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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  May 1, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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he freddie gray case. >> we have team coverage this afternoon on all angles of the criminal charges handed down today. that's where we want to begin. six police officers now charged in connection with gray's death. >> five of those six officers are now in custody. those charges against them range from second degree murder to assault to misconduct in office. our derrick ward is live in baltimore with details. >> reporter: well, good evening. we're at the very same corner that has become infamous on monday when efrpg jumped off in the city of baltimore, we're at west north avenue and pennsylvania. just behind me is the burnt remains of that cvs store. but over here is something quite different. yes, there are crowds on the street but they're here for a complete live different reason. we got here earlier this morning, and this crowd has not subsided since then. i'm pretty sure you'll hear it, a cav aany of horns, lots of
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signs out here. it's all about those charges coming down and the reaction to it. i spoke to a minister who has a church not far from here, and i asked him what he makes of this. here's what he said. >> it was the spirit that was hovering over everybody that was in a sense evil. there was a spirit that we were defeated. there was a spirit that we were being taken advantage of. and i think now what you're seeing is that the spirit of liberation, the spirit of freedom, the spirit of justice is being released. that's the kind of spirit that you need in a community. >> reporter: you know, as happy as everyone is here -- and i'm seeing smiles. we were here monday night and saw nothing of the sort -- there still lies ahead the actual trial. i've talked to some folks here who say yes this is great, but they're tempering this with a bit of reality that justice as they see it has not been served yet. yes, there are charges. a lot of people didn't expect that. they want to wait and see what happens if there is a trial and what the outcome of that is and what the reaction in places like
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this will be. and that only time will tell. live in baltimore derrick ward, news4. >> today's news conference announcing the charges aired on national television and suddenly a lot of people want to know more about baltimore's state's attorney marilyn mossby. they comes from a long line of police officers and campaigned as a crime crusader determined to keep repeat offenders off the street. she also spoke out against police brutality. her husband, nick mosby, is a member of the baltimore city council. we're going to take another look at the demonstrators who aregoeredaregoer gathered in baltimore. tracee wilkins is on the scene. let's go to her live. tracee. >> reporter: pat, i want to show you the crowd of folks who just came down the street and are now here in front of city hall. these are people who are celebrating the decision that
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was made today by the state's attorney, marilyn mosby. she could have taken this case to a grand jury and had an indictment come from them but instead decide thad she herself with would go ahead and charge these officers facing a number of charges as we've said. this is a decision she came to after it was confirmed by the medical examiner's office that his death was a homicide. now, fred gi gray died after suffering injuries while in police custody. he was arrested on april 12th and died a week later. the now-infamous cell phone video taken of gray's arrest showed the 25-year-old being dragged by police after weeks of peaceful protests on monday, baltimore erupted. there was looting, fires and massive arrests and injuryies. today the state's attorney says gray's arrest was illegal and he was picked up without probable cause. she said gray suffered a severe critical neck injury after he was placed in baltimore city police van, handcuffed hand shackled but not restrained by a
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seat belt. she says, they let him lay facedown in that van as they drove throughout the city and ignored his requests for help. >> mr. gray at that time requested help and indicated that he could not breathe. officer porter asked mr. gray if he needed a medic at which time mr. gray indicated at least twice that he was in need of a medic. officer porter then physically assisted mr. gray from the floor of the van to the bench. however despite mr. gray's appeal for a medic, both officers assessed mr. gray's condition and at no point did either of them restrain mr. gray per pbd general order nor did they render a request medical assistance assistance. >> reporter: the state's attorney is saying that these officers were grossly negligent. this is the reason for the second degree homicide charges that they're all seeing here. she's also saying though she just got the report from the police department yesterday, she
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and her team had been investigating this case thoroughly themselves, working she said around the clock, interviewing witnesses, looking at police interviews and coming up with the decision on what they were going to do saying again that when she got that report from the medical examiner's office it solidified what she and her team had already seen through their own investigation here. now, these officers are looking at charges ranging from up to 20 to 63 years maximum if they are found guilty by a jury. now, a lot of folks still waiting to see what's going ging to happen when this goes to trial and what a jury will decide in this case. coming up on news4 at 5, we hear from maryland's governor and also the mayor of this city. reporting live in baltimore, tracee wilkins, back to you in the studio. >> thank you, taisee. a man who set off bottle bombs inside local movie theaters was sentenced today to 18 years in prison. police arrested manuel joyner
