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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  May 5, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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today this country's top law enforcement officer is headed to baltimore. attorney general loretta lynch's visit comes after violent protests over the death of freddie gray. i'm barbara harris. the message lynch is expected to send to police officers in that city. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk where i am livaning into yet another candidate announce their run for president. the political experience this republican brings to the race in just a moment. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. our rain chances are increasing with time during the course of the day. check of the radar and your forecast coming up. chuck, i have information on another high-profile security threat at two government agencies this time it involves
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a former fbi agent. "news 4 midday" begins right now. we're following the developing story out of texas where isis claims it instigated the shooting after a controversial art exhibit outside dallas. police killed two men who opened fire on a security guard there two nights ago. the exhibit featured pictures of the prophet muhammad. this is the first time isis claimed response billion for an attack in the u.s. investigators say right now there is no evidence to support their claim. today, doering loretta lynch will go to baltimore to meet with city officials, police and other community leaders. she's going to the university of baltimore student center first. members of the justice department are traveling with her. this follows the death of 25-year-old freddie gray who died while in police custody. gray's death sparked violent protests. the baltimore city prosecutor charged six officers in that case the fbi and justice department are investigating gray's death for potential civil rights violations. and right now, the d.c.
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council is considering making changes to what's considered assault on a police officer and what happens next. this as megan mcgrath is live outside the wilson building for what this means for you. megan, good morning. >> well good morning, barbara. the bill was in the works before the civil unrest in baltimore and sponsor council member mary chai says recent evenltz show is the need for change and transparency in law enforcement. she's introducing a bill this morning, which take a look at the details here would narrow the definition of assault on a police officer. and would change the statute so it applies to people who deliberately assault an officer. right in you don't, the way the law is written, interfering, impeding even opposing a police officer, they all fall under the category of assault. so someone who stiffens to avoid being handcuffed by a police officer could be charged with assault. now, the police union agrees that the language needs to be tightened up that assault should be -- and that other
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infractions should have other charges. >> if you interfere with me doing my job, i can't charge you with interfearing. if you're resisting arrest win can't charge you with resisting arrest. if you're trying to intimidate me while i'm doing my job i can't charge you with those individual portions i can only charge you with assaulting a police officer or apo. >> now, the police union does not like the entire bill though for example, chai wants to provide more information to the office of police complaints information on the use of excessive force, the number and types of complaints that are filed, lodged against police. the union, though says that office doesn't need more
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information, that it needs to be replaced. they don't it the feel they do an adequate job of investigating and looking into complaints against police and they want a different kind of system. the union says they would like to help tweak the bill and i spoke to council member mary chai a little while ago and she says this is just an introduction and she is going to be reaching out to law enforcement and others to make this bill better. back to you in the studio. >> all right. thank you, megan. metro transit police arrested a 19-year-old in connection with an assault two weeks ago at the eastern market and metro station. they took elijah smith into custody last night. he's the young man on this video who spit at and punched an elderly man on the escalators at the station. news 4's scott mcfarland broke this story, a former fbi agent arrested after trying to get on to the grounds of the cia. tunisia davis is accused of threatening the lives of cia officers her arrest came after she also drove to the nsa
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headquarters in maryland. davis is due in federal court this afternoon in alexandria. scott mcfarland is in the newsroom with more on the social media trail. good morning, melissa. tunisia davis scheduled for a 2:00 hearing this afternoon. she's charged with assaulting a police officer and accused of making a violent series of threats at the main gate of the cia last thursday. davis worked for the fbi from 2004 to 2010 news 4 has learned. she posted a series of videos of herself, many of them protests against the federal government on what friends tell us is her personal facebook page. that page appears to have been taken down in the hours after news 4 broke the story last night. a kri investigator says davis tried to unlawfullier itted cia investigators. she reached toward an officer's gun belt, they say. shortly after court records say she threatened to shoot cia police and said the agency could be bombed. the cia investigator says davis
