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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 1, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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o wear today on the friday at 5:11. now melissa has green on her screen but it's not rain. >> green on my screen. it's not rain right now. looks like everybody is flowing just fine even though as tom has been saying we know that 66 and 95 there in virginia do have a good bit of rain coming down. we have a live picture for you, first 4 tracker is headed on dale city, you can see that precipitation coming down. 7 at georgetown, that crash is still there. i-270 at shady grave road that's nice and dry. don't have any problems in montgomery county. 95 in maryland b.w. parkway and 29 nice and green to and from the beltway. then prince georges, that area of prince george's county nice and dry. back in ten minutes. see you at 5:11. >> melissa, thank you. some new developments on the situation in baltimore this morning. protests continued as people
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demand answers for freddie gray's death. all of last night's demonstrations were peaceful. a city wide curfew will remain in place over the weekend. though it's ended for the day at this point. the national guard will also stay in baltimore. right now the police department's investigation into gray's death is in the hands of the state's attorney. gray died two weeks ago after becoming critically hurt while in police custody. the findings could be released as early as today. we are seeing protests spread to other cities as well. in philadelphia many marched showing solidarity with baltimore. it ended in a bit of a shoving match between police and some demonstrators. protesters tried to march on to interstate 95. we checked with our sister station in philadelphia at least one person was arrested in and these incidents. 5:02 is your time. we are learning new details about the medical history of one of the officers involved in freddie gray's arrest. the associated press says in 2012, lieutenant brian rice suffered some kind of mental
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health episode that required him to be hospitalized. carroll county sheriff deputies confiscated both his official and personal guns. lieutenant riced freddie gray after gray made eye contact with him on april 12th. that ultimately led to the arrest caught on cell phone camera. some time during freddie gray's transportation to the police station -- one wound seemed to happen when gray hit his head on the exposed bolt. the police van made four stops before arriving at the police station. "the washington post" revealed this information citing the police report that was turned over to the state's attorney yesterday. the man inside that transport van with freddie gray at the time said he heard banging. officers picked up dontae allen during one of the four stops we told you about. allen spoke to the nbc station in baltimore. he was put in the police van on
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the opposite side from gray with a solid divider between them. allen said he didn't see gray but heard noises. >> when i got in the van i didn't hear nothing. it was a smooth ride, we went straight to the police station. all i heard was like a little banging for about four seconds. >> did you tell the police that you heard him banging his head against the van? >> i told homicide that. >> sources told our baltimore affiliate that gray was likely unresponsive by the time allen was picked up and put in the van. according to medical experts, the type of head wounds gray suffered could have caused seizures and that could have accounted for the four seconds of banging allen reported to police. now the violence and destruction we saw this week in response to gray's death had set off a federal investigation now. the atf, alcohol, tobacco and firearms, looking for people who set these fires. it's offering a $10,000 reward for information. more than 140 cars and at least 19 buildings burned during monday's violence. you're looking live at the capitol on this friday morning.
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unless the senate acts soon, a new d.c. abortion law will go into affect tomorrow. that bars discrimination against workers who have abortions. late last night, republicans voted to strike down the law but the senate isn't likely to take further action. president obama threatened to veto. four minutes after the hour now. we'll find out how long a man will spend behind bars for setting fire to a movie theater. the man pleased guilty and he still -- pleaded guilty. joiner bell confessed to setting off bottle bombs at five theaters in 2014. no one was seriously hurt in any of the incidents. 5:05 now. alex ovechkin making a statement in game one against the rangers. >> four seconds left in regulation time, ovechkin out in front. they score! joel ward. >> that important goal right
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there, that was all about ward who who put in the game winning goal. ovi scored the first goal and the other goal in the game. the caps win an important game one on the road. taking that home series advantage away from the rangers. game two is tomorrow at 12:30 in new york. i think we have won like seven out of ten of the games that we scored first. my kids know all the stats. okay, a new scherff in town. you may be hearing that a lot during redskins games this year with the fifth pick, the team drafted offensive lineman brandon scherff from iowa. scherff is 6'5" tall and 320 pounds. >> can you imagine that running at you? >> how about that for protection though, right? wow. he says this is a dream come true. he's been to d.c. only once before when he was a boy scout. welcome to washington. i hope you love it here. >> he looks like a nice guy. like having a house dropped on you when he comes down. >> 320 pounds. all right.
