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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  May 1, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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to do was bring these charges on her own. now, this is very significant, but what she's saying is that, although she just got the police investigation yesterday, she had been investigating this with her team for a very long time. so for days now they have been interviewing witnesses, looking at police interviews and going over that video and paying very close attention to all of the steps. looking at where that police truck went after arresting gray and another man as well looking at the truck they took, why they stopped, conversations that happened inside of the truck, and outside of the truck and then decided at the end of the day that these officers did not do the right thing. now, i want to bring your attention to what's happening here behind me. we mentioned rallies throughout the city. well, this is two of them that have come here to the city hall here in baltimore two different lines of protesters, demonstrators folks who are calling for peace and are celebrating what the state's attorney has decided to do here. now, this all started with the
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state's attorney coming out and making that amazing announcement today that many were not expecting her to make. they've been reacting all day. the mayor said, no one is above the law. >> warrants have been executed and five officers are in custody. >> reporter: this was the reaction from mayor stephanie rawlings blake after baltimore's state's attorney announced charges for the officers that arrested gray, ranging from second degree murder to manslaughter, assault and false imprisonment. >> i was sickened and heartbroken by the statement of charges that we heard today. >> we have probable cause to file criminal charges. >> reporter: the state's attorney says after days of investigation and working around the clock she decided to charge all six of the officers involved with the freddie gray case. >> we are interrupting to listen to frady gray's family. >> working people of baltimore lose their jobs and businesses
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because of his death. you all know that would totally defeat the purpose of what we are trying to work towards. remember, without justice, there's no peace. but let us have peace and the pursuit of justice. thank you. >> today is a momentous step on the road to justice for freddie. in losing freddie, the gray family has been put through real hell. one can only imagine the tremendous pain and suffering that this family has endured. for the past lossrents' loss of a
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son and the sister's loss of a brother. freddie was taken too early and too horrifically. and the worst of the grays' family days in the history of this family have been the last three weeks. today has given the gray family a measure of hope we thank the state's attorney and her team for their up pressnprecedented courage and their measured and professional response to this crisis. they have our gratitude in their pursuit of justice. however, we must be mind willful that this is a first step, not the last. but, while the state's attorney's office continues to do its work, the community, this community, and other communities like it all over the country
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have much work to do of their own. the overwhelming number of people who have protested over these many days did not know freddie personally but they and the people of philadelphia, new york cincinnati and numerous other cities, numerous other towns and numerous rural areas are expressing their outrage that there are too many freddie grays. and if freddie gray is not to die in vain, we must seize this opportunity to reform police departments throughout this country so that there are no more days and times like this. it is now time for every city including our own, to make all citizens of this country treated with human dignity, unaffected
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by color, religion, gender income or the other irrelevant differences that wrongly exclude them from the human family. let us make this the overarching meaning of justice for freddie. freddie's family is gratified that the ministers, elected officials and others have stepped into the streets to counsel peace. but the family is especially gratified that the young people of america are showing us the way. they are firm, strong, and bound together in a mission for change. our young people have friends, classmate classmates relatives, spouses, and co-workers from all races all colors, all sexual orientations, all religions, and
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all inlcomes who have enabled them to see with unmistakable and unprecedented clarity that we are all members of one race, the human race. with every ounce of their being they express this universal desire for one country, one people people, and they will fight peacefully until that goal is realized. but with all of these unprecedented experiences comes enormous responsibility. because most of us have never been in a place like this before. our young people must show us the way thoughtfully creatively and peacefully. as the greatest leaders in
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recent history gandhi, martin luther king, and nelson mandela have taught us, the only lasting response to evil is love. freddie gray's family thanks you for the love you have shown them. now let us all show them the fruits of that love, real and lasting progress. the lasting changes we make will be freddie's legacy. and the changes we make in baltimore can set the example for this nation. we can start with body cameras. we can continue with tough and enforceable regulations for the "on" switch never to be turned to the "off" switch
