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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 1, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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severed. investigators now believe gray suffered serious head wounds inside the police van but they don't know how. one wound seemed to happen when gray hit his head on an exposed bolt. the police van made four stops before arriving at the police station. "the washington post" revealed this information citing the police report that was turned over to the state's attorney yesterday. the man inside that transport van at the same time as freddie gray said he heard banging. officers picked up dante allen during one of the four stops we told you about. he was put in the police van from the opposite side of gray. he didn't see gray but he heard noises. >> when i got in the van, all i heard was like a little banging. for about four seconds. >> did you tell the miss that you heard him banging his head against the van? >> i told homicide that.
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>> sources told our baltimore affiliate that gray was likely unresponsive by the time that allen was picked up and put in the van. according to medical experts the type of injury that gray had could have caused a seizure. the violence and destruction we saw in response to gray's death has set off a fed cal investigation. the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms looking for people who set the fires. they're offering a $10,000 reward for information. more than 140 cars and at least 19 buildings burned during monday's violence. it's 4:31. you're looking at a live picture of a capitol this morning. unless the senate acts soon a new d.c. abortion law will go into effect tomorrow. the law bars discrimination against workers who have abortions. late last night republicans in the house voted to strike down the law. but the senate isn't likely to take further action. president obama threatened a veto. 4:31 is our time right now.
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i saw a light show driving in this morning. >> me too. >> lightning out there. >> no rain. >> it was pouring before i left my house. a little drizzle. >> depends on where you are, tom. we have a little bit of everything. >> it's ended pretty much in washington and we are getting a few passing light sprinkles now just to the east and south of the metro area, that area where we got a few of the thundershowers. that's weakening now as it gets closer to the blue ridge. but right now, along 66 it is wet. melissa will show you a live camera shortly. and also route 50 the pavement is wet there as well as on 29 in virginia. much of fairfax county getting just this very light rain now, but it's ended right in washington for now. getting a few sprinkles in southern anne arundel and scattered across charles county. at there's one moderate shower lightning south of leonard town. that's in southern st. mary's county. all of this is tracking to the south and coming in from the north and east.
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a little band of rain on the eastern shore. that's going to begin to move on in. temperatures are fairly mild. we are in the low to mid 50s. a look at your drive time commuter forecast. that's next at 4:41. now a look at the roads with melissa. first 4 traffic tracker is out on the roads this helps explain why we have so many crashes here in that area this morning. inner loop has cleared near the toll road but we have the problem 66 west at the toll road with the two right lanes blocked. then westbound route 7 at georgetown pike. be careful 66, 95, all of those areas are a bit wet this morning. in laurel, southbound route 1, we have emergency road work from overnight. 270 in general looking quite good. now, you might be delayed a bit in the district this weekend. that is because we'll start to see new road closures around the 3rd street tunnel. megan mcgrath has more on when
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those will start. going to be nasty, megan. >> reporter: yeah, we are going to see some slow downs in the area. the 3rd street tunnel project has become quite a choke spot and now we have another lane closure that's happening over the weekend that people need to be aware of. it will cause some delays in the area. we are talking about the off ramp from northbound 395 to massachusetts avenue. it's going to go down to just one lane. that closure is going to take effect at 12:01 saturday and it's going to stay closed or stay down to -- be down to just that one lane for 17 to 19 months. the area is already a big construction zone and this is just going to add to the congestion in the area. also something to keep in mind police have lowered the speed limit through the work zone on 395 to just 35 miles an hour. and they're going on the putting a -- to be putting a speed camera in the work zone to make sure that people keep their
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speeds down. there's a lot of activity in the area. a lot of construction workers in the area so they want people to keep the speeds down. so right now, we have the two lanes open with that ramp. but that's all going to change this weekend. back to you all in the studio. >> all right, megan, thank you. 4:35 now. investigators say beasley shot conte and another man in the takoma neighborhood. and the other victim survive. we're waiting to learn how a crash happened with a secret service agent. the agent crashed at wisconsin avenue and van ness. emergency crews took the officer to the hospital. no one else was hurt. secret service officials say it was not motorcade related. today we'll find out how long a man will be in prison for setting fire to a local movie theater. manuel joiner bell pleaded
