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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  May 1, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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nd he said they have a point. are you worried about a conflict of interest? >> my husband is a public the legislative side. i am a prosecutor i uphold the law, he makes the laws. and i will prosecute any case within my jurisdiction. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> i can't answer that question. >> reporter: can you tell us about the investigators. you said investigators assisted in this case, is that why you brought them in? >> i thought it was very important to have an independent analysis as to what took place and transpyred from the very beginning. we are independent agencies from the police department. >> reporter: ms. mosby, what do you think needs to be done to make sure what happened to freddie gray doesn't happen again? >> accountability. >> reporter: how are we going to get there? >> you're getting it today. >> reporter: how do you make sure this is systematic. the system has failed for so long. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> ask your question one more time, please. >> reporter: can you talk about the resources your office had
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independently of the police department? >> i can tell you as i stated we had a number of investigators, you can see it's been an all hands on approach from the very beginning so i sent my investigators out to the scene. we have a number of them right here. we have our working collaboration and working with the baltimore sheriff's department who has police powers and, again, independent from the baltimore city police department so so yes, we have leverage it had police investigation but at no point did we compromise our own independent investigation into this case. >> we're taking a few more questions and that's it. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] where the police have the ten days to not talk to anybody? >> i can't give you my opinion on that. >> last question. >> reporter: the commissioner isn't standing with you. what's his reaction to him? >> you would have to ask commissioner batts. >> reporter: have spoken with him? >> i've spoken with him, the mayor and the governor. is. >> reporter: did you invite him today? >> you'd have to ask him.
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>> reporter: have the officers had any previous background with complaints. >> i can't do that. we have to be mindful that this is still an ongoing investigation and i have to be mindful of what can come out at this point. >> thank you all very much. >> thank you. >> everyone i will be handing out hard copies of the charges for the officers okay? i will also be handing out business cards. you're watching baltimore state's attorney marilyn mosby who has just finished a press conference regarding charges in the freddie gray case. she just announced that there is probable cause to charge the officers with criminal problems in the freddie gray case. we're also following another
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breaking story this morning, this happening down by the watergate building a structural collapse. we've got reporters on scene, we're going to bring you the latest in that as it develops. but we begin with chris gordon at the scene who can tell us what's been going on there in the past couple of minutes. chris, i see a lot of police ambulance activity firefighters behind you. what's going on there? >> well there was a collapse here at 2600 virginia avenue and if you look over here you'll see a lot of the construction workers doing renovations inside. there was a collapse in a garage garage. we had some still pictures to show you of what happened in the garage. three stories collapsed, pancaked one on to another. at least one car flattened. they are looking to see if there was anybody either trapped in the garage or for that car we can tell you there is one injury confirmed. i talked to chief tim wilson
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communications for fire ems from d.c. he told me there is one person injured, he could not tell me who it was or the extend of the injuries now behind me you see there's been a mass evacuation here at the watergate complex. these are construction workers who have been doing renovations to this 50-year-old building and i talked to one of them who's an eyewitness. let's hear from him now. >> i was on the 11th floor and i saw a 40 foot by 40 foot section of earth just go straight downfalling on to the floor and then that floor collapsed so it was a collapse hitting the floor beneath and down again so two floors went down. three stories into the parking garage. >> did you see people in that area? >> i do not see people in that area