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had approached police at the al security agency that same day and friends in her alexandria neighborhood tell us davis spoke about frustrations with police and indicated she wanted to be arrested. >> she tried to be on the position that what's going to happen is she going to get arrested is she going to that happened in baltimore? >> you think she tried to get arrested? >>. >> yes. >> reporter: a public defender will represent davis in court this afternoon. that attorney, the nsa and fbi all declined our request for comment over the past 24 hours. new information from d.c. superior court and news 4's mark segraves. mark? >> reporter: that's right. darryl best the d.c. police officer who was charged with raping two teenage girls is now facing more charges. this time federal child pornography charges. in court just moments ago, a u.s. prosecutor said the investigation has uncovered pictures on officer best's cell phone that constitute child
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pornography. sources tell us those charges will be filed in federal court later today. best was held without bond. he remains in jail until his next court date in june. his lawyer told me she looks forward to their day in court. right now these are only allegations and pointed to more than a dozen members of his parish who were in court supporting him today. that's the latest reporting live in the district mark segraves news 4. the presidential race is getting very crowded for the 2016 bid. earlier this week we heard from carly fiorina, the former ceo of hp ben carson a neurosurgeon. this morning we have our eye on hope arkansas where former governor mike huckabee is expected to announce his run for the presidency in 2016. if you'll remember he did win iowa in 2008 but failed to win the party nomination. there's a video on his twitter page right now that's been running for the past couple of
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days talking about how he wants to help americans earn the maximum wage how he wants to protect social security and medicare. no doubt there is in fact a very big announcement coming out of hope arkansas. former governor mike huckabee expected to announce his name in the hat for president in 2016. at the live desk i'm erika gonzalez. we'll bring you nor as it becomes available to us. i'm steam team 4 meteorologist chuck bell with your weather headlines. rain chances on the up and up for later today and tomorrow. there is even a possibility of thunder around later on today. all eyes turning to mother's day weekend as well. that's all coming up. this little batch is going to stay away from us. it's all part of a very weak weather front which will be dropping down into the region later on this afternoon. as that front runs into the warm air we have out ahead of it we could bubble up a shower or thundershower. 80 degrees in leesburg and fredericksburg. 75 in gaithersburg and
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washington. still 65 on the western shore in annapolis. afternoon planner, showers getting more and more likely after 2:00 3:00 4:00 this afternoon. more about tomorrow coming up. all right, chuck. well we know a whole lot of you will be grewed to your tv to watch the wizards playoff game. they face the atlanta hawks on the road at 8:00 this evening. the teams play at the verizon center this weekend. meanwhile, the capitals are playing here tomorrow night. they're now leading their playoff series against the rangers 2-1. if you want a ticket to tomorrow's game it's going to cost you close to 100 bucks online. melissa? planes landing at the wrong airport. what the ntsb is blaming for these dangerous slipups. and the student in this video facing serious charges. what she's accused of doing to a roommate. plus the story behind
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here are some of the stories lighting up social media this morning. google has done it again. today's google doodle celebrates trail blazing journalist elizabeth caucrane. she defended the poor and condemned the corrupt. it's a fun doodle. check it out. it seems we may not be alone here. astronomers have discovered two new alien worlds the newly found planets are a bit larger than earth and circling a nearby star. a fully robotic sele scope circles the skies. today is cinco de mayo. you can head to a free tequila
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tasting. happy hour at starbucks between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. for discounted drinks. life's super scary sounds. and sneaking in without moving the bed.
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life's super scary sounds. and sneaking in without moving the bed. a student at usc is facing felony charges for tampering with her roommate's food. the woman you see her spit in the food and then poured glass cleaner on it. her roommate set up a camera because they weren't getting along. the student could face 20 years in prison if convicted. more clouds out this morning but it is very mild. chuck, when can we expect a little bit of that rain here today? >> rain chances will continue to increase as we go into the afternoon hours. here's our future weather forecast. stopped at 4:00 this afternoon. there you can see the bubbling up the showers, maybe a rumble or two of thunder out across northern maryland by 4:00. those rain chances come in after
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5:30 6:00 this evening up to 7:00 or 8:00. there's the rain chances moving into southern maryland. should be all dry after 10:00 or 11:00 this evening. a dry start to the day tomorrow. but then rain chances come back again for tomorrow afternoon. no complete washout, just hit and miss scattered showers and thundershowers. if you're planning on going down to the baseball game this evening, first pitch 7:05. i couldn't rule out a delay at the beginning of the game but we should be able to play baseball tonight with temperatures in the 70s. this may make you unsettled if you have a vacation coming up an ntsb report found that five u.s. aircraft have landed at the wrong airport since 2012. you may remember this scene. this was two years ago. the landed safely on a runway that was way too short. last year a southwest airplane landed at the wrong airport in missouri. all the mistakes happened at places with two airports that are just a few miles apart. the ntsb want air traffic rules
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changed so that airports are not cleared to land until they pass all the airports near their destination.