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well the battle surrounding a costco gas station in montgomery county rages on but neither side is giving up. why one official calls the latest move in the case astonish astonishing. evacuatations are underway in chile after an earthquake. some people will be seeing rain today. others not so much. tom kierein has your bus stop forecast at 5:11.
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one person is still missing after storms wreaked havoc on a sailboat race in alabama. recovery crews found the bodies of two other missing boaters yesterday. nine ships capsized during the regatta when the powerful storms moved through. five people died. race officials are investigating whether the regatta should have been cancelled. more than 2500 people are looking for another place to stay after the calbuco volcano erupted. authorities say heavy ash falling on nearby villages is forcing evacuations. this is the first time it's erupted in more than four decades. time for weather and traffic on the 1s now. storm team 4 meteorologist tracking this line of rain and i
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guess it depends on where you live, tom. >> yeah, it's mostly dry but to the south of washington we're getting light rain now in prince george's anne arundel and that extends into virginia tide water. to the west of washington, along 6 now in prince william county into central fauquier county getting a few light showers. right now, beginning to dry out, but have an umbrella handy with you today. you'll need a jacket this morning. we're just in the 50s. you may need rain boots, may be jumping over some puddles, especially areas to our south through the morning. at the bus stop and at the metro this morning a chance of a shower between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. we're in the low 50s. students boarding buses 8:00 to 9:00. a small chance of a shower and cloudy and temperatures in the mid 50s. a look at a warmer pattern moving in for the weekend in to next week. weather and traffic on the 1s is at 5:21. melissa, you're seeing drying
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pavement. >> the moment that tom said the pavement is going to dry out, i said yes, it is. good job. you can see the first 4 tracker not having any problems southbound. we were seeing that rain coming down, so it's starting to dry out. taking a look at prince george's county overall, when i look at the cameras looking quite dry. no major problems there into or out of town. 66 eastbound, westbound, still moving along nicely. nice and green. remember to listen to our friends from wtop when you hop in your car for the latest on the traffic. shady grove, i have a report of a disabled car. could be a little bit out of view for us but just a warning there if you're headed out any time soon. back in ten minutes. melissa thank you. we told you about the homicide at the beginning of the week now we're learning about an arrest in the case. how police say they tracked down the suspect. their mom is suspected in their disappearance.
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but what does their dad think happened? hear from father of the hoggle children missing for months now.
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you're watching "news4 today." >> i'm melissa mollet in the first 4 traffic center. we'll start to see new road closures around the third street tunnel. megan mcgrath has more on when the closures will start. kind of a nasty area for drivers, megan. >> reporter: yeah, thanks, melissa. if you take a look behind me we're standing on massachusetts avenue looking down into the third street tunnel. the tunnel project has been on going for a while now and it's created a few choke points and over the weekend we'll see yet another change in the traffic pattern which could slow you
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down. let's take a look at the specifics here. we're talking about the off ramp from northbound 395 to massachusetts avenue. it is going to go down to just one lane. that closure happening at 12:01 on saturday. and the estimate here is that it's going to stay just one lane for 17 to 19 months while that work is being done. so right now we have two lanes. that'll be changing overnight on saturday. now the area is already a big construction zone. lots of traffic delays through this area and we are expecting it only to get worse. something else to keep in mind, police have changed the speed limit on this section of 395 through the work zone to 35 miles an hour. we are being told that they're going to be installing a speed camera in that work zone to make sure that people pay attention to that lower speed limit. there's a lot of activity in this area. there are new traffic patterns, a lot of construction workers so they want to make sure everyone keeps their speeds down. you can expect to see the
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changes early on saturday morning. just a little bit after midnight. back to you in the studio. >>ing men megan, thank you. an inspection revealed further deterioration of the 132 year old truss. the new bridge will include a historic marker and the pull off area. it will remain closed throughout the spring of 2016 when most of the work will be complete. today we are hearing from some of the family members of the fairfax urban search and team in nepal. they made their first successful recovery yesterday. they worked for six hours to free a teenage boy from a collapsed building. the boy is recovering today after being buried under the rubble for five days. >> so nice to see him over there helping and being able to tell everyone that my dad is over there helping and a part of such a great group. i'm so proud of him. i can't wait for him to come