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inappropriately. we shall demand better hiring better training better oversight and a new culture of policing. yes, a new culture of policing. where good policing is rewarded. >> billy murphy the attorney for freddie gray's family reacting today to the news that the six officers have been charged in relation to freddie gray's death. you know, all afternoon in baltimore we've been hearing people celebrating in the same spot where earlier this week we saw fires and looting. news4's derrick ward continues our team coverage now with reaction to the demonstrators out there. derrick? >> reporter: indeed, that is the situation here at west north avenue and pennsylvania avenue. there's the cvs behind me. i don't know if you can see it, but there's a peace sign and heart painted on that will building. a few minutes ago there were some riot police staged here, but i can tell you the mood is very different than it was on monday night in this very same location. obviously there are no fires
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now, and there is more of a sense of celebration here. there's been horns since early this morning since word came out that charges will be brought against the six officers involved in the incident. now, if you listen in the background, there is a street corner preacher calling for peace, and there are people on the opposite corner who are holding up signs and cars are coming by blowing their horns and holding up their fists in a victory pose. again, they feel like this is victory. we did talk to one man who said, let's not get too ahead of ourselves. this is just the start of the process. there's more to come. let's listen to what this young man had to say. >> this is just the beginning. this is not a conviction. it's just charges. i have to say i'm actually proud of the people they're able to keep it peaceful in a celebratory manner. they need to understand this is just the beginning. this is not a conviction. these are just charges. but that is the first step forward to see charges brought against officers. >> reporter: again, a bit of a dose of reality. this is a process, and that
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process could stretch out for months. but i think right now people are basking in a big difference between what things were like here earlier. the challenge is this is the first friday under the curfew. at 10:00, as happy as these people are chances are we'll see another group of riot police clearing the streets in line with the curfew. we think that will go peacefully. we'll keep you posted. live in baltimore derrick ward news4. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk. baltimore state's attorney marilyn mosby is the one who announced the criminal charges against all six officers involved in freddie gray's arrest. now we're hearing more from her. nbc news white house correspondent kristen welker sat down with ms. mosby and asked her if she is taking this particular case personally. >> i come from law enforcement. i understand the sacrifice, the commitment. at the same time, you noef i'm an african-american woman. i've been impacted by harassment
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harassment. i've seen the distrust among our communities. i live in the heart of west baltimore. this is not something that i have to turn on the news and open up the newspaper for. this is something that all i have to do is open up my door. >> kristen has a lot more with the state's attorney. you can see more of her interview tonight on "nightly news with lester holt" coming up at 7:00. >> chris, thank you. before the state's attorney announced charges, baltimore's fraternal order of police wrote her a letter requesting she appoint a special prosecutor. the fop president said he had deep concerns about possible conflicts of interest, including, quote, her personal and professional relationship with gray family attorney billy murphy we saw there and the lead prosecutor's connections with members of the local media. he went on to write, quote most importantly, it is clear that your husband's political future will be directly impacted, for better or worse, by the outcome of your investigation.
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a lawyer representing the police lieutenant charged with second degree murder spoke less than an hour ago. he says all of the officers acted reasonably and in accordance with their training when they took gray into custody. >> i have never seen such a hurried rush to file criminal charges which i believe are driven by forces which are separate and apart from the application of law and the facts of this case as we know them. >> now, the attorney went on to stay they plan to try the case in court and not the media. wendy? >> and baltimore's state's attorney marilyn mosby is finding herself in the national spotlight four months into office, 35 years old the youngest top prosecutor of any major city in the country. she comes from a long line of law enforcement, her parents uncles and grandfather were police officers. hert her husband is a baltimore city council member who represents
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the neighborhood where freddie gray was arrested. the moment when mosby read the charges against the six officers it was dramatic and we have posted that video on our app. angry debate and criticism over the cause and treatment for lyme disease. why this issue matters to so many here in the dmv. >> they're so mall, you may use them without knowing why microbeads could be a danger long after you shower. and the new effort to regulate them. controversy swirls around the capitol police unattended guns are tound in some alarming places. we'll tell you where next. you're watching news4 at 5. we continue to watch the water gates where a three-story collapse of the garage there. we have a live report coming up right after this.
