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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a former fbi agent arrested. she's accused of trying to get through the gates of a cia and the nsa. she made violent threats at officers. we'll have the latest in a series of high profile security threats just in a matter of
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weeks. and changing minds. pete kane from the kane show on radio 99.5 opens up about a personal battle. >> i thought everybody did this. >> and how asking for help may have saved his marriage. >> having him be diagnosed has literally changed our lives. tonight, a security scare at the front gate of a top secret high profile government facility. >> our scott mcfarland learned a former fbi agent was arrested after trying to get on the grounds of cia. she is accused of threatening the lives of cia officers even recording video of herself the night of her arrest and tonight we know the cia wasn't her only stop. scott? >> reporter: yeah, do arena,she's accused of trying to get on the grounds of national security agency and driving her car to the front
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gate last thursday and then driving to the main gate of the cia when she was turned away. there cia officers said she made violent threats. her friends say this is tanisha davis of alexandria. she was a fbi agent from 2004 until 2010 according to her own facebook videos her friends and federal court records obtained by news 4. >> we are in the nation's capital right now. >> reporter: this video shows the drive through d.c. and posted to facebook about 40 minutes before court records say she was arrested outside the cia main gate. when davis arrived at cia headquarters she drove past an officer trying to stop her and another officer had to physically stand in the vehicle's path to get her to comply court records say and after being handcuffed she reached with the free arm towards an officer's gun belt but was stopped. cia investigator says davis told agency police if she could have reached a gun she would have
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used it to kill everyone around her and she is accused of saying the cia could be bombed. davis' social media pages are filled with protests some of they will vulgar against the federal government and police. >> i know i know secret service agents. i know everything that goes on in that [ bleep ] white house. >> reporter: her friend and former roommate said davis spoken about a frustration with the police and talked with him about wanting to get arrested. >> she tried to be on the position that's what's going to happen to get arrested get the same scenario happen with the guy in baltimore? >> reporter: you think she tried to get arrested? >> yes. >> reporter: they were warned. she was stopped hours earlier at the nsa. she said she wanted the know what they would do if she showed up. they flagged other police agencies and said to be on the lookout after she left. beneath ter nsa, fbi or davis' lawyer would comment. federal prosecutors say davis appears in court tomorrow for a hearing on the charge of assaulting a police officer and court records show she is in the
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custody of the u.s. marshals and was to have a psychiatric evaluation. i wrote another version of this story and more of what davis posted on facebook that story just went live on the nbc washington app. >> thanks scott. the arrest of davis comes after a series of high-profile security incidents over five years. >> march 29th, nsa shot and killed ricky hall when hall drove a stolen suv toward the gate. a shooting at the u.s. census bureau. police say ronald anderson shot and killed security guard lawrence buckner. >> and then there was april 15th, a mailman from florida named doug hughes flew a gyrocop ter on the white house capitol grounds. that incident is already led to congressional hearings. some members of congress even
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said hughes should have been shot out of the sky. i'm jim hanley following a bizarre incident in maryland. a deputy opened fire on a woman who rammed her truck into that deputy's patrol car. the sheriff's office tells us that the deputy's vehicle struck multiple times this afternoon at maryland route 261. that's just west of quail drive. take a look at this picture from the scene. investigators say the first impact of the first attack sent the cruiser to a fence. the truck hit the cruiser again sending the patrol car backwards down an embankment. the deputy fired shots through the windshield of the cruiser toward the woman and did not hit her. she then got out of her truck and took off. now, a bystander helped the deputy catch that woman. the investigation into this wild incident continues tonight. at the live desk i'm jim
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handily. >> thank you, jim. one of the shooters at the incident of the art show on sunday in garland, texas, has been on the fbi radar for years. tonight, our sister station in dallas is reporting that elton simpson once planned to engage in a religious war. we're getting our first look at the men who fired assault rifles outside an event that depicted consider tooncartoons of the prophet muhammad. both men were killed. the shooting in texas is being followed very closely here in the nation's capitol as news 4's jackie vincent shows us it's raising questions of free speech. >> reporter: the attack outside of an event highlights tensions between protecting the right to freedom of expression and preserving public safety. it's clear organizers of the event in garland, texas, knew violence was a possibility. that's why they hired armed
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security. caricatures of the prophet muhammad are considered insulting by muslims and sparked violence before. in the attack on the paris offices of the magazine "charlie hebdo." >> we condemn in the strongest terms possible the violent actions of gunmen last night. >> reporter: jim of the heritage foundation a conservative think tank will host a forum on the topic islamicst terrorism. >> we keep track. if this turns out to be a legitimate terrorist attack it is number 68. >> reporter: he feels questions of the organizers incited violence fall squarely into the realm of the constitutional rights. >> it's a clear first amendment issue here. >> reporter: experts say it's extremely unlikely they'll charge the organizers with deliberately inciting violence. jackie benson news 4. a false report of a police
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involved shooting raised tensions in baltimore today. nbc news is reporting that police i rememberly said they had shot a suspect. officials later said the suspect dropped his own gun and caused it to fire. he was not injured, no officers ever opened fire. police arrested the man on a gun charge. the mother of freddie gray says she will never be the same after the loss of her son. her family sat down today with an exclusive interview with nbc news lester holt. gray's twin sister described the agony she's feeling while gray's stepfather talked about the freddie that most people didn't know. >> funny freddie. freddie that's always happy and smiling and caring and loving. >> for me to lose my twin i feel like i can't sleep at night some nights. i cry. ray ellie miss him. the pain i feel like is unbearable. >> the family said again it
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wants protesters upset by the death to express themselves in a peaceful way. police reform is on the agenda tomorrow for the d.c. council. ward 3 council member is introducing a bill to change the definition of misdemeanor assault on a police officer. she says the definition right now is too broad. it would also provide more information to d.c.'s office of public complaints. and change the procedures for eyewitness identification. so that officers are less likely to influence witness accounts. a panel met today for the first time to review virginia's alcoholic beverage control department. the governor appointed the group after the bloody arrest of a student at the university of virginia. his name was johnson. cell phone video captured agents pinning johnson to the ground. that panel will determine whether they should still be able to arrest people. handing over recommendations to the governor by november.
