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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 2, 2015 8:30am-9:31am EDT

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but 99% of everyone's weekend, nothing to worry about outside. here's the view from our tower outside. looking down to our next door neighbor. there's wisconsin avenue up into bethesda and southern montgomery county. beautiful morning outside. we have a few clouds in the skies, but they're not rainmaking clouds just yet. temperatures have warmed quite a bit. low to mid-50s around the mote row. 59 in leesburg. we should easily be up into the low and mid-60s by lunchtime today. afternoon highs today into the low and mid-70s. there is a chance for one or two pop-up showers today. honestly you don't need to worry about that too much. if you're a part of the avon walk anything you're doing with all the outdoor plans. both days look amazing. we continue to follow a developing story in the district. search crews are expected to look through the rubble following a garage collapse at
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the watergate building. derrick ward is live there with overnight developments. good morning, derrick. >> reporter: good morning. what you need to know is that virginia avenue and the other side of 25th street is now closed between -- at 25th street at the parkway by the river. take a look. you can see why. this happened just after 10:00 a.m. yesterday morning. a 40 by 40 foot section of an indoor parking garage pancaked down onto several other levels below it. now, we do know that the overnight they brought in some metal beams and steel beams to shore up the remains of the structure. what is happening right now is that there was a cadaver dog that alerted on a 12 foot pile that remains there as a result of that collapse. they weren't able to actually get in and do some intense searching of that pile until they shored up what remained of the structure. that search continues. a lot of the search and rescue
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efforts in this area have been sent to nepal to deal with the earthquake. but we know at least one cadaver dog and its handler is here. the cause of this collapse remains under investigation at this point. there has been construction going on in this complex for some time. we do know there were cars in the structure at the time it collapsed. hence the efforts now of making sure there is no one in there or if there is trying to get to them. we're live at foggy bottom. derrick ward news4. today protesters plan to march against police brutality in baltimore. at noon marchers will begin marching towards city hall. arrested 15 protesters for violating the city's curfew. there are no longer tactical alert teams there in the city. but a curfew will remain in effect through the weekend. freddie gray became hurt in police custody and later died. now, this morning all six
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baltimore city police officers involved in his death are facing criminal charges. take a look here. these are e the mug shots. officer caesar goodson facing the toughest charge. he was driving the van carrying gray. three other officers are charged with involuntary manslaughter. they are charged with assault. all six officers bonded out of jail last night. police arrested freddie gray nearly three weeks ago for carrying a knife in a press conference yesterday baltimore states attorney said the officers did not have cause to actually arrest gray. once he was arrested they failed to keep him safe inside that police transport van. >> the knife was not a switchblade and is lawful under maryland law. once again, mr. gray was not secured by a seat belt in the wagon. >> the police officer's union fired back at mosby's decision to charge the officers. it is calling for an independent
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prosecutor to review that report. >> no officer caused harm to mr. gray and they are truly saddened by his death. they have grave concerns about the fairness integrity of the prosecution. >> now the central part of this investigation was freddie gray's transportation to the police station. for a detailed timeline of that ride open the nbc washington app on your phone. well the british royal family welcoming a new princess this morning. her royal highness the duchess of cambridge has given birth to a girl. she weighs 8 pounds 3 ounces. you're taking a live look here at st. mary's hospital in paddington this morning. a lot of activity out there which you don't see is the scores of cameras and photographers and reporters who are there right now. this story is lighting up social media worldwide today. we're learning that both mom and baby they're doing just fine. no name has been released by
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kensington palace. we'll have a live report later in this hour. this morning police need your help solving a triple shooting. the shooting happened in a parking lot along a strip mall along the richie road in capital heights. we know three men were shot. one is in critical condition right now. the other two are expected to be okay. police say this was not a random attack. if you do have any information about the shooting call prince george's county police. >> if you use the yellow line the eisenhower and huntington stations will be closed this weekend as metro resumes track work. also delays on the red, green, and orange lines. the silver and blue lines will operate under a normal weekend schedule. head to the nbc washington app for the full list of changes before you head out this weekend. guns found unattended at the u.s. capitol. how capitol police are responding to a report about three separate incidents including one where a gun was
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found in speaker boehner's suite. may day protests get out of control in seattle. police and protesters hurt in those clashes. and a week after talking publicly about his gender identity why one family i
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99.9% network reliability because when everything is running right, all those small things you do every day can turn into something big. team up with fios for this great limited-time offer. firefighters are trying to figure out what started a blaze at a recycling plant in ohio. take a look. nearby businesses reported hearing explosions from that fire. it happened yesterday afternoon. no one was hurt. my goodness. [ explosions ] check that out. a scene from a may day protest in seattle. police arrested 15 people. may day is a time for people to rally for workers' rights. this year things got out of hand as you can tell from this video.