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area. >> reporter: police and fire officials say they don't know what caused the collapsed. one injury on the scene, we don't know the extent of the injury construction workers and residents of the watergate hotel and residential complex have been evacuated and the street is now being cleared of people. more ambulances and fire equipment is on the way. we are continuing to monitor the situation with one injury a building collapse in the garage of the watergate complex. back to you. >> chris gordon thanks very much. we are following that breaking news, that press conference you were just watching into the investigation of freddie gray's death. it has been ruled a homicide and now six officers there is a warrant for their arrest facing criminal charges. we'll have more on that in just a moment. today a city wide curfew will remain in effect in baltimore through the weekend. that as big protests are expected over the weekend due to the prosecutor's new findings
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so many questions now answered as a result of this press conference. in addition to the curfew the national guard will also remain in the city. with more on what the attorney general said let's go to the live desk. >> reporter: that's right, breaking news in the freddie gray investigation. a major announcement from the baltimore city state's attorney marilyn mosby announcing just minutes ago that freddie gray's death was a homicide. it's been ruled a homicide by the medical examiner and she is charging six officers. take a listen. >> the findings of our comprehensive, thorough and independent investigation coupled with the medical examiner's determination that mr. gray's death was a homicide which we received today has led us to believe that we have probable cause to file criminal charges. charges. >> some of the charges to be filed, second degree murder against one officer, involuntary
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manslaughter negligent assault, misconduct against the others. now the state's attorney also detailed a timeline of gray's arrest and his transport in that police van saying the police officers illegally arrested gray as no crime had been committed. also coming out of this press conference she says gray suffered his injuries while unrestrained without a seat belt in custody of the baltimore city police. now mosby says her team worked around the clock viewing video foodage, a police statement is reviewed medical records as well. she during this press conference announced no one is above the law. this comings one day after the baltimore police department handed the case over to the state's attorney. she says they have been been working on their own investigation. at the live desk, i'm kristin wright. now, the atf investigating all of the fires that were set in baltimore this week.
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this was the scene there, some really incredible and very powerful images that happened over the course of this week it's offering a $10,000 reward for information on the arsonist. more than 140 cars and at least 19 you would beings burned during monday's violence in response to freddie gray's death. new this morning, the justice department is pay. >> announcer: ago $20 million pilot program to help local police departments buy body cameras. here's how it will work. agencies will have to apply for competitive grants to buy the cameras. the new program also includes funding for training technical assistance and studying best practices. the justice department says it expects to give out 50 awards. local agencies will be responsible for the long-term costs associated with those cameras. a murder mystery in northwest washington. d.c. police say a man was shot dead outside his home on harvard street. let's go to news 4's molette green in columbia heights this morning with more on what the family is saying.
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molette? >> reporter: good morning, shots rang out very early this morning patrol officers from the housing community are just behind me. family and friends tell me that gregory mcbride was well loved and well known this this community. >> reporter: a mother comes home to flashing police lights and discovers her own son shot. >> she saw him there. yes, she was there. she saw him but she didn't exactly know that was him. then she recognized his clothing and when she recognized his clothes, then you know she just knew that was her son. >> reporter: leila mcbride said it was her 21-year-old nephew shot on the 1300 block of harvard street in columbia heights. >> we call him boo-boo. a lot of people call him greg but we call him boo-boo. >> >>. >> reporter: this man who says he's close to the family told me he rushed to the hospital hoping for the best. >> he was in surgery for a
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while, they had doctors working on him but they didn't think he was going to make it. >> reporter: d.c. police found the young man shot near these parked cars around 1:00 a.m. and spent most of the morning looking for clues and suspects. and mcbride says she doesn't know why her nephew died this way. >> we've been asking neighbors and no one -- she was trying to find out was there any arguments she didn't know about and the answer has been no all along, they didn't know of anyone that he had any problems with or anything. >> reporter: gregory mcbride's aunt told me her nephew leaves behind he leaves a four-year-old son. no suspect information from d.c. police. live this morning in northwest, molette green, news 4. there are new concerns about how capitol police are taking care of their weapons. roll call reports guns have been found left in open areas of the capitol.