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bell last may for a bombing at the magic johnson theater in largo prince george's county prosecutors say he confessed to bombing several movie theaters in three maryland counties. and for the purpose of terrorizing people. he'll be extradited to virginia where he is tied to even more theater attacks. right now in washington, the situation is still tense around the watergate building, in northwest d.c. six hours after a parking garage came collapsing down. right now emergency crews are still trying to stabilize this structure, and we're waiting for an update from city officials tonight. news4's chris gordon is there live now. chris, is everyone accounted for now, anyone still unaccounted for? >> reporter: no. construction works are accounted for, but it's a public garage so they don't know for sure if everyone is accounted for. behind me d.c. mayor muriel bowser is touring the scene where the garage collapsed here at the watergate hotel 2600
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virginia avenue. she will be giving us a briefing live in a few moments which we will bring to you on and our nbc washington app. she will also be joined by the incident commander here from the d.c. department of fire and ems. now, as you see behind me -- and you will see in just a few moments -- the westbound lane of virginia avenue is open to traffic but not so the eastbound lound which is filled with fire apparatus. there were some minor injuries. we want to roll some video to show you. one construction worker was transported to a hospital with minor injuries. another who was not badly hurt refused to be transported. the watergate will hotel is being renovated just after 10:00 a.m., the ground over the garage collapsed down three levels. water mains broke. there was concrete, twisted steel and debris all over. at least one car was crushed. residents shared pictures that they took of the damage in the
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underground garage. everyone was evacuated to the sidewalk across the street. now, we'll hear from a resident in a moment but first the d.c. fire/ems communications director who's been on the scene all day. >> construction company has accounted for its workers. it's unknown at the moment if there were any people in the structure itself. >> i saw my car. it looked like it was in almost a foot of water. wanted to move it but the fire department wouldn't let me for good reason, i suppose. i guess they are concerned about progressive collapse. >> reporter: there has been no further collapse throughout the day. they are trying to shore this up. it will take a long time at least until tomorrow until they can actually get to the site of the collapse to make sure that nobody is there. they had dogs, canine from montgomery county urban search and rescue, here today going through that area. in fact, montgomery county under the mutual aid agreement has had
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some of their units in d.c. today so that all of these trucks could be here at the scene. and as i said, in just moments we're expecting a news conference from the mayor and chief craig baker, the incident commander, who is here from d.c. fire and ems. and you can see it on and our nbc washington app. that's the latest from the watergate, chris gordon news4. just in bruce jenner hit with a wrongful death lawsuit. the new details just coming in. plus new developments in the bridgegate scandal. the indictments and plea just made in connection to that epic traffic jam. news4 at 4 is just getting started. and may 1st is the start of mental health month and it also marks one year since we started the "changing minds" campaign, a news4 project that's trying to get people to start talking about mental illness. all day we're hearing from people in the community who have been impacted by it.
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>> my name is brian pitts and i've been diagnosed with major depression that's recurrent and severe. depression feels like hell. if you can imagine a bodyache that was present all the time. it's like i just ache all over, and there's no peace. there's no solution. it's just a very hopeless and desolate place. i kind of get a little scared when i feel happy sometimes because it's like, how will i handle this? the depression is much more familiar to me. i wouldn't want other people to know who arealone, that there is help out there. and i wouldn't want anybody else to suffer this needlessly. get help, support.
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olympic will gold medalist bruce jenner is being sued for his part in a deadly crash. back in february jenner was involved in a multicar crash on the pacific coast highway. jenner rear-ended a lexus that wound up crossing into oncoming traffic and was hit head-on, killing the driver. now that woman's stepchildren are suing jenner for wrongful death. details of the suit haven't been released yet. jenner has not yet been charged in the crash. we want to bring you up to date on the building collapse at the watergate, that garage collapse. let's listen in to the mayor of the district. >> approximately 100 feet by 75 feet. it involved pancaking of three parking levels at the complex. the first 911 call was reported at 10:03 a.m. our department was dispatched at 10:07 a.m. and arrived on scene at 10:09 a.m.