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this afternoon, the man charged with murdering a university of virginia student is expected to appear in court. jesse marge yew has a status hearing scheduled. make sure you follow our david
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culver on twitter. he'll be tweeting out new information as it breaks. we are expecting the judge to set a trial date for the hannah graham murder case. her remains were found weeks after her disappearance. the difference between mortality rates in the city's richest and poorest areas is staggering. we just received new statistics this morning. kristin wright has been going through that report and has some statistics to share with us from the department of health. she's live in southeast d.c. with a look at those numbers. tell bus them kristin, good morning. >> good morning. it is a sad report. right now, key health experts from the district are here inside the a.r.c. talking about these findings and reviewing the district's efforts to bring down infant mortality. d.c. has the highest infant mortality rate of the 25 wealthiest capital cities of the world. according to a new report by save the children. and babies in the district's poorest neighborhoods are dying
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at a much higher rate. the infant mortality rate in ward eight in 2012 was 14.9 per 1,000 live births. compared to 1.2 in ward three. in 2013 the rate in ward eight decreased to 10.9 per 1,000 live births compared to a steady 1.2 in ward three. this doctor with the d.c. department of health says the district is committed to bringing down the infant mortality rate much more. >> we would like to emphasize, we are looking at addressing infant mortality by addressing some of the broader social issues. >> reporter: this doctor says one way is through the children's health center mobile programs. she's the director. >> it's assuring that the mothers when they're pregnant and give birth to young infant children that they have enough food to last them throughout the month, that they have transportation in order to access medical providers such as us. that they can keep the lights on that they have adequate housing.
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>> reporter: i should mention over the past 15 years, washington, d.c. has lowered its infant mortality rate for the district as a whole from 15 to 6.6 in 2003. still too many. if you'd like to see save the children's full report go to the nbc washington app and search save the children. back to you. >> thank you, kristin. chuck, tell us what's going to happen this afternoon. when's the rain going to start? >> expect a chance for rain showers, in and around town our best chances come in at 4:00 5:00 this afternoon and should be done by 9:00 or 10:00. there could be a rumble or two of thunder. we're not looking for anything in the way of organized severe weather today. gusty wind or small hail can't be completely ruled out with some of the thunderstorms around. it's not a likelihood it's just a possibility. temperatures up into the mid-80s for several hours ahead of the rain chances. cooling off a bit thereafter. temperatures should be back in the low 70s by later on this evening. here's your first check of the next four days. mid-80s today, low 80s tomorrow.
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we finish out the week on a warm and dry note. when i see you in a few we'll start talking about mother's day weekend. new polls new concerns for hillary clinton. only 25% of voters say she's honest and straightforward. those numbers come after questions about her e-mails, benghazi and her family's foundation but there is of course more to look at here this morning. clinton's favorable ratings are dead even 42% of voters like her, 42% say they don't. voters think more highly of her than every single top-tier republican candidate. as of right now, polls say she would beat out of them. senator rand paul is her closest competition, three points behind. former florida governor is six points behind. and then bush's one-time protege, marco rubio is six points behind as well. nbc news political writer carrie dan is in the studio. can clinton convince voters they can trust her? >> as you mentioned, 25% of voters say they believe hillary
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clinton is honest and trustworthy. that number is down 13 points from earlier this year. that is not great news for hillary clinton. her unfavorable ratings are up six points just in the last month. however, if you just look at democratic primary voters, these scandals don't seem to have taken a hit with them democratic primary voters almost more than eight in ten say they believe hillary clinton is honest and trustworthy. this doesn't seem like a hurdle for her get to the nomination in the general election. it will have to be something she addresses. >> republican mike huckabee planning to declare. he has a lot of that evangelical support. how can he widen that base? >> something mike huckabee talked about in 2008 and is talking about even more now is the idea of economic populism. you're seeing republican and democratic candidates saying the little guy is getting screwed by big business by rich people by big banks. mike huckabee thinks that he's well positioned to take that on and appeal to evangelical voter as he has in the past.