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home. >> the death toll from the earthquake now stands at nearly 6,000 people however, the country's army chief says the final death toll could be as high as 15,000. 5:18 right now. some montgomery county residents are getting ready for the next round with costco over the gas station. costco wants to build a 16 pump station near the mall. the county board of appeals blocked costco's plan. is reporting that costco is asking a judge to step in. the president of the civic association opposed to the gas station calls the latest move astonishing. the u.s. closed its ebola clinic in liberia. the country is now conducting a 42-day countdown to be officially declared ebola free. the u.s. helped build 15 treatment units and trained more than 1,000 health care workers. the outbreak killed more than
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10,000 people across west africa. 5:18 now. news for your health you may want to think twice before going for that soda today. new research says cutting out just one sugary drink per day can significantly lower the risk of type ii diabetes. they say replacing one sugary beverage with water, coffee or unsweetened tea could lower your risk for diabetes by as much as 25%. well you can video chat with your doctor. insurance company united health care will start covering virtual doctor visits. it will allow patients and physicians to talk live online using a smart phone, tablet or computer. the company says it could save insurers a ton of money. well it was one year ago when we launched our changing minds campaign to get people talking about a topic that a lot of folks don't want to talk about -- mental health. >> it impacts everyone no matter where you come from or how old you are. since we started the project, we
5:20 am
heard from so of you, so that you can make an impact and help people. one of the people is laurie from vienna virginia. she said losing her son nathaniel is something she'll never get over. he was 24 when he took his own life last april. it came after a long battle with depression and addiction. >> i know it didn't have a good outcome. but yours can. but i'll share my story in hopes that maybe it may penetrate your ears or your heart and you will ask for help or reach out to a friend. because death is so, so permanent. >> just a few weeks after her son's death she saw she saw a changing mind story on news4. it was a report on a stage production featuring 12 people who all had mental illness. a show called this is my brave.
5:21 am
laurie immediately purchased tickets and now she'll be performing in the show later this month. we're going to continue our changing minds program throughout the day today. you can hear more from laurie along with a lot of other people in the community who have been affected by mental health. we'll have more on news4 at 5:00 and 6:00. we thank everyone for sharing their stories. it has an impact. >> and for those who don't direct -- directly relate to the stories it's so great to learn from the folks who have spoken up. we'll continue keep doing it. yeah. it's 5:21. time for weather and traffic on the 1s as we take a live look outside. 55 degrees. pretty chilly start i would say. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here to tell us about the rest of the day. >> you need a light jacket when you head out the door. you need an umbrella no rain right now in washington but it's showing south of the metro area. coming in from the coastal area of low pressure here that's bringing in the easterly flow.
5:22 am
some showers here on the eastern shore. a few sprinkles in southern maryland. a few passing showers across northern virginia. that's where 66 and 29 split. and then just a few sprinkles in prince william county. southern fairfax and along 95 through woodbridge through quantico near fredericksburg. farther to the east in charles county along 301 from waldorf to east of clinton to near bowie up route 50 the pavement is wet from light showers there. those extend into anne arundel county. temperatures are in the 50s. just about everywhere low 50s, shenandoah valley, northern and western suburbs. mid 50s in washington. and hour by hour through the morning we'll stay in the 50s through 8:00. a small chance of an additional shower between 8:00 and noon. temperatures up around 60 degrees and that chance is mainly south of the metro area. then later this afternoon some sunshine breaks out. we should make it into the mid
5:23 am
60s by the metro area. much of the region will be drying out during the afternoon. then feast your eyes on the storm team 4 four day forecast for the weekend. looking great. near 50 on saturday morning, partly sunny saturday. high around 70 degrees. maybe midday or afternoon a small chance of a brief sprinkle interrupting your outdoor activities. otherwise, a beautiful day. highs low 70s. then warmer on sunday. upper 70s and partly cloudy. here comes summer. into the low 80s on monday and tuesday and wednesday. chance of some thunderstorms on wednesday afternoon and evening and up near 80 again on thursday. so it's going to last through much of next week. melissa is looking at improving conditions on the roads. there's one accident on route 7. >> that's right. we are drying out as tom said. we do have this crash westbound 7 at georgetown pike a warning if you're headed that way any time soon. looking right now, trying here with our traffic tracker.