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more than 40 units are on scene. fems and the department of consumer of regulatory affairs have been working with engineers and construction crews for the last several hours to shore up the structure and assure it is safe for first responders to enter. parts of the garage were under construction when the collapse occurred. all construction workers have been accounted for. earlier, as part of the response, three dogs that are trained to search for human activity found no evidence of human activity on any of the three levels. a cadaver dog was also sent into the scene and that dog made a possible hit on one of the three levels. the operation has now transitioned from search and rescue to a recovery operation.
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the fire department the incident commander is chief john done anelly donnelly. he will answer specific questions about the effort to shore up the site make it safe for first responders, and additional recovery efforts. i should also say that there are vehicles currently in the garage and the fire department will notice the community when those vehicles can be accessed, when the garage becomes safe. there's also a condo building above the site, and it is presently -- it has presently not been cleared for occupancy. there is an office will building that is just across the way from the site, and it shazhas been cleared for people to enter, to secure personal items, and to
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leave. we are also join\ed by our director melinda balding and the chief building inspector in addition to our consumer and regulatory affairs staff who will be able to clear the buildings once they become safe for occupancy and use. so, with that i'm going to ask chief donnelly to advise you on the fems response to the scene throughout the day. >> thank you, ms. mayor. d.c. fire and ems arrived here this morning to find a significant structural collapse. the teams initially came in, they searched from two different sides determined that the structure was very unsafe but that there was a distinct possibility of people trapped. they worked for about 2 1/2 hours to clear the most obvious problems. then in conjunction with the engineer and arrival of the search dogs we stopped the search conducted a search with the search dogs and transitioned
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into a recovery operation. >> you're listening there to the deputy fire chief in d.c., also mayor muriel bowser who said that all construction workers there at the watergate have been accounted for. she mentioned that it was a three-level parking garage that came pancaking down around 10:00 this morning. they are still working to shore up that structure so that people can still go in and help with the recovery operation. now the search and rescue part is over. and we are continuing our coverage of the situation in baltimore this afternoon as six police officers are prosecuted in the freddie gray case. there is sure to be a battle over exactly what happened the day he died. >> today the justice department is moving to bring body cameras to more police officers in hopes of preventing such battles. news4's steve handelsman live on capitol hill with new information. steve? >> reporter: jim, pat, thanks.
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the backers of body cameras say because they can document police and citizen misconduct, they can help prevent both of them. the cops charged in freddie gray's death wore no body cameras. what led up to their alleged failure to buckle up gray is seen only in this brief phone video. earlier today to get more cops wearing cameras like the one used in laurel, maryland, by officer alfie acoal, like the ones in las vegas and salt lake city worn at this fire in florida. >> help smoke. go on. call out. >> reporter: the department announced $20 million to get body cams on cops nationwide and improve community relations. >> about the way our law enforcement officers interact with the residents that we are charged to serve and to protect. >> reporter: citizens want police wearing video cams and most cops want the recordings. >> are you all in favor of body cameras? >> yes. >> yes, i am. >> yep. >> reporter: as long as police don't video constantly everything they see will all day long and violate privacy.
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the aclu is on board. >> police officers should have to turn on their cameras at the beginning of any type of law enforcement encounter with a citizen. >> reporter: should we worry that police who are about to do something wrong with somebody, like allegedly freddie gray, might keep the cameras off then? >> yes. the police should have absolutely no discretion when it comes to when they use their cameras. >> reporter: now the push is to get body cams for america's 750,000 cops. baltimore's mayor says she will soon launch a pilot program to get cops in her town wearing cameras. steve handelsman, news4. >> steve, thank you. turning to the weather, which turned a little cool and yucky on us. is it staying like this? >> no. we're looking at a pretty nice weekend, low 70s for saturday, springlike on sunday. right now on storm team4 radar, i'm keeping an eye on isolated
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showers, most of this activity well west of washington, back around the winchester area, and some light activity up around baltimore. heading out this evening, i think you really can leave the umbrella at home. if you want to take something out, just a small umbrella is all you'll need. a very isolated chance you'll deal with a shower tonight, only about a 20% chance. but the threat is there inside of the beltway as well. showing you that, with future weather, here we are at 6:00 p.m., mainly cloudy and dry across the area. by sit8:00, xats erdscattered showers mainly north of washington, around 9:30, maybe light rain moving through parts of fairfax and montgomery counties arlington as well as the district. but as quickly as the chance arrives, it is gone by midnight. after na, mostly to partly cloudy skies and look at these temperatures. significantly cooler than it was yesterday, right now at 63 in washington, 61 for those of you in gaithersburg and with the clouds around, it's not going to be cold tonight, only cool. so heading out you might want to grab a light jacket, 8:00 p.m.