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police say protesters threw bricks. at least three officers were hurt and 25 cars were damaged. also in seattle, police rescued a man stuck in a basketball hoop. look at this video. wow. police say his ankle was stuck in the net. someone found a ladder and they were able to help bring him down. >> don't know if he was trying to dunk or how he got stuck up there. bruce jenner is being sued for his part in a deadly crash in california. jenner was involved in a multi-car crash on a pacific coast highway in february. he rear ended a lexus that ended up going into cross traffic and was hit head on killing the driver. details of the suit has not been released. jenner has not been charged in the crash. this morning b.b. king is waking up in hospice care. on his website the blues legend says that he is at his home in las vegas. he also thanks all his fans for
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their prayers and well wishes. king was in the hospital on thursday. he is known for his music and of course that black gibson electric guitar named lucille. last october he canceled the final shows of his 2014 tour after falling ill. the rock and roll hall of famer played at the christmas tree lighting ceremony five years ago. we want to take a live look at dulles airport this morning where more than 100 volunteers will take part in an emergency exercise at the airport today. the exercise is designed to help in responding to a large scale plane crash. the drill kicked off around 8:30 this morning and will continue until noon. but don't worry. it's business as usual for all passengers today. affordable housing is a problem here in the district. today you can voice your concerns about the lack of affordable places to live. at the eighth annual tenant town hall. that will take place between noon and 3:00 p.m. in northwest. the annual meeting allows you to talk to officials about tenant
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issues and solutions in the district. something is going to be different on your next trip to ocean city. the new rules you'll need to know on the boardwalk. and you're going to want to go outside, soak up that sunshine today. chuck says it's going to be pretty nice. and next week he says it's going to get even better. >> wow. plus where you can kick it with the newest players on the redskins tea
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capital police are responding to a report that revealed officers left guns in capitol building bathrooms. there are reports of at least three incidents this year alone. in one of those incidents, a young boy found a loaded gun in speaker boehner's suite. a police spokesperson says the report should not have been released to the public. but the spokesperson also says that the department takes rule breaches very seriously. a house committee called the incidents unacceptable and demanded more information from police. changes to your summer vacation before it even begins. you won't be able to smoke on the ocean city boardwalk, the beach accessways or shelters. smoking ban went into effect yesterday. you can't have cigars pipes, or even e-cigarettes. smoking still allowed on the beach within a designated area. it seems many of you are concerned about hillary clinton's honesty. that's according to a new associated press gfk poll.
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nearly four in ten democrats and more than half the independents asked agreed that honesty is not the best word for her. a majority of those asked, agreed clinton is strong and decisive. but only a minority thinks she is inspiring and likable. well this morning, musician b.b. king is waking up in hospice care. his website says he is at home in las vegas. we brought this story to you earlier. >> that's right. want to wish him the best. >> yes. and we do want to mention that the wizards will take on the atlanta hawks in the eastern conference semifinals. the hawks beat the nets last night. game one is sunday in atlanta at 1:00 p.m. we're looking at video of the nfl draft, so that's not the right video, but go ahead and let you know the wizards will play their next game on saturday. >> there's your full schedule of the wizards' next round of
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playoffs. lots going on sportswise here in d.c. we had the nfl draft which was awesome. that was the redskins first round draft pick you saw the video of there. you got the wizards who were taking on the hawks. and the caps are also in action today. it is going to be game two of their series against the rangers. so lots going on for the home teams. >> they've been busy too. first pitch adam tuss. >> oh, yeah. see that guy winding up and watch the pitch. boom. >> should have been underhanded. >> you're supposed to. but that would have been a disaster. so i threw it down. last night i got to throw out the first pitch at the softball game who's at yorktown high school. it raised money for the sharon mcgowan breast cancer fund. she's an arlington mother who lost her battle with cancer while raising eight kids.