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guilty to a bottle bomber back in may. he still faces charges in virginia and maryland. he confessed to setting off bombs at five theaters between -- rather in 2014. no one was seriously hurt in any of those ips departments. today we're hearing from some of the family members of the fairfax county urban search and rescue team in nepal. they made the first successful recovery yesterday and they worked for six hours to free a teenage boy from a collapsed building five days after the earthquake. the boy is recovering today after being buried under the rubble. >> so nice to see him over there helping and being able to tell everyone that my dad is over there and helping and part of such a great group and i'm just so proud of him. i can't wait for him to come home. >> the death toll from the earthquake now stands at nearly 6,000. however, the country's army chief says the final death toll could be as high as 15,000 people. costco is striking back in the battle over a planned gas
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station in montgomery county. reports that costco is asking a judge to step in. last month the county board of appeals blocked costco from building a 16-pump station near the mall. the board cited health concerns. the president opposed to the gas station calls the latest appeal from costco astonishing. 4:37. caps fans are waking up feeling good after a thrilling game last night. >> four seconds left in regulation time. ovechkin out in front and they score! joel ward. >> joel ward scoring the game-winning goal with just 1.3 seconds left in the game, aaron. 1.3 seconds. that's huge. they win an important game one on the road taking the home series advantage away from the rangers. game two is tomorrow at 12:30 in new york. watch it right here on nbc4. go caps. many nfl experts are praising
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the redskins for making a smart draft pick with the fifth pick, they drafted offensive lineman brandon scherff from iowa. he's 6'5", and about 320 pounds. >> yeah. >> he's a big person. yeah. he says this is a dream come true -- it's hard to wrap my head -- he's been here one time when he was a boy scout. we have been complaining we need offensive lineman. new scherff in town. that's what i kept hearing yesterday. >> we can embrace it. maybe like a fourth of him. >> we need the whole team -- all right. new york chicago, hawaii all vying for a chance at the barack obama presidential library. >> but one is the winner. caught on camera a brutal attack caught at the metro station. police say they now know who the suspect is. what they're crediting for identifying the man behind the beating. shots ring out at a connecticut high school and now
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an 11-year-old is facing charges. why officials don't think he meant to hurt anybody. take a live look now at storm team 4 radar. you can see all that green and yellow some people in our area can see rain drops today. nothing like yesterday you wish your
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but since he can't... you rely on frontline plus. because frontline plus unleashes a deadly killing force to kill fleas and ticks, plus flea eggs and larvae, preventing a new infestation. its protection lasts a full 30 days. no wonder frontline plus is the #1 choice of vets for their pets and yours. after all, your dog is a lover not a fighter. frontline plus. the vet's #1 choice. an 11-year-old boy facing charges accused of firing a gun inside a middle school. this happened yesterday in new
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london connecticut. school officials don't believe there was an intentional threat to students or staff. the student admitted to firing the shot. weather and traffic on the 1s now, storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein telling us about whether we can expect more rain. >> depends greatly on where you are. it's dry in washington now and points north and northwest. but to our south and south and west is where we are getting a few of the passing showers. even had some flashes of lightning associated with these coming on through. a few sprinkles in the western suburbs. one moderate shower to the west of manassas. and then southern maryland getting a few sprinkles there. it should be good for the midday and the afternoon as we'll begin to dry out. maybe some wet roads here, especially the areas just south and west of the metro area for the morning and in the mid 50s. mid 60s and sun breaking out as things begin to dry out.
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a look at the warmer weekend coming up at 4:51. now, depending on where you are, melissa, looks like conditions are good or sloppy. >> yeah, some cameras look great, some not so much. on the outer loop of the beltway, just after 66 for us it's pretty wet there. we have a couple of crashes there in that area. 66 westbound at the toll road two right lanes blocked there. looking at other cameras 95 in virginia at the mixing bowl that's where the traffic tracker is headed. we have some wet roads there. 270 at montrose not bad at all. looking dry there. and the beltway at barnabas looking good. it could be weeks before they start making ice cream again at blue bell and what health inspectors found after the listeria scare may shock you. a nun is assaulted in her own ho
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i'm kristin wright at the live desk. a major earthquake in the south pacific off papua new guinea. it is an aftershock to an even stronger quake that hit thursday, 6.7. papua new guinea is near australia. it's just north of australia. so far no reports of injuries of damages. >> thank you. today marks four years since u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s killed osama bin laden during a secret mission. they raided his compound in pakistan and shot and killed him. the former leader of al qaeda was buried at sea in an effort to prevent his burial site from becoming a shrine to terrorists. this is difficult to watch, it shows a teenager brutally attacking a 69-year-old man last week.