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temperatures in the low 60s, 10:00 we drop into the upper 50s. sky cast 4, for tomorrow, walking you throughout the day, showing you the sky cover and the temperatures here. we could have some cloudiness around the morning hours 8:00 a.m. d.c. in the upper 50s, suburbs in the mid-50s. once we hit lunchtime, you start to see more sunshine, really nice, comfortable. at that point, d.c. around 70 degrees. we're talking about highs tomorrow in the low to mid-70s. a nice afternoon a spectacular evening 7:00 p.m. tomorrow you're going for a walk, a jog, having your dinner outdoors, look what you can expect, washington low 70s, suburbs in the upper 60s at that point. we're warmer on sunday, high temperatures in the mid to upper 70s 79 for a high in washington 77 in leesburg and la plata as well. what i love about sunday, the humidity stays low. we haven't talked too much about
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humidity so far this spring. a lot of weekend events, the apple blossom festival, the avon 39 walk looking spectacular, comfortable mornings, warm afternoons. girls on the run 5k sunday morning, i'll be there with my team from the washington international school weather for the race really looking fabulous fabulous. getting the car washed this weekend, i would highly recommend it, mainly dry weather ahead. then warmer weather as we look to the next week temperatures. for the most part, in the low to mid-80s for highs, jim and pat. >> thanks, amelia. she was in a coma for months, but today she's a mother. >> her baby is beating the odds. the miracle birth, up next. plus we say so long to a music legend.
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♪ ♪ stand by me ♪ hate to interrupt that. we are saying good-bye to a legend legend, ben e. king has died, the 76-year-old was best known for the classic "stand by me." just last month that track was selected for preservation by the library of congress in its national registry. king had other hits like "there goes my baby" and "save the last dance for me." according to billboard magazine
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he had 21 songs in the top 100. king died in new jersey last night. his publicist has not released any further details. a tiny newborn baby in nebraska is already beating the odds. >> angel's young mother collapsed into a coma and nearly died about halfway through the pregnancy pregnancy. the woman's parents are opening up to nbc about her extraordinary legacy. >> reporter: it's tough being just 3 pounds when everything in the world is brand-new. at first glance, shebert ta looks like any other grand mother. but behind her joy comes tremendous pain. >> i was with her day and night, the two months she spent here. i was here day and night. >> reporter: berta's daughter carla was 22 week noose her pregnancy when she fell unconscious. >> she was little. she suffered from arthritis. >> reporter: carla was always told having children would be difficult for her because of rheumatoid arthritis. but with her first daughter
4:27 pm
genesis, everything was okay. this time it was simply too much for her to bear. >> on arrival, it was immediately note thad she had signs of a stroke. >> reporter: that led to a brain bleed. doctors and nurses knew carla would never recover. >> carla's family asked us to try and prolong carla's life and try to maintain her as long as possible for angel's benefit. >> reporter: it took a team of nearly 100 to care for carla at methodist women's hospital. but their fight paid off. >> they were able to maintain support for carla and her baby for 54 days. angel came into this world at 30 weeks weighing just over 30 pounds. he is still in the nicu, signs of his mother all around, including this cloth that has his mother's scent to give him comfort. >> i get him dressed. i give him baths. i change him. i hold him. >> reporter: and the love of a grandmother and mother who knows on the day angel was born two angels made our world a better
4:28 pm
place. >> doctors say there have been only 33 other cases like carla's worldwide over the past two decades. developing right now, protests under way in baltimore this afternoon after six police officers are charged in the freddie gray case. the protesters are marching to city hall right now. these are live pictures. we're back with the latest right after this break. stay with us.
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 4.