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and she -- i talked to her oldest son yesterday. she was going through all that and raising the kids at the same time. >> a mother's job is never done. what a strong brave woman. eight children. >> amazing. >> we bow to you. >> no kidding. >> thanks for having me out last night. tafs lot of fun. today is a great day to go outside, run around do what you want to do. >> so many great things going on. apple blossom time in winchester winchester virginia. the avon 39 mile walk is in town this weekend. it's open house for the embassies. if you can't find something fun to do outside this weekend, you're just not trying hard enough everybody. so many great things. and the weather is going to be very cooperative as well. both days i think are going to be dry in and around town. the slightest shower chance of southern maryland today. but really by and large, if you're trying to make the weekend plans, you can do it and not worry too much about it. warming trend has arrived, everybody. today we're going to be about 10 warmer than yesterday.
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only made 64 yesterday with the showers and clouds. could touch 80 degrees tomorrow. and likely going to be 80 degrees or higher every day this coming week. that will make it the warmest week since labor day of last year. it's been a long time since we've had five 80-degree days in a row. but it could do it this week. had some great pictures. i've been mentioning the fog. there's the fog hanging down over the shenandoah valley this morning. fog is burning off quickly now. clearing sky right now, 54 degrees at reagan national airport. winds out of the south at 5. what to expect this weekend? another cool morning coming up tomorrow. but both today and tomorrow afternoon will be nice and mild. and 99% rain free. i'd tell you if it was 100%. it's just a 99% dry weekend. temperatures now 61 leesburg and winchester. still a cooler mid-40s where the
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fog has beenoff. if you're going out to enjoy the afternoon today, temperatures will be in the low to mid-70s for most of the afternoon. and if you're going out to dinner and a movie tonight, mild and dry. temperatures near 70 at sundown. and mid-60s earlier this evening. there goes the last of the rain showers draining out of southern parts of virginia. and high pressure is building in. no rain for us really on an organized scale today. and look how quiet it is all over the eastern u.s. here's future weather. here's the reason there's the slightest chance for a shower in southern maryland today. by and large, you can see most of us remain dry overnight tonight and into early tomorrow. you can actually wash the car. mainly dry weather ahead. next organized chance for rain looks to be appearing on wednesday. here's future weather through the day tomorrow. but even there, those are widely scattered hit and miss showers. that is just about all you got
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to worry about. seven-day forecast for you. tomorrow mostly sunny and near 70 degrees. 79 rather. and then up into the 80s we go monday through friday this week. i put an 80 each and every day in the seven-day for you. >> chuck, thank you. we like it. a new project by a university is showcasing how millennials view mental health issues. a survey with about 900 student responders shows broad acceptance for those diagnosed. the study along with videos articles and resources has been put up online. you can get that website through ours at all you have to do is search millennial mental health. and a year ago news4 launched "changing minds." this is a campaign to get people talking about a topic that most of us don't want to talk about. and that is mental health. well we'll have a lot more about mental health in a special "changing minds" program that a
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airing this morning at 10:00 a.m. 8:50 now. one website booted a group trying to raise funds for the charged baltimore officers. >> yeah. why go fund me doesn't want the group using their site. a news4 consumer watch takes a closer look at the "s" word in that word "sale." what we found
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welcome back. today you can head to northern virginia for the manassas regional air show. very cool. the open house starts at 10:00 this morning. the marine corps osprey landed yesterday in advance of the event. you can see dozens of aircraft and other displays that feature several aerobatic performers. >> so we're looking to have the younger folks come out here and learn about aviation see the aircraft and hopefully have an interest in aviation and make a career out of it. >> there will also be food vendors and free shuttle buses there. designated parking areas are there. donations will be accepted to benefit three local charities. >> they're going to have nice blue skies for that. >> it's great. sale prices. we see them all the time and we assume they're deep discounts for a limited amount of time. but what if something's always offered at a sale price? >> is it really a sale? >> that's the question. >> erika gonzalez tells us why jumping at the word sale may not really be what you think it is.