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we now know who police are looking for here. it's not his first time. metro transit police believe 19-year-old elijah smith of silver spring is responsible for last friday's random attack. news4 has learned that smith is still on probation for a similar incident in may of 2014. the victim in that case was also seriously hurt. >> he's not new to the system for an incident that involved in montgomery county last year. this criminal needs to come off the street. >> now if smith is convicted he faces tougher penalties this time and that's because of a d.c. law that allows for enhanced penalties if the victim is over 65. a d.c. man is facing charges today accused of raping a nun in prince george's county. juan randolph was arrested yesterday morning. he faces more than a dozen charges after police say he sexually assaulted a nun. he is admitting to the rape. court documents show that randolph is facing peeping tom charges in baltimore and voyeurism charges in the
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district. governor chris christie is in our area this morning, headlining a breakfast for local tech leaders in mclean. we might be used to seeing candidates in virginia given its status as a battleground state. he is tied for third among republican candidates in registered virginia voters. nbc news confirmed the barack obama presidential library will call chicago home. the university of chicago will develop the library along with the president's foundation. sources told the a.p. and nbc news that an official announcement will come later. the president considered schools in new york and hawaii too but the school where professor obama once taught law won. if you see smoke billowing from dulles airport tomorrow, don't worry it's just a drill. the exercise is designed to help the airport respond to large scale plane crashes. that will run from 8:30 to noon. you will not be delayed or
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affected if you have a flight tomorrow. this morning we're going to learn about new rules for tank cars calling crude on trains. anthony fox will announce safer rail tank cars for transporting flammable liquids in north america. many have argued this move is overdue. older tank cars may have played a role in explosions and fires resulting from derailments in the past. ice cream production at blue bell is stopped for now as health officials found several health code violations. texas inspectors found crickets in the room where milk is stored. mildew, dirty blackwater in the mop bucket and some products were 120 hours old. the company says it's conducting new training and cleaning sessions. it may be weeks before production starts back up. well you may not be thinking about snow right now, but the next -- calm down, there's no snow coming. it's all right. the next time it does snow you and your kids may be able to sled at the capitol.
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there was a provision that was passed yesterday that allows sledding on capitol grounds. right now there's a ban on sledding at the capitol. it will head to the house for full approval. >> after that winter that's what happens. you announce snow, with estart shaking. tom, you can uncover your ears now. >> you stopped talking about snow? >> yes. >> just rain this morning. flashes of lightning aaron, you said you had a little light show coming in. >> yeah. >> that's pretty much broken down. we have some lingering lighter showers now on the storm team 4 radar. most of that now is well to the south of the metro area. that's the trend the rest of the morning. most of the rain will be south of washington and then a little bit later today, farther to the west. right now, getting a flash of lightning there west of manassas. this area in orange. otherwise, that's a moderate shower right along 66. west of manassas through hay market and into fauquier county. a few other sprinkles here in
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southern maryland. southern prince george's county. northern and central charles county and fair southern st. mary's county and then into the northern neck of virginia. another little band of some showers here on the eastern shore. this is on a track to come just to our south here. the future weather going forward. that shower activity will break up and sunshine breaking out around noontime. then another band of showers may get going here in the eastern pan handle of west virginia into the shenandoah valley by later this afternoon. then that pretty much breaks down as we get into the latter part of the afternoon and evening hours, passing just west and south of washington by later this friday night. temperatures are in the 50s for the mountains all the way to the bay. reagan national now is at 55. and hour by hour today, not much warming compared to what we had yesterday. should make it up to around 60 by noontime. after we get those showers south and west of us breaking up, a little sunshine in the afternoon. ought to make it into the mid 60s as we dry out during the