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developing right now in the district, d.c. mayor muriel bowser just said some people may be missing following a three-story collapse at a watergate complex parking garage. two workers were injured in that collapse that also crushed at least one car, a d.c. firefighters union official called the incident, quote, a pancake collapse. we'll have more for you as soon as we learn it tonight on news4 at 5. and right now protests under way in baltimore. people are marching to and gathering at city hall after charges were filed today in the freddie gray case. back now to our team coverage of the charges filed in this investigation. >> after weeks of grief and rage, the news that six police officers would be charged was met with cheers in some parts of the charmed city. jay gray is live outside city hall in baltimore with the latest. jay? >> reporter: hey there, jim, pat. yeah, you're right. there was a sigh of relief here today when the charges were announced and there was a bit of
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celebration. now there's a protest going on at city hall. take a look behind me. you can see it's on the lawn here. a couple hundred people or so out and saying that the work here is not over, that yes they're glad the charges have been filed. they hope that the process will continue and they feel better having the information and being a part of this investigation at this point after almost two weeks of profests. not only here but across the country. they also say that the focus has to remain on changes they want in the system with the way police treat this community and with the accountability for police here. so they say the marches will continue not only today but throughout the weekend. thousands expected to be on this lawn just outside of city hall over the weekend to take part in different rallies. police say that they're going to stay on their posts as well as the national guard, and a curfew will stay in place at least until the end of this weekend. again, organizers including the
4:33 pm
governor here saying that they will take this as it comes decide at what point they'll begin to scale down. but there won't be a complete withdrawal. they'll just scale things down until they get to the point it's back to normal. could take a long time until this community is back to normal though. pat? jim? >> reporter: i'm chris lawrence at the live desk with the news that the fraternal order of police in baltimore just wrapped up a news conference and say they are frustrated, shocked and appalled by the charges brought against these six officers. they say there is no way that there should have been second degree murder charges handed down just two weeks after an investigation was started. they say the state's attorney's office was pressured to make this decision, and they don't stand behind it. let's take a listen. >> we are disappointed in the apparent rush to judgment, given the fact the investigation into this matter has not been concluded. our officers, like every other american citizen, are entitled to due process.
4:34 pm
we will continue to support them throughout this judicial process, which we believe will result in a finding of innocence. >> the lawyer speaking for the officers says that the officers in question feel extremely sad by freddie gray's death, but they did nothing to injure him and did nothing wrong. as of just a couple of hours ago, five of the six had turned themselves in. they'll have a bail hearing within the next 24 hours. at the live desk chris lawrence. >> chris, thank you. the justice department is now responding to the gray case and others like it with a $20 million pie program to extend the use of police body cameras. this plan includes $17 million in competitive grants for cameras, $2 million for training and technical assistance and $1 million for evaluation. many area police departments are testing body cameras. the district's pilot program began in october with 165 officers. staff locked down, friendly
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high school in ft. washington this morning when a gun was found by a student in the building. the lockdown lasted about 30 minutes while school security and police investigated. the gun was not loaded and no one was injured. a beloved and prominent priest in our region is being remembered tonight. if you've ever driven through montgomery county, you know his name. monsignor leonard hurley died earlier this week. he moved to washington back in 1973 and was the founding pastor of mother seton catholic church in germantown. because of his work and influence over the years, father hurley boulevard in montgomery county is named after him. a funeral will be held next week. we'll share details when plans are finalized. father hurley was 84 years old. drivers in prince william county can expect some detours in the nokesville area for the next year. the aiden bridge on aiden road is closed and a new bridge is now being built. vdot says the new bridge won't be finished until next spring. the old bridge isn't
4:36 pm
structurally sound. the new bridge will include an historic marker and pulloff area. an incredible rescue in brooklyn this morning of a worker who was trapped in a collapsed trench. swarmed of firefighters and emergency personnel arrived at the scene. they eventually were able to pull the worker out an assembly line of firefighters passed the stretcher over the wall of the trench and into a waiting ambulance. the patient is now in serious condition. if you want to catch a wizards or caps playoff game beware. >> there may be fake tickets out there, folks. the warning jiflt inging just issued. and storm team4 tracking showers. >> that's right, pat. if you're going out this evening, maybe dealing with an isolated showers. otherwise, temperatures on the cool side, around 60 degrees. warmer for the weekend, but when you might be dealing with some sprinkles coming up in my forecast.