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you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh right now emergency crews are at the watergate will building trying to shore up a parking lot that came crashing down there pancake style, this morning sending workers, residents and business owners running for cover. for now, it does not appear that anyone is trapped inside, but there were big concerns about that earlier today. and within the last hour, d.c. mayor muriel bowser toured the
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building along with experts. they just held a news conference, and chris gordon is there with the latest. chris? >> reporter: well, the mayor says that this rescue operation here at the watergate has become a recovery effort. here's exactly how she put it. here's what she said. >> all construction workers have been accounted for. earlier, as part of the response, three dogs that are trained to search for human activity found no evidence of human activity on any of the three levels. a cadaver dog was also sent into the scene and that dog made a possible hit on one of the three levels. the operation has now transitioned from search and rescue to a recovery operation. >> reporter: d.c.'s deputy fire chief says that doesn't necessarily mean that there has been a fatality.
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are searching based on the reasons that the canine indicated. >> reporter: the three levels of the underground garage at the watergate must now be shored up so d.c. firefighters can go in and look. the collapse created a hole 100 feet by 75 feet. the cause of the collapse is not known at this point. one construction worker was transported to a hospital with minor injuries, another who was not hurt badly refused to be transported. the owner of the deli at watergate heard the collapse just about 10:00 this morning. >> prepping for the lunch hour and i hear a big boom and walk outside, and i see a few of the workers right in front of the cvs with a bunch of dust all over them. >> reporter: now, the deli has been closed all day. we are also told that residents of the co-op has not been cleared for occupancy at this point and employees and other office workers from the office building are being allowed
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inside to gather their personal effects but then they must leave until the whole area is shored up and stable that could be well into the night or it could even take the next day or so. that's the latest live at the watergate in downtown washington, chris gordon, news4. >> thank you, chris. making sure young people in our area stay on the right track. >> today d.c. mayor muriel bowser kicked off a conversation with the city's youth called "i wish i knew". >> news4's mark segraves with the story. >> i wish you knew that i wake up every day trying to figure out how to close gaps and create opportunities in d.c. for the people who need it the most. >> reporter: mayor muriel bowser says those gaps in opportunity are part of what lead young people to feel left out and why she's starting the "i wish you knew" campaign. >> i think if we listen to our young people in productive ways and give them an opportunity to vent to us sometimes we'd be surprised with what they have to
5:20 pm
say. >> reporter: today she began that conversation at the youth summer employment job fair where hundreds of d.c. teenagers came looking for a future. >> we've actually expanded the summer employment program for that young man and young woman in the 18 to 24 year age range we've seen on tv for the last week, we know that we have to engage them and provide them with more opportunities. >> reporter: lee came looking for a job in the arts. even if she doesn't find a job today, she's learned a lot. >> it's giving people ideas on what it's like to be in the real world. for anyone that has a resume ready, knowing how to speak properly. >> reporter: beandra's mother is well aware of the pressure young people face and she's been watching what's happening in baltimore. she says there's a lesson in looking for a job for her daughter and other young people. >> she's all about what i'm willing to do within myself to get where i need to be. and not be so much of a follower of negativity.