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in march, one of the guns was found by a seven or eight-year-old boy in house speaker john boehner's sweet. a janitor found a gun when he was cleaning the capitol police headquarters on d street and a member of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's security detail left his gun in a bathroom. that officer was suspended for six days. the other two incidents are under investigation. amelia? >> reporter: on storm team 4 radar, rain south of the area and you can see the system here will not impact us this afternoon. however, we will have scattered showers developing and the rain is most likely well west of the d.c. metro area in parts of red rick loudon county only the chance of scattered showers for the d.c. metro area and southern maryland as we head into this afternoon. you can see the pattern with future weather, maybe limited sunshine today but overall the clouds win out. 2:00 p.m. tracking rain potentially around frederick, leesburg down two the warrenton area. much of the same into the
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evening hours. in the d.c. metro area only about a 40% chance you're dealing with a shower erica. >> we are continuing to follow the breaking news coming out of baltimore. the state's attorney marilyn mosby announcing the freddie gray investigation is now a homicide investigation. there is now a warrant for the arrest of six baltimore officers. marilyn mosby saying that after obvious need for medical attention, officers did not
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. i'm kristin wright at t development in the freddie gray investigation. the baltimore city state's attorney marilyn mosby, announcing just a little while ago that the death of freddie gray was a homicide ruled a
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homicide by the medical examiner's office and that charges will be filed against six officers. take a listen. >> officer cesar goodson is being charged with second degree depraved heart murder involuntary manslaughter second degree negligent assault, manslaughter by vehicle by means of gross negligence manslaughter by vehicle by means of criminal negligence misconduct in office for failure to secure a prisoner failure to render aid. officer william porter is being charged with involuntary manslaughter assault in the second degree misconduct in office. lieutenant brian rice is being charged with involuntary manslaughter assault in the second degree assault in the second degree, misconduct in office false imprisonment. officer edward narrow is being charged with assault in the
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second degree intentional, assault in the second degree negligent, misconduct in office false imprisonment. officer garrett miller is being charged with intentional assault in the second degree assault in the second degree negligent, misconduct in office and false imprisonment. sergeant alicia white is being charged with manslaughter involuntary manslaughter second degree assault, misconduct in office. >> that is the long list of criminal charges to be filed against six baltimore police officers just coming into our newsroom. the state's attorney also detailed a timeline of gray's arrest and that transport saying that the police officers illegally arrested gray as no crime had been committed. also she added the type of knife police found on gray was actually legal in the state of maryland. mosby said her team worked around the clock on this. she assured that no one is above the law.
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her huge development, huge statement coming just a day after police handed the case over to the state's attorney's office. back to you. >> that's right, kristin. you could hear a number of people cheering as state's attorney marilyn mosby announced this was a homicide investigation and calling for the arrest of six officers. this is chopper's view over the baltimore area where more protests are expected this weekend. state's attorney mosby calling for peace as her office pursues justice in this matter. definitely going to be a scene we will be watching not only today but as we progress into the weekend. and speaking of the weekend, we'd like to get flow to storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal who is tracking the weather. amelia? right now, erica temperatures are in the upper 50s today, cooler than yesterday with highs only in the 60s. so we're at 55 in gaithersburg 58 in washington and 54 over in annapolis. we're dry across the area right now but plenty of clouds and here's the high temperature for your neighborhood today.
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64 in gaithersburg 66 in winchester. scattered showers this afternoon, mainly west of the d.c. metro area. and i'm tracking this system right here but it's actually an upper level disturbance that sets off showers. coming up in a few minutes i'll have a look ahead at your weekend. sunday looking better than saturday. i'll let you know why coming up. i'm kristin wright at the live desk where we are getting new information on new rules for tank cars carrying crude oil on trains. just in to our newsroom, transportation secretary anthony fox announced a new generation of safer rail tank cars for transporting flammable liquids in north america. >> unit trains traveling faster than 30 miles per hour use something called enhanced or ecp braking systems. these braking systems offer a much higher level of safety than current systems. >> many believe these safety changes are long overdue and that older tank cars have played
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a role in derailment explosions and fires. at the live desk, i'm kristin wright. a developing story this morning. rescuers are still searching for survivors you should earthquake rubble in nepal. rescue teams are now using heavy machinery to search the debris. the death toll right now stands at almost 6,000 people. the country's army chief says the death toll may reach more than 15,000 before this is over. eight million people are affected by the earthquake that struck that region almost a week ago. no damages have been reported following a 6.8 aftershock in the south pacific around 4:00 this morning our time in papua, new guinea. it's the second major quake to hit the area in two days. a magnitude 6.7 earthquake rocked new britain on thursday. papua, new guinea, is on new britain island north of australia. a reminder now, we are
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following breaking news at the watergate hotel. a collapse at the parking garage. we'll have more on that in just a minute.