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. my name is gabby, and i'm diagnosed with depression. it me, it's kind of like you're drowning. you see the surface, but every time you try to get there, it's like somebody is pushing you down. there are days where like it's difficult difficult, and i'd lie if i said i don't wake up in the morning thinking, oh my god, i can't do this today. it's been a tough path, but it's definitely getting better. i take medication. i have a therapist. i exercise a lot. that's kind of my treatment. it's not that you can crawl anything.
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it's really important to talk about it and fight the stigma that mental illness is just something that you choose. >> and tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. you can hear more from people like gabby soleser who you saw there in our "changing minds" special, surrounding mental illness. part of our mental health campaign. >> a lot of great stories. two of our hometown teams are on a playoff role and scammers are looking to take advantage of it. >> consumer reporter erika gonzalez has a warning before you put out your hard-earned cash to get the tickets to see the wizards or caps. >> that's right. speaking of which, that game last night, that last second awesome. so imagine getting to the game. they scan your ticket only to find out it's fake and your money, all your money you spent, you gave away to a crook. the company that owns both of the wizards and the caps says there's a significant increase in fraudulent ticket sales right now. so if you want to see either
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team in the playoffs, go through legit sites to score your seats. there's a site for the wizards and another one for the caps. we posted both of those links on our consumer watch facebook page. the only other legit option would be ticketmaster. we also put their phone number on our facebook page. if you get them anywhere else any third party site, any website, any person on the street, there is no way to be sure that you are getting what you paid for. no need to be concerned if you see the name monumental sports and entertainment. that's the company that owns both of the teams. they're the ones that put out the warning. just so you know. >> thanks, erika. breast milk for willsale online. it can bring in big bucks, but buyer beware, it can also bring in big risks. we're hearing from local mother whoz have tried it.
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in the district, another family rocked by deadly gunfire. a young man was shot overknight in the columbia heights neighborhood of northwest. police found his body between two parked cars on harvard street near 13th. they are now looking for clues and suspects. a relative told news4 that the victim's mother came home, saw flashing police lights. she saw the victim recognized the clothes he was wearing, and soon realized it was her son. why was a 103-year-old man from fairfax county driving to solomons, maryland, at 1:00 this morning. that's the question today after
4:45 pm
he crashed on the thomas johnson bridge. the elderly driver is identifyied as robert farbig. police tell us he drove the wrong way on that bridge and lost control of his vehicle when he tried to veer out of the way of oncoming traffic. he was seriously injured. his 94-year-old wife suffered minor injuries. the farwigs live in centerville virginia. they call it liquid gold. we're talking about breast milk. that's because on the open market it can go for hundreds of dollars. as doreen gentzler shows us it's being sold on the internet, from mothers desperate to feed their babies to men with sexual fetishes. >> reporter: this freezer is full of alma brufy's extra breast milk. she produced too much after her youngest daughter was born and didn't want to to go to waste. >> why not try to sell it to somebody who needed it? i was hoping for some income.
4:46 pm
>> reporter: she posted an ad on only the a handful of websites cropping up promising to help women sell or donate their breast lick. $2.50 an ounce for a discount with any local buyers. >> i don't drink alcohol. i don't smoke. i eat very healthy. i'm sure my milk is on the top shelf quality. i would recommend that you do not buy milk from string strangers. >> reporter: nancy mallon is a lactation consultant at the breast-feeding center of greater washington. she says buying milk on the internet is risky. you don't know what the donor mother is putting into her body and substances like drugs and alcohol can easily be transmitted into breast milk. even more alarming research out last month found about 10% of milk samples purchased online contained cow's milk meaning the human milk had been diluted. a study from 2013 showed the
4:47 pm
majority of samples has disease-causing bacteria. >> how do you know what it is? there is no recommendations. >> reporter: mallon says instead mothers in need should go to breast milk banks are the milk is pasteurized. it's difficult to access them. only babies born prematurely or those who can get a doctor's note qualify. >> i looked into milk banks and they were mostly just for nicu babies. with my daughter being adopted there wasn't necessarily a need for her to have breast milk. >> reporter: 35-year-old nicki adopted baby zoe last year. since she couldn't produce breast milk herself, nicki went online to websites like this one, human milk for human babies looking for a donor who would give her milk for free. >> if you buy it online not through a milk bank or anything it has the ability to possibly be tampered with. >> reporter: after screening potential donors, she found a few that could supply her with enough milk to keep her baby happy and healthy.