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he has more competition than he did last time around. he'll face people like ted cruz and rick santorum. >> interesting to see. carrie dann thank you. panera's no-no list. what's being left
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president obama paid a visit to "the late show with david letterman" last night. they joked about what they plan to do when they retire. >> what will you do when you're not president. >> you and me we could play dominos together. >> dominos, all right. >> letterman is set to retire later this month. president obama will finish his second term in january of 2017. panera is planning a big change to its menu. the restaurant is eliminating 150 additives, sweeteners and flavors from its food by the end of next year. this isn't the first time panera
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said it's working to get healthier. well that is the first time the chain posted a list of what's actually going away. take a look. some of the stuff i can't pronounce. this is the no-no list. all the ingredients are in their soups and sandwiches and pastries as well. you can see artificial colors artificial flavors and some types of dyes. there could also be new trouble this morning for cyclist lance
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in just about 30 minutes, president obama is expected to nominate a general named fighting joe as the new chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. general joseph dumford jr. he's risen rapidly through the ranks. he leapt from a one star general to four stars in about three years. he is expected to be confirmed. it was a tragic accident that seems could happen to
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anyone. this morning, we're learning silicon valley ceo died after hitting his head on a treadmill while he was exercising on vacation. dave goldberg was married to facebook coo sheryl sandberg and was the ceo of survey monkey himself. his brother found him lying by a treadmill at a resort in mexico. a spokesperson for the mexican government says it looks like he lost his grip on the treadmill railings fell backwards and hit his head. exercise equipment injuries are more common than you might think. in fact federal statistics say they are the most common injuries reported at emergency rooms nation wood. e.r. doctors say they treated 460,000 patients for exercise injuries in 2012. 32,000 of those people had serious injuries or died. the latest data says almost 20,000 people get hurt on treadmills every year, including thousands of children. outside we have plenty of sunshine right now. it's an outdoor recess kind a day. temperatures have climbed into the mid to upper 70s. 79 in gaithersburg 75 in
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washington 80 in fredericksburg and 80 in leesburg and winchester. it's a warm one to be outside. maybe a rumble or two of thunder coming our way today. temperatures reaches the mid-80s today. another chance for a hit and miss shower tomorrow. cooler because of the clouds around highs around 80 degrees. as we head towards thursday the great weather is coming on back. that will last on into weekend. saturday sunshine and clouds mix together with a high of 86. mother's day so far looks warm and day with a high near 87 for mom. >> the u.s. government is suing lance armstrong and now wants his girlfriend on the stand. the lawsuit is for fraud. federal lawyers say the u.s. postal service wouldn't have sponsored armstrong's team if they knew he was doping. the government wants answers about a car crash armstrong's girlfriend took credit for last year. armstrong's girlfriend will testify in a deposition hearing later this month. right now we have new information on changes at the district's 911 call center.
11:29 am
plus, john kerry unannounced visit to somalia. why it's his first for the secretary of state and how that country's president reacted.
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right now, attorney general loretta lynch is in baltimore to meet with city leaders, members of congress police and other community leaders. she's expected to begin her remarks at the boston of university student center at any moment.