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>> reporter: sarah sheldon loves a good bargain. >> there are certain stores if i see a sale i always go to. >> reporter: and she wants the sale to be big, huge. >> anything under 40% is not really worth my time. >> reporter: but what if you could get the same 40% off deal four nine months later? is it really a sale? nonprofit decided to find out. it tracked the prices of dozens of products at eight national chains once a week for 44 weeks. the nonprofit found sears, macy's and kohl's had at least half the items checkbook priced on sale most of the time. look at this mixer and this redlienre recline recliner. both on sale 44 weeks out of 44 weeks. >> the worst example of this was sears. sears for almost all the items we checked, the items were more often than not always on sale. >> reporter: and some of the discounts appeared steep. >> we'd have an item that the regular price was listed at
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$1200 and would be on sale for $800. week after week after week after week. 40% markdown every week. >> reporter: so what makes a sale really a sale? turns out, there's no legal standard for how to determine a sale price. though a permanent sale made by an unfair or deceptive practice in some states including d.c. maryland and virginia. >> is it illegal for something to be on sale all the time? >> well it's for sure dishonest. >> reporter: we asked sears, macy's and kohl's to respond to the research. sears tells us its pricing is not misleading or deceptive. quote, we provide discounts to our members and customers in a number of different legally compliant ways. it is unfortunate that did not appear to take these into account before making assumptions. macy's said pricing cadence varies for each item based on
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the nature of s<y and other things. the items on the list were not monitored every day. macy's promotes sales by day, not by week. macy's says it strives to comply with all rules and regulations and kohl's did not respond. how do you know if you're getting a good deal? >> never assume a sale price a s a good price. >> reporter: and to help in shopping -- >> ask a salesperson to hold that item for you for another week or another month. >> reporter: while you check the competition for a lower price, one thing is clear. once you know you're getting a deal go for it. >> i feel like there's always sales. >> reporter: that's a good thing for you. >> yeah. it's great. >> consumer reporter eric is a gon -- erika gonzalez there. let's take a live look outside st. mary's hospital in london. kate middleton delivered a baby girl this morning. we have a live report from the celebrations coming up next. also right now the search is
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underway for a missing boy in virginia. take a look at the screen here. what state police are warning about his father. and chuck bell is timing out a pretty nice warm-up for this saturday. when we could hit
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9:00 on the dot. which means it's time to get a
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check on our forecast. >> that's right. chuck bell standing by with a pretty nice looking forecast. >> it's a beautiful morning out here on the front lawn. you probably can't see it but there's quite the air show going on right over my head. we've got a couple of really mad blue jays out here and they're trying to chase the crows away. a whole lot of squawking going on here on the front lawn this morning. it's a nice day everywhere. here's how it looks from vantage points around town. this is looking into prince george's county. a beautiful morning there. full sunshine. there's the view looking southbound over downtown washington and the potomac. and dulles international airport. after a little bit of fog early this morning, now that's all gone. it's a beautiful morning out there at dulles. temperatures now 55 at manassas 55 in washington. already low 60s in the shenandoah valley where it's apple blossom festival time. up into the low and mid-70s. plenty of sunshine today going out to the apple blossom festival and enjoy that.