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>> reporter: biondra has learned that lesson. >> it's such a good opportunity for me. i think if i do this, it will help me for the future not just the summer. >> reporter: in the district, mark segraves, news4. developing tonight an explosive sex trafficking case arrest, uncovered inside a local jail. >> how one inmate was able to prostitute more than a dozen women while he was locked up. we've seen a storm system off the coast all day, temperature now only 61 ocean city at 48 degrees. does this mean we'll have a cool
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>> announcer: and now your storm team4 forecast. a little bit on the dreary side today, a little cool. at least we haven't seen any shower activity, but definitely cool for sure. take a look. the clouds have been here all day. we have seen a little bit in the way of at least some sunshine trying to make its way through the clouds. but, yeah, we've been on the cool side. 61 degrees for our temperature right now, ten degrees below average. winds out of the southeast at about 6 miles per hour. look at the numbers, only 56 in huntingtown, 57 in annapolis with that easterly component to the wind, 61 toward winchester and 66 toward martinsburg. we do have shower activity not around the i-95 corridor, it's all back to the west along i-81 around front royal back along 66 between winchester and woodstock down to luray shannon
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dough wa valley. we'll continue to see isolated showers through this area. this is the where pone area of activity around luray. here's our storm just down to the south. let's take a wider view. you can see the spin here just off the coast. that storm system making its way down toward the south and beginning to pull away. behind it we've got clearing skies and some much better conditions. so if you're heading out this evening, on the cool side for sure. temperatures 57 to 62. make sure you have that jacket if you're thinking of eating outside. i don't think you need the umbrella. future weather, couple of isolated showers around frederick and leesburg. they do try to come toward the metro area, but i don't think you'll see much. i really don't think you would need the umbrella even if you brought it. 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, a few clouds and a few more tomorrow afternoon. but a lot of sunshine with just an isolated chance of a shower tomorrow.
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i think your saturday is looking pretty good high temperatures tomorrow into the 70s, 72 in d.c., 74 fredericksburg, 69 gaithersburg. with sunshine, a very nice and mild afternoon. great event gozing on all weekend long. a ton of them. the greek festival just off bradley boulevard, 7701 bradley boulevard, yesterday all the way through sunday, begins at noon i believe. they have fantastic food and a lot of great funnel out there. if you're heading to the games the next couple of days your kids have baseball soccer football looking very good tomorrow. but look at the next couple of days. i mentioned that pattern change. bam, there it is. 79 on sunday, 83 on monday, 84 on tuesday. that pattern change bringing in much warmer weather. we stay well above average all the way through next week. >> announcer: next, jail cell sex trafficking. how a local inmate was able to operate a prostitution ring while locked up.
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his fist represented the fight. an olympic and civil rights icon brings his message to maryland. >> one big problem with the system, we get up there, we think we beyond the law because they are law. apriln angel in the delivery room. how a young woman in a coma was able to give birth to a b
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big day in baltimore, a lot of reaction to the news that the
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six officers involved in freddie gray's arrest have been criminally charged. chris lawrence with the latest on how the fop is responding to this development. >> the head of the fraternal order of police says he is appalled, and an attorney who is representing one of the officers wondered how the state's attorney could bring second degree murder charges less than two weeks after gray died. >> we are extremely frustrated and shocked by the circumstances that have transpired today. >> i have never seen such a hurried rush to file criminal charges. >> on the street, there was a good bit of celebration still mixed with some concern. some people honked their horns or shouted "justice" while others acknowledge thad an indictment is not the same as a conviction. some residents just want the protests to be over. the state's attorney says officers shackled freddie gray's wrists and ankles, then left him stomach down on the floor of a police van. she says gray was pleading for medical attention, but the officers never helped him.
5:31 pm
>> the last thing that freddie would want is to see the hardworking people of baltimore lose their jobs and businesses because of his death. remember without justice, there's no peace. but let us have peace and the pursuit of justice. >> as of just a few hours ago, five of those six officers had turned themselves in. they're being processed like anyone else and will have a bail hearing within the next 24 hours. jim? >> chris lawrence. chris, thank you. we want more perspective on what led up to these charges in baltimore today and what could come next for the officers. joining me now a very familiar face, another high-profile prosecution in our region glen ivy, former state's attorney for prince george's county. great to see you again. >> thanks for having me. >> let's start with the most serious charge. we have a whole host of charges against the six. but the most serious is a second degree murder charge, called depraved heart murder. what do we mean by this? and what does it carry with it?
