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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  April 30, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> this is the first time ever that we have pulled a live person after 144 hours. i'm melissa mollet with more on the miracle rescue in nepal and the local crews at this joyful scene there to help. cloudy skies with showers in the forecast this afternoon. could you stay mainly dry, though? i'll have the latest coming up. i'm aaron gilchrist with new questions about what happened to freddie gray when he was taken into police custody in baltimore. could he have hurt himself? news 4 midday begins right now. breaking news we're learning that a military
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helicopter has made an emergency landing at an elementary school in alexandria. here's a picture the school district just tweeted out. it shows the helicopter that landed on the field there next to the playing field at william ramsay elementary school. they say no kids were on the field at the time but as you can see in the tweet there, it says the kids are heading out now to take a look at it. alexandria police tweeted it is a u.s. air force helicopter that had mechanical difficulties and that no one was hurt. we have a photojournalist on the way there and we'll have more information as we get it. >> thank you, kristen. now to that developing story in nepal. members of the fairfax county urban search-and-rescue team helped pull a teen from the rubble five days after that catastrophic earthquake. news 4's molette green just spoke with the fairfax county fire chief. she's joining us live from the air oaks fire station on more on what the chief said and the rescue.
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molette? >> reporter: melissa, good morning. yes, 57 men and women, six canines from the fairfax county team considered the best in the world, and they just performed what many call a miracle. a miracle dug out of the rubble. a teenaged boy is alive after five days trapped in a collapsed hotel. >> he wasn't specifically crushed but what he was was inside of a box. a box with heavy concrete all around him. >> reporter: crowds cheered in nepal's capital as a conscious and talking survivor heads to the hospital. international disaster crews, including members of fairfax county's urban search-and-rescue team worked six hours with precision to free him. >> so this tool is designed to get through that concrete quickly, efficiently, get to the individual that needs rescuing. >> reporter: captain randy
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bittenger says rescuers dig for moments just like this. >> this is a boost for their morale they are so excited right now and hope to feel find additional people that they can rescue. >> reporter: now, day after day that boy clung to life eating butter and drinking water from a wet wash cloth. enough to keep him alive until searchers, many from this team found him alive. we're live in fairfax county molette green. back to you. >> thank you, molette. baltimore quieting down today but questions remain about freddie gray's death and they're sparking protests across the country. baltimore police holding a news conference on the situation there right now tomorrow they'll hand over the investigation into maryland state's attorneys office. tracie potts is joining us live. what's it look like there? >> reporter: the curfew now lifted. it's going on until monday but last night like the night before brought no major problems.
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we're told things were quiet this morning around the city although the demonstrations tend to start later in the day. now, there were lots of other demonstrations in denver boston houston and in new york where 100 people were arrested. that's the latest information as of this morning. this is also now falling into the lap of the brand new attorney general loretta lynch saying that beyond these demonstrations we need a greater conversation about how police interact with the communities that they serve. a new report is raising big questions about how freddie gray died. baltimore police have arrested more than 200 people because of the violent protests. the protest and the riots came about after freddie gray died, his spine severed while in police custody. according to the "washington post," a prisoner said gray
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intentionally hurt himself. the "post" said it obtained an application for a search warrant that quotes the particular prisoner in the van with freddie gray. the man said he was in the police van with gray and could hear him banging against the walls in that van. however, the prisoner was separated be apartition in that van. our nbc affiliate wbal in baltimore disputing the report because the medical evidence showed injuries similar to those you'd see in a car accident. wbal also points out gray was unresponsive when he was put in the van. in response to the report gray's family the family attorney said "we disagree with any implication that freddie gray severed his own spinal cord" and "we question the accuracy of police reports we've seen thus far." melissa? >> all right, aaron. right now we're learning new information about a montgomery county mother charged in the disappearance of her own children. she appeared in front of the judge for the first time since november. records from perkins hospital
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center reveal she is still mentally incompetent but her condition is improving, they say. her children sara and jacob, have been missing since september. she's charged with misdemeanor child neglect. investigators want to pursue a homicide case against her. coming up at 11:30, chris gordon explains what it will take for hagel to go to trial. i'm tracking showers in st. mary's county through the northern neck. also a little bit of activity around the loret area. and more rain in the panhandle of west virginia and far western maryland. as we work our way into the afternoon hours, this activity will become more widespread. keeping an eye on this system to our south and this rain over west virginia. those systems kind of combine and the areas where you'll see most rain is parts of frederick, loudon northern counties, some showers in parts of prince william, fairfax and montgomery counties and if you scattered to even isolated showers east of
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i-95 i'll be back in a little bit taking a look at temperatures for today. it's the 40th commemoration of the fall of saigon. the end of the vietnam war. we have a live picture from the vietnam veterans memorial we want to show you right now as ceremonies are happening there. a former u.s. senator from virginia jim webb is visiting this site. the marines served in vietnam webb a democrat is exploring a run for president in 2016. more than 58,000 u.s. service members died in the war. >> thank you, kristen. here we go again. capitals/rangers round two of the stanley cup playoffs. buckle up. the best of seven series begins tonight in new york city. these two teams are no strangers. they seem to meet every year in the playoffs. the rangers came out on top the last two times. the puck drops at 7:30 on the nbc sports network. news 4's carol maloney has covered from new york this afternoon and after the game on news 4 at 11:00.