9:02 am
both today and tomorrow there could be one slight little chance for a shower. i'll show you that on future weather coming up in just a bit. for now i better get out from under this air show up here. can you hear all that? >> yeah. either that or hope you have a change of clothes. >> you're in the danger zone buddy. get out of there. thanks chuck. all right. well the brits have a new royal baby. the duchess of cambridge has given birth to a baby girl. >> no name has been released by kensington palace just yet. kelly cobiella is outside the hospital. when can we expect to learn the name of the new royal princess? >> reporter: that's right. it's always great to deliver this kind of news to the world, isn't it? if only i knew. i wish i knew when they were going to tell us the name. i mean if george is any guide, it won't happen today. but then again, this birth has been very different from the
9:03 am
birth of prince george. prince william drove kate to the hospital very early this morning about 6:00 in the morning london time. about two and a half hours later, a prince success was born. prince william said to be at kate's side when the baby was born. and kensington palace tweeted out the news. the fans here roared out an approval and sang and danced and gave the hip hip hoorays. the tweets saying the healthy girl weighed 8 pounds 3 ounces and was born at 8:34 local time. london is already celebrating. the city will be lit up in pink tonight. there's a supersized flag flying over buckingham flag in celebration. and that very traditional easel with the framed announcement the paper proclamation of the baby's birth is already placed outside buckingham palace. crowds of tourists filing by to get a glimpse. george was born in the afternoon and the parents and george
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stayed here overnight. on day two they came out, talked to the media, posed for pictures and then drove home. on day three, we learned george's name. now, because this birth happened so quickly and so early in the day, there's speculation we may actually see prince william, the duchess kate and this new princess as early as this afternoon. but that is purely speculation. no official word yesterday from the palace. >> all right. >> we'll be watching. >> yep. kelly cobiella for us in london telling us how the great kate wait is over. >> the great kate wait. i like that. very good. >> thanks kelly. prince george's county police trying to figure out how a boy inside a car was cut. it happened just before 6:00 p.m. last night at the addison plaza shopping center in capitol heights. the boy and a young relative were in the car when he was hurt.
9:05 am
he's in serious condition. working to find out more this morning. virginia state police need your help in finding a missing 2-year-old boy. police say jameson linberry-pollard has gone missing. the boy's father may suffer from mental health issues. if you have information, police want b to hear from you. theduring a press conference gray's attorney thanked the attorney for her courage. freddie gray's father says there must be peace in the pursuit of justice for his son. >> if you are not coming in peace, please don't come at all. the last thing freddie would want is to see the hard-working people of baltimore lose their jobs and businesses because of his death. >> the family says they were in shock but satisfied when they heard about the charges. the popular fund raising website go fund me has
9:06 am
disallowed contributions for the officers charged with freddie gray's death. yesterday the baltimore police union opened an account to raise legal funds for the six officers that were charged. go fund me quickly removed that account. the spokesperson released a statement saying go fund me cannot be used to benefit those who are charged with serious violations of the law. marks one week since a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck nepal. nepal's government says grains salt, sugar, along with 400,000 tents have been put up and brought in for aid. the government temporarily banned the slaughter of animals and the sale of meat and fish in parts of kathmandu. nepal's leaders say that measure is to prevent diseases from breaking out. the tragedy of a uva student's murder is being turned into something positive. how hannah graham's family is committed to helping other students succeed. and if you like wine well we're going to tell you about a first that's planned for the district. and if you like triumph
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stories, you're going to love this one. the inspiring story of a young woman who didn't let a devastating disease discouraging her from achieving her dreams. lets say this is your tv and these are the channels you pay for with cable but these are the types of channels you actually want to watch what if you could pay for what you want, and not for what you don't
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so you could get kids channels sports... or entertainment mix and match, or get them all. now fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv starting at $74.99 -- including internet and phone. cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice.
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wchlelcome back. hannah graham disappeared from downtown charlottesville shortly after the start of the school year. her body was found six weeks later. $10,000 will be awarded to a student who embodies her passion for global health french culture, and service to others. >> this is our way to have a silver lining in the tremendous cloud that hannah represented to us. >> jesse matthews is facing multiple charges in hannah's death. in the day ahead, a special
9:10 am
honor for a maryland second grader who lost her mom and brothers in a deadly accident. arabell and her father ken will serve as grand marshals of the kentlands state parade. the mother and boys died when a plane hit their neighborhood last year. the community has rallied around them since that accident. also today, you can head over to the funk parade in the district. it's going to step off at the howard theater in northwest about 5:00 this afternoon. now, the parade will go down u street and end at the lincoln theater. it's the first time the district will shut down part of the corridor for an event in 17 years. you can dance to the beat, bring your own instruments. no floats or cars will be part of the parade. >> that is going to be one fun party. okay. so you may soon be visiting a winery right here in the district but not for awhile. a new york-based winery is in talks to be d.c.'s first winery and event venue.