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some people in montgomery county are reminded of his influence every time they get into their cars. father leonard hurley, the namesake for father hurley boulevard in germantown passed away. news 4's megan mcgrath is live in germantown with a look back
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at his influence and legacy. good morning, megan. >> reporter: well good morning. monsignor leonard hurley was a well-known and admired prooers in the germantown and washington, d.c. areas. he started mother seton parish in jerman town ingermantown back when it was a little town not the bustling suburb it is today. ultimately a new church was built and the road it sits on was renamed father hurley boulevard. as a young priest father hurley narrated president john f. kennedy's funeral mass translating the latin to english and explaining the ceremony to a stunned and grieving worldwide audience. here in german town he's being remembered for his outreach and i spoke by phone with the deacon and friend of father hurley he remembers him as a generous and welcoming man. >> father hurley was one of the best persons, human beings i've
11:24 am
ever known. do anything for anyone. he really helped myself and my wife when we first moved up into the germantown area to include us in the community and make us feel welcomed. >> reporter: father hurley died earlier this week. he was 84 years old. no word on whether there will be a public memorial. in germantown megan mcgrath, news 4. we go back over the scene in baltimore. breaking news this morning, really stunning press conference. the state's attorney marilyn mosby announcing that the freddie gray investigation is now a homicide investigation calling for the arrest of six baltimore police officers with so charges to say the least. mentioning that at no point in time was freddie gray secured in the wagon, contrary to police protocol. that at no point was medical attention rendered when freddie gray asked for it.
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when he asked for an inhaler. she call ud it obvious need for medical attention in which officers did not summon medical attention. again, state's attorney marilyn mosby calling this a new homicide investigation. that the arrest of freddie gray was, in fact illegal. there was a knife mentioned at one point that freddie gray may have had. we now know according to marilyn mosby that that knife was not a switchblade. that it was folded and that knife was in fact legal under maryland law. this is the chopper view now over the area where we will be witnessing a lot of protests over the weekend. definitely an area we will be keeping an eye on not only today but as the hours progress as marilyn mosby calls for peaceful protests so her office can ensure justice in this investigation.
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>> this is chris gordon live on the scene of a collapse at the watergate complex at the corner
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of 25th street and virginia avenue northwest. this happened about 10:00, three floors pancaked in the garage at the watergate complex. we are told there is one injury. i was just updated by d.c. ems and fire and they tell me it was a minor injury that the person was transported, that they don't know any of any other injuries but they have at least one car and possibly more vehicles crushed in the collapse of three floors that pancaked in the garage area right across from the kennedy center. the original report came out as a water main break. construction workers are on the sidewalk all watching authorities trying to account for people. i talked to a resident of the building who was an eyewitness let's hear from one person now. >> we saw smoke coming where the
11:28 am
hotel is being built we saw construction workers leave quickly and the smoke dissipated. there was an announcement that said there's been a water main break. they advised everybody not to go down there. i went down there and checked on our part of the garage it was clean and dry the issues on that side of the building. >> did you see anybody in the area of the collapse. >> no, i do not. i didn't sea see them take anybody out. it was just the case where, keep in mind i'm looking down from the fourth floor and the construction workers moved out very very quickly. >> now we're back live at the watergate complex and you will see more equipment arriving behind me as we speak. what we can tell you is that there are minor injuries transported to an area hospital
11:29 am
no other people have been reported injured. they're trying to account from everyone if you look over here you will see an area filled with construction workers, they have been evacuated along with residents of the hotel and residents of the watergate complex behind me as we continue to monitor the situation, a three story collapse pancaking in the garage of the watergate complex with one injured. that's the latest from the scene in northwest washington. chris gordon live back to you. and we are continuing to follow breaking news out of baltimore this morning where the state's attorney has announced the criminal charges will be filed against six officers in connection with the death of freddie gray who died in police custody on april 19. >> that's right. now calling it a homicide investigation. we're learning so much more about how that arrest was made the items freddie gray
11:30 am
continuing our breaking news this morning. freddie gray's death ruled a
11:31 am
homicide and all six baltimore police officers involved are now facing criminal charges. let's get right to nbc's jay gray with more from baltimore, jay? >> reporter: as you well know thises something the community has been demanded ring for almost two weeks, now, information in the death of freddie gray. a stunning development here today, i don't think there were many that thought the state's attorney marilyn mosby would announce she was charging all six officer ss involved in his arrest. let's talk briefly about what we know. all six officers as i talked about, charges ranging from second degree murder involuntary manslaughter assault, misconduct in office and false imprisonment. mosby said that the knife for which he was arrested police saying it was a switchblade, actually it was a block blade, come kpleetpletely legal here in baltimore. they say according to the medical examiner's report that the fatal injuries gray received came in the back of that police van that he was transported in.