5:24 am
first 4 traffic tracker. headed to 395, and a wide look at things overall looking quite good there. when you look at the beltway, nice and green. east of compton road a tiny sheen there still on the roadway. but at least it's not coming down how it was a short time ago. west of there, 29 gainesville, a little bit of precipitation. the beltway at kenilworth avenue is moving along nicely. >> thanks melissa. a group of women and girls kidnapped by boko haram is on their way back home. nigeria's military released these photos of the rescue of nearly 300 women and girls. it's unclear if they're the same girls kidnapped from a school over a year ago. that set social media on fire with the #bring back our girls. a massive fire that destroyed three homes is now under control. the fire broke out in a west seattle neighborhood yesterday afternoon. around 100 firefighters fought
5:25 am
those flames. no one was hurt although some pets are still missing. more chilling testimony at the movie theater massacre trial in colorado. we heard from some of the first officers on the scene at aurora. some officers were so shaken they broke down on the stand. as you're getting ready this morning, especially on a dreary day, you might want to budget in some extra time for some free doughnuts and coffee. we're not talking about any doughnuts here, these are delicious gourmet doughnuts. we're teaming up with the guys behind goodies food truck. they're good guys. >> they are. it will be parked out side the rosalyn station so stop by grab a coffee and doughnut while supplies last. >> chuck bell was nice enough to bring back some doughnuts and they were worth it so good. unspeakable crime, even worse who police say he assaulted.
5:26 am
the man accused of raping a maryland nun. we take a live look from -- of the news4 studios this morning. wet in some spots right now. how long will the rain stick around? tom has your hour by hour forecast at 5:31.
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looking at the stories making headlines right now at 5:30, the city wide curfew in baltimore will remain throughout the weekend. so will the national guard. protests continue in charm city as the result of freddie gray's death. republicans in the house voted to strike down a new d.c. law banning discrimination against workers who have abortions, but the senate is not likely to take further action. so that law will go into effect tomorrow. the caps are gearing up for the next game against the new york rangers in the stanley cup playoffs. they won game one on the road last night. in thrilling fashion once again. game two is tomorrow at 12:30 in new york. you can watch it on nbc4. go caps. so exciting to see it. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. welcome back to "news4 today." a cloudy, wet morning for most of us right now. tom kierein timing out the rain for us hour by hour.