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tonight is one of those nights you'll probably be fighting over the remote. you have to caps and the nfl draft is tonight. the redskins have the fifth pick no one knows what the redskins will do here though. some experts say the team will trade the pick. others say the team will draft the the team will draft a quarterback. make sure you have the nbc washington app. we'll send out a push alert as soon as the redskins make some sort of move here. our diana rossini is in chicago to provide coverage throughout the day. a faulty part in apple's new watch. what it means if you are already wearing one of these. and who's giving out free ice
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during the course of our investigation and was previously -- >> you are looking live at a news conference happening in baltimore right now. the leadership of the baltimore police department speaking about their investigation into the death of freddie gray. we can tell you as we've been listening they did announce they have turned over all of the
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materials from their investigation to the state's attorney's office there in baltimore. about 8:50 they did this. this is the deputy commissioner kevin davis, speaking. take a listen. >> the wagon stopped next at druid hill and dolphin, then at north avenue and pennsylvania avenue to pick up an additional prisoner and then the wagon arrived at the western district. from the western district mr. gray was then transported to shock trauma where he died a week later. our investigation continues. we continue to work in partnership with the state's attorney's office major stan branford our homicide commander is leading this investigation of very talented folks who are working very hard not only for the police department but for the city of baltimore and we look forward to additional progress in this case as time goes by. thank you. >> that was a very short news conference with the police commissioner and deputy
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commissioner the city of baltimore saying that they have turned over their investigation to the state's attorney's office. 30 plus detectives dedicated to this case as we understand it we've also been told by the police department that they will continue to investigate if any further leads should come up at this point. they say they have gathered all the information they believe there is to gather but if something new presents itself they will take a look at that information and present it again to the state's attorney's office. we are going to continue to follow developments in the city of baltimore today. much more coming your
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. right now, the president is visiting anacostia library in southeast. student there is eagerly -- there he is. he just arrived. he is announcing new efforts to improve student access to digital content and to public
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libraries. $250 million in free e-books to low-income students. he's also looking for commitments from local governments, from schools to make sure every student has a library card. president obama was to announce the two initiatives thursday today, at a washington library. it's part of his two-year-old get connected program to improve education through digital connectivity. cramer mid-school we're told and the bright wood education campus students from both of those schools are there today and it's also a virtual field trip so students from middle schools around the country are listening in and watching the president make his remarks there. back to you. temperatures right now are in the 60s across the area. washington almost at 70 degrees. frederick at 67 manassas as well. we're not going to warm up much more inside of the beltway from where we're at right now. highs today around 70 degrees and with plenty of cloud cover in place and scattered afternoon
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showers and a few isolated thunderstorms. that's going to keep temperatures for the most part steady. we're only warming four or five more degrees. future weather today at 1:00 notice the activity around petersburg and the frostburg area. in the afternoon showers make their way toward the beltway, most of the activity today is going to be to the west of i-95. more on rain in the forecast for tomorrow in less than ten minutes. apple fell half a per tent? after-hours trading following a report from the "wall street journal" that the tech giant found a defect in a key component of the apple watch. the malfunction believed to be in the taptic engine the part of the watch that produces the sensation the user is being tapped on the wrist. at this time, there's no confirmation that any watches have shipped with the defective part. that's your cnbc morning business report. i'm kate rogers. >> thank you, kate. another problem with the apple watch, it doesn't work properly if you have a tattoo on your wrist. the watch reads your heart rate by flashing green and infrared
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light at your skin there. tattoo ink can prevent that light from penetrating the skin. tattoos seem to also negatively affect apple pay notifications, placing calls and certain apps. getting around the nation expected to get tougher over the next few days.