5:32 pm
>> it carries up to 30 years in jail potentially. it's a step down from first degree murder in the state there's no premedication, there's no evidence that they planned out the decision to kill someone. but it's so extreme, so egregious that constitutes such reckless conduct that it deserves to be more than manslaughter. so it's kind of in between the two. examples would be like driving a car, speeding a car into a crowd of people. >> okay. >> russian roulette spin the chamber, put it up to somebody's head. those are the scenarios that would constitute depraved heart murder. >> what do prosecutors in this case need to prove to get convictions? >> well, there's a whole range of xharg charges including second degree assault and voluntary manslaughter. i think the likelihood will be here that the conduct that was -- there was a long period of time in which there was a failure to provide medical attention, one of the things she talked about at the press conference, and that it led to his death and that there were
5:33 pm
other act that's the officers committed that were so extreme that they should have known it could have led to his demise. >> we just heard from the fraternal order of police talking about a rush to judgment. these charges to some seem to come quicker than in other cases we've seen around the country. what's behind that? do you think there was a hush here? and could politics or the protests, say, have had a role or an impact in this? >> well i mean, what she said at her press conference was that at the time the death occurred she put a team in place to begin an internal investigation for her office. so i think what she was saying was that this isn't a rush. this isn't i just got the evidence yesterday. they've been looking at this for a period of several weeks. you know, obviously there will be debates about the amount of time it takes in some of the other cases even where they had indictments returned they said it too too long. but i think at the end of the day it will be what happens at
5:34 pm
the end. will there be convictions or not? i think the beginning will be judged by the end. >> and a lot of people are hoping for swift justice. what doesis the time line on something like this? >> well, the next steps you get 30 days or so for her to determine with respect to the grand jury process, if there are going to be indictments that come down. i would think there would be here. then a judge would set a time line for a trial date. there will be motions, for example, change of venue. i would think the police officers would ask to move the trial out of baltimore city and have it held somewhere else. >> sure. >> there will be a lot of strategic moves on their part. i think the key question will be whether she can flip one of these officers and get them to plead guilty and testify against the others. >> interesting. glen ivy, thank you for coming in, as always. >> thpgs for having me. >> wendy, back to you. a father and daughter whose lives changed when a plane crashed into their neighborhood will make an appearance on an uplifting day for their community.
5:35 pm
kit gimbel and his daughter will take part of kentland's day celebration tomorrow. organizers say the two will serve as the parade grand marshals. you have to remember that awful day back in december when that plane crash into their home killing ken's wife, his toddler son and a newborn. donors have now raised nearly $500,000 for the gem ells. it's a story most popular bun on social media today. a young woman on a coma for weeks delivers a baby and doctors will explain how this happened. may 1st kicks off mental health month. it also marks one year since the start of our "changing minds" campaign. music icon judy collins intimately knows the tragedy of depression and suicide. her son clark killed himself when he was 33, and she tried suicide when she was a teenager. i spoke with collins this week about how she's trying to change minds. first of all i've been also a
5:36 pm
sufferer of depression, and i know that that was really what put me over the edge as a teenager. i didn't know what it was, and there was a lot of anger. there was a lot of frustration. there was a lot of perfectionism perfectionism, which went into it. and then, of course, after i tried, nobody ever mentioned it again. i think there was one conversation, and that was the end of it. as though i were well cured, when actually if you survive a suicide attempt i think it's just the beginning of a lifetime of at least awareness and struggle. but when i got to new york city in 1963 and moved there i got straight into therapy. and i always say that i got into therapy because it was in the lease, but that's to make a joke of it. i needed to talk about this. and i talked about this for years. >> did it help? >> of course it helped because there was someone sitting in the chair talking to me about these problems. i didn't recognize depression as
5:37 pm
depression until i got into therapy and started to talk about it. >> our conversation with judy collins continues tomorrow morning. join us at 10:00 as we tackle the difficult subject of mental illness in a "changing