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this follows the death of 25-year-old freddie gray. he died while in police custody. gray's death sparked violent protests. the baltimore city prosecutor charged six officers in the case. the fbi and the justice department are investigating gray's death for potential civil rights violations. on the twitter sphere this morning, mark segraves putting out that the head of d.c.'s 911 call center is out. this news coming just a couple hours ago. jen fear greene is the name of the woman in that office. she admitted before the d.c. council last monday that the call center is regularly unable to meet -- the office of unified communications looking at whether or not they needed to lower that standard. as of this morning per our mark segraves tweeting out in a second tweet that the -- excuse me i should say the director of d.c. homeland security and emergency management agency will now oversee that department
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until they can find a perm nan replacement. at the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez gonzalez. >> secretary of state john kerry just finished an historic trip to somalia. this is new video just in to our newsroom. he's the first top u.s. diplomat ever to visit somalia. he arrived overnight to show his solidarity our solidarity the u.s. with the government there. somalian leaders are trying to defeat al qaeda allied militants and end decades of war. hillary clinton on the offensive right now. she's set to testify before congress. her campaign is creating a website to defend the clinton foundation. clinton's attorney tells a house committee she's willing to speak under oath about the 2012 attack in benghazi that left four americans dead. republican lawmakers have raised questions about whether clinton withheld information about the state department response. they also want answers about her use of a private e-mail account while she was secretary. clinton says she'll testify only once before the committee. clinton is pushing back against
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a controversial book "clinton cash." it raises questions of whether foreign donors to the clinton foundation might have sought political influence while clinton was secretary. the clintons deny the claims. they are launching a website to counter the books' claims. the mayor as office in the ballot. the city council lowered the voting age becoming the second city in the country to do that. tacoma park merrill, was thearyland was the first. are you ready for the feel of summertime? almost getting close to 90 degrees. first 09 degree days over the past couple years, two out of the last five years we already had our first 90 degree day by now. mid-to-late may is when we typically expect it. may 13th last year. back in the record-breaking year of 2010 the most number of 90s
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we ever had in a year first 09 degree day came in on april 6th. temperatures in the low to mid-80s for the rest of the afternoon. no 90s for today. it will come with a chance of showers, maybe even a rumble or two of thunder later on this afternoon and into the early evening hours. back to you. all right, chuck, justin timberlake is hogging the limelight, literally. take a look. >> you couldn't drink tequila without one of us. >> orange is dead. >> >> olives. >> the pop star and actor dressed as a lime to promote his tequila brand just in time for cinco de mayo. timberlake posted an apology video for putting limes out of business on twitter and instagram. highlights from the fashion event of the year coming up
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fashion, cute kids and furry friends are all topping the social media charts this morning. it's called the super bowl of fashion for a reason. it's the stars of hollywood came out last night for the 2015 met gala in new york city. once again, those ladies didn't disappoint. beyonce's dress or lack thereof caused a stir on the red carpet. rihanna didn't require an entourage but her dress did. bruce lee back but he's only this high. a 5-year-old boy has mastered imitating some pretty complex moves seamlessly too. take a look at that. his dad posted video. you are apparently loving it. it's had more than 3.5 million views since it was posted on youtube on may 1st. a furry friend, you may not warn to the see in your yard. brittany johnson has the scoop on that. >> okay guys we can't confirm
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this just yet but some bethesda residents say they spotted coyotes in their backyards, near their children and bethesda row. if you see one in your area we have information on the website as to what number to call as well as what to do if you see one near you. skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? ♪ skippy!! ♪ ♪ yippee!! ♪ i'm bored. hashtag bored. skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!! ♪
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take a look at this dramatic video. first responders rescued a driver just before a train came through. police and firefighters worked quickly to pull that man to safety. unbelievable. where you catch your next flight out of town could depend on a current flight between politicians. local leaders want more flights in dulles to stop a decline in business. others don't agree.
11:40 am
local leaders sent members of congress a letter this week warning them not to change any rules at national. right now, it's not clear whether any changes will be made. chuck? no big delays in any of our local airports just yet. we may have a few slowdowns later on this afternoon as rain showers get going. for now, the biggest cluster of rain close to us is still across parts of southern pennsylvania. that's headed eastbound towards harrisburg and york. there are a few showers in the mountains of west virginia that are going to bubble up. they'll be to the western side of the metro three to four hours from now. that puts them here between 4:00 and 5:00 this afternoon. doug and bj will have your latest information coming up later today. building clouds between 3:00 and 4:00. the rain chances continue to increase between 3:00 and 5:00 inside the beltway. a few weather-related slowdowns tomorrow before better weather returns later in the week.
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manny pacquiao could face a lawsuit for lying about a shoulder injury. he said he hurt his rotator cuff in april before fighting floyd may wedger in that multimillion dollar match. pacquiao lost as you may remember but earned about $120 million for that fight. the nevada state athletic commission says it could sue him for saying he was healthy on a medical form before he entered the ring. do you have a sleepwalker in your family? a new study suggests it might be genetic. new canadian study says kids were three times more likely to sleepwalk if one of their parents did. 60% of kids with two sleepwalking parents became sleepwalkers themselves. after the break, a story that will have you looking at men with beards very differently.