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breaking news now. we want to bring you that sound from baltimore police that we talked about just a few minutes
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ago. we want you to hear directly from the police commissioner at freddie gray and the investigation that's happening now, two big things came out of that press conference one, the investigation has officially been turned over to the state's attorney's office and, two, that the police van that carried freddie gray made a second stop. listen here to the police commissioner talk about the steps being taken now in the investigation. >> we dedicated 30 plus detectives to full-time jobs focused on this case and only this case including lab personnel and academy personnel and homicide detectives in our fifth team. the family and the community and the public deserve transparency and truth. the task force heeded my call and we have exhausted every lead at this point in time. >> the police commissioner added people always of course want to know how long this investigation could take. he says he just doesn't know and that they will do everything they can to make sure that there's justice.
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back to you. >> thank you, kristen. watch out now for street closures along the national mall. megamcgrath live with what commuters are up against. megan? >> well this stretch of 15th street carries a lot of traffic in that little piece of madison drive down there. people use it to cut between 14th and 15th streets. well street closures are on the way. no question about it it will be inconvenient. commuters, tourists 15th street is already congested and tonight things are going to get worse because 15th street is being closed between jefferson drive and constitution avenue. it happens at 7:00 tonight and will last until tuesday morning. >> it's bad already, yeah. it's -- and it seems only to get worse. >> pretty inconvenient and i've got the kids in the backseat and it might take a little longer to get to school. >> the street closure is part of
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the ongoing construction of the museum of african-american history and culture. and it's not the only road being impacted. on may 5 at 6:00 a.m. a stretch of madison drive will shut down between 14th and 15th streets. commuters will have to deal with that disruption through the end of next week. possible work around would be 14th street and ninth street we are expecting to see an increase in congestion in the area as people take different routes to avoid the closed streets. back to you in the studio. for this afternoon and evening, just the chance of an isolated shower east of i-95. now, west of the beltway through parts of loudon and frederick counties a few scattered showers and then further back to the west heavier rain is possible and a few thunderstorms as well.
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that trend holds into the evening hours. most of the rain is to the west of i-95. the district in areas to the east you could stay dry the entire day today on into the evening. now, tomorrow morning tracking scattered showers for everybody. notice at 7:00 a.m. light rain impacting the area we're mainly dry by the midday hours. a look at your weekend forecast in less than 10. >> see you in a little bit, amelia. thank you. today senator bernie sanders will officially announce he's running if the democratic nomination for president. senator sanders does not have the name recognition his opponent hillary clinton has, but he says "i am running in this election to win." he will hold a news conference on his decision at noon today. right now, though we're joined by nbc news political writer carrie dan to talk more about this. carrie i guess the question is is the senator running against hillary clinton or is there some other message, a bigger message here? >> politics is unpredictable. we don't like to make sweeping predictions. it's safe to say bernie sanders won't be the president of the united states nor beat hillary
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clinton as the nominee for the democratic party. but it's important he's running and here's why. he really represents the voice of the liberal progressive part of the democratic party. he's going to be talking about issues like expanding social security a health care plan that amounts to medicare for all. he's also going to talk about money in politics and breaking up the big banks. that will pressure hillary clinton to talk about those issues. fans of bernie sanders are hoping his presence in the race will push her to the left going into the general election. >> and so -- let's look forward then since we're running out of time here. who do you think ultimately could be a big challenge for hillary clinton once this all comes together? >> this is a big question. we're not sure right now. her two biggest names, opponents right now will be either martin o'malley of maryland who hasn't formally jumped into the race or bernie sanders. sanders will talk about ideas. he's not viewed as a viable general election candidate. o'malley we can make the case i can check the boxes for the progressives in the party but i could run an win the presidency. >> all right. we'll see obviously how it shakes out. carrie dann thank you. >> thank you.