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cop assume consumer reporter erika gonzalez joins us. >> we're talking about microbeads his tiny plastic beads in facial scrubs and body washes. today lawmakers proposed legislation to ban the sale of products containing the beads, saying they're bad for the environment. it's called the microbeads-free waters act of 2015. it would ban the sale of products with the beads by 2018. proponents of the bill argue the beads are too small to be filtered out by most sewer treatment facilities and are making their way into our water ways. they say the beads can absorb chemicals and be mistaken for food by fish and other wildlife. >> the potential is fish, other wildlife mistake that for food toxins can accumulate in the plastics, and that has the potential to create an adverse impact. >> we also reached out to the personal care products council which represents the companies that manufacture the company with microbeads. it declined an on-camera
5:41 pm
interview at the hearing today and referred us to its testimony which says its member companies have committed to discontinue making products with plastic microbeads. jim, back to you. >> erika thank you. now to a case that's so rare doctors tell us it's only happened just a few dozen times in the past two decades. a young woman expecting her second child collapsed and wound up in a coma. she was 22 weeks into her pregnancy at the time. doctors say the woman suffered bleeding in the brain and would never recover. >> the family asked us to try and prolong carla's life and try to maintain her as long as possible. >> 54 days later doctors delivered a baby boy named angel. he's still in the nicu. they say the mother's organs helped to save three people in need of transplants. he has fought for racial and social justice for decades. today the man who raised that
5:42 pm
unforgettable fist at the '68 olympics delivers a powerful message to maryland youth. and we're talking about better and improving conditions across our area right now but still a couple of showers.
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
of. >> we have a massive fire burning in columbus, highway hoif. we have live pictures of this inferno, flames ripping through a wood pallet company. there's a lot to food that fire. several roads blocked off. no word on any injuries. a man who police say ran a prostitution ring out of his fairfax county jail cell just got one of the harshest
5:45 pm
sentences ever for a sex trafficker. >> our northern virginia bureau chief julie carey joins us live from tysons corner one of the areas that lenny haskins used to prostitute women. >> reporter: investigators say lenny haskins set the teens up in hotels here in tysons and herndon. now those teens are safe. lenny haskins was just sentenced to 40 years in prison, one of the heaviest terms for a child sex trafficker ever given in our area. his real name is lenny haskins, but court documents reveal a long list of nicknames. he wanted the girls and women to call him daddy or "p." some were tattooed with another alias, 2 much. he met the 15 and 17-year-old girls in california, runaways from foster care. he brought them no northern virginia one of the most lucrative spots for human traffic willing. this woman has an organization that gets help for women in the trade. >> northern virginia has such
5:46 pm
high income and they know that. so they're well aware there's buyers here. >> reporter: news4 first reported on lenny haskins in 2013 when he was pimping from behind bars at the fairfax county jail. and ordered women to bring their earnings to his commissary account. in court today, prosecutors asked for a hefty sentence. they say haskins set $1,000 a day earning quotas for the women and girls, gave them drugs so they could work longer hours and part of the terrible bargain he could have sex with the teens. the judge imposed the 40-year term. >> we will find out about it, and it will be stopped. that's the message that i hope will be sent. >> reporter: but duffhfield reminds the girls that what happened to them was wrong. >> they have good people surrounding them to help them, and they have a bright future to look forward to. >> reporter: now, earlier this week i told you the disturbing story of a woman who was selling sex from a hotel room out in
5:47 pm
herndon with her 3-year-old son at her side. coming up on news4 at 6, i'll tell you about the connection between haskins and her. back to you now. >> julie, thank you. about 100 protesters marched outside the infectious disease society of america today in arlington. they're calling for a change in the guidelines regarding lyme disease. the demonstrators say they're living proof that lyme disease can cause long-term problems. they're calling on the infectious disease society to acknowledge that. well, we are ready for it. we're ready for some 80 degree temperatures. >> and boy have i got a weather pattern for you. >> all right we're ready! >> i'm telling you, everybody is going to be excite birthday this one. the same weather pattern we've seen all winter long is what's bringing us this cool air trough of low pressure in the east. that's all good to change into next week. a live shot toward reston, not bad. we're seeing a little bit in the way of sunshine.