5:30 am
>> getting a few light sprinkles in the eastern and southern suburbs. as much of the pavement is beginning to dry out in fairfax and the district. still damp from bowie down to clinton and waldorf and south and west of there, woodbridge to quantico to fredericksburg. along 66 into now fauquier county over toward rappahannock county getting a few light showers passing through there now. going forward over the morning hours, we'll have the showers south of us breaking up by noontime. maybe sun breaking out by noontime. a line of showers will move out into the shenandoah valley by 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. there might be a flash of lightning but overall it's go to be drying out into the afternoon. then through the evening hours we'll see maybe a lingering shower to our west but most of the region will be drying out this afternoon and most of the pavement is drying out for a morning commute. looks like it will be good for
5:31 am
the driver. >> it's looking a lot better than an hour ago. looking at 395 you can see no real issue here. everything drying out quite nicely. the first 4 traffic tracker is headed out there after ed sell road. looking good through that area. 95 in virginia here a little slow here. as you're approaching dale city, 25 miles per hour as you're headed northbound. that's just because it's 5:30 and that's what happens in dale city. and 95 in maryland there at 198 through laurel no problems northbound or southbound. travel times in ten minutes. d.c. police have announced they arrested a man in connection with the double shooting on sunday. police charged mike beasley with the murder of darrell conte. he shot him in the takoma neighborhood. we are learning how a crash involving a secret service agent
5:32 am
happened. he crashed at wisconsin avenue and van ness. no one was hurt. secret service officials say the crash was not motorcade related. well this video can be hard to watch. it shows a 19-year-old brutally attacking a 69-year-old man on the escalators at the eastern market metro station last week. we now know who police are looking for here. this is not the first time they have known him to be involved with something like this. metro transit police believe that elijah smith of silver spring is responsible for last friday's random attack. news4 has learned that smith is still on probation for a similar brutal incident in may of 2014. the victim in that case was also very seriously hurt. >> unfortunately he's not new to the system he's currently on probation now for another incident involved in montgomery county last year. so we definitely believe this criminal needs to come off the street. >> if smith is convicted he faces tougher penalties this time. that's because of the d.c. law
5:33 am
that allows for enhanced penalties if the victim is over 65. a d.c. man is facing charges today accused of raping a nun in prince george's county. juan randolph was arrested yesterday morning. he faces more than a dozen charges after police say he sexually assaulted a nun in her home on wednesday. police say he is admitting to the rape. court documents show randolph is facing peeping tom charges in baltimore and voyeurism charges in the district. a new psychiatric report reveals that the woman of two children missing is incompetent. catherine hoggle is improving but won't tell anyone where she left the children. no one has seen the kids since september. their father says he spoke to hoggle a few weeks ago and asked for answers. >> just answers before thanksgiving. she he's ready to bring them home and things like that. and that's what i explained to him, you know i believe it when they're in my car.
5:34 am
>> hoggle's defense lawyer said he isn't sure if catherine hoggle knows where the children are. once she is declared competent to stand trial, she will face child neglect charges. montgomery county's prosecutor says she can face other charges. 5:34 right now. you might remember this pretty wild video out of baltimore of a street that suddenly just gave way. well this happened a year ago and this morning we are learning repairs are almost finished. "the baltimore sun" says the city has constructed a new reinforced concrete wall with anchors that go down into the bedrock. crews were painting that wall yesterday which marked one year from the collapse. the city still needs to pave the street there and that's expected to be finished some time this month. today a former ally of new jersey governor chris christie could take a plea deal over the so-called bridge gate scandal. david wildstein is due in federal court soon. he ordered lane closures on george washington bridge in september of 2013. that led to a massive traffic
5:35 am
jam and a political uproar. wildstein says he was following orders from christie's administration which he says wanted revenge on the mayor. sources tell nbc news is several more former associates could soon be charged. governor christie happens to be in our area this morning. he's headlining a breakfast for local tech leaders in mclean. and we can get used to seeing candidates in virginia giving its status as a battleground state. christie is tied for third among republican candidates in a recent poll of register voters in virginia. if you see smoke billowing from dulles airport tomorrow don't panic, it's just a drill. the airport is holding a emergency preparedness exercise. it is designed to help them respond to a large scale plane crash. the drill will run from 8:30 to noon. you won't be delayed or affected if you're using the airport tomorrow. hill staffers and lawmakers are you feeling stressed is work getting to you? this morning you can get a good stretch in and some core exercising with the first ever yoga on the hill.