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a twitter spat at the top of the geopolitical food chain. a u.s. lawmaker challenged iran's foreign minister to a debate. representative tom cotton made international headlines by organizing a letter from lawmakers to the leaders of iran. when foreign minister javad zarif took a swipe at cotton yesterday, cotton tweeted a challenge "i hear you called me out today. if you're so confident, let's debate the constitution. requests the foreign minister responded earlier this morning." serious diplomacy not macho personal here? is what we need." our area's richest residents coming up after the break.
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"forbes" magazine has come out with its annual richest people list. in our area west virginia coal tycoon jim justice is worth close to $2 billion.
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justice is also involved in real estate there. his company took over and renovated the famed green briar resort back in 2009. in maryland, the principal owner of the national ted lerner is the richest person worth about $5 billion. lerner made his fortune in real estate. in virginia it's candy heiress jacqueline mars worth more than $26 billion. mars has been in the news recently of course. she was involved in a car crash that killed a grandmother and an unborn child in virginia. she pleaded guilty paid a $2500 fine and had her driver's license suspended for six months. a celebrity custody battle is playing out in the "new york times" right now. sofia vary gar a's ex-fiance is speaking out about their fight over frozen embryos. business mogul nick lobe is demanding custody of two frozen embryos they created while together. he wants to implant the embreeyos and raise the children himself.
11:26 am
in a new op-ed published in the "new york times," lobe writes "in my view keeping them frozen is tantamount to killing them. requests lobe's article follows a lawsuit against vergara asking them to preserve the embryos. vergara's camp says the actress doesn't want the embryos to be destroyed.
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a narrow miss for a virgin american pilot who reported seeing a drone flying above his plane on his approach to dallas love field airport. the pilot saw the flown flying 200 feet over the top of them. dallas police are trying to figure out who owns the drone. they tweeted a picture and asked drone operators to use them responsibly. >> if they end up colliding with an airliner it's going to be similar to a bird strike or potentially worse and it could do significant damage to the airplane or an engine. >> it's illegal for drones to
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fly over 400 feet or five miles of an airport. here's the latest on storm team 4 radar tracking a system to our south and rain over west virginia and scattered showers starting to fill in in between. as we work our way into the afternoon and evening hours, these showers become more widespread. you can definitely anticipate rain if you're west of i-95 east of i-95 just the chance of a shower or two. temperatures right now in the 60s. washington at 69 sunshine trying to break out. hazy filtered sunshine today but overall the clouds do win out and highs in the low 70s. cooler tomorrow a high of only 65. some showers likely during the morning hours and some limited sun possible for the afternoon. >> thank you, amelia. you'll be able to get a botox-like injection to smooth out that double chin. the fda approved the new drug that basically breaks down fat cells. doctors could inject you up to 50 times in a single treatment. ouch. you'll have to get several treatments over six months. now, the shot is only for the
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chin no other problem areas they say. the drug will start rolling out in june. more questions this morning about what happened to freddie gray when he was taken into police custody. just ahead, the baltimore reporter questioning a new "washington post" report and the spacecraft that's about to crash into the
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we want to show you the cover for "time" magazine this week. there's a photo from the
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protests a few days ago. "time's" cover puts in the the black and white with the headline america, 2015. the date 1968 is crossed out to this photo saying it's early similar to protests back in 1968. this is as we get the breaking news out of baltimore from police there. they have now turned over their investigation to the state's attorney's office. the prosecutors there will decide whether any charges are warrants in the death of freddie gray. police also announced a few minutes ago they discovered a new stop that police van made with gray in it. they did not say what happened at that stop. private security cameras in the area showed the stop. the "washington post" also reporting some new information today that suggested gray may have hurt himself. the report looks at the account of a prisoner who said he was in the van with gray. the prisoner said he could hear gray banging against the walls of that van. that man could not see gray because a metal partition separated them. now, jayne miller from our affiliate in baltimore spoke to
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msnbc today to dispute those claims. >> the medical evidence does not suggest at all that he was able to injure himself. that the force of this injury akin to the force involved in a car accident with all that momentum going, that is not the kind -- that is much more force than you would get trying to bang your head against the wall of the van. the video is limited -- j. >> that's jayne speaking from police sources, information she was able to gather about what happened to freddie gray. people are in jail for protests all over the country in support of baltimore and at least half a dozen cities demonstrators demanded answers about freddie gray's death. here in washington protesters shut down parts of dupont circle u street and pennsylvania avenue. in new york city, police arrested more than 100 people. just moments ago, baltimore police said they turned over the investigation, as we mentioned, to the maryland state's attorney's office. civil rights leaders, including al sharpton and the president of the naacp are meeting with baltimore's mayor this