11:32 am
let's listen to mosby from earlier this morning. >> the findings of our comprehensive, though roe, and independent investigation coupled with the medical examiner's determination that mr. gray's death was a homicide which we received today has led us to believe that we have probable cause to file criminal charges. [ cheers and applause ] >> and you can hear the outburst there from some who were listening in. morery leaf than excitement. not a lot of people excited. they've been frustrated here for two weeks, wanted information. now finally have some. but a lot of people just initially say they still want to see this process through, that it's not over but certainly they're encouraged by getting this information from the state's prosecutor. it's a process that will continue and mosby said while she wants to be completely transparent there is evidence to
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be used in a trial that must remain private for that very reason. because it will be a legal issue here pretty soon. that's where we stand with that side of this for the protest which have gone on here and across the country and were scheduled to continue this weekend. at this point we do expect to see protesters out today. the tenor of those protests, the mood we'll have to wait and see on the other side of that security wise police the national guard, they say they're going to remain in place here as will the curfew until they deem it not necessary. pat, that's the latest for now. back to you. >> all right, jay gray live in baltimore. let's get more now on this breaking story from baltimore this morning with kristin wright at the live desk. what are you hearing, kristin? >> pat, also coming out of this news conference with the state's attorney state's attorney mosby is that according to her findings the police officers who arrested freddie gray did not even have the legal right to do so. take a listen.
11:34 am
>> lieutenant rice officer miller and officer narrow failed to accomplish probable cause for mr. gray's arrest as no crime had been committed by mr. gray. accordingly, lieutenant rice officer miller and officer narrow illegally arrested mr. gray. >> so, again freddie gray's death ruled a homicide and criminal charges will be filed against six baltimore police officers. back to you. >> all right, kristin wright. let's take a look at the weather as we head into the weekend. this is a live picture of the washington landscape. amelia segal is going to tell us what the weather is looking like that. looks good. how the rest of the weekend? >> for today cooler than yesterday, noticeably cooler. now heading into the afternoon hours, temperatures hover in the mid-60s with scattered showers and limited sunshine. so keep that small umbrella handy. for saturday, a high of 72
11:35 am
maybe an afternoon shower otherwise partly sunny skies, sunday looking like the better of the two weekend day, warmer, plenty of sunshine low humidity and a high temperature of 78. now looking ahead to next weekend, temperatures continue to warm i'll let you know by how much coming up in a bit. >> thanks amelia. a busy day in our
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in just a few more hours, two women plan to go public with accusations of rain against comedian bill cosby. one says she played a guest part on the last season of the cosby show. she says cosby drugged and raped her as she was preparing for a principal role on the show. the other accuser says she has never spoken publicly either. attorney gloria allred organized that press conference. new this morning, the justice department announced a new push to equip police officers with body cameras a $20 million pilot program will make it easier for police departments to buy them. agencies will have to apply for a grant. the new program includes funding for training technical assistance and studying b practices. people will be responsible for the long-term costs associated with the cameras. >> a murder mystery in northwest washington, d.c. d.c. police say a man was shot dead outside his home in columbia heights. the victim's family says his name is gregory mcbride.