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afternoon. great weekend for the apple blossom festival. just a slight chance of a sprinkle the low 70s on saturday. sunday beautiful day. more sun. milder into the upper 70s on sunday. so a great weekend coming up. apple blossom festival is going on in winchester. great weather for that. monday here comes the warmth and summer like weather. highs may make it in the low 80s on monday and tuesday. a chance of some thunderstorms late on wednesday and up near 80 degrees. next week it will feel like summertime. and now melissa has a look at the commute. >> these wet roads tom and i have been talking about that this morning about how things are looking and where. so 66/95, some rain. you'll have those wet roads. right now the first 4 traffic tracker, through springfield, we're using our windshield wipers with the rain coming down. 66 seeing some rain. not seeing any slow downs there. as you head into or out of town,
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no issues. remember to listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car. very different in montgomery. it was dry for my commute up coming down 270 through montrose as well. a wide look at things, nice and green. no major issues. prince george's county also looking good and fairly dry at this point. back with a live look at 66. >> melissa, thank you. he's been missing for three years and now there is a new movement to bring home a missing civil rights leader. that and how the wife of walter fontroy says she makes it through each day. you can wiggle your way out of a parking ticket if you recently parked in a certain area. the tickets that were just
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you're watching "news4 today." >> welcome back at 4:56. the wife of a missing civil rights leader is making a plea for help. former d.c. congressman walter fauntroy was once a confidant to martin luther king. today his wife of 57 years dorothy fauntroy doesn't know where he is. the faith in god that helped them survive threats during the civil rights movement is helping her cope today. >> people ask how do you do it?
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with the help of the lord. i always had a strong faith in god. >> fauntroy's former church is supporting efforts to contact him. family and church friends are raising money to help mrs. fauntroy avoid bankruptcy. if you got a parking ticket near nats park recently you might be off the hook. 50 of those who received the tickets on emancipation day may not need to pay the tickets. almost 30 meters were not working correctly. it seems a glitch didn't let people pay on weekends and holidays despite that d-dot warning. amazon ceo's and "washington post" owner jeff bezos is headed into the space race. this is an unmanned test flight from his start-up blue origin. he said the rocket's hydraulic system lost pressure on descent
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and couldn't be saved. they're a few years from taking people into orbit. all right. stay with us. "news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. >> "news4 today" starts now. >> good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. it's 5:00 which means the curfew in baltimore is once again lifted and this comes just as we're learning some new information about one of the officers involved in the freddie gray case. and caught on camera, a man brutally beating a 69-year-old at a metro station and it's not the first time he's been accused of something like this. what we're learning about the suspect and the technology that found him. and the construction that could put a big kink in your commute. megan mcgrath and melissa mollet have team coverage of that this morning. right now, will it's get you up to -- let's get you up to speed on the weather headlines. tom? >> it's kind of damp. good morning. starting off this friday morning, we have some light sprinkles now. south of the metro -- we had a few rumbles of thunder a couple
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of hours ago. now much of this is suppressing far to the south. it's tracking to the southwest. right now getting a few sprinkles here in prince george's county along 301 from bowie down to near clinton and waldorf. west of there, light rain falling along 66 and 29 in western fairfax county and one moderate shot to the west of manassas. that's moving in to fauquier county and farther west toward rappahannock county and green. temperatures are in the 50s. shenandoah valley to the bay. mid 50s in washington and right by the eastern shore. there's a live view from the storm team 4 tower camera showing the low clouds over the region and the friday headlines, you may need an umbrella this morning and then drying out for this afternoon. coming up weather and traffic on the 1s, what to wear today on the friday at 5:11.
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now melissa has green on her screen but it's not rain. >> green on my screen. it's not rain right now. looks like everybody is flowing just fine even though as tom has been saying we know that 66 and 95 there in virginia do have a good bit of rain coming down. we have a live picture for you, first 4 tracker is headed on dale city, you can see that precipitation coming down. 7 at georgetown, that crash is still there. i-270 at shady grave road that's nice and dry. don't have any problems in montgomery county. 95 in maryland b.w. parkway and 29 nice and green to and from the beltway. then prince georges, that area of prince george's county nice and dry. back in ten minutes. see you at 5:11. >> melissa, thank you. some new developments on the situation in baltimore this morning.


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