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afternoon. >> two children missing since last september this morning their mother went in front of a judge in montgomery county accused of child neglect. but more charges could be coming. news 4's chris gordon live outside the courthouse in rockville with more on what happened today and, of course chris, what is next? >> well catherine hoggle appeared in court for the first time since november when a judge declared her incompetent and denied a request to give her medication so that she might reveal the whereabouts of her young children. the latest psychiatric report indicates catherine hoggle is still incompetent but improving. she has not revealed where she left her children three-year-old sarah and two-year-old jacob. they've not been seen since september. their father tells me he spoke by phone with catherine hoggle who's in a mental hospital just a few weeks ago. >> she's been saying since before thanksgiving she's ready to bring them home and things like that and that's why i was just explaining to him is that i'll believe it when they're in
11:35 am
my car. >> reporter: catherine hoggle's attorneys say prosecutors have not given them discovery of the evidenced in the case does catherine hoggle want to reveal the whereabouts of her children? >> i can't speak to that. i don't know if she knows the whereabouts of her children. >> reporter: the judge says when hoggle is declared competent he will put her on trial for if misdemeanor charges of neglecting minors be he says she's already been in custody seven months which would exceed the sentence he could impose. i asked the prosecutor where the case goes from here. >> we've remained sort of in a holding pattern because that's the right thing to do to allow us to have the maximum options for exploring other leads that may develop in this case and having the availability of using the grand jury. >> now, we have learned that there has been recent police activity. they are investigating where the children are, if they have been harmed, if they're alive. and then the prosecutor based on that evidence will determine if more serious charges will be brought against catherine hoggle
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who's scheduled to be back here in court on july 10. that's the latest from the montgomery district court. chris gordon news 4. now an update on the breaking use we brought you moments ago on the air force helicopter that landed at a school in alexandria. we just heard from joint base andrews and they tell us two new things. that there were four chaplains on board that chopper and also that the transmission light came on in the cockpit and that when that happens, the pilots have to land in the safest place they can. today that happened to be william elementary school on sanger avenue. now, we're told by the school that the chopper landed on the field. to e-z are the students at the school there. they were not on the field when the chopper landed but they're taking advantage of it now and getting a little bit of a spontaneous lesson from the u.s. military. so that's the latest on the chopper landing there in alexandria. amelia? and kristen here are your weather headlines for this afternoon. scattered showers, a few
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isolated thunderstorms mainly back over the mountain ss tomorrow highs in the mid-60s, morning showers, maybe limited afternoon sunshine and we can't rule out a few afternoon sprinkles. now, the weekend, sunday, is looking like the better of the two weekend days. temperatures will be in the mid-70s, more sunshine maybe an isolated shower on saturday. your weather impacts for today, the evening commute dealing with areas of rain especially west of i-95. exercising right now you're going to be for most part okay but later tonight as we get into the later afternoon and evening hours, damp with showers just heading out and about, have the umbrella and you'll be just fine melissa. >> thanks amelia. diana rossini is in chicago for tonight's nfl draft. the redskins hold the fifth pick. there's a lot of chatter about what the skins will do. pro-football talk says the redskins will draft a defensive tackle first. they're betting on leonard williams from usc. make sure you have to nbc washington app up and ready. we'll send you a push alert as
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soon as the redskins make their decision. we're back in one minute with the world's faste
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here are some stories grabbing your attention on social media today. a chinese construction company claims it is the world's fastest builder and it can prove it. it built this will 57-story skyscraper in just 19 days. pretty incredible. the broad sustainable building company wants to aim even higher though. it wants to build the world's tallest skyscraper 220 floors in only three months. but would you go inside that building is the question. well you are loving the story today, a dallas police officer drove 11 hours to illinois to be a superhero for the day. not for himself but for a seven-year-old boy diagnosed with lymphoma. after seeing the photo of the boy in a superman costume, the officer wanted to give the boy a special day. he arrived in full costume and assured him that he is the real
11:40 am
superhero. pretty cool stuff there. "21 jump street" fans are getting excited about this at the prospect of an all female version of that film. the gender flip spinoff to the cop da drama is in the works. the show was reinvented as a movie in 2012. no cast members have been named as of yet.