4:48 pm
alma bruffy says she was hoping to find someone like nicki but someone willing to pay. after sifting through dozens of responses to her ad including potential scams and even men looking for breast milk for sexual reasons, she finally found the perfect buyer ten miles from her home in virginia. >> she can see me and also meet my baby which is so important. >> good job! >> the food and drug administration does not recommend you buy anyone else's breast milk. but experts tell us if you're going to share with another mother, at least look for someone you know like a friend or relative. starting tomorrow, you can adopt a stone and help save this historic building, the beverly mill also known as the chapman mill, is in broad run near haymarket. it's easily seen by drivers all along i-66. it was built back in 1742 and was so well known it became part of the dividing line between prince william and falkier counties. it is the tallest set stone
4:49 pm
structure in the country. the nonprofit turn the mill around is working to preserve the mill and the paths and parkland around it. >> the donations will go toward two things, preserving the mill in its current state and also in putting in new trails and making the park into a historic site for others to see. >> the group hopes to someday restore the mill's wheel. fund-raiser runs from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. saturday and sunday. so we're in for a slow warm-up, you say. >> yeah. tomorrow temperatures are going to be in the low 70s and then near 80 on sunday. >> wow! >> spring tomorrow summer on sunday. overall tomorrow the weather having a low impact on your day overall a nice spring day. good weather for the virginia gold cup temperatures there in the low 70s, maybe an isolated shower tomorrow, only about a 20% chance that we even see that across the entire area. the threat is really low. we're going to be noticing a mix
4:50 pm
of clouds and sunshine and warmer temperatures. sunset time today is at 8:00 p.m. tomorrow the sun sets at 8:01. we'll continue to have the sun set after 8:00 p.m. until august 17th. so one sign that we'll continue to work toward warmer weather. wait until you see the highs next week. this evening, a little bit on the cool side. 63 right now 8:00 p.m. maybe an isolated shower, temperature around 62. 10:00 p.m., 59. you could deal with a shower tonight. here is the latest on storm team4 radar. the metro area is dry right now. notice we're tracking rain around winchester and luray about a 20% chance we're dealing with a shower as well. here's what you can expect tomorrow morning, temperatures to start off a little bit cool, low 50s, 9:00 a.m. mid-50s, 11:00 a.m. temperatures in the low 60s. a mix of cloud and sunshine and dry tomorrow morning. getting into the afternoon hours, that threat of an
4:51 pm
isolated shower about 3:00 to 5:00 p.m., otherwise temperatures will be warmer tomorrow. a high temperature tomorrow of 72 degrees, on sunday plenty of sunshine low humidity and a high temperature of 79. the warming trend continues. for monday plenty of sunshine and a high temperature of 83 degrees. right now our average high is about 71 so you can see every day will be above that average high. tuesday partly sunny skies and a high temperature of 84. now, tuesday evening there is the chance of some showers, maybe a few isolated thunderstorms. that threat continues on into wednesday. otherwise, we're looking at partly sunny skies and a high temperature on wednesday of 80. now, with the temperature warm-up the humidity really isn't going to increase too much. it might feel a little bit humid outside, but for the most part we're just talking about warmer temperatures. on thursday, mostly sunny skies and a high temperature of 79. for friday, partly sunny and a high temperature of 81. now, coming up on news4 at 5,
4:52 pm
new information coming in about the threat of dealing with a shower tonight or tomorrow afternoon, and of course doug will have the latest in a little bit. but, overall, for the most part the weekend looking really nice. a good weekend to get the car washed. >> yeah, i need it. great timing, amelia. thank you. a federal judge throws the book at a fairfax county man guilty of trafficking children for sex. northern virginia bureau chief julie carrie has a preview for us. >> reporter: he was prostituting minors, teenage girls hire in the tysons area and near dulles airport. but now he's going to be behind bars for decades to come. lenny hass kins was sentenced to 40 years in prison today. court documents outline a horrifying story of child sex traffic trafficing. investigate rz say haskins met the teens in california where both had run away from foster homes. he brought them to work as prostitutes in northern virginia to make big money. coming up on news4 at 5, i'll
4:53 pm
tell you about the quota system haskins had in effect for the women and girls who worked for him. he's a role model to pro athletes and politicians. >> but tonight a local man wants you to step up. why he needs help to continue his long legacy of changing lives. >> reporter: d.c.'s mayor launches the new "i wish you knew" campaign giving our youth options and opportunities. mark segraves i'll tell you what th