5:36 am
starting at 7:45 lawmakers, staffers and everyone else there on the hill invited to a yoga on the east lawn of the capitol. it's hosted by the new congressional yoga association. their slogan, not left not right, just balance. namaste. what she said. today d.c. mayor muriel bowser will host the district's first ever reach higher college signing day. the mayor along with the secretary of education will celebrate the students' college picks today at 9:00 a.m. and first lady michelle obama started the reach higher initiative. today she will be in michigan at detroit's citywide college signing day. this is video of the last time the first lady was at wayne state university. today mrs. obama will speak at the university about the importance of students starting and completing higher education. the barack obama
5:37 am
presidential library will call chicago home. nbc news confirmed the university of chicago will develop the library with the president's foundation. sources told the a.p. and nbc news an official announcement will be later. he considered it in hawaii and new york as well, but the school where professor obama once taught law won the bid. it's what some call a death trap. a woman even died there just days ago in a hit and run and now there's a new push to do something about a dangerous d.c. road. a ceo goes where very few have gone before. why amazon's jeff bezos is getting into space. and the rain clouds are pretty thick,
5:38 am
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welcome back. today an 11-year-old boy facing charges. he's accused of firing a gun inside a middle school. this happened yesterday in new london connecticut. that student admitted to firing the shot. other students were moved to safety when school officials found the gun. the boy is facing several charges. amazon ceo and "washington post" owner jeff bezos is headed into the commercial space race. i don't mean real estate here. this is an unmanned test flight
5:41 am
from blue origin. he says the rocket's hydraulic system lost on descent. blue origin's president says there's still probably a few years from taking people into orbit. do you know why he does this? >> because he's filthy rich. >> because he can. >> 5:41. our time and weather and traffic on the 1s. it's raining now. >> and because you can, have an umbrella with you before you head out the door, especially if you live in prince george's county along 95 from prince george's county down to fredericksburg. a few rain sprinkles there down to quantico. they extend east into northern charles county and across much of prince george's county it's damp. light showers from bowie down to clinton and upper marlborough. west of there we're drying out in the district and fairfax county and montgomery county and points north and west. for the morning commute, caution light though some of the
5:42 am
pavement will be damp. that's setting up fender benders. we had another one develop and melissa will talk about in in a second. it should be better for the afternoon as we dry out. temperatures mid 50s for the commute. maybe a little bit of sun breaking out. a look at when summer like temperatures arrive. that's at 5:51. now melissa is looking at a brand new crash. >> this is right on the span that goes over the water at the case bridge. we have two right lanes blocked. outer loop it's ten minutes. 66 inbound to the beltway, ten minutes and 95 north to quantico ten minutes behind. remember to listen to our friends at wtop when you hop in your car for the latest on the traffic. how you can get off the hook for a parking ticket but only if you're in a certain part of the district. last month. that's coming up. we're standing by for a major
5:43 am
announcement on train safety today. what the head of transportation is expected to reveal in a matter of hours. and the shocking surprise inspectors found as they looked into the l
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
i'm kristin wright at the live desk. a deadly shooting in the district. this is happening on harvard street in the 1300 block in northwest. now we just talked to police a few minutes ago. they were able to tell us that one man was shot in the upper body. he was taken to the hospital where he died. no information on the shooter at this point. we just don't know but we are working the phones and we do have a crew on the way. we'll certainly pass along more information as we get it. >> all right, kristin wright from the live desk, thank you. today marks four years since u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s killed osama bin laden during a secret mission. they raided the compound in pakistan and shot and killed him. the former leader of al qaeda was buried at sea in an effort
5:47 am
to prevent his burial site from becoming a shrine to terrorists. and there is no crossing on southern avenue near the united medical center. the nearest light is two blocks away and most people trying to get to the hospital can't walk that far. 68-year-old faith pines died after she was hit by a hit and run driver. other people in the area say something needs to be done. >> something needs to be here for the pedestrians that's coming from the hospital or going to the hospital. it's just a death zone. that's what it is. >> police are still looking for that hit and run driver. you may see some schedule changes this weekend if you plan to use metro as the agency resumes track work. if you use the yellow line huntington and eisenhower stations will be closed the silver and the blue lines will operate under a normal schedule. you can head to the website for a full list of changes.
5:48 am
we'll learn about new rules for tank cars carrying crude oil on trains. u.s. transportation secretary anthony fox will announce a new generation of safer rail tank cars for transporting flammable liquids in north america. many have claimed this move is overdue. older tank cars may have played a role in explosions and fires resulting from derailments in the past. ice cream production at blue bell is stopped at least for now as health officials found several health code violations. inspectors found crickets and dirty water in mop buckets and products as old as 120 hours. they're conducting new training sessions but may be weeks before production starts back up. the wife of a missing civil rights leader is making a plea for help. former d.c. congressman and minister walter fauntroy was once a confidant of martin luther king. he left to travel across africa and dubai about three years ago.