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prince william county school officials plan to meet this week with parents about an attack on a seventh grader. friends of the 13-year-old girl brought her work home from lake ridge middle school in woodbridge today. she says she was attacked by classmates on the way home from school last wednesday and hasn't been back to school since. her mother said she warned the school weeks ago of threats against her daughter. >> after this happens, i can't it's going to be fine and just send her back to school. >> school officials say they're taking all of this very seriously an they're confident it's safe for the girl to return to school. next at 11:00, you have heard him on the radio. you have seen him on news 4. kane from hot 99.5 opening up now about his battle with obsessive compulsive disorder. they share their message for anyone else confronted with mental illness. oh temperatures today into the 80s and tracking this front. it will bring us a chance of thunderstorms. i'll show you when.
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i have your first 4 traffic overnight tonight. left lane
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tonight singer chris brown is denying allegations that he punched a guy in las vegas. the man says he got into an argument with brown overnight at a pickup basketball game at the palms casino resort claiming brown and another person hit him n. a written statement, the brown representatives said the singer was not involved in the altercation. las vegas police are investigating. mixed feelings tonight after students at the university of maryland watched the movie "american sniper."
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college republicans and college democrats organized the showing. then held a panel discussion. the student entertainment events group originally planned to show the movie last month but they postponed it because of complaints. the muslim student association has said the movie was anti-muslim. >> our concern was safety and security and didn't want to compromise that. >> two sides to every story. i don't think it should be thought of as bad to watch a movie like that and they shouldn't have protested as it was and should have been shown in the first place. >> university president lowe commended them for working together to find a solution. over the past year we have been focusing on mental health in a series we call "changing minds." your response has kept us going. we have heard from so many of you who want to share your own stories in the hope that it might help somebody else struggling. well tonight, we share the surprising story of a local radio personality learning how
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to live with a mental illness. >> she looks great! why are they yelling about her weight? >> do you want to know what they called her? >> maybe. >> a fat "b." >> no. >> that is the kane we know from his top rated hot 99.5 morning radio show. friendly provocative, always a lot of fun. and is this about getting the germs off of there or -- >> making sure it's clone. >> reporter: this is the private kane the guy who spent years struggling under the overwhelming burden of obsessive compulsive disorder. this computer cleaning routine is small part of the rituals and compulsions that controlled his life. he had to complete the you teen every day or he could not move forward and here's the real surprise. >> i didn't think anything was wrong with me. that's the worst part. i really thought i just turned
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38. i thought everybody did this. everyone operated this way. >> reporter: kane's wife natasha knew better. the compulsions and anxiety they produced nearly wrecked the relationship. >> we were in and out of counseling for years and this is at the base of it. >> reporter: kane was trying to contain distress taking up more and more space in his head and his wife had no idea what was really going on with him. >> hotels. bathtubs. >> oh hotels drive you crazy? >> hotel bath tubls drive me crazy. >> i didn't know that. >> reporter: dr. daniel lieberman is a psychiatrist at gw. true obsessive compulsive disorder he says can be devastating. >> it takes up an enormous amount of time. doing the checking perhaps doing washing, sometimes they have to keep things perfectly
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symmetrical and in some ways it is like a cancer that little by little takes over their entire life. >> reporter: so why talk about all of this now? well, because, pete kane finally saw a psychiatrist finally got a diagnosis and learned that his disorder is very treatable. with therapy and medication. now he's doing both and doing much better. >> i do feel like a new me. >> this is having him be diagnosed has literally changed our lives. >> the best thing ever is being able to spend time with my wife and my kids and be in the moment. and i was never able to do that before. >> reporter: the kanes have two daughters, 4 and 6 years old. but make no mistake. kane's fight against years of ocd is going to take a lot of hard work. work that is worthwhile for him, his family and maybe even someone he doesn't know.