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
developing right now, protests still under way in baltimore. people are marching to city hall and gathering there after charges were filed today against police officers in the freddie gray case. this is one of several rallies planned for today. and these are the images that captured the nation this week. people rioting in baltimore, many of them teenagers. many people have asked why and who's keeping these young people on the right track? here in washington, a local man is changing lives through boxing. he's a role model to professional athletes and even to politicians. as zachary kiesch reports, he now needs help to keep his legacy going. >> reporter: this is like a museum in here. >> i know. i know. >> reporter: on a street filled with boutique bars and restaurants, the kind of place that's easy to overlook. >> the place is paid for. i bought it. i own it. >> reporter: it's the midtown youth academy. since the early 1960s, eugene
4:57 pm
hughes has used it to support, shelter, nurture, and educate the most vulnerable, teaching with tough love. oh, they box here too. >> boxing is okay. what are you going to do with this? >> reporter: i'm here today because, as we watch young men lash out in baltimore this week and asked whoshgs's doing something about it? over the years all signs point to people like mr. hughes. >> if you want to make it, just keep practicing, work hard. >> reporter: it's youngsters like 13-year-old ray. you probably know him as sugar ray. or this young woman who was in a group home now a lawyer. and the politicians noticed. oh look a young muriel bowser. >> we try hard as hell to get grants, you know in order to keep them in the highlight. >> reporter: i'm also here because hughes is slowing down. he needs some young helpers. he's also in a bit of a financial pinch, trying to keep up with property taxes. >> i'll be in the streets.
4:58 pm
you have to be smart with decisions. >> you don't have to fight with nobody. just fight together. >> reporter: most day physician you're walking by you can find him here with the door wide open. >> i love this building. >> reporter: a place for those in need of direction. holding on but up against the ropes. reporting in northwest d.c., zachary kiesch news4. two big stories developing at 5, a catastrophic collapse and a decision to charge. three levels of a garage cave in at the watergate. we're live as search and rescue teams sift through the damage. first, baltimore's state's attorney drops a hammer on the officers who were involved in freddie gray's arrest. right now rallies are going on in several locations throughout baltimore. most of them look like celebrations more than protests. sections of the city filled with cheering, horns honking after prosecutors announced all six officers will be facing charges. tonight at least five of those
4:59 pm
six officers are in custody. >> baltimore state's attorney marilyn mosby wasted no time today. it was just yesterday that police turned over their investigation to her office. >> the charges are ranging from second degree depraved heart murder, as it's called, to involuntary manslaughter. and gray's death has been ruled a homicide. the prosecutor says that police failed to establish probable cause for his arrest, and moments ago baltimore's police union condemned the decision to file charges. >> we have live team coverage for you tonight beginning with tracee wilkins. she's outside city hall in baltimore. tracee? >> reporter: as you said, marilyn mosby got this investigation from the police department yesterday and then shocked a lot of people when she quickly decided to bring chashgrges herself today as opposed to taking this evidence that she has through a grand jury. she could have done that, got an indictment from the grand jury and then charged. but she decided that instead what she was going to do was
5:00 pm
bring these charges on her own. now, this is very significant, but what she's saying is that, although she just got the police investigation yesterday, she had been investigating this with her team for a very long time. so for days now they have been interviewing witnesses, looking at police interviews and going over that video and paying very close attention to all of the steps. looking at where that police truck went after arresting gray and another man as well looking at the truck they took, why they stopped, conversations that happened inside of the truck, and outside of the truck and then decided at the end of the day that these officers did not do the right thing. now, i want to bring your attention to what's happening here behind me. we mentioned rallies throughout the city. well, this is two of them that have come here to the city hall here in baltimore two different lines of protesters, demonstrators folks who are calling for peace and are celebrating what the state's attorney has decided to do here. now, this all started with


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