5:49 am
today his wife of 57 years dorothy doesn't know where he is. mrs. fauntroy says the faith in god that helped them survive threats during the civil rights movement is helping her cope today. >> people ask me how do you do it? and i just said, with the help of the lord. just like i said i have always had a strong faith in god. >> fauntroy's former church is supporting efforts to contact him and they're raising money to help her avoid bankruptcy. if you received a parking ticket near nats lately you may be off the hook. we found out that those who received the tickets on emancipation day may not need to pay them. you need to pay for the parking for the nationals home games but it seems a glitch didn't allow the people to pay on the weekends and the holidays
5:50 am
despite the warning from d-dot. you may not be thinking of snow right now, but the next time it snows you and your kids may be able to spled -- spled? i don't know what that is. you can sled at the capitol. if you can figure out what spleding is do that too. there's a house committee that passed the bill that includes a provision that will allow sledding on capitol grounds. right now, there's a ban. the bill will head to the house for full approval. let's just keep that way far off in the distance. and focus on -- >> so far out in the distance. but we have rain to deal with today, right? >> mighty tough sledding today. just not enough snow and this morning we have had some rain moving through. yesterday in the low to mid 70s. and since then we have the thunder showers producing hail yesterday. things are settling down. most of it is light rain that's passing south of washington through much of virginia. lower part of the eastern shore.
5:51 am
the nearest rain to washington is in prince george's county from near bowie, through clinton and through upper marlborough and down to brandywine and waldorf. some light rain falling there. 301 is wet now. so is route 4, route 5 route 50 and south of there is another band of light rain in charles county western part and across the potomac from woodbridge through 95 through quantico into stafford. then a few scattered light showers as well into fauquier county. this is tracking off to the west heading toward the blue ridge and around rappahannock county. rain in the eloer part of the -- in the lower part of the eastern shore, lower part of southeastern virginia. so for the morning, these showers will continue to track to the south and west and pull away and then by noontime may even get a bit of sunshine breaking old. then later on this afternoon, some showers get going around
5:52 am
4:00 and 5:00 in the mountains and that may move into the shenandoah valley by around 8:00 p.m. then cross east of there and maybe a lingering passing shower across northern virginia by later on this evening as the cloud cover begins to break up. right now we're in the 50s for the mountains to the bay. 55 at reagan national. our sunrise is at 6:12. we'll still have a cloudy sky and a few of the light showers south and west of the metro area and then sun breaking out in the afternoon. up into the mid 60s. a great weekend coming up. great weather for the apple blossom festival. in the low 70s much of the region. slight chance of a sprinkle on saturday. sunday looking beautiful. more sunshine and warmer. upper 70s. and it will feel like summer on monday tuesday, wednesday, thursday with highs near 80 degrees. and we have a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm on wednesday. things are slowing down in the friday commute. what's happening? >> one of the slowest spots right now, 95 northbound as you're headed through dale city.
5:53 am
nice and red there before you go over the occoquan. 66 near northbound at -- north stringfellow. 66 does not run north and south. you can see the sheen on the roadways. both on 66 and 95 in virginia as tom mentioned we are starting to see some precipitation falling in the prince george's county near the beltway. 270 into and out of town looking quite good. nice and green and moving along for us. 95 b.w. parkway, 29 northbound and southbound looking good. top of the beltway moving along quite nicely. powder mill road a bit of a sheen on the roads. overall, no major problems at this point this morning. do have this new crash, 295 southbound at the 11th street bridge. a warning there. i'm back at 6:01. >> it's 5:54. they're known in the auto world and kate rodgers has the latest news from tesla. kate good morning. >> good morning to you, eun. well tesla unveiled a new
5:54 am
product line called tesla energy. ceo elon musk announced a home battery that can capture solar energy to be used after the sun goes down. it's available to ship this summer for $3,000 and it powered last night's press event. and lots of money on the line. sports saturday is the long awaited pacquiao and mayweather fight. saturday also sees the kentucky derby at churchill downs which could attract 16 million viewers and $100 million to the host venue from the ticket sales. don't forget the nhl and nba playoffs continue this weekend and the red sox/yankees series begins all of which draws huge viewers and marketing opportunities. back over to you. >> kate rodgers, thanks. today on your lunch break you can get some fresh fruits and vegetables at the farmer's market. the usda farmer's market opens at 12th and independence avenue this morning. that's right across from the smithsonian metro station.