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developing in texas we're now hearing from the family of one of two men killed in a shooting outside dallas two days ago. it happened outside a controversial art exhibit showing pictures of the prophet muhammad. jay gray tells us what the man's family is saying and how isis is saying it was behind the attack. >> reporter: today, a new look inside the anti-muslim event, the organizer responding as the attempted attack unfolds. >> we have to stop this right now. >> reporter: shots fired by roommates isis now calls soldiers and brothers the terror group for the first time
11:45 am
ever claiming responsibility for an attack on u.s. soil. calling elton simpson and nadir soofi soofi. to this point, the group has not offered any evidence of involvement leading some to believe it could be an opportunistic claim to grab attention. as the attention of investigators shifts to phoenix and the men's apartment friends and family members asking the same questions as federal agents how and why. >> it's all the stuff you hear on tv about all those organizations that do all these horrible things. i didn't -- never entered my mind that anybody i knew would even do something like that, much less somebody in the family. >> soofi apparently had no criminal history but simpson was added to an fbi terror watch list five years ago. after he was convicted of lying to federal agents about plans to travel to somalia to join a terror group there.
11:46 am
and now investigators are trying to learn more about his failed attack here at home. jay gray nbc news garland, texas. and right now a forum about islamist terrorism is going on in northeast washington. it's at the heritage foundation headquarters. you're looking at a live stream of the forum right now. i think we'll see that. jim works at the conservative think tank. he told us the shooting raises lots of questions about free speech. >> there are clear first amendment issues of what people are trying to do and clear issues about how do you talk about religion and clear issues about what to do about security in public places. >> legal experts say it's highly unlikely texas authorities will charge the organizers of the art exhibit with anything. outside, again, today, almost plowable levels of pollen. oak trees and mullberry trees put
11:47 am
the pollen count up into the hey range. for some reason it doesn't come out when you want to say it the right way. storm team 4 radar, showers in the mountains of west virginia inbound toward the metro here over the next three or four hours. have your umbrella ready to go for this afternoon. the scattering of showers is on the way. it's already 81 in leesburg 75 downtown 65 in annapolis, 77 degrees in gaithersburg. the next four days shower chances both today and tomorrow. then we dry it out late in the week. one more check of the whole seven-day forecast before the show is over. thank you, chuck. just moments ago, former arkansas governor mike huckabee announced that he is running for president. he made the announcement in his hometown of hope arkansas. he talked about his faith, and his beliefs. >> it was also here that i first ran for elected office when i ran for student counsel at hope
11:48 am
junior high school. so it seems perfectly fitting that it would be here that i announce that i am a candidate for president of the united states of america. >> there are a few things to know about mike huckabee. he's an ordained baptist minister. he became the governor of arkansas in 1996 and served two full terms in office. huckabee has most recently written several books and hosted shows on fox news and abc radio. huckabee is different than many gop opponents because he does not shy away from social issues. he's voiced opposition to gay marriage and criticized the opposition to the religious liberty laws in indiana and arkansas. we're keeping an eye on twitter this morning, look for stories happening around our area.
11:49 am
angie retweeted one of our viewers with this picture, a car crash on to the courthouse lawn in loudoun county. according to this viewer there's no injuries but we'll take some time to look into this. we'll make a few phone calls, find out how exactly that car wound up slamming into that tree and whether or not anybody has been injured in this. we'll keep a watchful eye to that. at the live desk i'm erica gnz begun. you might want to delay your lunch a little before hearing this next story. beards are very fashion able right now but apparently they are not sanitary. i guess unless you really know how to clean them properly. a microbiologist in new mexico tested facial hair of bearded men. they can be full of bacteria specifically linked to feces. it wasn't ordinary levels of bacteria. they contained levels of bacteria that typically lives on toilets. the moral of the story is always thoroughly wash your hands and perhaps your beard. anyone who has thought about buying a house in our area knows
11:50 am
how competitive the market is. co
11:51 am
this afternoon, president obama will host a cinco de mayo reception at the white house. it's become a tradition. he's told the group about a lack of progress on immigration reform. the president has issued executive orders for children who were brought to this country illegally. corning has yet to pass immigration reform legislation. you can get a free ride home after your cinco de mayo celebrations for the first time sober ride is running on this 5th of may. the program begins at 4:00 this afternoon and ends tomorrow at 4:00 in the morning. all you have to do is call 1-800-200-taxi. get up to a $30 fare for free. nationwide more than 40% of traffic deaths on may 5th involve drunk drivers. good idea to make that call. >> yes, i'm always going to celebrate on this day. it's my mother's birthday and my first child's birthday. cinco de mayo.