9:11 am
it would be based at the capitol river front in southeast. plans are still in the early stages but we're learning the working name for the venue is the district winery which i think is quite fitting. >> i'm in. let's go. i'm sold. >> doesn't take much. >> no. 9:11 on this saturday morning. did you know that gossiping could be good for you? >> i don't think that's good for anything. i just don't. well the benefit that could help you while you are at work. i'm going to listen to that one. >> okay. a lye look outside right now. we're going to hear from chuck bell who is timing out when you can expect that 80-degree weather.
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want to get you up to speed on the breaking news of the morning from across the pond. let's take a lye look at st. mary's hospital in paddington now where there is a new royal princess. >> that's right her royal highness the duchess of cambridge has given birth to a little girl. you can take a look at some -- we had some video earlier. they brought out the official paper proclamation. it's like on a plaque. here it is. >> it's a whole procedure. >> it really is. and so that pretty much holds in place the announcement. it has everyone's signatures. but everybody outside of this betting on the name. >> here's where my interest comes in. bookies in britain are taking bets on the names.
9:15 am
charlotte seems to be the favorite followed by alice, elizabeth, victoria and diana. >> charlotte of cambridge sounds very regal. that is also kate's sister's middle name. but all of the names tend to have a royal connection. >> how would you even know though? i mean how could you -- just pick a name. >> i tell you i picked george last time around. i didn't bet on it. i didn't make any money. >> >> well there are your list of names. so one model during fashion week walked with her walking and got a standing ovation. we caught up with her straight from the catwalk at a hospital in maryland. >> she's still recovering from a rare disease that up until a year ago had her paralyzed. doreen gentzler has this story of battling paralysis. >> reporter: there were no symptoms. nothing at all unusual. just an ordinary day for megan
9:16 am
silcot who was then 16 years old. but for some reason on that day, her immune system decided to wage war on her own body. >> i was terrified. i didn't really know what was happening. i didn't have any type of movement through my toes all the way up to my arms. i had some movement in my left arm, but none in my right. >> reporter: doctors told her she had developed adem. it's a condition believed to be caused by a virus that triggers the immune system to attack the tissue surrounding the spinal cord. when that tissue is damaged, the brain can't transmit signals to the rest of the body telling it how and where to move. so patients are paralyzed. >> what we see is devastating. >> reporter: this doctor specializes in spinal cord jurs at the kennedy krieger institute in baltimore. she says many patients who develop adem get better on their own. but in about 1/3 of the cases including megan's there are
9:17 am
major neurologic consequences. >> you can get better but you always have to work at it. >> i had to think why me but i also thought this isn't going to be me. >> reporter: after being on a ventilator in the intensive care unit for six days and then in the hospital for two weeks, megan said the virus had run its course. she soon learned she would need to do intense physical therapy just to learn how to walk and use her body again. and then she got an offer that would change her life. a fashion designer looking for an inspirational story asked megan to model one of her looks during her show at new york fashion week. >> i was completely up for the challenge. i was like oh of course i'll walk in new york fashion week. like what young new york girl doesn't want to? >> my first reaction was no. first you learn how to walk normally then the fashion walking. >> reporter: after spending six hoir us a day in therapy for
9:18 am
nearly three months, megan was ready. ♪ she was still using her walker and the runway was a challenge. but with grace and beauty the maryland teenager strutted down that sidewalk to a standing ovation from the crowd. >> when i was done i went in the back and like all the models were clapping and everyone was cheering so that was exciting. >> if you have something that has a dream and then the right people around to help with the dream, there's nothing stopping you. >> great story from doreen gentzler there. good for her. today thousands of people are getting ready to lace up their shoes and march for babies. it's happening in southeast. ericaka gonzalez will start the opening ceremonies this morning. she's there emceeing the event. it raises money for the march of dimes. and today you can travel the
9:19 am
world without doing this taking a step out of the district. more than 40 embassies will open up their doors today as part of the d.c. embassy tours. you can try cultural foods, view one of a kind arts with and dance to music from different countries. we do know nepal canceled its participation in the tours because of that deadly earthquake in the country. you see what chuck bell was wearing today? >> it was hideous. >> gossiping could be good for you. researchers from columbia schools say keeping takes as much as carrying weights. when you keep a secret you use up motivational resources. it makes tasks seem difficult. telling a secret could help you focus on your tasks. chuck's coming. >> you're keeping secrets from me? >> i would never. >> i think it's the kind of secret. as long as you're not talking
