders say they didn't know that the victim was one of their own until they got to the scene. >> from the volunteer fire department and they offered help. and she's ours. you know we'll take care of her and we did. >> wow. one of the -- one officer said he smelled alcohol on the death of the truck driver. no charges have been filed at
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this point. jenkins had been a member of the fire department since she was 16. it is now 4:50. it was a narrow miss for a virgin america pilot who reported seeing a drone flighting above his plane. he was headed into dulles love field airport when he saw the drone 200 feet over top of him. they tweeted a picture and asked drone operators to use them responsibly. >> if they collide with an airliner it's like a bird strike and it can do significant damage. >> it is illegal for drones to fly above 400 feet or within five miles of an airport. according to faa data in october 2014 a drone crashed near dallas love field. engine problems forced an
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unscheduled stop or thea plane carrying former president bill clinton. the pilot had to shut down one of the four engines mid flight. the propellers aren't moving on the plane. the plane was in the air over tanzania at the time. a clinton spokesperson says the issue was quickly repaired. clinton is in africa on a tour of projects run by the family foundation. according to a judge, loudoun county schools did not break the law. a parent took the school district to court yesterday. he told the judge the school board didn't respond to more than 50 requests under the freedom information act. the judge said that the parent had not paid the fees associated with the paperwork. three women in alexandria are continuing the fight over water front development. the alexandria women known as the iron ladies are fighting the process used to change the zoning along river. the supreme court ruled against them and now they're asking the court to rehear the case. they say those assumptions are wrong. you shouldn't feel as many
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bumps under your tires in d.c. today. d-dot gave up an update on potholepalooza potholepalooza. you called in twice as many this year as in last year. we had a horrific winter. >> yeah. >> glaed that's behind us. >> still a lot of potholes out there. >> so many to fill. >> something they'll be working on for a while. tom kierein is here and we're working on rain. >> later today, but staying dry through the morning. at we'll fill up whatever potholes are left. so watch out for that. you still have to sort of dodge a few potholes that have lingered but we're done with the freezing and the thawing, thank you very much. right now, storm team 4 radar showing that moving green. that is some very light rain now that's falling way out in western maryland, western
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allegany county and tracking up into pennsylvania. east of there, it's all dry and the moon faded behind quite a bit of cloud cover. later today the greater chance of rain and thunder this afternoon is along the i-80 corridor. and then east of there, our chances are a little bit less during the afternoon, but it's going to be quite likely we'll get those showers in metro area by late afternoon and evening. a bit cool in the 40s. many of the rural areas of maryland and virginia are in the 40s. in the mountains right now in the 40s and low 50s. low 50s to upper 40s shenandoah valley. around the chesapeake bay it's milder there. in the mid 50s. green lights for morning and midday, but for the afternoon, caution because we'll likely have some wet roads by the afternoon. temperatures through the morning will be staying in the 50s and then during the afternoon get into the upper 60s to around 70
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degrees. some roads may be wet from passing showers in the afternoon. then tomorrow cooler. cloudy might have a few sprinkles. maybe a little bit of drizzle off and on. much of the day it's dry. occasional sprinkle or drizzle possible on friday and then drying out friday night. near 50 on saturday morning, near 70 saturday afternoon. a slight chance of a sprinkle saturday. otherwise, partly sunny, then milder weather on sunday into the mid 70s. then summer like weather as we get into next week. in fact, near 80 on monday. it may hit mid 80s on tuesday. it will be down right pool weather and beach weather. then as we get into midweek back down to 80 degrees. a summer like pattern moves in as we get into next week. tomorrow may starts and for the last morning of april how's the commute looking like, melissa? >> a report of a brand new crash. just before dale city as you pass 234.
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so we're sending out the first 4 tracker out there to see what's going on in person. we are seeing slow downs at this point this morning. the beltway at branch avenue, had an earlier crash on the inner loop but that's completely cleared and out of the way. georgia avenue we have road work there. the same thing on the inner loop at colesville. that should be wrapped up in the next 20 minutes or so. wide look at things, no major problems when you take a big look at the beltway. georgia avenue at norbeck, a report of an accident. i'll be back at 5:01. how about that? >> sounds good. thank you, melissa. a crack down on people skipping their metro fares. >> only on news4, we go
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(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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you're watching "news4 today." >> only news4 went with undercover metro transit police officers to crack down on riders who are not paying. the problem not only costs metro money, but it puts employees in harm's way. adam tuss tagged along as passengers tried to sneak on the bus and were caught in the act. riding undercover it only took two stops before one guy tried to sneak on the bus, passing himself off as a d.c. student. he was later arrested. metro says when bus operators try to step in, assaults happen.
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>> and then it's a simple punch on the way out the door or they'll kick the door glass. >> metro has gone high-tech in some ways for this. the number of people who board buses are being counted and if they see a lot of people boarding and not many fares being paid they react. you can now learn more about a proposed metro rail station at potomac yard. today, they'll meet to look at the environmental impacts of the new station and wants to hear your thoughts about the issue. that meeting will take place today at the core recreational center at 6:30. shuttle buses to the center will depart every 30 minutes from the king street metro rail. you are concerned about the lack of notice given for the van ness escalator project. apparently the repairs may take three years and that means the west side entrance at northwest will be closed during that time. metro and d-dot want to hear your thoughts on the project. those hearings -- or those heading west on connecticut
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avenue won't have to cross the busy street. a meeting will take place in northwest at 7:30. pat roberts is taking the helm of the dwight d. eisenhower memorial project. he faces a challenge, building support for the project. it's been delayed for years over objections to the design by eisenhower's family and others. roberts says eisenhower never stopped in the face of adversity and the commission won't either. it is an unforgettable image, the marine corps image has become a bit weathered. and now philanthropist david rubenstein is giving more than $5 million to help restore the bronze, and improve the landscaping. the memorial will remain open during the work. "news4 today" begins with breaking news.


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