11:41 am
take a look at this. nature putting on quite a show in hawaii right now. look at the volcano erupting on the big island. this is the first time in decades a bubble lag have lake has overflowed like this creating this amazing show. thousands of people staying up late to get the best view of that if you have an at&t smart phone, tomorrow is the deadline to apply for a refund if you think you were charged for unwanted services in recent years. senator chuck schumer says third-party vendors charged for things like ring tones, horoscopes and celebrity gossip and the charges showed up in
11:42 am
very small print on the at&t bill. you can call at&t to find out if you're eligible for a refund. a high today of 71 with scattered showers and thunderstorms. now, tomorrow cooler, a high of only 65. showers for the morning hours and temperatures will be in the low 50s around 7:00 a.m. by noon we're mainly dry, a temperature of 59. as we get into the afternoon and evening hours there could be some areas of drizzle, otherwise mostly cloudy skies. your weekend weather for saturday, a high of 71 partly sunny skies and we can't rule out an isolated shower during the afternoon. on sunday it's looking like the better of the two weekend days more sun, warmer and a high temperature of 76. i'll have a check of future weather for today and the latest radar in a bit. aaron? >> see you in a bit, amelia thank you. you might think tax season is behind us but that's not the case for everybody. daryl ray eckert of charles count yeos tens of thousands of dollars in back taxes. he was desperate for help. tonight on news 4 at 6:00
11:43 am
consumer reporter erica gonzalez has a warning for you. how hiring a tax debt relief company can end up costing you more. >> reporter: did any of the $8,000 go towards your tax burden? >> no ma'am. >> what you need to know before you pay somebody to help reduce your tax debt tonight on news 4 at 6:00. finally a little justice for a young nobel peace prize winner. we'll explain that after the break.
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in the next 15 minutes or so we expect senator bernie sanders to make his presidential bid official at a news conference. that will make him the only declared candidate to challenge hillary clinton for the democratic nomination. in interviews with nbc news however, sanders says he's not in the race to beat clinton. he says he wants to start a conversation about the crises facing the american middle-class. clinton remains the dominant candidate here so far in the polls. a pakistani court sentenced ten men to life in prison for their involvement in the 2012 attack on teenaged activist malala yousafzai. malala was shot in the head by the taliban when she was returning from school. she was targeted because she advocated education for women. malala was initially treated in pakistan but later flown to a hospital in england where she now lives with her family.
11:47 am
the now 17-year-old won the nobel peace prize last year. right now, a jury is hearing more graphic testimony about james holmes' rampage in a colorado movie theater three years ago. the jury already heard from the cousin of the youngest victim killed in the massacre. this morning's session began with aurora police officer jason oviat describing what he saw the night of the shooting. more witnesses and first responders are expected to testify today. holmes continues to show no emotion during these proceedings. 12 people were killed during the shooting spree. today a nasa spacecraft is going to crash land into a planet. the messenger spacecraft ran out of gas and aaa just can't make it that far. so what are you going to do? it's going to slam into mercury sometime around 3:30 this afternoon. that spacecraft moving at more than 87,000 miles an hour so it's going to make a pretty big impact there. the picture here maybe you'll
11:48 am
think of something like a crater sized hole. the messenger has its own twitter account and posted this good-bye message this morning.n see it said "thank you." you know what that sound effect is? that's some "star trek" for you right there. >> you have to explain that for me later. here's the latest check of team team radar keeping a close eye on this system south of the area and also this rain over west virginia. as these two areas of rain interact we're going to see this empty space here start to fill in with showers as we work our way into the afternoon and evening hours. thunderstorms are going to be most likely over the panhandle of west virginia, the mountains and the shenandoah valley and there could also be heavy rain in that area. so today future weather, as we work our way into the afternoon hours, notice how at 3:00 tracking rain mainly over the mountain areas around i-81 and only some isolated showers in the beltway. that trend, melissa, continues into the evening. >> thank you amelia. our wednesday's child this week is a remarkable young lady with
11:49 am
a terrific and very vivacious personality. her name is kimberly. she is a smart young student who at 10 years old already has lots of ideas all about the things she wants to do when she grows up. barbara harrison introduces us to this week's wednesday's child. >> reporter: photographer shelley miller was waiting for us. >> i have a model for you today! >> reporter: shelley, who specializes in photographing children invited us to visit her studio where she offered 10-year-old kim the chance to see what it's like to do a modeling shoot. you ready? >> want to be a fashion designer i want to play music, i want to sing dance, model, hair makeup draw. >> the whole thing, huh? >> reporter: as a wednesday's child who has spent most of her young life in foster care kim as shown an amazing ability to withstand the sadness of having to move from home to home. she's a child with a wonderful zest for life and that was
11:50 am
obvious when shelley miller give her the chance to show off for the camera. >> when i first walked out in the first outfit everybody said "wow you look so pretty." and i kind of was blushing a little bit but when i got on the white walkway i thought i could just be me. it not what you see on the outside. my favorite thing was the ballerina dress. >> reporter: kim's social worker says she's a wonderful child. >> kimmy is so expressive. she's so bubbly. she loves fashion. she loves dancing. she loves singing. >> reporter: and she says while kim loves playing dressup and modeling she's a very good student. in fact she loves school. and what is your favorite subject? >> math spelling and reading. >> you're doing well in school? >> yeah i made honor role this quarter. >> reporter: congratulations! >> thank you very much. >> reporter: kim is hoping for a forever family.