9:20 am
poorly about a coworker -- >> why are you guys looking at me? >> you've got a prop in this bit. >> i've got a prop all right. i want to give a thank you to the kids at glen allen elementary school in silver spring. it was career day. my little plaque there. it was april 30th so it was thursday a couple days ago. talked to the third, fourth and fifth grade at at once. >> any fun questions? >> they asked me what my goals were. like what am i doing with my life. i said i want to work here until retirement. which based on all the secret going on there may be something i need to know about around here. thank you for having me out there. lots of great questions including goal oriented questions about me and a lot of questions about the. and the all time favorite was the list of hurricane names and everyone said my name's on the list. thank you for having me out there. on your saturday morning, it's a great start to the weekend. we had a lot of fog in the
9:21 am
shenandoah valley and some of our shutter bugs out there have been snapping pictures of it this morning. norm sent me this picture not far from luray, virginia. beautiful on top of the mountain. you can definitely tell there's a lot of fog early this morning. thanks for sending that one in. my twitter handle. there goes another plane load of folks on the river. sit on the right side of the plane if you want to view of washington. views getting bluer and bluer by the minute out there. not much of a wind out there just yesterday. winds light all weekend long. it's already made the low 60s now. where there was the fog, it's a little cooler now. fog lasted longer down there. but it's full sunshine. 63 in winchester. 54 in shadyside. and your there is an opportunity for one or two spot showers across southern maryland today. that is just about it.
9:22 am
by and large most of us won't need to worry about it. low to mid-70s through the afternoon. sun sets 8:00 or later from now through august 18th. got to love the warm season around washington. temperatures back in the mid-60s by 8:00. drier air moves in we're going to be sitting very pretty all weekend long. like i said there's just the littlest chance for today and tomorrow. but no big rain chances anywhere east of the mississippi river. if you're flying today, good flying weather for everybody. here's future weather. up at noon. there's that one future weather trying to crank out this one chance today. it won't last long. it'll be gone as soon as the sun sets. you can always keep the radar there in the palm of your hand. also has the latest forecast zone by zone for your hometown. then for tomorrow that little shower chance tomorrow is primarily north and west of the district during the mid to late
9:23 am
afternoon hours. but again, most of your plans for this weekend will not be interrupted by the weather. mid-70s today, upper 70s tomorrow. here come the 80s everybody. get out your depeche mode cds. >> reach out and touch faith. coming up riders skipping out on the
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well ever lost your luggage on a flight? >> yes. and soon you may be able to buy smart luggage. the daily report says two companies including samsung are working together to come up with bags with a tracking device. it would also be able to check itself in send you messages when it's on board your plane. your bag is sending you messages. no word on when those will be available. all right. well you've probably seen this before. people jumping over the gates to get a free ride on metro or not paying their fare on the bus. it happens fast. people try to sneak their way through. even though you don't see an officer around doesn't mean one's not there. >> reporter: handcuffed, handcuffed handcuffed. we tagged along as passengers trying to sneak on the bus in d.c. were caught in the act. take a look here. can you tell where the metro officers are.
9:27 am
there are five of them. riding under cover. it only took two stops before this guy tried to sneak himself on the bus using a student pass. the plain clothes officers on board quick to respond and he was locked up for impersonating someone else. another passenger tells the operator he doesn't have enough money and instead of paying he just walks away to the back of the bus. he was taken off the bus. and another who tried to sneak on through a crowd also led away questioned and arrested. metro police chief ron pavelec on the issue. >> it's everybody's duty and obligation to pay the fare. >> reporter: and as metro cracks down on this type of stuff, the transit agency has gone high-tech. it can count how many people are boarding. if they see a lot of people boarding and not many fares being paid guess where they hang out. metro reminding you just play by the rules. now, especially on the bus side of things these kinds of fare
9:28 am
evaders are also leading to physical confrontations and metro wants to crack down on that. 9:28 right now. protesters in baltimore will take to the streets again. what police are expecting to be different this time around. what continues at the watergate continues after a partial collapse yesterday. i'll have details coming up. and we're going to hear from chuck bell who's timing out maybe a shower or
9:29 am
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