5:55 am
well, maybe you're worried about saving for your child's education. retirement or maybe a summer vacation. >> yes. >> yes. but saving has never been easier apparently with the new digital tool that will force you to put money aside. mobile apps including digit and simple will automatically take money from your checking account and put it into a savings account. there are also online investment companies such as betterment to help you grow your savings for retirement. well if you're looking for some big ticket home items this month may be the best time to hit the stores. things like mattresses, lawn mowers, tractors are usually deeply discounted in may. it's also a good time to buy new carpeting. you can find great deals on athletic apparel, camping an outdoor gear. small electronics like an mp-3 player. first we have to get the digital tool to help me save and then plan, spend it in may, okay. well, as you're getting ready, you might want to budget in some extra time for some free
5:56 am
doughnuts and coffee. yes. free doughnuts and coffee. we're teaming up with the good guys behind goodies food truck. >> the truck will be parked outside the rosalyn metro station from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. today. so you can stop by, grab coffee and a free doughnut while supplies last. people have shown up in huge numbers. >> we have done the research for work purposes and ate the doughnuts to make sure you were getting the good stuff. >> there's a variety. we don't know what they'll have today. because they had the glazed doughnuts and chocolate doughnuts last time. and before that the cake doughnuts. >> they're all good. >> and we posted pictures. the glazed doughnut was huge. i ate two. >> it's friday. treat yourself. a new step in moments that can better equip police officers in your community. the steps the federal government is taking today to make sure price is not a deterrent for departments looking into buying police body cameras that's next on "news4 today" at 6:00.
5:57 am
and a look at 5:57 you can see a cloudy sky over the district of columbia. some folks dealing with rain as well. we'll look at your complete forecast and time out that rain for you as "news4 today" continues. dude totino's blasted rolls. sweet. totino's blasted crust rolls... yeah. flavor at full blast you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh
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"news4 today" starts now. >> new for you right now at 6:00
5:59 am
a.m. a new push to equip police officers with body cameras. the new federal funding announced moments ago that could make it cheaper to buy them. an umbrella could come in handy this morning as some of you step outside to some rain as scattered showers move through the area. storm team 44 meteorologist tom kierein here with the details. >> the rain will push south during the morning. today it will be getting drier as the day goes on. storm team 4 radar showing this moving from the northeast to the southeast now is. some lingering sprinkles in prince george's county and right around bowie and routes 50, 4 and 5, so the pavement is damp there as well as the beltway in prince george's county from laurel all the way down to the wilson bridge. south of there, getting a few sprinkles now near quantico and along 95 from woodbridge down to
6:00 am
stafford. a little farther to the west too, this extends into the blue ridge in rappahannock county and along the central shenandoah valley. still a batch of some rain in st. mary's county moving in over the northern neck. some light to moderate showers there. right now we're in the low to mid 50s in the metro area and where we've got the low clouds still hanging in a little bit of a break in the cloud cover right there at the horizon. might see a bit of sunshine later today. but have the umbrella handy for the morning. drying out for the rest of the afternoon. looking forward to a warmer weekend and a summer-like pattern that moves in next week. next weather and traffic on the 1s a look at the bus stop weather and what to wear on this friday. how is the commute going, melissa? >> right now first 4 traffic tracker on the inner loop of the beltway. nice and dry. no major problems at this point this morning. it was a different scene on the way down


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