11:51 am
her social worker says she's looking for a couple or single parent to love and appreciate kim's beautiful personality. >> kimberly is a lovable, adorable little girl oh my goodness who would just love someone who just loved to be loved by her and she has plenty of love to show a family. >> reporter: shelley surprised kim with a bag of goodies, including her favorite color pink nail polish. but then there was more. >> everything. you get a whole wardrobe. >> reporter: it was a special day for kim and one we hope will lead to a forever family and the love kim longs for. barbara harrison news 4 for wednesday's child. >> if you have room in your home and your heart for kim or another child who's waiting, call our special adoption hotline. the number is 800-2-adopt-me. you can also search wednesday's child on what a cute girl. the pop star who took
11:52 am
11:53 am
>> that is a tough break. but britney spears is okay, as you can see. the pop star took a tumble during last night's "piece of me" vegas show. she tweeted out over the show that it was just a fall and she's okay. she's fine. this is not the first vegas stage mishap for the singer this year. back in march she made some headlines when a hair extension fell out during a live performance. hate it when that happens. she also called out a heckler during another show there. >> that didn't happen to you on the morning show? >> the hair every now and then you have to grab it and put it back in there, melissa. the road to the 141st kentucky derby stopped by the "tonight show." take a look. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> okay release the puppies! and they're off right there!
11:54 am
>> of course jimmy fallon brought out the puppy predictors last night. 16 puppies made the mad dash to the finish line. each representing the top 16 horses. oh, many i gosh! >> 15 puppies. >> the race was over pretty quickly. the pooch representing american pharaoh won. whoever that other guy was, he didn't win. according to the "washington post," the odds of american pharaoh winning the real race are 5-2. catch the kentucky derby saturday night here on nbc 4. that one -- like i'm sleeping. sorry. >> and i think the jockey who won last year is riding american pharaoh this year. so maybe the odds will be in their favor. >> perhaps. >> we'll see. hey, can your phone survive a life begins with a howl, we scream shout, shriek with joy. until, inhibition creeps in our world gets smaller quieter, but life should be loud. sing loud, play loud, love loud.
11:55 am
dentures shouldn't keep you quiet, life should be ringing in your ears. live loud, polident. this is the story a lot of people in our newsroom are talking about this morning. >> have you seen the viral video of the blogger who dropped the iphone 6 off a 40 story building
11:56 am
in dubai? the phone hit the ground and survived. guess what we did? we went out and bought a samsung galaxy galaxy, a blackberry and an iphone 6 and we are at this construction site in houston, texas, look how high we are above the city right now. we are dropping the phones down to the concrete. >> so what happened here? all three survived being dropped from the third floor there. but nbc's jeff rosson took the experiment further, moved up to the 10th floor. if you didn't see it you can watch what happens at i don't know what happens so -- >> i don't know either. i'll have to watch because i have an iphone i'm a little worried about this, you know? >> don't throw it off the roof. let's go to amelia segal keeping her eye on the rain. as we work our way into the afternoon and evening hours tracking scattered showers west of i-95, the chance of showers to the east. >> that's news 4 midday.
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