11:39 am
police found him near parked cars in the 1300 block of harvard street. his mother went back home to police lights and her son's body. the family tells news 4 they don't know any troubles he might have been having. so far police have not identified a suspect. we now know who police aring looing for in a brutal attack at the eastern market metro station. turns out it's not his first time. this video is hard to watch. metro transit police believe 19-year-old you see right there, elijah smith of silver spring is responsible for last friday's attack on a 69-year-old man. police say it was random. news 4 has learned that smith is still on probation for a similar very brutal incident in may of 2014. the victim in that case also very seriously hurt. >> he's not new to the system. he's on probation now for another incident involved in montgomery county last year.
11:40 am
>> reporter: if smith is convicted, he faces tougher penalties this time because of a d.c. law that allows for enhanced penalties if the victim is over the age of 65. it's been a gray morning but will the sun come out for the afternoon? what about it, amelia? >> pat, we'll have limited sunshine but overall the clouds win out today. temperatures right now in the upper 50s across the area. 58 degrees if washington and a high today of 65. now, limited sunshine and scattered showers this afternoon, maybe an isolated thunderstorm over the mountains of west virginia. warmer tomorrow, a high of 72 clouds will increase throughout the day. we'll finish the day mainly cloudy and we can't rule out an isolated shower or two during the afternoon hours. sunday looking spectacular, plenty of sunshine, a high around 78. you can see low 80s for the upcoming week. we go back over to baltimore where there will be multiple protest this is weekend. the state's attorney mare lib
11:41 am
mosby announcing that the freddie gray investigation is now a homicide investigation. you can hear chants from the crowd when we went to that press conference a few minutes ago. marilyn mosby talking about the knife found on freddie gray that it was, in fact, lawful under maryland law that police officers use a leg lace maneuver or hold to detain him and that he was, in fact illegally arrested. we'll get more on this story
11:42 am
11:43 am
i'm kristin wright at the live desk with major developments in the freddie gray investigation. criminal charges will be filed against six police officers one of those officers we learned this morning will be charged with second degree murder. other charges against the officers include involuntary manslaughter misconduct in office false imprisonment and assault. listen to the state's attorney
11:44 am
here. >> lieutenant rice officer narrow and officer miller loaded mr. gray into the wagon and at no point was he secured by a seat belt while in the wagon contrary to a bpd general order. lieutenant rice then directed bpd wagon to stop at baker street. at baker street lieutenant rice officer narrow and officer miller removed mr. gray from the wagon placed flex cuffs on his wrists placed leg shackles on hisd required paperwork. officer miller officer narrow and lieutenant rice then loaded mr. gray back into the wagon, placing him on his stomach, head first on to the floor of the wagon. once again, mr. gray was not secured by a seat belt in the wagon, contrary to a bpd general order. >> the state's attorney also saying today that police illegally arrested gray as no crime had been committed adding that the type of knife police found on gray was actually legal if the state of maryland. you can find the list of those
11:45 am
criminal charges to be filed against those six police officers on the nbc app. at the live desk, i'm kristin wright. >> let's switch gears a little bit this morning. a poll that shows most people support using drones. the associated press gfk poll found 60% of americans favor using drones to target and kill terrorists. the survey also found nearly three quarters of americans say it's acceptable for the u.s. to kill an american citizen if that person is part of a terrorist organization overseas. drone use sevened support from both democrats and republicans. and now let's get a look at our weather with team team meteorologist amelia segal. >> on team team radar tracking train south of the area but showers will develop this afternoon, especially west of the d.c. metro area. however, having very little impact on your day travel, the evening commute should be fine if you're exercising outdoors
11:46 am
will be damp but comfortable. might want to grab that light rain jacket for running. have the small umbrella ready. today as we work our way into the afternoon notice how future weather is bringing showers mainly west of washington. still can't rule out a shower or two inside of the belt way for the later afternoon and evening hours. another look at the seven day in ten minutes, pat. >> thanks amelia. a pregnant woman kept alive in a coma now leaves her legacy through her newborn son. carla perez was kept alive for more than 50 days after slipping into a coma while pregnant. she suffered a stroke that led to a brain bleed. carla's mother looks like any proud grandmother. she's gained a grandson but lost a daughter. >> translator: well i was here day and night with the two months she spent here i was here day and night. >> reporter: baby angel came into the world at 30 weeks old weighing just over two pounds. he will remain in intensive care for several weeks. a developing story this morning
11:47 am
and we will have that for you right after this break.