5:48 pm
trying to peek through, toward reston d.c. more cloud cover, currently mostly cloudy yiy skies 61 degrees. we'll drop to the 50s around 9:00 10:00 11:00. if you're going out tonight, you may actually need the jacket, not just in the 50s but a little moisture out there. it make it's feel a little cooler across the region. 65 in rockville, 59 in bowie 58 in annapolis, upper marlboro. a very chilly evening. we're going to continue to be on the chilly side. we are watching a few showers, notice a few toward hagers attorney, martinsburg and back toward the west. this is the bulk of the shourt activity warren county around front royal from front royal down 340 down towards luray. we'll continue to see showers, most of them well west of the d.c. metro area. notice a few more coming down, hagerstown hagerstown, parts west virginia and maybe parts of northern virginia. this whole area will shift to the east very slowly. i don't think they'll make it into d.c. but even if they do you'll see a quick shower. that's going to be it.
5:49 pm
tomorrow's forecast, sun a few clouds, very nice. temperatures 68 to 74. now, can't rule out a stray shower, but all in all nice. jim and wendy, did you know about this? tomorrow such a nice day, it's also veronica johnson's birthday! >> oh, nice! >> i always do something great for veronica, but she took the day off today. i wonder why. happy birthday to you love working with you here at channel 4. now, next couple of days also great weather for the weekend events. the apple blossom fest will be great, avon 39 walk fantastic, and girls on the run 5k, amelia segal will be down there for that, we're in the green all weekend long for these event thz weekend. next few days, here's what everybody has been waiting for. 72 on saturday. an isolated shower but again most of us dry. 79 on sunday. sunday is gorgeous. monday gorgeous 83. 84 on tuesday nice and warm 80 wednesday with a chance for an isolated shower or thunderstorm. and we stay well above average
5:50 pm
all the way through next week. yes! all right, doug, thank you. congressional leaders are calling it extremely concerning and unacceptable. a report by role call found capitol police officers left guns unattended at least three times this year. roll call reports one case involved a gun left in a bathroom stall at the capitol visitors center, another involved a child finding a gun and house speaker john boehner's suite. each of these cases allegedly involved glocks which, unlike guns with a traditional safety, will fire if you pull the trigger. hannah graham's father is calling it an opportunity to create a silver lining in the tremendous cloud of his daughter's fate. those words as the university of virginia launches a new memorial award in hannah graham's memory. graham was abducted and murdered at the beginning of this school year. this award will help a student pay for field work in a developing country where they
5:51 pm
speak french. it will reflect graham's passion for global health, french culture and service to others. well, it's a multimillion-dollar bout that will draw millions of eyes to tv screens here and across the country. but on everybody is looking to tomorrow's big boxing match. zachary kiesch explains why doctors are worried about the outcome of the fights and the sport at large. >> reporter: seth killaby billups turned pro last march. >> think about hitting a home run, if you swing muscle it too hard, it's a foul ball. >> reporter: the k.o., what boxers like this dedicate their lives to. it's also what concerns dr. dr. curtis gupta, a physician who focuses on brain trauma. >> i cringe when people say, i want to see i knockout. i know what happens. eefrp time you get knocked out, your brain is sloshing around in
5:52 pm
the skull. >> reporter: i caught up with the doctor at the medstar rehabilitation hospital to talk about this weekend's big fight concussions, and possible long-term effects of life in the ring. >> so a concussion does not necessarily mean a knockout. a concussion just means a brain injury from impact where you have some changes afterwards. >> reporter: billups says one opponent got a clean shot on him. >> at the moment i didn't necessarily feel pain. when it generally comes down later you feel it. >> reporter: doctors have more info than ever and yet the long-term effects aren't entirely clear. >> sometimes the jaw being rattled from the side is what leads to the knockout. >> reporter: when you see that neck snap, when you see the boxer stagger, it may mean a concussion but not a knockout, which means the winning fighter could walk away suffering multiple concussions on saturday. >> everyone thinks about it to a degree. i try not to think about it too much just because it kind of comes with the territory you know. it's kind -- you know what
5:53 pm
you're signing up for. >> reporter: reporting in northwest d.c. zachary kiesch news4. he raised his right fist in a stand for human rights. >> and his message still resonates more than four decades later. new tonight, our one-on-one interview with an olympic hero tommy smith. and we continue to follow breaking news, that massive fire roaring in columbus, ohio. live pictures, that is a wood pallet company going up in flames.