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>> if there is one person that watches this and goes tomorrow's the day, i'm going to pick up the phone and start making a phone call but they begin their journey that's worth it. >> you can learn more about obsessive compulsive disorder on the changing minds page on and assessment tool there to learn about the symptoms and the diagnoseisdiagnosis. >> good for him. >> good people and very brave to go public with something that affects a lot of people. >> for sure. so nice and sunny and warm and feeling like almost summer out there. >> june or july. you know? >> we like it. >> a lot of people -- you know what i'm getting on facebook page? too hot too soon. >> oh! we don't want to hear it. >> a lot of people saying though it's been great across the area today. high temperatures in the mid-80s. same deal yesterday. look at the highs today.
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84 d.c. 84 cams springs. 86 in leesburg. a phenomenal weather day and very much like mid-june rather portions of may. right now, sitting at 71 degrees. that's closer to the average high right now at 11:00. for this time of year. currently 72 leesburg. 66 in annapolis. you know we are going to see a very warm night tonight and a warm start to the day tomorrow. tomorrow will be the warmest start of the year. storm 4 radar on the clear side. it is a gorgeous evening. look at the cloud cover, nothing from new york to richmond. back to the west you can see this line of showers, this is a frontal boundary. it is a cold front that will make the way down to the south. now, this cold front moves down right over us and then moves right back to the north as a warm front and then another cold front on wednesday and help to bring the chance for shower activity and the cold air never makes it in here.
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let's show you what does make it in here. 7:00 a.m. no problems. tomorrow morning's rush not impacted by the weather. around 2:00 nothing around d.c. and back towards i-81 seeing the showers and the thunderstorms pop up. by around 4:30 look at that. fairfax county. montgomery county. the portions of the beltway and then right on through the region by 8:00 with a few more showers so i think we are going to see a good chance of thunderstorms tomorrow. any storms that develop could be rather strong. not anticipating anything severe but just like last week very heavy downpours and lightning. and then tomorrow night, maybe some fog behind that. here's wednesday afternoon. another chance of some thunderstorm activity before that front does move down to our south. so high temperatures tomorrow about 83 in d.c. 81 in leesburg. these numbers may be a little low and may be back into the mid-80s some locations tomorrow. no problem for exercise. do it early because of that chance of storms tomorrow
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evening. 80 on your wednesday and cool down to 79 on thursday. 83 on friday. look at the weekend. high temperatures this weekend, 86 on saturday. 87 on sunday. so we have not just one but seven out of the next seven days well well above average. >> looks wonderful to us. thank you, doug. big game three for the caps tonight. at the verizon center. are we rocking the red or what? >> we are, jim. the caps philosophy the postseason has been a different man needs to step up every single game. >> that was the case tonight and that philosophy continues to work for the capitals. we are
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boy are we loving it in this town these days or are we loving this? this is awesome, isn't it? >> doesn't get any better than this. you know me well. i don't throw stats out all the time but there's a happy stat i love. in the postseason the caps 4-0 undefeated when they score the first goal. >> one goal is all holtby needed tonight. lights out in net. the capitals really came out strong in this one. the fans they were rocking the red for game three. hoping to really take control of this series. capitals. with their chances early on the power play. alex ovechkin's shot misses. joel ward he misses the puck. lundqvist comes away with a
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save. beagle he has a chance later in the second. follows up the first miss. beautiful goal. his first of the postseason. how about this one? behind the defender off the skate of lundqvist and in. teammates are fired up. later in the second. a breakaway chance here for marty st. louis of the rangers and holtby shuts the door. holtby was brilliant tonight. we go under a minute to play. the rangers trying to even the score. brassard's shot stopped. the puck is loose. holtby grabls it. another good chance for the rangers. holts with 30 saves in this game. the xaps shut out the rangers. after the game the toast of the locker room was jay beagle. >> i think the team is more excited when jay scores than anybody else on the team. just good honest hard working guy. great teammate great guy.
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>> great the see a hard working guy like that come through. you know he prides himself on more than scoring goals but for him to break through and a win tonight, it is a good feeling for him and the rest of us. >> getting chances all playoffs and, you know i've always said when you're getting chances you know you're doing the right things. not getting the chances ss where you have to tweak something and i got a nice bounce to go in and obviously felt nice. >> all right. full moon over nats park tonight. hoetsing the marlins. bottom 8. nats down. des crush this is one to center. this one is out of here. two-run shot. his second of the season ties the game at 4-4. so later in the evening, nats offense stays hot. escobar with two on takes it into right to bring in both runner runners. they win it 6-4 over the marlins
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and it's really been an incredible 24 hours. once again. for d.c. are you sick of this or do you like this? what's the feel? >> are you kidding me? >> wondering if we'll wake up from a dream. >> if you have a formula, keep it on and stir
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