11:52 am
we know what we'll be drinking tonight. >> yes. >> after the break when rain is expected to move i
11:53 am
welcome back to news 4 midday. after the show i'll be working on a story about troublesome cars. i'm sure this may ring a bell with a lot of you. is your car in and out of the shop you haven't even had it that long. you're convinced it's a lemon. after a number of viewer e-mails we looked into whatlemon. it is different in every state and what you can do about it. tonight on news 4 at 5:00 i'll show you where it can go for help and it won't cost you a dime. that's coming up tonight on news 4 at 5:00. house hunters are searching for a big deal but with fewer houses on the market some buyers are forced into bidding wars. diana olick has advice for buyers and bidders. >> reporter: prepare your finances and carry cash. get preapproved for a loan, now. home sellers are leery of loans that might not be set in stone.
11:54 am
if you can, bring cash to the table so that if the appraisal comes in low you can cover the difference. offerdon't insult. nothing turns a seller off more than someone undervaluing their prized possession. come in either at or just slightly below asking so they know you're serious. add an escalation clause the amount of money the buyer agrees to increase the offer if there are other bids. let's say the purchase price of the home is 400,000 but you expect it could go as high as 450,000. put in an escalation clause say you're willing to go as high as 460 but make sure the clause says the seller can only take a winning bid up to a level just above competing offers. get a pre-inspection. do the inspection before submitting an offer. yes, it will cost you a few hundred dollars but sellers hate inspection contingencies on a contract. show the love. if you love love love the house, then let the seller know it.
11:55 am
either directly or through your real estate agent. don't be afraid to write a letter send a picture of your kids and be specific. be smart, not sappy. research the market. look at comparable homes that just sold. visit the local school. have coffee at the closest starbucks and chat with the neighbors. >> she has one more piece of advice. don't let your emotions rule your wallet and there's one more thing. it's probably not the only house that you'd be happy in. chuck, 80s already in some places? >> leesburg is 81 degrees. there are rain showers in the mountains of west virginia that will continue to make slow but steady progress in our direction. three, four hours from now they'll be on the western side of the suburbs. have your umbrellas ready to go as you make plans for the rest of the afternoon. your chances of being hit with a rain drop at least 60%. higher north and west of town. lower chance down into southern maryland until later on this evening. another chance for a shower or two coming your way for
11:56 am
tomorrow. then we dry it out to finish out the week and warm right back up again as we head into mother's day weekend. saturday's high near 86. mother's day on sunday. it looks like it will be dry now. rain chances have been pushed back to monday. that will be good news for all the outdoor mother's day brunches that want to go on. nice weather, really the next couple of days. keep an eye out for shower chances coming our way later on this afternoon. doug and veronica will be here at 4:00 5:00 and 6:00. back to you. all right. thank you, chuck. that is news 4 midday. we have news from 4:00 to 7:00 later this afternoon. i'll be back tomorrow at 4:26 for news 4 today and all your traffic there. we're hoping you will join us tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. for news 4 midday.
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. well, my best guess is that he's gone underground in chicago. he's laying low, hoping you're gonna lose interest. - yeah, you're probably right. - yeah.
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hey, and thanks for agreeing to discuss an old case of yours. i know it can't be easy for you. anything for you. - you know that. - i do. i do. besides, it's nice to think like a cop again. i hate not working with you. it's just so unfair. you know, let's just change the subject. tell me about gabi. how is she doing? well, she's worried about will and sonny right now. she told me they brought arianna by to see her the other day and acted like everything was just fine. but she knows those guys. she knows that's just not true. [knocking]


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