5:54 pm
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keep your eyes to the skies tomorrow in prince william county. the annual manassas regional air show and open house kicks off at 10:00 a.m., our northern virginia bureau caught this marine corps osprey landing at the airport today in advance of the event. that's pretty cool. there will be dozen of aircraft and other displays that feature several local arrow bat ick performer performers. >> we're looking to have younger folks learn about aviation, see the aircraft and hopefully have an interest in aviation and make a career out of it. >> there will be food vendors and free shuttle buses. this event is free, but donations will be accepted to benefit three local charities. >> you can expect more traffic tie-ups along one stretch of 395 this weekend and it will last for a while. crews are going to reduce the off-ramp on 395 to mass avenue down to one lane starting at mitd midnight.
5:57 pm
around the 3rd street tunnel. as you know major construction under way there. that could take up to 19 months for this to be completed. the transportation department will also lower the speed limit to 35 miles an hour and are camera. his raised fist at the 1968 olympics became one of the most iconic moments in the civil rights movement. today tommy smith visited our area. >> smith has fought for racial and social justice. today news4's shomari stone got his take on the baltimore protests this week and the charges today against those six officers. >> how can one react? put a smile on your face and thank the system for doing its job. >> reporter: tommy smith is pleased six baltimore police officers have been charged in the death of freddie gray. >> i think that decision is a decision that has been looked forward to for a long time. >> reporter: it's been a long time nearly 50 years since this american icon took the stand for civil rights. at the 1968 olympics, the gold
5:58 pm
medal champion shown in the middle raised a clenched fist to protest racism. he shared his story with students at charles herbert flowers high school in prince george's county. >> it was a cry for freedom. i was devour24 years old. i was in texas seeing my father taunted by the system, by the white man, knowing it was wrong but what could i do then? i didn't know how to challenge wrong. this was my way of giving back. >> reporter: he admits the country has made big steps for equality but says the death of freddie gray now ruled a homicide is a reminder that we still have a way to go. >> we still have a problem. it's almost 50 years, but it doesn't mean it's done. it means it's time to continue work. >> reporter: he condemns looting and lawlessness. what was your reaction when you saw the violent protests in baltimore on monday? >> i sat back and said, god help us all. we all need help that will suspend that type of stupidity. >> reporter: today he signs
5:59 pm
autographs and takes pictures with teens in hopes of inspiring them. >> to identify the need for us to come together and work on equality, work on the satisfaction of being treated the same and not to be tolerated as being different because of the color of our skin. >> reporter: because he believes all lives including black lives, matter. in prince george's county, shomari stone. tonight, trouble at the watergate. a big collapse there and rescuers are still working to figure out if anybody is trapped inside. in baltimore emotions running high as six police officers report after they have been charged in the death of freddie gray. >> there will be justice for mr. gray. there will be justice for his family. and there will be justice for the people of baltimore. an announcement made today that is bringing celebration and protests to the streets of baltimore. >> freddie gray's death ruled a homicide now. tonight, six officers are
6:00 pm
charged and police are already calling for the top prosecutor to excuse herself. the charges against the officers range from murder to false arrest, an we just heard from the family of freddie gray about the big developments today. >> these charges are an important step in getting justice for freddie. and we ask that whoever comes to our city a city that we love, a city that we live in, come in peace. and if you are not coming in peace, please don't come at all. >> we have team coverage tonight. derrick ward near the cvs that was looted and burned and turned into the hub of celebrations today. but we begin with tracee wilkins at city hall. tracee? >> reporter: well, jim, in the last few minutes, we have seen all the protesters who were here behind me clear out of the square here in front of city hall and move down to the jail where now they are


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