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i'm kristin wright at the live desk with new reaction to the announcement of charges against the police officers in the freddie gray investigation. just to recap those charges, one of those police officers will be charged with second degree murder which carries a maximum of 30 years. other charges include
11:50 am
involuntary manslaughter ten years, misconduct in office false imprisonment and assault which carries a maximum prison sentence of ten years. now, this morning we just heard moments frag a baltimore city councillor about the decision. >> this did not begin with freddie gray but thank god freddie gray was the tipping point to wake people up to we have bigger issues to solve in baltimore and we're beginning that process. the process of healing and restoration begins today as our state's attorney stood on these steps and said people will be indicted from homicide down for the death of a man who was innocent. >> an interesting note from the state's attorney's announcement today. she said police illegally arrested gray as no crime had been committed. you can see a list of the charges on the nbc washington app. back to you. this is chris gordon at the scene of today's watergate
11:51 am
collapse. not everyone is accounted for. that's the latest information that we just got from d.c. mayor muriel bowser. also a source on the scene saying that two construct workers may be trapped in a truck in the trouble of the collapsed garage that authorities are trying to locate them that the area may be too unstable a extricate them right now. earlier we had confirmation that there was one person injured on the scene, with minor injuries transported to a local hospital. d.c. fire and ems are on the scene. the construction workers are on the scene because the watergate hotel is being renovated. it was supposed to be done by this summer. we have an eyewitness this is a man in his apartment and tells us this. >> there's a ramp that is provided by for trucks and large
11:52 am
vehicles to go down below the parking garage. from what i gather it gave way to some extent and caused basically a water main break to occur. >> reporter: what that man was saying is this is an area of the grand jury used by commercial vehicles which is consistent with the latest that we are dealing you that two construction workers may be unaccounted for at this time in the rubble in a vehicle, authorities trying to determine if it's stable enough to extricate them but what we have confirmed is one person was injured, suffered minor injuries in the collapse and has been transported to an area hospital. that's the latest from the watergate complex. chris gordon news 4.
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>> scattered showers will likely develop west of washington, you can see future weather here at 2:00 p.m. we can't rule out a shower or two inside the belt way. otherwise limited sunshine today, no heavy rain like we saw yesterday. you can see 9:00 just a few isolated showers. temperatures right now are in the upper 50s, 59 degrees in the district and a high today of 65 cooler than yesterday. for saturday maybe a passing afternoon shower otherwise partly sunny skies and a high of 72. sunday more like summer with highs near 80 and plenty of sunshine and looking to next week highs will be in the low 80s everyday. men are/of sun on monday and tuesday, almost starting to feel humid tuesday. that continues through thursday maybe a few late day showers and an isolated thunderstorm on wednesday. otherwise for the most part looking mainly dry erica. >> thanks amelia. keep your nbc washington app
11:56 am
with you throughout the day. we have so many answers to the questions in the freddie gray investigation, more reaction coming from baltimore this morning after the state's attorney marilyn mose by announced this is a homicide investigation charging six police officers in the death of freddie gray. crowds cheered, drivers honked their horns throughout baltimore as that announcement was made. baltimore police officer's union says the six officers charged in gray's case aren't responsible for his death. >> and we'll continue to follow the latest on the search for two construction workers on going at the watergate complex because of a garage collapse. one person hurt suffering minor injuries. chris gordon is there, make sure to follow him on twitter for new information throughout the act. that's news 4 midday. join us again for news 4 at 4:00. >> we appreciate you staying with us. stay up to date with everything
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